Handbook Carteret County Schools

					“Our Mission, through shared responsibilities,          SCHOOL DAY PROCEDURES
is to foster all aspects of student development,
and prepare each child to lead a successful,            ARRIVAL
productive life.”                                       The school day is from 7:45 AM until 3:00 PM. Students
                                                        should report to the cafeteria in the morning if they arrive
      HARKERS ISLAND                                    prior to 7:45 AM. Supervision is not provided for
    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                   students prior to 7:25 AM. Parents who drop students
        STAFF ROSTER                                    off before 7:25 AM may be called to pick up the student.
           2011-2012                                    After the 7:45 AM bell, students may report directly to
                                                        their classroom. The tardy bell rings at 7:55 AM. All
                                                        students should be in their classroom and ready to begin
     Becky Misner, Principal                            their daily assignments at that time. Students arriving after
                                                        7:55 will need to obtain a tardy slip from the office in
TEACHERS                                                order to be allowed into class.
John Waszak                6-8 Science/Math
Charlotte Lewis            6-8 Writing/ELA              TARDY POLICY
Shelby Salley              6-8 Social Studies/ELA       Students are expected to be in their classrooms, ready to
Sharon Stanley             5th Grade                    learn when the bell rings. Students who arrive late to
Jean Rose                  4th Grade                    school must be signed in at the office by their parents or
Chelsea Guthrie            3rd Grade                    they must bring a note signed by their parents explaining
Staci Robinson             2nd Grade                    why they were tardy. In the case of one or more
Nora Styron                1st Grade                    unexcused tardies, the following steps will apply:
Renee Koegler              Kindergarten
Laura Conway               Resource                     1. Student issued a verbal warning
Allison Guthrie            Media Center                 2. Warning (documented in agenda)
Lindsey Fodrie             Math/TechFacilitator         3. Contact parent (documented)
Laranda Taylor „Virtual‟   Geometry                     4. Call parent & student will be assigned to closed lunch
Cecil Lilley               PE                           5. Call parent & student will be assigned after school
Chris DiMassimo            Band                            detention
Shirley Redford            Music                        6. Parent conference with School Social Worker
Michael Rhinehardt         Art
Michelle Laughridge        AIG                          * Tardies accumulate each 9-week period.
Rhonda Dunning             Counselor                    Continued tardies will result in social worker involvement,
Roseann LaRoque            Speech                       as well as consequences up to out-of-school suspension.
Carol Armistead            Psychologist                 OUT-OF DISTRICT: Permission to attend HIES may be
Jenny Pilcher              Social Worker                revoked for habitual tardiness.

Cathy Guthrie    Teacher Assistant
                                                        The school dismissal bell rings at 3:00 PM. K - 2nd grade
Trudy Rose       Teacher Assistant
                                                        students (and older siblings) will use the Cafeteria exit at
Renate Eichinger Secretary/Bookkeeper
                                                        the 3:00 bell. Students in grades 3-8 will dismiss through
Ann Chadwick     Head Custodian
                                                        the front exit. To avoid classroom disruptions parents are
Minnetta Nelson  Custodian
                                                        asked not to enter the halls without permission from the
Gina Russell     Cafeteria Manager
                                                        office. Walking or riding students are to clear the
Jennifer Taylor  Cafeteria Worker
                                                        campus by 3:15 unless they are involved in a specific
                                                        school activity. After school responsibilities such as
                                                        conferences, attending staff meetings, and lesson
                                                        preparation prevent our staff from providing after-hour
                                                        supervision except on an emergency basis.

STUDENT CHECK IN/CHECK OUT                                          Absences for alternative education opportunities require
All K-8 students arriving late should report to the office to       prior approval from the principal.
. Students will also be signed-out through the
office. We must have parental permission in order for a             A student must be present until 11:30 AM to be
child to be picked up early. In the event of an emergency           considered present for that school day. Any student who is
situation we will only allow students to leave with their           not considered present that day may not attend any
emergency contacts. Please make every effort to avoid               afterschool school sponsored activity that same day.
checking students out early unless it is for one of the
legitimate reasons for absence stated in the attendance             Elementary and middle school students are expected to be
section of this handbook. Getting a child out of class              present for a minimum of 91% of instructional time. Any
disrupts everyone’s lessons. We need your help to                   student missing over ten days may be required to present a
ensure that everyone’s learning time is protected.                  note from their doctor, be referred to the school social
                                                                    worker, or have legal action taken against the
Parents are always welcome at HIES. We do ask,
                                                                    Alternative Educational Opportunity Approval
however, that parents respect the instructional time of
                                                                    From the DPI Student Accountability Manual: "Lawful
teachers and students. Unscheduled hallway conferences
                                                                    Absences... When it is demonstrated that the purpose of
between the hours of 7:25 and 3:00 are not permitted.
                                                                    an absence is to take advantage of a valid education
Scheduled conference time allows you and the teacher to
                                                                    opportunity, such as travel, approval for such an absence
focus on your child. Please contact your child’s teacher to
                                                                    must be granted prior to the absence." Approval can
schedule a parent/teacher conference. Conferences will be
                                                                    only be given by the principal, in advance of the
arranged so they do not conflict with the instructional day.
                                                                    absence. A form/worksheet is available in the office and
 “Corridor visits” with your child’s teacher are
                                                                    on the HIES website to calculate the actual educational
      not allowed.
                                                                    validity of the trip. No educational leave will be approved
 All visitors to the school must sign in at the office.
                                                                    after the fact. All paperwork to be considered for
 All parents and visitors should use the parking lot
                                                                    approval must be completed and turned in one week prior
      in front of the school. All side and back entrances
                                                                    to departure.
      are closed to visitors.
  If you are planning to eat lunch with your child, please
use the front entrance and parking area. Check in for               MAKE-UP WORK
lunch in the front office and enjoy preferred seating at the        It is the responsibility of the student to find out about
Family Table in the Cafeteria.                                      missing work and to schedule times to make-up the work.
                                                                    The following procedures will be used for each
                                                                    classification of missed work:
PARKING                                                             Absent and an assignment is due when student returns to
Parents are reminded to park in the front west parking lot,         school – Student will be given one additional day to turn
instead of at the school entrances. No one should park or           in assignments. If absent for multiple days, for each 2
leave cars unattended in front of the building at any               days absent the student will be given 1 day.
time. This area is used regularly as a loading zone and             Assignment is given prior to absence but due on day
fire zone.                                                          student is absent – Ex. Student present on Monday,
                                                                    assignment given on Monday but due Tuesday when
STUDENT ATTENDANCE                                                  student is absent. Upon returning to school, student will
Regular school attendance is essential for student success.         be given 1 additional day.
Excusable absences from school are limited to:                      Assignment is given and students have more than 1 day to
 Illness or injury,                                                complete – The absent student upon returning to school
 Quarantine,                                                       has the same amount of days plus 1.
                                                                    Assignment is a regularly scheduled assignment such as
 Death in the immediate family,
                                                                    spelling test on Friday – Student will be given 1 additional
 Medical and dental visits,                                        day upon returning to school.
 Judicial or administrative proceedings,                           MAKE-UP WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT
 Religious observances,                                            PENALTY UNTIL 3:30 ON THE DAY DUE.
 Alternate education opportunities (Title 16
    NCAC.0404) and
 Military deployment circumstances.
When the student returns to school, the parent or guardian
must send a note stating the reason for the absence.

ATHLETICS                                                             The microwave is for staff use only. We are unable to
                                                                      heat student lunches.
Harkers Island School is extremely proud of our record of
success in athletics. In order to be eligible to participate in       SCHOOL MEAL CHARGE PROCEDURE
our athletic programs, students must meet the following               Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, all schools
requirements:                                                         will have a NO CHARGE PROCEDURE for purchasing
                                                                      Breakfast, Lunch, or any A la Carte items. In elementary
Academic Requirements                                                 and middle schools, a “one-day” rule will be in place.
1.   All students who are promoted to the next grade are              Students who have forgotten their money will be allowed
     eligible until the 1st nine-week grading period.                 to “charge” for only that one day. BEFORE another
     Students who fail any subject at the nine-week                   purchase can be made in the Cafeteria, that charge must
     grading period are ineligible until the next nine-week           be paid. A written notice will be sent home that day to
     report.                                                          inform parents/guardians that funds must be sent to settle
Behavior Requirements                                                 the charge the following day.
1.   One out-of-school suspension or a second ISS                     Student meal accounts can be funded directly in the
     assignment ends a student’s eligibility for the sport.           school Cafeteria, or online with LunchPrepay.com. Low
     In addition, the student may not join another sport in           balance letters will be sent home with students every
     progress.                                                        Tuesday to help parents/guardians stay informed of their
2.   Student athletes must conduct themselves in a manner             child‟s meal balance.
     that reflects positively on the school at all athletic           The HIES cafeteria phone number is 252-728-3653.
     events. Any use of profanity or poor
     sportsmanship may lead to a student becoming                     HEALTH
     ineligible for participation for the remainder of
     the year.
                                                                      Immunizations are required of all students in the North
Attendance for Athletes
                                                                      Carolina public school system. A written record from a
A student must be in attendance 85% of the previous
                                                                      licensed physician or health department stating that the
semester to be eligible to try out for a sport.
                                                                      student has had them must be presented within 30 days of
                                                                      the student’s enrollment. Please contact the school nurse
Age Limit                                                             if you have any questions or concerns about the
A student shall not participate if the student becomes 15
                                                                      immunization requirements.
years of age on or before October 16 th of that school year.

Medical Information                                                   INJURIES
The student must receive a medical examination each year              Minor student injuries will be treated by the school staff
by a licensed physician. A Carteret County Athletic                   and parents will be notified. We are limited to soap, water,
Participation Physical form must be used, and can be                  ice, Band-aids, and TLC. Parents or emergency contacts
obtained from the office.                                             will be notified as soon as possible of more serious
                                                                      injuries. Emergency contact telephone numbers
NOTE: Students who are absent during the school day                   are vitally important for all students. Parents
may not participate in any extra-curricular activity unless           need to provide this information to the office and
the absence is for scheduled medical or dental care. A                keep it updated.
doctor’s note must be received to verify the reason for the
                                                                      PRESCRIPTION MEDICINE
                                                                      Prescription medicine can only be administered by
CAFETERIA MEAL PRICES                                                 school personnel under the following guidelines:
                                                                      1. An order signed by a physician with specific directions
Breakfast:                                                            for administration must be submitted to the office. A
    * Student Price          $1.00                                    parent or legal guardian must also sign this order. These
    * Reduced Price          $ .30                                    “green sheet” forms are available in our office and at the
    * Adult Price            $1.00                                    offices of most of our area physicians.
    * Student Price          K-5 $2.00/6-8 $2.25                      2. Parents must bring the medication in a bottle with a
    * Reduced Price          $ .40                                    pharmacist's label designating patient's name, dispensing
    * Adult Price            Ala carte                                instructions, name of drug, and the physician's name.
    * Milk Price             $ .35

Office personnel will count medication in pill form while          EMERGENCY SITUATIONS
observed by the parent.                                            Students should silently evacuate the building according
                                                                   to their assigned route or go to their sheltered place in the
3. A record will be kept of all children receiving                 school, quietly following all teacher instructions.
medication. This record will be accessible in the office.

4. A note regarding the medication will be attached to the         SCHOOL RULES
child's health card.
                                                                   DISTRACTIVE DEVICES
5. All medication will be kept locked in the office and            Electronic devices, lighters, matches and toys, such as, but
administered by office personnel. Teachers or assistants           not limited to: laser pointers, walkmans, CD players,
will be given medication to administer on field trips.             gameboys, beepers, and cell phones are not allowed
                                                                   beyond the office. Any student who brings a device to
NONPRESCRIPTION MEDICINE                                           school will need to drop it off in the office before
The above procedures also apply to all nonprescription             beginning the school day. Any distractive device
medicines administered to students in kindergarten                 confiscated during the school day will be returned only to
through fifth grade. Students in middle school may keep            the parent.
non-prescription medications with them only under the              Toys, including basketballs, footballs, etc. are not allowed
following conditions:                                              on campus. Prohibited items will be confiscated and
                                                                   returned at the end of the day. With repeated violations,
1.   The principal must have a note from the parent or             parents will have to pick up the item and/or it will be held
     guardian identifying the medication and the reason            until the end of the school term.
     for taking it.
2.   The student may keep enough medication for one                DRESS CODE
     day.                                                          Harkers Island School students are expected to dress
3.   Medication must not be stored in the student’s                appropriately for school.        The following items are
     cubby/locker.                                                 inappropriate for school activities and will not be
4.   The principal will notify the teachers of students            permitted:
     taking medication over an extended period of time.             No hats or sunglasses worn inside the building, bathing
                                                                   suits, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, strapless tops and
NOTIFICATION OF DENTAL SCREENINGS                                  dresses, clothing with profane or suggestive language or
 Good dental health has a positive effect on a child’s             pictures, gloves, bare midriffs, clothing showing cleavage
 ability to learn and it is also important for their overall       and/or several sizes too small or too big.
 health. As part of Carteret County School’s regular                No shorts and/or skirts that are shorter than the 3rd
 preventive dental health program, children in selected            finger (when the arm is resting by your side).
 grades will have dental screenings by Johnna                       Leggings, slide shorts or tights worn under clothing
 Whitfield, RDH, the Public Health Dental Hygienist                must have an outer layer (shorts, skirt or jeans) that meets
 for Carteret County, with the NC Oral Health Section,             the 3rd finger tip rule.
 Division of Public Health. She will use gloves, mask,              No clothing which depicts alcohol, tobacco, drugs,
 flashlight and a new tongue depressor for each child.             weapons, violent behavior, or gang related attire.
 The screening serves as an educational, positive dental            No visible undergarments, cleavage or bare midriffs.
 experience so that even children that see the dentist              No jeans with holes above the 3rd finger tip rule.
 regularly will benefit from learning about good dental             No pajamas, bedroom slippers or pants worn below the
 health. If you do not want your child included in this            waist.
 screening, please send a note to your child’s teacher.             No off the shoulder shirts, tops or dresses.
 If you have any questions, please call Johnna
 Whitfield, RDH at (252) 222-7747.                                 Other items may be added to this list by the principal.
                                                                   Any style of clothing outside the dress code that will cause
INSURANCE COVERAGE                                                 unnecessary distraction or disruption from class
The Carteret County School system does not carry county-           instruction will not be permitted. The parent of a student
wide insurance for student accidents. Parents/Guardians            dressed inappropriately will be telephoned to bring the
are encouraged to purchase student insurance coverage.             student a suitable change of clothing. The student will
Student information packets are given to each student at           receive an unexcused absence for the missed class.
the beginning of each school year. More information
about student health insurance is available on the school
system website at www.carteretcountyschools.org.

PROPER GYM ATTIRE: T-shirts (NO tank tops), gym                  COMPLAINTS OR CONCERNS
shorts of an appropriate length (3 finger tip rule), and         If a student or parent has a concern about a school policy
tennis shoes.                                                    or an employee, the following procedure should be
                                                                 followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly as
SELLING                                                          possible:
Students are not allowed to sell any item on school              * Contact the person who you have a complaint about
property except for Board of Education approved items.                to discuss both sides of the story.
Teachers and staff will confiscate money and items being         * If the problem still exists, contact the principal or
sold and return them only to parents or to the student at             guidance counselor.
the end of the term. NOTE: Students are prohibited by            * If still unresolved, contact the superintendent or other
Carteret County school policy to sell fund-raiser items               appropriate central office personnel.
door-to-door without parental supervision.

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES                                                BULLYING COMPLAINT PROCEDURE -
When students attend either home or away events, they are
expected to be on their best behavior at all times. This         POLICY 1720/4015/7225
expectation applies to participants and spectators.              The Carteret County School Board takes seriously all
Students not exhibiting proper conduct will be required to       complaints of unlawful discrimination, harassment and
leave the event and may be unable to attend future events.       bullying. The process provided in their policy is designed
Students must be picked up by parents within 15 minutes          for those individuals who believe that they may have been
of the end of any event.                                         discriminated against, bullied or harassed in violation of
                                                                 policy       1710/4021/7230,      Prohibition      Against
                                                                 Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying. Individuals
STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT                                          who have witnessed or have reliable information that
The Carteret County School System uses zero tolerance as         another person has been subject to unlawful
it pertains to students possessing illegal drugs, any mood       discrimination, harassment or bullying also should report
altering substance, weapons, dangerous explosives, or are        such violations to one of the school system officials listed
involved in illegal activities at any school activity.           in subsection C.1. of the policy. Reports may be made
                                                                 anonymously. The policy in its entirety can be found in
The principal must inform law enforcement agents if acts         the Carteret County Student-Parent Handbook, page 17. A
of violence occur. In addition, the principal has the            link to the handbook can be found on the homepage of the
responsibility to inform law enforcement agents if a             Carteret       County        Schools       website         at
student in discovered to be in possession of a weapon or         www.carteretcountyschools.org.
in other circumstances where the principal deems

HIES students are expected to always:
 Strive to maximize learning
 Act in a safe manner
 Be respectful to all members of the HIES school
 Follow directions from school personnel politely
   and promptly

HIES students must not:
 Bring any weapons to school-real or toy
 Harm, threaten, or harass other students
 Bring illegal things to school- this includes drugs,
   tobacco, alcohol, pocket knives, fireworks,
   matches, and lighters
 Disrupt learning

PARENT INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                   How Parents Can Play A Part
                                                                   In addition to support at school, parents play a key role in
Your most important contribution to our school is support          ensuring student success. The following is a list of ways
of your own child’s academic work. Parents who do the              you can help your child succeed and “reach the next
following help improve their child’s academic                      level.”
performance greatly:
   Check assignment/homework sheets.                              *   Encourage your child to read every day. A suggested
   Encourage daily reading.                                           daily amount for reading would be 30 to 40 minutes
   Provide all required supplies.                                     each day.
   Assist with homework and test preparation.                     *   Take your child to the library and encourage him or
   DO NOT DO THE CHILD’S HOMEWORK.                                    her to select books of interest.
   Ensure that the child is absent only when it is                *   Encourage your child to read a variety of materials-
    absolutely necessary.                                              books, magazines, newspapers.
   Communicate high expectations to your child.                   *   Ask your child to read to a younger sibling, friend or
   Be positive when discussing school matters in front of             family member.
    your child.                                                    *   Discuss topics that interest your child and research
                                                                       those topics.
Classroom volunteers are always needed to work with                *   Talk with your child about what he or she reads-
the teachers and the students. We encourage anyone who                 discuss the main characters, the plot and the ending of
is interested in helping to contact our Volunteer                      the story.
The Advisory Council is a group of parents appointed by            *   Have your child explain his or her math lesson to you.
the Carteret County Board of Education to serve as a               *   Demonstrate how you use math at home-let them see
resource to the principal and to the Board of Education.               you balancing the checkbook, creating a budget, and
The Harkers Island Advisory Council meets monthly.                     counting change.
Meetings are open to all interested parents.                       *   Let them help with tasks that use “real life” math-
                                                                       spend time in the kitchen following a recipe-let them
2011-2012 Advisory Council Members                                     cook a meal or create a budget with the money they
Cathy Rose Dwayna Styron      Susan Lewis    Susie Piner               earn each week.
Dick Knowles Billy Gillikin   Mila Guthrie   Natasha Oden
                                                                   *   Have a suggestion box at home-let your child write
CONFERENCES/REPORT CARDS                                               suggestions to you or other members of the family.
Progress report conferences will be conducted at least             *   Encourage your child to write thank you notes and
twice a year for all K- 3 students. The conference will                letters to family members.
provide an opportunity to discuss the child’s progress.            *   Help your child find a pen pal that he or she can write
Parents of all our students in grades K-8 should contact               to often.
their child’s teacher at school whenever there is a question       *   Encourage your child to use the computer at home or
or concern.                                                            visit the public library and use the computer--let them
                                                                       utilize electronic mail to send letters and messages to
Kindergarten report cards are issued quarterly.
Conferences are held after the first and second reporting
periods. Additional meetings will be held as needed to             TIPS FOR PARENTS
discuss student progress.                                              To help your child throughout the school year and to
First, second, and third grade report cards are                        stay in communication with your child’s school, keep
completed for each nine-week period. Conferences will be               these tips in mind:
held to review progress after the first and third quarters.            * Monitor Homework- Is it regularly assigned?
Quarterly meetings will be held during scheduled parent                     Does your child complete his or her homework
nights to inform parents of academic expectations.                          correctly and turn it in on time? Keep in touch
Fourth through eighth grade report cards are sent                           you’re your child’s teacher about accuracy,
home at the end of each nine-week period. Conferences                       completeness and timeliness. You are able to do
are held as needed.                                                         this by asking to see your student’s planner.
                                                                       * Communicate With Your Child’s School-
                                                                            Check your child’s book bag for school

           newsletters and notes from the teacher. Attend
           parent-teacher conferences. Find out what is the
           best way to stay in constant communication with
           your child’s teacher. Ask your child’s teacher
           about progress reports and online updates.
     *     Talk To Your Child- Indicate to your child that
           you expect school to be a positive experience.
           Show real interest in what they are learning and
           how they are performing in school.
     *     Lending Library- Parents may check out
           materials to use at home to help students in skills
           areas or conflicting/difficult situations.

Carteret County School System information can be
obtained by visiting: www.carteretcountyschools.org.
Additional information specific to Harkers Island
Elementary School can be found online at

The following section of the
Harkers Island Elementary
School   2011-2012 Student
Handbook must be signed and
returned by
  Friday September 2, 2011.

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HIES STUDENT SIGNATURE LINE                                                   HIES PARENT SIGNATURE LINE

I    HAVE     READ   AND                                                    I    HAVE     READ   AND
UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE                                                       UNDERSTAND THE ENTIRE
2011-12 STUDENT HANDBOOK,                                                   2011-12 STUDENT HANDBOOK,
INCLUDING THE DRESS CODE                                                    INCLUDING THE DRESS CODE
AND TARDY POLICIES.                                                         AND TARDY POLICIES.

STUDENT ____________________________________                                GUARDIAN ___________________________________

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