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Numark has created a portable


Numark has created a portable

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									Product Description
Numark has created a portable turntable that enables you to convert your
vinyl to WAV or MP3. This dish robust and portable, it can run on any
wall or battery, comes with an integrated lid with carrying handle, and
an internal speaker for total mobility.

Using the included recording software, no special drivers needed to
connect PT-01USB to any Mac or PC via USB and transfer music from vinyl
to hard disk. EZ Vinyl Converter 2 (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (Mac) are
included to make recording and importing audio simple. EZ Vinyl Converter
2 imports your songs directly into the iTunes library automatically
follows the separation and the free upgrade, downloadable includes
Gracenote ® MusicID, it can even automatically name your tracks. PT-01USB
also includes Audacity software to edit tracks. Audacity also helps
reduce clicks, pops and other noises from your recordings to restore the
overall quality of your vinyl.

PT-01USB has an RCA line   input for connecting other audio sources such as
VCRs and convert them to   digital files too! RCA line can connect to your
DJ system or home stereo   so you can use PT-01USB as a standard hub. In
addition to the internal   speaker and RCA outputs, you can also listen
with headphones.

With speeds of 33 rpm, 45 and 78, PT-01USB works with your disc
collection of the whole. There's even a pitch control ± 10% to help you
optimize your tracks for every need.

Advanced Digital Vinyl is ready to roll when and where they are: PT-

PT-01USB has a suggested retail price of U.S. $ 149 retail and is
available immediately from DJ and Pro Audio retailers.


    Plug and play USB connection
    Protective jacket and integrated carrying handle
    Fits into a standard electrical box 12 inches
    Power outlet with the included AC adapter or batteries (Six "D"
cells, not included)
    Chairman of Internal Control
    Belt drive motor with 33 RPM settings, 45 and 78
    Pitch control ± 10%
    Converts all files in a standard size 12-inch
    RCA line and headphone outputs
    45 RPM adapter included
    Include the cartridge
    USB cable included


    PT-01USB washer
    Dust cover
    Power Adapter
    USB cable
    Software on CD
    Quick Start Guide

Product Description
The plate PT01 Portable is an easy to carry portable turntable with
plenty to offer DJs. It is designed to work wherever you travel, and
produce the best sound - even in places without electricity. Auto-
Start/Stop tonearm quality durable felt a greater sense of scratching
helmet line outputs double the registration handle for easy removal of
the eye, or more portable removable plastic lid with lock operates with
Slide Lock six D batteries (not included) or included 12V DC transformer
Dimensions - 12 x 12 x 3.875 - fits in your record box
This review is from: Numark PT01 Portable DJ Turntable (Electronic)
I bought this dish a) replace a plate and 70 who weighs more than me, why
the new needles cost 30 to 40 U.S. dollars, and b) the transfer of old 78
rpm records into digital files for a podcast. It is one of the few dishes
that I found both a speaker and audio output ports, both RCA and
headphone cable. In general, I have found one or the other. It is
lightweight, has excellent sound quality, tone and the tone control more
than you ever expect in a $ 100 platinum and new needles cost only $ 12.
I could not find where to buy the needles online, so after contacting
Numark, I discovered that selling directly to me for only $ 12 each (even
if it was to give my CC number via email). Being a new dish, I expected
to be eliminated in the short term, so that the needles should stay cheap
for some time.

Perhaps the only thing I would change is that the table starts turning
once you move your arm - not "Turn On" beyond the power on / off. It was
also a couple of times I accidentally dropped the stylus on the metal
surface and leaves a visible gouge, and I can not help but think that
these things should have been protected in some way .

I'm not a hardcore audiophile. I do not   know the difference between the
clarity of sound from a CD and MP3, and   honestly, if it sounds right,
which is good enough for me, but it was   very easy to configure and has a
strong enough and excellent (especially   plastic).

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