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How to Choose the Best Plastic Injection Molding Company?


There might be a lot of molding companies available around your location but selecting the best plastic injection molding company is always a difficult task. Lets find the steps to be followed while choosing the company.

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									 Plastic  injection molding is a process of
 manufacturing thermoplastic and thermosetting

 Plastic injection molding constitutes different stages
 in which the material is first sent through a hot barrel
 and melted down for mixing and then it is sent into a
 mold to cool and solidify in to the shape of the mold.
 Evaluating a plastic molding company
 Considering the cost
 Learning the history
 Finding their capabilities and specialties
 Considering quality of the molder and delivery time
 Finding the quality of the products produced
 Considering the location of the supplier
 The first and foremost thing to know when evaluating
 a plastic molding company is finding what you need
 them to mold for you.

 You must prepare a completely defined 3d model of
 the plastic component along with specifying the draft
 angles, surface textures and maximum allowable flash.
 The next factor to realize when choosing an injection
 molding company is the cost. Buying the products in
 China or Korea would be much cheaper but the delay
 in getting the product would be more.

 You need to be wiser when choosing and you should
 also consider the restrictions on price based on the
 project your company is working on.
 The next important thing to consider is learning the
 history of the company and their potential. Try to find
 how long they have been on business and what
 industries do they work for?

 If you need to manufacture a product that requires
 tight tolerances, it would be better to choose a plastic
 molding company that deals with health or
 aeronautics industry than a company that molds toys.
 Once you have known the background, try to find
 their capabilities, specialties, the presses they use and
 how old they are? Also find if they would be able to
 handle the volume you require?
 Apart from considering the lower component cost, you
 should also consider the quality of the molder and the
 delivery time. Lower molding costs wouldn't be an
 overall savings for you always if there is a high delay in
 delivery and the product is of lower quality.
 Take some time to find the quality of the products
 produced by the company. Also check if they are a
 certified company and they do control charting?

 What would be their action plan if they find an useless
 product during audit?
 The final thing to consider is the location of the
 supplier and how will this impact on your working

 Choosing an injection molding company near your
 location would be much better than choosing a
 company overseas because you can just visit your
 supplier any time when issues arise instead of
 spending thousands of dollars per visit.

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