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									                       Connecting to Remote Desktop
                      How to Log into the College Network from Home
 You can access all the college software, email and network drives away from college using our
                                       Remote Desktop

1. Start the Remote Desktop Connection
  For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 this is found at:-

                 Start>All Programs>Accessories>Remote Desktop Connection

  For Mac OSX install Remote Desktop Connection from here then open from the installed

  For Linux install Rdesktop from here then open from the installed location.

  (see next page for other ways to start Remote Desktop)

2. Remote Desktop Connection
  Type in the box and click “Connect".

  You may be presented with a box asking you to verify the computer you are connecting to, if so
  click “connect”.

  If you are asked for a password for your own name click the Use    another account box
3. Log on
  You will now need to enter:
         your domain name which is charnwood\ followed by your college user name (Student
          Ref. number on college card) in the first box
         your password in the second box:

  Students enter:     charnwood\user name


  This will give you access to the college network including your P:drive and Learnzone.

  (Staff enter: epinal\user name and password to log on)

  Next time you log on, your computer may remember the domain and you will just need to type
  in your user name and password.

4. Logging off
  Please remember to „Log Off‟ from Doris properly by using „Start‟(or Windows button) and then
  „Shut Down‟ and „Log Off‟ option. This will disconnect your session, leaving it free for other

Other ways to start the Remote Desktop
open Run:-
press the windows key on your keyboard        and the R key at the same time.

The Run box will appear, in this box type the letters mstsc and click “OK”

or if you do not have a windows key on your keyboard, use the following instructions:-

LibraryLRC/Aug 2011, review Aug 2012
Windows XP: Click on the               button on the taskbar and then click Run and type mstsc
in the box.

Windows 7: Click on the windows button         and type mstsc into the Search programs and
files box.

If you do not have the remote desktop client on your machine, you can download the software for
your operating system using the links on the Remote Desktop page on the college website: Click on the Student or Staff tab on the home page and select Remote

If You Need Help
Phone the LRC office: 01509 618318 or Email:

LibraryLRC/Aug 2011, review Aug 2012

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