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                                       Pick no. Author/Editor Date Short Description     Catalogue CopyContents
Becoming aA Student Companion                                                             Counsellor is a one-stop reference book for all ne
                                                                                                        read this book to Counselling Trainin
                                            57899 Kirsten Amis Mar-11 Becoming a'I wish I hadAn Introductionduring my training! It
              and Therapy Techniques 54802 Augustine Meier and Micheline Boivin book onTheoretical Bridges and thedetail at t
Counselling Theory & Practice                                                            'This           a pleasure skills to Written in an eas
                                                                      2010 This is the first book iscounselling to read. look in Psychoth
                         Fifth Edition
Dryden's Handbook of Individual Therapy                                                  ' An important book, not The Culturalby any ser
                                                                                                       Colin Dryden. See missed live and in
                                            46524 Windy Dryden 2007 Seminars by Professor WindyFelthamto be the man Context o
                                            58825                     2010 Understanding Counselling Counselling and Psychotherapyco
                                                                                         Understanding and
                                                                                                       Meg Barker, Andreas Vossler and fo
Understanding Counselling and PsychotherapyMeg Barker, Andreas Vossler and Darren Langdridge Psychotherapy focuses onDar
             An Experiential Therapy
                         Second Edition                              and Marilyn text for courses onPersonal on theories toand Psycho
                                                                                         A core text A courses of Counseling Theory \ T
Theories in Counseling and Approach 62044 Jeffrey A KottlerJan-11 A coreMontgomerys for TheoriesIntroductionof counselling
              Handbook Counselling          60251 Robert Bor and 2010 Written by a team of leading trainers, practitioners and supe
The TraineeA Guide for Third Edition& Psychotherapy Trainees Mary Watts                                Sheelagh Strawbridge Setting the Sce
                                                                                         Now in its Third Edition , The Trainee Handbook h
Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy                             John Mick Cooper and John McLeod pioneer Pluralisticproduced a
                                            52864 Mick Cooper and 2010 McLeod                          Introducing the a major new framew
                                                                                         'Mick Cooper and John McLeod have Approach \
             Guide to Therapy
The Pocket A 'How to'of the Core Models                            Nov-11 Trainees in all mental health professions professionsknowled
                                                                                         Trainees Graeme Flaherty-Jones and need ba
                                            62504 Stephen Weatherhead and Graeme Jones in all mental-health need basicStephen W
                                            55105 Colin                                  'This is a book for examines theIs s bookshelf. It a
                                                                                                       Introduction: What critical debates p
Critical Thinking in Counselling and Psychotherapy Feltham 2010 This innovative new textbook every therapist Critical Thinking
An Introduction to Coaching                                           2010 This is and Judy Irving Coaching: introduction to the Models
                                                                                         'This text is based on The Foundations field of
                                            58411 Janice Dexter, Graham Dexteran excellent, no-nonsense a course delivered\to real p
                                                                      2009 This comprehensive guide to coaching explores Cox, variety
                                                                                          David Clutterbuck
                                                                                                       INTRODUCTION \ the Handbook prov
The Complete Handbook of Coaching 53815 Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova and 'Easy to understand and read,Elaine a full Tatiana
                          Counselling and Psychotherapy               2006 `This all     The SAGE Handbook of Counselling first glance, C
                                                                                                       PART ONE \ Colin Feltham What Are a
The SAGE Handbook of Second Edition 39478 Colin Feltham and Ian Horton inclusive, comprehensive book may, onand Psychoth
                         Third Edition                                2009 This book has done the PART ONE:Windy Dryden
                                                                                          Barbara Douglas and WHAT - improve on impr
                                                                                                        almost the almost COUNSELLING PS
Handbook of Counselling Psychology 52090 Ray Woolfe, Sheelagh Strawbridge,'This book has doneimpossibleISimpossible - what
                         Second Edition 60803 Jerrold R Brandell2010 Today's clinical social workers face a Foreword tospectrum of
Theory & Practice in Clinical Social Work                                                              Faye Mishna spectrum of social issue
                                                                                         Today's clinical social workers face a the Second
             Cultural Assumptions and PracticesLawrence H Gerstein, PThe Handbook of International Counseling CHALLENGES AND
                                            55962 Worldwide
International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling                                      The International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Cou
                                                                                                        Aegisdottir, Seung-Ming Alvin Leung
                                                                      2009 Paul Heppner, StefaniaPART ONE: ISSUES, is an effort to brin
Tales from the Therapy Room                                                              'These short stories give \ informative,\warm and
                                                                                                       Introduction The Stories The Carvi
                                            62496 Phil Lapworth Jan-11 These ten fictional engaging, moving,students of counselling a
                         Third Edition 36508
Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action Tim Bond                                   appeared inappeared in\1993, this highly acclaim
                                                                                                         1993, this Mick Cooper PART has
                                                                      2009 Since it firstSince it firstFOREWORDhighly acclaimed text ONE
                         Co-Publication 57447 Barbara Mitchels 2010Tim Bond book in the authoritative BACP Legal Psychotherapi
Essential Law for Counsellors and Psychotherapists                                                     Law and Ethics \ Public Resources for
                                                                      and This third ' Essential Law for Counsellors and Interest and P
              and Psychotherapy
Counselling Practitioners in Context                               Sep-11 This fourth This in the authoritative BACP Legal Resources fo
                                                                                                       Private the authoritative BACP Legal R
                                            59014 Barbara Mitchels and Tim Bond bookfourth book in Practice \ Commercial and Em
                         Second Edition 57450 Colin Lago and 2010 Smith                  Anti-Discriminatory Practice in and to the Second
                                                                                                       Mick Cooper Foreword Psychotherap
Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy Barbara Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Counselling Counselling and P
             A Ethics Code
                         Updated Psychologists, Updated Edition                          A special update ONE: Second Edition ANDEthic
                                                                                                       Second Edition of Decoding the BAC
Decoding the Practical Guide for Edition64091 Celia B Fisher Feb-11 A special update of the PART of theINTRODUCTIONof Decodin
                         Fifth Edition      Therapy                   2010               'It is of Richard Nelson-Jones' Theory andCreating
                                                                                                        imagine a INTRODUCTION \ Practic
Theory and Practice of Counselling and 59028 Richard Nelson-Jones The fifth edition hard toPART ONE: more comprehensive text
             Text and Activities
                         Third Edition 53566 Richard Nelson-Jones 'This book is a superb reference for counselling skills Who Are
Introduction to Counselling Skills                                    2008                             PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ trainers
                                                                                         'This book is a superb reference for counselling sk
             Text and & Fifth Edition
                         Helping Skills 39825 Counselling Model       2005               'The new Fifth Edition INTRODUCTION \ What Is
                                                                                                       PART Richard Nelson-Jones at his ver
Practical Counselling Activities for the Lifeskills Richard Nelson-Jones `The new Fifth Edition shows ONE:shows Richard Nelson-Jone
             A Helper's Third Edition 62315 Richard Nelson-Jones From leading skills expertskills expert Richard Nelson-Jones, t
Basic Counselling SkillsManual                                     Nov-11                              PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ third ed
                                                                                         From leading Richard Nelson-Jones, this Who Are
                         Second Edition 61503 Richard Nelson-Jones This updated and revisedand revised new edition of Six Key A
Six Key Approaches to Counselling and Therapy                         2010                             Preface \ Introducing Counselling and
                                                                                         This updated new edition of Six Key Approaches
                                            55834 Ladislav Timulak 2010                  'DevelopingPART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ make t
                                                                                                        Your Counselling and Psychotherapy
Developing Your Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills and Practice This book offers a helping hand to trainees wishing toCurrent
             Integrating Second Edition Planning
                          and Treatment 59921 Pearl                                      Case Conceptualization and Planning, Second 1. D
                                                                                                        and Treatment Treatment \ Ch Edit
Case ConceptualizationTheory With Clinical Practice S Berman 2009 Case ConceptualizationPreface \ AcknowledgmentsPlanning,
             Integrating Postmodern Approaches and C Ward and Teri Reuter
Strength-Centered Counseling                                          2010 Integrates the most popular and mostnew -postmodern theo
                                            61183 Collin Skills With Practice                           a synthesis of used counseling techn
                                                                                         This book isPART ONE: FOUNDATIONS OF STRENG
             A Practical Guide
Therapy Online                                                        2009 An enjoyable book
                                                                                         The plethora of online services now available has
                                                                                                        helps to bring counselling into the 21
                                            22899 Kate Anthony and DeeAnna Merz Nagel thatForewordCasey Truffo, MFT \ Introduc
Counselling in a Nutshell                                                                What is andPreface and how does it work? in a N
                                                                                                        how does it Components of Counse
                         Second Edition 61438 Windy Dryden 2010 What is counselling counselling \ Thework? Counselling Couns
                                            66221 Windy Dryden,Mar-11 a Nutshell -2ed/Cognitive Therapy in a Nutshell 2ed/Person
Counselling in a Nutshell - 2ed/ Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy inNeenan and Roger Casemore
                         Second Edition 60407 Roger Casemoreeb-11 Person-Centred Counselling in a Nutshell is Person-Centred A
Person-Centred Counselling in a Nutshell                           F                                   little book provides a short, accessibl
                                                                                         'This handy An Overview of the an accessible ove
                         Second                                       2010 Cognitive BehaviouralBehaviourala NutshellCounselling in a N
Cognitive Therapy in a NutshellEdition 61790 Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden                           The Components of Second Edition
                                                                                         Cognitive Therapy in Therapy in- a Nutshell, Seco
                         Second Edition a Nutshell                    2010 Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in a Nutshell provides aR
Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in 61791 Michael Neenan and Windy Dryden                            Preface \ The Distinctive in a Nutshel
                                                                                         Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy Features of
                         Second Edition 60408 Susan Howard Feb-11 Psychodynamic Counselling inthoughtfully structured, this hig
Psychodynamic Counselling in a Nutshell                                                                Beginnings \ Key explains in Psychod
                                                                                         'Well written and a NutshellConcepts in clear, jar
                         Third Edition                                 Brian Thorne      ' If new to counselling, this is a "must YouTube to
                                                                                                       The Person-Centred Approach: A Con
Person-Centred Counselling in Action 47599 Dave Mearns and2007 Watch Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne's video on have". If wo
                         Second Edition
Developing Person-Centred Counselling22652 Dave Mearns                                   `This is a for those who \ PARTwho use person-c
                                                                                                       Introduction those ONE: EXTENDING
                                                                      2002 `This is a useful bookuseful book foruse person-centred coun
                                            36244 Dave Mearns and Mick Cooper            'The book represents 'gentle revolution'. Psych
                                                                                                       'gentle revolution'. The gentleness ge
Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2005 'The book represents a Towards aaRelational Therapy \ The co
                                             7905 Janet Tolan
Skills in Person-Centred Counselling & Psychotherapy                                       both is accessible and useful introduction to th
                                                                                                       The Theoretical Framework \ Empath
                                                                      2003 `Overall this'An accessible and imaginativea very readable bo
             Person-centred Practice 55104                         Nov-11 This is        This is the focus on to focus on commonly occur
Client Issues in Counselling and PsychotherapyJanet Tolan and Paul Wilkins the first book tofirst book commonly occurring client is
             New Frontiers in Theory and Practice Mearns and2000 `This is a book that is rooted in the origins of Society? \ Is The
Person-Centred Therapy Today                10160 Dave                 Brian Thorne                    Towards have" for all person-centred
                                                                                         'This book is a "must an Inhuman person-centred
             An Introduction
Person-Centred Counselling Psychology35938 Ewan Gillon                                   this only is this History person-centred counselli
                                                                                                        key text on key text on person-centr
                                                                      2007 'Not only is 'Notthe firstThe the firstand Development of the P
Person-Centred Counselling Training          5878 Dave Mearns                            `For and thought-provoking book is essential rea
                                                                                                       What Does `Person-Centred' Mean?
                                                                      1997 `This thoughtful counsellors who define themselves as "perso
Carl Rogers              Second Edition 23044 Brian Thorne                               As founder of the person-centred approach,Majo
                                                                                                       The Life of Carl Rogers \ Rogers' Carl
                                                                      2003 `Brian Thorne has arguably become the UK's leading authorit
                          Skills Edition                           Tim Bond              'As a counsellor, supervisor I findSkillsbook such a
                                                                                                       Learning Counselling this \ I find this
Integrative Counselling Third in Action 55657 Sue Culley and Mar-11 'As a counsellor, supervisor and trainer and trainer, Overview
             in CounsellingPersonal Approach
                         a & Psychotherapy                            2009 Now Sills 'Scholarly, dynamic, thought-provoking. The mult
                                                                                                       PART ONE: INTEGRATION: reading for
Integration Developing Second Edition 55997 Phil Lapworth and Charlotte in its second edition, this book is established CONTEXT A
             A Relational Approach
Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy                            Oct-11 Ooijen         This is an accessibleof Integration \ Approach \ th
                                                                                                       Models and user-friendly theory M
                                            61337 Ariana Faris and Els vanThis is an accessible and user friendly guide to theguide toand
              Counseling and Psychotherapy
Theories of An Integrative Approach 59862 Elsie J Smith                                  This an extensive array Psychotherapy: includesT
                                                                                                       Theories of of theories of theories
                                                                    Jul-11 This book offers book offers an extensive array that Journeyth
              Counseling Seventh Edition
                          and Psychotherapy                                           Counseling and Psychotherapy fully integrates a O
                                                                                                  Counseling and Psychotherapy fully
Theories of A Multicultural Perspective 61981 Allen E. Ivey Aug-11 Theories of Theories of PART I: AN INTRODUCTION TO PARTin
                          Second Edition 54202                      2009 Skills      ' This excellent &ONE: GESTALT THERAPY IN PRAC
                                                                                                  PART Psychotherapy, Second Edition
Skills in Gestalt Counselling & Psychotherapy Phil Joyce and Charlotte Sills in Gestalt Counsellingskill-based resource to using the G
Gestalt Counselling in Action Edition 36615 Petruska Clarkson                        'The the 20th Anniversary Gestalt comprehensiv
                                                                                                   looking for a clear and \ Fundamenta
                                                                    2004 SAGE celebratedreader Introduction to of the Counselling in A
Introduction to Gestalt                                          Dec-11              This thoroughly ONE: edition of An \ A Brief H
                                          66212 Charlotte Sills, Phil Lapworth and Billy Desmond revisedBACKGROUNDIntroductio
              Helping People Change
An Introduction to Transactional Analysis                        May-11 This Sills 'Scholarly, dynamic and thought-provoking. Anal
                                                                                                   edition of Transactional Analysis Cou
                                          62957 Phil Lapworth and Charlottethoroughly revisedAn Introduction to TransactionalThe a
                                          51042 Emmy van Deurzen andThis is the first last - a lucid and accessibleskills-basedTherapy
Skills in Existential Counselling & Psychotherapy                                    'At            introduction to a overview Existen
                                                                    2010 Martin AdamspracticalThe Framework of Existentialof the "B
Existential Therapies                     17749 Mick Cooper                          'Concise and it sets read, do: "to the fact of Exi
                                                                                                  Introduction: The Rich introduce read
                                                                    2003 `This book achieves whateasy to out todespite Tapestrythat it
                          Fourth Edition                                             Praise for the Third Edition: 'Brilliant, enlightenin
                                                                                                  Introducing the widely regarded as th
Psychodynamic Counselling in Action 61018 Michael Jacobs 2010 Psychodynamic Counselling in Action is Psychodynamic Appro
                                           Psychotherapy                             This thoughtfully structured, this highly accessib
                                                                                                  The Psychodynamic Approach \ Becom
Skills in Psychodynamic Counselling and48459 Susan Howard 2009 Well written andpractical text is the first to systematically add
                           Psychoanalysis                        Mar-11 The best simply best simply got first edition of this book of Ps
                                                                                     Julia Fabricius
                                                                                                  What Is better. The thoroughly was
A Short Introduction to Second Edition 61218 Jane Milton, Caroline Polmear and 'The got better. The Psychoanalysis? \ Basicsupda
                                          60421 Psychotherapy                        Written by one of the leading practitioners of sol
                                                                                                    focused brief Solution-Focused Brief
Skills in Solution Focused Brief Counselling andPaul Hanton Apr-11 In recent years solutionIntroduction \ therapy (SFBT) has eme
              Theory, Research Practice
                          Second                                 Aug-11               edition of Solution-focused Therapy remains the
                                                                                                    Edition of Solution-Focused Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy &Edition 63312 Alasdair Macdonald This secondThis SecondThe Solution-Focused Therapy Model
Solution-Focused Therapy  Second Edition 39653 Bill O'Connell                        'This book is the most readable and well-argued O
                                                                                                  Brief Therapy Foundations of SFT \
                                                                    2005 `O'Connell presents a comprehensive\introduction to Solutioi
              Skills and Applications
                          Second Edition Therapy                 Mar-11 . Kennerley'If youto CognitiveTheory, Development and defin
                                                                                      and can only Behaviour Therapy is the Curre
An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour 57561 David Westbrook, Helen An IntroductionJoan Kirk buy one CBT book, this is the gem
                          Second Edition 58002                      2010 This best-selling,bestselling, practical, evidence-based Counse
                                                                                     This eminently eminently practical, evidence-ba
                                                                                                  What Is Casey
Cognitive Behavioural Counselling in Action Peter Trower, Jason Jones, Windy Dryden and Andrew Cognitive Behavioural guide t
CBT for Beginners                                                   2008 . 'Simmons 'Simmons and Griffiths CBT: WHAT IS IT? \ Feature
                                                                                                  PART ONE: provide a well thought-ou
                                          50009 Jane Simmons and Rachel Griffiths and Griffiths provide a well thought-out introduct
The CBT Handbook                                                 Nov-11 The CBT Handbook Handbook is the most comprehensive AN
                                                                                                  PART ONE: CBT THEORY, PRACTICE te
                                          59357 Windy Dryden and Rhena Branch The CBTis the most comprehensive text of its kind
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Case Studies                         Nov-11 This book This book uniquely combines Mandy Drake of He
                                                                                                  Mike CBT with the Department Princ
                                          61279 Mike Thomas and Mandy Drake uniquely combinesThomas and cognitive behaviour
              Key Issues in CBT                                  Dec-11 While manyWhile manyIntroductionand YvonneFocus few full
                                                                                      textbooks Fitzmaurice \ Problemtechniques of c
                                                                                                    textbooks explain the CBT,
Overcoming Obstaclesin CBT Practice 59356 Craig Chigwedere, Michael McDonough, Brianexplain the techniques ofTone and Cas
                          Second Edition 54225 Alec Grant, Michael Townend, Ronan Mulhern Introduction \ Alec text onPARTapplica
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Mental Health Care                                   edition provides an accessible and thorough ove
                                                                                                     a state-of-the-art
                                                                    2010 This second'This book isand Nigel Short Grant the ONE:
                                          48292 Behavioural Therapy `An important important contribution to the development
                                                                    2008              Mills and Adrian Cockx \ PART ONE: COGNITIVE
Assessment and Case Formulation in CognitiveAlec Grant, Michael Townend, Jem 'Ancontribution to the development of cognitiveo
CBT for Personality Disorders                                    Feb-11 This key new a on CBT and educator disorders offers un
                                                                                     'As          Personality Disorders or Not? \ CBT in
                                          58237 Henck van Bilsen and Brian Thomsontextclinician for personalityin CBT I think thisaboo
                                          Disorder               Mar-11 This practical Mark evidence-based CBT use cognitiveFOR G
                                                                                     'Several FreestonONE: INTRODUCING CBT behav
CBT for Worry and Generalised Anxiety 58928 Andrew Wilkinson, Kevin Meares andintroduction helps trainees programmes for gen
                                          58410 Sonja                                'The literature on and Commitment Therapy\(ACT
                                                                                                  The ACT Conceptual Framework The
Essentials of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Batten Mar-11 'The literature on Acceptance acceptance and commitment th
              Self-Help Third Practical 48029 Elizabeth             2008 'This       'Full of humane, creative compassion for real Cha
                                                                                                  PART ONE: ALL ABOUT CHANGE \ life
Change for the BetterthroughEdition Psychotherapy Wilde McCormick is a guide for real people living and struggling inthose w
               Children Third Edition 51036 Dr Kathryn Geldard and'Delightfully'Replete and up-to-date. Itsuggested techniques a\
Counselling A Practical Introduction                                2007 David Geldard            PART ONE: of is difficult CHILDREN
                                                                                      crafted with a wealth COUNSELLINGto think of t
               AdolescentsThird Edition Young Dr Kathryn Geldard andFilled with practical andPART ONE: UNDERSTANDING THE YO
Counselling The Proactive Approach for 56098 People                                  'Providing aneffective approaches, this counsellin
                                                                    2009 David Geldard                excellent introduction to book is an
                                          62123 John Adults Oct-11 Treating Complex Trauma in Trauma in Adolescents is the fi
Treating Complex Trauma in Adolescents and YoungN. Briere and Cheryl Lanktree Treating ComplexAdolescents is the first practical
               and Supporting Children and Young People
Counselling A Person-centred Approach54814 Mark Prever                                the book isPART ONE: THEORY \ Whyand suppor
                                                                                                   the ideal introduction to Working w
                                                                    2010 This book isThis ideal introduction to counselling counselling
              Children's Second Edition 57900 Debbie Daniels and Peter Jenkins 'Therapy with Children THEORETICALpractitioner
Therapy with ChildrenRights, Confidentiality and the Law                                          PART ONE: provides any FRAMEWOR
                                                                    2010 Therapy with Children is a vital resource for a detailed and ac
              Working with Young People from Dennis
                          Third                                                      Brief in Schools, third edition, is a highly practica
                                                                                                  Brief in Schools Third Edition , is A
Brief Counselling in Schools Edition 6239411 to 18 Lines Nov-11 Brief Counselling Counselling Counselling, for Young Peoplea\ h
Introduction to School Counseling                                                    This comprehensive graduate-level text prepares
                                                                                                  1. School Counseling, an Evolving Pro
                                          62008 Robert J WrightApr-11 . This comprehensive graduate-level text prepares readers to
Cracking the Hard ClassSecond Edition 46746 Bill Rogers                              'The every teacher's career he//she willSupport-
                                                                                                  Introduction \ Habituation \ encount
                                                                    2006 At some point inbook offers a very practical approach to buil
              Child Custody Evaluations 61966 Philip Michael Stahl This book isThis book was written as a guide CRITICAL PROFE
Conducting From Basic to Complex Issues                             2010                          Preface \ PART ONE: published book
                                                                                      a combination of two previously to help students
                                                                                     Organized by stressauthoredAND DEFINITION OF
                                                                                                  PART I: model, text on helps reade
Individual and Family Stress and Crises 60430 Janice G WeberJan-11 This is the first comprehensive HISTORYthis bookstress and cr
              A Practical
Couple Counselling Guide                  55265 Martin Payne                         This practical book essential principles and pract
                                                                                                  PART ONE: IDEAS AND PRACTICES \ In
                                                                    2010 This practical book outlines theoutlines the essential principle
              A Dialogic
Voicing Relationships Perspective                                                    Extending seminal and award-winningof RDTon r
                                                                                                  1. Introduction: Evaluation book as
                                          47027 Leslie A Baxter 2010 Extending on her 1996on her 1996 seminal and award-winnin
              Selections from CQ Researcher                                          Issues for Debate in\Family Violence Women's Rig
                                                                                                  Preface Karen Foerstel is an ideal su
Issues for Debate in Family Violence 62525 CQ Researcher 2010 Issues for Debate in Family Violence is an ideal supplementar
Family TherapyModels and Techniques                                 2010 . N Rasheed and JamesPART ONE: INTRODUCTION AND BACK
                                                                                     This text students to
                                                                                                     enable students to gain beginning p
                                          55222 Janice M Rasheed, MikalThis text will enablewillA Marley gain beginning proficiency
Key Concepts in Family Studies                                      2010 and Rosalind thoughtful and introduce, explain and contextu
                                                                                     individual entries sometimes challenging elabora
                                          46022 Jane Ribbens McCarthyThis book's 'A Edwards Introduction \ Attachment and Loss \
                                          58823 Brenda                               'Working with Bereavedworking practices with ch
                                                                                                    insight into Children the Young Peop
Working with Bereaved Children and Young People Mallon 2010 This book offers a freshEarly Attachment and and Building of
              A Loss and Grief
Working with New Model for Practitioners  50656 Linda Machin                         '[Linda Machin's] illustrative case studies, Linda M
                                                                                                  Exploring the Landscape of Loss \ Esta
                                                                    2008 'In a book that is replete with"Adult Attitude to Grief" scale p
              A Reader
Death and Dying                                                      Komaromy and Caroline Bartholomew UNDERSTANDING DEATH
                                                                                     This together a together a range of and classic
                                                                                                  PART ONE:
                                          54449 Sarah Earle, Carol2008 This book drawsbook drawsrange of both classicboth newly c
              An Anthology                54448 Sarah Earle, Caroline BartholomewThis anthology offers a VISUAL collection account
Making Sense of Death, Dying and Bereavement                                          and Carol unique collection of personal of perso
                                                                                                  PART ONE:
                                                                    2008 This anthology offers aKomaromy unique IMAGES OF DEATH
Counselling Suicidal Clients                                                         Counselling PART ONE: as in private ASPECTS OF
                                                                                                   Suicidal Clients addresses the import
                                          50476 Andrew Reeves 2010 I have worked in psychiatry as wellCONTEXTUALpractice with
Trauma                                    Theory, Practice Ringel and Jerrold R Brandell
                                                                  Jun-11             Contemporary Directions in newTherapy \ Psych
                                                                                                  Cognitive-Behavioral text a new text
              Contemporary Directions in62043 Shoshana and ResearchContemporary Directions in Trauma is a Trauma isfor courses
              Third Editionhird Edition
                          T                                         2009 The Handbook of Multicultural CounselingM Alexanderis cons
                                                                                     The Handbook of Multicultural is considered a Du
                                                                                                  Eduardo Charlene Counseling
Handbook of Multicultural Counseling 58758 Joseph G Ponterotto, J Manuel Casas, Lisa A Suzuki and Duran Personal Life Story, cla
                                                                  Christopher Liang and Aghopreaders with cutting-edge details on m
                                                                                     Providing cutting-edge details on Measurement
                                                                                                  Introduction \
Handbook of Multicultural Measures 62034 Glenn C Gamst,Feb-11 Providing readers withDer-Karabetian Testing, multicultural i
               Identity Second Edition 62182 Anita Jones Thomas and Culture and Identity: Life Stories for Counselors and Therap
Culture andLife Stories for Counselors and Therapists                                Culture and Identity combines rich and RACE//ET
                                                                    2010 . Sara Schwarzbaum Self In Context \ PART ONE: powerful
                                          58854 Darla                                The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence
                                                                                                   Intercultural Competence INTERCUL
The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence K Deardorff2009 The SAGE Handbook of PART I. CONCEPTUALIZINGbrings toge
Counselling for Alcohol Third Edition 55556 Richard Velleman                          for Alcohol PART courses that train is Understan
                                                                                                   Problems, APPROACHES \ a practical
                                                                 Jan-11 Counselling 'A terrific text forONE: third edition ,counsellors t
                                          52727 Aaron                                Understanding and Working withMisusers explor
                                                                                                  Introduction \ Drugs Substance Misu
Understanding and Working with Substance MisusersPycroft 2010 Understanding and Working with Substance and Drug Users i
             A Book of Readings           59990 Katherine          2009 and Bruce A Thyer Based Practice in Substance Abuse Trea
                                                                                     Evidence PART I: INTRODUCTION TO EVIDENCE
Evidence-Based Practice in the Field of Substance Abuse van Wormer Evidence Based Practice in Substance Abuse Treatment is a r
              Care-Education and Guide61735 Kenneth W Wanberg, David S Treatment ofsupplementary guide Offender--Strategie
                                           to of the With Care: Education and withThis is Education and Treatment of the Underage
                                                                   2010 Driving Offender the Impaired Driving for the THEORETIC
                                                                                       Care:      Introduction \
Driving withAn Adjunct Provider'sTreatmentDriving Underage ImpairedDrivingTimken andaHarvey B Milkman PART ONE: Driving with
             Progress for Change Evaluation (PACE) Monitor; A Supplement to Criminal Conduct and Substance AbuseAbuse and Cr
                                          60003 Kenneth W Wanberg and Harvey B Milkman PART ONE: and Treating Treatment A
                                                                   2009 Handbook of Assessing and Treating Substance Substance S
Provider's Handbookand Assessing Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse ClientsHandbook of Assessing METHODS, PROCEDURES,
             Strategies for Social and 60077 Change                2010 An Introduction to Feminist Therapy, by Evans, Kinkade and
                                                                                     An Introduction
                                                                                                  Preface \ 1. Feminist Therapy: Roots
Introduction to Feminist Therapy Individual Kathy Evans, Elizabeth A Kincade and Susan Seem to Feminist Therapy, by Evans, KS
             A Primer
Social Justice Counseling                                       Feb-13 Judy Daniels book historical movement movement towa
                                          62006 Michael J D'Andrea andThis book outlines theoutlines the historical toward advocacy
             and Classism in the Helping 61942 William M Liu 2010 Social Class Social Class Introducton \ in the Helping Professio
Social Class Research, Theory, and Practice                                                        and Classism Social Class, Classism, M
                                                                                      and Classism in the Helping Professions is a supp
Journal                                   61671 Susan                                Using this resource will enhance your\ Use this re
                                                                                                  self-discovery and Poem Favorite C
             A Guide of Self-Discovery and Growth E Carrell 2010 Embark on a voyage of Gratitude List \ Mygrowth.experience
             A Manual for Therapists, School Counselors, and Spiritual Leaders
                          Third Edition 62816 Susan E Carrell 2010 This updated edition of PART I:Carrell's best-seller provides a
Group Exercises for Adolescents                                                                    Susan ADOLESCENCE: THE DEVELOP
                                                                                     This updated edition of Susan Carrell's best-seller
             An Evidence-Based Approach to Nancy G Calley Jan-11 Offering practical strategies and tools readers canreaders the
Program Development in the 21st Century Design, Implementation and Evaluation                     Comprehensive and tools use on can
                                                                                     Offering practical strategies Program Developmen
Psychology and Crime                                                                 This book combines classic theory time for Dimen
                                                                                                  Mapping the Terrain: with new psyc
                                          45384 Craig Webber 2009 'Criminologists have been waiting a very longHistoricala deve
             Theory, Research and Practice
Offender Rehabilitation                                            2009 'Robinson 'Robinson and Crow have achieved the The Theor
                                                                                                  Introducing the seemingly seemingly
                                          51096 Gwen Robinson and Iain D Crow and Crow have achieved Rehabilitation:impossible
             From Theory to
Correctional Mental Health Best Practice                          and Robert K Ax This book textbookFagan The broad-based, pra
                                                                                                  Thomas broad-based, practical guid
                                          61953 Thomas J FaganJan-11 This contributededitedprovides aprovides aCommunity-Corre
             Science, Second Edition 61186 Andrew M Pomerantz Updated and expandedDefining Clinical Psychology \ Evolutio
Clinical Psychology Practice, and Culture                          2010                            and written in an academic yet acces
                                                                                     Updated and expanded and written in an academ
             Developmental and Community-Based Perspectives 2010Gustavo Carlo, Josefina Mcutting-edge research Edna AllfaroJ C
Handbook of U S Latino Psychology                                                    Synthesizing research and methodological adva
                                                                                                  Adriana Umana-Taylor, and methodo
                                          55957 Francisco A Villarruel, Synthesizing cutting-edgeGrau, Margarita Azmita, Natasha A
                          Second Edition                           2009 . The Second 'This excellent book provides comprehensive cov
                                                                                                   An Introduction to Child Developmen
An Introduction to Child Development 40166 Thomas Keenan and Subhadra EvansEdition of PART ONE: INTRODUCTION, THEORIE
             A CasebookSecond Edition                                                Providing an of realistic of realistic cases illustrat
                                                                                                  PART I - CASE FORMULATION: The Ca
Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 62073 Linda Wilmshurst2010 Providing an abundance abundancecases illustrating issues in
             Promoting Competence Generalist Practice
                          Third Practice 61911 Work                2010 Seabury and text for Garvin the\ generalist practice methods
                                                                                     This text one of
                                                                                                  Preface Interpersonal Practice in So
Foundations of InterpersonalEditionin in Social Brett Seabury, Barbara This is a core Charles offers basicmost important courses soci
Case Study Research in Counselling and58822 John McLeod                               foreword by Daniel B. Fishman, PhD,in needed b
                                                                                                  The Role of Case Studies Rutgers Un
                                                                   2010 To read the 'This is an excellent book that has beenthe Devel
                          Counselling and Psychotherapy                                show how Qualitative Research works has led to
                                                                                                  and why counselling in Counselling an
Qualitative Research in Second Edition 57563 John McLeod Mar-11 The need to'Once again, John McLeod has created a wonderf
Practitioner Research in Counselling        6975 John McLeod                         `This is a practical guide toThe Naturein research
                                                                                                    to carrying \ research of Practitio
                                                                   1999 `This is a practical guideIntroductionoutcarrying out counsellin
                          Third                                                      From leading researcher and bestselling author, J
                                                                                                  Doing Counselling Research: Introduc
Doing Counselling Research Edition 64085 John McLeod Apr-12 From leading researcher and bestselling author, John McLeod
Encyclopedia of Counseling                5
                          Four-Volume Set 0045 Frederick T L Leong                   an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Magazi
                                                                   2008 Selected as Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title by Cho
             Constructivist, Developmental, and Experiential Approaches
                                                                 Jan-11 Published in cooperation with the Association Association Su
                                                                                     Published in cooperation with the of Counselor
Handbook of Counselor Preparation 61944 Garrett McAuliffe, Karen Eriksen and The Assocation for Counselor Education andofE
             ParticipativeAction Edition
                           Inquiry and Practice                     Hilary Bradbury seeking to PART meaning or doing action resear
                                                                                                   thinking about out of life, Peter oth
The SAGE Handbook of Second Research40009 Peter Reason and2007 'For anyone'For anyonecreateONE: GROUNDINGS \inspireRea
                          Second Edition 46601 Keith F Punch 2006 Successful researchPunch's updating\of hisProposal: Readers,
Developing Effective Research Proposals                                                           Introduction and indispensable guid
                                                                                     Keith F requires effective The thorough preparat
             A Step-by-Step Guide for the First-Time Researcher
Your Research Project Second Edition 37202 Nicholas Walliman                          of the bookof the book lies in of presentation of
                                                                                                    lies in the quality the quality of pres
                                                                         `A key asset'A key assetResearch and the Research Problem \
             The Facts are Friendly       49213 Psychotherapy 2008 Are some therapies more effective book others?tHow import
Essential Research Findings in Counselling and Mick Cooper                                        Introduction: The Challenge more tim
                                                                                     'The publication of this than couldn beof Resear
             Evaluation and Application
                          Second Edition
Counseling and Educational Research 55234 Rick Houser                                 written for research methods courses goodTHE R
                                                                                                  the importance of being a TO consu
                                                                   2009 The book is Emphsizing PART ONE: INTRODUCTIONin counsel
             An Introduction to Edition 45463 Gillian Rose         2006              'Gillian Rose has provided welcome overview o
                                                                                                  Researching Visual Second A Critical
Visual Methodologies Secondthe Interpretation of Visual Materials Comprehensively revised and updatedathe Objects:Edition of
                          Second Edition 61738 Annabel Ness Evans and Providing an applied approachSecond thoroughly updated S
Methods in Psychological Research                                                    Key          Introduction to Edition include: @!up
                                                                   2010 . Bryan Rooney features of the in this Research in Psycholog
                                                                                     Dawn M McBride the basic materialThe Whys an
                                                                                                  Psychological Research: you would w
The Process of Research in Psychology 59093 Dawn M McBride2010 Author Dawn McBride covers covers the basic material you e
                                                                                     Dawn M McBride the basic materialThe Whys an
                                                                                                  Psychological Research: you would w
The Process of Research in Psychology 59092 Dawn M McBride2010 Author Dawn McBride covers covers the basic material you e
                          Second Edition                            and Cooper Cutting
                                                                                     Packed full of useful exercises, checklists and 'ho
                                                                                                  PART ONE: RESEARCH how-to section
Lab Manual for Psychological Research 60356 Dawn M McBride2010J Packed full of useful exercises, checklists, and METHODS EXE
             Investigating Human
                          New Edition
Research Methods in PsychologyBehavior                            and Paul Nestor Using research stories to illustrate to illustrate th
                                                                                                  Introduction to stories the Psycholog
                                          61877 Russell K SchuttApr-11 Using substantive substantive research Research in presentat
             The Complete Guide to Success at Tom Burns            2008 . Watch      Praise for the first edition:Introduction \ our stud
                                                                                                  Background \ Essential Study Skills -
Essential Study Skills Second Edition 49276 University and Sandra Sinfield Tom Burns introduce his book'The effect onGoing to
             Essential Tips for Students 58819 Pete Greasley Apr-11 This book gives students anauthoritative, thiswhat lecturers T
Doing Essays and Assignments                                                                      Introduction: Why You Should Read a
                                                                                     Both lively and insider's view of book leads its r
             Releasing the                  7824 Chris Hart                          `This book an provide framework framework\fo
                                                                                                  The Literature Review in Research R
Doing a Literature ReviewSocial Science Research Imagination 1998 `This book can providecan excellentan excellent for bolstering
Doing Your Masters Dissertation           23371 Chris Hart                           A practical and comprehensive guide to research
                                                                                                  PART ONE: a practical PREPARATION
                                                                   2004 Doing Your Masters Dissertation is ESSENTIAL and comprehe
              Writing     Fourth Edition 60985 Peter Redman and Wendy Maples This book sets approachesWhat Is a Social Scienc
Good Essay A Social Sciences Guide                                                                Introduction \ and techniques techni
                                                                Apr-11 This book sets out proven out proven approaches and which
             An Essential Guide           50657 Bob Smale and Development
                                                                   2009 How          How to Succeed at University is yourself and your
                                                                                                  How to a uniquely a uniquely compr
How to Succeed at University to Academic Skills and PersonalJulie Fowlie to Succeed at University isunderstand comprehensive st
                          Second Postgraduates                   Jan-11 'Written Praise and straightforward 'A very clear, accessib
                                                                                                  PART ONE: BECOMING that is guaran
Critical Reading and Writing forEdition 59353 Mike Wallace and Alison Wray in a clear for the First Edition : fashion A CRITICAL RE
             An Introduction
Cognitive Therapy                                                  2005 `This book provides an ideal introduction in stopareamental h
                          Second Edition 40092 Diana Sanders and Frank Wills                      PART ONE: the first the for of - THE
                                                                                     `This volume should beCOGNITIVE THERAPYcogni
Series     Imprint       Pages       BIC Codes Subject                                        Paper ISBN
                                                           Cloth ISBN Cloth Price Pre-pub Price
                         248 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-881-8               Pa 978-1-84860-882-5
                         192 pages JBSN                    Skills,Counselling Training & Supervision (General),Counselling and Psyc
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-957-8               Pa 978-1-84787-958-5
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General)"IC Pa 978-1-4129-2238-8
                         584 pages JBSN,JC,JBSCounselling Cl 978-1-4129-2237-1
                         320 pages JBSN        Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-475-0
Published in association with The Open University                          £65.00
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84920-476-7
                                               C                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7926-9
                         440 pages JBSN,JCA,JBSounselling Theory/Approaches (General),Psychological Theory & Systems (General
                         400 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-625-9               Pa 978-1-84920-626-6
                         208 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Theory/Approaches (General)
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-344-6               Pa 978-1-84787-345-3
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Mental Health Nursing"IC
                         280 pages JBSN,MQC Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-492-3                  Pa 978-0-85702-493-0
                         240 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-018-8               Pa 978-1-84860-019-5
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Coaching"IC
                         216 pages JBSN,JDFT Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-298-5                 Pa 978-1-84920-299-2
                         464 pages JBSN,JDC,KM             and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training & Supervision (Gener
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-542-6               Pa 978-1-84920-288-6
                         624 pages JBSN,JC                 and Psychotherapy (General),School Counselling,Counselling Psychology
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-0274-8               Pa 978-1-4129-0275-5
                         712 pages JBSN,JC,MQC             and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training & Supervision (Gener
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-078-0               Pa 978-1-84787-079-7
                                               S            Practice (General),Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Psychologic
                         880 pages JBSN,JCA,JBSocial WorkCl 978-1-4129-8138-5
                                               Multi-Cultural 978-1-4129-5955-1
                         576 pages YJBH1,JC,JBSN                           £87.00             Pa 978-1-4129-5956-8
                                                           Cl Counselling,Cross Cultural Psychology & Diversity,Counselling Psychol
                         168 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-494-7               Pa 978-0-85702-495-4
Counselling in Action series pages JBSN,LATC,JC            and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Ethics and the Law"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-0238-0               Pa 978-1-4129-0239-7
                         176 pages JBSN,LATC Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-885-6
Legal Resources Counsellors & Psychotherapists                             £60.00             Pa 978-1-84860-886-3
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Ethics and the Law"IC
                         224 pages JBSN
Legal Resources Counsellors & Psychotherapists             and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-623-5               Pa 978-1-84920-624-2
                         184 pages JBSN,YJBH1Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-768-2
Professional Skills for Counsellors Series                                 £65.00             Pa 978-1-84860-769-9
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Multi-Cultural Counselling"IC
                                                                                              Pa 978-1-4129-9437-8
                         408 pages JC,LATC,JCBEthical & Legal Issues in Psychology,Counselling Ethics and the Law"IC
                         512 pages JBSN,JBS,MQC            and Psychotherapy (General)"IC Pa 978-1-84920-403-3
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-402-6
                         320 pages JBSN,JC,MQC             Skills,Counselling Training,Counselling978-1-84787-339-2
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-338-5               Pa Psychology,Nursing"IC
                         512 pages JBSN                    Training,Counselling Skills,Counselling978-1-4129-0388-2 (General)"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-0387-5               Pa and Psychotherapy
                         208 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-416-9               Pa 978-0-85702-417-6
                         216 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Theory/Approaches (General)
                                               Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-399-5               Pa 978-0-85702-400-8
                         248 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-623-4               Pa 978-1-84860-624-1
                         408 pages JBSN,MMJ,JC             and Psychotherapy (General),Clinical Psychology (General),Counselling P
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-6889-8               Pa 978-1-4129-6890-4
                         216 pages JBSN                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7329-8
                                               Counselling Theory/Approaches (General),Counselling Training & Supervision (Gene
                         176 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-0-7619-4079-1               Pa 978-0-7619-4080-7
Counselling in a Nutshell pages JBSN                       and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Training"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-114-4               Pa 978-0-85702-115-1
                                     JBSN      Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"       Pa 978-1-4462-0209-8
Counselling in a Nutshell pages JBSN                       Cl 978-1-84920-734-8
                                                                           £55.00             Pa 978-1-84920-735-5
                                               Person Centred Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
Counselling in a Nutshell pages JBSN,MMJT,JC               Cl 978-0-85702-337-7
                                                                           £55.00             Pa 978-0-85702-338-4
                                               Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling
Counselling in a Nutshell pages JBSN                       Cl 978-0-85702-331-5
                                                                           £55.00             Pa 978-0-85702-332-2
                                               Rational-Emotive Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling
Counselling in a Nutshell pages JBSN                       Cl 978-1-84920-745-4
                                                                           £55.00             Pa 978-1-84920-746-1
                                               Psychodynamic Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
Counselling in Action series pages JBSN,JC,MQC             Cl 978-1-4129-2854-0
                                               Person Centred Counselling"IC                  Pa 978-1-4129-2855-7
Developing Counselling144 pages JBSN,MMJ,JC                Cl 978-0-7619-4968-8
                                               Person Centred Counselling"IC                  Pa 978-0-7619-4969-5
                         200 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-0-7619-4457-7
                                                                           £69.00             Pa 978-0-7619-4458-4
                                               Person Centred Counselling,Counselling Skills,Counselling Training,Counselling Rese
                         180 pages JBSN,MQC,JBS            Cl 978-0-7619-6117-8
                                                                           £69.00             Pa
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series Person Centred Counselling,Counselling Skills"IC 978-0-7619-6118-5
                         216 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-026-3               Pa 978-1-84860-027-0
                         256 pages JBSN,JC                 Cl 978-0-7619-6560-2
                                                                           £75.00             Pa 978-0-7619-6561-9
                                               Person Centred Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"
                         216 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-0-7619-4334-1
                                                                           £69.00             Pa 978-0-7619-4335-8
                                               Person Centred Counselling,Counselling Psychology"IC
                         256 pages JBSN,JC                 Cl 978-0-7619-5290-9
                                                                           £69.00             Pa
                                               Person Centred Counselling,Counselling Training" 978-0-7619-5291-6
                         152 pages JBSN,JC     Counselling Cl 978-0-7619-4111-8
Key Figures in Counselling and Psychotherapy series                        £69.00             Pa 978-0-7619-4112-5
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Person Centred Counselling"
Counselling in Action series pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Skills,Integrative Counselling"I
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-151-2               Pa 978-1-84860-152-9
                         200 pages JBSN,JC                 and Psychotherapy (General),Integrative Counselling"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-443-8               Pa 978-1-84860-444-5
                         208 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-0-85702-126-7
                                                                           £65.00             Pa 978-0-85702-127-4
                                               Integrative Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         584 pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-1004-0
                         824 pages JBSN,JC                 and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Psychology,School Counselling
                                              Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-8723-3
                         288 pages JBSN,MMJTCounselling Cl 978-1-84787-599-0
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series                                £67.00             Pa Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                                                           Skills,Gestalt Therapy,Counselling and978-1-84787-600-3
                         216                  Gestalt Therapy"IC
Counselling in Action series pages MMJT,JBSN,JC                             £69.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-0084-3                Pa 978-1-4129-0085-0
                         208 pages                                          £60.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-4462-0727-7                Pa 978-1-4462-0728-4
                         224 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-0-85702-907-2
                                                                            £65.00             and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                                              Transactional Analysis Counselling,Counselling Pa 978-0-85702-908-9
                         176 pages JBSN                    Skills,Existential Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-4779-4                  Pa 978-1-4129-4780-0
                         192 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-0-7619-7320-1
                                                                            £69.00             Pa 978-0-7619-7321-8
                                              Existential Counselling,Person Centred Counselling"IC
Counselling in Action series pages JBSN                    and Psychotherapy (General),Psychodynamic Counselling,Counselling Sk
                                              Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-802-4                 Pa 978-1-84920-803-1
                         176 pages JBSN                    Cl 978-1-4129-4653-7
                                                                            £62.00             Pa 978-1-4129-4654-4
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series Psychodynamic Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         224 pages Professions             and Psychotherapy (General),Psychoanalysis,Psychoanalytic"IC
Short Introductions to the Therapy JBSN,JCAF Counselling Cl 978-0-85702-058-1                  Pa 978-0-85702-059-8
                         152 pages JBSN,MMJTCounselling Cl 978-1-84920-621-1
Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy Series                                £60.00             Therapy"IC
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),BriefPa 978-1-84920-622-8
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),BriefPa 978-0-85702-890-7
                         248 pages JBSN,MMJTCounselling Cl 978-0-85702-889-1£65.00             Therapy"IC
Brief Therapies series 176 pages MMJT,JBSN,JC Therapy"IC                    £69.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-0328-8                Pa 978-1-4129-0329-5
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         448 pages JBSN,MMJT,JCR                            £75.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84860-686-9                Pa 978-1-84860-687-6
                         296                               and Psychotherapy (General),Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy"IC
Counselling in Action series pages JBSN,MMJTCounselling Cl 978-1-84920-193-3£65.00             Pa 978-1-84920-194-0
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Psychiatric SocialPa 978-1-4129-4813-5
                         240 pages MMJT,JBS,MQC                             £64.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4806-7                 Work,Psychiatric Nursing"IC
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-551-1
                                                                            £85.00             Pa 978-1-84920-552-8
                         448 pages JBSN,MMJTCognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"
                         264 pages MMJT                    Cl 978-0-85702-075-8
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy"  £65.00             Pa 978-0-85702-076-5
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-615-0
                                                                            £65.00             Pa
                         240 pages JBSN,MMJTCognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling Skills" 978-1-84920-616-7
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Psychiatric Nursing,Counselling and Psychotherapy (Ge
                         328 pages MMJT,MQC,JBSN                            £65.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84787-605-8                Pa 978-1-84787-606-5
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Cognitive Development"IC
                         256 pages MMJT,JCR,JBS                             £66.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-3506-7                Pa 978-1-4129-3507-4
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         168 pages JBSN,MMJT,JCR                            £65.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-293-0                Pa 978-1-84920-294-7
                                              Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                         160 pages JBSN,MMJT,JC                             £65.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-333-3                Pa 978-1-84920-334-0
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy"IC
                         136 pages JBSN,MMJTCounselling Cl 978-1-84920-167-4£60.00             Pa 978-1-84920-168-1
                                              Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-4825-8
                         280 pages JBSN,JCR,MMJT                            £66.00             Pa 978-1-4129-4826-5
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Cognitive Psychology (General),Cognitive/
                                              Children Cl 978-1-4129-4833-3 £69.00             Pa 978-1-4129-4834-0
                         328 pages VFKC1,JBSN,MMJ and Adolescent Counselling,School Counselling"IC
                                              Children and Adolescent Counselling,Social Work - Children,Child Development"IC
                         320 pages VFKC1,JBS,JCD                            £77.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84860-642-5                Pa 978-1-84860-643-2
                                              Children,                                        Pa (General),Child Protection,Post-tra
                         304 pages JBNH3,JBQH,VFPS Adolescents and Interpersonal Violence 978-1-4129-8144-6
                                              Children and Adolescent Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Perso
                         208 pages JBSN,VFKC1,JD                            £60.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84787-934-9                Pa 978-1-84787-935-6
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Children and Adolescent Counselling"IC
Ethics in Practice Series208 pages JBSN,VFKC1Counselling Cl 978-1-84860-998-3                  Pa 978-1-84860-999-0
                                                           Cl 978-0-85702-511-1
                                                                            £65.00             Pa 978-0-85702-512-8
                         224 pages VFKC1,JBSNChildren and Adolescent Counselling,School Counselling"
                                                                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7871-2
                         664 pages JBSN,JDJ School Counselling,Career Guidance,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                              Classroom Management & £69.00 Behaviour,Educational Psychology,Special & Incl
                         224 pages JDK,JDB,JDGL                             Student
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-2355-2                Pa 978-1-4129-2356-9
                                              Family       Cl 978-1-4129-7433-2
                                                                            £63.00              & 978-1-4129-7434-9
                         368 pages LCK,JBQH,VFHM Law,Child Protection,Couples, MarriagePa Family Counselling"
                                              Family                                           Family Counselling,Social
                         272 pages VFHM,JBQJ,JBS Stress and Coping,Couples, Marriage & Pa 978-1-4129-3691-0 Work - Fam
                                                           Cl 978-1-84860-048-5
                         200 pages JBSN,VFHMCouples, Marriage & Family£65.00                   Pa 978-1-84860-049-2
                                                                             Counselling,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"IC
                                              Interpersonal Communication,Family Studies (General),Couples, Marriage & Family
                         224 pages GR,VFHM,JBJC                             £48.99
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-2784-0                Pa 978-1-4129-2785-7
                         200 pages VFHM,JBNH3,JBS Marriage & Family Counselling,Interpersonal/Domestic Violence & Trauma
             A Pine Forge Press Publication   Couples,                                         Pa 978-1-4129-9032-5
                         536 pages VFH                     Cl 978-1-4129-0574-9
                                              Family Therapy"IC             £57.00
SAGE Key Concepts series pages JBJC,JBQJ,JB                 the Family,Working with Parents, Families & Communities,Family Policy
                                              Sociology ofCl 978-1-4129-2005-6                 Pa 978-1-4129-2006-3
                                              Death/Bereavement Counselling,Counselling Skills"IC
                         168 pages JBSN,VFPX,JC                             £60.00
                                                           Cl 978-1-84920-370-8                Pa 978-1-84920-371-5
                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4667-4
                                                                            £64.00             Pa 978-1-4129-4668-1
                         216 pages VFPX,JBS,JCDeath/Bereavement Counselling,Social Work Practice (General),Counselling Psychol
                         288 pages MJ,VFPX,MQCOther        Cl 978-1-84787-509-9
                                                                            £65.00             Pa 978-1-84787-510-5
Published in association with The Open University Health Specialties,Death/Bereavement Counselling,Nursing"IC
                         224 pages MJ,VFPX,MQCOther        Cl 978-1-84787-511-2
                                                                            £60.00             Pa 978-1-84787-512-9
Published in association with The Open University Health Specialties,Death/Bereavement Counselling,Nursing"IC
                         200 pages JBSN,VFPX Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-4635-3
Counselling in Practice series                                              £65.00             Pa 978-1-4129-4636-0
                                                           and Psychotherapy (General),Death/Bereavement Counselling"IC
                                                                                                Psychotherapy (General),Counselling
                         272 pages JBS,JBSN,JCSocial Work Practice (General),Counselling andPa 978-1-4129-7982-5
                                              M            Cl Counselling,Multicultural/Minorities,Multicultural Social Work"
                         848 pages YJBH1,JC,JBS ulti-Cultural 978-1-4129-6431-9                Pa 978-1-4129-6432-6
                                              Multi-Cultural 978-1-4129-7883-5
                         688 pages YJBH1,JC,GRS                             £81.00
                                                           Cl Counselling,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Cross Cultural
                                              M                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8668-7
                         400 pages YJBH1,JC,JBS ulti-Cultural Counselling,Psychology (General),Social Work & Social Policy (Genera
                         560 pages GR,JDGF,KMB             Cl 978-1-4129-6045-8
                                              Intercultural Communication,Working with Minority Students,International Business
                         208 pages JBSN,YXRMCounselling Cl 978-1-84860-149-9
Counselling in Practice series                                              £70.00              Pa 978-1-84860-150-5
                                                             and Psychotherapy (General),Substance Abuse Counselling"IC
                                               O            Cl 978-1-84787-261-6
                                                                            £60.00              Pa 978-1-84787-262-3
                         184 pages MJ,MQC,JBS ther Health Specialties,Nursing,Social Work & Social Policy (General),Counselling a
                                               S                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7577-3
                         312 pages YXRM,JC,JBS ocial Work - Substance Abuse,Substance Abuse Counselling,Counselling Psychology
                                               C                                                Pa 978-1-4129-8782-0
                         312 pages JBSN,JBV,JBSounselling and Psychotherapy (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),S
                                               Substance Abuse Counselling,Corrections/Penology,Social Work - Substance Abuse"
                         208 pages YXRM,JBVM,JBS                            £87.00
                                                            Cl 978-1-4129-7969-6                Pa 978-1-4129-7970-2
                         240 pages JBSN                     Cl 978-1-4129-1536-6
                                                                            £40.99              Pa 978-1-4129-1537-3
                                               Feminist Counselling,Counselling Skills,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               M            Cl Counselling,Counselling Psychology,Multicultural Social Work"
                         288 pages YJBH1,JC,JBS ulti-Cultural 978-1-4129-8140-8                 Pa 978-1-4129-8141-5
                                               M            Cl Counselling,Cross Cultural Psychology & Diversity,Class and Inequality
                         320 pages YJBH1,JC,YJB ulti-Cultural 978-1-4129-7250-5                 Pa 978-1-4129-7251-2
                                               C                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7004-4
                         128 pages JBSN,JBV,JBSounselling and Psychotherapy (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),S
                                                                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7006-8
                         272 pages JBSN,VFKC1Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),School Counselling,Children and Adolescen
                         544 pages JBSN,GRS,JBS                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7449-3
                                               Counselling Agency Management,Social Work Program Planning,Evaluation (Genera
                         224 pages
Key Approaches to Criminology JBV,JCJ,PDS,JBVC               & Criminal Justice (General),Forensic 978-1-4129-1942-5
                                               CriminologyCl 978-1-4129-1941-8                  Pa Psychology,Aggression & Violence
                                               CriminologyCl 978-1-4129-4770-1
                         208 pages JBV,JBVM1,JBS                            £62.00              Pa Justice,Probation,Psychiatric Socia
                                                             & Criminal Justice (General),Criminal 978-1-4129-4771-8
                         432 pages JBSN,JBVM,JC                                                 Pa 978-1-4129-7256-7
                                               Corrections/Penology,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Psychol
                         568 pages JBSN,MMJ,JC              Cl 978-1-4129-7763-0
                                               Clinical Psychology (General),Counselling Psychology,Counselling and Psychotherapy
                                                            Cl 978-1-4129-5760-1
                                                                            £70.00              Pa 978-1-4129-5761-8
                         480 pages YJBH1,JC Multicultural/Minorities,Cross Cultural Psychology & Diversity,Cultural Psychology,M
                         424 pages JCD,JDDB,VFKC1
SAGE Foundations of Psychology series                       Cl 978-1-4129-1114-6
                                                                            (General),Child Development"IC
                                               Developmental Psychology £72.00                  Pa 978-1-4129-1115-3
                                               Child                                            Pa 978-1-4129-8249-8
                         384 pages JC,VFKC1,MMH Psychopathology,Children and Adolescent Counselling,Child Psychiatry"IC
                                                             Practice (General),Counselling Skills"IC
                         616 pages JBS,JBSN Social WorkCl 978-1-4129-6682-5 £63.00              Pa 978-1-4129-6683-2
                         272 pages JBSN                      and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Research Methods"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-804-8                 Pa 978-1-84920-805-5
                         352 pages JBSN                      and Psychotherapy (General),Counselling Research Methods"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84920-061-5                 Pa 978-1-84920-062-2
                         256 pages JBSN,JC,JBBCounselling Cl 978-0-7619-5762-1
Professional Skills for Counsellors Series                                  £75.00              Pa 978-0-7619-5763-8
                                                             Research Methods,Counselling Psychology"IC
                         344 pages JBSN                      and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4462-0138-1                 Pa 978-1-4462-0139-8
                         1992 pagesJBSN                      and Psychotherapy (General)"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-0928-0
                                                             Training & Supervision
                         464 pages JBSN,JC,JBSCounselling Cl 978-1-4129-9177-3 (General),Counselling Psychology,Social Work Tra
                                               Research Methods for Business & Management (General),Counselling Research Met
                         752 pages KMMS,JBSN,JBV                            £95.00
                                                            Cl 978-1-4129-2029-2
                                                            Cl 978-1-4129-2125-1
                                                                            £69.00              Pa 978-1-4129-2126-8
                         176 pages JBB,JDL,YJBSocial Research Methods,Study Skills (General),Qualitative Methods,Quantitative M
SAGE Study Skills Series464 pages JDL,JBB,YXDS Study Skills (General),Social Research Methods"
                         256 pages JBSN,GRS,JC               Research Methods,Counselling Psychology"IC
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-84787-042-1                 Pa 978-1-84787-043-8
                         296 pages JBSN,JD                   Research Methods,Counselling and Psychotherapy (General),Education"
                                               Counselling Cl 978-1-4129-5660-4                 Pa 978-1-4129-5661-1
                                               Visual       Cl (General),Research
                                                                            £75.00               Cultural Studies"IC
                         304 pages JBKC,CFGD,JBSN Culture 978-1-4129-2190-9 Methods forPa 978-1-4129-2191-6
                                               R                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7788-3
                         408 pages JBSN,JCB,JBBesearch Methods in Psychology,Social Research Methods,Counselling Research Me
                                               R                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7447-9
                         352 pages JBSN,JCB,JBBesearch Methods in Psychology,Counselling Research Methods"
                                               R                                                Pa 978-1-4129-6078-6
                         352 pages JBSN,JCB,JBBesearch Methods in Psychology,Social Research Methods,Counselling Research Me
                                               R                                                Pa 978-1-4129-7976-4
                         136 pages JBSN,JCB,JBBesearch Methods in Psychology,Counselling Research Methods"
                         528 pages JBSN,JCB,GRSResearch Methods in Psychology"IC                Pa 978-1-4129-6049-6
SAGE Study Skills Series344 pages JDL                       (General)"IC £56.00
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-1-4129-4584-4                Pa 978-1-4129-4585-1
                         192 pages JDL,CTK                  (General),Essays/Dissertations"IC Pa 978-1-84920-203-9
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-1-84920-202-2
                         230 pages JDL,YJB,JBS Study        (General)"IC £65.00
Published in association with The Open University Skills Cl 978-0-7619-5974-8                   Pa 978-0-7619-5975-5
Essential Study Skills series pages JDL                     (General)"IC £69.00
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-0-7619-4216-0                Pa 978-0-7619-4217-7
SAGE Study Skills Series184 pages JDL,CTK                   (General),Essays/Dissertations"IC Pa 978-0-85702-371-1
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-0-85702-370-4
SAGE Study Skills Series272 pages JDL                       (General)"IC £52.00
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-1-4129-4716-9                Pa 978-1-4129-4717-6
                         264 pages JDL,CTK                  (General),Study£65.00
                                                                             Skills             Pa 978-1-84920-562-7
                                               Study Skills Cl 978-1-84920-561-0(PG),Essays/Dissertations"IC
                         272 pages MMJT,JBSN,JC             Cl 978-1-4129-0788-0
                                                                            £69.00              Pa 978-1-4129-0789-7
                                               Cognitive/Behaviour Therapy,Counselling Training,School Counselling,Counselling Ps
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            El 978-1-84860-460-5
   £23.99                 £69.00
            El 978-1-84920-820-8
   £23.99                 £69.00
            El 978-1-84860-051-5
            El 978-1-4129-9836-9
£23.99 El 978-1-4129-3170-0
£23.99 El 978-0-85702-358-2
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