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Title                                                         Author 1                          Author 2           Edition

"Every morning, just like coffee": torture in Cameroon        Ball, Olivia
"Safe third country": policy in European countries            Lassen, Nina                      Hughes, Jane
(The) Closed door: a Christian critique of Britain's
immigration policies                                          Jenkins, Keith
(The) Role of voluntary organisations in emergency
democracies                                                   Micou, Ann M                      Lindsnaes, B
                                                              United Nations High
5th UNHCR Country of origin information workshop              Commissioner for Refugees
                                                              W orking Group on Forced
A choice by right                                             Marriage

                                                              Hours of Lords Select Committee
A community immigration policy with evidence                  on the European Untion
A comparative analysis of national and European law           Johansson, Per
A consultation on a new charing regime for immigration
and nationality fees                                          Home Office
A guide to legal and welfare rights: support for asylum
seekers                                                       W illman, Sue                     Knafler, Stephen
A guide to the right of establishment under the European
Agreemtns                                                     Guild, Elspeth
A humane service for global citizens                          Back, Prof Les                    Bernadette
A migration policy for the future                             Doomernik, Jeroen                 Penninx, Rinus
A migration policy for the future                             Doornerink, Jeroen                Penninx, Rinus
A pleasant fiction: The human rights situation of Roma in
Macedonia                                                     European Roma Rights Center
A poor reception: refugees and asylum seekers: welfare or
work?                                                         Sargeant, Gill                    Forna, Aminatta
A practical guide to presenting asylum and human rights                                         Hawkin,
claims                                                        Stedman, Aryan, J                 Benjamin
A practitioner's guide to the EC-Turkey Association
Agreement                                                     Rogers, Nicola
                                                              European Consultation on
A refugee policy for Europe                                   Refugees & Exiles
A report on the work of the Immigration and nationality
department                                                    Home Office
A right to family life                                        Citizens Advice Bureaux

A scoping project on child trafficking in the UK              Border and Immigration Agency     Home Office
A special remedy: Roma and schools for the mentally
handicapped in the Czech Republic                             European Roma Rights Center

A study on the expected effects of free movement for
legally residing workers from Third Countries within the EC   Muus, Philip J
Access to asylum: international refugee law and the
globalisation of migration control                            Gammeltoft-Hansen, Thomas
Access to justice: Law Society manifesto 1991                 Law Society
Accession to recession: A8 migration in Bristol and Hull      Glossop, Catherine                Shaheed, Faiza
Adding Insult to injury: experiences of Zairean refugees in
the UK                                                        Asylum Aid
Advising gay and lesbian clients: a guide for lawyers         Barlow, Anne                      Bowley, Martin
African exodus: refugee crisis, human rights and the 1969     Lawyers Committee for Human
OAU Convention                                                Rights
African yearbook of international law. Volume 7 1999          Yusaf, Abdulqawi A
Amnesty International Report 1996                             Amnesty International
Amnesty International Report 1997                             Amnesty International
An assesment of the impact of asylum policies in Europe
1990-2000                                                    Home Office                       Zetter, Professor
An inspection of Campsfiled House: immigration removal                                         HM Inspector of
centre                                                       Home Office                       Prisons
                                                             The Immigration and Nationality
Annual report for 1996 by the Complaints Audit Committee     Department

                                                             Institute for Jewish Policy       American Jewish
Antisemitism W orld Report - 1997                            Research                          Committee       5th
Archbold 2011                                                Barnes, Barbara                                   2011
Asylum and Immigration Appeals Act 1993                      Martin-Brown, Althea
Asylum in Britain                                            British Refugee Council
Asylum in the Euroepan Union: a study of the
implementation of the qualification directive                UNHCR                             Odofin, Clara

Asylum law                                                   International Judicial Conference
Asylum law & practice                                        Symes, Mark                       Jorro, Peter
Asylum law and practice                                      Symes, Mark; Jorro, Peter
Asylum matters: restoring trust in the UK asylum system      Centre for Social Justice
Asylum practice and procedure country-by-country             W allace, Professor Rebecca
handbook                                                     (editor)
Asylum procedure versus human rights                         van Rooij, Joukje
Asylum seekers: a guide to recent legislation                Resource Information Service
Asylum support: a practitioners' guide to the EU reception
directive                                                    Baldaccini, Anneliese
Asylum support: a practitoiners' guide to the EU Reception
Directive                                                    Baldaccini, Anneliese
Asylum: changing policy and practice in the UK, EU and
selected countries                                           Shutter, Sue                      Niaz, Anisa

Asylum-seekers in the United Kingdom: essential statistics Nettleton, Clive
Balanced migration: a new approach to controlling
Basic documents on international migration law             Plender, Richard                    AIRE Centre         2nd
                                                           House if Commons Social
Benefits for Asylum Seekers                                Sercurity Committee
Benefits for migrants handbook                             Child Poverty Action Group                              5th
Beset by contradictions: Islamization, legal reform and    Lawyers Committee for Human
human rights in Sudan                                      Rights

Best practice guide to asylum and human rights appeals       Henderson, Mark
Beyond belief: the Home Office and Nigeria                   Grenier, Matthew
Beyond comprehension and decency                             Medical Justice

Beyond the courtroom: a lawyer's guide to campaigning        Ghose, Katie
Beyond the schoolgates: supporting refugees and asylum                                         McCorriston,
seekers in secondary school                                  Doyle, Lisa                       Megan
Blackstone's guide to The Borders, Citizenship and
Immigration Act 2009                                         Macdonald, Ian                    Fransman, Laurie

Blackston'es guide to the Human Rights Act 1998              W adham, John                     Mountfield, Helen 2nd
Blackstone's guide to the Race Relations (Amendment) Act
2000                                                         Hill, Henrietta
Borders, immigration and identity action plan: using the
national identity scheme to strengthen our borders and
enforce compliance within the UK                             Home Office
Breaking the silence: human rights violations based on
sexual orientation                                           Amnesty International
British and German refugee policies in the European
context                                                      Marshall, Barbara
British immigration law: a simple guide to the new points
based system                                                 Malik, Dr A A
Bulletinn des droits de l'homme
Butterworths handbook on immigration law                     Cotran, Eugene                    Pearl, David
                                                             Cotran, His Honour Judge
Butterworths Immigration Law Service                         Eugene
Butterworths immigration law service: Special bulletin; a
guide to the Human Rights Act 1998                           Blake, Nicholas                   Fransman, Laurie
Campaigning against racism and xenophobia from a                 European Network against
legislative perspective at European level                        Racism
Campland: Racial segregation in Italy                            European Roma Rights Center
Campsfield House detention centre                                HM Inspectorate of Prisons
Caring for other people's children: a guide for private foster
carers                                                           Batty, Daphne
Caselaw on the refugee convention                                Symes, Mark
Caught in the crossfire: Colombian asylum seekers and the
UK                                                               The Refugee Council
Caught in the middle: a study of Tamil torture survivors
coming to the UK from Sri Lanka                                  Peel, Dr Michael              Salinsky, Mary
Cause for concern? London social services and child
trafficking                                                      Somerset, Carron
Cell culture: the detention and imprisionment of asylum -
seekers in the UK                                                Amnesty International
Challenging asylum and immigration tribuanl decision in
Scotland                                                         Craig, Sarah                  Fletcher, Maria
                                                                                               Bail for
Challenging immigration detention                                Burnham, Emily                Detainees
Challenging racism in the rural idyll                            Dhalech, Mohammed
Chambers guide to the Legal Profession 2008                      Chambers, Michael
Change: combating trafficking in persons: a directory of
organisations                                                    Anti-Trafficking Programme
Child refugees in Europe: guidelines on the psychosocial
context, assessment of and interventions for traumatised
children and adolescents                                         Brand-W ilhelmy, B            Irmler, D
Children, HIV, asylum and immigration                            Conway, Magda
Citizenship and nationality status in the new Europe             O'Leary, Siofra               Tulikainen, Teija
Citizenship law in Africa: a comparative study                   Manby, Bronwen
                                                                                               Bieber, Dr
Citizenship of the Union                                         Monar, Dr Jorg                Roland
Citizenship, borders, and human needs                            Smith, Rogers M
Civic citizenship and immigrant inclusion: a guide for the
implementation of civil citizenship policies                     Niessen, Jan                  Peiro, Maria Jose
Civil partnership: a framework for the legal recognition of
same-sex couples                                                 W omen & Equlisty Unit
                                                                                               Greek Helsinki
Cleaning operations: excluding Roma in Greece                    European Roma Rights Center   Monitor
Client feedback on refugee action's one stop, choices and
reception advice services                                        Refugee Action
Cold comfort: young separated refugees in England                Stanley, Kate
Combating racial and ethnic discrimination: taking the
European legislative agenda further                              Chopin, Isabelle              Niessen, Jan
Combating torture: a manual for action                           Amnesty International
Coming home: a survey of the living conditions of refugees
repatriating from Denmark to Bosnia and Herzegovina from                                       Fosseldorff,
August 1994 to August 1997                                       Pilegaard, Lisbeth            Henrik
                                                                 Select Committee on the
Community policy on migration: with evidence                     European Communities
Comparative analysis of gender-related persecution in
national asylum legislation and practice in Europe               Crawley, Heaven               Lester, Trine
Compensation for trafficked and exploited persons in the
OSCE region                                                      Thompson, Katy                Jernow, Allison
Competence, European Community law and nationals of
non-member states                                                Plender, Richard
Control of immigration statistics UK 1997                        Home Office
Control of immigration: statistics UK 1998                       Home Office

Convention and protocol relating to the status of refugees       UNHCR
Convention for the protection of human rights and
fundamental freedoms: as amended by Protocol No.11               Council of Europe
Counter-terrorism policy and human rights: Terrorism Bill        Joint Committee on Human
and realted matters. Third report of Session 2005-2006           Rights
Country guideline cases: benign and practical?                   Yeo, Colin

Country of birth and labour market outcomes in London: an                                      Greater London
analysis of labour force survey and census data           Spence, Lorna                        Authority
Country of origin information: a user and content evaluation   Home Office                      Morgan, Beverley
Country report 2002                                            ECRE
Country reports for 1998                                       ECRE
County of origin information and women                         Collier, Bethany
Crimean Tatars: repatriation and conflict prevention           Open Society Institute
Criminal treatment of asylum seekers                           Shackman, Jane
Crown powers, subjects and citizens                            Vincenzi, Christopher
De niewe procedure ingevolge de vreem delingenwet              Kuijer, A
Deciding to detain: how decisions to detain asylum seekers                                      Gelsthorpe,
are made at ports of entry                                     W eber, Leanne                   Loraine
Deciding to detain: how decisions to detain asylum seekers                                      Gelsthorpe,
are made at ports of entry                                     W eber, Leanne                   Loraine
Deciding to detain: the organisational context for decisions
to detain asylum seekers at UK ports                           W eber, Leanne                   Landman, Todd
Defending suspects at police stations: the practitioner's
guide to advice and representation                             Cape, Ed                         Luqmani, Jawaid 4th
Demographic changes and the consequences for Europe's
future: is immigration and option?                             Niessen, Jan                     Schibel, Yongmi
Deportation is freedom! The Orwellian world of immigration
controls                                                       Cohen, Seve
Derecho de Asilo y 'no rechazo' del refugiado                  Rotaeche, Cristina J Gortazar
Derecho de asiloy <<no rechazo>> del refugiado                 Gortazar Rotaeche, Christina J
Destitute and desperate: a report on the numbers of 'failed'
asylum seekers in Newcastle and the services available to
them                                                           Prior, Julian

Destitution by design: withdrawal of support from in-country
asylum applicants: an impact assessment for London           Mayor of London               Livingstone, Ken
Detained lives: the real cost of indefinite immigration
detention                                                    London Detainee Support Group

Detained without trial: a survey of Immigration Act definition Ashford, Mark
Detainee escorts and removals: a thematic review               HM Inspectorate of Prisons
Detention in Europe: administrative detention of asylum-
seekers and irregular migrants                                 Jesuit Refugee Service
                                                               United Nationa High Commission
Detention of asylum seekers in Europe                          for Refugees
Detention of asylum seekers in Europe: analysis and
perspectives                                                   Hughes, Jane                   Liebault, Fabrice
Discrimination law                                             Fredman, Sheila
Discrimination law handbook                                    Palmer, Camilla                Cohen, Barbara 2nd
Discrimination law: text, cases and materials                  McColgan, Aileen
Dispersed: a study of services for asylum seekers in W est
Yorkshire                                                      W ilson, Ruth
Divide and deport: Roma & Sinti in Austria                     Cahn, Claude
Draft Legal Services Bill
Dutch accelerated asylum procedures in light of the
European Convention on Human Rights                            Slingenberg, Lieneke
                                                               European Council of Refugees &
ECRE Country Reports for 1995                                  Exciles
                                                                                              Arnau, Dra. Lidia
El reagrupamiento familiar en el clerecho europeao             Bellosta, Montserrat Lopes     Santos I
ELENA index of useful addresses                                ELENA
Employment and business related immigration: an update
from October 1994                                              ILPA
Entree sejour et eloignement des etragners apres la loi
chevenement                                                    GISTI
Entry and residence in Europe: a business guide to
immigration rules                                              Gulbenkian, Paul               Badoux, Ted       2nd
                                                               Department for W ork and
Equality and diversity: the way ahead                          Pensions
Ethnic minorities' benfits handbook                            Morris, Paul                   Rahal, Inderpal   1st

Ethnic minority and minority organisations directoty 1991      O'Maolain, Ciaran
EU employment and social policy 1999 - 2001                    European Commission
EU external relations and international migration              Niessen, Jan                     Mochel, France
Eu policies on immigration and integration after the
Amsterdam Treaty                                              Niessen, Jan
EUMC internet guide on organisations combating racism
and xenophobia in Europe                                      W inkley, Beate
Europe et Droit D'Asile                                       CETIM
European Address Book Against Racism
European arrest warrant: a soution ahead of its time?         Alegre, Susie                   Leaf, Marisa
European bulletin on nationality                              EURODOC
European Community law from a migrant's perspective           Guild, Elspeth
European Race Audit Buulletin

European social security law and third country nationals   Jorens, Y                      Schulte, B
European Union citizenship: the options for reform         O'Leary, Siofra
European Union information directory of UK sources         European Commission                                 2nd
European Union information: directory of UK sources        Lamb, Muriel
Europeans on the move: portraits of 31 mobile workers      European Commission
Europe's shame: a report on 105 deaths linked to racism or
government migration and asylum policies                   Fekete, Liz
Failing the failed? How NASS decision making is letting
down desitute rejecged aslyum seekers                      Asylum Support Appeals Project
Failing the test: CAN clients' experience of the habitual
residence test in social security                          Albeson, Janet
Fair immigration proceedings in Europe                     Boeles, Pieter
Fair, effective, transparent and trusted: rebuilding
confidence in our immigration system                       Home Office
False images: the law's contruction of the refugee         Tuitt, Patricia
Families divided: immigration control and family life      Owers, Anne
                                                                                          Danish Refugee
Family reunification for refugees                          Danish Centre for Human Rights Council

Far from the battle but still at war                          Blackwell, Dick                 Malzak, Sheila
Fast-tracked unfiarness:detention and denial of women
asylum seekers in the UK                                      Human Rights W atch

Fifth periodic reports by the crown dependencies of the UK    United Kingdom                                   5th
Five years of EU migration and asylum policy-making
under the Amsterdam and Tampere mandates                      Niessen, Jam
Fluchtlings-Frauen III
Fluchtlings-Frauen IV
Forced marriage, family cohesion and community
engagement                                                    Khanum, Dr Nazia
Foreign territory: the internationalisation of EU asylum
policy                                                        Oxfam
Fransman's British nationality law                            Fransman QC, Laurie                              3rd
Fransman's British nationality law                            Fransman, Laurie                                 2nd
Free movement of persons in the EU                            Handau, John
Free movement of persons in the European Union                Martin, D                       Guild, E
Free movement of workers in the European Community:
casebook of judgments                                         European Court of Justice
From ill treatment to no treatment: the new health
regulations: black people and internal controls               Manchester Law Centre
Gateways to Europe: checkpoints on the EU external land
border                                                        Kindler, Marta;                 Matejko, Ewa
Gender and migration                                          Sweetman, Caroline
Gender and refugee status                                     Spijkerboer, Thomas
Gender guidelines for the determination of asylum claims
in the UK                                                     Refugee W omen's Legal Group
Gender, persecution and the politics of protection: refugee
women and asylum in the UK                                    Crawley-Lyons, Heaven
Georgia at the crossroads: time to ensure accountability
and justice for torture                                       The Redress Trust
Get it right: how Home Office decision making fails
refugees                                                      Amnesty International
Give us a happy ending: how families are kept apart by
British immigration law                                       Divided Families Campaign
Giving Europe a soul: annual report on the activities 1998:   European Monitoring Centre on
Part I                                                        racism and xenophobia
Going the distance: developing effective policy and
practice with foreign national prisoners                       Bhui, Hindpal Singh

                                                                                                 W omen's
Good intentions: a review of the new asylum model and its                                        Resource Project
impact on trafficked women claiming asylum                     Poppy Project                     at Aslym Aid
Guide to the international procedures for protecting the       Inter-Church Committee for
human rights of non-citizens                                   Refugees
Guide to the points-based system                               Seddon, Duncan
                                                               Medical Foundation for the care
Guidelines for the examination of survivors of torture         of Victims of Torture                                2nd
                                                                                                 Program for
                                                                                                 Human Rights
Halfway to reform: the W orld Bank and the Venezuelan          Lawyers Committee for Human       Education and
Justice System                                                 Rights                            Action
Handbook for emergencies                                       UNHCR                                                3rd
handbook on procedures and criteria for determining
refugee status                                                 UNHCR

Handbookk on education for refugees in the UK                  Prince, Baden                     Rutter, Jill
                                                               TUC Commission on Vulnerable
Hard work, hidden lives                                        Employment
Harvard Human Rights Journal
Highly recommended
Home Office country assessments: an analysis                   Carver, Natasha
How to get a job in America                                    Jones, Roger                                         2nd
Human Rights Act toolkit                                       W atson, Jenny                    W oolf, Mitchell   2nd
                                                               South Asia Human Rights
Human   rights and human rights instruments in India           Documentation Centre
Human   rights legislation                                     Smith, Nicole
Human   rights: a compilation of international instruments     Centre for Human Rights
Human   rights: who needs them?                                Butler, Frances
Human   Rrights Act toolkit                                    W atson, Jenny                    W oolf, Mitchell

Human traffic Human rights: redefining victim protection       Pearson, Elaine
Human trafficking and forced labour exploitation               International Labour Office
                                                               Institute for Public Policy
Identity cards revisited                                       Research                          Justice
Identity cards: a consultation                                 Home Office
ILPA directory of experts on conditions in countries of
origin and transit                                             ILPA
ILPA directory of experts on conditions in countries of
origin and transit                                             ILPA                                                 2nd
                                                               Greater Manchester Immigration
Imagine there's no countries                                   Aid Unit
Immigration advice at the police station                       Brennan, Rosie                                       2nd
Immigration advice at the police station                       Brennan, Rosie                                       3rd
Immigration advice in the police station                       Grewcock, Michael               Taylor, Carolyn
Immigration and adoption                                       Mortimore, Claudia
Immigration   and   asylum                                     Supperstone, Michael            Declan               4th
Immigration   and   asylum emergency procedures                W ebb, David                    Grant, Larry         2nd
immigration   and   asylum law in the Eropean context          Plender, Richard Q.C.
Immigration   and   nationality                                Home Affairs Committee
Immigration   and   nationality law handbook                   Shutter, Sue
Immigration   and   nationality law handbook                   Shutter, Sue                                         1995
Immigration   and   nationality refugee law handbook           Seddon, Duran
                                                               Department for Christian
                                                               Citizenship of the Roman
Immigration and nationality: a review of policy and practice   Catholic Bishops' Conference of
with recommendations                                           England and W ales
Immigration and the labor market: nonimmigrant alien
workers in the US                                              General Accounting Office
Immigration Appeals Report
Immigration law                                                Elliman, Gail
Immigration law and business in Europe                         Gulbenkian, Paul                  Badoux, Ted
Immigration law and management in Greece: towards an
exodus from underdevelopment and a comprehensive
immigration policy                                             Sitaropoulos, N
Immigration law and policing in Southwark                      Southwark Council
Immigration law and practice                                   Jackson, David                      W arr, George
Immigration law and practice                                   Jackson, David                      W arr, George      4th
Immigration law and practice in the united Kingdom             Macdonald, Ian A                    Blake, Nicholas    4th
Immigration law and practice in the United Kingdom             Macdonald, Ian A                    Blae, Nicholas J   3rd
Immigration Law Digest
Immigration Law Handbook                                       Phelan, Margaret
Immigration law handbook                                       Phelan, Margaret                                       2nd
Immigration law handbook                                       Phelan, Margaret                                       2nd
Immigration law handbook                                       Phelan, Margaret                    Gillespie, James   4th
immigration laws: are they fair to black Britons?              Jeevanjee, Anver
Immigration to Denmark                                         Matthiessen                                            2009
Immigration, asylum and human rights                           Blake, Nicholas                     Husain, Raza
Immigration, nationality and asylum under the Human
Rights Act 1998                                                Blake, Nicholas                     Fransman, Laurie
Immigration, nationality and passports: a report on the work
of the Departments 1988-89                                     Home Office
Immigration, nationality and refugee law handbook              Chatwin, Mick
Immigration, nationality and refugee law handbook              Seddon, Duran                                          2006

Immigration, nationality and refugee law handbook 2002         Seddon, Duran                                          2002
Immigration, nationality and refugee law handbook: a
user's guide                                                   Shutter, Sue                                           1997
Immigration: employment and business practice                  Devine, Laura
Impacts of immigration: research paper 08/65                   Thorp, Arabella                                        2008
Implementing Amsterdam: immigrations and asylum rights
in EC law                                                      Guild, Elspeth                      Harlow, Carol
In pursuit of justice emplowerment equality:
recommendations                                                Giri, Dr Mohini
Information and advice for foreign national prisoners          Prison Reform Trust

Information kit on Border Control legislation                  Australian Governement
Inhumanite en zone d'attente                                   Anafe
                                                               Federation of Prisoners Families'
Innovative work in family support                              Support Groups
Inquiry into recruitment and employment in the meat and        Equality and Human Rights
poultry processing sector                                      Commission
Institutional and policy dynamics of EU migration law          Papagianni, Georgia
Interim report on the implementation of the comprehensive
programme for cooperation on migration in the Baltic Sea  International Organisation for
area                                                      Migration

International immigration and environmental conference         Kozluk, Tadeusz
International immigration and nationality law                  Campbell, Dennis
                                                               Commonwealth Parliamentary
International migration and human trafficking conference       Association
International migration and the United Kingdom: recent
patterns and trends                                            Home Office                         Dobson, Janet

International protection within one single asylum procedure Swedish Migration Board
International symposium on protection of refugees in
Central and Eastern Europe
Interviews with young unaccopanied African refugees           Radda Barnen
Into the labyrinth: legal advice for asylum seekers in
London                                                        Mayor of London                      Livingstone, Ken
                                                              International Organisation for
Irregular migration in the CIS and the Baltic states          Migration
Is it lawful? A guide to judicial review                      Hadfield, Brigid                     Cragg, Stephen
Jobseeker's allowance handbook                                Poynteer, Richard
Joint submission by NGOs to the UN Committee for the
elimination of all forms of racial discrimination with regard
to the UK Governments 16th periodic review
Judging the European Union: judicial accountability and
human rights                                                  JUSTICE
Judging the European Union: judicial accountability and
uman rights                                                   Justice
Judicial interpretatioon of refugeehood                       Sitaropoulos Nicholas
Judicial review proceedings: a practitioner's guide           Manning, Jonathan                                     2nd
Judicial reviews proceedings: a practitioner's guide          Maning, Jonathan
Justice denied: asylum and immigration legal aid - a
system in crisis                                              Bail for Immigration Detainees    Asylum Aid
Justice denied: The Israeli Embassy and Balfour House
bombings: the wrongful convictions of Samar Alami and
Jawad Botmeh                                                  Guedalla, Daniel
Justice in immigration                                        Schwartz, W arren F
Justice: redressing the balance                               Smith, Roger
Key techniques for employing overseas nationals: practical
implications of the work permit scheme                        Devine, Laura
Key texts on justice and home affairs in the EU               Bunyan, Tony
                                                              National Council for Civil
Know your rights!                                             Liberties
                                                                                                Baena, Pilar
La inmigracioon: derecho espanol e internacional              Biosca, Salome Adroher            Charro
Labour migration and employment rights                        Ryan, Bernard
Lampedusa and Melilla: Southern frontier of fortress
Europe                                                        European United Left              Nordic Green Left
Law in the making                                             Brazier, Alex                     Susanna
Law in the real world: improving our understanding of how                                       Partington, Prof
law works. Final report and recommendation                    Genn, Prof Dame Hazel             Martin
Le droit de refugie en France                                 Tiberghien, Frederic              Michel
                                                              Groupe d'information et de
Le guide de la nationalite francaise                          soutien des immigres              GISTI

Le guide de la protection sociale des etrangers en France     GISTI

Le guide de l'entree et du sejour des etrangers en France     GISTI                                                 3rd
Le guide des etrangers face a l'administration                GISTI
Le guide des jeunes etrangers en France                       GISTI
Leading by example: a human rights agenda for the EU for                                        Lalumiere,
the year 2000                                                 Cassese, Antonio                  Catherine
Legal aid: refocusing on priority cases                       Ministry of Justice
Legal and social conditions for asylum seekers and
refugees in selected European countries                       Bodtcher, Anne la Cour            Hughes, Jane
Legal and social conditions for asylum seekers and
refugees in W estern European countreis                       Liebaut, Fabrice                  Hughes, Jane
Legal and social conditions for asylum seekers and                                              Danish Refugee
refugees in W estern European countries                       Liebaut, Fabrice                  Council
                                                              Commission of the European
Legal instruments to combat raciism and xenophobia            Communities
Legality and ethnicity: marriage among the South Asians of
Bedford                                                       Gell, Simeran Man Singh
Legislative acts of the CIS and the Baltic States on          International Organisation for
citizenship, migration and related matters                    Migration
Lives under threat: a study of Sikhs coming to the UK from    Medical Foundation for the Care
the Punjab                                                    of Victims of Torture                                 2nd
London Benefits Agency Offices: a users guide                 Resource Information Service
London enriched                                               Mayor of London
Looking reality in the face: highlighting examples of good    European Monitoring Centre on
practice: Part II                                             Racism and Xenophobia

Macdonald's immigration law and practice                      Macdonald, Ian A                  W ebber, Frances 5th
Macdonald's immigration law and practice: 1st supplement
to 7th edition                                                Macdonald, Ian A                  Toal, Ronan         7th
Machiavellian implementation: the failure of the Asylum
and Immigration Appeals Act 1993                              Dunstan, Richard
Maintaining contact: what happens after detained asylum
seekers get bail?                                             Bruegel, Irene                    Natamba, Eva
Making an asylum application: a best practice guide           Coker, Jane                       Kelly, Garry
Male-ordered: the mail-order bride industry and trafficking
in women for sexual and labour exploitation                   The Poppy Project
Managing migration in a New European Commonwealth             Veenkamp, Theo                      Bentley, Tom
Managing the impace of migration: improvements and            Communities and Local
innovations                                                   Government
                                                              Joint Council for the W elfare of
Manifesto for the reform of British immigration policy        Immigrants
Medical invetigation and documentation of torture             Peel, Michael                       Lubell, Noam
Meeting refugees' needs in Britian: the role of refugee-
specific initiatives                                          Caery-W ood, Jenny
Meeting the needs of torture survivors in the UK              REDRESS
                                                              Association of police and court
                                                              interpreters membership
Membership directory                                          directory 1991
Mental health services in Kosovo                              Bolderson, Dr Helen                 Simpson, Karen
Migrant workers in international human rights law             Cholewinski, Ryszard
Migrant workers: a TUC guide                                  TUC                                 JCW I
Migrants, refugees and the boundaries of citizenship          Spencer, Sarah
                                                              International Commission of
Migration and international human rights law                  Jurists
Migration and international legal norms                       Aleinikoff, T Alexander             Chetail, Vincent
Migration and social security handbook                        Seddon, Duran                       Pamela             3rd
Migration and social security handbook: a rights guide for
people entering and leaving the UK                            Cos, Simon                          Seddon, Duran      2nd
Migration and social security handbook: a rights guide for
people entering and leaving the UK                            Fitzpatrick, Pamela                 Ripley, Fiona      4th
Migration News Sheet
Migration, pulic health and compulsory screening for TS
and HIV                                                       Coker, Richard
Migration: a welcome opportunity: A new way forward by
the RSA Migration Commission                                  RSA Migration Commission
Mini-guide for asylum seekers arriving in Belgium             OCIV                                CIRE
Ministerial statements: the immigration exemption in the
Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000                           Dummett, Anne
Minutes and conference papers from the ECRE biannual          European Council on Refugees
general meeting                                               and Exiles
Missed opportunities: a skills audit of refugee women in                                          Refugee
London form the teaching, nursing and medical                                                     W omen's
professions.                                                  Dumper, Hildegard                   Association
Mothers in exile: maternity experiences of asylum seekers
in England                                                    McLeish, Jenny
National asylum support service: the provision of
accommodation for asylum seekers                              National Audit Office
Neighbours and visas: recommendations for a friendly EU                                       Szymborska,
visa policy                                                   Boratynski, Jakub               Anita
                                                              The Newham Group of United
Newham's Latin amercian Community                             Reformed Churches
                                                              Department of Health and Social
NHS treatment of overseas visitors: manual of guidelines      Security
Nigeria                                                       Nigerian Community Centre
No place for a child: children in UK immigration detention:
impacts, alternatives and safeguards                          Crawley, Heaven                     Lester, Trine
No place like home?                                           Shelter

'No reason at all': Home Office decisions on asylum claims Asylum Aid
No record of the case: Roma in Albania                     European Roma Rights Centre
'No right to dream' The social and economic lives of young
and undocumented migrants in Brtain                        Bloch, Alice                           Sigona, Nando

                                                                                                  Asylum Aid's
                                                                                                  W omen's
'No upright words': The human rights of women in Kenya        Ceneda, Sophia                      Resource Project
Non-refoulement under threat                                  Redress                             ILPA
Not destitute enough                                          Hickey, Gerry
Not welcome at the party: behind the 'clean-up' of China's
cities                                                        Human Rights in China
Note d'actualisation du "Guide de la nationalite francaise"     GISTI
Notes for UK immigration lawyers on custom and practice
in the india sub-continent                                      Powell, Philip
O Asilo em Portugal
Obstacles to accountability: challenging the immigration
detention of families                                           Burnham, Emily                      Cutler, Sarah
Obtaining visas and work permits: how and where to get
help with immigration matters owrldwide                         Jones, Roger
Older refugees in Europe: survey results and key
approaches                                                      Osterreich, Asylkoordination
On the horizon: European refugees and migrants advice
and guidance into employment                                    Ashe, Panita                        Brown, ken
'Only crooked words' Home Office decisions on Kenyan            Refugee W omen's Resource
women's asylum claims                                           Project                             Asylum Aid

                                                                                                    Asylum Aid's
'Only crooked words': Home Office decisions on Kenyan                                               W omen's
women;s asylum claims                                           Cenada, Sophia                      Resource Project
Ordinary justice: legal services and the courts in England
and W ales; a consumer view                                     National Consumer Council
Out of sight, out of mind                                       Asylum Rights Campaign
Out of sight, out of mind: a report of the dispersal of asylm
seekers in the UK                                               Feeney, Michael F
                                                                Joint Council for the W elfare of
Out of sight: the new visit visa system overseas                Immigrants
Outside the protection of the law: the situation of irregular
migrants in Europe                                              Gibney, Matthew J
'Papers please' The impact of the civil penalty regime on
the employment rights of migrants in the UK                     Migrants' Rights Network
Papers please: the impact of the civil penalty regime on the
employment rights of migrants in the UK                         Migrants' Rights Network
Participatory research with older people: a soucebook           Heslop, Mandy
Partnerships and the community legal service                    Griffith, Adam
Plein Droit
Plus-sum gain: business investment in the socio-economic
inclusion on Europe's immigrant and ethnic minority
communities                                                     Lindburg, Lori

                                                                                                    German Marshall
Policy recommendations for EU migration policies                King Baudouin Foundation            Fund of the US
Political representations of geography and place in the UK
Asylum and Immigration Bill 1995                                Young, Dr Craig
                                                                European Council on Refugees
Position on the integration of refugees in Europe               and Exiles
Positive press: working with the media to challenege
racism and discrimination                                       Bolloten, Bill                      Little, Duncan
                                                                                                    Commission for
Poverty and prejudice                                           Carter, Mary                        Racial Equality
Preparing charity accounts                                      Randall, A                          Epton, A
Prevention of illegal working: consultation on the
implementation of new powers to prevent illlegal migrant
working in the UK                                               Border & Immigration Agency
Prison visiting project: visiting foreign nationals in main
stream prisons                                                  Bosworth, Dr Mary
Prisoners of terrorism?                                         Rudiger, Anja
Prisoners without a voice: asylum-seekers detained in the
UK                                                              Dunstan, Richard
Process error: CAB clients' experience of the National
Asylum Service                                                  Dunstan, Richard
Profession: prisoner: Roma in detention in Bulgaria             European Roma Rights Center
                                                                Standing commitee of experts on
Proposals for the amendment of the Treaty on European           international immigration,
Union at the IGC in 1996                                        refugee and criminal law
Protecting Refugees: a field guide for NGOs                     UNHCR
Providing a safe haven - housing asylum seekers and
refugees                                                        Chartered Institute of Housing
Providing protection in the 21st century: refugee rights at
the heart of UK asylum policy                                   Baldaccini, Anneliese
Providing protection towards fair and effective asylum
procedures                                                      Justice                          ILPA

Putting children first: a guide for immigration practitioners   Coker, Jane                      Finch, Nadine

Qualifications of refugees and employment in Europe             Rosenkranz, Herman               Rebollar, Ana
Quest for quality: Educational guidance for refugees in
Europe                                                          Sinkil, Ayten
Rabwah AH: a place for martyrs?                                 Ensor, Dr Jonathan
Race discrimination case digest                                 Commission for Racial Equality
Race, religion and ethnicity discrimination                     Monaghan, Karon                  Du Plessis, Max
Racisim and violence against foreigners: European
lawyers' responsibilities and opinions to preserve the
democratic basic rights                                         European Democratic Lawyers

Rape as a method of torture                                     Peel, Dr Michael
Recent trends in national immigration control                   Plender, Richard
Recognising the Un-recognized: inter-country cases and                                           Balchin,
Muslim marriages & divorces in Britain                          W arraich, Sohail Akbar          Cassandra
Recursos legales contra la discriminacion racial y los                                           Ruiz Huidoboro,
ataques racistas                                                Gortazar, C                      JM
Refugee Abstracts

Refugee protection: a guide to international refugee law        UNHCR
Refugee resources in the UK: contacts and addresses             The Refugee COuncil

Refugee women and domestic violence: country studies            Palmer, Clare                    Ramsay, Kathryn
Refugee women's directory 1998                                  The Refugee Council
Refugees and gender: law and process                            Crawley, Heaven
Refugees in an age of genocide                                  Kushner, Tony                    Knox, Katharine
                                                                                                 Kuijpers, Anne
Refugees on their way to a safe country                         Doornbos, Nienke                 Marie
                                                                Lawyers Committee for Human
Refugees, rebels and the quest for justice                      Rights
Refugees: renewing the vision                                   Refugee Council
Regulation of migration: international experiences              Bocker, Anita
Remote controls: how UK controls are endangering the                                             Meggeridge,
lives of refugees                                          Reynolds, Sile                        Helen
Rencontre internationale pour le droit de vivre en famille
des immigres en Europe
Renewing home country links: an account of the journey of
five young unaccompanied refugees back to the Horn of
Africa                                                     Radda Barnen
Report 1994                                                Amnesty International
Report 1998                                                Amnesty International
Report by the independent monitor (Asylum and
Immigration Appeals Act 1993)                              Anson, Dame Elizabeth
Report of the investigation into the disturbances at
Harmondsworth and Campsfield House immigration
removal centres HC 946                                     W halley, Robert CB
Report on human rights enquiries in the Indian Punjab           Phillips, Mark                   Kuldip
                                                                The Society for Advanced Legal
                                                                Studies: Family Law W orking
Report on the cross-border movement of children                 Group
Reporting asylum: the Uk press and the effectiveness of                                          Grimshaw, Roger
PCC guidelines                                                  Smart, Katie                     et al
Research paper on the social and economic rights of non-
nationals in Europe                                             Dent, John A
Researching the European state: a critical guide                Bunyan, Tony
Responding to the asylum and access challenge: an
agenda for comprehensive engagement in protracted
refugee situations                                              ECRE
Rethinking immigration and intergration: a new centre-left
agenda                                                          Buonfino, Alessandra et at
Rethinking the free movement of workers: the European                                               Trimikliniotis,
challenges ahead                                                                                    Nicos
Review of asylum appeals procedure                               KPMG Peat Marwick                  Home Office
Reviewing the asylum determination procedure: a
casework study                                                   Garlick, Madeline
Right first time? Home Office asylum interviewing and
reasons for refusal letters                                      Smith, Ellie
Rights here, rights now: recommendations for protecting
trafficked children                                              Sillen, J                          Beddoe, C

Romani women form Central and Eastern Europe: a                                                     W omen's
'Fourth W orld', or experience of multiple discrimination        Ceneda, Sophie                     Resource Project

                                                             Frow, Mayerlene
Roots of the future: ethnic diversity in the making of Britain
                                                             Independent Asylum
Safe return                                                  Commission
Safe return: how to improve what happens when we refuse Independent Asylum
people sanctuary                                             Commission
Safeguarding children and young people from sexual           Department for Children,
exploitation                                                 Schools and Families
Sanctuary in a cell: the detention of asylum seekers in
Northern Ireland                                             Tennant, Victoria
                                                             Independent Asylum
Saving sanctuary                                             Commission
                                                             Independent Asylum
Saving sanctuary                                             Commission
Secure borders, safe haven: integration with diversity in
modern Britain                                               Home Office
Security of residence and expulsion: protection of aliens in
Europe                                                       Guild, Elspeth                         Minderhoud, Paul
Security of residence of long term migrants                  Groenendijk, Kees                      Guild, Elspeth
Seeking asylum alone: unaccompanied and seperated
children and refugee protection in the UK                    Bhabha, Jacqueline                     Finch, Nadine
Seeking asylum in the UK: problems and prospects             Harvey, Colin

Seeking refuge? A handbook for asylum-seeking women              Rights of W omen
Seeking support: a guide to the rights and entitlements of
separated refugee and asylum seeking children                    Children's Legal Centre            Dorling, Kamina    3rd
Seminar on young unaccompanied Somalian refugees                 Radda Barnen

Separated children and EU asylum and immigration policy          Ruxton, Sandy
Separated children in Europe programme: statement of
good practice                                                    Save the Children
Separated children in Europe: policies and practices in EU
member states                                                    Smith, Terry
Sheep and goats: British nationality law and its effects         Owers, Anne
Simplifying immigration law: an initial consultation             Border & Immigration Agency
Skilled shortage sensible: the recommended shortage
occupation lists for the UK and Scotland                         Migration Advisory Committee
Slamming the door: The demolitionof the right to asylum in
the UK                                                           Dunstan, Richard
                                                                 Directorate - General
                                                                 Employment, Inductrial Relations
Social protection in Europe                                      and Social Affaris
South Asians and the dowry problem                               Menski, W erner
Sri Lanka: human rights and return of refugees                   Refugee Council

State of impunity: human rights abuse of Roma in Romania Euorpean Roma rights Center
Statement of change in immigration rules
Statement of change in immigration rules
Statement of changes in immigration rules
Statement of changes in immigration rules
Statement of changes in immigration rules
Statement of changes in immigration rules
Statement of changes in immigration rules
States of conflict: causes and patterns of forced migration
to the EU and policy responses                                Castles, Stephen              Crawley, Heaven
States of injustice: a guide to human rights and civil
liberties in the EU                                           Spencer, Michael
                                                              United Nations High
Statistical yearbook 2002                                     Commissioner for Refugees
Statistical yearbook 2003: trends in displacement,
protection and solutions                                      UNHCR                         Hove, Bela
Statistical yearbook 2004: trends in displacement,
protection and solutions                                      UNHCR
Statment of changes in immigration rules
Stigmata: segregated schooling of Roma in Central and
Eastern Europe                                                European Roma Rights Center
Still destitute: a worsening problem for refused asylum
seekers                                                       Lewis, Hannah
Strangers & citizens: a positive approach to migrants and
refugees                                                      Spencer, Sarah
Strasbourg's 'Hidden Agenda'?                                 Cholewinski, Ryszard
Students from Africa, the Caribbeans and the Pacific in the
European Community                                            Decat, Michele                Mercier, Tristan
Study on the feasibility of processing asylum claims
outside the EU against the background of the common
European asylum system and the goal of a common               European Commission DG
asylum procedure                                              Justice and Home Affairs      Noll, Dr Gregor
Subjects, citizens, aliens and others: nationality and
immigration law                                               Dummett, Ann                  Nicol, Andrew

Suden rage at dawn: violence against Roma in Romania          Szente, Veronika Leila
SUmmareis of special adjudicators decisions no. 2             ILPA

Support for asylum-seekers and other migrants                 W illman, Sue                 Knafler, Stephen    3rd
Support for asylum-seekers: a guide to legal and welfare
rights                                                        W illman, Sue                 Knafler, Stephen    2nd
Supporting refugee children in 21st century Britian: a
compendium of essential information                           Rutter, Jill

Supporting unaccompanied children in the asylum process Ayotte, W endy
Taking complaints of torture seriously: rights of victims and
responsibilities of authorities                               The Redress Trust

Temporary employment of migrants in Europe                    Groenendijk, Kees             Hampsink, Rene
Temporary employment of migrants in Europe                    Groenenclijk, K               Hampsink, R
Terrorism, counter-terrorism and torture                      The Redress Trust
Textbooks on immigration and asylum law                       Clayton, Gina
The Amsterdam proprosals: or how to influence policy
debates on asylum and immigration                             Niessen, Jan                  Rowlands, Susan
The arrest and detention of children subject to immigration
control                                                       Children's Commission

The British immigration courts: a study of law and politics   Travers, Max
The bubble of refugee protection                              Bakksh, Qadir
The case for regularising irregular migrants                  JCW I
The child welfare implications of UK immigration and
asylum policy                                                 Jones, Adele D
The constitutional role of the Privy Council and the
prerogative                                                   JUSTICE                       O'Connor, Patrick
The Council of Europe Convention on action against
trafficking in human beings                                   Pardo, Rosario
The courts and agency directory 2002                                                                            2002
The democratic deficit: democratic accountability in the
European Union                                                Justice
The destitution of refused asylum seekers                     Amnesty International
The destitution trap                                          Refugee Action
The detained fast track proces: a best practice guide         ILPA
The developing immigration and asylum policies of the
European Union                                                Guild, Elspeth                Niessen, Jan
The Dublin Convention: study on its implementation in the                                   European
15 member states of the EU                                    Danish Refugee Council        Commission
The EU sharter of fundamental rights and freedoms: an
introduction                                                Goldberg, Marilyn

The European Court of Human Rights and UK immigration
and asylum law: an analysis of implementation               ILPA
The European Court of Human Rights and UK immigration
and asylum: an analysis of implementation                   ILPA
The European Court of Justice on the European                                                Lesieur,
Convention on Human Rights: who said what, when?            Guild, Elspeth                   Guillaume
The European institutions in the fight against racism:
selected texts                                              European Commission
The evolution of labour law 1992 - 2003                     European Commission              Sciarra, Silvana
The free movement of persons and the single market          O'Keefe, David
The free movement of persons living with HIV/AIDS           Carlier, Jean-Yves               Graciela
The Gurkhas: the forgotten veterans                         Mcdonald QC, Ian                 Hannah
The Housing Act 1996 and the Asylum and Immigration act                                      Commission for
1996                                                        Shelter                          Racial Equality
                                                            The Ethiopian Human Rights
The human rights situation in Ethiopia                      Council                                             12th
The International Course on the European Human Rights
Convention in Relation to Asylum                            ELENA
The Istanbul protocol: the manual on the effective
investigation and documentation of torture and other cruel,                                  Ozkalipci, Dr
inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment               Iacopino, Dr Vincent             Onder
The law: freedom of expression and human rights
advocacy in Turkey                                          Kurdistan Human Rights Project
The LawW orks immigration report: assessing the need for
pro bono assistance                                         McClinktock, Justin
The legal position of foreign nationals: current law and
reform proposals                                            Nascimbene, Bruno
The legal position of Turkish immigrants in the European
Union                                                       Cicekli, Dr Bulent
                                                            House of Lords Select
The legal status of long-term resident third-country        Committee on the European
nationals                                                   Union
The liberal heart                                           Dinshaw, Nadir                   Steel, David
The limits of solidarity                                    European Roma Rights Centre
The management and managers of immigration                  Niessen, Jan
The migration-trafficking nexus: combating trafficking
through the protection of migrants' human rights            Kaye, Mike
The misery of law: the rights of Roma in the
Transcarpathian region of Ukraine                           Cahn, Claude

The new bonded labour? The impact of proposed changes
to the UK immigration system on migrant domestic workers    Oxfam                            Kalayaan
The new global politics and the emerging forced migration
regime                                                      Castles, Stephen
The non-constituents: rights deprivation of Roma in post-
genocide Bosnia and Herzegovina                             European Roma Rights Center
The politics of immigration in W estern Europe              Baldwin-Edwards, Martin          Schain, Martin A
The preliminary draft Hague convention on the protection                                     Scottish Courts
of children: consulation paper                              Lord Chancellor's Department     Administration
The primary purpose rule in British immigration law         Sachdeva, Sanjiv

The promise of protection: Progress towards a European      European Council on Refugees
asylum policy since the Tampere Summit 1999                 and Exiles

The RAM report: a review of the MediaW ise refugees,
asylum-seekers and the Media (RAM) project 1999-2005        Cookson, Rich                    Jempson, Mike

The refugee law reader: case, documents and materials       Byrne, Rosemary                                     5th
The refugee roulette: the role of country information in
refugee status determination                                Tsangarides, Natasha
The refugee roulette: the role of country information in
refugee status determination                                Tsangarides, Natasha
The right to a culture of tolerance                         Hossain, Dr Kamal
The right to family life                                                                                            1
The rights of non-ECc immigrant workers and their familes
in EC countries of employment                                    Cholewinski, Ryszard
The rights of refugees under international law                   Hathaway, James C
The rights of third country nationals in the new Europeann                                      Professor
order                                                            Stanley, Alison                Michael
The safe country notion in European asylum law                   Byrne, Rosemary                Andrew
The Sikh struggle                                                Kumar, Ram Naryan              Sieberer, Georg
The social networks of asylum seekers and the                                                   Pinkerton,
dissemination of information about countries of asylum           Koser, Dr Khalid               Charles
The starting line and the incorporation of the racial equality
directive into the national laws of the EU member states
and accession states                                             Chopin, Isabelle               Niessen, Jan

The state of the world's refugees: a humanitarian agenda         Crisp, Jeff
The state of the world's refugees: fifty years of                United Nations High
humanitarian action                                              Commissioner for Refugees      UNHCR
The state of the world's refugees: human displacement in
the new millennium                                               Merheb, Nada

The status quo is not enough: a guide to good practice for
a non-discriminatory access to services provided by NGOs Di Puppo, Roshan                       Sierck, Gabriela
                                                              MacPherson of Cluny, Sir
The Stephen Lawrence inquiry                                  W illiam
The torture reporting handbook                                Giffard, Camille
The UK civil society almanac 2010                             Clark, Jenny                      Kane, David         2010
The Un and refugees' human rights: a manual on how UN                                           International
human rights mechanisms can protect the rights of                                               Service for
refugees                                                      Amnesty International             Human Rights
The Union divided: race discrimination adn third country
nationals in the European Union                               Justice
The use of international conventions to protect the rights of
migrants and ethnic minorities                                Cator, Julie                      Niessen, Jan
They are children too                                         Fekete, Liz
They make you sick: essays on immigration controls and
health                                                        Cohen, Steve                      Hayes, Debra
They took me away: W omen's experiences of immigration
detention in the UK                                           Cutler, Sarah                     Ceneda, Sophie
                                                                                                Department of
                                                                                                International Law
                                                                                                catholique de
Thirty years of free movement of workers in Europe               European Commission            Louvain
Time of the skinheads: clerical and exclusion of Roma in
Slovakia                                                         Cahn, Claude
Tolley's Immigration and Nationality Law Journal
Towards a progressive immigration policy                         Flynn, Don                     W illiams, Zoe
Towards harmonised European statistics on international
migration                                                        Poulain, Michel                Perrin, Nicolas
Trafficking for sexual and labour exploitation                   Garden Court Chambers
Tribunals for diverse users                                      Genn, Hazel                    Lever, Ben
Turkey: no security without human rights                         Amnesty Internationl
UK action plan on tackling human trafficking                     Home Office
UK asylum law and policy: historical and contemporary
perspectives                                                     Stevens, Dallal
UK immigration provisions for the employed and the self-
employed                                                         Belchak, Hilary
UKCISA manual 2010: a guide to regulations and                   UK Council for International
procedures for international students                            StudentAffairs                                     2010
UKCISA manual: a guide to regualtions and procedures for         UK Council for International
international students                                           Student Affairs                                    2011
UKCOSA manaual 2005: a guide to regulations and
procedures for international students                            Lane, Duncan                   UKCOSA              2005
UKCOSA manual 2001: immigration, fees and student
support; Finance and funding; W elfare, health and tax
benefits; Council tax.                                           UKCOSA
UKCOSA manual 2006:                                                                                              2006
UKCOSA manual 2006: a guide to regulations and                Coumcil for International
procedures for international students                         Education                                          2006
UKCOSA manual 2007                                                                                               2007
Uncivil wars: pathology of terrorism in India                 Marwah, Ved
Understanding the decision-making of asylum seekers           Home Office                     Vaughan
United Kingdom asylum law in its European context             Shah, Prakash                   Doebbler, Curtis
Unravelling anomoly: detention, discrimination and the
protection needs of stateless persons                         Equal Rights Trust

Violation of international norms and the Russian legislation
on the rights of the refugees and forced migrants            Human Rights Venter Memorial UNHCR
W ar and civil war refugees in Germany                       Bullesbach, Anna
W elcome to Britain                                          W ollaston, Sam                  Katz, Ian
                                                             Refugees in Effective and Active
W et London Refugee Directory                                Partnership                                         1st

W hat am I living for? Living on the streets of Leicester     Jackson, Revd Gill
W hat is the impact of the European integration agenda on
UK policy?                                                    EPIM
W hen is a child not a child? Asylum, age disputes and the
process of age assessment                                     Crawley                         Heaven
W hitehall and the jews 1933-1948: British immigration
policy and the holocaust                                      London, Louise
W hose freedom, security and justice? EU immigration and
asylumm law and policy                                        Baldaccini, A                   Guild, E
W NC consultation on the priorities for the Ministers for
W omen                                                        W omen's National Commission
W omen and refugee status: beyond the public/private
distinction                                                   Spijkerboer, Thomas
W omen as asylum seekers: a legal handbook                    Crawley, Heaven
W omen's changing lives: priorities for the Ministers for
W omen one year on                                            Government Equalities Office

W omen's experiences of the detained fast track asylum
process at Yarl's W ood immigration removal centre            Cutler, Sarah
W omen's movement: women under immigration, nationality
and refugee law                                               Bhabha, Jacqueline              Shutter, Sue
W orking against the clock: inadequacy and injustice in the
fast track system                                             Oakley, Sharon                  Crew, Katrina
W orking against the clock: inadequacy and injustice in the
fast track system                                             Oakley, Sharon                  Crew, Katrina
W orking in the UK: newcomer's handbook                       Somerville, W ill                                  2nd

W orking together: views of refugee action stakeholders       Refugee Action
W orking with refugee women: a practical guide                Kelley, Ninette

W orking with refugees and asylum seekers: a handbook         Horvath-Lindberg, Judit         Miserez, Diana
Young refugees: a guide to the rights and entitlements of
separated refugee children                                    Free, Elli                                         2nd
Your child and foster care                                    Batty, Daphne
ointment, please call 020 7251 8383 or email
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481p           9781874010074


149            0934143862



56p            1850068228

256p           9781903307618

416            9211540666
89p            1860302580
242p           1903307155

229p           0900918551
70p            922117347X

54             1860300073



300p           1853287474
380p           1853289485

lx vii, 574p   0752002856
205            0905099400
276            1874010005
340P           1874010021
1589p          1874010064



vp             1842561162
203            0471940488
155p         9601508872
vp           0421747501
1415p        9781847663181
930          0406025088
iiii, 702p   0406165823

537p         185431596X
721          1841741493
718p         1841741493
1170p        0199284733

232p         9788776744137
421p         184174140X

257p         0406927456

59           8625243385
448p         1874010994
1589p        1874010064

814p         1874010056

404p         1874010048
vii, 194pp   185811036X

325p         1841131164




392p         109004152792


321p         8386031964
3 vols       0792322282


280p         1840827262


27p          9188726843

111p         1852617101

244          0946744858


2 volumes
631p        1903307171
203         0905099532


246p        0521452880
120p        0905099788

139         1854180282
143p        1874481067


128p        095475624X



54p         0904956636

491p        2717839925

204p        2841467805

263p        9782707138606

270p        2841463818
150         9782841463800



246         8777102878

322p        8777103610

89          9282654230


429p        9529076320

92          1871089190


1724p       0406912742

1045p       9781405737098


18p         0946786348
132p        1901833062

124p   1841801089

54p    9781409813231

106p   1874635420


77p    07956009174
462p   0198259921
67p    1850066183

298p   978929037151X
353p   9067041572

501p   190169818X

470p   0946744874

515p   9781901698770





62p    1852614293

82p    0946741808


36p    8389406721



85p    1841871036


130p   9781905500208


23p    23



144    1857034147










vp     0953743926

vp     2872123814



205    1853559806


69     1873328117

35p    0906072565
78p    9630496577

136p   9211010055

100p     0954713303

2 vols   907247296

286p     1903307112



80p      0907247377



104p     0954494334

195      8460503607

146p     9291421014

379p     0853086907
505p     0714647837


279p     9055890952



92p      9188726800
353      0862102456
395p     0862102723


124p     9780102947731


122p     0954702484

66p      1874481105


145p     9781903805985
224p   9789058504647




133    1954421794




85p    1872299016



136p   0101538723

249p   9041114580

345p   0406895929


31p    9188726037




311p   9781847268235

52p    1873328206

158    9282754979
262p   1858561418

154p   963007784X
1      0102584869
1      0101991401
3      0102293856
1      0101953909
1      0102306869
8      0102503850
41     0102169837
69p    1860302155

234p   0745309801

519p   16849051

515p   16849051

80     0102395942

121p   9632161599


398p   1854890514

239    2865372391

316p   9289451637

318p   0297820265


804p   9781903307724

739p   1903307244

312p   1858562929



113p   9071478351
530p   181741884

63p    1901833046


201p   1861341725
101p   907577113


457p   1903927072


128p   1901833135

528    904110254X





121p         9282798410
2 vols       9289485019

319p         9282871266

104p         999465781X




74p          9211541360




354p         9759457504

47p          0104031026
217p         9632040503
45p          2960026608

26p          0900918586




221p         9632145100
208p         0714645931

viii, 184p   0948080981


76p          0954762045

202p         9789638775733


1184p   0521542634




59p     2960026616

298p    0198293097

340p    0199241066

237p    0199290954


159p    187635285

90p     0862102715


69p     0850010675

48p     1900634082


312p    9282897990

86      9630477238


744p    2930344954
355p    1840990678
128     862102634

466p    0421763507


634p    1870679326

676p    1870679326

690p    1870679326

504p    1870679326
664p   1870679326

664p   1870679326
715p   1870679326

74p    1840828587

262p   9780956071736




210p   1901833135

313p   0521631874

550p   9781841136844


228p   1901833003

71p    9780101745529


300p   9781858560076


669p   1870563743




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