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									                                                                                    Fairfield University
                                                                                GRADUATE PROGRAMS

    The TESOL, World Languages, and Bilingual Education programs are designed for teachers and prospective teachers in the
    areas of teaching English to speakers of other languages, bilingual education and K-12 World Language Teaching. GSEAP
    offers several programs that prepare teachers to meet the needs of students in grades Pre-K through 12 who are learning
    a second language. These include master’s degrees and C.A.S. (Sixth Year degrees) with or without cross-endorsements in
    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and bilingual education. Cross-endorsement only programs in
    TESOL or Bilingual Education are also available. Fairfield is the only NCATE and TESOL accredited University in Connecticut
    that offers an MA with initial certification at the graduate level and the only one to offer certification programs with an
    MA in both TESOL and Elementary or Secondary Bilingual Education. The programs benefit from the University’s proximity
    to schools with long-established bilingual and ESL programs and collaboration with communities and local schools.

    PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS                                                d. SL 527 Testing and Assessment in Foreign
                                                                                    Languages, ESL, and Bilingual Programs
    FOR THE M.A. AND C.A.S. DEGREES                                     e. SL 451 Infusing Content Language Instruction into
    Applicants interested in concentrating in bilingual
                                                                                    TESOL/Bilingual Programs
    education must demonstrate proficiency in English and
                                                                     Elective Courses to be determined with advisor and include
    at least one other language in accordance with current
                                                                     one course in English Language Syntax and Composition.
    Connecticut State Department of Education regulations.
                                                                     5. Complete three courses in areas of bilingualism
    Required courses are outlined below. Some courses may be
                                                                        (9 credits) (may include undergraduate courses)
    substituted at the discretion of the program coordinator.
                                                                     6. Complete SL 581 Directed Observation and Supervised
                                                                        Student Teaching TESOL (6 credits) and SL 582 Student
    Requirements for the M.A. with Initial Educator                     Teaching and DSAP I Seminar (3 credits) with 7-8 weeks
    Certificate (TESOL) (66 credits maximum)                            in an elementary education TESOL placement and 7-8
    Note: Based on transcript evaluation, some prior                    weeks in a secondary TESOL education placement.
    coursework may apply toward the TESOL certification              For the MA Degree (6 additional credits)
    requirements.                                                    a. ED 499      Introduction to Educational Research
    For Initial Certification (60 credits)                           b. ED 512      Contemporary Schooling in Society
    1. Complete 39 credits General Education Requirements            c. Complete SL 99-01 Comprehensive Examination or a
    2. Complete Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test                   Master’s Thesis
    3. Complete the following required professional education        Note: Based on transcript evaluation, some prior
       courses (12 credits)                                          coursework may apply toward the TESOL certification
       a. ED 429 Philosophical Foundations of Education              requirements. Students whose first language is other
       b. MD 400 Introduction to Educational Technology              than English may be required to pass the ACTFL tests in
       c. ED 442 Educational Psychology                              English.
       d. SE 405 Exceptional Learners in the Mainstream
    4. Complete 10 TESOL courses (5 required and 5 elective          Requirements for the M.A. with Elementary or
       for a total of 30 credits).                                   Secondary Bilingual Cross-Endorsement (33 credits)
       Required Courses:                                             (Competence in a second language such as Spanish or
       a. SL 423 Principles of Bilingualism OR                       Portuguese is required.)
          SL 467 Second Language Acquisition                         1. Complete the following required education courses
       b. SL 436 Methods and Materials for Second Language              (12 credits):
                    Teaching                                            a. ED 429 Philosophical Foundations of Education
       c. SL 441 Teaching and Learning Within Multicultural             b. ED 552 Participatory Research and Advocacy in
                    Contexts of Education                                          School and Community Settings OR
                                                                           ED 499 Intro to Educational Research
   c. ED 512 Contemporary Schooling in Society                  Requirements for the C.A.S. in TESOL
   d. MD 400 Introduction to Educational Technology             or Bilingual Education
2. Complete the following required TESOL/Bilingual              1. Complete a minimum of 30 credits.
   courses (15 credits):                                        2. Complete 12 credits from the following required courses:
   a. SL 423 Principles of Bilingualism                            a. ED 540 Ethics for Educators
   b. SL 426 Methods and Materials in Bilingual Programs           b. ED 534 Theories of Learning
               OR                                                  c. ED 565 Principles of Curriculum Development
      SL 450 Second Language Methods for Secondary                           and Evaluation
               Teachers (6-12)                                     d. SL 590 C.A.S. Practicum in Teaching
               OR                                               3. Complete 18 credits in area of concentration and/or
      SL 528 Second Language Curriculum Development                approved program electives.
   c. SL 436 Methods and Materials for Second Language
               Teaching                                         STATE CERTIFICATION IN BILINGUAL
   d. SL 441 Teaching and Learning Within Multicultural
               Contexts of Education                            EDUCATION (CROSS-ENDORSEMENT ONLY)
   e. SL 527 Testing and Assessment in ESL/Bilingual            There are two certification tracks in bilingual education:
               Programs.                                        Elementary/Bilingual Endorsement (K-6) and Secondary/
3. Complete one additional course in the area of Strategies     Bilingual Endorsement (7-12). To receive an institutional
   for Modifying English Content Area Instruction (3 credits)   endorsement when applying for cross-endorsement
4. One elective (3 credits)                                     certification from the Connecticut Department of
5. Pass the American Council of Foreign Language Teachers       Education, a candidate must have completed all
   (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Written         coursework in the planned program as well as all
   Proficiency Test with a minimum score of “Intermediate       PRAXIS and ACTFL assessments as required by the
   High” in the world language of instruction                   state for the intended certification.
6. Complete one of the following options:
   a. Pass SL 99-01 Comprehensive Examination                   A minimum of 18 credits, including study in each of the
   b. Complete a Master’s Thesis                                following areas: first and second language acquisition,
   c. Complete ED 599: Professional Writing Seminar:            including language and literacy development; linguistic
      Product of Learning (1 credit) (Secondary only)           and academic assessment; cross-cultural sensitivity
   d. Complete ED 511: Capstone Seminar.                        and communication, and implications for instruction;
                                                                strategies for modifying English content area instruction;
                                                                methods of teaching English as a second language; and
Requirements for the M.A. in TESOL                              methods of teaching bilingual education.
1. a. Complete a minimum of 33 credits (M.A. only)
   b. Complete a minimum of 42 credits (M.A. with               CROSS-ENDORSEMENT IN TESOL
      cross-endorsement)                                        A minimum of 30 credits in TESOL, including study in each
2. Complete the following required education courses            of the following areas: English syntax and composition,
   (12 credits)                                                 language theory, culture and intergroup relations, linguistic
   a. ED 429 Philosophical Foundations of Education             and academic assessment, and curriculum and methods of
   b. ED 552 Participatory Research and Advocacy in             teaching ESL.
              School and Community Setting OR
      ED 499 Introduction to Educational Research               TEACHER INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS
   c. MD 400 Introduction to Educational Technology
              (or an advanced technology course,                (PAID INTERNSHIPS)
              depending on background in technology)            The internship for certified and non-certified teachers
   d. ED 512 Contemporary Schooling in Society                  provides an opportunity for novice teachers and those
3. Complete 12 required credits                                 considering re-entry into the profession to have a year’s
   a. SL 423 Principles of Bilingualism                         experience in a public school setting while pursuing either
   b. SL 436 Methods and Materials for Second                   a master’s degree or a certificate of advanced study.
              Language Teaching                                 During the internship year, interns assume a variety of
   c. SL 475 Sociolinguistics                                   responsibilities that vary according to their placement.
   d. SL 527 Testing and Assessment in Foreign                  Each semester, interns attend a weekly seminar that
              Languages, ESL, and Bilingual Programs            focuses on issues pertinent to their internship
4. Complete nine credits selected from program offerings        experiences. In return for the intern’s service, the school
   with permission of advisor.                                  district deposits $13,500 with Fairfield University. The
5. Complete one of the following options:                       amount is banked for interns to draw upon for courses
   a. Pass the Comprehensive Examination, SL 99-01              taken at Fairfield University toward their degree.
   b. Complete a Master’s Thesis
   c. Complete ED 511: Capstone Seminar                         For more information about applying for an internship
                                                                please contact the director of Student Internship
                                                                Placements, Joseph Ricciotti, at (203) 254-4000, ext. 2284.
WAIVER OF STUDENT TEACHING                                       4. A personal statement. Students should describe
Candidates who have completed 10 school months of                   why they want to undertake graduate studies in the
successful teaching within 10 years prior to entry into             program for which they are applying.
an approved program (at the grade level, subject or field        5. Official transcripts from all universities/colleges at-
appropriate to the endorsement area, excluding substi-              tended. We generally expect applicants to have a mini-
tute teaching) may apply to the State of Connecticut for a          mum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0. Any appli-
waiver of the student teaching requirements. The waiver             cant whose undergraduate GPA is lower than 2.67 must
must be recommended by the candidate’s department.                  request and receive a GPA waiver from the department.
Candidates who qualify should request a waiver                      Waivers are granted on a case by case basis and may
immediately upon admission to the program. They should              require supplemental undergraduate coursework to
submit their requests in writing to the certification officer       increase the undergraduate GPA and/or earning a B or
in the dean’s office (Dr. Christine Siegel), with a copy to         better in two or more approved graduate-level courses.
their advisor, along with a completed copy of State                 All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by
Department of Education form ED 126.                                an approved evaluating service. A list of approved
                                                                    evaluators is available at
RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES                                           6. Passing scores for the PRAXIS I test requirement or
Students are given every encouragement to pursue original           have this requirement waived based on appropriate
research. M.A. candidates may do so in connection with              SAT, ACT, GRE or PAA scores.
their thesis projects. C.A.S. students complete a Practicum      7. Candidates seeking cross-endorsement in Bilingual
in Teaching, which involves applying educational research           Education must verify fluency in English and in the
to a practical problem in classroom teaching.                       second language of instruction by passing the ACTFL
                                                                    OPI exam in English and the OPI and WPT in the sec-
FACULTY/PROGRAM ADVISOR                                             ond language at the Intermediate High level, and must
Dr. Anne Campbell                                                   hold current Connecticut State certification in either
(203) 254-4000 ext. 2873                                            Elementary Education or Secondary Education.
acampbell@fairfield .edu                                         8. Two recommendations, one of which must be from a
                                                                    current employer or supervisor
ADMISSION                                                        9. Participate in an admissions interview
Applicants for a master’s degree must hold a bachelor’s         10. All international students whose native language is not
degree from a regionally accredited college or university           English must demonstrate proficiency in the English
(or the international equivalent) and give promise of               language by taking either TOEFL or IELTS exams. For
meeting the standards set by the School. For all initial            admission to the graduate school, a TOEFL composite
certifications, a minimum of 39 semester hours of credit            score of 550 for the paper test, 213 for the computer-
in general academic courses in five of the six following            based test, 84 on the internet-based test with a
subject areas is required:                                          minimum score of 21 in reading and 23 in writing is
• English                 • Natural science                         required. An IELTS score of 7.5 is required. Scores must
• Fine arts               • Social studies (including a             be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service
• Foreign language          survey course in U.S. history)          (TOEFL) or Fairfield’s ETS code is 3390.
• Mathematics
Candidates without prerequisite coursework may be
                                                                BACKGROUND CHECK AND FINGERPRINTING
                                                                In compliance with Connecticut state law effective
asked to fulfill this requirement before formal admission
                                                                July 1, 2010, applicants whose programs of study will
or before student teaching, depending on the number of
                                                                require participation in school-based field experiences
missing credits.
                                                                (i.e., observations, practica, student teaching, internships,
FORMAL ADMISSION PROCESS                                        etc.) must undergo state and national criminal history
Applications to the graduate program are accepted on a          background checks before beginning their program of
rolling basis between September 1st and May 31st.               study. The regional educational service centers (RESCs)
                                                                that are authorized to conduct fingerprinting services
Students seeking admission must complete and submit             and provide the background check results to the Con-
the following to:                                               necticut State Department of Education and local school
  Fairfield University                                          districts are listed at
  Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies Admission           University students who have a history of a federal or state
  Kelley Center                                                 conviction may be barred from participating in school-
  1073 North Benson Rd.                                         based fieldwork and may be exited from their degree
  Fairfield, CT 06824                                           program, depending on the nature of the conviction.
 1. A complete formal application. Apply online at              Students must present the receipt documenting that they                                    have undergone fingerprinting at a RESC to the dean’s
 2. A non-refundable $60 application fee                        office (Canisius 102) prior to course registration.
 3. A professional résumé

MEASLES AND RUBELLA IMMUNIZATION                             Questions about the application process or
Connecticut law requires that students born after            requirements should be directed to the
December 31, 1956 provide proof of measles and rubella       Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies Admission:
immunization. This includes two doses of measles             Phone: (203) 254-4184
vaccine administered at least one month apart (the second    Toll-Free: (888) 488-6840                                             	
dose must be given after December 31, 1979) and one dose     Fax: (203) 254-4073
of rubella vaccine after the student’s first birthday. The   E-mail:
exception to this is students who provide laboratory
                                                             Office Operations
documentation of immunity to measles and rubella.
                                                             Days: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Although this is not required to complete an application,    Location: Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Center
you must provide proof of immunization prior to course
registration. Please keep in mind that this process can      TUITION/FINANCIAL AID
take some time, and that you must be in compliance           Academic Year 2011/2012
before registration. Immunization verification information   Tuition: $600/ credit hour
should be submitted directly to the University’s Health
Center. You can download the necessary form at               A graduate education can provide countless professional Any questions                and personal rewards in the future. However, the costs
regarding this policy should be directed to the University   associated with earning a master’s degree may be
Health Center by calling (203) 254-4000, ext 2241.           challenging. Many students need to look beyond their own
                                                             financial resources or the resources of their employer for
NON-MATRICULATED STUDENT STATUS                              assistance. There are many ways to finance a graduate
Under our Non-Matriculated Status option, qualified          education, including graduate assistantships, federal
students may take two or three courses (depending on the     direct loan programs and our Veterans Pride Program
program of study) before gaining admission to a degree or    which are all discussed at
certification program. This option provides a wonderful
opportunity for qualified students to explore degree         OFFICE OF FINANCIAL AID
options and to confirm personal goals and readiness for      Advisors from the Office of Financial Aid are committed
graduate study. Qualifications to be considered include      to helping students find the options that best suit each of
a bachelor’s degree (required) and other qualifications      their needs. We encourage all Fairfield University graduate
related to your preparedness for graduate-level studies      students to contact our Financial Aid office with any ques-
in the field of interest to you. Successful completion       tions or to make an appointment to speak with a counselor.
of coursework does not guarantee formal admission.
                                                             Contact Information
Students seeking non-matriculated admission can
                                                             Phone: (203) 254-4125
find the application and directions for doing so at
                                                             Fax: (203) 254-4008
Individuals enrolled as non-matriculated students are not
                                                             Office Operations
eligible for any tuition aid or financial support.
                                                             Days: Monday-Friday
                                                             Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
MAXIMUM CREDITS ALLOWED                                      Location: Aloysius P. Kelley, S.J. Center
The total number of credits earned before formal
admission to a program (i.e., the total number of transfer
                                                             GRADUATE HOUSING
                                                             Fairfield University will be offering housing for full-time
credits plus any credits earned as a non-matriculated
                                                             graduate students in two locations for the 2011-12
student) may not exceed 6 (six) credits for applicants to
                                                             academic year. Graduate students will be housed in
certification programs or 9 (nine) credits for applicants
                                                             independent off-campus houses and a suite-style
to non-certification programs.
                                                             residence hall (Kostka Hall). For details and a housing
                                                             application, visit
Dr. Anne Campbell (September 1-May 31)
(203) 254-4000 ext. 2873                                     ONLINE CATALOG: For detailed course descriptions,
acampbell@fairfield .edu                                     schedules and other University information, please refer to
Dr. Faith-Anne Dohm (June 1-August 31)                       our online catalog
(203) 254-4000 ext. 4250
fdohm@fairfield .edu                                         GRADUATE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND
OR                                                           ALLIED PROFESSIONS WEBSITE:
Dr. Christine Siegel (June 1-August 31)
(203) 254-4000 ext. 4250
csiegel@fairfield .edu

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