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					University of South Alabama Honor Roll of Donors


      University of South Alabama
                University of
               South Alabama

                               Mission Statement
The mission of the University Development Program is to maximize, from all sources,
the private gift support necessary to help the University of South Alabama fulfill its
mission, pursue its vision and to provide the “margin of excellence” necessary to enable
the University to achieve its full potential.
2       Honor roll of donors
                                                     Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.
                                                     Vice President for Development
                                                     and Alumni Relations

                                                     March 1, 2004

                                                     Dear Friends,

                                                        It is a distinct honor to present this first ever Honor Roll of Donors
    Table of Contents                                expressing the University’s appreciation for those who have made
                                                     charitable gifts to support USA’s mission and to provide the margin of
    Open Letter from                                 excellence necessary to achieve true greatness as a University.
    Dr. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.
    Vice President,                                     In this first annual report, we chose to recognize all donors of the
    Development and                                  preceding year and all donors who have made charitable gifts of historic
    Alumni Relations ...........................2    record to the University of South Alabama. Future annual issues will
                                                     only recognize donors of the prior year and those whose historic
    Message from
    President V. Gordon Moulton..........3           cumulative giving exceeds $25,000 thus qualifying for permanent
                                                     inclusion in this report. Our Board approved donor recognition system
    Message from                                     is discussed in detail on page 4 and describes our levels of donor
    The Honorable Jim Nix,                           recognition and how we count and credit gifts for donor recognition
    Chair Pro Tempore,                               purposes.
    Board of Trustees ...........................3

    Profile of University Donors..........4             We deeply appreciate President Gordon Moulton and our Board of
                                                     Trustees for the support they have given to our University Development
    Honor Roll of Donors ...................6        and Alumni Relations program and especially for providing the
                                                     resources for us to produce this report. We especially wish to thank and
           Platinum Jaguar Society                   appreciate those who make charitable gifts to support the University of
           Gold Jaguar Society                       South Alabama. It is you who will enable this University to grow
                                                     stronger and serve better the needs of those we serve in the future.
           Silver Jaguar Society
                                                        State funding for public institutions provides the minimum funding
           Bronze Jaguar Society
                                                     necessary to operate. Private gift support will enable us to provide the
           President’s Council                       highest quality in our programs thus, it is important for the University
                                                     to formally and publicly thank all who have given to the University.
           Century Club                              This annual report is dedicated to you, our donors.
           Friends of USA
           Legacy Society
                                                     Joseph F. Busta, Jr.
    Volunteer Leadership ...................42
                                                     Vice President
           USA National Alumni Assn                  Development & Alumni Relations

           USA Medical Alumni Assn
           Jaguar Athletic Club

    Opportunities for Giving.............44
             Editor: Barbara Wooley
                                                                           University of South Alabama                       3

                      Message from President                                      BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                      V. Gordon Moulton                                          The Honorable Bob Riley, President
                                                                                        Governor, State of Alabama
                      Dear Friends of the University,
                         In this our first Honor Roll of Donors, we wish to                 Dr. Joe Morton
                       recognize and thank all who have given so generously      Interim State Superintendent of Education
                       of their time, talents, and resources to continue the
mission of this great institution. Forty short years ago, the vision to create           Mr. Jack R. Brunson
the University of South Alabama was realized and during this time, more                    Coffee and Crenshaw
than 50,000 students, traditional and non-traditional alike, have fulfilled
their dream of a college education. It is through the generosity of friends              Mr. J. L. Chestnut, Jr.
like you and the dedication of our faculty and staff that the University of                   State at Large
South Alabama is the fastest growing university in the state.
                                                                                      Honorable E. Crum Foshee
  With your continued support, we will continue to build a great                     Butler, Conecuh, and Covington
University that provides quality educational programs, unparalleled health
care services, and cutting-edge research for Alabama, the northern Gulf                  Mr. J. Cecil Gardner
Coast, and the nation.                                                                            Mobile
  Thank you for your loyalty and support of the University of South
                                                                                      Honorable Samuel L. Jones
V. Gordon Moulton                                                                    Honorable Larry P. Langford
                                                                                              State at Large

                                                                                       Mr. Donald L. Langham
                      Message from Chair Pro Tempore                                          State at Large
                      Jim Nix                                                      Honorable W. H. “Pat” Lindsey
                      Board of Trustees                                              Choctaw, Clarke and Washington

                      Dear Fellow USA Friends,                                            Ms. Bettye R. Maye
                                                                                           Marengo and Sumter
                        It is with great pleasure that I thank you for your
                      dedication and support of the University of South
                                                                                         Ms. Christie D. Miree
                      Alabama. Without successful alumni who support                       Monroe and Wilcox
their alma mater, a dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to
teaching and research, students who are dedicated to learning, and generous               Mr. Mayer Mitchell
patrons who give unselfishly to the University, its hospitals and programs,                       Mobile
the University of South Alabama could not have achieved the great growth
and reputation it has sustained in its forty years of serving the community.           Honorable Bryant Mixon
 On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your support of the                    Dale and Geneva
University of South Alabama - past, present, and future.
                                                                                        Honorable James P. Nix
  Together we will continue to build the finest University possible.                    Baldwin and Escambia
Sincerely,                                                                               Dr. Steven H. Stokes
James P. Nix                                                                             Henry and Houston

                                                                                       Mr. Larry D. Striplin, Jr.
                                                                                        Dallas and Lowndes
4   Honor roll of donors

               The Profile of the
        USA Family of University Donors
      Upon completion of its 40th year, the University of South Alabama has philanthropic friends spread
    far and wide throughout this nation, in every age group, alumni and non-alumni, individuals, businesses
    and foundations. The family of University donors is extraordinarily diverse -

           s from the alumnus in California who loves his University and chose to establish an endowed
             scholarship for the benefit of students who have demonstrated leadership and campus

           s to the local businessman who has a keen interest and admiration for the great humanitarian and
             physician, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and who established both an endowed scholarship and a group
             study room in the newly expanded and renovated University Library in honor of Dr. Schweitzer;

           s from the gentleman from Grove Hill whose wife was a nurse and who left the majority of his
             estate in her honor to the College of Nursing for endowed scholarships;

           s to the retired faculty member who dedicated so much of her life to the University and who
             has remembered the University in her estate plans to help in the fight against cancer;

           s from the placement of a sculpture in the Children’s Sculpture Park by a group of Alabama
             theater owners;

           s to the many individuals, former players, and businesses who came together to make the
             campaign for the renovation and upgrade of Stanky Baseball Field a reality;

           s and from so many more special friends.

       Last year through the Faculty and Staff campaign, more than 1,100 faculty and staff members
    designated a gift to the University, either unrestricted to be used at the President’s discretion where the
    need is greatest or restricted to a particular program or scholarship.

       USA alumni who live around the world and in all 50 states - from Maine to Hawaii, Alaska to Florida,
    and Texas to Minnesota - made gifts through the first ever direct mail Annual Fund campaign. Alumni
    were given the opportunity to make a gift to their University in honor of its 40th birthday and the
    response was great with 42% of the gifts coming from alumni living outside the state of Alabama
    demonstrating their love of USA no matter where they live!

       The generosity of these donors provides inspiration and serves as an example for other alumni, parents,
    and friends to support the University. This family of donors, through their financial support, play a vital
    role in the future of the University and in the lives of our current and future students.
                                                                  University of South Alabama               5

          The Profile of the
   USA Family of University Donors
  The University of South Alabama’s Donor Recognition system is designed to provide special
recognition and benefits to those who make charitable gifts to support the advancement of the

  It is our goal to list each and every gift appropriately. In spite of our best efforts, errors and
omissions can occur. If this is the case, please accept our apologies and notify the Office of University
Development in the Mobile Town House, Mobile, AL 36688 or call us at (251) 460-7032.

    The University will recognize all donors who make an annual gift each year regardless of gift amount
in this publication. Donors whose cumulative or one time gift of $25,000 or more will be permanently
listed in this publication each year whether or not they choose to make an additional gift.

   Donors who generate matching gift funds through their employer will receive gift and recognition
credit for their own gift and recognition credit for the match. The matching gift company will receive
gift and recognition credit for the amount of their matching gift.

  Donor recognition levels include:

       s Friends of USA - recognizes donors whose annual giving is from $1 to $99.

       s Century Club - recognizes donors whose annual giving is from $100 to $999.

       s President’s Council - recognizes donors whose annual giving is from $1,000 to $24,999.

   The University of South Alabama’s Jaguar Society recognizes donors whose current gift or cumulative
giving over the years is $25,000 or more. There are four distinct levels of the Jaguar Society.

       s Bronze Jaguar Society - recognizes current or historic gifts from $25,000 to $99,999.

       s Silver Jaguar Society - recognizes current or historic gifts from $100,000 to $999,999.

       s Gold Jaguar Society - recognizes current or historic gifts from $1,000,000 to $9,999,999.

       s Platinum Jaguar Society - recognizes current or historic gifts of $10,000,000 and above.

       s The Legacy Society - The University has created a special gift club to recognize and honor
         those donors who have confirmed their future gift to the University through a will, trust,
         insurance policy, or other deferred gift instrument.
6      Honor roll of donors

              The University of South Alabama’s Jaguar Society
            recognizes donors whose current gift commitment or
            cumulative giving over the years is $25,000 or more.
             There are four distinct levels of the Jaguar Society.

    SOCIETY recognizes current
    gift commitments or
    cumulative giving over the
    years of $10,000,000 or above.

    Abraham, Mayer, and Arlene Mitchell

       Over the years, the Mitchell family
    has changed the face of the University of South Alabama through their transformative gifts.
    Abraham, Mayer and Arlene Mitchell have made a dedicated and very special commitment to the
    University of South Alabama.
      Their donations refurbished and expanded the College of Business and also created a scholarship
    program to attract the very brightest students to the University.
       “We obviously think the University and the business school are going in the right direction,” said
    Mobile businessman Abraham Mitchell. “We believe if we have anything going for us economically
    in Mobile, then one of the biggest contributors would be the University.”
      Their contributions to the Mitchell Center have helped it become one of the premier event arenas
    on the Gulf Coast.
       “My brother, Abe, and I have had a long, friendly relationship with the University of South
    Alabama,” said Mayer Mitchell, a Mobile businessman and USA trustee. “We have both lived all of
    our lives in Mobile and are very proud of the many areas in which the University of South Alabama
    has influenced our community.”
      “It is a great sense of satisfaction to be able to do something like this while we are in
    good health,” said Mayer Mitchell. “It is not often that you get to see the results of
    your career be put to such good use.”
                                                                            University of South Alabama                             7
                                         Ken Stabler Celebrity Golf Classic           Dodge, Inc.
                                         Laidlaw Foundation; William L. and           General Insulation, Inc.
      KEITH AMMONS                         Sally L. Green                             H. J. Heinz Company, L.P.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Leiber                 Cornelia Graham Hockridge
    Keith Ammons, a 1995 graduate        Log A Load For Kids                          Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Hoffman
 of the University and a USA             Jean F. and Julius E. Marx Charitable Gift   J. L. Bedsole Foundation
 Southerner, travels extensively with      Fund and JJB Partnership -                 Jaguar Athletic Club
 his successful business but maintains   Mr. Julien Marx                              Kresge Foundation
 an office in Mobile and remains         Carline S. McKnight*                         Lamar Advertising
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Meisler              Lubel Charitable Foundation
 keenly interested in his alma mater.    Roy Parish                                   Dr. and Mrs. G. Michael Maitre, Jr.
 Ammons, in expressing his interest in   Point Clear Charities                        Michael McGlothren
 endowing a student leadership           Regions Bank                                 Drs. Melton and Sandra McLaurin
 scholarship, said, “During college, I   Dr. Joan Sinnott                             Dr. Hiram Mendenhall
 was president of Jaguar Productions,    Ross Sloan                                   Mr. and Mrs. Reece J. Miller, Jr.
 the campus student programming          Larry Striplin                               Mitchell Company, Inc.
                                         Wal-Mart Foundation                          Mobile Register
 organization. The University            Phillip Walters                              President and Mrs. V. Gordon Moulton
 contributed to who I am today and I                                                  Mr. and Mrs. M. Kenny Muscat
 want to return the favor.” Keith did,                                                National Association of Theatre Owners
 indeed, return the favor when he
                                         The BRONZE JAGUAR
                                                                                         of Alabama
 established the Ammons Student          SOCIETY recognizes current                   ReMax - Gulf Shores
 Leadership Endowed Scholarship.         gift commitments or cumulative               ReMax Real Estate Partners
                                                                                      Rite Aid Corporation
                                         giving over the years from                   Mr. and Mrs. John B. Saint
The GOLD JAGUAR                          $25,000 to $99,999.                          Sam's Club # 8102
                                                                                      Siemens Medical Systems, Inc.
SOCIETY recognizes current               Ace Hardware - Retail Center Warehouse       David Sinnott
                                         Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo               Spectronics, Inc.
gift commitments or cumulative                                                        The Estate of Reba Caster Thomas
                                         Alabama Indoor Field Partnership,
giving over the years from                 Mr. and Mrs. Norris Armstrong,             USA Alumni Association
$1,000,000 to $9,999,999.                  Mr. Steve Clements                         Faculty and Staff of USA Dept of Pediatrics
                                         Alcoa Foundation                             USA Earth Sciences Club
Mr. Earl W. Starnes*                     Amicus Mortgage Co., Inc.                    Wal-Mart # 1174
                                         Michael Keith Ammons                         Wal-Mart # 1212
                                         Dr. Jorge Blanco                             Wal-Mart # 853
The SILVER JAGUAR                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Brunson                    Wal-Mart # 866
SOCIETY recognizes current               Mr. and Mrs. James P. Caldwell               Wal-Mart # 904
                                         Carmike Cinemas Headquarters                 Wal-Mart # 934
gift commitments or cumulative           Coca-Cola Bottling Co.                       Wal-Mart # 991
giving over the years from               Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cotton               Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Walters, Jr.
                                         Mr. and Mrs.William Andrew Denny             White Smith Land Company, Inc.
$100,000 to $999,999.
Alabama Power Foundation
AmSouth Bank                                         JULIEN MARX and
Anonymous                                            MRS. JEAN MARX
Murray Bander*
John J. Bassett                              Julien Marx and his mother, Mrs. Jean
Ben May Foundation                         Marx, have been supportive of the
Cingular Wireless
City of Mobile
                                           University throughout the years, most
Ernest G.Cleverdon*                        recently endowing a third scholarship in
Compass Bank                               the College of Arts and Sciences.
Gaston L. Cooke Estate*                      “We feel we’re living our religion,” said
Crampton Trust                             Jean Marx, 87, shown here with President
Dairy Queen Corporation
Alfred Delchamps*                          Moulton. “We feel very strongly that we
Food World Senior Bowl Charity Run         need to live the Jewish life, which includes
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Emilio Gonzalez          being kind to others and living the lessons
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Green              of the Bible.”
R. Lloyd Hill*
8       Honor roll of donors

The PRESIDENT’S                        Boise Cascade Corporation           Mr. and Mrs. Allen Cox, Jr.             Donald Brooks Felio
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Louis Boone            Allen Cox, Sr.                          Dr. Phillip A. Fields
COUNCIL recognizes                     Karl Boutwell                       Mr. and Mrs. Harvey B. Cox              Mr. and Mrs. Charles Findlay
donors whose annual                    BP Amoco                            John Scott Cox                          Firefighters Charitable Foundation
                                       Mrs. Louie Brannon                  Tony Craft                              George Herbert Fisher
giving is from $1,000 to               Robert W. Breazeale                 Lulu McFarlane Crawford                 Fit By Five
$24,999.                               William F. Brierly                  Stephen G. Crawford                     Dr. Warren R. Flynn
                                       Robert I. Broach                    Credit Union Charitable Foundation      Robert C. Foley
Ace Hardware Corporation               N. Brad Brothers                    Credit Union for Kids                   Dorothy Fonde
Anne Greer Adams                       Dr. Isabel Zakrezewski Brown        Forrest Crowder                         Food World
Dr. and Mrs. Dale T. Adams             Mr. and Mrs. J.R. “Jack” Brunson    Crown Products                          Larry I. Fox
Adam’s Mark Hotel                      Paula A. Buerger                    Paul A. Dagenais                        Dr. John W. Friedl
Beryl Adkisson                         Buffalo Rock Company/Mobile         Dr. Roy J. Daigle                       Mr. and Mrs. John Friend
African-American Student Association   Bugmaster                           Dairy Queen #15057                      Spencer C. Frost, III
AHEPA - The Greek Community            Lisa Mitchell Bukstein Charitable   Dairy Queen #17540                      Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fulford, III
Alabama Bankers Association              Foundation                        Dairy Queen #17751                      Doris E. Fuller
Alabama Credit Union League            Joe Bullard                         Dairy Queen #18134                      Amante T. Gaillard
Alabama Gulf Coast Society of          Bullard Automotive                  Dairy Queen #18162                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Galbraith
  Radiologic Techs.                    Dr. Ed Bunnell                      Dairy Queen #18333                      Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gardner
Alabama Jaycees                        Rhett Burleson                      Dairy Queen #18431                      Dr. William A. Gardner
Alabama Lyric Theatre                  Carl Burmeister, Jr.                Dairy Queen #18451                      Gerald Gattis
Alabama River Employees Credit Union   Judith Burnham                      Dairy Queen #19044                      Donna B. Gault*
James M. Allen                         Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Busta, Jr.   Dance Shop                              Gayfer’s Teen Board
Dr. Lawrence Allen                     Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scott Caldwell   Dannon Yogurt                           Genentech
Tina Allen                             Robert Craig Campbell               Dr. Debra C. Davis                      Susan Ellen Gerrells
Allied Williams Company                Career Women of Mobile              Lawrence R. Davis                       Thomas J. Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Allison         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burr Carlson    Mr. and Mrs. M. Wayne Davis             Jessie L. Given
Alpha Epsilon Delta                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Carlton      Robert Ken Davis                        Godfather’s Pizza
Altell Communications                  Carmike 10 Cinemas                  Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Davis             Godfather’s Pizza #23
American Home Food Products, Inc.      Carmike Cinemas - Wynnsong          Dr. Ernest G. DeBakey                   Bessie T. Gondelock
American Medical Assoc Foundation      Anne F. Carter                      Dees Paper Company                      Good Sam’s Club
American Tire and Service              Mr. and Mrs. Nick T. Catranis       Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Degnan          Goody’s - Airport
Ramona Menefee Andrews                 Dr. Lanier Cauley                   Degussa Corporation                     Goody’s - Schillinger
Applebee’s Restaurant                  Cellular South                      James R. Delaney                        Goody’s - Thomasville
Archway Cookies, Inc.                  Dr. and Mrs. Elias G. Chalhub       Delta Nu Alpha - Transportation         Goody’s Headquarters
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan N. Aronson         Charter Services                      Honor Society                         W. C. Gorgas Foundation
Mary E. Artz                           Chattanooga Bakery                  Desk and Derrick Club                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Gottfried
Carol L. Ashworth                      Kathleen Cherry                     Dr. Becky DeVillier                     Bessie T. Goudelock
Association of Computing Machinery -   Mrs. John Chester                   Dial Corporation                        Graham Dance Shop
  Student Chapter                      Chevron, USA                        Dr. Jack A. DiPalma                     Grand Bay Jaycees
Association of Students from India     Chick-Fil-A                         Discount Auto Parts                     Greater Mobile Doll Collectors
Atmore Dragway                         Children’s Wish Foundation          Dixie Building Supply Company, Inc.     Margaret Kathleen Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Aultman               International                     Domino Sugar                            Toulmin Greer
Auntie Anne’s                          Donald F. Ching                     Don Pablo’s Mexican Kitchen             Mr. and Mrs. Toulmin Greer
John J. Ayres, III                     Carey Christensen                   Dr. Norma O. Doolittle                  John Gresham
Emily Baggett                          Dr. Larry B. Christensen            Mayor Michael C. Dow                    Mr. and Mrs. James Grodnick
Dr. Amanda Baker                       Ciba Specialty Chemicals            Dreamland Bar-B-Q                       Gulf Coast Boats
Stephen M. Baker                       Citgo Petroleum Corp                Dudley Family Trust                     Gulf Distributing
Dr. Charles M. Balch                   Benjamin S. Citrin, M.D.            Dr. Robert Lamar Duffy                  The Estate of Annie Hagood
Dr. Ronald D. Balczon                  Claude Moore Jewelers               Paula King Duke                         Dr. Thomas Hain
Dr. Maureen T. Baldy                   Carol A. Clements                   Michael Thomas Dull                     Mr. and Mrs. John DeShane Hale
Dr. Surendra Baliga                    Stephen E. Clements, P.C.           Jack Dunckley                           Winthrop M. Hallett, III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ballard        Cleveland the Florist               Buddy Dyess                             Halliburton Foundation, Inc.
Ballard Signs                          Coastal Ford                        Judy Dykes                              Michael E. Halunen
Banana Docks Café                      Deborah Cobb                        Edwin Watts Golf Shops                  Rodney Mack Hamilton
Barber Dairies                         Coca Cola Bottling Company          Dr. Gerald W. Eggers                    Dr. and Mrs. W.J. Hamilton
Scott Bartkowski                       Mary Lynne Cox Cochran              ELF Atochem, N.A.                       Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hammack
Dr. John B. Bass, Jr.                  Coinmach                            Cliff Ellis                             Dr. Eugenie Hamner
Bay Bank                               Logan Collins                       Lt. Col. Robert Ellis, Jr.              Hank’s Furniture, Inc./Home Place
Bay Title Insurance                    Combined Federal Campaign           Emerald Coast Golf Classic              Dr. Michael S. Hanna
Beard Equipment Co                     Comcast Cablevision                 Dr. Arthur Emig                         Elizabeth Hannum
Bebo’s Car Wash                        Community Foundation of             T. G. Emmons, III                       Dr. and Mrs. Ellwood Brown Hannum
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Bedsole, Jr.         South Alabama                     Dr. Ali Erkan Engin                     Mary Beth Hardaway
Carlton Bellcase                       Eileen B. Conley                    Engineering Service Association, Inc.   Dr. Joe Hardin
Joyce Bevins                           Mr. and Mrs. Angus Cooper           Rhonda H. Erdelen                       Dr. Robert Harris, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Chester H. Bigger         Cooper T. Smith Stevedoring         Exxon Corporation                       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harvey
Bishop State PTA/Therapy Services      Councilman Reggie Copeland          Fabacher’s Grill                        Dr. Charles Harwell
Sherry Blanton                         Sandra S. Corry                     Fausak’s Tire Center                    Mr. and Mrs. Lewis P. Hassell
Blue Cross Blue Shield                 Braxton Comer Counts                Miriam Lee Fearn                        Dr. Joseph A. Hastings
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Boerth          Dr. Patsy C. Covey                  Dr. and Mrs. David L. Feinstein         Dr. Douglas Haywick
                                                                                             University of South Alabama                                   9
Hearin-Chandler Foundation             Dr. Jerry D. Jordan                      Ernest A. Lightbourne                  Dr. Richard O. Nenstiel
Helping Hands for Children             Ed Kahalley, Jr.                         Lite Mix 99.9                          Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nichols
Solly J. Hemus                         Hugh D. Keating                          Patsy H. Livingstone                   Jason Claude Norton
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Herbert         Kellogg Brown and Root                   Caryl L. Lloyd                         Noware Productions
Hershey Chocolate Company              John D. Kerr                             Dr. Heide R. Lomangino                 Occupational Therapy Students
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hess, Jr.         Dwight Ewing Kibler                      Dr. Herbert E. Longenecker             Bettye C. Odom
Charles Hess, Sr.                      Kimberly-Clark Corporation               Dr. Sammie Long-Pulliam                Friends of Cathy O’Keefe
Dr. Raymond B. Hester                  Catherine King                           Long’s Human Resources Services        Peter O’Malley
Harold F. Hill                         Kirklin Clinic                           Bobby Lowder                           Dr. Timothy Bryan Op’t Holt
Steven Hill                            Braxton L. Kittrell, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lyon           Optimist Club - Pleasant Valley
Brenda W. Hinson                       Carol N. Kittrell                        Henry Lytle                            Order of AHEPA
Grady E. Hinton                        Michael W. Kittrell, Sr.                 Dr. Leonard A. Macaluso                Order of the Eastern Star
Jim Hansford Hively, Jr.               Steven G. Kittrell                       Madison County Medical Center          Orion Engineering, Inc.
Gilda Hodges                           Kiwanis - Gulf Shores                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Marks           Orthopaedic Group, P.C.
Brenda Holbein                         Kiwanis - Monroeville                    Marriott Pride                         Dr. Richard A. Oyler
Brenda Holloway                        Kiwanis Club of Chickasaw                Marriott -Towne Place Suites           Demetri Pagonis
Jean C. Holmes                         Kiwanis Clubs of Alabama                 Marriott’s Grand Hotel                 Paideia Hellenic Society -
Dr. Larry Holmes                       Belinda A. Kleffner                      E. Dianne Marshall                       Mobile Chapter
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Holmes, Jr.   Despina E. Koulianos                     Jeffrey W. Martin                      Palmer’s Airport Toyota
Dr. Stephen Hood                       Kraft Foods                              Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Martino            Dr. and Mrs. Hercules Panayiotou
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hooker                Dr. Robert A. Kreisberg                  Mastercard International               Dr. Peter Panus
LaDora Howard                          Krispy Kreme Doughnut Co.                Mary Louise Mattei                     Papa John’s Pizza
Howard Industries                      Krystal Company                          Scott Mattei                           Dr. John Papastefan
Dr. Malcolm Howell                     KSJ - Scott Paper                        Charlotte Matthews                     Carolyn M. Parham
Dr. H. Ted Huddleston, Jr.             La Petite Academy - Able Court           Barbara Maxwell                        Gary L. Parham
Roy L. Ikner                           La Petite Academy - Daphne               Karen P. McConnell                     Parkhill Men’s Golf Club
Ikon Office Solutions                  La Petite Academy - Hillcrest Road       McConnell Automotive                   Louise T. Parmley
International Golf Discount            La Petite Academy - Shelton Beach Road   Joseph McCorquodale, III               Deanna R. Patterson
IOF Foresters                          E. H. Ladas                              McDuffie Island Golf Tournament        Paul B. Patterson
Dr. Stephen Itaya                      Russell Ladd, III                        Dr. Dorothy Jean McIver                William F. Patterson
IWR Therapy Systems                    Dr. and Mrs. James E. Laier              McLane Company                         Gerald E. Patton
William M. Jacka                       Lamar Advertising                        William R. McMillan                    Mary Peck
Carol H. Jackson                       Janet Lees Lambard                       William R. McNeil                      Patricia A. Pennington
Clinton E. Jackson                     Dr. David D. Langan, III                 Dr. John L. Meade                      Dr. Federico Perez-Pineda
Dr. R. Eugene Jackson                  Mary Josephine Larkins Foundation        Jay Meadows                            Thomas B. Peterson
Governor Fob James                     Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lavin                   Mechanical Fire Protection, Inc.       Phi Mu - Springhill College
James River Corporation                Joseph G. Law, Jr.                       Dr. Carol M. Megehee                   Phi Mu - USA
Jaycees - Roebuck Center Point         Dr. Michael Ledet                        Merrill Lynch                          Phi Mu Alumnae (Mobile Area)
Jitney Jungle Charitable Foundation    Dr. Susan P. Ledoux                      Dr. Frederick N. Meyer                 Gregory G. Pheiffer
John Dunavant Family Fund              John W. Leduc                            John C. H. Miller                      Phillips Prep School
Mary G. Johnston                       Leon Atchison Furniture                  Judith Miller                          Physical Therapy Student Organization
Dr. Calvin Jones                       Lever Brothers Company                   Larry Miller                           Curtis F. Pilot
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jones              Liberty National Insurance               Dr. Satya Mishra                       Dr. E. Grace Pilot
Terry Jones, CPA, CFP                  Lifeway Christian Stores                 Mobil Exploration and Production, US   Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Pilot
                                                                                Mobile Alabama Bowl                    Mr. and Mrs. W. Davis Pilot, Jr.
                                                                                Mobile Chapter Credit Union’s          Robert W. Pinckard
                                            DR. JOSEPH                            Advertising Committee                Theodore Pitsios
                                                                                Mobile Chapter of Credit Unions        Paul P. Platis
                                            LoCICERO                            Mobile Civitan Club                    Pollman’s Bake Shop Inc.
                                                                                Mobile County Sheriff ’s Office        Port City Craftsmen
                                Wishing to set an                               Mobile Gas Service Corp                Port City Rentals
                              example for his                                   Mobile Police Department               Post Cereal
                                                                                Mobile-Kosice Association              Presser Foundation
                              colleagues and to show                            Carlos Monteiro                        Shelly Orr Priebe
                              his support of the                                Betty F. Montjoy                       Prior Energy Corporation
                                                                                Juanita H. Moore                       Mary Bernita Pulmas
                              University, Dr. Joseph                            Mr. and Mrs. Terry Moore, Jr.          Pulmonary Associates Mobile, P. A.
                              LoCicero, shortly after                           Vera Elizabeth Moore                   Holly Gluth Pursley
                              joining the faculty of the                        Dr. Stephen J. Morisani                Dr. Margaret Pyle
                                                                                Beverly K. Moritz                      QMS
                              USA College of                                    Morrison Health Care                   Quality Valve
                              Medicine, and his wife,                           Dr. Donald Crumpton Mosley             Dr. Bernard J. Quinn
                                                                                Dr. Joseph Mozur                       Q-Zar
     Martha, contacted the Office of University                                 Mr. Blair Muhlestein                   Douglas K. Rackley
     Development to ask what a new employee could                               Dr. H.C. Mullins                       Dr. Cecil H. Ramage
     do to support the Annual Fund. And, they                                   Jeffrey S. Murphy                      Cynthia Dianne Ratkey
                                                                                Nall Enterprises                       Dr. Wilford D. Rayburn
     followed through with a generous contribution to                           Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nash                 Raycom Management Group Inc.
     the 2002-03 Annual Fund.                                                   Charles Neeman                         Debra J. Reach
                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James Moton Neikirk       Dr. and Mrs. William E. Reaves, Jr.
10        Honor roll of donors
ReMax Advantage                         Society of Physics Students            Toys “R” Us                                Dr. Jean L. Watts
ReMax Real Estate Partners -            Marie J. Solomon                       Joseph Treadwell Charitable Foundation     Weather Data, Inc.
  Eastern Shore                         Sonlight Broadcasting                  Treadwell Ford                             Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weise
ReMax Realty Professionals              Southern Earth Sciences, Inc.          Trophy Shop                                G. Scott Weldon
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Rettig          Southern Land Title                    Jean Walker Tucker                         Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wells
William E. Richardson                   SouthTrust Bank                        Dr. Julio F. Turrens                       Dr. M. Cay Welsh
Dr. Leroy Riddick                       Southwest Alabama Chapter of the       U.J. Chevrolet                             Dr. Vladimir Wertelecki
Rite Aid # 7116                           Southern Cruisers                    U-Haul Company                             Elizabeth White
Rite Aid # 7117                         Gerry Sparks                           Dr. George E. Uhlig                        Whitehall-Robins Healthcare
Rite Aid # 7120                         Dr. Michael P. Spector                 Employees of USA Bookstore                 Whitney National Bank
Rite Aid # 7123                         Spectronics                            Employees of USA Children’s and            Dr. George M. Widney
Rite Aid # 7179                         Spectrum #116                            Women’s Hospital                         Dr. Jeral R. Williams
Rite Aid # 7181                         Spectrum 120                           Faculty and Staff of USA College of        June W. Williams
Rite Aid # 7183                         Spectrum Stores Inc.                     Allied Health Professions                Dr. Lawrence Williams
Rite Aid # 7186                         Breck Speed                            Faculty and Staff of USA College of        Robert J. Williams
Rite Aid # 7187                         Speedway SuperAmerica LLC                Medicine                                 Dr. Eugene Wilson
Rite Aid # 7190                         Leah M. Spence                         Faculty and Staff of USA College of        Dr. Gerald L. Wilson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation          Springdale Mall                          Nursing                                  Dr. Lois Ann Wims
Ms. Maxey J. Roberts                    Springhill Presbyterian Church         USA CWH Auxiliary                          Dr. David Pete Windham, DMD
Percy “Eddie” Roberts, Jr.              St. Paul’s Episcopal School            Employees of USA CWH Evaluation            Dr. Michael Windham
Roberts Brothers Inc                    Captain and Mrs. Robert Stanage          Center Sculpture                         Wintzell’s Oyster House
Hugh L. Robertson                       Dr. Cindy L. Stanfield                 Employees of USA CWH Nursing               Dr. Hollis J. Wiseman, M.D.
A H Robins                              Michael E. Stanky                      USA CWH Wishing Well                       WMXC (FM) 99.9
Robinson Bros Lincoln Mercury           David Stapleton                        Faculty and Staff of USA Department        Women’s Council Of Realtors
Dr. Charles Bernard Rodning             Dr. and Mrs. J. David Stearns            of Cell Biology and Neuroscience         World Tae Kwon Do Academy
Rose Bud Flowers and Gifts              Teri Cotton Stewart                    Faculty and Staff of USA Department        Sandra S. Worley
Peter A. Salamone                       Nedra Greer Stimpson                     of Occupational Therapy                  Dr. Donald K. Wright
Emeel Badie Salem                       Dr. and Mrs. Steve Stokes              Faculty and Staff of USA Department        Wyatt Foundation, Inc.
Ronald B. Salvagio                      Dr. Judy Pollard Stout                   of Pediatrics                            Wyeth-Ayers Laboratories
Nichole G. Salzillo                     Dr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Strada          Employees of USA Federal Credit Union      James Yance
Sam’s Club                              Dr. John H. Strange                    USA Foundation                             Alfred H. Yeager
Sara Lee Direct—Leggs Hanes Bali        Mike Stratas                           USA Housestaff Association                 Bill Yeager
Eric L. Savadra                         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nickolas Stratas     Employees of USA Knollwood Hospital        Terrance Yemm
Dr. Frederick M. Scaffidi               Stuart C. Irby Company                 USA Medical Alumni Association             Young Women’s Civic Club
Dr. Jonathon G. Scammell                William C. Sturgeon                    USA Medical Center Auxiliary               Jean Zadnichek
Dr. Lawrence R. Schehr                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Sullivan        Employees of USA Office of the President   Zeneca, Inc.
Richard Schneider                       Judy Rae Sutley                        Faculty and Staff of USA Physicians
Roberta Schwertner                      Richard J. Swansburg                     Division of Gastroenterology
Susan Scollay                           Dr. James Swearingen                   USA Players Club - Drama Department
                                                                                                                          The CENTURY CLUB
D. Mark Scott                           Dr. Richard F Sweet                    USA Sororities and Fraternities            recognizes those donors
Scott Credit Union                      Mary L. Swint                          Employees of USA Springhill                whose annual giving is
Dr. Glenn Sebastian                     Taco Bell                                Business Services
Elmer D. Sellers                        Target Stores #T0797                   USA Student Speech and                     from $100 to $999.
Dr. and Mrs. Marion L. Sennett          William Taube                            Hearing Association
Greyson Shepherd                        Angela Taylor                          USA Women’s Club                           Abba Linksters
Sherwin Williams                        Dr. Aubrey E. Taylor                   USFDA Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory        Lisa Michelle Abbuhl
Barbara Shirvanian                      Mr. and Mrs. James A. Taylor           Mr. and Mrs. G. Hamp Uzzelle, III          Academy Sports and Outdoors
Sigma Chi - Springhill College          Dr. Thomas Taylor                      Valvoline Company                          Ace Hardware
Sigma Chi - USA                         Dagmar Fricka Tencer                   Ventrex Technologies                       Ace Hardware - Jackson Home Supply
Sigma Theta Tau, Inc.                   Dr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Terry           Victor Sign and Advertising, Inc.          Ace Home Center Inc.
Lana Silverthorn                        Dr. and Mrs. William J. Terry          Victory Bowl Organization                  Cary M. Adams, D.M.D.
Stephen H. Simmons                      Terry Thompson Chevrolet               Visa U.S.A. Inc.                           David Adams
John C. Sipple                          Joe Thomas                             Volkert and Associates, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. James Adams
Dr. Michelle L. Slagle                  Dr. Michael V. Thomason                Vulcan Materials                           Jeffery W. Adams
Carrie Jean Smith                       Michael C. Thompson                    Barbara Joyce Walker                       N.Q. Adams
Herbert Allen Smith                     Thompson Engineering                   Frances D. Walker                          Nancy B. Adams
Dr. John Ortiz Smykla                   Thompson Tractor Company, Inc.         Wall Paper Gallery                         Robert Charles Adams
Sandra J. Snell                         Timber Creek Ladies Golf Association   Dr. Milton Andrew Wallace, Jr.             Adecco
Mildred Snow                            Toomey’s Mardi Gras Co                 Wal-Mart #1066                             Michael Adkinson
Mr. and Mrs. James Albert Snypes, Jr.   Harry T. Toulmin*                      Wal-Mart #1260                             Aetna Life and Casuality
                                                                               Wal-Mart #1346                             Affordable Air Conditioning
                                                                               Wal-Mart #1493                             Affordable Structures Inc.
    We want to list each gift appropriately. In spite                          Wal-Mart #2739                             AFSA Consumer Credit Education
 of our best efforts, errors and omissions can occur.                          Wal-Mart #2760                               Foundation
                                                                                                                          John Agapos
 If this is the case, please accept our apologies and                          Wal-Mart #4096
                                                                                                                          Dianne B. Agee
                                                                               Wal-Mart #5098
 notify the Office of University Development at the                            Walt Disney Company                        Mr. and Mrs. Can Akkoc
                                                                                                                          David Akridge
 University of South Alabama, Mobile Town House,                               Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Walton, Jr.
                                                                                                                          Malcolm Akridge
                                                                               Dr and Mrs. Claude Warren
 Mobile, AL 36688, or call us at (251) 460-7032.                               Lela Washington                            Alabama School Of Math and Science

                                                                                             University of South Alabama                                11
Dr. Mohammad S. Alam                   Scott Allen Bachman                       Deborah Bigbee                     Susan W. Brannon
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Albrecht            Susan Bacon                               Carol Bishop                       Michelle C. Braswell
Alec Naman Catering                    Dianne Badalamenti                        John S. Bishop                     Eleanor Braverman
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Alexander           L. C. Baggett                             Dr. Zemula Bjork                   Mr. and Mrs. George A. Brenner
Leroy A. Alexander                     Leslie Baggett                            Margaret M. Black                  Amanda Brett
R. Alan Alexander                      Jackie Baglai                             Michael E. Black                   Mitzi Brett
Karen Alford                           Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bailey                 Blackmon Insurance Agency          Vicki Briand
All Saints Church                      Paula Bain                                Ida Blake                          Richard S. Brinson
Eva Allday                             Elizabeth Baker                           Krissy Blake                       Kristy McKenzie Britt
Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC          Shirley Baker                             Betty S. Blakeney                  Margaret Britt
Sherry Allison                         Tammy Baker                               Debra Blanton                      Sandra Britten
Kathy Allman                           Baker Service Contracting, Inc.           Richard Blatcher                   Jo Ann Broadus
Brian Allred                           Dorothy Baldwin                           Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bliss      Broadway Bagels Café
American Business Women’s Assoc.       Dr. Harold W. Baldwin                     Blockbuster’s # 1011               Mr. and Mrs. G. Porter Brock
American Eagle Outfitters              Charlene E. Ball                          Blockbuster’s # 1013               Mr. and Mrs. James Brock
American Legion Aux Unit 88            Stephen Ballard                           Blockbuster’s # 1018               Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bronson
American Legion Auxiliary              Pamela R. Barnes                          Blockbuster’s # 1019               Michael Bronstein
American Legion Auxiliary Unit #164    Jerry W. Barnett                          Blockbuster’s # 1022               Donovan Brooks
American Legion Auxillary Post #50     Carroll A. Barrett                        Blockbuster’s # 1029               Lisa N. Brooks
Joseph Amitrano                        Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Barrier            Blockbuster’s # 1040               Dr. Barbara Ann Broome
AmSouth Bank                           LTC Robert Barrow                         Blockbuster’s # 92825              Beverly Brown
David Anders                           Mary Barry                                Blockbuster’s # 92834              Charles Brown
Ferrell S. Anders                      Laurie Barthel                            Drs. David and Tammy Bloom, M.D.   Claudia A. Brown
Debbie Anderson                        Ollie Mae Bartlett                        David K. Blough                    Evelyn M. Brown
Denise M. Anderson                     Tony Barton                               BLP Springdale Paint and           Frank Brown
Fred Anderson                          Employees at Barton Academy                 Decorating Center                Harris Brown
Peggy Anderson                         Genea Bartram                             Blue Frame Credit Union            Henrietta Brown
Stella Anderson                        Dianne G. Bass                            Skip Blythe                        Johnny Brown
Anderson Management Inc.               Lynda Bates                               Board of Realtors                  Joy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Andreades       George Bauer                              Doni Bobel                         Mary Anne T. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Andreoli       Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Baugh                  Millard David Bodden               Paul William Brown
Drs. Jeffry and Amanda Andresen, PhD   Bettye Baumhauer                          Clarence Bodenman                  Robert Kelley Brown
Andrews Imports                        Dr. Abigail Baxter                        C. Adrien Bodet                    Timothy J. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Nat C. Angell             Bay Area Bassmasters                      Michael L. Bodiford                Vivian E. Brown
Phillip John Angelos                   Bay Minette Elementary School             Boeing Defense and Space Group     Jefferson Brown
Ken Angus                              Bay Mortgage Corporation                  Margaret Boerth                    Brown’s Hallmark
Mr. and Mrs. W. Terrance Ankerson      Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bayoff                Dr. Anne Alexandra Boettcher       Stephen Bru
Anonymous Gift                         Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Beam                   Dr. David Bogan                    Ralph Cecil Bryan
Anonymous Gift                         Rosalie Jones Beard                       Alice Bohannon                     Rose Bryant
Anonymous Gift                         Dr. Timothy L. Beard                      Dr. Andra C. Bohnet                Sandra Bryant
Marilyn J. Applin                      Charles Harold Beasley                    Robby Bolton                       Jennifer W. Bryars
Ann Appling                            Tatiana Beauchamp                         Alice Bonner                       Cheryl Buchholz
Arby’s                                 Heather Lynn Beck                         Carol Bonner                       Bud Mayer, Inc.
Archdiocese of Mobile                  Dr. Thomas Becker                         Jo Bonner                          Bud Zepper Blues Band
John M. Arcure                         Timothy Becker                            Meredith Mitchell Bonura           Budwiser-Busch Distributing Co.
Alice Ard                              Beds and Blinds Inc.                      Dr. Barry L. Booth                 Ben M. Buerger
Dr. Jeff Ardell                        Bedsole Medical Companies Inc.            Genia C. Booth                     Kim Bui
Arkansas Best Corporation              Dr. and Mrs. Thaddeus A. Beeker           Jeanette H. Booth                  Elizabeth Bullard
E. J. Aromi                            Aris Begnaud                              Glenn Borgmann                     Betty Bullock
Julia Moore Arrighi                    Robert Beinor                             Michael Bosarge                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bunch, Jr.
Ruby Arrington                         Beisel and Chatham Home Planning          Scott Bosarge                      Jeri Bunnell
Art Patron’s League                    Ruth Belasco                              Wilhelmena Boswell                 Ana C. Burgamy
Sheila Ashbee                          BelForest Antique Restoration             Hunter Boulo                       Burger King #5522
Angela Ashcroft                        Becky Bell                                Tyler T. Boulo                     Sister Richard Mary Burke, RSM
Dr. H. Morgan Ashurst                  Dr. Raymond L. Bell                       Allen Bounds                       Charles Michael Burnett
Harry Aspury                           Bellingrath Gardens and Home              Richard Bounds                     Greg Burnette
Alexis Atkins                          Belvedere Garden Club                     Charlene Bowab                     Pat Burns
Carolyn Atkinson                       Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association   Bowden Electric Co.                W.B. Burnsed
Atlanta Bread Company                  Ben M. Radcliff Contractor, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Don Bowen             Gene Burrell
Attitudes and Company                  J. Gavin Bender                           Ann S. Bowers                      Lindsey Burroughs
Auburn Alumni Association Inc.         Trece Bennett                             Mrs. Michael Boyd                  Bruce Buschmann
Linda B. Aulbaugh                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Benton                  Frank R. Boykin                    Anita G. Bush
Mike Austin                            Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Berkin               Patricia F. Boyles                 Jerry Bush
Robert E. Austin                       Mr. and Mrs. John Bertolla                Jackie H. Bozeman                  William B. Bush
Avon Products Inc.                     Mary M. Betancourt                        Janice Hale Bradford               Butch Cassidy’s Café
Joseph Ayala                           Gaynell Bethea                            Beverly Bradley                    Roberta J. Butera
F. Keith Ayers                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bettis                Peter B. Bragan, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Jack Butler
Azalea City Credit Union               BFI, Inc.                                 William L. Brainerd                Shera Butt
Azalea City Racing Club, Inc.          Big 10 Tires                              Jennifer Bramblett                 Mr. and Mrs. Doug B. Byrd
Azalea Road Middle School              Big C Vital Care                          Wince Brandon                      Judy Byrne
12       Honor roll of donors
Dr. Peter C. Byrne                    Dr. Jean N. Clark                        Mr. and Mrs. John P. Courtney      John Franklin Daugherty
Thomas J. Byrne                       John Jay Clark, II                       Courtyard by Marriott              Dauphin Realty
Bruce A. Calderone                    Kent Clark                               Noel Coward                        Tamera Davenport
Wilma Caldwell                        Clark School Of Math and Science         James R. Cox                       Arlene Davidson
Alicia Callaghan                      Anita Clarke                             Mary M. Cox                        Jamie K. Davidson
Colonel Bill Callender, Sr.           Billy Ray Clarke                         Cracker Barrel Country Store and   Zonya Davidson
Camellia Trophy                       Steve Clarke                                Restaurant                      Davidson Key Club
Frank H. Camp                         Calvin Clay                              Craft Development Corporation      Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers
Dr. Michael Campbell                  Col. Allen Eugene Cleghorn               Dr. and Mrs. Steven Craine         Bill Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Campbell       Michelle Clements                        Dorothy Crane                      Ann Davis
Canvas Products Company Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. John Cleverdon              Mr. and Mrs. John D. Crawford      Clara Davis
Murray Cape                           Debra Clolinger                          Margie Crawford                    Dr. Elizabeth Davis
Mary Helen Capell                     Clower Electric Supply Co.               Creative Writing Class             Mr. and Mrs. James Avery Davis
Eula Capps                            Coalition for Quality Children’s Media   James Crenshaw                     Janice Fulford Davis
Dr. Leonard J. Caputo                 Coastal Insulation Of Alabama            Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Crews         Jim Davis
Virginia Carithers                    Sally Cobb                               Mr. and Mrs. Rick Crews            Kristina Ann Davis
Clara Black Carley                    LeAnne Coburn                            Frances Crist                      M. Donald Davis, Jr.
Gary Carley                           Evis Cochran                             Jim Critopoulos                    Patrick Alan Dawson, P.C.
Dr. Joy Carlson                       Hilary Ponder Cockrell                   Daniel George Crivellone           Daniel G. Day
Carmike Cinemas                       Dr. Michael Cockrell                     Frances Crocker                    Days Inn
Carmike Cinemas - Springdale          Gaynelle B. Coggin                       James Steven Croft                 Patricia Dean
Susanne S. Carney                     Dr. Joseph H. Coggin                     Mary A. Crok                       Ann Dearing
Carousel Dolls and Collectibles       Mary A. Cogle                            Dr. Terry G. Cronis                Dr. Catherine Elisabeth Dearman
Dr. D. C. Carpenter, M.D.             Evelyn Cohen                             Ronald Crook                       Margaret E. DeArmon
Dr. Phillip J. Carr                   Nicole J. Cohron                         Mark Cross                         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Deas
Richard Carroll                       Dr. John C. Coker                        Karen Cross-Blackwell              Roslyn DeBellis
Susan Carter                          Anne Coldsmith                           Cecil D. Crow, Jr.                 Roger G. Debenport
Philip Caruso                         Carl Cole                                Iris Crow                          Michelle Deen
William Casey                         Robbie Coleman                           R. M. Crowe                        Juanita Dees
Paul D. Cash                          Dr. Robert L. Coleman                    Dr. Charles Crump                  Dwayne Dees Machine Works
Tammy Casson                          Tracy Coleman                            Crystal Gale Inc                   Degussa Employees Credit Union
Brian W. Catlin                       Florence Coley                           Crystal Mountain Water             Tom Dekle
Causey Middle School,                 Mr. and Mrs. John Collier                Bragan Culberson                   Chris DeLaney
  Reflections Club                    Jennifer Anne Collins                    Felicia Culberson                  Eric G. Delay
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Cave               Mary Jane Collins                        Joann Culbreth                     Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.
Cay Bell Construction Co.             Colonial Bank                            Judsen Culbreth                    Dr. John Dempsey
Central Discount Drugs                Colonial Mall Bel Air Wishing Well       Gay Culpepper                      Susan Demsey
Cerner Corporation                    Colonial Trailways Bus Co                Chaplain J. Edwin Cumbie*          Roger Dendinger
John Elmer Chadick                    Compass Charities                        Ann Cummings                       Dr. Daniel A. Dennis
Champion International                Edward Cone, Jr.                         Cummings Architecture Corp         Dennis Langan Const. and Remodeling
Majorie Chancellor                    Dr. James Conlon                         Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Cumpton         Barbara Deslonde
Dr. Semoon Chang                      Edwin Connon                             Anamerle Cunningham                Suzanne A. Dewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Asa Charleston           Conoco                                   Ann Cunningham                     Dr. Ross Norman Dickens
Jon-Lynnette Charpentier              Dr. Marcel E. Conrad                     Richard Cunningham                 Dillard’s, Inc.
Mrs. C. B. Chase                      Consolidated Ins. Mgmt. Corp.            Robert T. Cunningham, Jr.          Donald Dillenback
Gloria Chatom                         Kathrine M. Conwell                      Monica Curtis                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Dillon
Dr. Qin Chen                          Conwell’s Pharmacy                       David Czosek                       Dr. Lary M. Dilsaver
Joseph Cheney                         Amy Cook                                 DandT Food Mart                    Belinda G. Disario
Gale Chenoweth                        Mary A. Cook                             Dadeville Sports Medicine and      Henry M. Dismukes
Chi Omega Fraternity - National       Penelope H. Cook                            Physical Therapy                Disney Store Inc.
Chick-Fil-A #42                       Walter M. Cook                           Frank A. Dagley                    Dale Lynn Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Childers        Katherine Cooke                          Raymond Dahlmann, Jr.              Melwood Dixon
Children’s Easter Run                 Rick Cooke                               Ken Daigle                         Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Doggett
Dr. Thomas L. Chilton                 Christie Cooper                          Dairy Queen # 18224                Dolly Madison Cakes
Martha Chopin                         Daniel W. Cooper                         Dairy Queen # 18318                Jean Don
Bradley Christensen                   Mr. and Mrs. David J. Cooper             Jim Damico                         Donelson Foods/O’Charley’s
James Bradley Christensen             Kaye J. Cooper                           Michael A. Damoff                  Dr. Robert M. Donnell
Christian Motorcycle Association      Cooper Tires - Fausak’s Tire Center      Mr. and Mrs. Tom Damson            Donnie’s Satellite and Electronics
Tommy Christopher                     Cheryl Cope                              Carol Daniel                       Dr. Francis M. Donovan
Christopher Brothers Land Surveyors   Randy Copeland                           Dr. Douglas Daniels                Pam Donovan
Dr. and Mrs. S. Blaise Chromiak       Trudale A. Corbin                        Dr. George Daniels                 Dr. and Mrs Michael V. Doran
Cinderella Scholarship Program        Stephanie Corbitt                        Jody Daniels                       Dority’s Conoco
Dr. Eugene A. Cioffi                  Rick R. Corcoran                         Dr. Sherry C. Daniels              Dr. James Dorrill
Circle Pipe                           Beverly Corley                           Garin Danner                       Tania Dorsett
CKM Press, LLC                        Edward D. Cornell                        Dick and Nicki Dansereau           Kevin K. Dougherty
Denise Clanton                        Marsha Corner                            Jean-Jacques d’Aquin               Carolyn Doughty
Barbara Clark                         John Joseph Corr                         Walter Darring                     Dr. Scott Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Clark          Debbie Cotton                            Lynda Daughenbaugh                 Patricia Downing
Emma Clark                            Mr. and Mrs. Nick Coumanis               Della Leigh Daugherty              Patrick H. Downing
Gerry J. Clark                        Vivian Council                           Henry Daugherty                    Dr. Bob Drasner

                                                                                          University of South Alabama                             13
Lucille Dubruyne                       John and Lori Falcon                   Dr. Lynette Gaines                Sally C. Green
Dr. Richard J. Duffey, M.D.            Randall J. Fale                        The Honorable Chris Galanos       Susan Green
Garry and Wanda Dumas                  Fantasy Island Toys                    Joseph J. Gallagher               Dr. and Mrs. Warren Green
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Dumas           Christine Farley                       Lucy Stringfield Galle            Shelby Greene
Theresa Dumas                          Mary B. Farnell                        William Patrick Galle             Yvonne Greer
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Dumas           Fathom Industries                      Alma Galloway                     Dr. Nancy Grey
Lisa Duncan                            Mr. and Mrs. Don Faulkner              Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Galloway   Alice Koppersmith Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Grady O. Dunn             Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Fausak         Thomas Galloway                   Carolyn Griffin
Harold Dunn                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fayard, III     Ellen Gamble                      Heather Griffin
Carolyn Dunnam                         Dr. Phillip Feldman                    Dr. John E. Gamble                Jill Morgan Griffin
Mary F. Dunnam                         Harding Fendley                        Harvey Gandler                    Dorothy Griffis
Jeffrey A. Dupre                       Michael Feore                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gardner    Clynda Grimes
Debra A. Durick                        Lori Olsen Ferguson                    Garfield’s Restaurant and Pub     Richard Daniel Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. David Duval               Dr. John Filer                         Garris’ Horse and Carriages       Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Grizzle
Greg Dyal                              Beverly Fillingim                      Sheridan Garrison                 Joyce E. Groome
Keith Dyess                            Michael Randol Fillingim               Annette Gartman                   Patricia Jane Gropp
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dyken                Captain and Mrs. Perry R. Fillingim    Walter Stephen Gaskin             Stephen Gross O.D.
James G. Dykes                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Filotei     Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gaston        Leon Grove
E R Dickson School - Geography Class   Financial Women International          Dr. Nancy K. Gautier              Dr. Greg L. Gruner
Ear Lab Hearing Aid Center             First Alabama Bancshares               Geno’s Italian Restaurant         GTE Wireless
East Shore Cycle                       Frances Peters Fisher                  Wanda Gentry                      Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union
Connie Easterling                      Dr. Samuel H. Fisher                   Hugh George                       Gulf Coast Power Sports
Andrea L. Eberlein                     Dr. and Mrs. Ethan Fishman             Thomas Andrew George              Gulf Coast Underwriters
Patricia Fowler Eberlein               Mike Fitzhugh                          Georgia Waste Systems             Gulf Electric Company
Eckerd Corporation                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Fleming, Jr.    Georgia’s Parlor                  Judy Gulley
Mr. and Mrs. Randal H. Eckhoff         Dr. J. Raymond Fletcher                Gibbons Hall LLC                  Gymboree Play and Music
Deborah K. Edmonds                     Linda Fletcher                         Evelyn Gibson                     Glen C. Haab
Jill Jowers Edwards                    Mr. and Mrs. Nestor Flodin             Sharon Gibson                     Martha Haas
Lawrence P. Eggers                     George R. Flynn                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gibson        Robert T. Hadden
Denise Elgie                           Donna L. Flynt                         John Sherwood Gifford             Stephen G. Hadley
Shirley Elkins                         Gordon Fonde                           Joe Gilchrist                     Nanette M. Hagood
Corky Ellard                           Fonde Elementary School                Billie Gill                       Roula Haidamous
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Elliott               Dr. F. B. Fondren                      Dr. William F. Gilley             Lauren Hale
Charles Ellis                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foote             Janice Gills                      Mary Hale
Ginger Ellis                           Dr. David C. Forbes                    Ford Ginter                       Patricia Jo Haley
Susie Ellis                            Kathy Ford                             Kathleen Gattli                   Elizabeth C. Hall
William Elmer                          Rhonda Ford                            Reverend Glen Lee Gleaves         Janice Hall
Richard Ely                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fore               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Glenn         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hall
Earl and Sandra Emmons                 Greg L. Forman                         Bill Glover                       Pat Hall
Sharon Emmons                          Dr. Robert J. Fornaro                  Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Glover         S. R. Hall
Emro Marketing                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Forrest           Glynn Case Interiors              Michael Halstead
Mary E. Engebretson                    Kenneth W. Forsyth                     Alice J. Godfrey                  Betty Hamburg
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Engel               C. E. Fortenberry                      Nell Goessling                    Karen M. Hamilton
Teresa Englestead                      Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Foshee             Cindy Goins                       Robyn Hamilton
Linda English                          Tamara Foshee                          Gold Wing Road Riders Club        Tonya Hammond
Ann Engman                             Foster Grandparent Program             Golden Coral Restaurant           Hamp Griffin Suzuki
Mr. and Mrs. David Ensley              Helen Fountain                         Golden Flake Snack Food Inc.      Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hancock
David Ensminger                        Barbara W. Fox                         Veronica B. Gonner                Hand Arendall, LLC
Entech Corporation                     James Peter Francia                    John A. Good                      Warren Lee Hanna
Enterprise Rent-A-Car                  Francia’s Formal Affair and Bridal     Carl Goodloe                      Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hannah
Equipment Systems and Devices, Inc.    Kenneth Michael Frank                  Ida Goodroe                       Katherine Ewing Hara
JoAnn Ercums                           Keith Franklin                         Goody’s - Daphne                  Aaron E. Harbaugh
Carla Erichsen                         Franklin Primary Health                Janee Goraum                      John Wallace Harbin
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Erickson           Franklin Street Baptist Church         Mrs. Charles Gorden               Mary Lynn Harbin
Susan S. Eschete                       Lynda Frederick                        Don Gordon                        Mr. and Mrs. James Harding
Carlos R. Espinosa, Jr.                Virginia Frederick                     Margaret Gordon                   Jayne Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Estep             Dr. John A. Freeman                    Mary Helen Gordon                 Mr. and Mrs. James Harmon
Louise Estes                           Mary Freeman                           Ivy Gough                         Harold Allen Mobile Homes
Benjamin and Ladonna Estrada           Dr. Laureen Anne Fregeau               Kathryn A. Gradle                 Dr. Andrew H. Harper
Doris Ethridge                         Monica Freitas                         Grady Automotive                  Michael Harper
Hardy Eubanks                          Lowell J. Friedman                     Leon Grafton                      Joan Harrell
European Graphics                      Friendship Baptist Church Woman’s      Dr. Brian Graham                  Al Harris
Rema Everett                             Ministry                             Douglas H. Grant D.M.D.           Ms. Gregg Harris Jr.
F.T.D.                                 Friendship Missionary Baptist Church   Ernest D. Graves III              Dr. Robert O. Harris III
JoAnne Faddis                          Maureen Conway Frost                   Stephen Gray                      William Harris
Martha Williams Fagan                  Dr. Sharon Fruh                        Great American Cookie Co.         Dr. Benjamin Keith Harrison
David W. Faggard                       Linda Fuller                           Greater Nazaree Baptist Church    Dr. Edward L. Harrison
Fairbanks Scales                       Dr. and Mrs. Steven Paul Furr          Lavon Greathouse                  Walt Harrison
Fairfield Inn by Marriott              Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gabel            Joe T. Green                      Albert C. Hartley
Cindy Faith                            Michael Edwin Gabel                    Peggy Green                       George W. Hasenbein
14       Honor roll of donors
Martha Carolyn Hatch                Sabra Hill                         Bruce Hulse                          Gerald Jared
Bob Hatcher                         Forbes Hill                        Mark Phillips Humphrey               Mavis M. Jarrell
William Haupt                       Hill Top Cleaners                  Opie Humphrey                        Sonja Jay
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Hawarah     Wesley Hinkle                      M. S. Humphreys                      Jaycees - Opp
Priscilla Hawkins                   Karen Cole Hinton                  Humpty Dumpty Learning Center        Jaycees - Tuscaloosa
Mr. and Mrs.Robert Hayes            Tracy McIntosh Hirsh               Hungry Howie’s Pizza and Subs        Mr. and Mrs. Donold B. Jaye
Andrea J. Haynes                    HIT Entertainment                  Christy Hunleth                      Captain Richard P. Jeffrey USN
Mary E. Haynes                      Michael Darin Hitt                 Martha B. Hunn                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Jeffreys
Sharon Haynes                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hitt          Elaine and Michael Hunt              Carmela M Jeffries
Betty Haynie                        David Hodge                        Luella Surratt Hunt                  Therese Greer Jeffries
Nathaniel Haywood                   Jack C. Hodgkins Jr.               Barbara Hunter                       David Jennings
Jane Palmer Hazlewood               Hodson’s Vinyl                     Bettye J. Hunter                     Robert W. Jennings Jr.
Daniel Head                         Lee Hoffman                        Jeffery D. Hunter                    Dr. Leo Kemp Jernigan D.M.D.
HealthSouth                         Robert D. Holbert                  Randolph Hunter                      Jim Latham Home Designs Inc.
Mobile Surgery Center               Charles S. Holland                 Francis P. Hurley                    Jim Williams Construction
Eloise Heaps                        Steve Holland                      Kathy L. Hurst                         Company, Inc.
Arthur Hearn                        Holland’s Auto Painting and Body   Benjamin Hutson                      Jimbo’s Self Service Car Wash
John T. Hearn, Jr.                  Earl Hollingshead                  James Willis Hybart                  Joe Bullard Oldsmobile
Mary B. Hearn                       C.J. Hollingsworth                 IBM Corporation                      John Fincher Enterprises
Heart Of Mary School                Charles Holloway                   Dr. Marjorie Icenogle                Alice Johnson
Hearth and Stone Fireplace Center   Erica Nelson Holloway              Image of You                         Barbara Johnson
Jerrolyn A. Hebert                  Peter Holmsten                     Independent Living Center            David M. Johnson
Kenneth Heck                        Dr. Walter Scott Hopkins           Industrial Wellness Rehab., Inc.     Frank Johnson
Sanaa Helmi                         Alonzo Hopper                      Industry Services Company, Inc.      Dr. G. David Johnson
Dr. Paul A. Helminger               Mr. and Mrs. Alphons Horace        Infiniti of Mobile, Inc.             Dr. James A. Johnson
Kenneth Andress Helton              House of Specialties Inc.          Margaret Rose Ingate                 Loretta Johnson
Michelle Hemphill                   Dr. Wendell Robert Houston         Clifton C. Inge                      Mellanie Johnson
Carol Henderson                     Mr. and Mrs. Craig Howard          Robert Ingraham                      Richard Spencer Johnson
Cecelia E. Henderson                Jeff Howard                        International Leadership Institute   Tommy Johnson
James D. Henderson                  John C. Howard                     William H. Ishee                     Johnson Wax Fund, Inc.
Bob and Sara Henley                 Alicia Howell                      Alice Jo Isherwood                   Thomas Johnsten
Kathy Herndon                       Dr. Malcolm Gracian Howell         Beatrice Daley Ishler                Emily K. Johnston
Fran Hester                         Michael E. Howell                  Dr. Wayne C. Isphording              James C. Jolly
Maysel A. Hetrick                   Dr. Daphne Wade Hubbard            Dorothy and William Ivey             Dorothy C. Jones
Hewlett Packard                     Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Hubbard      Beulah Jackson                       Dot Jones
Kelley Hicks                        Gloria Hudson                      Dr. Thomas G. Jackson                Mr. and Mrs. George D. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hicks          Milton Carson Hudson Jr.           Walter Jacobson                      Jaclyn Jones
Stephen T. Hicks D.D.S.             Randall Huff                       Allen James                          Jean Jones
Edward E Hightower                  Jimmy Huffman                      Nestor James                         Kathryn L. Jones
Karen Hill                          Rose Marie Huffman                 Suzette James                        Lexie Jones
Pam Hill                            Donna V. Hullibarger               Jan Davidson Religious School        Richard R. Jones
                                                                                                            Troy Jones
                                                                                                            Dr. William J. Jones
                ALABAMA POWER                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Jordan
                                                                                                            Samuel Anthony Jovings
                  FOUNDATION                                                                                Junior League of Mobile
                                                                                                            Just Ridin Bicycles
       On the occasion of the announcement                                                                  K and J Supply Company
                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kahn
     of Alabama Power Foundation’s Endowed                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. William Kahn
     Scholarship in Engineering, Robin Hurst,                                                               Mr. and Mrs Bart Kaiser
     senior vice president of Alabama Power                                                                 Diane Kaiser
                                                                                                            Y.L. Kalen
     Company, one of the first graduates of                                                                 Deborah Kalifeh
     the electrical engineering program at                                                                  Dr. C.R. Kamath
     USA, and a member of the National                                                                      Kamil Ship Supply (Hymax, Inc.)
                                                                                                            Mark Allen Kangas
     Alumni Association Board of Directors                                                                  Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
     said, “The College of Engineering has                                                                  Kappa Delta Sorority
                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Fred Karkowski
     played a key role in the education of our                                                              Karousel Kids
     workforce. Today’s contribution represents                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kasper
     an expression of our appreciation for the                                                              Richard Kastelic
                                                                                                            Erin Clark Kavanagh
     outstanding work that the faculty and                                                                  Lisa B. Kavanagh
     staff have done in the past and our                                                                    Dr. Stephen Kayes
                                                                                                            Selden Kearns
     confidence that the University will
                                                                                                            Joan M. Keebler
     continue to grow in academic excellence.”                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John W. Keene
                                                                                                            Doris Keith
                                                                                         University of South Alabama                               15
Jonathon M. Keith                     Donna L. Ladnier                       William A. Lubel                    Alice McBrayer
Constance Kelley                      Dr. Robert Lager*                      Dr. Melvin A. Lucas                 Edgar and Marion McCall
Jean Kelley, EdD, RN                  Lake County Public Works Department    Mr. and Mrs. Dwain Luce             Mr. and Mrs. John L. McCarron, Jr.
Jim Kelley                            Lamar Companies                        Danielle S. Ludlow                  Vicki L. McCarron
Alice L. Kelly                        R.E. Lambard                           Phyllis T. Ludt                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCarter
Leon Kelly                            Kenneth Charles Lambert, Jr. DMD, PC   Dorothy Lundy                       John McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kelly                Thomas A. Lambert                      Vicki Luxich                        McClantoc Hair Studio
Kelly Temporary Services              Hilda Landers                          Margaret W. Lyda                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McClintock
Janet Kemp                            Angela N. Landrum                      James Lynch                         Frank McCloskey
Karla G. Kennedy                      Dr. Jeffrey P. Landry                  Sue Lyon                            Mr. and Mrs. D.O. McClusky, Jr., D.O.
M. Kathleen Kennedy                   Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Lane                 Lyrick Studios                      Tina McCollough
Neil M. Kennedy                       Jacob Lane                             M and A Studios                     Charles McCorquodale
Renee Kennedy                         Dr. and Mrs. John M. Lane              Melissa Mabins                      McCown Construction
William B. Kennedy, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lane              Stan MacDonald                      Toni E. McCoy
Patrick Kenny                         Alice Langham                          Joanne W. Maceluch                  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McCrory
Richard Arthur Kerns                  Lauda Langhan                          Johanna Machen                      E. R. McCurley
Imran M. Khan                         Sheryl Langston                        Rose Mackey                         Jeffrey B. McCurley
Kathy Kidd                            Lloyd M. Larkin Jr.                    Mr. and Mrs. David H. MacRae        Bishop McDavid
Kids and Company Learning Center      David Vincent LaRosa                   Sue Madison                         McDonald’s Restaurant #1412
Kids Wearhouse                        Laser Printer Services                 Dr. Jeanne D. Maes                  Dr. Lynne McDonnell
Kiker Corporation                     Ralph William Latta                    Maggie Lawson and Associates        James B. McDonough, Jr.
Dr. Systke Kamminga Kimball           Dr. Robert N. Lausch                   Murray Magness                      Sharon McDougald
Martha Kimbrough                      Timothy Layfield                       Magnolia Trace, Inc.                Edwin Andrew McElroy Jr.
Bobby J. King                         Kathryn Layne                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Maksudian   Darlene McFarland
Carol W. King                         Margaret Lazzari                       Herb Malone                         Kathy McFarland
Charlotte King                        Scott Thomas LeBlanc                   Wayne Malone                        Mr. and Mrs. Steve D. McGill
Edward L King                         Nicholas Lee, CPA                      Maureen Fielder Mangon              Dr. Suzanne McGill
Robert King                           Mary Ellen Leffard                     Dr. Vipul Mankad                    Victoria C. McGilvray
Robert Bruce King D.M.D.              Beverly B. Legear                      Bob and Linda Mannich               Elizabeth S. McGowin
Kings and Queen Club Of Prichard      Kathy Gifford Lemcool                  Mary Frances Mantel                 Sherry B. McGowin
Kingswood United Methodist Church     Lenny’s Home Builders                  Maria Marbus                        Karshandra D. McGrew
Craig Kinman                          Steve Levi                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard March          Dr. Teena Minton McGuinness
Jack Kinsey                           Jennifer Lewis                         March Of Dimes                      Tina McHugh
Harold A. Kirkland                    Linda D. Lewis                         Dr. Sally A. Marcinek               Dr. P. Irene McIntosh
Robert Kirkley                        Lewis Communications, Inc.             Mark Dodge                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. McKay
Drs. Michael and Wanda Kirkpatrick    Jessie and Shea Liechty                Marketing Specialties               Greg and Chrissie McKelvey
RobertA. Kirsch                       Dr. William M. Lightfoot               Mr. and Mrs. William Marler         Robert McKemie
Mary F. Kittrell                      David Byrd Lightsey                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marley          Frances McKibbin
Michael W. Kittrell Jr.               Dr. Thomas M. Lincoln                  Mary Helen Marr                     Sandra McKinley
Kiwanis - Prichard                    Allan A. Lind                          Thomas Marr                         Julia McKinnell
Kiwanis - West Mobile                 Georgiana E. Lindsay                   Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Marsal           Dawn Marie Addison McKinney
Kiwanis Club of South Monroe          Andrew Lindsey                         Abigail S. Marshall                 Wendy McKinney
Albert Klein                          Linens ‘N Things                       Mr. and Mrs. Jay P. Marshall        JoAnne McKnight
Elizabeth Kling                       Linksman Golf Course                   Marston Real Estate                 Claude O. McLaughlin
James J. Knipper                      Dr. Cheryl A. Linn                     Suzanne Martes                      Charles O. McLean
Gail Knox                             Lions Club of Mobile                   Ben L. Martin Jr.                   Connie McLean
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Kogon              Patricia Lipscomb                      Dr. James T. Martin                 John L. McLean
Lee Ann Konik                         Jamie Little                           Mr. and Mrs. John F. Martin         Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. McLemore
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kordomenos          Libby Little                           Mike Martin                         Dr. Kenneth D. McLeod
Mary Ann Kornegay                     Julie Litzinger                        Janice Martina                      James McMahon
James Kotis                           Jo N. Livingston                       Lude Mashburn                       Brenda McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Kranke            Dr. Michael Carl Loar M.D.             Masland Carpets                     Jennifer McMillan
Carla Krause                          Drs. Joseph and Martha LoCicero, III   Barbara Mason                       Mr. and Mrs. C.B. McNaughton
Konrad Kressley                       Margaret Lockler                       Judith Mason                        Bonnie McNeal
Jeannette Kretzer                     David Eugene Loftin                    Scott Mason                         Jim McNichol
Dr. Gus William Krucke                Joseph Loftin                          Chris Massey                        Beth McNider
Krystal #1                            Josalyn A. Lofton                      Dr. Clara V. Massey                 Allan McPeak
Kubina, Hayles and Associates, P.C.   Joan Logan                             Edward Massey                       Judge Lee McPhearson
Kathe Kutzman                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Lomax           Gina G. Massey                      Madeleine M. McPhillips
Kenneth C. Kvalheim                   Mr. and Mrs. John C. Long              Master Boat Builders, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. Jourd A. McRae
La Petite Academy - N. Main Daphne    James Longino III                      Barbara Mathay                      Mr. and Mrs. Victor Allen McSwain
Dr. Elise Labbe-Coldsmith             Mr. and Mrs. James Look                Bob Matheny                         Lynn McWhorter
Mary Lacoste                          Looking For Elvis Fan Club             Martha M. Matherne                  Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McWilliams
Rebecca LaCoste                       Dr. Eric J. Loomis                     Allison Mathis                      Deborah McFarlane Meador
Elizabeth Ladd                        Donna Faye Lord                        Mr. and Mrs. Mack Matthews          Robert H. Meaher
James Ladd                            Ricky W. Lose Sr.                      Max Serv Training Department        Mr. and Mrs. Allen Meier
Ladd Supply Company, Inc.             Brenda Love                            Dr. Denise D. McAdory               Meineke Discount Mufflers Inc.
Ladies Aux United Trans Ld 622        Joan C. Lovett                         James McAleer                       Ben A. Meisler
Margo Ladner                          Flora Low                              Greg and Angela McAtee              Sylvia S. Meixner
David L. Ladnier                      Kris Lowery                            Dr. John McAtee                     Leigh K. Mello

16       Honor roll of donors
Janice Mendenhall                       Keith Mohler                              T B Nguyen                           Brenda Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Mohan K. Menon             Dr. Clarence L. Mohr                      Kristy K. Nicaud                     Farra Parker
Men’s Barn Ministry                     Dr. Dorothy C. Mollise                    Marino J. Niccolai                   Dr. Gregory Keith Parker
David Paul Mercurio                     Jeffery Allen Money                       Robin Nicholas                       Heath Allen Parker
Mercy Health Center                     Montgomery, Stire and Partners            Charles A. Nichols                   Jane Parker
Mercy Health System of Kansas, Inc.     Dr. and Mrs. Carl C. Moore                Chris Nichols                        Karen Parker
Mercy Health System of                  Gladys M Moore                            Jack Nichols                         Dr. Martin R. Parker
  Northwest Arkansas                    Harriet Moore                             Sharron Nichols                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve Parker
Merle Norman Studios                    Larry M. Moore                            Elaine Nicolson                      Billy Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Merritt           Lureatha Moore                            Marsha Nielsen                       Lynn Parmer
Metal Construction Company              Dr. Matt S. Moore                         Dr. Joseph A. Nigota                 Ethel Moore Parrington
Metropolitan Ins. Companies             Mr. and Mrs. McDonald Moore Sr.           Dr. and Mrs. Richard Noblet          Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Parrott
Metzger’s, Inc.                         Jane Moorer                               Jim Norman                           Mary Nell Partridge
Susan B. Meztista                       Angela J. Morehead                        Daphine W. Norris                    James Pate
David and Lillie Middleton              Carla Morgan                              Don Norris                           Peter Pate
Peggy G. Middleton                      Michael Morgan                            Dr. Phillip E. Norris                Polly Pate
Midtown Sertoma Club of Mobile, Inc.    Tracy L. Morgan                           North Mobile Retirement Center       Samuel I. Pate
Gina M. Mikkelsen                       Morning Dove Church                       Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Northrop          Mr. and Mrs. Niel Patel
Judith Milam                            Mr. and Mrs. John Morris                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Novak            Christopher Scott Patrick
Boyd Miller                             John Farrell Morris                       Dr. Barry R. Nowlin                  Ralph Edward Patrick
Christine Miller                        Tammy Morris                              Colonel David M. Nowlin              Mrs. Herman C. Patterson
Deantha Miller                          Ann Morrison                              Suzette M. Ntseful                   Randy P. Patterson
Hannelore Miller                        Dr. John Morrow                           Nudraulix                            Barbara L. Patton
James L. Miller                         Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Mortensen            George and Elizabeth Oaks            Renee Paul
Jane Pinnell Miller                     Susan Young Mosley                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. O’Donnell      Paulk’s Moving and Storage, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller                 Dr. R. Dan Moss                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Donnell        Mr. and Mrs. Greg Payne
Louise S. Miller                        Mr. and Mrs. John Mostellar               Catherine G. O’Keefe                 John Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan C. Miller           Susan Moulton                             Sandra J. O’Kelley                   Mary Ann Ederer Payne
Patti J. Miller                         John Movelle                              Olde Blue Computer Services          PBM Nutritionals, Inc.
Ray Miller                              Mt. Sinai Baptist Church                  Charlotte Brogden Olive              Dr. David M. Pearsall
Rick Miller                             Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist              Olive Garden Italian Restaurant      Norma Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Sam C. Miller              John M. Mugarian                          Mr. and Mrs. Ed Oliver               Jacob E. Peavy
Dr. John Lance Mills                    J.M. and Caroline Mugarian Family Trust   Mr. and Mrs. Everett James Oliver    Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts Peavy
Lindy Mills                             Susan Mulfinger                           Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Olsen           Donna Pecue
Frank F. Millsaps                       Patsy Mullenax                            Larry Don Olsen                      USA Pediatric Cardiology
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Minadakis         Deborah L. Mura                           Richard Julius Olsen                 USA Pediatrics - Division of
Dr. Babak Minaie                        J. Patrick Murphy                         Dr. David N. Olson                     Neonatal Medicine
Mary Deane Mincy                        Joey Murphy                               Sudie O’Neal                         Ronald J. Pelletier Jr.
Sheila Minto                            Julia Murphy                              Maureen O’Neil                       John Pelphrey
Mississippi Credit Union League         Murphy Band Booster Club                  E.M. O’Neill                         Harriet Pennington
Amy Mitchell                            Margaret Nicolson Murray                  Caine O’Rear III                     Linda Pennington
Gene Mitchell                           Mrs. Robert Murray                        Gwen O’Rourke                        Cherri Penton
Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell             Michael Muscat                            Katie Orr                            Rafael O. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Mitchell          Dr. Valerie Musial                        Ruth Oswell                          Dollien Perine
Vickie M. Mitchell                      Glenn Mutchnick                           Dr. Kitti K. Outlaw                  Dora M. Perkins
William Mitchell                        NAC Reinsurance Corporation               Beth Owen                            William K. Perkins Jr.
Willie E. Mitchell                      Eric M. Nager                             Dr. William N. Owen III              Charlette Perry
Mitsubishi Polysilicon                  Madhavan Nair                             Anne B. Owens                        Shelton L. Perry
Adrianne Mnuchin                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Nall               Lorraine Owens-Roberts               Dr Steven Petcher
Dr. Donald Lewis Moak                   Edmond G. Naman                           Virgie Pafford                       Kelly Peters
Mobile Admirals                         Lisa D. Nash                              James Pafudakis                      Karen A. Petersen
Mobile Area Council of Engineers        National Coalition Of 100 Black Women     Troy Thomas Palmer                   Cecil Pettis
Mobile Area Sports Commission, Inc.     Brian W. Naylor                           Emily Panayiotou                     Howard Pettis
Mobile Bay Area Apartment Association   Tina Naze                                 Dr. Lewis J. Pannell                 Dr. Frank Pettyjohn
Mobile Bay Monthly                      Teresa Neff                               Philip Panzera                       Alberta Jane Peugeot
Mobile BayBears                         Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nelson                  Dr. Fotis Papadimitrakopoulos        Marye A. Pharez
Mobile Chamber of Commerce              Glenda Nelson                             Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Papadopoulos   Phi Mu Foundation
Mobile Coast Guard FCU                  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Nelson                 Paper Products Company Inc.          Phi Mu Fraternity
Mobile County Commission                Jennifer Nelson                           Dr. John H. Pardue                   Carl and Brenda Phillips
Mobile County Probate Court             Myles L. Nelson                           Dr. Kyeong Park                      Jeffrey Phillips
Mobile Educator’s Credit Union          Mildred Nettles
Mobile Firefighters Association         Brian Neveau
Mobile Football, LLC                    George W. Neville
                                                                                      We want to list each gift appropriately. In spite
Mobile Joint Legislative Council        Deana Newbill                              of our best efforts, errors and omissions can occur.
Mobile Opera, Inc.                      Dr. Charles W. Newell                      If this is the case, please accept our apologies and
Mobile Professional Baseball Club       Dr. Joseph W. Newman
Mobile Solvent and Supply, Inc.         Jaime M. Newsom                            notify the Office of University Development at the
Mobile Tricentennial Inc.               Donald W. Newton                           University of South Alabama, Mobile Town House,
Mobile York Rite Masonic Bodies         Dr. Maria Ngu-Schwemlein
Ron O. Mobley                           Duy Nguyen
                                                                                   Mobile, AL 36688, or call us at (251) 460-7032.
                                                                                         University of South Alabama                             17
Physical Therapy Class of 2003         Cindy Boeggeman Rathle               Patricia Cobb Rodgers              Dr. Judith D. Shardo
Physician’s Sales and Services, Inc.   Amy C. Rauch                         Dr. Daniel E. Rogers               Jim Shaver
C. King Pickett                        Sylvia Rayfield                      Jay Rohde                          Barbara Shaw
Dr. John S. Picou                      Realtors - Young Women’s Council     Marcia Rolen                       John Shaw
Tim and Stephanie Pierce               Rebekah State Assembly of Alabama    Janet Rolin                        Julie Munro Shaw
William Pierce                         Reckitt and Colman                   Jimmy N. Roney                     Don Shea
William Patrick Piercy*                MaxineRedding                        Melvin Harold Rosen                Dr. Robert Shearer
William Anthony Pierre                 Valerie Reece                        Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rosenblum      Joseph D. Sheehan
Dr. Paul Pietri                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reed             James Rosier                       Howard Hargis Shell
Wayne R. Pietri                        Charles Reeder                       Mr. and Mrs. Lock Ross             Ethel S. Shelton
Dr. Cornelius Pillen                   John E. Rehm                         Dr. Mary Candice Ross              James Shepard
Pillsbury Company                      Roxanne Reid                         Dr. Linda A. Roussel               Tom Shepherd
Dale Pitts                             Enas William Reidy II                Mr. and Mrs. John Roussos          Harriette Sheridan
Gerald and Mary Anne Pitts             Dr. Mike C. Reindl                   Roussos Restaurant                 Shilston and Associates
Planet Gymnastics                      Jana Ruth Renfroe                    Connie L. Rowe                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shipp
Plauche Johnson Landscape Architects   Elizabeth Rettig                     Don W. Rowe                        Anita Ayers Shirah
Playhouse in the Park                  Mary Reyner                          Bud and Gayther Rowell             Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Shreve
Bryan Plesha                           Albert E. Reynolds IV                Olivia Rowell                      Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Shultz
Andrea Poeth                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rhoades           Ronnie Rowell                      Debbie Shumock
Sherry Pofahl                          Dr. Rosemary Rhodes                  Royal Cup Inc.                     Elizabeth S. Sibley
Point Clear Insurance Services, LLC    Bess Rich                            Scott Rubin                        Dr. C. Steven Sikes
Sandra Poiroux                         Dr. Leonard Rich                     Robert Aubrey Runderson            Caroline Siley
Harry Pollard                          Kathleen Neal Richards               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ryan           Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Silverboard
James S. Pollock                       Mada Richardson                      Dr. Roy H. Ryder                   Brian Simmermacker
Charlotte Pope                         Michele D. Richardson                Dorothy Saad-Dunning               Carl Simmons
Andrew Popper                          Harry Riddick                        Ella Mae Safford                   Jean Simmons
Joyce A. Porter                        Larry D. Ridgeway                    Dr. Martha L. Sale                 Mr. and Mrs. Owen L. Simmons
Linda R. Porter                        Mr. and Mrs. James Ridley            Dorothy Sanchez                    Dr. Warland E. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Porter           Becky Rigby                          Barbara Sanders                    Cynthia Simpson
Sherry Porter                          Erling Riis III                      Butch Sanders                      Charlotte Singleton
Portrait Gallery                       Karen Rimiller                       Grace Sanders                      Nelson F. Singleton
Patricia A. Posey-Goodwin              Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Riser           Kathy Sanders                      Darlene Singley
Sharon Posner                          Rite Aid                             Charles Sandifer                   Betty Skidmore
Edith Powell                           Rite Aid # 7097                      Dr. Susan Santoli                  Joe Skipper
Martha Powell                          Rite Aid # 7100                      Shelton R. Sapp                    E. Bailey Slaton
Nola Powell                            Rite Aid # 7104                      Sara Lee Direct - Socks Galore     Mary Hunter Slaton
Dr. and Mrs. Randall W. Powell         Rite Aid # 7108                      Joyce Elaine Saucier               Rene Slevinski
Ronald E. Powell                       Rite Aid # 7109                      Janice Sauer                       Sandra Sluster
David Pratt                            Rite Aid # 7111                      Mr. and Mrs. B.E. Savage           Aldon L. Smith
Amy C. Prendergast                     Rite Aid # 7112                      Savitz Research                    Brenda Smith
Gregory L. Prescott                    Rite Aid # 7114                      Mr. and Mrs. E. Roger Sayers       Carolyn Smith
Deborah Presley                        Rite Aid # 7115                      Dr. Marjorie E. Scaffa             Dr. and Mrs. David L. Smith
Paul Andrew Presley                    Rite Aid # 7119                      Virginia Scalzo                    Don Smith
Richard W. Presnell M.D.               Rite Aid # 7121                      Anna Schaffner                     Gary Smith
Reginald Price                         Rite Aid # 7125                      Hope Clary Schambeau               Dr. Ginny Smith
Ann Pridgeon                           Rite Aid # 7126                      Leann Whitaker Scheiman            Janet Smith
Prime Health, Inc.                     Rite Aid # 7134                      Alison Kendley Schemmer            Jerry Smith
Laura Prine                            Rite Aid # 7178                      Donna Schermer                     Joe Gary Smith
Ormond G. Pringle                      Rite Aid # 7180                      Elsie Schiemenz                    John Holmes Smith IV
Allen H. Pritchett                     Rite Aid # 7182                      Donna Schmitz                      Julie Smith
Donald Prockup Sr.                     Rite Aid # 7184                      Anne Schott                        Lula Rae Smith
Prudential Base Securities             Rite Aid # 7185                      Mr. and Mrs. Bud Schultz           Lyn R. Smith
John C. Prudhomme                      Rite Aid # 7188                      Davette Schurr                     M. Antoinette Smith
Pulmonary Associates Of Mobile, Pa     Rite Aid # 7189                      Gerald W. Scott                    Margaret Smith
Sumi E. Putman                         Shell Rivers                         Kathrine Scott                     Matt C. Smith
Quincy’s Family Steak House            Dr. and Mrs. Terry N. Rivers         Scottish Rite Temple               Priscilla W. Smith
Erin Quinley                           Beverly Rives                        Scott Eugene Sealy                 Ralph J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marshall Quinn     Dr. Victoria Rivizzigno              Sears Roebuck and Co.              Randy Smith
Margaret C. Quinn                      Dr. Earl Roberson Sr.                Ernest E. Seewer                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Leigh Quinnelly                        Karen Roberson                       Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Segers       Sydney C. Smith
Nancy B. Quittmeyer                    Michael Scott Roberson               Marc Seibert                       Dorothy Smithson
Joyce B. Radcliff                      Mr. and Mrs. Darrel D. Roberts       Dianne Sellers                     Wynell Smyth
Dr. Arifur Rahman                      Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Roberts         Norma L. Sellers                   Sarah Snell
Patricia G. Ramage                     William Robins                       MajorWilliam S. Sellers            Margie Snook
Linda Ramm                             Dr. and Mrs. R. Kent Robinson, Jr.   Semmes Optimist Club               Diana Snow
Sabine Ramos                           Ruby Robinson                        Senior Companion Program           Curtis J. Snyder
Anna Elisabeth Ramsey                  Lois Rockhold                        Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Sessions, III   Society of Women Engineers
John Randall                           E. B. Rockwell                       Dr. Arvind Shah                    Kurt Somerhalter
Rape Crisis Center                     Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory     Michael F. Shanahan                Nicole Sonnier
Louise H. Rapier                       Barbara Rodgers                      Kathryn Shanks                     Dr. Desiree A. Soter-Pearsall

18        Honor roll of donors
South Alabama Bank                         Sandra Tanner                            David A. Trimmier                           Dr. Susan Vance
South Alabama Society of Occupational      Mark Lewis Tapia                         Trinity United Methodist Church             Elizabeth VandeWaa
  Therapists Association                   Tau Beta Pi Honor Society                Tropicana Products, Inc.                    Ramaswamy Vasudevan
Southerland Group                          Ann Taylor                               Bobbie Troup                                N. Leigh Vaughan
Southern Bud Expo                          Christopher Keith Taylor                 Paul Troup                                  Linda C. Vaughn
Southern Federation Foundation, Inc.       Dr. E. Lee Taylor M.D.                   James Crawford Trout                        Dr. Anne Vella
Southern Pool And Repair                   Jan Taylor                               Professor Edmund Tsang                      Mr. and Mrs. George A. Vella
Southern Ready Mix, Inc.                   Mary Taylor                              Dr. J. Allan Tucker                         Michael Venezia
Dr. Gordon L. Spafford                     Paul Taylor                              Ginny Turner                                Candance Verrecchio
Dr. Deborah Foster and Mr. Randall Spake   Scott E. Taylor                          Virginia H. Turner                          Angie Viator
Frank H. Spechalske                        Violet Taylor                            Turner Supply                               Vic and Son Transport
Spectrum #115                              Taylor Chapel C.M.E. Church              Erika Turner-Horn                           Vigor H.S. Band Boosters
Spectrum #117                              Wanda Teague                             Kate Turnmire                               Beverly Jo Vinsant
Spectrum #118                              Technical Aviation Services              Frances M. Twitty                           Dr. Richard Vinson
Spectrum #119                              Technigraphics                           Adrian McCaskill Tyson                      Dr. William Vitulli
Spectrum #121                              Televox Software                         Naeem Uddin                                 Francis Vogtner
Spectrum #122                              Russell Terry                            UMS-Wright Preparatory School               Cheryl Vrettos
Speech Pathology and Audiology             Jeffrey M. Tesney                        Uncle Joe’s Rolling Zoo                     Linda Wade
Tracy Spencer                              Carol M. Tex                             Herman Ungar                                Terry Wade
Zera Spinks                                Peggy Thames                             United Cerebral Palsy Of                    Eloise Wahl
James L. Spires                            Thames, Batre’, Mattei, Beville            Greater Birmingham                        Jane Waite
Betty G. Spring                              and Son                                United Transportation Lodge                 WALA
Springdale Travel                          Dr. Larry B. Thead P.C.                  Universal Glass Company                     Patricia B. Waldron
Springhill Avenue United                   Dr. Phillip A. Theodore                  University Safety Associates, Inc.          Walgreen Drug Stores
  Methodist Church                         Samuel A. Thielepape, III                UPS Store                                   Belinda Walker
Springhill Dental Health Center            E. Gaines Thomas D.M.D.                  Dr. Frank Urbancic                          Jennifer Nacole Walker
St. Dominic Church                         Joyce Thomas                             Urology PC                                  Marlene V. Walker
Tom St. John                               Lisa Thomas                              US LEC of Alabama                           Michael J. Walker
St. Louis Street Baptist Church            Dr. Thomas G. Thomas                     Employees of USA Bookstore                  Dr. Sue Walker
St. Luke’s Episcopal School                Todd Thomas                              Employees of USA Credit Union               Chad A. Wallace
St. Mark’s Methodist School                Mr. and Mrs. Brad Thompson               Employees of USA CWH Admitting              Rosalie A. Wallace
St. Paul’s Episcopal School 7th and        Christine A. Thompson                    Employees of USA CWH Bio Med                Terri Wallace
  8th Grade                                Connie Thompson                          USA CWH Cha Ching Clowns                    Tina Wallace
St. Pius Church                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson            Employees of USA CWH Dietary                Charles Waller III
Judy Stacks                                Robert E. Thompson                       Employees of USA CWH High                   Debra J. Waller
Jonathan G. Stacy                          V. Jay Thompson                            Risk/OB GYN                               Wal-Mart #1212
Ronnie L. Stallworth                       Vicki Thompson                           Employees of USA CWH Labor                  Wal-Mart #866
Mr. and Mrs. Spiros P. Stamus              Thompson Chevrolet Olds Inc.               and Delivery                              Colleen Ruth Walsh
Edward Stanky                              Thompson Engineering Testing             Employees of USA CWH Mother/Baby            Paige Chapman Walsh
Stanky Revocable Trust                     David C. Thorne                          Employees of USA CWH Quality                Jean Walston
Caroline Starnes                           David Bruce Thornton                       Management and Education                  Paul Stanley Walter
David Elliot Stein                         Michelle Thornton                        Employees of USA CWH Radiology              Carol Walton
Carolyn B. Stephenson                      Penny Thorpe                             USA CWH Teenage Volunteers                  Margaret Patrick Waples
James E. Stephenson                        Thoss Sporting Goods Company, Inc.       Employees of USA CWH Therapy                Dr. Alice Ward
John L. Stevens                            Threaded Fasteners                         Services                                  George M. Ward
William Stevens                            Dr. Cindy Thurston                       Employees of USA Health Services            Mike Ward
Richard M. Stimpson                        Mike Tice                                  Foundation                                Sonya J. Ward
Joyce W. Stokes                            Dr. and Mrs. Billy M. Tidwell, Jr.       USA Jaguar Productions                      Mr. and Mrs. Turner Ward
Nancy Strachan                             Mandy Tillman                            Employees of USA Library                    Ward’s Motorsports Inc.
Strachan Shipping Company                  Michael Tillman                          Employees of USA Medical                    Charles R. Warnol, III
Susan Strunk                               Tillman’s Plumbing Co.                     Center Admitting                          Gina Warren
Debra Z. Stults                            Mazie Timmons                            Employees of USA Medical Center             John and Laticia Warren
William John Sturgeon                      Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Tindell, Jr.            Department Of Nursing                     Dr. Greg Waselkov
Michelle Sulcer                            Tires for Less, Inc.                     USA Medical Center Interns and Residents    Willie Washington
Michael Sullivan                           Brick Andrew Toifel                      Faculty and Staff of USA Medical Genetics   Barbara Wasiak
Angela L. Summers                          Carol Tolbert                            USA Medical Student Alliance                Lillian W. Wassman
Norma Summers                              John Edward Toomey                       USA Panhellenic Council                     Deana Watson
Keith Summersgill                          Leon Torbert                             Employees of USA Springhill                 Michael Watts
Richard M. Sumrall                         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Toubiana               Manuel’s Cafe                             Schettler Anne Watts
Martha Surline                             Don W. Touchstone                        Employees of USA Springhill,                Calvin D. Weaver
Dianne Sutherland                          Randy L. Touchstone                        Accounting Department                     Susanne D. Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sutton                   Touro Infirmary, Family Birthing and     Employees of USACWH Labor and               Kevin Michael Webb, Sr.
Mort M. Swaim                                Lactation Center                         Delivery - Night Shift                    Dr.F. Neff Weber, Jr.
Dr. Robert B. Sweeney                      Towne Place Suites by Marriott           Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Vadakin             Laurie Hearn Weber
Marian Swint                               J.Townsend Personnel                     Peter P. Vadas                              Roderick Webster
Symphony Concerts Of Mobile, Inc.          Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tozer              Dick Van Benschoten                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Weinstock
Syngenta Crop Protection                   Charles Michael Trainor                  Dr. James Patrick Van Haneghan              Norman Weintraub
Laura Quinn Sypsa                          Trans American Waste Ind. of AL          Josephine W. Van Hook                       Joshua Weisel
Gary Tanner                                Mark E. Travis                           Dr. Nancy L. Van Slyke                      Herman Weiss, Jr.
Janet Tanner                               Tri Delta Sorority, Springhill College   Mark Vance                                  Kathleen Ryan Weiss
                                                                                     University of South Alabama                                  19
                                                                        Terri S. Wright                          Melissa Alawine
                                                                        Yvonne Wright                            Margarete Alban
                                       LARRY STRIPLIN                   Wright Investments, Inc.                 Cheryl Albert
                                                                        Susanne Wynne                            Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Alderman
                              Larry Striplin,                           Mohammad Yeasin                          Ashley Williams Alessio
                           Birmingham businessman,                      Mary Yedo                                Jeanetta Alexander
                                                                        Andrea Kay Yohn                          Sharon Alexander
                           former basketball player and                 Dr. Lynn Earl Yonge P.C.                 Steve Alexander
                           coach, and USA trustee, has                  Jay York                                 Voncile Alexander
                                                                        James E. Younce                          Bruce Elliot Alford
                           demonstrated his support of
                                                                        Mary Younce                              Cheryl R. Alford
                           the University of South                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Young III         Katherine Alford
                           Alabama in many ways.                        Dr. Susan P. Youngblood                  Alvin Allen
                                                                        Louis Kent Yrabedra                      Anita R. Allen
                           From the life-size giraffes                  Chris Zaracostas                         Carolyn Allen
                           found in the Children’s                      Dr. Robert J. Zarzour                    Dawn Allen
                           Sculpture Park to his                        SMSGT. Chas Zehner                       Rev. Elemuel L. Allen
                                                                        Professor Zhongquan Zheng                Felicia Allen
   commitment to fund the renovation of Jaguar Gym in                   Michael Zimmerman                        Mr. and Mrs. George Allen
   memory of his son, Mr. Striplin is, indeed, a friend of              Carol Zoch                               Mr. and Mrs. Joel Allen
                                                                        Zonta Club of Mobile                     Ms. Johnnie Allen
   the University.                                                      Zoom...Mailboxes, Packaging and          Libby Allen
                                                                          Comm                                   Mamie Allen
Marilyn Weitzel                        Rosemary Williams
                                                                        Charlotte Zundel                         Nancy R. Allen
Barbara Welch                          Dr. Susan G. Williams
                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zuzak                 Phillip Allen
Dr. Joel B. Welford                    Tanya Williams
                                                                                                                 Phyllis Allen
Lori Leacy Wells                       Willie G. Williams
                                                                                                                 Renae Allen
Sheila M. Wendt                        Linda M. Williamson              FRIENDS OF USA                           Mr. and Mrs. William Allen
Carolyn Lee Wertelecki                 Dr. Bruce Willis                 recognizes those donors                  Alliance Security Co.
Dr. and Mrs. James West                Charlotte Willis
West Palms Resort Beach Front Hotel    Anna Willmann                    whose annual giving is                   Sue S. Allison
Westside Bone and Joint Center, P.A.   Arthur R. Wilson                 from $1 to $99.                          Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority
Michael Wettermark                     Clyde Wilson, Jr.
                                                                                                                 Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority
Paula Whatley                          Cynthia Lee Wilson               A and B Cycle                            Mary Alston
Dr. Frederick P. Whiddon*              James C. Wilson                  A.C. Wholesale                           Stephanie M. Alvarez
Carolyn White                          Jimmy and Betty Wilson           A-1 Tax Service                          Poonwilas Amarasing
Chester White                          Jo Anne Wilson                   Abba Shrine Temple                       Nicole Ervin Amare
Mr. and Mrs. James White               Mark E. Wilson                   Michelle Abdo                            Tami Amaya
Dr. Kevin D. White                     Mary Wilson                      Norma L. Abell                           American Diabetes Organization
William White                          Rose Wilson                      Joy Abercrombie                          American Financial Services
Ronald M. Whited                       Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Wilson   Mary Jane Abercrombie                    American Legion Post Inc.
White-Spunner Construction, Inc.       Tracey Nichelle Wilson-Moore     Eugenia Abernathy                        American Lung Association
Robin Whitney                          Christian Wimberley              Ace Hardware - Carwie                    Candace Anderson
Becky Whittington                      Michael P. Windom                Ace Hardware - Thigpen’s                 Claire Anderson
Dr. Andrezej Wierzbicki                Stacey Wing                      Wesley Ackerman                          Emmett Anderson
Terri Lynne Wilbanks                   Wing Zone                        Paula Ackley                             Joanne Anderson
Arthur W. Wilcox                       Rick and Susan Wingard           Lt. Col. Alfred Adams                    Lileta Anderson
Douglas Montgomery Wilcox              Deanna Winn                      Curry B. Adams                           William Kenneth Anderson
Helen S. Wildnauer                     James W. Wishon, Jr.             Gary Adams                               Virginia Andreades
Dilia Wiley                            Sally Witt                       Geny Adams                               Charlotte Andrews
Brian Wilke                            WKRG TV                          Juanita Adams                            Darrel Andrews
Richard Wilkerson                      Melissa Wold                     Robert F. Adams                          Jocelyn Andrews
William E. Wilkerson                   Dr. James L. Wolfe               Ruby Adams                               Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Andrews
Lynn Wilkins                           Lynda Wolfe                      Annie Adamson                            Mary R. Andrews
Mrs. Taylor Wilkins                    Dr. Song Wong                    Leslie Addison                           Sylvia Andrews
Willard P. “Tink” Wilkinson            Dr. Richard J. Wood              Mr. and Mrs. Mike Addison                Romsel Ang
Charlynn Besser Will                   Kelly Collins Woodford           Poulomi Adhikari                         Angelo’s on the Bluff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Will               Brannan Woodham                  Kate Adler                               Sharon Anglin
Jerry Willard                          Woodmen of the World Lodge       Timothy R. Adler                         Susan M. Ankersen
Robert S. Willcox                        391 and 1943                   Adventure Specialties Company            Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Ankerson
Alpha Nell Williams                    Dr. Joyce Woodruff               William Agee                             Carol L. Anklin
Debbie Williams                        Bruce P. Woodward                Annette Agnew                            Mr. Faisal Ansari
Diane Nasbett Williams                 Carol Woodyard                   Linda Ahn                                Joyce D. Antinarella
Edward D. Williams                     Barbara W. Wooley                Gwen Ainsworth                           Catherine Antoine
Ellen Williams                         Donna A. Wooster                 Airport-Metro Kiwanis                    Mrs. Verlie Antonides
Frances L. Williams                    Nan M. Worel                     Nevra Akkoc                              Susan Applewhite
Gwen Williams                          WorldCom, Inc.                   Kate Akridge                             Lelia Ann Appling
Harry E. Williams                      Carol F. Wright                  Alabama Administrators - A Division of   Michelle Aquart
Henry Williams                         Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Wright        Gulf States                            Dawn Archer
Lorene C. Williams                     Jerry T. Wright                  Alabama Electric Cooperative             Dianna L. Archey

20        Honor roll of donors
                                                                                                        Benita Battle
                                                                                                        Corine Battle
                                                                  ROSS SLOAN                            Elizabeth Batton
                                                                                                        Blaine Baum
                                       In Fall 2002, Ross Sloan gave                                    Robert Bavett
                                                                                                        Tara Baxley
                                     $100,000 to endow a scholarship in the                             Mrs. C. M. Baxter
                                     College of Arts and Sciences, to                                   Gladys Baxter
                                                                                                        Kimberly Baxter
                                     establish a Library collection, and                                Baxter Healthcare Corporation
                                                                                                        Bay Minette First Baptist Mission
                                     construct a study room in the                                         Friends
                                     University Library, all in honor of the                            BD and S Services, Inc.
                                                                                                        Sheryl Beach
                                     international renowned humanitarian,                               Carol H. Beane CPA
                                     Albert Schweitzer. “I wanted to                                    Dorothy M. Beard
                                                                                                        Jill Beard
                                     establish a permanent, working                                     Kenneth Neal Beard
                                     memorial to a man I believe was the                                Mary Ellen Beasley
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Terry Beasley
 greatest academician of all time and perhaps the most moral man in                                     Dr. Larry W. Beason
 history. I very much believe in education as did Schweitzer, and my desire                             Tim Beattie
                                                                                                        Warren Beatty
 to focus on what should be priority.”                                                                  Brian Beaugez
                                                                                                        Herbert Beaugez
Annie Ard                           Jeff Bacon                       Sharron Barbour                    Ms. Leilani Bebita
Armbrecht, Jackson, DeMouy, Crow    Tessa Jordan Baehr               Clarence Barclay                   Patricia A. Beck
Helena M. Armstead                  Mark Baggerly                    Roberta L. Barclay                 Dr. Daniel Becker
Alfred Arnold                       Barbara B. Baggett               Dana Barker                        Janice L. Beckham
Amanda Arnold                       Connie Baggett                   Karen Barker                       Lauri Bedford
Karen L. Arnold                     Paige V. Baggett                 Sharon Barker                      Mr. and Mrs. John Bedner
Mordecai Arnold                     Vickey L. Baggott                Leona Barlow                       Diane Beech
Wayne Arnold                        Patricia Bagherian               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Barlow           Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Beegle Jr.
Arnold School of Alabama, Inc.      Christy Bailey                   Mrs. Shelley M. Barlow             Mike Beeker
Terry Pond Arras                    Dr. Gahan Bailey                 Gayle Barnes                       Cheryl Beezley
J. T. Arrington                     Janet T. Bailey                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barnes        Ms. Zeyong Xu Bei Liu
Jacqueline R. Arrington             Lugene Bailey                    Mrs. William Barnes                Bronson B. Beisel
Terry G. Arrington                  Martha Bailey                    Barnes and Noble Booksellers       Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Belen
Artful Interiors                    Mary Bailey                      Mr. and Mrs. William Barnes, Jr.   Donna C. Bell
Artistic Water                      Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bailey         Dr. Kathryne Barnes-Burroughs      Lillian Bell
Richard Arvedon                     Patty Bailey                     James Barnett                      Ms. Virtie Ford Bell
Sylvia C. Ash                       Susan T. Bailey                  Kimberly T. Barnett                Ms. Kawanes L. Bellamy
Barbara F. Asmus                    Whitney I. Bain                  Paula Hardin Barnett               Gordon Bellcase
Assistance League Of Mobile         Andrea Baker                     Victoria Barney                    Martin Joseph Bellew
Assoc.of Retired Merchant Seamen    Dianne Baker                     Matthew T. Barnhill                Susan Bembry
Martha Atkins                       Dionne and Kenneth Baker         Barnie’s Coffee and Tea Company    Mary Jeanette Bendolph
Janet Atwater                       George Baker                     Carole Barrentine                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benefield
Lorilee A. Atwell                   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baker          Layne Barrett                      Inez P. Bennett
Martha Aubert                       Jin Baker                        W. Barrett                         Jane Bennett
Allen Aubrey                        Judith Baker                     Michael Barrios                    Jessica Bennett
Lucille Aughe                       Mitchel L. Baker                 Brook Barron                       Dr. Robert Bennett
Augusta Evans School                Terri Baker                      Mr. and Mrs. Yancy Barron          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bennett
Delores P. Austin                   Baker Brothers, Inc.             Stephen S. Barrott                 Francis D. Benson
Leroy Austin                        Sara Baldridge                   Ms. Lamera Barrow                  Walter Benson
Virture Austin                      Earlean Baldwin                  Ms. Heather Barry                  Benzel’s Bretzels Bakery, Inc.
Kenitra Autry                       Elisa M. Baldwin                 Tim Barry                          Vivian Bergami
Shirley Avarett                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ballard      Mr. and Mrs. William Barry         Debra Berger
Haley Avenstiel                     Alston Ballinger                 Dr. Adel L. Barsoum                Dr. Harry David Berger
Jennifer A. Averitt                 Debi Balzer                      Jeanne R. Bartimus                 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Berman
Melvin Avinger                      Dorothy Balzli                   Parker Barton                      Mr. Jerry L. Bernal
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Avinger        Bama Fever                       Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Barton           Caroline Bernard
Donald Axtell                       Melinda Banach                   Jacquelynn Thomas Bass             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berry
Myra Cooper Aycock                  Curtis Banks                     Sharon Bass                        Rhoda Lynes Bertolotti
William Aydelette                   Karen Bankston                   Dr. Bassam A. Bassam               Amy Beshel
Azalea City Women’s Club            Dr. Ghalib Baqir                 Bradley Bassett                    Joan Besing
B and B Pet Stop Inc.               Mr. Andrzej J. Baranski          Maree Bassett                      Sylvia A. Bettis
B. Carpenter Inc                    Joseph Barber                    Amber Batchelor                    Brenda Lee Beverly
Babies ‘R’ Us The Baby Superstore   Amy Barbour                      Ora Mae Batchelor                  Charity Nordiesa Beverly
Beth Anne Bachman                   Elizabeth Barbour                Julie Bates                        Gail Bevier
James Backes                        Martha Barbour Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bates           Dr. and Mrs. D.C. Beville
                                                                                           University of South Alabama                        21
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Beville             Melissa Bolling                        William Breeden                  Ken Brown
Dr. Dulal Bhaumik                      Janet Bolton                           Barry A. Breeland                Mrs. Leslie Louise Brown
Nancy Bickford                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bolton, Jr.     Judy Breland                     Linda Brown
Big C Drugs and Vital Care             Margaret Bolton                        Marie Breland                    Lisa Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Bigger               Ruth Y. Bolton                         Renee Bremmer                    Louise Brown
Wayne Biggers                          Mr. and Mrs. Scott Bolton              Dan Brennan                      Marilyn Brown
Benjamin Bijole                        Kimberly Bond                          James Brennan                    Mary Brown
Evonne H. Bilbo                        Curley Bonds                           Yvonne Brenner                   Michael Brown
Roberta Billie                         Mandy Bonner                           Bryson Elisabeth Breslin         Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Brown
Bimbo’s Restaurant                     Angela Bonta                           Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Brett       P. W. Brown
Sheila E. Binion                       Ann Booker                             Michelle Brett                   Paul and Daniel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bishop            Jacqueline Purlett Booker              Rachel Brewer                    Ramona Brown
Janis P. Bishop                        Mr. and Mrs. Keith Booker              Tommy Brewer                     Dr. Richmond F. Brown
Jim Bishop                             Anthony Booskos                        Mr. Flois Brice                  Sarah Brown
Ms. Peyton Bishop                      Darryl Borden                          Ms. Francis B. Bridges           Sharon Brown
Bishop State Women’s Basketball        Bette Borenstein                       Shirley Bridges                  Sharron Brown
Robert Bivens                          Albernita R. Bosarge                   Sterling Randolph Bridges        Shirley A. Brown
William Bixler                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Bosarge             Bridges To The World Inc.        Stephanie S. Brown
Ms. William H. Bixler                  Renae Bosarge                          Danielle Brieler                 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brown
William H. Black Jr.                   Haywood Bossie                         Mr. and Mrs. David Brieler       Thomie Brown
Kristin Blackerby                      Elizabeth Bost                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brier        Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Brown
Dana Warren Blackmon                   Flora G. Bostock                       John Brierly                     W. G. Brown
Mrs. J. L. Blackmon                    Kae Bostrom                            Norman Briggs                    Wade Brown
Mary Blackmon                          Grace Boswell                          Dr. and Mrs. William Brigham     Yvonne E. Brown
Ms. Robin C. Blackmon                  Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bottelson             Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brinkley     Brown Hudgens, P.C.
Helen Blacksher                        Lori A. Bouchard                       Paul Brinson                     Richard Browning
Bryan S. Blackwell                     Melanie Bouler                         Phillip Britten                  Lisa Brownlee
Cindy Marie Blackwell                  George and Jill Bousman                Janice Feagin Britton            Sharon Denice Brown-Smith
Gordon Blackwell                       Betty Boutwell                         Joe Britton                      Kenneth and Carol Brownyard
Heather Blackwell                      Connie Boutwell                        Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Britton        Helen Bru
Dr. Keith Gordon Blackwell             Joanna White Bowen                     Sandra Britton                   Wally Maxwell Bruce
Peter Blaes                            Gail Bowens                            Jack Broach                      Paul Thomas Brueske
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Blair             Edna Bowles                            Dr. Mary Ellen Broach            Mike Brumfield
John Blake                             Fletch L. Bowling                      Mary Broadhead                   Leroy Bruner
Michelle Blake                         Donna C. Bowman                        Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Broadus   Cheryl Brunet
Betty Jo Blalock                       Mr. and Mrs. William Bowyer            Thelma Broadus                   Roberta Bruno
Edwin Blanchard                        Michael Box                            Jerry Brock                      Donna Brunson
Mrs. M. L. Blankinchip                 Darlene Thom Boyd                      Kathleen S. Brock                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brunson
Aurelia Blanks                         Dorothy D. Boyd                        Robert W. Broeg                  Brenda Brush
Louise Blanton                         Ruth Hutchinson Boyd                   Mr. and Mrs. Zack Bronson        Melissa Bryan
Larry Blasingare                       Joyce N. Boyett                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brooke       Alice Bryant
Ann Taylor Blauer                      Anna Boykin                            Jo Ann Brookins                  Mr. Angel Bryant
Kent Blauer                            Dr. and Mrs. Michael Boykins           Patricia Brookins                Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Bryant
Thomas Blaylock                        Boy’s and Girl’s Club Greater Mobile   Alene Brooks                     Cynthia Ann Bryant
Dr. William Blaylock                   Aaron Bozeman                          Cynthia Brooks                   Geraldine Bryant
Louie J. Blaze                         Ms. Billie J. Bozeman                  Dennis H. Brooks                 Mary E. Bryant
Jan Blindauer                          Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bozeman            Kathleen Brooks                  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bryant
Lynn Blitch                            Tom Brabston                           Sharon Brooks                    Melinda Bryant
Susan Blizard                          Kevin Brackin                          Sherry Brooks                    Bobbie Bryars
Johnny and Lynn Block                  Teresa Bradford                        Brookwood Garden Club            Mary Bryars
Blockbuster’s # 1002                   Ronald Antoine Bradley                 Brenda Broom                     Mary Jo Bryars
Blockbuster’s # 1021                   Sandra Ann Bradley                     Mr. and Mrs. Jared Brothers      Sandra Brzycki
Blockbuster’s # 92823                  Wendy Bradley                          Ann Broughton                    Lynn Buch
Dorathy V. Blount                      Nancy Ruiz Brady                       Dr. M. Linda Broughton           Leslie Buchanan
James C. Blount                        Timothy Brady                          Malena G. Broughton              Susan Bucklin
Blount H.S. Boosters                   Renee Brammer                          Susanne Cockrell Broughton       Irene Buckman
Boaters World Discount Marine Center   Terrie Branch                          Mr. and Mrs. Brian Broussard     Lynn Buffalow
Mr. C. A. Bodden                       Esther Brand                           Angela Diane Brown               Patricia N. Buffin
Joan S. Boddie                         Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Brandenburg       Ashley Brown                     Carolyn Bufkin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Body               Dr. Betty Brandon                      Betty Brown                      Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bufkin
The Body Shop                          Kathleen K. Brannan                    Dr. Burke L. Brown               Lois Buford
Dr. Christine Barbaro Bogar            Michael Brannon                        Carla Brown                      Ms. Lois Renee Buford
Donald Boggs                           Mr. and Mrs. Bob Brantley              Christopher Brown                Patricia A. Bull
Karen Bohentin                         Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brantley              Deborah D. Brown                 Bettie P. Bullard
Joseph Armand Boisvert                 Elizabeth Brazelton                    Eileen Brown                     A. Bullock
Bojangle’s Bar and Eatery              Marc and Elizabeth Brazelton           Fannie Brown                     Bonni Bullock
Douglas Bolden                         Brazier Elementary School              George W. Brown                  Ms. Leslie Bullock
Thomas and Marilyn Bolen, Jr.          Dr. Martha Jan Brazy                   Mr. H. Nelson Brown              Ms. Terri Bullock
Greg Bolin                             Mr. and Mrs. Dean Breasseale           Mrs. Jo Brown                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bulman
Kathleen H. Boling                     Mr. and Mrs. James Breckenridge        Mr. and Mrs. John Brown          Ann Bumpers
22        Honor roll of donors
Letitia Bumpers                          Shelia Byars                      Barbara Carter                      Kwok C. Chiang
Jaime Bunch                              Annie Byrd                        Cora B. Carter                      Michelle Chiepalich
Kathy Bunch                              Carolyn Byrd                      Emanuel M. Carter                   Amanda Childress
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Burch                Cynthia D. Byrd                   Horace Carter                       Geraldine Childs
Thomas Burch                             Daniel Byrd                       Dr. J. Scott Carter                 Chili’s Grill and Bar
Sheila Burchelle                         Deborah Byrd                      Millard and Cora Carter             Mr. and Mrs. Gene Chism
Jimmy Burckhartt                         Kelly O. Byrd                     William L. Carter                   Zal Chitty
Quincy Burden                            Richard Byrd                      Patricia Carter-Roberts             Mr. and Mrs. Allan Christenson
Lillian Burdette                         Andrea Brooke Byrne               Hollie Cartledge                    Kathleen G. Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton D. Burford           Tammy Byrne                       Trisha and Teresa Cartwright        Christian Students Ministry
Carol Lee Burge                          Tina Byron                        Diane Carver                        Circle K Store
Catherine Burge                          Proculo D. Cabrales               Alice Carwie                        Mr. and Mrs. Steven Clackler
Mr. and Mrs. John Burgess                Ms. Laurent J. Cadden             Annamarie Casey                     Clista C. Clanton
Linda Burgess                            Amber Cain                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Casey, III   Dr. Alvah E. Clark Jr.
Nancy Macintosh Burgess                  Carolyn Cain                      Michael Cash                        Angela Montgomery Clark
Gloria Burke                             Kim Cain                          Jeff Caskey                         Anne C. Clark
Kristen Burke                            Ms. Terri Ferguson Cain           Margaret Casperson                  Brandy Clark
Lelia Mae Burke                          Cake Shoppe                       Christianna Cain Cassaday           Ms. Chouwanee S. Clark
Sheila Burke                             Norma Black Calder                J. G. Cassidey                      Chuck Clark
Jean Burkett                             Lydia Calderone                   Jeanne M. Cassidey                  Demarcus Clark
Mrs. Marvin Burkett                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Caldwell        Dr. Carolyn P. Casteel              Donnie Clark
Ann Burkholder                           Linda Caldwell                    Allison Castle                      Elaine Clark
Ann Wagner Burkholder                    Pamela Caldwell                   Ruth Castleberry                    Ella Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Burkowski        Coldwell Banker                   Cedar Point Imports                 Florence and Jahmeika Clark
Joanna Garner Burleson                   Daphne Calhoun                    Minda Cedeno                        Harold W. Clark
Carl F. Burmeister                       Dorothy Calhoun                   Mr. and Mrs. John Chadwick          Joan Clark
Marie Burnett                            Ms. Tonie D. Calhoun              Ken Chafin                          Mr. and Mrs. John Clark
Patsy Burnett                            Mary Callaghan                    Thomas Chaicharncheep               Laura Clark
Caroline K. Burns                        Steve Callaghan                   Minnie Chambers                     Leigh Clark
David W. Burns                           Amy Brooke Callahan               Norean Chambers                     Steve Clark
Deborah Burns                            Mr Elric Callender                Paul L. Chambers                    Theresa Clark
Delores Burns                            Doris A. Calvert                  Rosemary S. Chambless               Mr. and Mrs. Wade Clark
Karen F. Burns                           Mr. W. D. Cameron                 Marilyn O’G Chambliss               William C. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns                Greg Camillieri                   Audrey J. Chamlee                   Mr. and Mrs. Demone Clarke
Tabatha Burns                            Brett W. Campbell                 Mr. and Mrs. Billy Champion         Hildra Clarke
Ms. Teri Burns                           Hugh Lee Campbell                 Mr. William H Chance                Maida Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymond Burr, Jr.   Jill Campbell                     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Chandler         Melissa Clarke
Shirley Burrell                          Michelle Campbell                 April K. Chandler                   Sherri D. Clarke
Harriett S. Burroughs                    Susan Campbell                    Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Chandler         Suzanne Clarke
Joyce N. Burrows                         Walter and Katrina Campbell       Mr. and Mrs. George G. Chandler     Doris Clay
Thomas Ware Burt                         Christopher D. Cannon             Jeff Brad Chandler                  J. C. Clay
Jane R. Burton                           Dr. James A. Cannon               Philip Chandler                     John Christopher Clay
Melissa Busby                            John W. Cannon                    Mr. and Mrs. Troy Chandler          Mr. Kim W. Clay
Pam Busby                                Katherine Cannon                  Mr. Curtis Larry Chapman            Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Clayborn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Busby               Traci Cannon                      Debra L. Chapman                    Dahmer Clegg
Ruth S. Busby                            Shelia Canode                     Debra T. Chapman                    Brenda Clemmons
Sylvia Busby                             Laurie Canterbury                 Mr. and Mrs. Simpson Chappell       Shane G. Clemmons
James Arthur Busch                       Marguerite G. Carden              Isaac Lashawn Chapple               Mary Cleveland
Leon Bush                                Renee Carft                       Brian Chapuis                       Suzanne Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Marion C. Bush              Dr. Paul Carlson                  Albert Charest                      Cliff Keller and Assoc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bush                 Lillie B. Carlton                 Manda L. Charest                    Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Clifford
Ms. Ciani N. Bush-Johnson                Debbie Carmichael                 Patricia Chase                      Jennifer Hicks Clifton
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Busma                Jack Carney                       Beverly Chasin                      Mr. and Mrs. Tony Clikas
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bussen               Virginia Carney                   Leigh Chason                        Mr. Paul Climax
Stephanie Bussey                         Gary Carnley                      Carol Chastain                      Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Clinton, Jr.
Tina I. Butcher                          Carousel Designs                  Paula Chastain                      Stephen P. Close
Amy Butler                               Al Carpenter                      Kristye Chastang                    Kitty Coake
Eugenia Butler                           Debra Carpenter                   Sheryl Chastang                     Kim Coaker
Gaye Butler                              Glenda Sue Carpenter              Brenda Chavers                      Mr. Marty Coaker
Gerald and Edith Butler                  Lesa Carpenter                    Ms. Nazaren B. Cheatham-Douglas     Harwell E. Coale Jr.
Katheryn Butler                          Maria Carpenter                   Helen Chen                          Mr. and Mrs. James Coate
Marsha P. Butler                         Sandra Carpenter                  Cynthia Cherry                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cobb
Marshall Butler                          Anita Carr                        John Cherry                         Mr. Hiram Cobb
Mary Butler                              Mary Helen Carr                   Ashley Chesney                      Mitchell Cobb
Mike and Evelyn Butler                   Martha J. Carrio                  Wendy Chesscher                     Natalie Cobb
Wiley N. Butler Jr.                      Edward Carroll                    Patrick N. Chester                  Leonard Cobbs
Dorothy Butridge                         Judy Carroll                      James David Chestnut                Mr. Udell S. Coburn
Buttercream Dreams Specialty Cakes       Ruby Carroll                      Linda Chestnut                      Aubrey Cochran
Rachel Butts                             Mr. and Mrs. Russell V. Carroll   Chi Omega Alumnae                   Brandy Cochran
Susan Buxton                             Sister Judith Carron              Chi Omega Fraternity USA            Lillian Cochran
                                                                                         University of South Alabama                               23
                                                                                                                  Deborah Daigle
   We want to list each gift appropriately. In spite of our best efforts, errors and                              Dairy Queen #17540
 omissions can occur. If this is the case, please accept our apologies and notify the                             Mr. and Mrs. Doug DaLee
 Office of University Development at the University of South Alabama, Mobile                                      Mr. Pasqual P. Dalimonte
                                                                                                                  Michael S. Dalzell
 Town House, Mobile, AL 36688, or call us at (251) 460-7032.                                                      Kathy Damico
                                                                                                                  Cecelia Danforth
Mrs. Ottie Cochran                       James Richard Cook                  Sandra H. Crane                      Sonia Daniel
Roy O. Cochran                           Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cook               Charles Crawford                     Valerie Daniel
Sue Cochran                              Ms. Lovelace Cook                   Eric Wayne Crawford                  Charles Daniels
Virginia H. Cochran                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cook           Marlene Crawford                     Samuetta Daniels
Barbara Guinn Cochrane                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dewaine Cook   Miranda Crawford                     Fran Danley
John Cocke, III                          Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cook               Crawford Sales Co.                   Jennifer Danner
Linda Coe                                Ms. Sandy Cook                      Lisa Creamer                         Dante’s Pizza
Brenda Cofer                             Michael Cooke                       Gwendolyn Creel                      Margaret Danzer
Louise K. Coffee                         Cookie Company                      Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Creel            Daphne Self Storage
Ms. Myrtis Coggin                        Mr. and Mrs. James Cooney           Robin Creel                          Genevieve M. Dardeau
Dr. Adam Max Cohen                       Mrs. Gay J. Cooper                  Matthew Creighton                    Beverly A. Darrington
Dr. Harold S. Cohen                      Mr. and Mrs. James Cooper           Carol H. Crenshaw                    Dr. Richard L. Daughenbaugh
Victor L. Cohen                          John M. Cooper, Jr.                 Scott Crenshaw                       Caryl Daugherty
Diana Coker                              Linda Cooper                        Shauna Crenshaw                      Debra B. Daugherty
James J. Coker                           Raymond Henry Cooper                Mary Jane Crisco                     Frank Daugherty
Nancy Coker                              Sue Cooper                          Stacey Crisco                        Ms. Robin Moore Daugherty
Donna Colburn                            Mr. and Mrs. Tony Cooper            Dr. Karen Crissinger                 Mary D’Aunoy
Dr. Cris Cole                            Vivian Cooper                       Critical Care Systems Inc.           Dauphin Island Sea Lab Docents
Dennis Cole                              Donna Copeland                      Mr. Haniel Croft                     Barbara White Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cole                  Mr. Gene Copeland                   Joyce Cromwell                       Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Davidson
Beverly Coleman                          James Copeland                      Dr. Nancy Cromwell                   Jeff W. Davidson
Geri Coleman                             Buddie Coraggio                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crone            Dr. Thomas John Davidson III
Jane LaToya Coleman                      Dr. Michel Corboz                   Gordan Cronin                        Alberta Davis
Marie Coleman                            Michelle Corkern                    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Crosby           Amy Elisabeth Davis
Mary L. Coleman                          Chris Corley                        Mrs. Billy Cross                     Anna L. Davis
Regina Coleman-Black                     Mr. and Mrs. John Corley            Mrs. Kimberly Cross                  Mr. Bennie M. Davis
Leroy and Hazel Coley                    Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cornelius        Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cross             Betty J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Colglazier             Sherall S. Cornwell                 Ms. Joy Alane Crouse                 Brenda Davis
Joseph Collie                            Mr. and Mrs. Dan Corte              Ms. Irma Crow                        Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Davis
Valetta Amanda Collier                   Mr. Lee Corte                       Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenny Crow Jr.       Crystal Gayle Davis
Athlestine M. Collins                    John N. Cosby                       Mr. and Mrs. William D. Crowder      Cynthia Ann Davis
Brandy Collins                           Walter Earl Cosby                   Leah Crowe                           Dorothy L. Davis
Clinton Collins                          Cosmopolitan Women’s Club           Mr. C.A. Crumb                       Edna Davis
Davette Collins                          Virginia Cott                       Majorie Crump                        Elizabeth Quinn Davis
Evelyn Marie Collins                     Lisa Cotten                         Tonya Culp                           Elnora Davis
Georgia Collins                          Pam Cotton                          O Cumbest                            Ethel P. Davis
Grayce Collins                           George Coumanis                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cumpton            Frank William Davis
Lorraine Davis Collins                   Mr. and Mrs. Jim Couper             Dr. Carl Cunningham Jr.              Gena Davis
Myron Collins                            Rosalyn Covan                       Ms. Christen Cunningham              Hattie Davis
Randolph Collins                         Mrs. Lottie Covington               Gloria Cunningham                    Jamie Davis
Rick Collins                             Walter Covington                    James Cunningham                     Jayne Davis
Ms. Shelly Collins                       Lori Michelle Cowan                 Juanita D. Cunningham                Joseph Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John Colvin                 Steven Ellis Cowen                  Mr. and Mrs. Perry Cunningham        Julius M. Davis
John M. Comander                         Joan C. Cowles                      Rhonda Cunningham                    Katheryn Davis
Combined Council of Auto Credit Unions   Ms. Adelia Heins Cox                Audrea Curley                        Kathy Davis
Jeanne Comer                             B. A. Cox                           Eleanor A. Curran                    Larry Doyle Davis
Michael Anthony Condon                   Edna Cox                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Currey Jr.   Leona Davis
Elizabeth D. Connell                     Emmett Cox                          Barbara Curry                        Mr. Leslie Davis
Katherine Hawkins Connell                Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox            Betty Curry                          Lynda Davis
Donna Long Conner                        Mrs. Herbert Cox                    Deborah Sue Curry                    Marsha Davis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ryan Conner              Ms. Kim Cox                         Faye Curtis                          Mike Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Theotis Conner              Linda Coxwell                       Mr. and Mrs. George Curtis           Minnie Davis
Conrad Watson Air Conditioning           John David Coyle Jr.                Leslie Curtis                        Noel Ladd Davis*
Consultants and Administrators, Inc.     Ms. Marty Crabtree                  Quincy Curtis                        Mrs. Olen Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Conte                Mr. and Mrs. Carnes Craig           Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Curtis             Patsy Davis
Mickey Conway                            Charlotte Craig                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Curtis          Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Davis
Carolyn Cook                             Ms. Jackie Craig                    Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wayne Curtis      Mr. and Mrs. Randall Davis
Charles S. Cook                          Maryann Craig                       Sheila Cushion                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Davis
Christopher R. Cook                      Paul S. Craig                       Anita H. Custer                      Roderick Davis
Ms. Corrie Cook                          Margaret Crain                      Cyberstation                         Roy Gilbert Davis Jr.
Dennis Cook                              Mr. Bruce Crandall                  D and D Cycles, Inc.                 Samuel L. Davis
Doris Cook                               Dr. Nelson Crandall                 Mark Dagwell                         Seln and Cheryl Davis
Elizabeth B. Cook                        Mr. and Mrs. Jim Crane              Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dahlaman            Sharon Davis

24        Honor roll of donors
Sharon E. Davis                     Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Dial              Wesley Driggers                    Jason Elders
Sherrie Davis                       Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dial               Tara Drinkard                      Mr. Erin Elkins
Steven Davis                        Andrew Diamond                      Ms. Heather Drummond               Jim Elkins
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Davis          Pete Diamond                        Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Drummond       Mark Elkins
Willie J. Davis                     Shirley Diamond                     D’s Country Home                   Mary Sheffield Elkins
Brent and Alica Davison             DiBella’s Pizza                     Mr. Sidney P. Du Mont Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Elkins
Ms. Sidetta Davison                 Mary Dichiara                       Isaiah Dubose and Family           Patricia L. Ellingson
Annette Dawe                        Heather Dickens                     Joseph D. Duckworth                Carol Ann Ellis
Ms. Terrilyn Dawkins                Pearl Dickens                       Jean Ducote                        Dr. David N. Ellis
Elizabeth Day                       Ida Dickerson                       Ms. Jataun Dudley-Lewis            Norman Keith Ellis
Karen Day                           Lovie Dickinson                     Janice Dueitt                      Donna J. Elmore
Lera Day                            Rene Dickinson                      Bryan Duhe                         Mr. and Mrs. Bernard C. Elson
Robert Day                          Mr. and Mrs. William Dickinson      Ruth Duignan                       Christopher Carl Elton
Elizabeth M. De Lorme               Charles Dicks                       Corinne Duke                       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Elworthy
Karen Fretwell Deakins              Elaine E. Diehl                     Helen B. DuMars                    Kay Emanuel
Ms. Gay Dean                        Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dierking         Mr. Cantrell Tyrese Dumas          Carol Emerson
Katherine Hasty Dean                Helen Dimoff                        Dunbar School For Creative and     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Emerson
Robert Lee Dean                     Ellen Dinges                          Performing Arts                  Kitty Johnson Emery
Shirley Dean                        Bill Dismukes                       Ms. Irma J. Duncan                 Helen S. Emmons
Wendy Randle Dean                   John Dismukes                       Karen Duncan                       Sylvia Encinas
Angela Deane                        Leah Dismukes                       Sandra Duncan                      Donna Endris
                                                                                                           Ms. Talitha Enfinger
Leona Deangelo                      District 8 Cons. Enf. Personnel     Linda Dunlap
                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Enfinger
Pamela Dearing                      Diva Day Spa                        Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Dunlap
                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Engel
Cheryl Deas                         Diva Productions Pageants           Helen Dunn
                                                                                                           Camilla English
Mr. Terry Debose                    Anita Dixon                         Julie Dunn
                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Edgar English
Deidre Decker                       Arlene Malone Dixon                 Michelle S. Dunn
                                                                                                           Ms. Lorraine English
Dedrick’s Snack and Vending         Mrs. Brontee Hulon Dixon            Nancy Dunn
                                                                                                           Louis English
Betty Dees                          Hannah Dixon                        Bonnie Dunning
                                                                                                           Tom English
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dees             Ms. Jerry Dixon                     Carl Jason Dunning
                                                                                                           Marie J. Entessar
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dees           Jimmie Dixon                        Arnold Dupree
                                                                                                           Sarah Enzor
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dees               Marie Dixon                         Nicholas Dupree                    Epilepsy Chapter Of Mobile
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dees             Patricia Dixon                      Denton Dupuis                      Joel Walter Erdmann
Williams Dees                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dixon           Jeannie Dupuis                     Sharon Skinner Erwin
Mr. and Mrs. Homer E. Deese         Docks and Terminal Credit Union     Karen Dupuis                       Mr. and Mrs. Scott Escobio
Ms. Terry N. Dees-Kolenich          Mrs. Verda Doebler                  Philip Durant                      John E. Estes
Cheryl A. DeFontaine                Angela Doggett                      Julie Duren                        Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Estill
Karen Defriez                       Dogwood Antique                     Sandy Durham                       LJ and Margie Estis
Suzanne Degelos                     Johnathan Dole                      Durr Medical Corporation           Steven D. Estrada
Jane Dekle                          Patricia Dolive                     E. S. Duvalle                      Sheryl Etheridge
Cynthia Leigh Delaney               Mr. and Mrs. Sergio R. D’Oliveira   Carolyn Dwelle                     Vivian Etheridge
Delchamps, Inc.                     Gwendolyn Dollar                    Scott Dwelle                       Betty J. Eubanks
Ms. Natalya V. Delcoure             Linda Domingo                       Peggy Dyar                         Cheryl Eubanks
Sharon Delmar                       Elva H. Donald                      Gen. John R. Dyas                  Donna Eubanks
Sally Jenay Delmastro               David Scott Donaldson               Sheila Dyas                        Robert Eubanks
Marion E. Demarest                  Donna M. Donaldson                  Ms. Albennie Dye                   Sarah Eubanks
Hardy A. Demeranville               Jacqueline Donaldson                Gayle Dye                          Joan Evan
Joan P. Demeranville                Georgia Donivan                     Ann Eager                          Annette Evans
Angie Demouy                        Dawn Donnelly                       Ear, Nose and Throat Center, PC    Daniel Wesley Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Comer B. Dempsey       Margaret Hendrix Dooley             Larry Early                        Diana Evans
Dr. Lloyd Dendinger                 Curtis and Nell Dorriety            Margaret East                      Mrs. E. J. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Denmark         David Dossett                       Emile Eaton                        Stacy Evans
Trena Denmark                       Diane Doster                        Mr. and Mrs. Mack Eaton            Tara Nicole Evans
Alton G. Dennis                     Gloria Doster                       Dr. Stephen M. Eberly              Gerald Everett
Jeffrey S. Denson                   Dr. Frances Carroll Dougherty       Donnie Echols                      Ray Everett
Leo Denton Jr.                      Maria Doughty                       Mrs. Thirsty Eckoff                Beverly Ewing
Ray Denzey                          Boyd Douglas                        Teresa Eddins                      Express Personnel Services
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery   Ms. Cleveria E. Douglas             Andy S. Edgar Sr.                  Elizabeth Ezell
Garnet M. Deramus                   Ms. Tahlaya Lutrice Dowdell         Mr. and Mrs. C. Ernest Edgar III   Marilyn Ridgeway Ezell
William E. Derieg                   Harold Downey                       Mr. C. Ernest Edgar Jr.            Ms. Marion M. Ezell
Marilyn Elaine Derks                Mr. and Mrs. Mark Downs             Ginger Marie Edgar                 Sharon Ezelle
Ms. Ashley DeRossett                Mr. and Mrs. Clay Doyle             Amber Edmond                       Valerie V. Faddis
Joseph Derwin                       Melanie Middlesworth Doyle          Mr. and Mrs. Byran Edwards         Mrs. O. Tayo Fadeji
Cary Deshaw                         Peggy Lee Doyle                     Dave Edwards                       Bruce Fagan
Dr. Richard deShazo                 Frank Dozier                        Monte Edwards                      Jennifer Fagerstrom
Margaret Desouza                    Edie Drake                          Mrs. Shasta Edwins                 Laura J. Fail
Raven Desporte                      Tonya D. Drakes                     C. Egli                            Linda P. Fair
Ms. Gray Dethloff                   Julia Drane                         Dr. Samuel Eichold                 Dianne Oerting Fairchild
Mr. Sarah DeWit                     Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dreaden          Michael G. Eide                    Tracy Faircloth
Lila Dexter                         Regina Drews                        Joseph Eiland                      Fairmont Subdivision Improvement
Dr. and Mrs. Jagdish Dhawan         Barbara W. Drey                     Dex Elders                           Association
                                                                              University of South Alabama                           25
Cathy R. Faison
Ms. Frances Z. Falcon
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Falcon, Sr.                                  JOHN STRANGE
Dr. Sheryl Falkos
Glenn E. Farabee                        Dr. John Strange was tapped as the annual fund representative for his
Kim Farmer
Aldon R. Farnell                      college for the 2003 Faculty and Staff Annual Fund Campaign. Citing
Ms. Alma L. Farnell                   the university from which he
Carolyn Farnell
Mr. Constance Farnell                 received his degrees and where
Richard Farrell                       participation in their Faculty
Dr. Theodore Farris
Katherine E. Faulkner                 and Staff Campaign was 96%,
Wade Faulkner
Tommy Faust
                                      Dr. Strange felt that his
Frank and Jane Feagin                 college should strive for 100%
Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Fearn
G.C. Feaster                          participation in the 2003
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Feibelman         Campaign. And, 100%
Tamara Feldman
Christine Fell                        participation is what they
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Fell                achieved.
Laura Fellrath
Edward Felts                            Dr. Strange sets the example
Jeremy Blake Fendley
Carolyne Ferenczi
                                      as a leader among his peers in
Ms. Alene Ferguson                    support for his department,
Deborah Ferguson
Jeannette Ferguson
                                      his college, and his University.
Myrna C. Ferguson
Iris Fetterman
Lillian A. Few                     Sabrina Flowers                Frame Corner                   Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Gaines
Irving L. Fields                   Mary Alice Floyd               Mr. and Mrs. Victor Franch     Harold Galemore
Molly Fields                       Robert J. Floyd                Beth Franco                    June Gales
Petra Fields                       Nicole Thomson Flynn           Deborah Franklin               Lynn Gallaher
Christie Field                     Jessica Fobear                 Doyle Franklin                 Barbara Galloway
Teressa Lynette Figgers            Gerald Foggie                  Margaret Franklin              Hunter Galloway
Helen Louise Fike                  David Foley                    Marguerite Franklin            Mrs. Althea Gambel
Tammy Fikes                        Brenda Folsom                  Sandra Burch Franklin          Nicole Gambino
Jack B. Files                      Henry Fonde                    Tiffany Franklin               Ms. Lawrann C. Gamble-Fanucci
Valerie Fillers                    Roy Fontaine                   John Richard Franks            Meriam Gambrel
P. R. Fillingim                    Food World                     Darlene Fraser                 Brian Gammage
Ms. Santai La Shun Finch           Tina Forbis                    Melody Frasier                 Ms. Janice Gandy
Lillian A. Findlay                 Janice Forbus                  Richard Fraunfelder            Ms. Yvette Gandy
Patricia Finkbohner                Dorothy Ford                   Carole Fredericks              R Gant
Paul Finkelstein                   Dr. Terrell Ford               Mr. and Mrs. Larry Free        Donna Gantz
Ms. Tommie Finklea                 William Ford                   Emmett F. Freel                Lisa Ganus
Victor Finkley                     Linda Fornander                Delvette Freeman               Margaret J. Garbo
Mr. and Mrs. Breck Finley          Jennifer Forsman               Doris Freeman                  Mr. and Mrs. David Gardberg
Ms. Vera L. Finley                 Mr. Billy Wayne Forsythe       Mrs. E. Freeman                John David Gardberg
Earline Finney                     Amanda Forward                 Jacqueline Freeman             Garden Gallery
Kara Kathleen Finstad              Mrs. Alma W. Foster            Alice Freiheit                 Amber Gardner
First Community Bank               Clara Foster                   Mary T. French                 Lawrence Adrian Gardner
Brian Alexander Fisackerly         Katherine Motes Foster         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frennea   Nancy Gardner
Bethel Fite                        Norman H. Foster               Jeanette Fresne                Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gardner, Jr.
Rosemary Fittje                    Patricia Foster                Katherine Frey                 Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Garner
V.W. Fittje                        Rachel Lynn Foster             Judith A. Friedhoff            Mr. and Mrs. Doug Garner
Betty Fitzgerald                   Catherine Fountain             Julie Friedricks               Todd W. Garner
William L. Flagge                  Kathy Fountain                 Fruit Distributing Co. Inc.    Karen Garney
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Flechsenhar    Leo Fournier Sr.               Janet Frye                     Ms. Courtney Garrett
Kenneth Fleming                    Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Foutz     Velma L. Frye                  Ms. Frances W. Garrett
Darlene Fletcher                   David Fowler                   Elizabeth Fulford              Linda M. Garrett
Mr. Jesse D. Fletcher              Mr. Ira Fowler                 Minnie P. Fuller               Patrick H. Garrett
Walter Fletcher                    Sonja Fowler                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fulton     Angela Garrick
Joann Flirt                        Stacy Fowler                   Mr. Sam Fuqua                  Pamela M. Garrison
Eugene Flood                       Marilyn A. Fox                 Laura Gabel                    Sandra Garthwait
Myra Lynn Florentino               Melissa Fox                    Emile Gadel                    Larry Gartman
Alex Flowers                       Sara Pipes Fox                 Larry Gafford                  Louise Gartman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Flowers      Foxy Nails                     Patricia N. Gagliano           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gartman
Roshell Flowers                    Mr. and Mrs. Tony P. Fragale   Ms. Jean Gaines                Col. Ret. Henry B. Gass
26        Honor roll of donors
Ms. Hannis Gates                 Amanda G. Gonzales                  James Green                        Gulf Pines Golf Course
Red Gates                        Gregory A. Goode                    Naomi Green                        Phil Gulley
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Gates         Lisa Goodloe                        P. Green                           Mr. and Mrs. Elton Gunnin
Charles E. Gatlin                Dr. and Mrs. Russell Goodloe, Jr.   William Green                      Margaret Rockstall Gunnison
Palmer Gatlin                    Mr. and Mrs. Travis Goodloe         Green TV                           Earl Gunter
Patti Hines Gatlin               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Goodman        Virginia Greene                    Dr. Larry Ray Gurchiek
Gatlin Hudson Architects, Inc.   Mrs. John Goodman                   Gloria Greenspun                   Gustafson and Wolfskill
Mary Gaut                        Thomas Goodman                      Louise Greenwald                   Mary Gutierrez
Mary Ashton Gay                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Goodman      Jeanene Gregg                      Annette Guy
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Geary         John Thomas Goodroe                 Dr. and Mrs. Albert Gremse         Julia and Gene Guy
Bernard Gebhardt                 Karen L. Goodwin                    Christopher Gremse                 Sharon Douglas Guy
William Geck                     Grace Gordon                        David Gremse                       Suzanne Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Arden A. Geist      James Britton Gordon                Jennifer Gremse                    William Guy
Lynn Geist                       Elizabeth Gordy                     Jennifer L. Greybeck               Yvette Guy
Mr. and Mrs. David Gengo         Tommy Lee Gore                      Jeff Grice                         Cheryl C. Guynn
William Genz                     Betty Gorham                        Carolyn D. Griffin                 Dr. Annmarie Guzy
Mr. and Mrs. Jack George         Jill Gottlieb                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Griffin, Jr.   John L. Gwaltney
Tina D. Powe George              Dr. Jihua Gou                       Karen Barnard Griffin              April Gwin
Robert M. Gerace                 Gina Goul                           Rhodia V. Griffin                  Don Gwin
Helen L. Gerth                   Patricia S. Grabowski               Tasha Griffin                      Timothy O. Gyan
Sandra Gibbs                     Ms. Chrys Boswell Graham            Tonia Griffin                      Melissa Jones Haab
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Gibbs         D Graham                            Mr. and Mrs. Carl Griffith         Bay Haas
Robert E. Gibney                 Jean Denise Graham                  Mr. and Mrs. Elin Griggs           Sandra Haas
Albert Marcus Gibson             Lillie Graham                       Daisy Grimes                       Mrs. A. J. Habeeb
Candace R. Gibson                Nell Graham                         Maureen Grimes                     Doris Habeeb
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Gibson       Margot Gramlich                     Anna B. Grisham                    Michelle Haberman
Kelly Lyn Gibson                 Callie Granade                      Penny Grizzle                      Naja Hadad
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gibson        Lynette S. Granade                  Daniel Groft                       Jessica Hadaway
Linda Giddeon                    Melissa F. Grannum                  Sharon Gros                        Nancy McCormick Haddad
Malcom Owen Gideons              Dr. James Grant                     Kenneth L. Grove                   John Hadley
Giftwick Shop                    Mr. and Mrs. Wayman Grant           Kathryn Guarino                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hadley
Edda Gilbert                     Valerie Grantham                    Cindy Guess                        Veronica Hadley
Eric John Gilbert                Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Graves          Rita Guess                         Jay Hagerman
Linda Gilchrist                  David L. Gray                       William L. Guess                   Margaret E. Haig
James Gildea                     Rebecca Taylor Gray                 Dr. Charles L. Guest               Grace May Haight
Norma K. Giles                   Greater Gulf Literacy Council       Connie Guggenbiller                Hair Fashions by Vivian
Rebecca M. Giles                 Ashley Le Blanc Green               Jamey Guidry                       Leslie Hakanson
Dorothy S. Gill                  Betty Green                         Sandra K. Guidry                   Chaundra D. Hale
Catherine Gillari                Blanca Green                        DeAnne Gulbransen                  Grafton Willson Hale
Dina Lynn Gilley                 Grace Green                         Gulf Coast Exploreum               Dr. Max Howard Hale
Linda L. Gilley
Hudson D. Gilliand
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilliland                                        RON STALLWORTH
Mrs. D Gilmore
Kathleen Gilmore                       Ron Stallworth was a young man with a
Martha Gilmore                      dream - a dream to become an engineer. He
Patricia Ashley Gilmore
Mr. Joey Walters Ginn
                                    was also a young man who exhibited the
Jeanette Ginwright                  qualities of persistence, patience, and
Susan Girardeau                     determination as he struggled through
Glamour Shots
Greg Glass
                                    financial adversity to complete his degree in
Kathleen Obenchain Glass            Chemical Engineering. Shortly after spring
Michele Glasscock                   commencement in May 2003, Ron contacted
Linda Nippert Glenn
Cheryl Lynn Glisson                 the College of Engineering and began the
Dolly Glisson                       process to endow a scholarship for other
Nancy Gnau
Mr. L.W. Godbold
                                    aspiring engineers. In an interview with the
Louise Goddin                       Mobile Register in May 2003, as he reflected
Brenda Godfrey                      on his college career and the importance that
Deborah and Kolfinna Godfrey
Dr. Jens Goebel                     family plays in encouraging young people to
Debbie Goff                         pursue their dreams, Stallworth said, “My
Royce Goff                          dad’s spirit is what I leaned on the most. It’s
Sean Goff
Mrs. Archer Goin                    what I smile about when I’m too tired to do
Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldberg           anything. I think he would be proud I didn’t
James Sebron Golden
Norma Golomb
                                    give up.”
                                                                                  University of South Alabama                           27
Michelle Hale                    Vicki Harrell                        Susan Leigh Havard                 Leigh Perry Herndon
Muriel Hale                      Joy H.P. Harriman                    Vince Havard                       Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Herpin
Cindy Hall                       Amelia Harrington                    George and Shirley Havel           Charlotte Herrick Ph.D.
Janie Hall                       Deborah Harrington                   Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hawkins        William Daniel Herrin
Jillian Hall                     Dr. Ellen Burton Harrington          Charles Hawkins                    David John Hess
Joseph Hall                      James Harrington                     Elisa Hawkins                      Elizabeth Hester
Judy Hall                        LaRita T. Harrington                 Kathy Hawkins                      Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hester
Kim Hall                         Belinda Harris                       Larry and Carol Hawkins            Wayne Hester
Marie Hall                       Diana Harris                         Ruby Hawkins                       Rod Hewitt
Melvin Hall                      Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Cecil Harris      Theo Hawkins                       Deloris Hickenbottom
Michael W. Hall                  James Harris                         Theresa Hawkins                    Carl Hickey
Talia L. Hall                    Janice D. Harris                     Micaela Hawn                       Rusty Hickey
Terry Hall                       Jeanne Demarco Harris                Yukiko Hayashi                     Doyle Hickman
Hall’s Motorsports               Jennifer Harris                      Debra Hayes                        Louise Hickman
Diane L. Halperin                Jill Harris                          Manuella Hayes                     Dawn Hicks
Lawrence R. Hamberg              Joseph Harris                        Paula C. Haygood                   Shaun Hicks
Barbara Hamby                    Lisa Harris                          Beth Haynes                        Sylvia Jones Hicks
David A. Hamby, Jr.              Mary Jo Harris                       Carla Haynes                       Carolyn Hickson
Arlene Hamilton                  Mary L. Harris                       Darron Haynes                      Nell Hickson
Dianna Hamilton                  Maryanne T. Harris                   Daniel Ivan Heagle                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higbee
Gloria Hamilton                  Meryl Harris                         Ted A. Heaps                       Sarah Higginbotham
Gretchen Hamlin                  Portia R. Harris                     Mr. and Mrs. George Heard          Barbara L. Higgins
Brenda J. Hammack                Stephanie Harris                     Mr. and Mrs. Grover Heard          Clyde A. Higgs
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Hammett    Ed Harrision                         Joan Hearn                         Willie J. Hightower
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammond     Bridgett Harrison                    Emily Manon Hebert                 Hilb Rogal and Hamilton Co.
Elfreida Hammond                 Frauline Harrison                    Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Hebert         Joyce Hileman
Katie Hammond                    John Harrison                        Alice S. Heckel                    Cindy M. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hammond         Joyce Harrison                       Mrs. Alan L. Heffernan             Diana Hill
Thomas Hancock                   Michael D. Harrison                  Stacey L. Hefley-Bryant            Fred Hill
Henry Ausphery Hand              Nancy J. Harrison                    Dan Heidel                         Mrs. Harry Hill
Marla Hand                       Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Harrison        Dorothy V. Heider                  Michele M. Hill
Rebecca Jean Hanes               Rhonda Harrison                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Heil           Terri Hill
Patsy Haney                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Harrison         Margaret Heinberg                  Tracy Hill
Shannon Haney                    Rosemary Harrison                    Michael J. Heiser                  Greg Hilley
Tara Haney                       Troy Vincent Harrison                Janet G. Heishman                  Karen Bradley Hillman
Laverne Hanft                    Mr. and Mrs. Wallace A. Harry, Jr.   Stephen Heisler                    Linda Hillman
Bryant M. Hanks                  Cathy Hart                           Dr. Robert J. Heitman              Hill’s Children’s Shoes
Dr. Robert Bush Hanks            Elaine Hart                          Adam L. Helewski                   David T. Hilton
Dr. Roma Hanks                   Gloria Hart                          James Helland                      Claudette Hilyer
Bridgett Kathryn Hann            Michael Gerard Hart                  Mr. and Mrs. James Helm            Elizabeth Hinson
W. Ricks Hanna, Jr.              Nancy D. Hart                        Charles Grant Helms                Fay I. Hinton
Amy Hannah                       Ollie Hart                           Michael Helms                      Karla Hinton
Colonel Joseph J Hannan          Diane Hartley                        Tallulah Helmsing                  Verlera Linda Hinton
April Suzanne Hanson             Duncan Hartley                       Barbara A. Helton                  Betty Hirz
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hanson        Ruby Hartley                         Mr. and Mrs. Dewitt G. Helveston   Laura Hixson
Betty Harbin                     Brigitte Harton                      Zach Hemingway                     Dorene Hockaday
Debbie Harbin                    Kathy Hartung                        C. M. Henderson                    Eva Melton Hodge
Margaret Harbison                Joan M. Hartwell                     Janice Henderson                   Karen Hodge
Winifred Harbison                Diane F. Harvey                      Lula Henderson                     Tiffany Hodge
Susan Harchelroad                Dr. Keith Harvey                     Michael A. Henderson               William Hodge
Stacy Hardeman                   Misty Harvey                         Michelle Henderson                 Harold Lane Hodges
Eileen Harden                    Caroline Harville                    Mr. and Mrs. Reggie Henderson      James and Liz Hodges
Patricia Harden                  Sandra Harville                      Samantha Henderson                 Agnes Hodnette
Sherron A. Harden                Carla Harvison                       Dr. Stephen B. Henderson           Margaret Hoff
Alan Lloyd Hardy                 Richard Harwood                      Tracy Henderson                    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hoffman
Janie Hardy                      Betty Haskew                         Ray Hendren                        Edith Hoffman
Joy Lynne Hardy                  Darryl Haskew                        Tom Hendrich                       Susan Hoffman
Cornelia D. Hargett              Glenda Hassan                        Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hendrickson      Walter L. Hogan, Jr.
William Joseph Harkins           Vicki Hassler                        John Hendrix                       Dr. James Hogue
Josh Harley                      Shanda Felise Brown Haston           Keith Hendrix                      Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Hohs
Col. Armistead Harper            Arleen Hatcher                       Thomas Eugene Hendrix              Amelia S. Holberg
Kathryn S. Harper                Dr. Jason Hatcher                    Henkel Corporation                 Linda Figge Holberg
Michelle Harper                  Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hatchett        Edwin Henley                       Regina and Gregory Holberg
Patti Harper                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hatfield           Melissa Hennis                     Brenda T. Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Russell B. Harper   Thomas and Pamela Hattemer           Mrs. H. E. Henry                   Linda B. Holder
Susan Harper                     Mrs. O. A. Hauber                    James Alton Henry                  Barbara Holderfield
Viola W. Harper                  E. C. Havard                         Vanessa Henshaw                    Frances Leigh Holland
Audrey Harrell                   James Ronald Havard                  Thomas W. Herbert                  Gilbert and Betty Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell     Johnnie Blake Havard                 Deanie Hermann                     Henry A. Holland, Jr.
Grayson Harrell                  Kevin Michael Havard                 Dorothy Herndon                    Judith Holland
28       Honor roll of donors
Andrea Holley                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hudson          Bill Jackson                   Miranda Johnson
Booker Hollinger                Linda Hudson                        Donatta Jackson                Olivia Angaline Johnson
L. Hollinger                    Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hudson          Erica R. Jackson               Pamela Johnson
Camilla Hollins                 Sandra E. Hudson                    Forrest Jackson                Pat Johnson
Carol Hollister                 Beverly Huff                        Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson    Patricia Ann Johnson
Lillie Holloway                 Scott Huffman                       James K. Jackson               Dr. R. Burke Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Len Hollstein      Huffman and Sipe                    Karen M. Jackson               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson
Hollywood Tan                   Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hughes           Leroy Jackson                  Sandra Johnson
Gisele Holm                     Ida Hughes                          Mr. and Mrs. Odette Jackson    Sharon Smith Johnson
Dr. Robert Holm                 Kelli Hughes                        Sandra Jean Jackson            Timothy Lee Johnson
Brandon Holman                  Martha B. Hughes                    William J. Jackson             Viteria C. Johnson
Marie K. Holmblade              Ryan Roscoe Hughes                  Joyce Jacobs                   Wanda Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Holmer   Warren Peter Hughes                 Paula and Hannah Jacobsen      Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Johnson
Iris Holmes                     Julie Hulett                        Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobson     Wilbanks Johnson
Patty Holmes                    Dr. Evelyn Hume                     Dr. Chucri Jalkh               Yvonne Johnson
Joseph Holston                  Marcia Humphreys                    Ella James                     Dr. Ralph Johnson, Jr.
Ida Holt                        Mr. and Mrs. George Hunt            Jeanette H. James              Andrea Johnston
Julia Holub                     Karen Hunt                          Mary J. James                  Mary Johnston
Ada Holyfield                   Martha B. Hunt                      James Flower Shop              Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Johnston
Rhonda Parks Holzborn           Jery Darrell Hunter                 Mr. and Mrs. David Jarrell     Paula Joiner
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hood         John Hunter                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jarrell      Abraham Jones
Melissa Hoove                   Kim Hunter                          J. Steve Jay                   Alison Jones
Christin Mary Hopkins           Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hunter           Robert E. Jay                  Bert Jones
Mary E. Hopson                  Roberta Hunter                      Jay Electric                   Bessie Jones
Edna L. Horan                   Sylvia Thompson Huntley             Jaycees - Daleville            Carolyn Jones
Justin Horn                     Lucille H. Hurley                   Peggy Jaye                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jones
Aimee Horne                     Belinda Janiece Hurst               Sean Jaye                      Cleo Jones
Lisa M. Horne                   Richard Hurt                        Art Jeffery                    Darby Jones
Sabra Horne                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Husby           Carol Ann Jeffery              Diane Jones
Gary Horton                     Annie Huskey                        Butch Jeffries                 Diane L. Jones
Myrtle Horton                   Steve Hutcherson                    Virginia Jeffries              Gertrude Jones
R. Keith Horton                 Hutcherson Jewelry Inc.             Christina Jenkins              Jane Jones
Rosemond Horton                 Amy Saliba Hutchings                Marquita Jenkins               Jimmy Jones
Tracy L. Hoskins                Gloria Hutchison                    Tommie Jenkins                 Joann Jones
Dr. Amjad Hossain               Alfreda Hyde                        Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Jennings   Joseph Jones
Ann L. Hostrander               Michael E. Hyland                   Lori Jennings                  Joyce Jones
Joshua Tate Hotz                Gloria Hyndman                      Whitney O. Jensen              Karen S. Jones
Steven Daniel Houk              Ichihara Board of Education         Connie Jernigan                Lila K. Jones
Edith Houlsen                   Stefan Ichim                        Jerry Jernigan                 Linda Jones
Paul Q. Houlsen                 Lisa Ikner                          Mary S. Jernigan               Marvin L. Jones
Bobbie House                    Autherine Inge                      Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Jernigan    Mike Jones
Michael P. House                Dr. and Mrs. David Inge             Lynn A. Jetton                 Myron Jones
Sandra House                    Frances P. Inge                     Linda B. Jewell                Ona Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houston     Lebaron Inge                        Linda Johansen                 Pauline Jones
Harold Houze                    Barry Ingle                         Arthur Johnson                 Robert Jones
Irene Hovell                    Jessica Ingram                      Beth Johnson                   Sharon Jones
Charlotte Howard                Dr. Kathleen W. Ingram              Betty Johnson                  Shirley Jones
Claudette Howard                Mary Ann Ingram                     Blair M. Johnson               Slater Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Howard       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ingram            Carol Johnson                  Summer Jones
Tim Howard                      Wayne and Michelle Ingram           Chinester Johnson              Tina Jones
Angie Howell                    USA Interfraternity Council         Clarence Johnson               Todd Michael Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Howell        Interior Exterior Building Supply   Edwin Johnson                  Traci M. Jones
Corinne Jane Howell             Carolyn Irby                        Edwina Johnson                 Wendy Jones
Malcolm R. Howell               Guy B. Irby Jr.                     Elizabeth Johnson              Zan M Jones
Nancy G. Howell                  Renata Irby                        Ella Johnson                   Al Jordan
Penny Howell                    Sandra B. Irby                      Emanuel Donell Johnson         Alma P. Jordan
R.C. Howell                     Brad Irvin                          Iva Johnson                    Carol Ann Jordan
Robert Howell                   Wendell Ishee                       Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson     Debra Jordan
Lars Howen                      Island Motors II                    James H. Johnson               Mr. and Mrs. Don Jordan
Kimberly Howsmon                Connie Isler                        Jessica Johnson                Donald Ray Jordan, Jr.
Saundra C. Howze                Christene Isphording                Karen Johnson                  Edith Jordan
Dr. Ko-Cheng Hsu                Brenda Ivory                        Kelly Johnson                  Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Jordan, Jr.
Lin-Ya Hsu                      Grace Ivy                           Levetta Johnson                Joe D. Jordan
Vivian Hubert                   Linda Ivy                           Linda Johnson                  Judi Jordan
Melanie Hubley                  Mr. and Mrs. William Ivy            Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Johnson      Mr. and Mrs. Larry Jordan
Nabil Huda                      Mr. Arun Vishwanath Iyer            Margaret Johnson               Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Hudgens    J and H Siding                      Marie Johnson                  Teresa Jordan
Alan Hudgin                     J C Penney Co. Inc.                 Mary Heath Johnson             Della Jorgensen
Dot Hudson                      J M Guard Service                   Maurice J. Johnson             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Joullian
Jean Hudson                     James Jaacks                        Michelle Johnson               Denise Jowers
                                                                               University of South Alabama                       29
Shirley Jowers                     Edna Kelley                     Christopher M. Keshock         Audrey Kitzer
Sherry Joyane                      Judy Kelley                     Ashleigh C. Key                Gina Klatt
Mr. and Mrs. Shannon Joyner        Connie Kelly                    Dr. Aurangzeb Khan             Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kleffner
Yvonne Joyner                      David and Pam Kelly             Dr. Ronald Peter Kiene         Matt Klein
Selicia S. Hughes Judge            Jennifer Kelly                  Sean Kiernan                   Faye Kleinschmidt
Brandt Julia                       Kim Kelly                       David William Killilea         Janis Kleinschrodt
Marla Junkins                      Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Kelly         Mary Anne Killion              Kim W. Kling
Just Books, Inc.                   Regina Kelly                    Kimberly Kimbro                Diane Larche Kluge
Lorrie Justice                     Robin Kelly                     Dr. and Mrs. B.B. Kimbrough    Barbara B. Knight
Syed Kabir                         Tracy Kelly                     Elizabeth A. Kimbrough         Bridgette Knight
Terri Kadel                        Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Kelly       Sonya and Tony Kimbrough       Charlotte Knight
Nancy S. Kaempfer                  Wendy Kelly                     Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kinard       Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Knight
Jameal A. Kahalley                 Kelly Exterminating Services    Anita Harmon King              Katie Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Kalifeh          Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kelso          Clinton Russell King           Lakisha Knight
John Kaller                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Kemp    Mr. and Mrs. James King        Cheryl Knitter
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Kane, Jr.   Henrietta Kemp                  Jeanne B. King                 Connie Knizley
R.H. Kanning                       Mary Kemp                       Jesse A. King                  P. A. Knobf
V. Lakshmi Kantam                  Sandra Fitzpatrick Kendall      Jessica King                   Kimberly G. Knorr
Kappa Alpha Order                  Leslie Kendrick                 Kristi Michelle King           Darlene Knott
Shirley A. Kargleder               Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kendrick   Mary King                      A. Elizabeth Koch
Jackie Karr                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kennedy     Nuria King                     S. R. Koch
William Karzun                     Angela Kennedy                  Penny King                     Janet Koehnke
Allan Katzer                       Clyniece Kennedy                Rebecca King                   Lori Koen
John Patrick Kavanagh, Jr.         Gail Palmer Kennedy             Rose King                      Dr. and Mrs. Irving Koffler
Levis Kaweck                       Jayne Kennedy                   Jim Kingcade                   Brenda Kohutek
Keith F. Kearley                   Joseph D. Kennedy               Mr. and Mrs. Ed A. Kirby       Jason and Brandi Koldewijn
Dorothea G. Kearney                Kathleen Kennedy                Theresa Kirchoff               Charles Kondis
Melva J. Kearney                   Olelia J. Kennedy               Susan Kirk                     Douglas Harold Konkel
Numa F. Kearns                     Patsy Kennedy                   J. F. Kirkpatrick              Leon Kopf
Mr. and Mrs. James Keck            Pauline Kennedy                 Lanelle Kirkpatrick            Catherine Korte
James Albert Keck                  Thomas B. Kennedy               Clara M. Kirksey               William Korzun
Jean Kee                           William Kennedy                 Jandy Kirksey                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kosior
Mrs. James Keelan                  Ann Kenny                       James D. Kirylo                Mr. and Mrs. V. Kothandapani
Daisye Keeton                      Shawn and Wendy Kenny           Liz Kitchens                   Grace Evelyn Kountz
Joe Keith                          Duane Kent                      Darlene Findley Kitsos         May E. Kountz
Joe Keller                         Gloria Kent                     Mr. and Mrs. John Kittrell     Dr. John Edward Kovaleski
Mary Ellen Keller                  Iva Keon                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kittrell   Alice M. Kracke
E. G. Kelley                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kerner      Linda Kittrell                 Dr. Gregory Joseph Kramer

                                              ROSE AND REECE MILLER
      Rose and Reece Miller, both USA alumni, he in engineering and she in the College of Business, recognize that
   their education at USA was the springboard for their success in life. After funding an annual scholarship for a
   deserving engineering student for three years, they established an endowed scholarship that will provide support for
                                                                                            future students in perpetuity.
                                                                                            “When I look at what the
                                                                                            last 28 years have afforded
                                                                                            me and my family in terms
                                                                                            of income versus the amount
                                                                                            of the endowment, our
                                                                                            contribution is very
                                                                                            minimal,” said Mr. Miller.
                                                                                            “I would love to see my
                                                                                            fellow engineering alumni
                                                                                            either support this
                                                                                            endowment to help it grow
                                                                                            or to generate their own
                                                                                            scholarship endowment.”
30        Honor roll of donors
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Kramer               Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Lauten, Jr.   Stan Lewis                          Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ludgood
A.J. Krause                             Ruby G. Lauzon                  Jie Li                              Betty Ludlow
Annica Kreider                          Samantha Lavine                 Aidan Licari                        Nick G. Lukes
Amy J. Kreis                            Marquido Law                    Life Uniform                        Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Lundy
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Kretzer                Demetria Lawrence               Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lignos        Sandra Lundy
Dr. William Frederick Kringel           Janet C. Lawrence               Lil Jubilee Café                    Susan Lursen
Keith Krist                             Laura Lawrence                  Cora Limmroth                       Susan E. Lursen P.C.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. “Drew” Krogsgard   Peggy Lawrence                  Clara Lincoln                       Cara Luther
Niki Kruse                              Mattie Lawshe                   Dennis Lindenberg                   Kathryn Jean Lyles
Dr. Pandurang Kulkarni                  Ingrid P. Lawson                Robert L. Linder                    Lyn M. Lynch
Ashok Kumar                             Robin Melanie Lawson            Michelle Lindig                     Janice Thompson Lyndall
Chester Kwiatkowski                     Tara Lawson                     Lari Lindsay                        Jonda B. Lyndall
Mary Kyles                              Mary Layden                     Frank Lindsey                       David Keith Lynn
Brenda L. Kyser                         Christy Layne                   Katherine Lindsey                   Patricia Karling Lynn
Elaine Kyser                            Martha Joan Layne               Mr. and Mrs. William R. Lindsey     Libba Lyon
Sherry La Hanier                        Shane Lazzari                   Linda Linn                          Cindy Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Ladd             Tim and Kay Lazzari             Chuck and Shannon Lipscomb          Penny and Ronald Lyons
Leah P. Ladd                            Lee Leaird                      M. W. Lipscomb                      Samantha Lyons
Dr. Roger Alfred Ladd                   Vicki Leaird                    Ben Lipton                          W. Brooks Lyons
Gloria Ladnier                          Katherine Hughes LeBlanc        Dr. Brenda C. Litchfield            Laconya Mabins
Kim Ladnier                             Patricia LeBlanc                Betty Little                        Mitchel Lee Mace
Dr. Randall O. Laffre, Jr               Ann Ledbetter                   Denise Little                       Phil Mace
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Lafitte           Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ledbetter    Jessica Little                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. MacIntyre
Claire P. Lagman                        Alton Lee                       Lynda J. Little                     Julia Mack
Ed Lagrave                              Bill Lee                        Amy Littlefield                     Donna H. Mackin
Margaret L. Lagrave                     Doris Allen Lee                 Gloria Littlefield                  Mrs. Paul V. Macon
Christina Lajim                         Dr. James D. Lee                Livin Southern                      Michael Macvur
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lake               Katherine Felis Lee             Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Livingston   Mr. and Mrs. John H. Maddox
Judith M. Lake                          Kelly Lee                       Janet Livingston                    Patricia Maddox
LaLaurie’s Nails                        Kendra Lee                      Maudeline Lloyd                     Betty Madison
Judy Lambert                            Marian G. Lee                   Curtis Lockett                      Gary and Becky Magee
Renee Lambert                           Nikki Lee                       Tom Lockhart                        Howard F. Mahan
Mary Lambeth                            Rachel Jane Lee                 Warren Locklin                      Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Landon                Rebecca Lee                     Mrs. W. F. Loeven                   Winifred Maiben
Irene E. Landsberg                      Ronnie B. Lee                   Charlie Loftin                      Mail Boxes Etc.
Dr. James H. Lane                       Rufus Lee                       Donna W. Loftin                     Maildrop Inc.
Pam Lane                                Sharon Lee                      Mary Loftin                         Deborah A. Maisel
Charles Lang                            Thomas E. Lee                   Ruby Loftin                         Ethel Maisel
Elizabeth W. Lang                       Woodrow Lee                     Sonya Logan                         Charla H. Maitre
Joseph N. Langan                        LeFlore High School Key Club    Susan Logan                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Major
Ruth L. Langan                          Richard Leon Legear             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Lomax           Make A Wish Foundation
Jerrie Lange                            Anne Leggett*                   Angie Long                          Hazel M. Mallet
Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Langham              Leinkauf Elementary PTA         Debra Long                          Billie Sue Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Langham                Ambra Leiser                    Mr. and Mrs. John A. Long           Connie Malone
Dr. Jennifer Langhinrichsen-Rohli       Mr. and Mrs. James Lemaitre     Melba M. Long                       Herbert Malone
Juanita Little Langley                  Lauren Michele Leno             Patty Long                          Joe Malone
Patricia Langlinais                     John J. Leon                    Tonya K. Long                       Lisa Malone
Frances Lanier                          Marilyn Leon                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loper          Dawn Manche
Kim Lanier                              Daniel Leonard                  Margaret Loper                      Mary Mancuso
Robyn Lanier                            Dennis and Michele Leonard      Reginald Loper                      Peggy Manders
Julie Lankford                          Joseph Gregory Leonard          Peggy Loreman                       Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Manifold
Robin Lankford                          Nancy C. Leonard                Mrs. G.D. Lott                      Mrs. Frank T. Manley
Jo Ann Lanning                          Sandee K. Leonard               Sandra Lott                         Mark Manley
David A. Larson                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Leperi     Latrecia M. Loveless                Carlton Lee Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Larson                Donna M. Levene                 Jamie Lovitte                       William Harold Mann
Marla Lary                              Gina Levens                     Cecile H. Lovvorn                   Barbara Manning
Linda Jean Lash                         Tracie Leverette                Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lowe             Ricarda Manning
Amy Lassiter                            Alan Morris Lewis               Jeremy Lowe                         Mannings Market Place
Candice Lassiter                        Barbara A. Lewis                Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lowell            Josephine Manteuffel
John J. Lassiter                        Billy Lewis                     Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse   Mahindra Manyam
Milton Lassiter                         Bryan Colin Lewis               Andrea L. Lowry                     Mr. and Mrs. William Mara
Leslie J. Lassose                       Charles and Dorothy Lewis       Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Lowry        John Marion
Walter Flem Lastinger                   Jacqueline Lewis                Frances Lowther                     Mandy Marks
Sophia Laszlo                           Janet M. Lewis                  Shawn Lowther                       Mr. and Mrs. Gene Marler
Elizabeth Radcliff Latham               Orin Lewis                      Heather C. Luard                    Dr. Robert Thomas Marousky, Sr.
Kirby Hubert Latham                     Pam Lewis                       Davis Lucas                         Mr. and Mrs. Myles Marques
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lathem                R. Wayne Lewis                  Lavoyd Lucas                        Frank Marsh
Mitchell Lattof Jr.                     Rita and Billy Lewis            Virginia Lucas                      James Philip Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey G. Lattof           Sandra Lewis                    Mr. and Mrs. David Luckie           Ken and Rosa Marshall
Mildred Laurendine                      Sharon N. Lewis                 Della Ludgood                       Dr. Samuel P. Marshall

                                                                                  University of South Alabama                               31
Susan Marshall                      Hattie McCants                    Michael Bradford McGuire            Lolettia D. Midell
Elaine Marston                      Linda McCarthy                    Arleen McIlwain                     Ericka Midgettt
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Marston      Carolyn McCarty                   Monica Shaye McIlwain               Joseph Milam
Dr. Carl W. Martens                 Ella McCarty                      Rob McIlwain                        Cynthia Jean Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marthens        Annie McCaskey                    Joseph McIntosh                     T. L. Milford
Amy Martin                          Etta McChriston                   Julie McIntosh                      Michele Millender
Arthur Martin                       Linda McClain                     Sandra McKee                        Barbara B. Miller
Ben L. Martin                       Pam McClary                       Carol McKeever                      Catherine F. Miller
Brenda Martin                       Deborah McClendon                 Mr and Mrs. Al McKenzie             Charles Miller Jr.
Charlane L. Martin                  Melanie McClinton                 Mrs. E. C. McKibbon                 Chris Miller
Cleophus Martin                     Gail McCloud                      Robert D. McKinnon                  Dora Miller
Deborah Martin                      Ingrid B. McCluer                 Mr. and Mrs. James P. McKnight      Dr. Harrison Stewart Miller
Donna S. Martin                     Angela McClure                    Melissa McLarty                     Jennifer Miller
Earline Martin                      Mr. and Mrs. Harvie B. McClure    Dr. Becky McLaughlin                John F. Miller
Earnestine Martin                   Jessica McClure                   Lisa McLaughlin                     Judy Miller
Fannie Martin                       Mary McClure                      Diane McLean                        Laurie Miller
Harold Martin                       Dr. Candace McCombs               Gail Vickers McLean                 Lou Ella Miller
Jennifer Leigh Martin               Ellen McCommon                    Sarah E. McLean*                    Lynn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Martin         Louise McConnell                  Shana Lyn McLendon                  Margarete Miller
Katie Martin                        Debra McConville                  Dr. and Mrs. Andin C. McLeod        Mary Miller
Kimberly Martin                     Catherine McCord                  Mae McLeod                          Mary Kathleen Miller
Martha Martin                       Cedric McCorkle                   Beulah and Bobby McMeans            Patricia Miller
Nikki Martin                        Lanny E. McCormick                Diane McMillain                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miller
Paul J. Martin                      Mr. and Mrs. G. C. McCorquodale   Marian G. McMillian                 Thomas Arthur Miller
Thomas Martin                       Waite McCorquodale                Patricia McMillian                  Virginia Miller
Tina Martin                         Vivian B. McCovey                 Dr. Marion B. McMurphy, Jr.         J. P. Miller Company
Maria Cristina Martinez             Barbara McCoy                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard McNaughton     Marjorie S. Milling
Becky Martiniere                    Jane McCoy                        Cornelius McNeely                   Dr. Vaughn S. Millner
Steve and Melinda Martino           Yvonne A. McCracken               Mary Ann McNeer                     Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Martyn           Ada McCrary                       Steven Brian McNider                Diana Mills
James Masek                         Rose E. McCreary                  Harley Ivan McPeek                  Mr. and Mrs. James Mills
Denise P. Mashburn                  Denise McCrory                    C McPhaul                           Carole Millsap
B.L. Mason                          Vickie McCrory                    Bridget McPherson                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mims
Hattie Mason                        Abbie Carter McCullough           Michael R. McPherson                Sandra Mims
Marilyn Mason                       Juan McCullum                     Sally T. McPhillips                 Clifton Minchew, Jr.
Terry Mason                         Lurline McDaniel                  Ruby McQueen                        Mr. and Mrs. John Mincy
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Massengale   Mr. and Mrs. Joel McDavid         C. J. McQuillen Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Minke
Faye Massey                         James McDole, Sr.                 Larry McRaeney                      LaDonna Minke
Ryan Mast                           Bonnie McDonald                   McRae’s Hair and Nail Salon         Minolta-QMS, INC.
Master Cuts Family Haircutters      Cathy Lee McDonald                Mr. and Mrs. John L. Medbery        Vickery Minor-Jones
Dr. Neill Matheson                  Dr. and Mrs. Daniel McDonald      Brenda Marie Medley                 Ann Mitchell
Donna Matkin                        Mr. and Mrs. David McDonald       William Meek                        Barbara and Bruce Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Matre             Mary McDonald                     Dr. Kevin Meeker                    Catina Mitchell
Kimberly Matthews                   Kasey McDowell                    Lynda Meeker                        Mr. and Mrs. Don Mitchell
Merle Matthews                      C McDuff                          Randy Meeks                         Mr. Jack L. Mitchell
Renu Matthews                       Elizabeth McDuffy                 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Megginson          Mr. and Mrs. James N. Mitchell
India Mattox                        W. K. McElhaney                   Sharon Meier                        Janis Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Maull           Cynthia McElroy                   Sharmon Meigs                       Jean C. Mitchell
Mr.and Mrs. William Maxwell         Dr. and Mrs. David McElroy        Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Melton           June Mitchell
Harold May                          Mr. and Mrs. Joe McFall           Suzanne Melton                      Melba Mitchell
Lisa May                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. McFaull    J. Donald Mendheim                  Michelle Mitchell
Teddy W. May                        Mr. and Mrs. Ed McFillin          Men’s Inc.                          Mr. and Mrs. Willie Mitchell
Billy Mayfield                      Cherie A. McGee                   Mental Health Association           Betty Mixon
Wilder Mayhall                      Helen Bru McGee                   Deryle Merchant                     Denise Mixon
Lawrence Mayhand                    Louise McGee                      Kenny Merchant                      Sabrina Mize
Bruce Maynard CLU                   R.D. McGee                        Mary Merchant                       Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Mizell
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Mayo           Helen McGeever                    Delores Merren                      Thomas Mizell, Jr.
Melba Mayrose                       Mrs. John McGehee                 Ruth Merrill                        Debra E. Moberg
Garner J. McAleer                   Melissa F McGehee -Taylor         Shirley Merrills                    Dr. Mark A. Moberg
Mimi Williams McAleer               Laura McGhee                      Maxine Merritt                      Mobile Aids Support Svcs.
McAleer’s Office Furniture          Mr. and Mrs. Mal McGhee           Rachel I. Merritt                   Mobile Ballet Inc.
Jason E. McAlexander                Amanda McGill                     Breck and Karen Messer              Mobile Beer and Wine Company
Grace Ann McArdle                   Karen McGill                      Jan Metcalf                         Mobile County Deptartment of
Bob McBride                         Phil Gray McGill                  Rebecca A. Metts                       Human Resources
Jeanette McBroon                    Dr. Michael McGinnis              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Metz             Mobile Convention Center
Hugh McCaffrey                      Meg McGovern                      Thomas W. Meyer                     Mobile Cycle Center Inc.
Ruhama McCall                       Catherine McGowan                 Juanita Mickles                     Mobile Fire Rescue Training Academy
Bradley McCammon                    Ed McGowan                        Midas Auto Service Experts          Mobile Forest Products
Charlotte McCammon                  William McGrath                   Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Middleton, Jr.   Mobile International Festival
Wendy McCann                        Betsy McGregor                    Mary Epton Middleton                Mobile Mysticks Hockey Club

32        Honor roll of donors
Mobile Partners in                   Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Mortensen      Lisa Nelson                      Betty O’Brien
   Immunization Coalition            Peter R. Mortensen                  Mr. and Mrs. Marc Nelson         John V. O’Brien
Mobile Singing Children              Jamesetta Mose                      Ms. Shannon B. Nelson            Mr. and Mrs. Marvin O’Brien
Joan Moccio                          Amanda Lyn Moseley                  Shirley Nelson                   Willie O’Cain Jr.
Donna Moffett                        Phyllis G. Moseley                  Teresa Nelson                    Kerry Joseph O’Conner
Rebecca Mollett                      Karla Mosely                        Nelson’s Photography             Barbara O’Connor
Rosemary Monaghan                    Tammy T. Moses                      Diane D’Arcy NeSmith             Jean C. O’Connor
Ardie H. Monday                      Alvin Scott Mosher                  Michelle Nesmith                 Dr. Timothy J. O’Connor
Terry Avery Monday                   Marlon Mosley                       Gilda A. Nester                  Mrs. Odom
Pauline G. Monely                    Penny Mosley                        Sheila Louise Nettles            Amy Odom
Brandly Converse Monroe              Mr. and Mrs. Ulmer Mosley           Deana New                        Deborah Odom
Monroe Education Credit Union        Susannah Mosqueda                   New York Bagel Café              Mrs. Robert E. Odom
Monroe Journal                       Mr. and Mrs. William W. Moss, Jr.   Janet Newberry                   Sharon Odom
Carrie Montgomery                    John B. Mostellar                   Mr. and Mrs. W. Ted Newberry     Steven T. Odom
Gail Montgomery                      Judy Mott                           Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Newbill   Sue Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Montgomery         Renee Mrosowski                     Kathleen M. Newbold              Office Equipment Co.
Mildred Montgomery                   Shirley Mudd                        Deanna Newburn                   Dr. Arthur Ogden
Ms. Willie M. Montgomery             Michael Mueller                     Mr. and Mrs. D. Newell           Old Shell Package
Ruben Montiel                        DeBray Butler Mulhern               Mary Newman                      Brad Oldham
Dennis Lane Moody                    Greg S. Mulhern                     Ronnie Newman                    Maurice R. Olewnik
Glenda Moody                         Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Mullaney, Jr.     Betty J. Newton                  Allie Oliver
Mary Louise Moody                    Lauren Muller                       J. L. Newton                     Annette D. Oliver
Wanda Moody                          Angela Mullins                      Jennifer Newton                  Douglas Oliver
Annie B. Moore                       Cecilia Mullins                     Anh Van Nguyen                   Oliver H. Van Horn Company Inc.
Anthony Moore Sr.                    Multi-Staffing                      Jordan Nicholas                  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ollinger
Ashlee Moore                         Ellen Muriek                        Daniel A. Nichols                Dr. Joseph M. Olsen
Barbara Moore                        Mr. and Mrs. Murph                  Tammy Nichols                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Olsen
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Moore            Lisa Murphy                         Jeff Nicoll                      Mr. and Mrs. John Olson
Carol Moore                          Margo Murphy                        Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nicolson     Mrs. O’Neal
Dana Moore                           Mary Murphy                         Denise C. Nims                   Mary O’Neal
Dona Moore                           Pam Murphy                          Linda Nippert                    Peggy A. O’Neal
Janet L. Moore                       Dr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Murphy      Rose Nix                         Bryan Thomas Op’t Holt
Jill Moore                           Susan Murphy                        Violet E. Nixon                  Cynthia Op’t Holt
Joe and Carol Moore                  Adele Murray                        Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Nobels         Brenda Orchard
John Moore                           Martha Murray                       Barbara Nobles                   Order Of Juno
Kenyale Moore                        Robert S. Murray                    Cynthia Nobles                   Oriental Imports Corporation
Michelle Moore                       Carolyn Murry                       James Terry Nobles               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moore              Deborah J. Musgrove                 Kimberlee R. Nodine              Anthony G. Orr
Sarah Moore                          Mr. and Mrs. Chris Myers            Sherri Noel                      Theresa Orrell
Shay Moore                           Constance Myers                     Rachel Noland                    Tammy Lynne Orso
Orentha Marie Moorehead              Frances Myers                       Louise Nolte                     Tony Ortiz
Mazie R. Moorer                      Jill Myers                          George Noonan                    Karen O’Shea
Charlene Moorere                     Jim Myers                           Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Noonan        Dr. Timothy C. O’Shea
Marcella Moran                       Joan Myers                          Dr. Patricia Noonan              Missy O’Sullivan
Donald P. Moreland                   Robert Myers                        Heber R. Norkauer, Jr.           Kathleen Ouzts
Don R. Morgan                        Sandy Myers                         Mary W. Norman                   Celinda Darlene Overstreet
Mr. and Mrs. Rance Morgan            Andrea Nicole Nabors                Sharon Norman                    Kay Overstreet
Renee Morgan                         Betty M. Nabors                     Dr. Phillip Norrell              Michael A. Owen
Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nabors          Annie Gay Norris                 Rubylyn Owen
Cynthia Morris                       Theresa Nadeau                      Mr. and Mrs. Ron Norris          Dawn Owens
Linda Jean Morris                    Mr. and Mrs. Ron Nagy               Karyn Northrop                   Dorann H. Owens
Mary Morris                          Nails Today Tanning and Gifts       Karen Norton                     Geneva Owens
Mary Catherine Morris                Steve Nall                          Becky Norwood                    Jene Owens
Robyn L. Morris                      National Council Of Negro Women     Jason Oliver Norwood             Sheri Owens
Timothy J. Morris                    National Medical Care Co.           Lorraine O. Novak                David Owes
Carol Morrison                       Natures Table                       Alisha L. Nowlin                 Linda L. Oyler
Drew Morrison                        Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Navarro           Col. and Mrs. David V. Nowlin    David A. Pace P.E.
Edwina S. Morrison                   Tibbe Neal                          Michael Kanu Nsah                Thelma Pace
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Morrison, Jr.   James Neese                         Brent Nudi                       Christi Padgett
Mary Morrison                        Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Neighbors     Lakeisha Nunn                    Kimberly Padilla
Steve Morrison                       Alice Nelson                        Nuthouse Too                     Mary Pafudakis
William Edward Morrison              Annette Nelson                      Dr. Dawn Nye                     Eric Page
Yvonne M. Morrison                   Beverly Nelson                      Catherine Oakes                  Page and Pallette
Morrison’s Nursery                   Carl Nelson                         Donna Oaks                       Sophia Palles
Annie R. Morrissette                 Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson           James Oates                      Aleesha S. Palmbro
John M. Morrissette                  Grace D. Nelson                     John Oberkirch                   Angela Palmer
Mary Jo Morrissey                    Heather Nelson                      Michael Paul Oberkirch           Annie Laurie Palmer
David L. Morrow Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. James C. Nelson        Faye Obert                       Gregory E. Palmer
Beverly Ann Morse                    Jeri D. Nelson                      Joycelyn Obikoya                 Judy H. Palmer
Mr. Shannon H. Morse                 Linda Nelson                        Objects                          Tanya Palmer
                                                                                    University of South Alabama                              33
Tonya Palmer                       Kathy Patrick                        Camille W. Pennington             Helen T. Phillips
Yuqin Pang                         Lois Ann Patrick                     Leonard Penry                     Joan Phillips
Felizia A. Pansch*                 Michael Patrick                      Linda Pereira                     Laurie Phillips
Papa John’s Pizza #0816            Capt and Mrs. Pete Patronas          Barbara Perez                     Mr. and Mrs. Lee Phillips
Maria Papp                         Auguste Patterson                    Perfect Nails                     Mr. and Mrs. Randall Phillips
Shellie Parchman                   Gayle Patterson                      Rose Niki Perkins                 Renada Phillips
Parisian Inc.                      Helen Patterson                      Mike Perniciaro and Family        Ronald Lawson Phillips
Ann Marie Parker                   Kenneth Patterson                    Bobbi Perot                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Phillips
Bettie Parker                      Minter A. Patterson                  Anita M. Perrette                 Tim Phillips
Butch Parker                       Sandra Elizabeth Patterson           Allan Perrone                     Physicians Cooperative Inc.
Deborah Parker                     Tracy H. Patterson                   Michael Perry                     Piccadilly Cafeteria
Kelsey Parker                      Truman Patterson                     Marian Elisabeth Peters           Ralph and Natalie Pickens
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Parker         William Segar Patterson              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peters        Mrs. A. W. Pierce
Melanie Parker                     Anne Moore Patton                    Wayne Peters                      Gina L. Pierce
Melissa Parker                     Finley Campbell Patton               Kathryn W. Petersen               J. Pierce
Regina Parker                      Mr. and Mrs. Max T. Patton           Audra Nicole Peterson             Melba J. Pierce
Tiffany Parker                     Charles K. Paul                      Rose Petromole                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Piercy
Troy Parker                        Mr. and Mrs. David Payne             Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Pettaway       Mary Piercy
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Parker        Linda Payne                          Loretta Pettaway                  Douglas Pift
Linda Parks                        Dr. Linda R. Payne                   Edith Pettigrew                   Cindy Pigg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Parks       USA English Department               Jesse K. Pettis                   Donna Joann Pigg
Sue Parmer                         Louise Payne                         Chan E. Pettway                   Melissa Pilot
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Parnell         Scott B. Peach                       Raymond Dion Pettway              Earl Pine
Rebecca Parnell                    Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Peacock           Marji Petty                       Mr. and Mrs. Booker Pinkney
Valentino Issac Parris             Karen Peacock                        Mr. and Mrs. Ananias Petway Jr.   Roberto J. Pique
Vann Parrott                       Larry Pearce                         Genea Peyton                      Ellen Pitman
Diane Parsons                      Don Pearson                          Dr. Anh-Vu Phan                   Judy Pitman
Linda Lou Parsons                  Nakesia Pearson                      Chau Van Phan                     Myrl Kathryn Pitman
Walter Parsons                     Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Peasant           Phar-Mor Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Pitt Jr.
Sandy Pasqualotto                  Carolyn Peavy                        Don Pharr                         Grace Pitt
Thomas E. Pasquill                 Delores Peavy                        H. Pharr                          Janet Rich Pittman
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Passeau, Sr.   Walter Peck                          Carla L. Phelan-King              Lindsey K. Pittman
Carolyn N. Pate                    Pediatrics Residency Program         Addie Phillips                    Pamela Pittman
Julia H. Pate                      Helen Peevy                          Barbara Phillips                  Corey Elizabeth Pitts
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Pate            Gail Pemberton                       Charles J. Phillips               Dorothy Pitts
Paula Pate                         Wendy Pendarvis                      Cheryl Phillips                   Doree Pizarro
Dr. Praful Patel                   Gregory Penick                       Fanne Phillips                    Rita K. Plank
Matt Patillo                       Dione Penn                           George Phillips                   Ann B. Platt
                                                                                                          David Platt Jr.
                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Terry Plauche
                                                                                                          Julie Plummer
                                                              TINA ALLEN                                  Tom Pocase
                                                                                                          Megan Pockrus
                                                        In appreciation to the                            Barbara Podovich
                                                                                                          Erica Poindexter
                                                     University for the training and                      Robert Poiroux
                                                     continued support she has                            Elaine Thomas Polk
                                                     received during her career,                          Kay Polk
                                                                                                          Dr. Freeman W. Pollard
                                                     USA graduate and artist, Tina                        Joseph Pollard
                                                     Allen, presented one of her                          Mr. and Mrs. Mike Poore
                                                     sculptures to the University in                      Bobbie Jean Pope
                                                                                                          Peter G. Portella
                                                     May 2000. “I am thankful for                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles Porter
                                                     the University of South                              Cynthia Porter
                                                                                                          Douglas H. Porter
                                                     Alabama fine arts department                         Mrs. Howard Porter
                                                     for shaping their program                            Johnice C. Porter
                                                     around my creative needs as                          Ronald Porter
                                                                                                          Samuel W. Porter
                                                     opposed to trying to turn out                        Shaundretta Seals Porter
                                                     cookie-cutter artists for the                        Betty Potter
                                                     marketplace. They allow you to                       Kenneth Potter
                                                                                                          Stacey Potts
                                                     be a real artist, instead of selling                 Loretta Pounds
                                                     you an aesthetic. That’s very                        Ontee Pounds
                                                                                                          Nancy Powe
                                                     hard to find.”                                       Verlean Powe
                                                                                                          Carolyn Powell
                                                                                                          David and Kelly Powell

34        Honor roll of donors
Debra Powell                  Denise Pritchett                   Gloria Rankin               Bessie Reese
Dianne Powell                 Elaine Pritchett                   Jacquelyn Rankin            Bernice P. Reeves
Erik Powell                   Lisa Pritchett                     Lendsey Rankin              Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Powell      Terry L. Pritchett                 Robert Oliver Rasch         Martha Reeves
John D. Powell                Progressive Federal Credit Union   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rasco     Nancy A. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Powell   Providence Hospital                Paul Rasp                   Phyllis Reeves
Kimberly L. Powell            Leticia Pruitt                     P. B. Rather                Mr. and Mrs. W. Boyd Reeves
Lacey Powell                  PSCU Financial Services            Gail Rawls                  Walton Reeves
Rachel Powell                 Dwayne Pugh                        Kip Rawson                  Regency Barbers
Samuel I. Powell              Evelyn C. Pugh                     Ann C. Ray                  Regis Salons
Zoe M. Powell                 J. Boyd Pugh                       Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Ray    George Hampton Reid Jr.
Dr. Donna Power               Dr. Steven F. Pugh                 Mr. and Mrs. Austin Ray     Karen Reimiller
Raleigh Power                 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pullen     Kelly Ray                   Mildred N. Reneke
Jean M. Powers                Cynthia Olivia Purcell             Robert Ray                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Renfro
David Poynor                  Keith Purdy                        Dorothy C. Rayford          Helen L. Renner
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Poynor    Dorothy Sewell Purifoy             Annette Reading             Irvin Rentz
Premier Contractors Inc.      Mrs. C. Pursley                    Kim Kasper Ready            Bernace Rester
Elizabeth Prescott            Charles Purvis                     Shannon L. Ready            Tracie Rester
Helga Prescott                Jean Purvis                        Florence Reams              Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Pete Prescott                 Kristin and David Purvis           Ron Reams                   Eileen Margaret Rettig
Ashley Presley                Wilene P. Quimby                   Stacey Reaves               Mr. and Mrs. John H. Reynolds
Bethony Presley               Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quinn      Rebel Boat Works Shipyard   Sandra Reynolds
Jackie Presley                Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Raab        Theresa Reber               Stephanie Reynolds
Danny Preston                 Terry Adam Rada                    Richard Redd                Mr. and Mrs. Byron P. Rhodes
Michael D. Preston            Diane Radcliff                     Angelia Reed                Dee Rhodes
Myrtle Preston                Marvin Radcliff                    Daniel C. Reed              Mittie Rhodes
Teresa Preston                Dianne Rainey                      Dolores Reed                Edwin D. Rhodey
Daphne Price                  Lakeisha Rainey                    Dorothy Reed                Dororthy Ann Rhyne
Debra Price                   Dr. Alvin P. Rainosek              Evelyn H. Reed              Dinah Rice
Linda Price                   Kimberly Ralph                     Jamie Reed                  Mrs. Carl Richard Sr.
Marvin and Sue Price          Trinette Ralston                   Mary Reed                   Mr. and Mrs. Norris Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Price Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ramey          Melanie Reed                Bo Richards
Chase Prichard                Olivia Ramey                       Michael R. Reed             Albert Richardson
Douglas C. Pridgen            Connie Ramsdell                    R. Reed                     Alice Richardson
Greg Priest                   Larry Wayne Ramsey                 Robert G. Reed              Nell Richardson
Kitty Prior                   Stephen Ramsey                     Shanea Reed                 Olivia Richardson
Susan K. Prisco               Mable Randall                      Shirley Regina Reed         Teresa Richardson
Chase Pritchard               Robert and Pat Randall             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Reed   William Edwin Richardson
Doris Pritchard               Bonnie Ellen Rankin                T.M. Reed                   Katie Richter
Alfred Pritchett              Frances G. Rankin                  Reef Illusions              Robert B. Ricker Jr.
                                                                                             Patrick Rickert
                                                                                             Caron Rider
                                   JOHN SAINT                                                Debbie Rider
                                                                                             Bambi L. Riebesel
   Mr. and Mrs. John Saint are long-time friends of the University. They have been           Mr. and Mrs. Herman W. Riedeburg
                                                                                             Adriana Riels
 supportive of USA athletic programs and placed a sculpture in the Children’s                Phyllis Riels
 Sculpture Park at Children’s and Women’s Hospital.                                          Joseph C. Riemer
   On the occasion of the dedication of the sculpture, Mr. Saint said, “They’ve created      Brenda Riley
                                                                                             Riley’s Catering
 a place here for parents and children who happen to be in the hospital or just the          Mrs. A. Rios
                                                citizens of Mobile. It’s a beautiful         Thomas F. Ritchie Ph. D.
                                                                                             Ritz Camera Centers
                                                park. It’s probably one of the most
                                                                                             Angie Rivers
                                                lasting things South Alabama has             Edrice C. Rivers
                                                done for the community and it will be        Roadrunner Sunshine Club 1196
                                                                                             Janette Robb
                                                here for a long time. We really are          Dr. Clarke Robenstine
                                                glad to be a part of this.”                  Charlene M. Roberson
                                                   As a testament to Mr. Saint’s spirit      Mr. and Mrs. William Roberson
                                                                                             David Roberts
                                                of philanthropy, the employees of the        Irene Roberts
                                                Mitchell Company have funded the             Louise Roberts
                                                                                             Robin C. Roberts
                                                John Saint Financial Trading Room in         Sherry Roberts
                                                the Mitchell College of Business.            Vanessa A. Roberts
                                                                                             Wilder Roberts
                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robertson
                                                                                             Mrs. Hubert P. Robertson
                                                                                             Col. J. R. Robertson
                                                                                    University of South Alabama                             35
Justin C. Robertson                Stephanie Marie Rowe
Mary Caiola Robichaux              Mrs. Derian Rowell                      We want to list each gift appropriately. In spite
Armella A. Robinson                Donnie N. Rowell                      of our best efforts, errors and omissions can
Betty M. Robinson                  Shelba Rowell
Christy Robinson                   Tanya Rowell                          occur. If this is the case, please accept our
Cynthia Robinson                   Wesley Rowell                         apologies and notify the Office of University
Ellarene Robinson                  Rowell’s Sporting Goods
Latasha Robinson                   Wanda Rowlett
                                                                         Development at the University of South Alabama,
Laura L. Robinson                  Carol Rowley                          Mobile Town House, Mobile, AL 36688, or call us
Marie Robinson                     Peggy Roy                             at (251) 460-7032.
Marvin Robinson                    Royal Street Café
Mary Robinson                      Wanda Rublee
Dr. Mary Ann Robinson              Tanya Rucker                          Tammy Saxon                        Mr. and Mrs. Winston Seaman
Mary Lou Robinson                  Jamie G. Rudicell                     Ellen N. Sayed                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Searcy
Nicole Robinson                    Cheryl Varnado Rudolph                Dr. Barbara Sayler                 Sean Sears
Regina Robinson                    Sylvana Ruggiero                      Ashley Sayles                      Ms. Alex Seblatnigg
Shirley Robinson                   Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ruggles            Jay Scanhelly                      Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sebring
Theodore Robinson                  Myra Ruiz                             Dale and Carolyn Scarbrough        Mr. and Mrs. George Sedberry
Wanda Oakley Robinson              Hunter Elizabeth Rumsey               Mr. and Mrs. Linwoood Scarbrough   Myrna Sedgeway
Weston Robinson                    Mabel M. Rush                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaefer      Shaun B. Seehafer
Jennie Robitzsch                   Kelly Russ                            Mr. and Mrs. George Schaffer       Michael Seelhoff
Celia Rochelle                     Cheryl A. Russell                     Rebecca Arlene Schaffer            Rona Seelhoff
Rodale Press/The Wimmer Co.        Lurene B. Russell                     Schambeau’s Ace Hardware           Dr. Mark A. Segal
Walter Albert Rode                 Randall E. Russell                    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Scheffel       Melanie Loma Segnini
Joann Rodgers                      Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Russell            Barbara Schehr                     Mary S. Segrest
V. Maggie Rodgers                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Russell       Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Schehr          Bonita L. Seibert
Kathryn Marie Rodrigue             Mr. and Mrs. William J. Russell Jr.   Tina Scheinert                     Kimberly Seitz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Roe         Charles E. Ryals Jr.                  Sandra Schelling                   George Selgrade
Kimberlea A. Roe                   Nancy B. Ryan                         Barbara Scheucher                  Beverly D. Sellers
William C. Roedder Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Saad                Jennifer Scheucher                 Dr. Dan Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Roeker          Shahriar Mohammad Saadullah           Frank Scheuermann                  Jule Sellers
Dr. E. Turner Rogers               Holly Sachs                           Patricia Scheurer                  Myra L. Sellers
Edward Rogers                      Dr. and Mrs. John J. Sachs            Catherine S. Schiavoni             Roy Selph
Ernest Rogers                      Dr. and Mrs. Alan Sacks               Michael V. Schiavoni               Stephen and Doris Sema
Ginger A. Rogers                   Saenger Theatre                       Clara M. Schilling                 Cynthia Friday Seminoff
Helen Lee Rogers                   Carla M. Saint-Paul                   Melissa J. Schilling               Jack Sentell
Jacqueline Rogers                  Dr. Adel Sakla                        Earl M. Schjott                    Dr. Joseph Martin Serafin
Latrelle Rogers                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Salamone           Rita Schlecht                      Betty A. Sessions
Renee Rogers                       Kelly Sale                            Schlotzsky’s Deli                  Ericka Sessions
Resi Rogers                        Shelli Saleeb                         Kellie Schmaeling                  Mary Sessions
Robert Rogers                      Cory Salem                            Sherrye Schmahl                    Jennifer Sewart
Willie Rogers                      Ms. Johnnie H. Sample                 Florence C. Schneider              Josephine Sewell
Woodrow Rogers                     Evelyn Sanders Samples                Jack R. Schodlbauer                Kim Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. John Rohm             Johnetta Samuels                      Robin L. Schoolfield               The Sewer Man
Dr. Sylvia Rohmer                  Kevin Samuels                         Dr. and Mrs. Ture Schoultz         Mrs. Jimmie Shackelford
Charles Rollin                     Annette Sanders                       Debra Schroeder                    Hement and Deepali Shah
Connie S. Rolls                    Deborah Sanders                       George H. Schroeter                Carly Shallow
Sharilyn Romanick                  James Sanders                         Beatrice Schultz                   Rahul Sharma
Lenna Romero                       Jerome and Janese Sanders             Mr. and Mrs. Simon P. Schum Jr.    Beverly K. Sharp
Anna Rominger                      West Sanders                          Charles Schwartz                   Paul Sharp
Sue Ronk                           Wilber Sanders                        Kenneth Lee Schwartz               Deborah B. Shaw
Robert Durand Ronnlund             Kim Sanderson                         Rose Schwartz                      Dr. Edward L. Shaw
Wayne Rooks                        David Sandley                         Eileen Schwarz                     Kate M. Shaw
Jack Roop                          Frances Sanford                       Elizabeth Dale Schwarz             Mary Shaw
Sarah Roper                        Santa Calls                           Eartha Scott                       Caroline Doyle Shedd*
Sally Rosandich                    Laura Santini                         Jay Scott                          Dr. Cindy Sheets
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Rosandich   Ray Saranthus                         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Scott         Hilda Sheets
Janet Rose                         Sylvia M Saranthus                    Mark Scott                         Margaret Sheffield
Rebecca Rose                       Peggy Sarhan                          Susan T. Scott                     Carol Shell
Rosemary’s Flowers                 Ashley Sarradet                       Scott A. Scrivner                  Sheila Bond Shell
Marina Rosen                       Donnie Satellite                      Susan Scroggs                      Jennifer Shelor
Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Rosenberg        Clifton H. Savage                     Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Scunziano   Charles Shelton
Tina Elizabeth Rosetti             J.T. Savage                           Eva Scwind                         Robert P. Shepard
Susan Ross                         Teresa Savell                         Mavis P. Seal                      Velma Shepard
Jennifer Rosser                    Melissa Sawata                        Dana Seale                         Wilma Shepard
Mary Lou Roszkowski                Angela R. Sawyer                      Martha H. Seale                    Elaine Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Roth           Elisa Sawyer                          Mary A. Seale                      Mr. and Mrs. William Sherwood
Dr. Michael Wayne Roush            Glenda Sawyer                         Mr. and Mrs. Ron Seale             Joseph Edward Shewmake
Georgia Roussos                    Lillian Sawyer                        Mr. and Mrs. Dewan Seaman          Christine Shields
Mary S. Rowe                       Royce M. Sawyer                       Philip Seaman                      Jim Shilston

36        Honor roll of donors
Jill Shinault                    Mark Skipper                        Mary Kemp Smith                      St. Mary’s School
Sara and Lauren Shirah           Delene Slack                        Melissa Enfinger Smith               William J. Staats
Isabel Shirvanian                Melissa Slater                      Michael Shawn Smith                  Geneva Bush Staggs
Dr. Sajjan G. Shiva              Pamela Slater                       Micheal Smith                        Kathleen Stahmer
Robin Shobe                      Mary C. Slaughter                   Mr. and Mrs. Moret Smith             Marvin E. Stainton
Karla K. Shoemaker               Carman Slayton                      Mr. and Mrs. N. F. Smith             Maxine Stallworth
Stephanie Shoemaker              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sloan          Nancy Smith                          Virginia Stallworth
Shoney’s Restaurant              Slovak Gymnastic Union              Natalie Smith                        Artemesia Frangela Stanberry
David Shook                         Sokol - USA                      Nena Smith                           Christy Stanberry
Shoreline Transportation         William Sluder                      Patricia Smith                       Dale Stancliff
Michelle Short                   Small Animal Clinic                 Paul F. Smith                        Allie Stanley
Jerry Showalter                  Ellis W. Smallwood                  Paula Smith                          Dee Ann Stanley
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Showers       Agnes E. Smith                      Paula Meeks Smith                    Rachel Stanley
Barkley B. Shreve                Aishah Smith                        Rebecca Smith                        Stapleton United Methodist Church
Sharon Shula                     Angela Abernathy Smith              Rhonda Smith                         William Stark
Doris Shull                      Ashley Smith                        Robert C. Smith                      Donald Statam
Eva Shurnd                       Barbara Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smith               State Street A.M.E. Zion Church
Arthur Sidell                    Billy Smith                         Ruth Smith                           Carol Stewart Statter
T. J. Siegwald                   Mr. and Mrs. Bo Smith               Scott Smith                          Joyce M. Stauter
Leigh Allison Sightler           C. Regina Smith                     Scott R. Smith                       Lee Stearns
Signs Now                        Carolyn R. Smith                    Shirley Mae Smith                    Suzanne Stearns
Jane Sikora                      Claudia Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Stebbins
Mr. and Mrs. William Silcox      Mr. and Mrs. Corey Smith            Thalyer M Smith                      Shane Steed
Barry Silverman                  Cynthia Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith            Beverly Steeg
Elizabeth Simison                Dale Smith                          Tim Smith                            Kristine Dawn Steeg
Kirk B. Simm                     Daryn Smith                         Virginia Smith                       Steel Placement, Inc.
Delores Simmons                  Mr. and Mrs. David Smith            Mr.and Mrs. William Smith            Karen Steele
Mary Simmons                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Smith        Winford Smith                        Mary Steele
Linda Simon                      Donna Smith                         Winnie L. Smith                      Tommie Sine D. Steele
Diana M. Simons                  Dorisco Smith                       Rose Smitherman                      Adrianne Steen
Gilmore Simpkins                 Erin Smith                          Varnada Smith-Irby                   Stein Mart Inc.
John L. Simpson                  Faye Smith                          Smithkline Beecham                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred Steiner
Judith Simpson                   Franklin D. Smith                   Smoothie King                        Tisa L. Steiner
Anthony Sims                     Geneva M. Smith                     Wanda Sneed                          Mr. and Mrs. William Stephens
James L. Sims                    Grace Smith                         Brandy Snider                        Debby Stephenson
Jane Sims                        Mr. and Mrs. Horace Smith           Claudia Snow                         Mr. and Mrs. Verner Stevanus
Yolande L. Sims                  Inez Smith                          Dorothy F. Sommer                    Mr. and Mrs. Phineas Stevens
John A. Singletary               Irene Smith                         Ralph Sones                          Sheila A. Stevens
Betty Jane Singleton             J. Ann Smith                        Willie Sossaman                      Belle Stewart
Darwin Singleton                 Jackie H. Smith                     Maria Soto-Aguilar                   Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stewart
Gary W. Singleton                James Smith                         South Alabama Medical Science        Patricia Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Singleton   Janey Smith                           Foundation                         Jeanie M. Still
John Larkin Singley Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith            Southern Fastener and Tool Company   Victoria Stimpson
Dorothy Sipp                     John Smith                          Southern Marine Supply               Michelle Stinson
Herbert Skelton                  Joyce Smith                         Linda M. Spain                       Anne Stokes
Judith D. Skillman               Mr. and Mrs. Judson S. Smith        Myrtle Spancliff                     Mr. and Mrs. George Stokes
Charles Skinner                  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Murley Smith   Margaret Spann                       Kelly Stokes
Edith Skinner                    Linda Smith                         Diann Spardley                       Mary Ann Stokes
Jacquelyn Skinner                Lynn Smith                          Della Spears                         Dawn Stokley
Robert Edward Skinner            Mary Smith                          Gloria J. Spears                     Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Stone
                                                                     S. Darlene Spears                    Natasha Stork
                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Spencer           Inez E. Stoudenmier
       FOOD-WORLD SENIOR BOWL                                        Helen M. Spencer                     Carla S. Stout
                                                                     Julie Spencer                        Eoline C. Stoutamire
     Support for the USA Children’s and Women’s                      Mr.and Mrs. Walter Spencer           Mr. and Mrs. Amell Stovall
                                                                     Spencer Gifts Inc.                   Marsha P. Stover
  Hospital was announced by Bruno’s vice president and               Spiegel, Inc.                        Wanda Stowe
  general manager, Scott North, in May 2003, with a                  Elizabeth Spieth                     Levi Strange
                                                                     Amy Spiewak                          Kerri Stratton
  $250,000 commitment from the Food-World Senior                     Spinal Health                        Patricia Stratton
  Bowl Charity Run. This gift is being used to renovate              Jennifer Spotswood                   Sally Streetman
  the lobby and entrance to Children’s and Women’s                   Kim Spotswood                        Robert E. Streicher
                                                                     Helen Sprage                         Cheryl Stricker
  Hospital. At the check presentation, Mr. North said,               Spring Hill College Golf Course      Glenn and Kathy Strickler
  “The Food-World Senior Bowl charitable partnership                 Spring Hill Dance                    Shauna Stricklin
                                                                     Spring Hill Lighting and Supplies    Michael W. Strider
  presents an opportunity for our company to fulfill the
                                                                     Bobbie Walker Springer               Theodore Striggles
  responsibility of returning something to our                       Aimee Sprinkle                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stringer
  communities in a way greater than ever before.”                    Peggy Spurlock                       Nichole Stringer
                                                                     Rhonda St. Lawrence                  Renee Stringer
                                                                           University of South Alabama                        37

                                                                     THEATRE OWNERS OF ALABAMA
                                                                        The National Association of Theatre Owners of
                                                                    Alabama, a group that is no longer active, led by
                                                                    Mr. Weldon Limmroth, chose to endow a scholarship
                                                                    in the College of Arts and Sciences, place a sculpture
                                                                    entitled “The Movie Star” in the Children’s
                                                                    Sculpture Park, and to install mini-refrigerators in
                                                                    patient rooms at Children’s and Women’s Hospital so
                                                                    that the families of sick children would be able to
                                                                    have food and refreshments in the room during their
                                                                    child’s recovery.

Aimee A. Stringfellow            Norma Jean Tanner             Patricia Thomas                Lasonya G. Toney
Dewey Stringfellow               Paula Tapia                   Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Thomas      Toni-El Boulanerie
Mickey Stringfellow              Phillip Tapia                 Sybil Thomas                   Tony Roma’s
Teresa Stringfellow              Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Tarence    Thomas Chem-Dry                Teresa A. Topolnicki
Vicki Stringfellow               Marilyn Tate                  Amy Greer Thompson             Lee Ann Torbert
Shannon Strzelecki               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tate      Ann Thompson                   Amalia Torres
Katie Stuckas                    Suzanne Tate                  Anntonette Thompson            Toni Torrie
Phillip Gillis Stutts            Mary Tatum                    Beatrice Smith Thompson        Beth Touchstone
Diane Sublett                    Callena Taylor                Ms. Clarence E. Thompson       Tour De Force
Subway Sandwiches and Salads     Denise D. Taylor              Dewan Thompson                 Julia Towery
Doris Sullivan                   Emma Taylor                   John Edd Thompson              Thomas Towey
Gloria Sullivan                  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Taylor    John Edgerton Thompson         Sandra Townsend
Morris Sullivan                  James Taylor                  Katrina H. Thompson            Barbara Jo Trammell
Valerie S. Sullivan              Jeannette Taylor              Lisa Thompson                  Martha L. Trammell
Sullivan Mobile Home Park Inc.   John Taylor                   Regina Thompson                Jessica Tran
Della W. Sultry                  Julie Taylor                  Robert Thompson                Trans World Music Corporation
Ameina Shay Summerlin            Kay Taylor                    Robert A. Thompson             Nancy Trant
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Summersell    Leonard W. Taylor             Tamara Thompson                Mr. and Mrs. Joel Travis
Miriam F. Summersell             Melissa F. Taylor             Theresa A. Thompson            Eugenia Trawick
David W. Sumner                  Myrtice E. Taylor             Tiffany Thompson               Ellen Traywick
Hazel Sumrall                    Shannon Taylor                Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Thornton    Carol Trimble
                                 Sherrye Bellew Taylor         Debra Thornton                 Mr. and Mrs. Buford J. Trott
Frances Irma Supple
                                 Tyrone Taylor                 Glena Thornton                 Frank Trotter
Carol J. Surratt
                                 Washington Taylor             Sallie Thornton                Marena Trotter
Dr. Daniel Wayne Surry
                                 Anthelyn S. Temple            Sherrie Thornton               Mr. and Mrs. Ray Trotter
Carol Sutherland-Palmer
                                 April Templeton               Velma Thornton                 Earlene Truitt
Frances C. Sutley
                                 Richard Alan Tenhet           Alice Thrasher                 Elna Trull
William Andrew Sutley
                                 Lynn Terry                    Gloria Thrasher                Marion Truscott
Gloria Sutton
                                 Scott Tew                     Eugene E. Threadgill           Shoichi Tsutsui
Robert C. Sutton
                                 Jill Thames                   Thrivent Financial Banks       John Tuck
Sverdrup Technology Inc.
                                 Thames Landscaping            Theodora Thrower               Cheryl Tucker
Cynthia Swan                     Beverly Tharpe                Ann Thublin                    Mr. and Mrs. Johnny W. Tucker
Irma Swanson                     Rosemarie Theis               A. Tibbetts                    Kathleen H. Tucker
Jane Swanson                     Thermax Clean Care Center     Brian Tiblier                  Sandy Tucker
David E. Sweatt                  Erik Thimaras                 Landrum Tile                   Amelia Tuggle
Diane Sweeney                    Sharon Thoele                 Dorothy Till                   Beverly J. Tullis
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sweetser      Dr. Albert D. Thomas          Tom Tillinghast                Lynn Tullos
Andrea Swemley                   Andretta E. L. Thomas         Corinne C. Tillman             Rodney Tullos
Elizabeth Ann Swinney            Betty Thomas                  Toni Tillman                   Dr. Ye Tung
Debra Switzer                    Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Thomas     Gwenn Timmons                  Ashley Turbeville
Anne Jeannette Sylvestre         Celestine Thomas              Violet Tinney                  Becky Turk
T P Crockmeirs                   Charlotte Thomas              Tiny Diny Restaurant           Jeannette Turk
Frances M. Taber                 Cheryl Thomas                 Joseph Wesley Tipp             Leanna Harris Turk
Linda Tacatte                    Christina S. Thomas           Mr. and Mrs. George Tobias     Paulette Turnage
Olivette Grace Talbert           Crystal Ann Thomas            Dorothy D. Todd                Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turnbull
Cynthia Tallman                  Debra A. Thomas               Sandra C. Toenes               Mr. and Mrs. Althonse Turner
Christina M. Talty               Madison Thomas                Karen Tolkkinen                Joey and Mary Turner
Rayma G. Tange                   Mr. and Mrs. Marston Thomas   Genevieve Tomasich             Kristy Turner
Cora Lee Tanner                  Monica Sneed Thomas           Lillie Tomasich                Linda and Joseph Turner
38       Honor roll of donors
Mary Turner
Norma Turner
Selwyn Turner Jr.
Calvin Turnipseed
Michael Scott Turnmire
Rob Turpin
Jasper Denny Tutwiler
Jennifer Twilley
TYCO Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tyler
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tyra
Emily Nicole Ulmer
Kalpagam Umashankar
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Umbarger
Phillip Underwood
Union Planters Bank
Universal Hardware Company Inc.
Brenda Upchurch
Pamela Upchurch
Urban Connection
Employees of USA
  Institutional Research
USA Council Of International
  Student Organizations
Employees of USA CWH 3rd Floor
Employees of USA CWH Administration
Employees of USA CWH Central Supply
Employees of USA CWH                                                 SALLY LAIDLAW GREEN
  Environmental Services
Employees of USA CWH Neonatal                On the occasion of the dedication of the Laidlaw Performing Arts Building in
  Intensive Care Unit                     November, 1998, which was completed with a gift from the Estate of Jack Laidlaw
Employees of USA CWH Pharmacy
Employees of USA CWH Plant                for whom the building is named, Mrs. Sally Laidlaw Green, daughter of Jack and
  Operations                              Arialee Laidlaw, said, “We thought it was appropriate to endow a home for the
Employees of USA CWH Switchboard
Faculty and Staff of USA Department
                                          music and arts program at South Alabama. My dad’s family has been active in the
  of Communications                       support of education for several generations, and my dad has always been a firm
Faculty and Staff of USA Department       believer in providing a well-rounded education, including music and art, not just
  of Dramatic Arts
Faculty and Staff of USA Department       academics. And, of Mrs. Green’s donation of a Schimmel concert grand piano given
  of Orthopedic Surgery                   in memory and honor of her late mother, Arialee Hughes Laidlaw, Mrs. Green said,
USA EMS Student Association
USA Freshman Activities Board
                                          “The University said it needed a concert grand piano and I wanted to do something
Employees of USA Medical Center           to honor my mother. My parents were married 60 years, and I thought she ought to
  Office of Personnel Relations           be a part of all this.”
Employees of USA Medical Center
  Snack Bar
USA Residence Life Council            Christina Vaughn                 Rebecca Vogtner                Jonathan Walker
Faculty and Staff of USA Springhill   Sue Vaughn                       Charles Volking Sr.            Karen Denise Walker
  Occupational Therapy                Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Veasey         Raymond Vrazel                 Regina Walker
Lesley Vallas                         Mr. and Mrs. Eric Veasey         W.H.I.L.                       Dr. Rhett Walker
Patricia Vallee                       Claudia P. Velez                 Rebecca Wade                   Scott Walker
Mary Van Antwerp                      Sally Velez                      Dr. William Wager              Spence Walker
Edith Van Dyke                        Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Verheyden     Carley Waggoner                Wilfred Walker
Frances Van Dyke                      Sharon N. Vest                   Waggy Tail                     Mr. and Mrs. John Walks
Rick Van Eck                          Debbie Vice                      Amos and Ruth Wagner           James Christopher Wall
Greg Vanacker                         Rita Vice                        Patricia Carter Wagner         Rhonda R. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Lenual Vance             Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Vice           Lorraine Lea Waguespack        Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace
Robert Vance                          Wanda Vice                       Shay Wainwright                Robert E. Wallace
Tammy M. Vance                        Vickie Vick                      Colette Martin Waite           Shirley Wallace
George Vancourt Jr.                   Brenda Vickers                   Nancy Waite                    Tracey Wallace
Tina Vanderheiden                     Mr. and Mrs. Keith Vickers       Monray S. Wakefield            George David Waller
Elisabeth D. Vandillon                Charles Vickery                  Bob Wakeman                    Lyndia Waller
John P. Vanhook                       Dr. James A. Vicory              Mr. and Mrs. George Waldron    Sandra Waller
Monica Vanosdol                       Martha Davis Vignes              Allison Westry Walker          WalMart Portrait Studio
Crysti E. Varden                      Merle Vignes                     Arvil Walker                   Ann Walsh
Dr. Sankoorikal L. Varghese           Becky Vines                      Darlene Walker                 Marcia A. Walsh
Mitzi Variali                         Khurram Haroon Virk              Deborah Walker                 Patricia M. Walsh
Joyce M. Varner                       Visitation Monastery             Frances E. Walker              Marilyn Walters
Jane Vaughan                          A.T. Visser                      Gayle Walker                   Robby Walters
Priscilla Vaughan                     Shirley Vitale                   Mr. and Mrs. James E. Walker   Mr. and Mrs. James Waltman
Wardell Vaughan                       My Dung Thi Vo                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Walker     Elsie Marie Walton
                                                                         University of South Alabama                            39
Norman Walton                 Theresa Weldy                  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whittington   Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Williams
Sarah P. Walton               Steve and Theresa Wellington   Starr Whittington                 Gwendolyn Price Williams
E. H. Walworth                Lynn Wells                     Wicks N Sticks                    Mr. and Mrs. H. Chad Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walz     Major Frank E. Wendling        Widowed Persons Service           Hamilton Williams
Kimberly Warbington           Robert Wendling                Organization/Support Group for    Irene Williams
Carole Ward                   Barbara Wesley                   Widowed Persons                 Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Williams
Cheryl Y. Ward                Ann West                       Ben W. Wiegers                    James Edward Williams
Chester R. Ward               Brandon West                   2nd Lt. Joseph Stuart Wier        Jamie Williams
Ernest Ward                   Keith Daniel West              Lou Wiesand                       Janice Williams
John Thomas Ward              Marjorie F. West               Stan and Lisa Wiese               Jayme Williams
Myra Ward                     Stan West                      Ben Wiggins                       Jody Williams
Richard Ward                  Dr. Thomas R. West             David Wiggins                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe Williams
Wes Scott Ward                Thomasine West                 Jamie Wiggins                     Kay Williams
Ralph Ware                    Annie S. Westbrook             Jennifer Wiggins                  Kelly Williams
Kimberly Warner               Ruth H. Wester                 Shanita Wiggins                   Kimberly Ann Williams
Linda C. Warnol
Sharla L. Warnol
Catherine Warren
Michael Bruce Warren                         SUSAN COX and CORNELIA HOCKRIDGE
Patricia Campbell Warren
Steven Christopher Warrick           Captain Allen U. Graham was the first USA graduate to lose his life in the
Barbara Warriner
Edna Wasden
                                 Vietnam War. Susan Cox, Captain Graham’s widow, and their daughter, Nichole
Clementine Washington            Graham Salzillo, established the Captain Allen U. Graham Memorial Scholarship
Elvenia Washington               Fund in his memory. Captain Graham’s mother, Cornelia Graham Hockridge, has
Greta C. Washington
Steven T. Wassman                made an additional commitment to this scholarship in memory of her son. In doing
Cody W. Waters                   so, she said, “The idea of creating a scholarship in Allen’s memory was originally
Ann Marie Petty Watkins
Cherry D. Watkins                instigated by his widow, Susan, and their daughter, Nikki. But I wanted to help for
Kenneth Watkins                  two special reasons: one, because it was a wonderful way for me to honor Allen and
Sharron W. Watkins
Bill Watson                      two, having taught in the Mobile school system for 17 years, it was a great
Debbie Watson                    opportunity to help provide a scholarship opportunity to a deserving student.”
Dennis Watson
Jacqueline M. Watson
Judy C. Watson                Westlawn School                Teresa Wiggins                    Kimberly F. Williams
Kenneth Watson                Edgar T. Westmoreland          Virginia Wiggins                  Lauretta Williams
Nan H. Watson                 Mr. and Mrs. Damian Westrich   Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Wigley         Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Williams
Sue Watson                    Rick Whaley                    Lara Wigley                       Linda Williams
Emma Watts                    Danny Whatley                  James Wilcox                      Livingston Williams
Karen Watts                   Melanie Wheeler                Julia Wilcox                      Marketa H. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Watts      Stephanie Wheeler              Dora Williams Wilder              Marsha Williams
Mark A. Watts                 Wendy Spence Wheeler           Sarah Wilder                      Mattie Howze Williams
Mary Watts                    Laura Wheeles                  Debbie Wildman                    Nancy Williams
Penny Watts                   Catherine Whelton              Cheryl Y. Wiley                   Mr. and Mrs. Neil Williams
WBLX FM Radio                 Linda Whigham                  Joan Wilhelm                      Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Williams
Adrian L. Weaver              Agnes Denise White             Nellie M. Wilhite                 Patricia Ann Williams
Augusta Weaver                Anna Marie White               Robert Wilkins                    Mr. and Mrs. Perry Williams
Chuck Weaver                  Barbara White                  Norman Wilkinson                  Phyllisia Williams
Daniel Weaver                 Christine White                Carolyn Sue Willard               R.J. Williams
Debbie Weaver                 David White                    Serena E. Willcox                 Raven Williams
Debra Weaver                  Diane M. White                 Al Williams                       Rema Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Eastman Weaver   Harold G. White                Allen Williams                    Richard Williams
Ginger Weaver                 Jenester R. White              Bessie Williams                   Richard B. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Weaver   Melinda White                  Betty Williams                    Robert Lee Williams
Joan H. Weaver                Rene White                     Brandon Williams                  Roberta Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Weaver      Rose M. White                  Caretia Williams                  Roderick Williams
Winifred Weaver               Sherryll White                 Charles Williams                  Sharon Williams
Hattie Webb                   Tamatha White                  Cheryl Williams                   Sheree Williams
Jeannine Webb                 Valerie White                  Chett Tyrone Williams             Shirley L. Williams
Lisa Wilson Webb              Stephen Errol Whitehead        Clara Williams                    Shoshunda Williams
Mellanese Webb                John White-Spunner             Mrs. Collier Williams             Susan Williams
Wee Care Country              Emily Whitfield                Connie Toncrey Williams           Teri Williams
  Day Care                    Kandy Hines Whitfield          Mr. and Mrs. Craig Williams       Thomas Williams
Delilah Weekley               Carrie Whiting                 Donta Williams                    Thomas L. Williams
David Weems                   James A. Whiting               Dorsie Williams                   Vionne Williams
Ann Weinacker                 Patricia R. Whiting            Edna Williams                     Mr. and Mrs. Willie Williams
Raymond Weinshenker           Dr. Virginia Hearn Whiting     Frenchie Williams                 Yolander Williams
Denise Stuckey Weisbach       Susan Whitman                  Georgia Williams                  Paula Williams-Hill
Lynn Welborn                  Fabian Ann Whitney             Geraldine Williams                Becky Williamson
Lori Welch                    Vanessa K. Whitsett            Gloria Williams                   Casey Williamson
Mattie M. Welch               Cordelia Whittaker             Mrs. Greg C. Williams             Mr. and Mrs. Darren Williamson
40        Honor roll of donors

                                                   TOULMIN FAMILY
        When the University aquired the Toulmin family home, a raised Creole cottage, in 1974, it was unclear
     what its purpose would be on a very young campus. But as the number of graduates began to grow, a fledgling
     alumni association was formed and found its home in what is now known as Alumni Hall.

*Dr. and Mrs. Ivey Williamson   Malcom C. Wimmer                  Melissa Woods                William H. Yokel
Mr and Mrs Jason Williamson     Amy Wincek                        Nina Woods                   Susan Yonehiro
Linda Williamson                Dr. Floyd Windal                  Mr. and Mrs. John Woodyard   Jester Ree Young
Linda Hadley Williamson         Eddie Windes                      Lillie Woodyard              Josh Young
Samuel P. Williamson            Jean Windham                      Mrs. C. S. Woolford          Karen Suzette Young
Adda Willingham                 Peggy Windham                     Amanda Marie Woolley         Kathy Young
Debbie Willis                   Christie Wing                     Catherine Wooten             Lorraine Young
Mary James Willis               Della Wingard                     Joe L. Wooten                Lucinda Young
Wilmington Island United        Tina Wingo                        Worthington Acetylene        Margaret Young
  Methodist Church              Winn Dixie                          Cylinders Inc.             Pamela E. Young
Corrine Wilsey                  Leticia Winters                   WPMI Crew                    Patricia A. Young
Autumn Wilson                   Peggy Wise                        Candace Wright               Stephanie Young
Christopher Wilson              Carole Wiseman                    Mr. and Mrs. David Wright    Willenia V. Young
Connie Wilson                   Joan Wiseman                      Yolanda Wright               Marguerite Yow
Deidra Wilson                   Lucy Wiseman                      Wright Cut                   Cynthia D. Zackrison
Georgia Wilson                  Wistaria Study Club               Wright Pool Service          Susan Z. Zackrison
Heidi E. Wilson                 Mrs. Gale Witherington            Jacqueline Wuestman          Dr. Mohammad Zaman
Mrs. Ica Wilson                 Tamisan Witherspoon               Mary Jane Wyant              Derek Zambo
Jennifer Wilson                 Renee Wittendorfer                Cathy R. Wyckoff             Mr. and Mrs. Zdzislaw Zaremba
Judith Wilson                   WMU Ladies Navco Baptist Church   William Wynne                Beth Zeimet
Lanelle and Eugene Wilson       Edna Wolcott                      Dr. Yu Xu                    R. Douglas Zellner
Nancy Wilson                    Kalyn Wolfe                       Xiaoyan Xue                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Zelnicker
Nell Wilson                     Kelly Wolfe              CMN                Marianne A. Zelnicker
Peggy Wilson                    Polly Wolfe                       Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yarbrough   Dr. L. W. Zenkert
Peter Aaron Wilson              Ronnie Wolverton                  Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Yates   Lawrence Zicherman
Samuel Wilson IV                B. A. Wood III                    Suzanne Yates                Danna Zimmer
Shanna V. Wilson                Brenda Wood                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yearty   Sharon Zimmer
Sharon Wilson                   Chuck Wood                        Amy M. Yeend                 Steve Zimmerman
Tonya Wilson                    Gayle Dyess Wood                  Takako Yeend                 Lisa Ann Zito
Trevan Wilson                   Nick Wood                         Louise Yelding               Dr. Linda V. Zoghby
Wilson Electric Company Inc.    Tonia Wood                        Marguerie Yelding            Sam A. Zoghby
Wilson’s Service Center         Timpestt Woodard                  Jan and Steven Yellin        John Zollinger
Cynthia Wilton                  Dale Woodham                      Xiao-Feng Yin                Carmela Zuzak
Eva Wimberly                    Caleb Woods                       John Yockers
Kristin Wimberly                Jacqueline Woods                  James Yoho

                                                                          University of South Alabama                         41

created as a special gift club to
recognize and honor those donors who
have confirmed their future gift to the
University through a will, trust,
insurance policy, or other deferred gift
Judsen Ann Culbreth
Dr. Elizabeth Davis
The Honorable M. Donald Davis
                                    If you have designated a future gift to the University through a will, trust,
Margarette G. Griffin
Hugh D. Keating                      insurance policy, or other deferred gift instrument, are not listed above
Carol N. Kittrell
Steven G. Kittrell                     and would like to be included in future publications, please call the
LeDora Knight
Kenneth C. Kvalheim
Bruce McCrory
                                                           Office of University Development.
Arthur R. Outlaw*
Robert G. Patterson
Dr. Jean L. Watts                                         251-460-7032

                                   Did We Miss Your Name?
                                     Did We Get It Right?
      The USA Honor Roll of Donors includes the names of all individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations
 that have made a charitable contribution to the University of South Alabama. In this our first-ever Honor Roll of Donors,
 every effort has been made to include not only those who have made gifts or gift commitments to the University this year
 but also those who have made gifts to the University in years past.

    If your name, or the name of your organization, corporation, or foundation has been incorrectly spelled or is not
 included in this publication and you feel it should be, one of the following may be the reason:

  •   You made a gift to USA in an area that maintains accounts separate from those at the University of South Alabama.
      The report does not include gifts made directly to hospital auxiliaries, the USA Foundation, the University alumni
      associations, the South Alabama Medical Science Foundation, the Health Services Foundation, or other University-
      related organizations.

  •   When you made your personal gift, you used your company’s check or letterhead. If this occurred, please check for the
      listing under your company’s title in the appropriate area.

  •   Your name may have changed. If so, please check for the listing under your former name.

42     Honor roll of donors

                                           VOLUNTEER LEADERS
    The University of South Alabama is supported by many individuals, groups and organizations but none are more
 important to the University than the USA National Alumni Association, the USA Medical Alumni Association, and
 the Jaguar Athletic Club. It is through the fund raising efforts of these great volunteer organizations that scholarships
 are created, student, faculty, and employee awards are presented, academic programs are supported, athletic programs
 are enhanced and school spirit is exemplified.

                             USA NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                              The mission of the               Jaguar Athletic Club and other organizations affiliated with
                                                               the University enable us to achieve our desire and need to
                                University of South Alabama
                                                               give back for the benefit of others.
                                National Alumni Association is
                                to work cooperatively with the
                                University and the other
                                constituent groups within the
                                University’s “Family” to foster
                                and maintain an active
                                relationship between these
Honorable Don Davis, President,
USA National Alumni Association
                                groups and to develop an
                                image that ensures the integrity
and principles of the University through active
participation. The vision of the National
Alumni Association is to provide a
comprehensive set of programs, services and                      USA National Alumni Association
resources to benefit the University, its alumni,                         Board of Directors
students and friends. The National Alumni
Association is an important advocate for the
                                                                             Don Davis, President
University in the political and business
                                                                        Mike Windom, Vice President
communities of our state and nation.
                                                                           Michele Bryant, Secretary
   My wife, also a USA alumna, and I
                                                                             Diana Laier, Treasurer
recognize that a quality education is key to
                                                                         Frank Brown, Past President
success in life - in every regard. We received
excellent educations at the University that
                                                                      Carol N. Kittrell, Executive Director
enabled us to pursue and have successful                                       Board Members
professional careers. But for our educations,                                 Term Expires 2004:
the quality of life for our family would be                                        Pat Hicks
vastly different. We recognize that others gave                           A. Anthony “Tony” Hughes
and sacrificed, so that we could obtain our                                      Mary Mincy
educations. Accordingly, it is incumbent on                                    Brandy Osborne
us to likewise give in hopes of enabling others                                  Gina Warner
to achieve success in life. Our participation in
                                                          Term Expires 2005:                    Term Expires 2006:
the USA National Alumni Association, the
                                                          Robert “Rob” Bunch              William Andrew “Andy” Denny
                                                         Michael “Mike” Gabel                      Robin Hurst
                                                                Tim Gyan                      Dr. Kitti “Kit” Outlaw
                                                            Danielle Ludlow                Thomas A. “Tommy” Zoghby
                                                                           University of South Alabama                            43

                                                                     JAGUAR ATHLETIC CLUB
                                                         The Jaguar Athletic Club (JAC) seeks
  It gives me great pleasure to serve as the           private gift support to provide financial
President of the USA Medical Alumni                    assistance for funding student-athlete
                       Association. Our                scholarships and programs in support of
                       organization represents         the Department of Athletics and thus
                       over 1,600 graduates            assist the USA athletic programs to be
                       practicing throughout           competative at the NCAA Division I level.
                       the United States and
                                                         Jaguar Athletic Club membership plays
                       abroad as academic,
                                                       a critical role in helping South Alabama
                       private, military and                                                        Mr. Mike Granger, President
                                                       meet the rapidly escalating costs of team
                       administrative                                                               Jaguar Athletic Association
                                                       travel, recruiting and equipment purchases
                                                       as well as student-athlete scholarships.
 Dr. Oscar D. Almeida, Jr.,
  President, USA Medical     Our mission as a            Investments of both time and money in Jaguar Athletics will benefit
    Alumni Association     medical alumni              South Alabama student-athletes and enhance the reputation of the
organization is to create and maintain a beneficial    University’s athletic programs and further the public recognition of the
relationship between medical graduates and the         academic excellence at the University of South Alabama.
College of Medicine. We are cognizant and grateful
for the mutual respect the University provides to                                  Officers:
our organization. We are enthusiastically                                   Mike Granger, President
committed to serve as a vital resource in the                             Tony Wallace, Vice President
institutional charge of accomplishing academic                             Mike Thompson, Treasurer
excellence in clinical medicine, scientific research              I. David Cherniak, Immediate Past President
and medical education.                                                        Board Members:
                                                             Term Expires 2004:              Term Expires 2005:
       USA Medical Alumni Association                         David Cherniak                     Tom Nall
             Board Members                                  Stephen E. Clements                 Tony Wallace
   Dr. Oscar D. Almeida, Jr., ‘85 (President)                   Corky Crow                    Skipper Walters
          Dr. Damian J. Collins, ‘92                           Mike Granger
          Dr. Gregory W. Cotter ‘80                            Paul McCarter
                                                              Mike Thompson
           Dr. R. Lamar Duffy ‘84
          Dr. David A. Gremse ‘83                            Term Expires 2006:                   Term Expires 2007:
          Dr. Diana K. Hashimi ‘90                              Barbara Fox                            Ginni Boyd
         Dr. Russell A. Hudgens ‘87                            Chuck Kasper                        Billy Cunningham
           Dr. Amy M. Morris ‘93                              Bernie Malkove                     Grady W. (Jody) Dunn
           Dr. Terry N. Rivers ‘83                              Bobby Marks                          Ken Kvalheim
        Dr. R. Kent Robinson, Jr. ‘80                           Roy Martino                          Frank Millsaps
                                                                 Jerry Pugh                        Richard Schneider
            Dr. David C. Ross ‘79
                                                                                                    Maureen Shirah
         Dr. Kathleen J. Webster ‘91
44      Honor roll of donors

                     Opportunities for Giving
Private support for the University of South Alabama is           s a bequest through a will or living trust
critical to the future success of the University. There are
numerous ways to make philanthropic gifts to USA.                A common way of leaving a legacy to a donor’s life is
Donors may make restricted gifts to any department,           with a gift left to USA in a will.
college, or program or, if they so choose, donors may            s a charitable trust or other life income plan
make unrestricted gifts to the University to be used
“Where the Need is Greatest” at the President’s                   Various trust arrangements such as charitable
discretion.                                                   remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts,
                                                              and charitable lead trusts may enable a donor to make a
   A charitable gift to the University of South Alabama       gift to the University and at the same time retain income
can take many forms. It can be:                               from the assets and secure a tax advantage.
     s a gift of cash or securities                              s making the University a named beneficiary in
                                                                   your retirement or insurance policy
    The most immediately useable gifts to the University
are those which come in the form of cash and in the              s gifts of real and personal property
form of securities which can be converted to cash. All
gifts of cash or securities can be designated for any             These gifts can be anything from land, houses, and
purpose the donor chooses.                                    other real estate to works of art, collectibles, rare books,
                                                              copyrights, oil and gas interests, as well as scientific
     s a corporate matching gift                              equipment, computers, vehicles and heavy equipment.
                                                              The property may be sold and invested in endowments
    Many companies encourage their employees to be            or used for capital or operating funds. Gifts of scientific
good citizens and aid their philanthropic effort by           equipment or computers may go immediately into the
matching, and often doubling, or even tripling each           classroom or research laboratory.
employee dollar given. If one works for a matching gift
company, just send the employer’s matching gift form
with your check. The University Development Office
and your company will take care of the details. USA will
recognize both the company for their matching gift and
the donor for their gift.

        We want to list each gift appropriately. In
       spite of our best efforts, errors and                           If you have any questions concerning the
       omissions can occur. If this is the case,                        inaugural Honor Roll of Donors or for
       please accept our apologies and notify the                       additional information on how you can
       Office of University Development at the                        Make a Difference at the University of South
       University of South Alabama, Mobile Town                       Alabama, please contact Ms. Ginny Turner,
       House, Mobile, AL 36688, or call us at                               Associate Director for University
       (251) 460-7032.                                                     Development, at (251) 460-7032.
teaching                 •      research   •   service

  University of South Alabama                       Non-Profit
                                                   U.S. Postage
  Development and Alumni Relations                    PAID
                                                  Permit No. 506
  Alumni Hall                                       Mobile, AL
  307 University Blvd., N.
  Mobile, Alabama 36688-0002

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