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                                                  Individual/Organization Commitment Letter

Instructions: The application must include letters of commitment from participating
jurisdictions, organizations, agencies, financial institutions, non-profits or private sector
organizations that have been identified as program participants. These letters shall include the
specific commitments that the organization will make to support the execution and success of
the proposed enterprise zone, not general statements of support.

                       Please Note we cannot accept letters of support!

Each agreement or letter of commitment should quantify the resources an organization is
committing to the proposed zone, including the number of staff, percentage of staff time, and
funds committed for the life of the program. Be specific and concrete. The actual commitment
by the organization must be verifiable. Commitments obtained from organizations will be
assessed during the Enterprise Zone’s first audit. Fulfillment of the commitments made by the
applicant jurisdiction, agencies, organizations, and institutions will be evaluated. Each of the
agreements/commitments shall contain the following:

    A brief description of the partner organization and its role in local program execution.
       Commitments of staff time:
    Name (if available) and title of the staff person dedicated to the project;
    Percentage of time staff person is dedicating to the project;
    Annual value of staff person’s time (show calculation); and
    Tasks to be completed by staff person in support of the zone.
Commitments of cash contributions:
    Annual cash contribution; and Use of cash contribution.
Commitments of other contributions:
    Provide as many specifics about the contribution as possible (number, dollar amount,
       etc.); and Show the annual value of the contributions.
The agreements should summarize the total contribution(s) as follows:
    Total annual value of the contribution in dollars; and Timeframe of the contribution in
       relation to the first five years of the zone’s designation (Year 1,Year 2,Year 3,Year 4,and
       Year 5)

                                 DO NOT SEND THIS LETTER TO Mr. Nunn
                      Greg O’Sullivan – to have it picked up or send to:
                                         Greg O'Sullivan
                                 Economic Development "ONCALL"
                                         1205 Main Street
                                       Red Bluff, CA 96080
                                               Individual/Organization Commitment Letter

Mr. John Nunn, Program Manager
Department of Housing & Community Development
State Enterprise Zone Program
1800 Third Street, Suite 390
Sacramento, CA 95814

  Dear Mr. Nunn:

  I am (title) with the (name of agency/organization). My responsibilities are to (describe).

  I am aware and support the Desert Cities Enterprise Zone application. In my position with the
  (name of agency/organization), it is my responsibility to perform the following :(example

            market our loan programs and technical assistance services and programs

            develop business plans and make referrals to local private and public sector finance

            coordinate site workshops and training forums

I anticipate spending approximately _____hours per week working with potential EZ businesses.
The value of this commitment is estimated at $ _____ per year. I am excited about the
opportunities that will be available to our clients/customers upon designation of the EZ
designation. We are fully aware of the responsibilities of this task. If you require any further
clarification please feel free to contact me at (Phone).



                    DO NOT SEND THIS LETTER TO Mr. Nunn
                                PLEASE CONTACT:
                   Greg O’Sullivan – or send to:

                               Greg O'Sullivan (Lead Consultant)
                               Economic Development "ONCALL"
                                       1205 Main Street
                                     Red Bluff, CA 96080

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