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					                                             Spring/Summer 2009

“...Always With Love.”
                     Mother Maria Kaupas

 As the Sisters of Saint Casimir leave the
 Villa convent for the SSC Motherhouse
 in Chicago, Villa would like to thank
 the Sisters for 77 years of hard work,
 dedication, and wonderful memories.
     A Note from the President                                                                          Veteran Villa Teacher
        Dear Villa Family,

        “Farewells” are so very difficult and most poignant when
        bonds of faith, shared vision, history and love are so com-                                     Mrs. Marie Leonard, who has been a member of the Villa
        pletely intertwined. This spring has been exceedingly sad, as,                                  faculty for eighteen years, is retiring at the end of this
        one-by-one, the Sisters leave Villa. There are no words or                                      school year. Since her arrival at Villa in 1991, Mrs.
        enough hugs, to fully convey our sense of loss as each individ-                                 Leonard has imparted her knowledge of and love for the
        ual Sister departs. Yet, the rich legacy of the Sisters of St.                                  Latin language to hundreds of Villa students. The Latin
        Casimir lives and is witnessed daily in our chapel, our class-                                  language—and the rich history that accompanies it—has
        rooms and in the larger community. Each of us, as members                                       long been a passion for Mrs. Leonard. She majored in
        of the school family, hold treasured memories of the Sisters,                                   Classics in college and went on to earn a masters degree in
        their unselfish dedication to our Villa students, alumnae, fam-                                 Classical Archaeology.
        ilies, faculty and staff. Gifted and informed by the life and
        teachings of Mother Maria, each of the two hundred Sisters                                      In addition to teaching, Mrs. Leonard also ran biannual
        who has been an integral member of our Villa family over 77                                     trips to Italy for Villa students and moderated the
        years, has touched and changed lives by their faithfulness,                                     International and Latin Clubs. She plans to spend her
        sacrifice, commitment and service. Our gratitude to each                                        retirement relaxing and traveling.
        Sister is immeasurable. We revere “our Sisters” by vowing to
        continue and further our shared vision and mission.                                             Mrs. Leonard says that she “will miss Villa’s faculty and
                                                                                                        students and the peaceful environment of Villa’s campus.
        Blessings to our Class of 2009! We are so proud of each of our                                  I have been lucky to work in such a blessed environment.”
        new Villa graduates. They are young women of faith, intelli-                                    She promises to come visit often and join the Villa family
        gence, character, and great promise. We look forward to wel-                                    for special events. Villa would like to thank Mrs. Leonard
        coming them (and all alumnae!) “home” to Villa!                                                 for her years of hard work and dedication. She will be
                                                                                                        greatly missed! ■
        A special “thank you” and “farewell” to Mrs. Leonard, our
        beloved Latin teacher for 18 years, who enriched our students
        with her love of Latin, mythology and history and who will
        continue to serve as a “benchmark” as a woman of faith, pro-
        fessional and personal dedication and rare quality.

        May God continue to bless the Sisters and each member of
        our school family.


        Mary T. Michel

Villa Joseph Marie High School Administration                                            Board of Directors: 2008-2009
Mary T. Michel, President                                                                Fred Wojtowicz, Chair (Kate ’04) Vice President-Tax, Covance, Inc.
Diana Koopman, Principal                                                                 Irene Brusco, Vice Chair (Krista ’90, Lauren ’02) Director of Insurance, AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance
Marissa Brown, Dean of Student Affairs                                                   Michael J. Braun, (Katie ’00, Kerri ’06) Business Manager, Upper Moreland School District
                                                                                         Sr. M. Immacula Wendt, SSC General Superior (ex officio)
Marielle Bermingham, Campus Minister
                                                                                         Mary T. Michel (Maureen ’95, Beth ’01) President, VJMHS
Maureen Cleary, Director of Institutional Advancement                                    Amy Drobile, W.A. Drobile, Inc.
Joseph Levins, Athletic Director                                                         Diana Koopman, (ex officio) Principal, VJMHS
Bernard Labencki, Business Manager                                                       E. Garrett Gummer, III, Attorney
Dana Kellogg Repash, Associate Director of Institutional Advancement                     Vicky Boyk, (Stephanie ’02, Caroline ’07) Victoria Boyk Design
Karla Hurlbert, Director of Technology                                                   Sr. Margaret Zalot, ’67, SSC Councilor
                                                                                         Charles MacIntosh, (Sarah ’07, Muriam ’11) Civil Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers
The publisher reserves the right to edit all submissions for length, clarity, and        Christine Heys Armetta, ’84, Oncology Protocol Coordinator, St. Mary’s Medical Center
appropriateness to a Catholic publication. Villa Joseph Marie, founded by the            John Gibbons, (Maureen ’01) Managing Partner, Allied Financial Consultants, LLP
Sisters of St. Casimir in 1932, is a private, Catholic, college preparatory school for
young women. Its mission is to foster in each student academic excellence, char-
                                                                                         James Pirolli, (Catherine ’08), Certified Public Accountant
acter and cultural development, and religious, social, and personal growth.              Cindy Bayer, Cigna International
                                                                                         John Parsons, (Brittany ’05) Bustleton Services, Inc.
                                                                                            ✺ 2✺
Letter from Sister Immacula, General Superior, Sisters of St. Casimir
Dear Friends of Villa Joseph Marie,

                   “God loves us and nothing will happen to us without His knowledge.”

These cherished words of Mother Maria Kaupas, foundress of the Sisters of St. Casimir, remind us that all is
well for we are truly blessed by a God who loves us.

One of the most treasured blessings of the Sisters of St. Casimir has been Villa Joseph Marie. This has been
home for hundreds of Sisters since Mother Maria purchased the Villa property in May, 1932 and opened a
small boarding school for girls. When we think of the Villa, we cannot help but think of how God has done
great things for us, both in the beauty of creation that is so evident in so many ways, as well as in the won-
derful ministry that has taken place and continues to take place at Villa Joseph Marie High School.

Many Sisters have called the Villa “home” as they ministered at Villa Joseph Marie High School, St. Joseph
Home for the Aged, or the convent. For many years the Sisters who ministered in the Eastern part of the United
States, called Villa, which was filled with God’s beauty and peace, their summer home where they came for
retreat and relaxation after a busy school year. The Sisters of St. Casimir have 77 years of wonderful memo-
ries forever etched in their hearts.

Of course much has changed over the years. In the early years, this Villa land housed the Sisters and classrooms
in what is now Maria Hall and housed boarders from upstate Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and
other distant places in what is now Regina Hall. In 1957, a new building was built to provide the needed space
to continue to educate all the young women who were coming to Villa seeking an education that would pre-
pare them for their future. This new building also housed St. Joseph Home for the Aged to serve people who
were in need of special care in the later years of their life as well as a new convent for the growing number of
Sisters who were living and ministering at both the school and the Home.

Over the years the number of Sisters has decreased. One by one the Sisters began returning to Chicago. After
much prayer and discernment regarding the needs of our Sisters and the needs of our Congregation, a decision
was made that the time has come for the Sisters of St. Casimir who still live at Villa to take leave of this spe-
cial home in Pennsylvania, and begin their journey back to our Chicago Motherhouse, the place where all of
the Sisters of St. Casimir began their religious lives. Here they will once again rejoin their Sisters in Community
as they continue their journey of faith in prayer and service.

This spring, the Sisters currently living at Villa have been saying their farewells, grateful for the many bless-
ings they have experienced throughout all their days at Villa. We want you to know that even though the
Sisters of St. Casimir will no longer be living in the Villa Convent, we will continue to sponsor Villa Joseph Marie
High School. We will continue to be present at Villa Board meetings and special events. We are so grateful and
proud of Mary T. Michel, Villa President, and Diana Koopman, Villa Principal. They continue to lead and
guide the Villa with deep faith and profound dedication with the support of the Board of Directors and the ded-
ication of faculty, staff, and volunteers. Everyone together continues to keep the mission of Villa and the mis-
sion of the Sisters of St. Casimir alive. With God, we know great things will continue to happen!

May God bless each of you and your loved ones with His most special graces of love, peace, and joy. This is
our heartfelt prayer of love and gratitude for you and we ask you to keep us in your prayer.

In the name of all the “Villa Sisters” past and present, I offer you our love and prayers,

Sister M. Immacula Wendt, SSC
General Superior
Sisters of St. Casimir

On Wednesday, February 4, 2009, Villa
Joseph Marie High School held its first
annual “Outstanding Catholic Educators”
Award Ceremony. The award ceremony,
which honored twenty elementary school
teachers from schools across the area, was
the brainchild of Villa President Mary T.
Michel. Held as part of the Archdiocesan
“Catholic Schools Week” celebration, the
event was a special way to show gratitude to
all the incredible Catholic educators who
daily live and promulgate Catholic faith to
their students.

In order to nominate deserving teachers,
Villa freshmen were asked to spend time
reflecting on a teacher from her grade
school who “had been a role model, an
inspiration, and a personal supporter of
your personal and educational growth.”
Each student was then asked to write a nar-
rative describing her experience with that
                                                Outstanding Educator Awards
teacher. The nominations were read by a
committee, which chose one Outstanding
Educator from each Catholic school.

The award ceremony, which was held in
Villa’s historic Maria Hall, was attended by
Villa administration, nominating students,
and the award winners, along with their                                                     On the evening of Friday, March 27,
families and principals from their respective                                               Villa held its first school-wide talent
schools. In true testimony to the impact of                                                 show. Twenty-three Villa students par-
Catholic school teachers, one veteran                                                       ticipated as part of twenty acts, focusing
teacher had two of her former students                                                      mainly on singing and dancing. Dancers
there, also being honored as outstanding                                                    performed tap, Irish, lyrical, and other
educators.                                                                                  forms at dance, and singers performed a
                                                                                            variety of types of songs with several
The event began with a prayer and a few                                                     playing their own instruments.
words from Mrs. Michel on the unique value
of Catholic educators. Then each student                                                    All the students did a terrific job!
                                                                                            Awards were given to two stand-out acts:
read her narrative aloud and presented her
teacher with a certificate and a small gift.
The award ceremony was followed by a
                                                                      Talent                the Best of Show Award, which was cho-
                                                                                            sen by three impartial judges, went to
                                                                                            Meghan McDonald; the Fan Favorite
social hour that was catered by Villa’s own
chef Dave Surline.                                                    Show                  Award, which was voted on by talent
                                                                                            show attendees, went to Rubina Roy.
Mrs. Michel said that the event “was fabu-
lous. It truly exceeded expectations. The       Ms. Lauren Gaughan, a math teacher at Villa who organized the show, said, “The
students’ narratives were so touching that      performances were amazing. I was impressed by the students’ talent in the dress
they brought tears to our guests’ eyes.”        rehearsal, but they were unbelievable the night of the show.”

Mrs. Geraldine Fox of St. Martin of Tours       The show was certainly a popular event with the Villa community—at least 240 peo-
school in New Hope was one of the educa-        ple attended, and the nearly $2,000 raised from the small entrance fee, food dona-
tors honored at the award ceremony. She         tions, and a 50/50 raffle was generously donated to Villa’s 2008-2009 Annual Fund.
said, “This evening was a wonderful event.      In addition, many Villa students pitched in to work at the event, serving refreshments
It is an honor to know that you have made a     and generally making sure everything ran smoothly. Since the event was such a won-
difference in a student’s life—that is what     derful venue to showcase our multi-talented students, it will be a welcome addition to
we strive for as Catholic School teachers.” ■   Villa’s annual celebrations. ■
A SUCCESSFUL YEAR in the Sciences at Villa
                                                  Villa’s science students were reward-    Ettorre, Kailey Mandes, Megan
                                                  ed for their hard work and painstak-     Seighman, Ruth-Anne Langan, Carly
                                                  ing research this year at two impor-     Franceschino, Laura Gallagher, and
                                                  tant local science fairs. The Bucks      Julianna Tantum.
                                                  County Science Fair was held on
                                                  Wednesday, March 18. As awards           At the Delaware Valley Science Fair,
                                                  were presented to the winning proj-      Bernadette Hritzo also won the silver
                                                  ects, it became clear that Villa domi-   medal at the Ben Franklin Fair. This
                                                  nated the event. Incredibly, twenty      prize awarded Bernadette an all-
                                                  Villa students were awarded prizes.      expenses-paid trip to the
                                                                                           International Science and
                                                  The winners from the Bucks County        Engineering Fair in Reno, Nevada.
                                                  Science Fair included: Julianna          This was the second trip to ISEF for
                                                  Tantum, Carly Franceschino, Laura        Bernadette—last year, she presented
                                                  Gallagher, Prarthana Shenoy,             her work on the antibiotic properties
                                                  Victoria Ettorre, Kailey Mandes,         of marine sponges. Her work this
                                                  Leah DiGiacobbe, Amanda Watts,           year continued that important
                                                  Sara Rezaeian, Rose Daraz, Ashley        research. While at ISEF, Bernadette
                                                  Donahue, Ruth-Anne Langan, Megan         captured three special awards—The
                                                  Seighman, Courtney Shaw, Joanna          U.S. Navy Award, Second Place U.S.
                                                  Foos, Jessica Gwiazdowski, Liz           Air Force Award, and the American
                                                  Harrison, Regina Luczyszyn, Bailey       Veterinarian Medical Association
                                                  Gorman, and Bernadette Hritzo.           Award. In addition, she earned a
                                                                                           second place Grand Award in her
                                                  All students who received first, sec-    category. Bernadette said she felt
                                                  ond, or third place awards in their      “very blessed and excited” to be able
                                                  categories were invited to compete in    to compete in this prestigious event.
                                                  the regional Delaware Valley Science
                                                  Fair, held from March 31st to April      Villa would like to congratulate all
                                                  2nd. Again, Villa students were rec-     of the winners and offer thanks to
                                                  ognized for their impressive projects.   the school’s wonderful science teach-
                                                  Ten students took home awards,           ers, whose mentorship and dedica-
                                                  including: Sara Rezaeian, Joanna         tion help to make these successes
                                                  Foos, Bernadette Hritzo, Victoria        possible. ■

A grateful Biology Department thanks Mr.
Rich Petrucco, an adjunct faculty member at
Bucks County Community College and
grandfather of Jordan Naylor (’11), for
facilitating the release of eight gently-used
Bausch and Lomb binocular, mechanical
stage microscopes for service in the Villa sci-
ence labs. The scopes will greatly enhance
the laboratory experience for all students in
the many Biology-related courses that the
school offers. ■

Fine Arts Week

Villa’s many gifted artists, musicians,         also browse the stunning paintings, draw-        story of a jury’s deliberations in what
singers, actors, and writers truly showcased    ings, and sculptures presented in the stu-       seems to be an open and shut murder case.
talents during this year’s Fine Arts Week,      dent Art Show.                                   The play went off without a hitch and
held from April 20th through April 26th.                                                         Director and Villa Drama Teacher, Damien
The week was packed with activity, includ-      Villa’s literary scholars were also represent-   Bucci stated that the students involved
ing performances by the Villa and Father        ed at the Coffeehouse. The school’s 2009         with the play “worked really hard and
Judge Jazz Bands, casual vocal and dra-         Poet Laureates were announced and read           made me so proud.”
matic performances, and a doodle art com-       their winning poems for the audience.
petition. The Fine Arts Department also         This year’s Poet Laureates are: School Poet      Mr. Bucci also commended the students for
sponsored a “Breakfast with the Masters,”       Laureate, Sarah Westbrook; Senior Poet           their mastery of a show with such a dense
during which students enjoyed a bagel           Laureate, Marie Schoenenberger; Junior           script. “It’s a very fast-paced show with
breakfast while mingling with art students      Poet Laureate, Diane Nguyen; Sophomore           very little downtime. The fact that they
dressed as artists such as Georgia O’Keefe      Poet Laureate, Sarah Westbrook; and              memorized everything, acted so well, and
and Jackson Pollack.                            Freshman Poet Laureate, Tori Miller. In          ran the show cleanly is amazing,” said Mr.
                                                addition, attendees could also view a dis-       Bucci.
The annual Coffee House, held on                play of the 2009 version of the school’s lit-
Wednesday, April 22nd, was a huge suc-          erary magazine, Quintessence: Tapestry           Ellen Brooks, the head of Villa’s Fine Arts
cess and provided a wonderful opportunity       of Legends.                                      Department, said that this year’s Fine Arts
for Villa’s Fine Arts students to share their                                                    Week “was wonderful. During the last few
talents with friends, family, and the public.   The week ended with three performances           years, I have seen so much growth in all of
The evening featured performances by the        of Villa’s Spring Drama, Twelve Angry            the branches of the Fine Arts, and the girls
Band, Freshman Chorus, vocal soloists,          Women. This play, based on the 1957              are doing truly excellent work.” ■
and the Women’s Chorale. Attendees could        classic drama, Twelve Angry Men, tells the

Villa Wins the Seatbelt Challenge
This Spring, Villa Joseph Marie took part       As drivers pulled into Villa’s lot on the        In May, representatives from TMA Bucks
in the Bucks County High School Seatbelt        morning of April 30th, they were stopped         came to present Villa with a perpetual
Challenge, which was run by TMA Bucks           by a group of students. If the driver and        plaque and monetary grant. We are proud
and the Bucks County Office of Highway          passengers were wearing seatbelts, each          that so many of our students are safe driv-
Safety. Everyone in the Villa community         person received a Lifesavers candy. If they      ers and are encouraging the other 10% to
was challenged to wear their seatbelts at       were not wearing seatbelts, they got a Dum       buckle up! ■
all times and to require their passengers to    Dum lollipop. Villa is proud to announce
buckle up. Of course, the actual survey         that that the school achieved the highest
was not publicized ahead of time in order       overall seatbelt use—90%—of all the par-
to attain a true measurement of how many        ticipating schools in Bucks County!
people wear their seatbelts on a daily basis.
Villa Junior Trains Puppy to Help Others
Over the past several months, Villa jun-
ior Brittany King has been busy working
as a volunteer puppy raiser for Canine
Companions for Independence (CCI), an
organization that prepares dogs to work
as guide animals for people with disabil-
ities. She first became inspired to take
part in this program by her Aunt
Tracey, who had Multiple Sclerosis and
passed away during Brittany’s freshman
year. “I saw what a dog could have
done for her, and I wanted to help oth-
ers,” said Brittany.

With the support of her parents, Jeff
and Gina King, Brittany began the
application process to serve as a volun-
teer. In order to become a puppy raiser,
volunteers must be interviewed, provide
recommendations, and learn all there is
to know about training a guide dog.
After successfully completing the
process, Brittany and her family trav-
eled to Long Island, New York, in
October 2008 to pick up their dog—a
ten-week-old Labrador/Golden
                                                                         The Lucy S. Carroll
Retriever cross named Talita.
                                                                         Memorial Scholarship
While the energetic puppy has created
her share of chaos around the King                                       The first annual   Edward Carroll in 1945 and the couple had
household, Talita has done well in her                                   Lucy S. Carroll    two children—a daughter named Lucy and
early training. Later this year, Talita                                  Memorial           a son named Edward.
will begin six months of advanced train-                                 Scholarship was
ing at CCI. At any time in the training,                                 presented dur-     In 1955, the family moved to Pennsylvania,
however, CCI could decide that Talita       ing Villa’s graduation ceremonies on May        and Mrs. Carroll began teaching business
simply is not cut out to be a guide dog,    30th. The prize was founded by Mrs.             classes at Villa Joseph Marie. Soon, she
and she could be released from the pro-     Carroll’s daughter, Dr. Lucy E. Carroll,        became the School’s first Registrar, and held
gram. Only 35% of dogs complete the         Class of 1964. It is to be awarded each         this position for fourteen years. Mrs.
program and actually become guide           year to a Villa senior who has excelled in      Carroll was also active within her parish, St.
dogs. If she is released, Brittany and      business studies and displayed good charac-     John Bosco in Hatboro. There, she served
her family will have the chance to keep     ter and judgment. This year’s prize was         as secretary, sewed altar cloths, and even
her as a pet.                               awarded to Ms. Lauren Wagner, who will be       founded the St. John Bosco Quilt Club. She
                                            attending Temple University in the fall.        was also the proud founder of the Hatboro
Although Brittany says she will miss                                                        Business and Professional Women’s
Talita when she has to leave, she knows     Throughout her life, Mrs. Lucy S. Carroll       Association. She passed away at home in
it is for a very good cause. “I attended    truly embodied the impeccable character         2006.
a CCI graduation where the dogs are         and love of business required of scholarship
presented to the people they will be        winners. Mrs. Carroll was a first generation    Contributions to the Lucy S. Carroll
helping, and I was so touched. These        American born to a Polish mother and a          Memorial Scholarship Fund are welcome in
dogs really change people’s lives,” said    Lithuanian father in New York in 1920. As       order to insure the continuance of this wor-
Brittany. Brittany has also decided to      a young woman, she did translation during       thy scholarship honoring Lucy S. Carroll.
continue as part of the CCI program—        WWII. Later, she served as a register of        Contact Mary T. Michel, VJMHS President,
she and her family will likely receive      deeds for the state of New York, and worked     at 215-357-8810, ext. 122, for further
their next puppy sometime this fall. ■      as an executive secretary. She married          information. ■

                                                                                                 The Villa Basketball team had an
                                                                                                 exciting season that included a
                                                                                                 big win against St. Basil’s on
                                                                                                 Senior Night and the team’s first
Cheerleading                                                                                     Districts win in several years.
The Villa Cheerleaders had a great                                                               Next year, the team will lose four
season. They took part in several                                                                veteran senior players and their
competitions and earned second place                                                             coach, Ms. Becky Flynn. Ms.
               in the dance category                                                             Flynn said, “I’ve been playing or
               at the District                                                                   coaching bas-
               Championship. The                                                                 ketball for
               cheerleaders also par-                                                            the last
               ticipated in the Eastern                                                          fifteen
               Cheerleading               Softball                                               years—I
               Association National       The Villa Joseph Marie Softball                        need a
               Competition in             team had a successful season, despite the              break to
Williamsburg, Virginia. While there,      challenge of numerous players’ injuries throughout     plan my
they earned an impressive first place     the season. The Jems upset the third place team        wedding and
in dance and third all-around. Coach      and district champion, St. Basil’s, to get the final   attend grad
Lauren Gaughan said, “Overall, the        playoff spot in the Academies League. The Jems         school. I will be the team’s
cheerleaders worked hard and had a        have reached the playoffs the last three consecutive   biggest fan next year, though.”
great season.” ■                          years. Coach Tom Armbruster said, “The girls           New coach Chris Clark has
                                          worked hard, achieved their goals, and I’m proud of    already started workouts with the
                                          them! We have a strong young nucleus that will         basketball players to prepare for
Lacrosse                                  compete in this league for the next few years.” ■      next season. ■
By Stephanie Magnone
Villa’s lacrosse team was lead by
senior captains Brigid Crane,             Track and Field
Sarah Cosgrove and Anna                   The 2009 Track and Field team can accurately be dubbed a “Dream Team.”
DiMascia. There were many                 The PIAA District 1 Champions earned four medals at the PIAA State com-
accomplishments and successes             petition—two silver medals, and medals for 4th and 6th place finishes.
during this rigorous and fast-            These wins helped the team land a 6th place State team standing. Led by
paced season. Our offense was             senior captains, sprinter Shannon Geddes, mid-distance runner Megan
lead by senior Brigid Crane (59           Rother, long distance athletes Katie Brady and Caitlin McDonald and hurdler
goals and 21 assists), sophomores         Madde Mahony, the powerful team won the first District 1 title ever for VJM.
Marisa Palombi (43 goals and 16           Geddes powered the first leg of the State silver medal 4x400 relay. Rother
assists) and Maryclaire Walsh (43         started the State silver medal 4x800 relay and anchored the State silver
goals and 11 assists), as well as         medal 4x400 relay. They were committed captains from beginning to end! ■
freshman Kayla Kenney (18 goals
and 4 assists) who also brought
her talent to the field. Our mid-
field players of sophomores
Meghan Bonner and Jenny
Sandora contributed to much of
that success. Our defense was
lead by seniors Sarah Cosgrove
and Anna DiMascia, junior
Dominique Ponente and sopho-
more Megan Greed. The team’s
goalie, Jess Glace, ’10, had 139
saves for the team. Our team fin-
ished strong, earning fourth place
in the Catholic Academy League
and a spot in the playoffs. Also,
three Villa players were named to
All-Star Catholic Academy
League: Brigid Crane, Marisa
Palombi and Meghan Bonner. ■                                       ✺8✺
                                                                   Megan Farragher, Boston University
                                                                   Eileen Filipski, Drexel University
                                                                   Erin Galen, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
                                                                   Shannon Geddes, Saint Joseph’s University
                                                                   Danielle Gomez, Bucks County Community College
                                                                   Bridget Grady, University of Pittsburgh
                                                                   Heather Grossmuller, LaSalle University
                                                                   Melyssa Hammond, Rider University
                                                                   Noel Homyn, Hofstra University
                                                                   Kelsey Horan, LaSalle University
             Valedictorian: Morgan McMullin                        Brittany Huebner, LaSalle University
             Salutatorian: Patricia Farley                         Samantha Indelicato, Temple University
                                                                   Camille Irwin, Saint Joseph’s University
             National Merit Commended Scholars:                    Kristin Kalanty, LaSalle University
                     Sarah Cosgrove                                Rebecca Kirby, Fairfield University
                     Morgan McMullin                               Danielle Konefal, The University of Tampa
                     Marie Schoenenberger                          Nicole Kropa, Undecided
                                                                   Brittany Kulick, Undecided
             National Merit Finalists:                             Janet Leuthy, University of Miami
                     Kathryn Roche                                 Madeline Mahony, Stonehill College
                     Kathryn Sherwood                              Alysha Mallon, University of Dayton
                     Roxanne Szal                                  Stephanie Marcel, Holy Family University
                                                                   Megan McConville, University of Rhode Island
                                                                   Caitlin McDonald, Fairfield University
                                                                   Lindsay McMullen, Rider University
                                                                   Morgan McMullin, University of Notre Dame
                                                                   Dana Murray, Temple University
                                                                   Kelli O’Neil, Temple University
                                                                   Danielle O’Neill, Chestnut Hill College

Class of                                                           Rose Oelkers, Ball State University
                                                                   Francesca Palombi, University of Delaware
                                                                   Melissa Palumbo, LaSalle University
                                                                   Ashlynn Pastorek, Temple University

Kaitlin Abel, LaSalle University
                                                                   Lisa Peluso, Muhlenberg College
                                                                   Jennie Quattrocchi, Temple University
                                                                   Carly Reichelt, Pennsylvania State University
                                                                   Marissa Reif, Rider University
                                                                   Mary Reilley, LaSalle University
Sarah Adden, Pennsylvania State University                         Torey Repetski, The Catholic University of America
Laura Ahearn, New York University                                  Melissa Rhoads, Neumann College
Emily Ancona, Muhlenberg College                                   Kathryn Roche, Pennsylvania State University
Danielle Behrens, Coastal Carolina University                      Megan Rother, University of South Carolina
Joanna Bermingham, Drexel University                               Caitlin Ryan, LaSalle University
Suzanne Bierly, Pennsylvania State University                      Casey Ryan, LaSalle University
Ashley Boland, Coastal Carolina University                         Marie Schoenenberger, Saint Francis University
Kaitlin Brady, West Virginia University                            Lauren Schwartz, University of Delaware
Alison Burns, West Virginia University                             Kathryn Sherwood, The Catholic University of America
Erin Callanan, Elizabethtown College                               Maureen Slack, University of Pittsburgh
Rosemary Carberry, LaSalle University                              Hannah Smith, Portland State University
Casey Chima, Moravian College                                      Caitlin Snyder, The Catholic University of America
Courtney Christian, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania        Ann Stabile, Immaculata University
Krista Connelly, The George Washington University                  Kimberly Sylvester, Saint Joseph’s University
Sarah Cosgrove, Boston College                                     Roxanne Szal, Rollins College
Brigid Crane, Pennsylvania State University                        Melissa Van Wert, Saint Joseph’s University
Kelly Croke, Temple University                                     Lauren Wagner, Temple University
Jenova Damian, LaSalle University                                  Brittany Walsh, Pennsylvania State University
Kristie Davis, Saint Joseph’s University                           Katherine Weintraub, Northeastern University
Catherine Devlin, University of Dayton                             Brittany Welliver, Temple University
Anna Marie DiMascia, The Catholic University of America            Amanda White, Northeastern University
Ryan Egan, Emerson College                                         Ashley Whitten, University of Connecticut
Patricia Farley, Temple University                                 Colleen Wisniewski, LaSalle University
Jenna Farr, University of Delaware                                 Joyce Wrigley, Pennsylvania State University

Mock Trial
Villa’s Mock Trial Team has had a very
successful year. The team is part of the
Pennsylvania Statewide High School
Mock Trial Organization. Through this
organization, each high school team is
assigned the same case to research and
develop over the course of the year.
Teams from across the state then take
part in competitions, with one high
school representing the plaintiff and
another representing the defense.
                                             Reading Olympics
The Villa Mock Trial Team, moderated
by Ms. Kate Ambrose and legal advisor        The members of Villa Joseph Marie’s Reading Olympics Team truly love to read. Each
Bonnie Stein, Esq., met frequently to        year, the team receives a list of approximately forty books on the high school Reading
develop its arguments. Each member of        Olympics agenda. The books cover a variety of topics and even include some popular
the team chose a role and prepared her       fiction like Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays with Morrie and Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones.
part. When competition began in              The students divide up the book list, read their assigned books, and write reports to
January, they were ready—they finished       share with their teammates. The reports are compiled and the students study them to
first in Bucks County and earned a place     prepare and gain mastery of all the assigned material.
in the statewide competition.
                                             Then, the Reading
Most of the Villa team’s cases took place    Olympics team mem-
in the Doylestown Court House. The           bers are put to the
cases are presided over by a real judge      test. Teams from
and decided by a jury of lawyers.            high schools across
However, the jury determines the winner      the region meet to
based on a point system, so even if the      compete in tourna-
jury finds in favor of one side, the other   ments. Judges ask
could still earn more points and move        each team compre-
on to the next round.                        hensive, detailed
                                             questions about the
Co-Presidents Amanda White ’09 and           books they have read.
Kathryn Sherwood ’09 have both been          The students then
involved with the Mock Trial Team for        have time to confer
several years. Kathryn noted that being      before submitting
part of Mock Trial “really helps with        their final answers to
public speaking, and there is a lot of       the judges.
acting involved, so it’s a good choice for
people who like drama.” Amanda also          Christa Chirico and Kailey Mandes, both Villa sophomores, are the team’s co-captains.
noted that “it can be scary at first, but    Of course, these students have been avid readers all their lives and say that the compe-
it’s definitely exciting…especially when     titions are a lot of fun. Kailey said, “This is a great way to read. We get to enjoy the
you win!”                                    books, talk about them, and compete.”

Ms. Ambrose said “Both Bonnie Stein          On April 23, the teams took part in a three-round tournament of thirty-four teams
and I are extremely proud of the Mock        from across Bucks County. The students did an outstanding job and earned a second
Trial Team for all its hard work and         place ribbon—just two points shy of first! Mrs. Laura Lasky and Ms. Lauren Smylie,
dedication this year. I will miss all the    the faculty moderators for the team, said they were “extremely proud not only of our
seniors next year, but I do look forward     girls’ second place finish, but also of their attitude and sportsmanship.” ■
to another successful year.” ■
Development Update

Hooray for Hollywood Auction
Villa literally rolled out the red carpet on Saturday, March
21, for its “Hooray for Hollywood” Auction. Over two hun-
dred members of the Villa Joseph Marie community came out
to support the event and raise money for our girls. The gym,
which was decorated in a color scheme of black, white, gold,
and red, invoked all of the glamour of the movies.
                                                                 Homecoming and Alumnae Reunion
                                                                 Villa is excited to announce that it will hold a Homecoming
The festivities began immediately as guests arrived and were     Celebration this fall. The event, which will be held on Villa’s campus
greeted by the sounds of a live piano player. They then          on November 14th and 15th, will include a variety of events, includ-
moved into the gym, where they began placing their bids on       ing cookouts, sporting events, and children’s entertainment.
a wide variety of silent auction items donated by local busi-
                                                                 Sunday, November 15th, will also be our annual Alumnae Reunion.
nesses and Villa families. Some of the more popular items
                                                                 The event will be a Dinner/Theater Reunion in which alum will be
included a Wii entertainment system, sports tickets, and a
                                                                 able to see Villa’s fall musical and then gather for dinner in the Art
variety of one-of-a-kind Villa items.
                                                                 Gallery in Saint Joseph’s Hall. Although all alum are most welcome,
                                                                 those with graduation years ending in “4” and “9” will be honored
After the silent auction and a delicious dinner catered by
                                                                 this year.
Bella Tori Restaurant, auction guests took part in this year’s
very entertaining live auction, led by Mr. Ray Snyder of the     More details and information will be coming soon. We hope to see
Bristol Auction. This year’s live auction was highlighted by     you in November! ■
popular annual items, including parking spots and Queen for
a Day, and also some new items, including tickets to the sold-
out Elton John/Billy Joel concert and a fabulous trip to Fiji.
The winners of the $10,000 raffle were Gene and Fran
                                                                 Looking for a venue for your next personal or
Buras.                                                           work event?
Following the Live Auction, the audience was treated to a        Consider Villa’s historic Maria Hall. This stunning building, complete with high ceil-
“world premier” of our new “For The Girls” slideshow of          ings and an elliptical staircase, is rich with character and history. Constructed in
Villa students. Auction participants were then asked to          1860, the building has served as a family home, a stop on the Underground Railroad,
donate to Villa’s new student park, which will be built in       and, eventually, a schoolhouse for hundreds of Villa Joseph Marie students.
phases over the next three years.                                Maria Hall is perfect for school retreats, meetings, reunions, and more. The first floor
                                                                 consists of a large dining room, spacious sitting area, kitchen, and lovely back porch.
Villa would like to thank the auction’s chairs, Carol            On-site catering is available.
McDonald and LeeAnn Christian, and all of the other volun-
teers who worked so tirelessly to make the event a success.      Call 215-357-8810, ext. 115, or visit for more information. ■
We could never have done it without you! ■
Patricia Gellak Spera, Class of 1960         her husband, Greg, have four children.
Patricia and her husband, Dominic,           Three of the four were born in North
have four children—two girls and two         Yorkshire, UK - including fourteen-year-
boys. Three of her children are married,     old twin boys. As a Penn State Alum,
and her youngest son is to be married in     they spend most of the fall at football
September, 2009. She also has eight          games. Lynn and her family are current-
grandchildren. Pat sells Avon and is         ly living in south central Pennsylvania.
very active with volunteer work. She is      When she and her husband are not
looking forward to seeing the Class of       working, they enjoy travel, tinkering
1960 at their next reunion.                  with Greg’s cars, skiing and golf.

Mary Ann Aiken Fulcher,                      Anne Holderreid, Class of 1979
Class of 1964                                Anne currently lives in Washington’s
Mary Ann and her husband, Wayne,             Crossing, PA and works as a financial
currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada.       advisor for Ameriprise Financial.           ALUM SPOTLIGHT:
She is retired.                                                                          Maria Mangini, Class of 1997
                                             Tracey Reese Blaney, Class of 1984
Elizabeth Little, Class of 1967              Tracey was recently remarried to Gerald     Maria Mangini has had quite a musical life
Elizabeth is living at the Jersey Shore      Blaney, who she calls “the love of my       since her graduation from Villa in 1997.
with her son, Christopher, her daughter-     life,” in November, 2008. Between           After Villa, Maria went on to DeSales
in-law, Larissa, and her very first grand-   them, they have six children—               University, where she majored in theater.
child, Luca—the light of their lives.        Samantha, 21, Kelsey, 11, Shane,10,         While there, she performed in numerous
                                             Jill, 8, Victoria, 8, and Madeline, 8.      plays and musicals, including Oliver Twist
Peggy Ferguson Hughes,                       Gerald has adopted Stacey’s four daugh-     and a children’s performance of Raggedy Ann
Class of 1969                                ters. Members of the Class of 1984 were     and Andy.
Peggy is working part time and recently      present at their wedding. Tracey works
celebrated her daughter’s marriage in        as a NICU nurse at Einstein, where she      After graduating from DeSales in May 2001,
October, 2008. She would like very           has worked for sixteen years, and Gerald    Maria and a few friends planned to move to
much to re-connect with her fellow           is in commercial computer program-          New York City. They picked up the keys for
classmates!                                  ming.                                       their new apartment on September 10,
                                                                                         2001—just a day before the terrorist attacks
Mary Alice Cantwell Schmitt,                 Karen Rottloff Batty, Class of 1986         of September 11th. They waited a few weeks
Class of 1970                                In 2000, Karen decided to leave her pre-    for things to calm down in the city, and offi-
Mary Alice retired from Verizon after        vious profession as a nurse and pursue      cially made the move in October.
twenty years and is currently working as     an advanced career in the IT field. She
a self-employed sales training consult-      says, “Who knew those Apple IIe desk-       Maria has lived in New York City ever since.
ant. Mary Alice and her husband, Jim,        tops in the computer lab back in 1984       She and her husband, her college sweetheart,
split their time between Langhorne, PA       would be so instrumental in my              Andy, currently live in the Williamsburg sec-
and Lakewood Ranch FL. They have             career?!” Karen wants to give kudos to      tion of Brooklyn. “I love city life,” said
four grown children and are the proud        the VJM faculty and Sister Elaine for       Maria. “I like the people and the energy of
grandparents of Timothy, 10, Juliette, 6,    giving her the necessary skills to com-     big cities.”
Isabella, 4, Abigail, 3 and Matthew, 3.      bine technology with medicine!
                                                                                         After settling in New York, Maria began to
Lynn Armalavage Hofstrand,                   Melissa Christian Smith,                    work as a nanny and audition for plays.
Class of 1971                                Class of 1986                               In 2005, she received a serendipitous call
Lynn spent twelve years in the United        Melissa and her husband, Keith, have        from a friend, who asked her to come sing
Kingdom working for the Department of        two children—Allison, age 7, and Colin,     with his band, Hexa, just for fun. “That
Defense, and she continues to work for       age 5. In the summer of 2008, she was       night, we had the best time,” said Maria.
them at Fort Meade, Maryland. She and        diagnosed with an inoperable brain          Since that night, Maria has been the band’s
                                                                             continued   lead singer. Maria calls Hexa’s music
                                                                  ✺12   ✺                “pop/rock music with a retro feel.”
                                                 tumor, called an Astrocytoma. She com-       prayers in this difficult time. Their
                                                 pleted 5 weeks of radiation at MD            daughter, Holly, is battling a rare form
                                                 Anderson in Houston, TX. Now she is          of childhood cancer. Feel free to visit
                                                 home doing physical and occupational         Holly’s website, for updates
                                                 therapy to increase her strength and, for
                                                 endurance. She will have to continue to      updates.
                                                 have MRI’s to check on the progress of
                                                 the tumor.                                   Denise Morton Torres, Class of 1994
                                                                                              Denise and her husband, Christopher,
                                                 Stacey Murray Cockerham,                     are the proud parents of two-year-old
                                                 Class of 1987                                Gavin and six-month-old Lillyana.
                                                 Stacey and her husband, Ken, adopted a       Denise is completing her general surgery
                                                 beautiful two-year-old little girl from      residency at Temple University Hospital
                                                 Ukraine in April, 2008. Her name is          in June 2009 and starting a Trauma/
                                                 Diana Noelle, and she is very happy          Critical Care Fellowship at R.A. Cowley
                                                 with her big brother Nicholas. They          Shock Trauma Center at the University
                                                 both love the Phillies!                      of Maryland in July 2009.

                                                 Nora Arant Brennan, Class of 1988            Kathryn Boehmke Hett, Class of 1995
                                                 Nora and her husband, John, welcomed         Kathryn and her husband, Ricky, had
                                                 their first child, a son named Emmett        their first child, a daughter named
                                                 John Brennan, on 12/15/2008.                 Grace Kathleen, on July 23, 2008.

                                                 Gwen Mehler Zarkowski,                       Meghan McCloskey Betz,
                                                 Class of 1988                                Class of 1997
Hexa has truly taken off in the past four        Gwen and her husband, Robert, have           Meghan and her husband, Randal,
years. In addition to playing frequently in      been married for nearly 8 years. They        recently welcomed their second child.
Manhattan and Brooklyn, the band has             have two daughters—Emily, age 6, and         Randal Roberts Betz III was born on
toured the East Coast and toured England         Abigail, age 5. They have been living in     October 16, 2008. They also have a
twice. They are planning a West Coast tour       Quakertown for two years and Gwen            daughter named Lucy Jordan Betz who
in the summer and plan to return to England      works part time as an outpatient thera-      is 20 months old!
in the fall. While Maria still nannies for two   pist.
children, aged 10 and 13, she says “the band
is becoming a full-time thing, which is a lot    Kelly Cattie, Class of 1990
of fun.”                                         Kelly currently works as a teacher in
                                                 Interboro School District.
“I always thought I would be acting or
singing in plays, not a band,” said Maria.       Jodi Loser Ryan, Class of 1991
“But I’ve really found that singing in Hexa      Jodi and her husband, Walter, were mar-
fills that performing void in my life. Also,     ried in September, 2007. Beth Labenz,
being in a band is very collaborative, and I     Class of 1993, served as a maid of honor
love having that support system.” Part of        and Jodi’s sister, Jennifer Albee, was her   Cynthia Hale, Class of 1998
that support system is her husband, Andy.        matron of honor. Jodi and Walter wel-        Cynthia happily married Matthew
While he does not play in the band, he tours     comed a beautiful baby girl on July 16,      Ragan on October 3, 2008. Cynthia is
with them and helps manage their merchan-        2008.                                        the daughter of Diane Ashton Hale, ‘64,
dise sales. “He keeps the band in line,” said                                                 and Kenneth Hale. The Bridal party
Maria. “I can’t go without him!”                 Denise Boehmke Loadwick,                     included the Maid of Honor Stephanie
                                                 Class of 1992                                Hale, ‘99, bridesmaids Julia Fisher
Maria and the rest of her band mates in Hexa     Denise and her husband, Al, had their        Nastasi, ‘98, and Liz Lucisano Puleo,
have filmed videos for several of their songs.   second son, named Christopher John, on       ‘98. The newlyweds are currently resid-
The location for their next video will be one    Nov 3, 2008. He joins his big brother        ing in their new home in Lower
of Villa’s classrooms! The song, called          Nathaniel.                                   Gwynedd, Pennsylvania.
“Classes,” is about young high school love.
Maria says she wanted to film at Villa           Janice Pine Slavin, Class of 1993            Christine Zecca, Class of 1998
because “it’s such a nostalgic place for me. I   Janice and her husband, Mike, would          Christine graduated from Penn State
love Villa.” ■                                   like to thank the Class of 1993 for their    with a B.A. in oil painting and a minor
                                                 generous gift, warm thoughts, and            in art history in 2006. She currently

lives in New York City and works for an     (VJM 2000), called BeMe, LLC. BeMe is
investment advisory firm. In addition,      a children’s gift product company that
she married her husband, Curt, in July      embraces individuality and diversity.
2008.                                       Check them out online at
Kate Caimano Emerson,
Class of 2001                               Megan Ronning, Class of 2004
Kate and her husband, Jeremy, had a         Megan is currently working on a
baby girl named Peyton Michele on           Master’s Degree in Community
December 30, 2008. Although they are        Counseling at Rider University. She
tired, they are enjoying every minute.      also has a job working with autistic
Kate says “we are in awe of having this     children in Philadelphia and ran her
beautiful baby girl in our lives!”          first full Marathon in New Jersey on        ATTENTION VILLA ALUMNAE!
                                            May 3rd.
Stephanie Schlegel Shortall,
Class of 2001
Stephanie graduated from Temple Law
                                            Meredyth Leone VanVreede,
                                            Class of 2004
                                                                                        The Amazing Challenge!
School in May 2008 and received news        Meredyth and Andrew VanVreede were          For next year’s 2009-2010 Annual Fund,
that she passed her Bar Exams in Fall       married on March 6, 2009 at St.             Villa Joseph Marie High School is issuing a
2008. She and her husband, Gary, were       Andrew’s Chruch in Newtown PA.              challenge to our alumnae. We are asking that
married on November 28, 2008 at             Meredyth is currently working as a reg-     each Villa alum contribute the amount of her
Assumption BVM in Feasterville, PA.         istered nurse at Hahnemann University       class year—for example, if you graduated in
Her sister, Katie (Schlegel) Schanbacher,   Hospital in Philadelphia in their           1973, you would donate $19.73. This is a
Class of 2002, was her Matron of Honor      Emergency and Trauma department.            great way to support your school and show
and Rose Venuto, her cousin and Class                                                   your class solidarity and pride.
of 2008, was a bridesmaid. Stephanie        Kara Illingworth, Class of 2006
joined Petrille Wind, PC as an Associate    Kara is a third year student, majoring in   The class that achieves the highest percentage
in December 2008 and she and her hus-       biology,with a minor in chemistry, at the   of participation will receive a very special
band are now searching for their first      University of South Carolina. She was       prize—a cocktail party at Villa’s historic
home in the Central Bucks area.             recently initiated into Phi Beta Kappa,     Maria Hall! The picture above shows a
                                            the nation’s oldest and most widely         recent party held at Maria Hall—wouldn’t it
Tina Paparone, Class of 2003                known academic honor society. The           be fun to have a special reunion with all of
Since graduating from Fordham in 2007       campus chapters invite outstanding arts     your classmates in such a lovely environ-
with a degree in Business, Tina has been    and sciences students at American col-      ment?
working in finance in New York City.        leges and universities for induction. The
She earned a MBA from Fordham in            society sponsors activities to advance      The Amazing Challenge will commence when
2008. In addition, she co-founded a         these studies in higher education, and in   you receive your Annual Fund information in
company with her sister, Angela Giovine     society at large. ■                         the early fall and will run until April, 2010.
                                                                                        Let the challenge begin! ■

New Website Features
Two new elements of Villa’s website,, are up and
running. Villa’s teachers now have individual websites for their
classes, which are accessible through the site’s Faculty and Staff
Directory, on which they can post class updates, assignments, work-
sheets, study guides, and helpful links. The new sites are a valuable
tool enabling both students and parents to keep up-to-date on work
and practice materials. In addition, prospective families, alumnae,
and friends of Villa now have a way to learn of the challenging,
exciting, and educational innovations of Villa’s classrooms.

Also, the online version of Villa’s Campus Store is now “open for
business.” The store features our most popular items, including
sweatshirts, travel mugs, and flip flops. We now have blue and pink
Villa baby gear, which has been a hit with our alum who are wel-
coming new members into their families! Delivery and pick-up
options are available. Visit to check
it out. ■                                                         ✺14
Villa offers its gratitude to all of the Sisters of St. Casimir
who have lived and worked at Villa over the years...
MOTHER MARIA KAUPAS (foundress)                S M Deborah Romanuski                           S M Magdalen Shoskey
M M Immaculata Dvaranauskas                    S M Delphine Grigas                             S M Magdalene Bagdonas
M M Concepta Unguraitis                        S M Dionysia Diamond                            S M Marcella Pikielis
S Adele Yutsus                                 S M Dolores Walaitis                            S M Marilyn Karpovich
S Alice Juskelis (Sr. Susanne)                 S M Doloreta Savakonis                          S M Martina Pagoreskis
S Angela Marie Janus (Sr. Maria Assumpta)      S M Dolorosa Wertelka                           S M Matilda Galnaitis
S Ann Grace Valetkevich                        S M Domicella Jonkaitis                         S M Mercedes Mickevicius
S Ann Rita Staveckas (Sr. Chrysostom)          S M Edwina Kasulaitis                           S M Michaelyn Pakrosnis
S Anna Mae Zitkus                              S M Elaine Kuizinas                             S M Mildred Penkunas
S Anna Marie Rakauskas                         S M Eleanor Milward                             S M Nicola Sokas
S Anne Baubin (Sr. Inviolata)                  S M Elizabeth Ann Yocius                        S M Paula Pajaujis
S Catherine Marie Metrikas (Sr. Petra)         S M Elizabeth Baidokas                          S M Paulissa Puisis
S Ella Kasper (Sr. Simplicia)                  S M Elizabeth Kerdokas                          S M Philip Ramoska
S Helen Marie Burokas                          S M Emerenciana Medelis                         S M Pius Mickevicius
S M Adeline Daciolas                           S M Emerita Buinauskas                          S M Prudentia Condrate
S M Adrian Urban                               S M Emiliana Horan                              S M Pulcheria Markunas
S M Agatha Budginas                            S M Ernesta Karpus                              S M Raphael Cibas
S M Agatha Marie Maczuk (Sr. Boniface)         S M Estelle Lucas                               S M Raymond Levonitis
S M Agnesine Dering                            S M Eucharista Stoskus                          S M Redempta Babinskas
S M Agnita Sabockis                                             S M Euphrasina Paulaitis       S M Regina Janusa
S M Alexa Bagdon                                                S M Faustina Marcinkus         S M Regina Sitkus ( Sr. Josita)
S M Alexandra Gritis                                            S M Felice Greenwich           S M Reginald Tamulevich
S M Alexina Globys                                              S M Felicita Kizis             S M Remigia Asmonas
S M Alfreda Zukauskas                                           S M Ferdinand Arzulaitis       S M Rosarita Balsis
S M Alphonsa Supsinskas                                         S M Filiothea Venis            S M Rose Juskelis
S M Alphonsine Grazevicius                                      S M Floriana Antanaitis        S M Roseanne Ezerskis
S M Amelia Simonaitis                                           S M Generosa Stakauskas        S M Rosita Poplosky
S M Anacleta Venslovitch                                        S M Genevieve Cepukaitis       S M Salome Visnauckas
S M Ancilla Kaminskas                                           S M Gerald Vaisvila            S M Seraphia Asmen
S M Andreata Naudziunas                                         S M Geraldine Zilis            S M Severine Skadauskas
S M Angela Balchunas                           S M Germaine Leonavicius                        S M Silviana Stankus
S M Angelica Damarodas                         S M Gertrude Gerdziunas                         S M Sylvia Horan
S M Angeline Juronis                           S M Grace Ann Kalafut                           S M Teresita Miksas
S M Ann Cizikas                                S M Grace Carol Wastak (Sr. Charles)            S M Theophila Adomaitis
S M Ann Therese Radziunas                      S M Gracilda Ringis                             S M Theresa Dabulis
S M Annette Zulon                              S M Gratia Listaite                             S M Theresa Papsis
S M Anselma Sevelis                            S M Helen Agnes Krutulis                        S M Therese Banach (Sr. Rosalima)
S M Antonia Nutaut                             S M Helen Eremich                               S M Thomas Malinauskas
S M Anysia Rovinskas                           S M Helene Chernesky                            S M Thomasine Simonaitis
S M Augustine Sheppard                         S M Hyacinth Zemantis                           S M Timothy Audyaitis
S M Aurelia Stasaitis                          S M Jacob Globis                                S M Valentine Aukstakalnis
S M Aureline Kulpshas                          S M Jean Girzaitis (Sr. Christopher)            S M Veronetta Kazlauskas
S M Benetta Luonas                             S M Jeremiah Cesnakas                           S M Viatora Jankauskas
S M Benigna Katinas                            S M Joanella Fayert                             S M Vincenta Zupkus
S M Bernarda Venskus                           S M Johanna Marie Shainauskas                   S M Virgilia Kolesinskas
S M Bertha Jodwalis                            S M Josepha Cizauskas                           S M Vivian Grigas
S M Caroline Matusevicius                      S M Juliana Baranauskas                         S M Winifred Jaskal
S M Catherine Balcaitis                        S M Lamberta Novetske                           S M Xavier Keydash
S M Celeste Frank                              S M Laura Horan                                 S M Zita Petkevicius
S M Celine Zaikis                              S M Lawrence Jodauga                            S Madeline Marie Zuerblis
S M Christina Unguraitis                       S M Lawrence Puishys                            S Margaret Ann Melavage
S M Clarissa Jablanskas                        S M Leona Naujokas                              S Maria Alexandra Gustaityte
S M Clarita Jonelis                            S M Leonarda Genevich                           S Maria Cleopha Macelis
S M Claudia Zekas                              S M Leonette Seskevitch                         S Marie Aquinata Markunas
S M Clement Mazgelis                           S M Liliosa Vasilauskas                         S Marie Augusta Treinas
S M Concetta Petrauskas                        S M Lillian Ruskey                              S Martha Marie Zekas (Sr. Ephrema)
S M Conrad Juskaitis                           S M Liudgarda Jonkaitis                         S Mary Balkas (Sr. Eucharistine)
S M Constance Balkas                           S M Liudvika Budris                             S Mary Frances Caplins (Sr. Richard)
S M Consuella Cizauskas                        S M Lorraine Therese Siminas                    S Mary Louise Andrulonis
S M Corinthia Uzdawins                         S M Lucida Bartus                               S Mary Menalis
S M Cyprian Kardokas                           S M Lucine Matulis                              S Mary Rose Gillis
S M Cyril Krasauskas                           S M Lucretia Luzeckas                           S Mary Stephanie Balchunas
S M Daniel Rackauskas                          S M Lucy Kimutis                                S Mary Zaranka (Sr. Francelia)
S M David Jurgaitis                            S M Madeleine Bunevicius                        S Matthew Pauza
S M Davidica Vichules                          S M Magdalen Gidziunas

“Please excuse us for any names that may have been omitted from the list. Villa would like to thank Ms. Paula Schultz and Sister Margaret Mary from
the SSC Motherhouse in Chicago for all of their help with this list.”
                                                                      ✺ 15✺
 upcoming EVENTS                                                          Villa Joseph Marie High School                                                NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                          Office of Institutional Advancement                                                  PAID
                                                                          1180 Holland Road                                                              BENSALEM, PA
                                                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 182
7/13-7/23         The Edge Summer Enrichment                              Holland, PA 18966
9/1               First Day of School for Freshmen
9/2               New Family Orientation
9/8               First Full Day for All Students
9/8               Opening School Mass
9/14              Golf Outing
9/17              Back to School Night
10/2              Ring Day
10/4              Open House
10/18             Mother/Daughter Tea
11/7              Entrance/Scholarship Exam
11/13-11/15 Homecoming and Alumnae
11/13-11/15 Fall Play
12/2              Girls’ Night Out

Carol Rainey Alexander, Class of 1959                   Joseph Glynn, Brother of Elizabeth Glynn Ulanowski,    Dolores A. McNamara-Stowers, Aunt of Carol
Thomas Antonelli, Father of Gina Antonelli King, ’82    ’67, Maura Glynn Moore, ’77, and Margaret Glynn        Auchinleck Calderbank, ‘69
and Christie Antonelli Farinella, ’86. Grandfather of   Baun, ’69. Uncle of Alyssa Garnich, ‘02                Leslie T. Mitchell, Father of Nancy Mitchell Stuski,
Brittany King, ‘09                                      Rocco J. Graziano, Grandfather of Kelsie Hartpence,    ’76 and Jean Mitchell Konkel, ‘75
Winifred Barry, Grandmother of Kimberly Krol, ‘02       ‘08                                                    Catherine O’Brien, Grandmother of Christine O’Brien,
Margaret M. Belardino, Mother of Michelle Juliff        Michael A. Grey, Brother of Betsey Grey Knebels, ‘96   ‘01
Conway, ‘83                                             Jennie Halamar, Mother of Elaine Halamar Mackin,       Benjamin D. O’Leary, Grandfather of Megan O’Leary-
John J. Buck, Father of Helen Buck Swan, ‘80            ‘60                                                    Cordingley ‘04
Virginia F. Campion, Mother of Virginia Campion         Diane Ashton Hale,Class of 1964. Mother of Cynthia     Jerome J. Pletnick, Grandfather of Justine Pletnick,
Power, ‘58                                              Hale Ragan, ‘98, and Stephanie Hale, ‘99               ’06 and Breanna Pletnick, ‘10
Joseph J. Coates, Grandfather of Megan Coates, ’06      Rosemary Harbison, Sister of Rita Orfe Barish, ‘83     Cecilia V. Profy, Aunt of Ellen Mignoni, ’70 and Mary
and Lauren Coates, ‘08                                  Theresa A. Kazarnowicz, Mother of Carly                Jo Mignoni Silver, ‘74
Richard S. Cohn, Husband of Karen Sionne Cohn, ‘83      Kazarnowicz, ’00, Erica Kazarnowicz, ’05, and Sarah    Deborah A. Rein, Sister-in-law of Lisa Viscusi Rein,
Nancy M. Croke, Grandmother of Mary Reilley, ‘09        Kazarnowicz, ‘08                                       ‘87
Jennie H. Czerwonka, Mother of Andrea Czerwonka         John J. Lacey, Grandfather of Kimberly Lacey, ’02,     Mary S. Reinhardt, Mother of Ann Reinhardt, ‘72
McDonough, ’74 and Kathleen Czerwonka Cartwright,       Caroline Lacey, ’10, Christine Lacey, ’00, Jennifer    James Riccio, Grandfather of Erica Volponi, ’94 and
’76. Grandmother of Colleen McDonough ’04 and           Lacey, ’03, Janine Lacey, ’03, and Collen Lacey, ‘12   Jamie Volponi Caucci, ‘92
Kristy McDonough, ‘95                                   Hugh B. Lake, Uncle of Helen Lake Goins, ‘77           Gilda Riccio, Grandmother of Erica Volponi, ’94 and
Lee E. Danis, Uncle of Mary Danis Ziegler, ’72 and      Clifford J. Maloney, Sr., Father of Barbara Maloney    Jamie Volponi Caucci, ‘92
Susan Danis Marchione, ‘73                              Heron, ’74, and Jo Ann Maloney Palmer, ’73.            Mark J. Rosenblatt, Brother of Lisa Rosenblatt, ’03
J. Robert Darrah, Uncle of Jennifer Tomlinson           Grandfather of Abigail Palmer, ’01                     and Nikki Rosenblatt, ‘07
Forman, ’93, and Elizabeth Darrah Bye, ‘88              Stephen E. Markert, Sr., Father of Gretchen Markert    Alfredo F. Servillas, Jr., Father of Bouvier Servillas,
Eugene A. D’Emidio, Sr., Uncle of Dyan D’Emidio, ‘73    Swart, ’66 and Joan Markert Fuller, ’79. Father-in-    ‘02
Regina M. Elinich, Mother of Karen Elinich, ‘84         law of Deborah Markert, ‘73                            Stephen G. Sitkus, Nephew of Sister Regina Sitkus,
Margaret M. Esposito-Burns, Grandmother of Alexis       Maureen A. Marx, Mother of Lauren Marx, ’03 and        ‘42
Burns, ’10 and Nicole Burns, ‘13                        Katelyn Marx, 06                                       Edward M. Todd, Grandfather of Maureen Christian
Alexis K. Falcone, Daughter of Carolyn Malandra         Helen Mastil, Grandmother of Maureen Mastil, ‘04       Petrosky, ’93 and Kathleen Christian, ‘00
Falcone, ‘61                                            Frank J. McGettigan, Grandfather of Nikole Becker,     Helen Unfreed, Mother of Dolores Unfreed Korimsak,
Thomas Forscht, Father of Carol Ann Forscht Bailey,     ’90, Meghan Becker Passarelli, ’88, and Kathleen       ‘67
‘74                                                     Becker Walton, ‘85                                     Richard L. Wagner, Step-father of Colleen Kennedy
Marissa R. Gaspari, Sister-in-Law of Bethany            Imelda M. McGinnis, Aunt of Mary McGinnis, ’82, the    Cardinal, ‘73
Zalewski Gaspari, ‘95                                   late Cecilia McGinnis, ’61, and Regina McGinnis        George H. Wetherill, Father-in-law of Joray Ortona
Gloria Pinto Geissel, Great Grandmother of Shelby       Cahill, ‘60                                            Wetherill, ‘62
Weiss. ‘11

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