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2009 Wild Turkey Festival


									 2009 Wild Turkey Festival
                “Celebrating 25 Years”
                      May 7-10, 2009
THURSDAY ~ MAY 7, 2009
5:00 PM       Festival Opening Ceremony
              Booth and Exhibits Open
5:00-10:00 PM Ride Matinee ($12 from 5-10 pm)
6:30 PM       Hailey Watson
7:30 PM       Shawna Corder
8:00 PM       Split the Pot
8:30 PM       Eli Young Band

FRIDAY ~ MAY 8, 2009
Noon         Booth and Exhibits Open
6:30 PM      Introduction of Queen Contestants
7:00 PM      Turkey Drop
7:00 PM      Shawna Corder
8:00 PM      Hailey Watson
9:00 PM      Split the Pot
9:00 PM      Neal McCoy

SATURDAY ~ MAY 9, 2009
8:00 AM     5K Turkey Trot Sign-up
11:00 AM    Booth and Exhibits Open
Noon        Karoke Contest
1:00 PM     Visiting Queens’ Luncheon (Sponsored by Bill & Ann Garrett)
4:00 PM     Visiting Queens’ Introduction on Stage
5:00 PM     Turkey Drop
6:00 PM     Grande Parade (Sponsored by Gill’s Family Pharmacy)
7:30 PM     Randy Moore & the Fabulous Suedes
8:00 PM     Queen Crowning/Parade Announcements

SUNDAY ~ MAY 10, 2009
Noon         Booth and Exhibits Open
Noon         Car Show
Noon-5:00 PM Ride Matinee ($13)
2:00 PM      Baby Contest
3:00 PM      Little Miss Gobblerette & Little Mr. Gobbler
3:30 PM      Mother & Daughter Look Alike Contest       ; BRING LAWN CHAIRS ;
4:30 PM      Turkey Drop                             Please Note: Times are subject
4:30 PM      Raffle Drawings                            to change without notice
    2009 Wild Turkey Festival Committee
  This committee was formed in mid 1984. It’s purpose is to promote a positive image of Vinton County, to en-
courage travel and tourism trade in the county, to create an awareness and appreciation for local arts and crafts,
and music and to increase the economic activity in Vinton County as a result of the positive image and our nat-
ural culture and heritage resources.
  The travel and tourism Committee appreciates and thanks the sponsors and advertisers who help make this
souvenir brochure possible. By working together we can promote and develop an appreciation for our county and
improve the quality of life for Vinton Countians.

    Officers:                               Members:
         Debbie West, Chairperson              Chris Cram             Mary Mulhern           Vicki Patton
         Kathy Boyer, Secretary                Nancy Eberts           Elaine Webb            Annie Gosling
         Lorraine Radune, Treasurer            Mae Mulhern            Robin Mulhern          Rondel Spires
    Executive Committee at Large:              Kathy Eberts           Cathy Dial             Danielle Eberts
         Mae Mulhern                           Debbie West            Cathy Dixon            Sharon Hunter
         Chris Cram                            Leroy Hackworth        Lorraine Radune

                Past Wild Turkey Grand Marshalls
1985 — Judge Homer Abele                                 1992 — Emmett and Myrtle Conway
1986 — Dr. and Mirs. Arnold Lee                          1993 — Bob Dodrill, Sr.
1987 — Dian Partlow                                      1994 — Jane Bowles
1988 — Jerry Fee, Willie Hale & Jack Herrold             1995 — Deanna Tribe and Lorraine Radune
        (County Commissioners)                           1996 — Debbie Webb
1989 — Bob and Ruth Will                                 1997 — Paul and Esther Mercer
1990 — Donie Cooper                                      1998 — Esther Crownover
1991 — Gerry Frye                                        1999 — Tom and Mary Jane Ferguson
                                                         2000 — Emmit and Geri Long, Joyce Ward
                                                                 and Vicki Patton
      Enjoy the Festival                                 2001 — Bill and Ann Garrett
                                                         2002 — Judge Philip Rose
                                                         2003 — Judge N. Robert Grillo
            Compliments of
                                                         2004 — Scott and Gloria Fee
                                                         2005 — Andy Cline
                                                         2006 — General Mills
                                                         2007 — Lee Huntley Daft and Lawrence Daft
 N. Robert Grillo
                                                         2008 — Larry Clary and Kay Clary
     Family and Staff

     25th Annual
Wild Turkey                                                                     Customer Service Direct
 Festival                                                                              800-542-5004
                                                                                                      Member FDIC
                                                Wild Turkey
                                               Grand Marshall

Bottling Company
                                                 Laura Nole

    of Athens
2001 E. State Street

   Athens, Ohio

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                    burglary, fire and video equipment.

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2009 Wild Turkey Festival Entertainment

              Neal McCoy

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