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 The Atrax Monitoring System for

 The Plastics Industry
        ATRAX Monitoring System
Proactively manage your day to day
Instant notification of variations in
 productivity and product quality
Receive up-to-the minute information
 regarding counts, equipment availability,
 performance and more!
       ATRAX Monitoring System
View shift by shift comparisons of
Report on productivity by hour, day, week,
 month, etc
Monitor remote locations from your desktop
          ATRAX Monitoring System
User-defined scrap, down and misc. event
ATRAX-Alert LED display sign for instant
 notification of Overcycles, Operator Assist,
 Temperature and Pressure variance
Monitor total production output
                            ATRAX Monitoring System
                                  Job (Cycle) Summary
A real-time view of your
plant provides pertinent
information including
machine status,
production data, cycle
times and efficiencies.
View machine setup and
estimated run time,
along with machine
operator name.

Color status displays
alert the user about
which machine(s) are
are out of cycle, down,
out of service and more.

Hours remaining to
finish a job also have
color coding to let you
know when it’s time to
prepare for the next job.
                            ATRAX Monitoring System
                                  Current Shift Summary
Another view provides
Shift by Shift
information about
Downtime and Scrap
amounts, shift cycle vs.
last cycle, parts made by
shift, and more.

 Cycle efficiency is
displayed for each
machine and is also
calculated on a per-shift

At the push of a button,
last nights shift totals
can be displayed, or last
weeks. Up to 1000 shift
records can be
maintained and viewed
at the push of a button!
                        ATRAX Monitoring System
                                 Date Selection
Simply touch the
calendar to view up
to one years worth of
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
                                 Cycle Detail Window
An Efficiency Graph
may be viewed for each
machine. This form
displays graphical and
tabulated data for the
last 10 cycle durations
corresponding to the
press and operator
selected. Employee
Time may be the actual
Cycle time.

ATRAX maintains cycle
by cycle information on
all jobs. You may view
all of an active jobs
individual cycles by
using the REPORTS
                           ATRAX Monitoring System
                                    Press Window
The Press Window is
used for adding, looking
up, and maintaining the
M1 unit information
mounted on the
presses. It includes the
number and type of
sensors installed on the
press which the M1 unit
is monitoring.

In the Press Window,
the injection press is
logically linked to the
M1 unit attached to the
machine. Any analog
inputs (optional) on the
M1 are declared here.

Optionally, Cycle
pressure and 7
temperatures may be
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
This window is designed to
aid in cross-referencing
customers with their
                                 Customer Window Overview
purchase orders. Only
Customer Name and
Customer Number are
required by Atrax to track
ongoing jobs. The additional
information; Address, Contact
Person, Phone Number, etc.,
are considered optional
reference information.

The Customer Window is
primarily used for maintaining
your Atrax software customer
database, and for cross-
referencing customers with
the work orders submitted.

Selections from the Customer
Name list will display the
selection’s work order in the
spread sheet segment at the
bottom of the window. This
segment can be expanded to
a full screen Sales Detail
Window by double clicking
anywhere on this screen.
Once added, the information
is easily edited.
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
The Mold Info Sheet is used
to define and maintain Mold
information. The M1 units
mounted on the injection
                                 Mold Set-up Sheet
presses cannot monitor
jobs without a valid mold
number being entered.
Atrax uses the mold
number to track the
quantity and type of
product the presses are

Within the Mold Set-up
Sheet are seven individual
tabs, each with several data
fields. Only a few data
fields are required by Atrax
to perform its data
collection process. “Extra
Fields” tabs are used for
entry of any additional mold
related information for
storage in the database for
future retrieval.

A work order can be
“staged” to run next on the
mold number. When linked
with a work order, the
quantity field is filled in
                          ATRAX Monitoring System

                                 Employee Window
The Employee Window
is used for adding and
maintaining Atrax’s
press operator
database. With this
information, Atrax
reports on the
productivity of
individual operators.

Personnel may be
designated as either
Employee or
Supervisor. Only
Supervisors are
enabled to change the
operational parameters
of the M1 units located
on the presses..
                          ATRAX Monitoring System

                                   Work Orders
The Atrax system
tracks the progress of
work orders. The work
order information is
referenced in the Mold
Set-up Sheet and is
used to report the
number of parts left to
produce on the Cycle

This information can be
used to check on the
percent completion
status for any jobs.
                           ATRAX Monitoring System
                                Press Settings/Set-up Sheets
Atrax uses the Press
Settings tab for
individual press
process parameters by
mold. That is, should
you have different
press settings for mold
111 on a 100 t press vs.
a 500 t press, you can
define and maintain
this information by
                             ATRAX Monitoring System
                                      Extra Fields
The Extra Fields tabs
allow you to create up to
72 new fields of
important user-selected
information that may be
used in reports.

To create a title for the
Field, press the small
book icon to the right of
the field. This will allow
you to type in the
description, which will
then be saved for all
molds or just the one
you’re currently working
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
                                Cycle Detail Window
This form is used to
lookup current analog
input values, set alarm
values, and to
parameters for the
press selected.

The M1 units mounted
on the presses have up
to eight (8) analog

The ATRAX Process
feature is an
inexpensive add-on
                          ATRAX Monitoring System

                                Cycle Detail Window
This screen graphically
displays pressure
curves with associated
alarm curves..

The alarm curves are
derived from the set
points defined
(previous screen) plus
and minus a user
defined acceptable
variation. The graph is
configured in pressure
(PSI) versus time in

The graph displays the
last ten pressure
curves with automatic
updates during each
subsequent cycle.
                            ATRAX Monitoring System
                                 Multi-User Network Access
The Atrax Monitoring
System may be loaded
on any PC connected
to the central computer
via LAN network for full
capability access.

Multi-User Network
provides easy access
to this powerful tool for
valuable personnel
anywhere in the
building. No additional
charge is required.

Imagine having access
to this information
within your production,
scheduling, quality,
maintenance, and
engineering offices
                         ATRAX Monitoring System
                          Future Module = Job Scheduling
Scheduling System
creates schedules
based upon Start
Date, or allows you to
“backward schedule”
based upon the
required Complete

The Job Scheduling
screen shows jobs by
press that are
presently running.
Also displayed are
the tool in the press,
date the job started,
number of parts to
make, and time left to
run based upon
actual cycle time.

Start Date field
coloring corresponds
to the Cycle
Summary and Shift
Summary screen.
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
                         Future Module = Job Schedule Scope
Schedule Scope screen
graphically displays
active and scheduled
jobs by date, week, bi-
month or month.

Current running jobs
will display in the
standard color coding
(Green, Yellow, Brown,
Red, Blue).

Color coding is as
follows: Green normal,
Red stopped -
unidentified reason,
Yellow stopped -
reason identified,
Brown running over-
cycle, Blue in setup.
Queued jobs are listed
by work order or job
order number in Gray.
                          ATRAX Monitoring System
Several pre-defined
reports allow you to
view data collected
by the Atrax system.
View by current, shift,
or by user selected
date range. A drop
down calendar is
used for easy date

The basic set of
reports shown in this
example can be
displayed simply by
checking the desired
report and clicking
on “OK”.
                             ATRAX Monitoring System
                                 M1 Machine Interface Unit
 The M1 Monitor is the
Atrax machine interface
used to collect and send
to the system. It includes
a keypad to input codes
and counts.

You may select Event
codes such as Downtime
and Scrap, to send
applicable codes for
storage in the database.
Operators simply touch
the Operator key to log

Scrap may be entered at
the keypad OR an ATRAX
        ATRAX Monitoring System

Automatically correct for scrap and
 displays completion time
Track and graph cycle times to detect
 Point and click, no command structures to
 learn or remember
        ATRAX Monitoring System

Consolidate all press information for
 multiple users, multiple views
Eliminate hardcopy filing, altering, and
 losing set-up sheets
Generate standard reporting for
 comparisons & customer documentation
         ATRAX Monitoring System

Windows 9X/NT/2K/XP application
No “Price per View/User” costs
1 year systems service warranty
Optional process monitoring of Pressure
 and Temps for instant notification of out of
 tolerance conditions
         ATRAX Monitoring System
Why Use The Atrax System?

Moderately priced system
Easy installation and use
Simple user interface at each machine
Downtime, scrap, and user codes
R.O.I. within a few months
ATRAX Monitoring System

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