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    2010 SPONSORS                           Bike ms : pedAl
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                                            to the point
        Platinum sPonsors                     Augu s t 14 -15, 2010
                                             2 dAy s / / / 1 5 0 m i l es

           gold sPonsor

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           sPecial thanks
             Caribou Coffee
              Damon’s Grill
         At & t Telecom Pioneers
Amateur Radio Operators of Northern Ohio
   Gold Wing Road Riders Association
  Northeast Ohio Medical Reserve Corp.
                       table of contents
Who to Contact                                         Page 1
Welcome to the Bike MS Event                           Page 2
Join the Movement                                      Page 3-4
Event Parking                                          Page 5
Route Options                                          Page 6
Weekend Schedule                                       Page 7-9
Start/Finish Location                                  Page 10
Overnight Location                                     Page 11
Promise to Pay Guidelines                              Page 12
Team Information                                       Page 13
What to Have With You                                  Page 14
Overnight Activities                                   Page 15
                                                                    WELCOME RIdERS!
Fundraising Tips & Ideas                               Page 16      Thank you for registering for the Bike MS Pedal to the Point Ride 2010, the
Top Fundraiser Levels                                  Page 17      rallying point of the MS movement. This event helps raise funds that go a long
Early Packet Pick-up                                   Page 18      way in the battle against multiple sclerosis, as well as comprehensive programs
Prize Levels                                           Page 19-20   and services for people with MS right here in Ohio. It is because of you that
Route Support                                          Page 21      we are able to offer these support programs and services.
Route Signs & Markings                                 Page 22
Safety                                                 Page 23-26
                                                                    Be prepared for the ride of your life. This year’s journey takes you to new
Cycling & Preparation Tips                             Page 27-28
                                                                    heights, and the event will not disappoint. Feel free to take a look through
Bike Shop Discounts                                    Page 29
Official Event Bike Shops                              Page 30      the handbook as it will prepare you for the big day and give you tips on what
                                                                    to expect as a rider, whether you have ridden with us before or are new this
                                                                    year. Inside the book, take a peak at the Fun Facts and Safety Tips that will
                        Who to contact                              help you get ready for the ride. If you have any additional questions that have
   Lindsay Fairchild           Bike MS Coordinator                  not been answered within the handbook, please feel free to contact us at
   (Logistics)               216-503-4183.

   Matt Faulkner               Corporate Relations and
                                                                    On Behalf of the National MS Society, the Ohio Buckeye Chapter, and
   (Teams/Sponsorship)         Teams Coordinator
                                                                    those 20,000 Ohioans living with the unpredictability of MS, thank you for
                                                                    accepting this challenge. Know, as a rider, you are making a significant and
   Ana Etsler                  Marketing Manager                    positive impact on the lives of men, women and children living with multiple
   (Marketing)                      sclerosis. We are glad you have accepted the challenge. Prepare for the sprint,
                                                                    this will be one trek you will never forget!
   All staff can be reached by calling 216-503-4183.
THE MISSION                                                                 Working to Change Lives in Our Community
                                                                           People with MS know something about moving that most of us don’t
              We mobilize people and resources to drive research for a     understand - moving is not a guarantee. The Ohio Buckeye Chapter helps
              cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected      address the challenges of living with MS and enables each person whose life
              by MS.                                                       is affected to stay connected to the world and continue to move their lives
MS is the most common neurological disease leading to disability in
young adults and is generally diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50,     Your fundraising helps fund research and local programs while raising public
though an estimated 8,000 – 10,000 children under the age of 18 are        awareness of the disease. Every cent raised gives hope to a world free of
living with MS. Twice as many women as men have MS, unlocking the          MS!
gender differences may hold a key to some of the mysteries. Today an
estimated 20,000 Ohioans, 400,000 Americans and 2.1 million people         Programs
worldwide are living with the unpredictability of MS.                      A diagnosis of MS should never prevent someone from living well and
                                                                           enjoying the company of others. These programs ensure that Ohioans have
MS is thought to be an auto-immune disease. The body’s own defense         every opportunity to embrace all that life has to offer.
system attacks myelin, the protective insulation surrounding the nerve     Programs offered include:
fibers of the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). Myelin is           Teleconferences
                                                                                  Professional Education
destroyed and replaced by hardened patchy scar tissue (sclerosis). This
destruction is comparable to the loss of insulation around an electrical
                                                                                  Moving Forward - programs for the newly diagnosed
wire, which interferes with the transmission of signals.
                     symPtoms of ms                                        We are driven to serve the constantly changing needs of those with MS and
                                                                           their families by extending essential services to all who need us. Services of-
The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS in any one person      fered include:
cannot yet be predicted. Some people with MS have no apparent signs                Wellness Activities
of the disease, while others do. Symptoms range from abnormal fatigue              Information & Referral
or impaired vision to loss of balance, muscle coordination, and in a few           Durable Medical Equipment
severe cases, partial or complete paralysis. The cause is still unknown,
                                                                                   Home and Vehicle Modifications
and there is no cure.
Advances in research and treatments are helping to improve the quality
                                                                                   Self-Help Groups
of life for people living with MS. These advances would not be possible            Home Care/Respite Care
without your participation in events like Bike MS.                                 Emergency Assistance
                   For more information about MS,
                visit us online at                      For more detailed information on any of the programs or services offered,
                                                                           visit or call us at 216-503-4183.
3                          Join the Movement®                                                    Bike to create a world free of MS!                      4
                         event Parking                                                                   route oPtions
Parking for Bike MS will be assigned to each rider based on two items:                  Two day Riders $250 Pledge Requirement
        1 - Your Top Fundraiser status                                                                    150 Miles
        2 - Date upon registering                                                           175 Miles (with Kent Clapp Extra Lap*)
You will receive a colored parking tag in the mail along with a color coded
map of the parking lots closer to the event. To keep traffic moving smoothly,                      One day Riders (Sat. Only)
please go directly to the lot you have been assigned. There will be parking                        $250 Pledge Requirement
attendants and signs to help direct you.                                                                   30 Miles
Please note, parking along the sides of the street or in the grass is NOT                                  75 Miles
permitted and we are not responsible for any parking fines acquired by doing                100 Miles (with Kent Clapp Extra Lap*)

                       bike ms history                                          Riders who cycle 30 miles only will ride with the rest of the cyclists un-
                                                                                til the lunch stop in Oberlin. There is no fee for cyclists being transported
Nationally                                                                      back to the start by the National MS Society.
The Bike MS event is now marking its 31st anniversary and is the largest
organized cycling event in America with 100 rides to choose from in 48          Riders who cycle 75 or 100 miles only will travel to Sandusky with the
states. Since the beginning, hundreds of thousands of riders have logged        other riders. In Sandusky, riders will enjoy a pasta dinner before boarding
more than 10 million miles to bring us closer to a world free of MS. Last       a bus to return to Polaris Career Center. Busses will be available at 3:00,
                                         year, nearly 100,000 cyclists          5:30, and 8:00 p.m. to take riders back to Polaris Career Center. Bikes
                                         participated in Bike MS around         will be individually packed with moving blankets and will also be
                                         the country, raising more than $60     transported back to Polairs.

                                         Locally                                         *Kent Clapp Extra Lap (100 miles on Saturday)
                                                                                Riders are given the option of riding an additional loop of 25 miles on
                                        The Bike MS Pedal to the Point Ride     Saturday. This loop is named the Kent Clapp Extra Lap in honor of Kent
                                        began in 1987 as a small event with     Clapp, CEO of Medical Mutual of Ohio, who died in a chartered plane
                                        only 60 participants. Over the past     crash in December 2009, along with his fiancé. Medical Mutual is a
24 years, the Bike MS event has seen almost 26,000 cyclists and has raised
                                                                                Platinum Sponsor for Bike MS and has been riding since 1998. In 2009,
more than $10.6 million.
                                                                                Team MMO had 83 riders and raised $39,287.
Studies show that early and ongoing treatment with an FDA-approved
                                                                                Please be sure to check off your name or sign up at the Kent Clapp Extra
therapy can reduce future disease activity and improve quality of life for
many people with multiple sclerosis. Talk to your health care professional      Lap rest stop to ensure that you receive your 2010 patch.
and contact the National MS Society’s Ohio Buckeye Chapter at or 800-344-4867 to learn about ways to help manage
multiple sclerosis and about current research that may one day reveal a cure.
5                            Join the Movement®                                                     Bike to create a world free of MS!                     6
               Ride Weekend Schedule                              Saturday, auguSt 14, cont.
                August 14 - 15, 2010                              1:00 p.m.          Kent Clapp Extra Lap closes
                                                                                     No additional riders
saturday, august 14
                                                                  1:00 - 7:00 p.m. Dinner at Sandusky High School
5:30 a.m.           Top Fundraiser Breakfast Reception
                    Team Photos                                               Upon arrival at Sandusky High School:
6:00 - 8:00 a.m. Check-in and pre-ride program                         1 - Take your bike to lock-up (tennis courts). A police
                                                                           officer will be guarding the area, which will be locked
6:15 a.m.           Top Fundraiser Photo                                   overnight.
You will need to do the following:                                     2 - Check-in. At check-in you will receive an envelope
     1 - Check-in and get your rider numbers.                              containing information regarding your overnight stay.
     2 - Attach your wristband.                                        3 - Locate your luggage. Luggage is arranged by rider
     3 - Attach rider number to your bike frame.                           number and will be located next to the semi trucks.
     4 - Pin bib number to the back of your shirt.                     4 - Pitch your tent or find a spot on the gymnasium floor.
     5 - Attach the luggage tags to your 2 pieces of luggage
                                                                  4:00 p.m.          Overnight party begins
         (3 for Top Fundraisers).
     6 - Fill your water bottles.                                 5:00 p.m.          Route closes - SAG vehicles will transport
     7 - Make your way to the start area and get ready to ride.                      remaining riders to Sandusky H.S. Please
7:00 a.m.           Route officially opens                                           be aware that there will not be any
                    Top Fundraisers off first                                        support on the route after 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                     which is why all riders must be
    No riders will be permitted on the route prior to 7:00 a.m.
         Riders who start early will not be supported by
                                                                                     transported to Sandusky H.S. at 5:00 p.m.
             SAG vehicles, medical staff or rest stops.           6:00 p.m.          Cedar Point, Soak City and meal ticket
8:00 a.m.           Check-in officially closes                                       sales for non-riders closes
                    Lunch stop opens                                                 Raffle begins

8:30 a.m.           All riders who do not begin by 8:30 a.m.      9:15 p.m.          Final bus leaves from Soak City to
                    will be SAGed to the first rest stop                             return to Sandusky High School

11:00 a.m.          Cedar Point, Soak City and meal ticket        10:45 p.m.         Final bus leaves from Cedar Point to
                    sales for non-riders opens at S.H.S                              return to Sandusky High School

7                        Join the Movement®                                        Bike to create a world free of MS!                8
sunday, august 15                                                                       start/finish location
5:15 - 7:30 a.m. Bus pick-ups at the hotels                                                Polaris career center
6:00 a.m.             Doors open for pancake breakfast
                                                                      Interstate 71
6:00 - 8:30 a.m. Bike retrieval from tennis courts                    From the North: I-71 South to Bagley Road Exit. Turn right at the light.
                      (You must show either your wristband or bib     Follow for about a mile. Turn left onto Old Oak Blvd. End at 7285 Old
                      number to retrieve your bike from lock-up)      Oak Blvd, entrance is on the left.

                   Remember to do the following:                      From the South: I-71 North to Bagley Road Exit. Turn left at the light.
    1 - Reattach your bib number.                                     Follow for about a mile. Turn left onto Old Oak Blvd. End at 7285 Old
    2 - Take your luggage to the luggage trucks.                      Oak Blvd, entrance is on the left.
    3 - Retrieve your bike (all bikes not claimed by 8:30 a.m. will   Ohio Turnpike
       be automatically shipped back to the Polaris Career            Exit #161 to I-71 North to Bagley Road exit. Turn left at the light.
        Center. Bikes that are locked to something will be left       Follow for about a mile. Turn left onto Old Oak Blvd. End at 7285 Old
        behind.                                                       Oak Blvd, entrance is on the left.
    4 - Make your way to the start line.

7:00 a.m.             Route officially opens
                                                                                        Where to stay friday
                                                                      For those riders wishing to stay overnight on Friday, the following hotels
    No riders will be permitted on the route prior to 7:00 a.m.       are located near Polaris Career Center. Please call ahead for reservations.
     Riders who start the return early will not be supported
           by SAG vehicles, medical staff or rest stops.              A special rate for Friday, August 13 is reserved for $67 + tax at Comfort
                                                                      Inn. Mention you are with the Bike MS block to take advantage of this
8:00 a.m.             Lunch stop opens                                rate. Availability limited and only applies to the Comfort Inn.

8:30 a.m.             All riders must be on the route                 Comfort Inn                                          440-234-3131
                      (Those riders who do not begin by 8:30          17550 Rosbough dr.
                      a.m. will be SAGed to the first rest stop)      Hampton Inn & Suites                                 440-234-0206
12:00 - 6:00 p.m. Celebratory picnic at Polaris Career Center         7074 Engle Road

5:00 p.m.             Route closes- SAGs must transport               Red Roof Inn                                         440-243-2441
                      remaining riders to Polaris Career Center       17555 Bagley Road
                                                                      Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel                     216-267-1500
                                                                      5300 Riverside dr.

9                          Join the Movement®                                             Bike to create a world free of MS!                 10
                    overnight location                                      neW Promise to Pay guidelines
                        sandusky high school                                All cyclists must fundraise a minimum of $250 prior to the event to be
                                                                            eligible to participate. If you have not turned in the minimum prior to
Riders who choose not to overnight at the high school can stay at an area   picking up your rider number, you will be asked to sign a promise to
hotel at an added expense to the rider. It is advised that you make your    pay form giving us a credit card number to secure the remainder of the
reservations A.S.A.P.! Because of the summer peak season availability       amount owed. You will have until September 30, 2010 to continue
may be limited. We will be providing a shuttle service to and from the      fundraising and meet that goal. If your $250 is not met by September 30,
following hotels:                                                           your card will be charged for the remaining balance.
Comfort Inn                   5909 Milan Rd               419-621-0200
                                                                            Please remember that Bike MS is a fundraising event for the Ohio
Comfort Inn                   1711 Cleveland Rd           419-625-4700      Buckeye Chapter of the National MS Society. Without the funds raised
Comfort Suites                6011 Milan Rd               419-627-9595      through this event, we cannot continue to provide the programs and
Fairfield Inn                 6220 Milan Rd               419-621-9500      services to the people who need it most – those living with MS, their
Great Wolf Lodge              4600 Milan Rd               866-257-5627      families and caregivers. People living with MS depend on us. This is why
Hampton Inn                   6100 Milan Rd               419-609-9000      we depend on you.
Holiday Inn                   5513 Milan Rd               419-626-6671
Howard Johnson                2809 Milan Rd               419-626-3742
Kalahari Resorts              7000 Kalahari Drive         877-525-2427
La Quinta                     3304 Milan Rd               419-626-6766
Rodeway Inn                   2905 Milan Rd               419-625-1291
Sandusky Inn & Suites         1530 Cleveland Rd           419-625-9234
Sleep Inn                     5509 Milan Rd               419-625-6989
South Shore Inn               2047 Cleveland Rd           419-626-4436
Super 8 North                 5410 Milan Rd               419-625-7070
Travelodge                    5906 Milan Rd               419-627-8114      Join the movement as a volunteer  ®

                                                                            Bike MS is the largest and most successful fundraising event for the
Directions to Sandusky High School                                          Ohio Buckeye Chapter and requires hundreds of volunteers to make the
                                                                            event a success. Volunteer opportunities include - providing important
From Polaris Career Center: I-71 S to I-80 W. Merge onto Lorain Blvd/
                                                                            pre-event office support, helping at event check in, assisting with day-of
OH-57. Turn left onto I-90/OH-2 ramp to Ohio Turnpike/Toledo. Merge
                                                                            activities including registration, lunch, rest stop support, photography,
onto I-90 W. Slight right at OH-2 W (signs for Lorain/OH-58/OH-2/
                                                                            start and/or finish line festivities, route marking or assisting with
Sandusky). Continue on US-6 W. continue on OH-2 W. Take the OH-4
                                                                            post-event activities.
exit toward Bucyrus/Sandusky. Turn right at Hayes Ave.
                                                                                        Register to be a volunteer for Bike MS at
Address: Sandusky High School, 2130 Hayes Ave.
                                                                              or by calling 216-503-4183.

11                          Join the Movement®                                                  Bike to create a world free of MS!                       12
                                                                                           What to have With you
                                                                                    RContribution envelope with funds you have raised
                                                                                    RWaiver (waivers of riders 12 - 17 years old must be
                                                                                     signed by a parent/guardian and notarized. A notary
                                                                                     public will be available at check-in)
                                                                                    RGood spirits that set the pace for the ride ahead!
                     It is time to ride for a purpose with one destination
                     in sight; a world free of MS. Join a current Bike MS    On the Ride
                     team or form one of your own. The experience you               RHELMET (Required)
                     share this season riding with friends and family is            RWater bottle (Hydration, Hydration, Hydration)
                     one you will never forget, and it gives hope to those          RSunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm
                     suffering from MS.                                             RAppropriate weather related clothing
                                                                                    RPersonal ID and medical insurance cards
Step 1: Recruit a Team Captain                                                      RRider number
Whether you were born to lead or would like to appoint a friend to lead             RMoney for incidentals
the team, the leader helps keep the team on track. The Leader:                      RComfortable athletic shoes
       1. Helps recruit members for the team.                                       RConfidence!
       2. Initiates fundraising and makes sure the team meets its
          fundraising goal.
       3. Coordinates training and other team activities.                    For the Overnight (those staying at Sandusky H.S.)
                                                                                    RAlarm Clock
Step 2: Register as a Team                                                          RTowel and washcloth
       Who thought registering could be so easy? Visit                              RPillow and sleeping bag (for those camping outside at and click “REGISTER NOW” to sign up today.                     Sandusky H.S. and in the gym)
                                                                                    RExtra clothes
Step 3: Raise Money                                                                 RTent and camping gear (for those camping outside)
Fundraising is no easy task, but there are fun and easy ways to fundraise.
Visit page 16 for ideas.
                                                                             Each rider is limited to 2 pieces of luggage including your tent (3 for
        1. Be ambitious.
                                                                             Top Fundraisers). Please help us conserve space and energy by limiting
        2. Be creative.
                                                                             your bags to no more than 25lbs each. Thank you!
        3. Set your fundraising goals high.
        4. Remember that each team member is responsible for raising
           $250 to participate in Bike MS.

 13                         Join the Movement®                                                  Bike to create a world free of MS!                14
              bike overnight activities                                                     fundraising tiPs & ideas
                                                                            Because we want you to be successful and to fully enjoy the ride, we
Upon arrival in Sandusky on Saturday all riders will have the opportunity   offer whatever support we can to help you meet your contribution goals.
to choose from the following:                                               Below are some ideas to help you start the fundraising processing so that
                                                                            you can maximize your impact on those living with MS.
       1 Cedar Point ticket - Valid for 8/14 only
         •     Shuttles will be provided to Cedar Point from                Remember, every contribution, no matter the size, goes a long way in
               Sandusky High School, but NOT from Cedar                     helping the cause.
               Point to Polaris Career Center.
         •     Additional tickets are available to purchase at a            Karaoke Fundraiser: Always wanted to hear your boss sing “Man I
               discounted price at Sandusky High School.                    feel Like a Woman” or “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” well this is the perfect
                                                                            opportunity. Host an office party Karaoke Fundraiser and donate money
       1 Soak City ticket - Valid for 8/14 only                             to hear your boss sing that special tune.

         •       Shuttles will be provided Soak City from                   Bake Sale: Everyone has a sweet tooth, and 9-5 makes for a long day. If
                 Sandusky High School, but NOT from Soak City               a few people at the office bring in baked goods and donations are made
                 to Polaris Career Center.                                  to partake in your favorite treat, you can raise a significant contribution.
         •       Additional tickets are available to purchase at a
                 discounted price at Sandusky High School.
                                                                            Pink Flamingo: No, no real flamingos are harmed during this
       After Ride Party at Big O’s Sports Bar & Grill                       fundraiser. The premise is that you place plastic pink flamingos in the
                                                                            yard of a co-worker or friend. This individual must pay $10 to have each
         •       Party will be open from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m.                   flamingo removed from their yard, and he/she has the pleasure of
         •       2 drink tickets and appetizers will be provided.           choosing the next victim.
         •       Giveaways will be available.
                                                                            Hold a Car Wash: Have company executives wash cars for donations
                                                                            to the Bike MS event.
       Extra raffle tickets
         •       Riders choosing this option will receive 5 extra           Create a Personal Fundraising Page: Let it do the work for you by
                 raffle tickets.                                            emailing friends and family, tracking your progress and sharing messages
                                                                            of hope. You can even set one up for your team.
Please note:
One-day riders will also have the option to choose from the above
options. Please note that there is no pre-arranged transportation
                                                                            50/50 Raffle: Hold a raffle at a gathering such as a family picnic,
                                                                            bowling league, fraternal or veterans organization meeting. The
from Cedar Point/Soak City back to Polaris Career Center. Riders are
responsible for his/her own transportation back to Polaris for themselves   possibilities are endless, be creative!
and their bikes.
                                                                            Visit or call 216-503-4183 for more fundraising ideas
                                                                            or to have a consultation.
15                         Join the Movement®                                                   Bike to create a world free of MS!             16
                 Join the club in 2011!                                                       early Packet Pick-uP
Bike MS Top Fundraisers are an exclusive group of cyclists who go the      By attending the Early Packet Pick-up you will not only beat the morning
extra mile to create a world free of MS. Top Fundraisers are broken        rush on the day of the event, but you will get to meet other riders and
down into two distinct groups: The $1000 Club raises between $1,000        possibly win a prize! Early Packet Pick-up is scheduled for:
- $1,999 and the Elite VIP Club raises $2,000+. (To qualify as a Bike MS    Monday, August 2 - Friday, August 6 from 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. at the
Top Fundraiser, you must meet the following criteria:)                     National MS Society Office - 6155 Rockside Rd., Suite 202, Independence.
     The $1000 Club                                                        *A drawing to win a Road ID® for you and a friend. Tell your team, tell
           • Commemorative $1000 Club T-shirt                              your friends to come to Early Packet Pick-up so you don’t have to check-
           • Commemorative Top Fundraiser Patch                            in the day of the event.
           • Exclusive Rider bib number for 2011 ride
           • Invitation to Top Fundraiser receptions throughout Bike MS    Attn: Team Captains
             2011 ride                                                     If you typically check in your entire team, each member of your team
                                                                           must have turned in the $250 minimum or have signed a promise to
     Elite VIP Club                                                        pay form for you to bring or we will not be able to issue you their rider
           • All $1000 Club Benefits                                       number.
           • Complimentary Registration in 2011 Ride
           • Commemorative Jersey                                          Attn: All Riders
           • VIP Parking Lot Pass                                          To be able to receive your rider number you must have turned in the
           • VIP Bike Overnight Parking Pass                               minimum of $250. If you have not met the minimum you must sign a
           • 3 Pieces of Luggage for 2011 Ride                             promise to pay form, which will be available at the Early Packet Pick-up
                                                                           and check-in. Please see pg 12 for more details on the promise to pay
         $5,000 - $9,999 (all above):                                      policy or contact us at 216-503-4183.
           • Qualify for Bike MS Passport program
           • Elite VIP Commemorative Item                                  national PassPort Program
         $10,000 - $14,999 (all above):                                    Cyclists in Bike MS Pedal to the Point Ride that raise at least $5,000 are
           • Section of 2011 route named in your honor                     eligible to become a member of the elite National Bike Passport
         $15,000+ (all above):                                             Through this program, members are eligible to attend as many of the
           • Mission Possible Award given at Annual Meeting                2010/2011 National Bike Passport Program Bike Rides as you would
           • Free hotel stay at Bike MS overnight                          like within one year from August 15, 2010. There is a $50 registration
           • Biographical article in MSConnection newsletter               fee per ride. For full details on this program and for a complete listing of
Any outstanding contributions and/or matching gifts must be received by    available Bike MS events visit
November 30, 2010 in order to qualify. Those riders qualifying as a Top
                                                                           Please note, some rides may have limited space, so we cannot guarantee a
Fundraiser in 2010 will be awarded their perks for the 2011 ride.
                                                                           space for riders until availability has been confirmed by the host chapter.
17                         Join the Movement®                                                  Bike to create a world free of MS!                   18
                        2010 Prizes                                           $7,500 - 9,999
                                                                                     By achieving this level we are able to provide a stairway lift for 3
$500 - 799                                                                           individuals with MS.
     By achieving this level we are able to provide a wheeled walker                    (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club
     for 3 individuals with MS.                                                         (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey, Shorts & $225 Bike Shop
         (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club               gift certificate (3) $275 Bike Shop gift certificate. (4) Choose a
         (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey (3) $20 Bike Shop gift cer-                   prize from the online prize store.
         tificate (4) Choose a prize from the online prize store.             $10,000 +
                                                                                     By achieving this level we are able to build a ramp for 4
$800 - 1,299                                                                         individuals with MS for their home.
     By achieving this level we are able to provide vehicle                             (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club
     hand controls on an automobile for 1 individual with MS.                           (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey, Shorts & $350 Bike Shop
        (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club                gift certificate (3) $400 Bike Shop gift certificate. (4) Choose a
        (2) Commemorative Bike MS Shorts (3) $35 Bike Shop gift cer-                    prize from the online prize store.
        tificate (4) Choose a prize from the online prize store.
                                                                              Questions regarding the levels? Give us a call at 216-503-4183 or
$1,300 - 2,499                                                                email
     By achieving this level we are able to provide a lightweight
     manual wheelchair for 4 individuals with MS.
        (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club        mission first club
        (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey & Shorts (3) $50 Bike Shop
        gift certificate (4) Choose a prize from the online prize store.      All riders that are eligible for prizes have the option to donate their prize
                                                                              back to the Society and join the Mission First Club.
$2,500 - 4,999
                                                                              The Mission First Club provides an opportunity for you to direct funds
     By achieving this level we are able to provide an electric scooter
                                                                              that would be spent on prizes back to our important mission of bettering
     to 2 individuals with MS.
         (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club     the lives of those living with MS. By generously donating your Bike MS
         (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey, Shorts & $50 Bike Shop gift        prize back to the Chapter your gift will help
         certificate (3) $100 Bike Shop gift certificate (4) Choose a prize   us continue to deliver quality programs and
         from the online prize store.                                         services to the Ohioans affected by MS.

$5,000 - 7,499                                                                Club members are also given the option to
     By achieving this level we are able to provide 60 sessions of            purchase a Mission First jersey for $40 to
     counseling for 10 individuals with MS.                                   honor and show their dedication to the cause.
        (1) Donate prize back to Society and join the Mission First Club      Additional information regarding the jersey
        (2) Commemorative Bike MS Jersey, Shorts & $100 Bike Shop             and joining the Mission First Club will be sent
        gift certificate (3) $150 Bike Shop gift certificate (4) Choose a     along with your prize information.
        prize from the online prize store.

19                        Join the Movement®                                                      Bike to create a world free of MS!                   20
                         route suPPort                                                        route signs & markings
Rest Stops
Throughout the route there will be rest stops every 10 - 12 miles that will    Road Markings
offer water, energy drinks, fruit and snacks. Sandwiches, salads and           We have made some changes to the way the route will be marked this
dessert snacks will be available at the lunch stop.                            year. There will be one arrow painted on the road with “MS” under the
                                                                               arrow when a turn is coming up. After the turn another single arrow will
Bike Mechanics                                                                 be painted on the road to reassure you are on the right path.
Our Official Bike Shops will be on hand throughout the event for those
in need of assistance. Repairs will be free of charge, but you will need to              (Left Turn)                              (Right Turn)
cover the cost of parts.

                                                                                             MS                  Turn                   MS
Radio Communication
Volunteer Amateur Radio (HAM) Operators will be working to keep the
staff and volunteers informed of any emergencies and situations that may
develop along the route. In case of an emergency, please find the nearest      Route Signs
HAM radio operator.
                                                                               We have signs along the route helping to encourage you along and
                                                                               provide guidance with turns and rest stops. Please pay attention to those
Medical Staff
                                                                               signs. They are there for your safety and assistance.
First responders, EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors will be on hand
at rest stops and along the route for any medical needs.                       We will have brightly colored 8-1/2 x 11 signs hung on telephone poles
                                                                               along the route and at every turn to help guide you in the right direction.
                In case of an emergency during the Ride                        Each day will have a different color. If you go more than a couple of miles
         dial 1-888 MS150 ER (this number can also be found                    without seeing a road sign, you may be off the route.
           on the route map given to you on August 14 - 15).                   We will also have route maps available at the start in Polaris for Day 1
     dialing this number will notify both HAMs and Medical Staff.
                                                                               and at Sandusky High School for Day 2.

SAG Vehicles & Gold Wings
Support and Gear (SAG) Vehicles and Gold Wing motorcycle riders will                                       Signs to look for on telephone poles
be continually driving the route to check on the cyclists. These volunteers
are in direct communication with medical volunteers and the rest stops.
SAGs are available to transport riders and their bikes to the next rest stop
should a rider need medical or mechanical assistance.

21                          Join the Movement®                                                     Bike to create a world free of MS!                     22
  safety starts With you - knoW the laWs                                                           knoW the lingo
All states consider cyclists vehicle operators, and give them the same      Group cycling has its own form of communication. The presence of
rights and duties as other drivers.                                         road hazards, directions, and need-to-know information is relayed
                                                                            through the pack of riders by gestures and words. Remember to pass
Know and obey all traffic laws: The golden rule of cycling in a group is    all communication on to the cyclist behind you in the group. Speak
to be predictable!                                                          loudly and clearly. The following are the most common terms you
                                                                            may hear:
Stay right: Ride in the right portion of the right most lane in the
direction you are traveling and leave at least four feet between your       On Your Left: This means a rider is approaching your left side.
handlebars and parked cars or other hazards. You may move left when         Allow room to pass.
passing or preparing for a left turn.
Obey all traffic signs and signals: Avoid “following the leader” through    Car Back: This means a car is approaching from the rear. All riders make
traffic signs and signals. You are required to obey all traffic signs and   an effort to move to the right of the road in a single file line until the
signals, including stopping at red lights and stop signs.                   car passes. In most states, the law requires cyclists to ride no more than
                                                                            two abreast. This ensures that traffic will not be impeded and will make
Look and signal before you move: Always scan behind you before
                                                                            passing easier and safer for the cyclists.
changing lanes or making turns. A continuous arm signal is required prior
to a turn or lane change (unless arm is needed to control the bike) and
while stopped waiting to turn.                                              Gravel - Pothole - Sand - Tracks: Each of these messages is to alert
                                                                            the riders behind you of hazardous road conditions. The words are
Two at a time: Ride no more than two abreast and do not impede traffic.
                                                                            combined with the gesture of pointing to the hazard well in advance.

                                                                            Flat: This indicates that a rider has suffered a flat tire. Allow
Because communication is so important, headphones                           enough room for the rider to slow down and move to the right side
are NOT ALLOWEd during the Bike MS event.                                   of the road or trail for repair. Offer assistance if needed.

                                                                            Slowing: The cyclist in front of you is slowing down. Use caution and
a bike ride a day keePs the cardiologist aWay!                              prepare to stop. Many cyclists use the palm of their hand toward riders
                                                                            behind them to indicate slowing and stopping.
Just three hours of bicycling per week can reduce a person’s risk
of heart disease and stroke by 50%, according to the League of              Stopping: This indicates that a rider ahead is stopping. Do not
American Bicyclist.                                                         forget to unclip from your pedals.

23                          Join the Movement®                                                  Bike to create a world free of MS!                  24
 cycling collisions that can be avoided                                                  six easy stePs for tube rePlacement
Collision Type #1: The Right Cross                                                  A repair kit won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to replace
A car pulls out of a side street, parking lot or driveway on the right. Either      a punctured tube. On second thought,
you’re in front of the car and the car hits you, or the car pulls out in front of   the rider who stops to help you will
you and you slam into it.                                                           appreciate it! But don’t leave it to chance.
                                                                                    Learn how to fix a flat by practicing
Collision Type #2: The Door Prize                                                   these simple steps:
A driver opens his door right in front of you. You run right into it if you can’t
stop in time.

Collision Type #3: The Wrong-Way Wreck                                              1. Stop in a safe place. Open the brake’s quick-release to spread the
You’re riding the wrong way (against traffic, on the left-hand side of the          pads. Remove the bad wheel. If it’s a rear, first shift the chain onto the
street). A car makes a right turn from a side street, driveway or parking lot,      smallest cog to get the derailleur out of the way.
right into you. They didn’t see you because they were looking for traffic only
on their left, not on their right. They had no reason to expect that someone
                                                                                    2. Use tire levers to remove one side of the tire all the way around.
would be coming at them from the wrong direction.                                   Pull out the bad tube. Using your fingers or a rag, gingerly feel
                                                                                    around the inside of the tire to find anything still stuck through the
Collision Type #4: The Right Hook                                                   tread. Remove it completely or the new tube will be punctured too.
A car passes you and then tries to make a right turn directly in front of you,
or right into you.                                                                  3. Add a little air to the new tube, put the valve through the rim and
                                                                                    feed the tube into the tire all the way around. Avoid kinks and folds.
Collision Type #5: The Right Hook, Part 2
You’re passing a slow-moving car (or even another bike) on the right, when
it unexpectedly makes a right turn right into you, trying to get to a parking       4. Starting at the valve stem, put the tire into the rim. Work in
lot, driveway or side street.                                                       opposite directions with both hands, using your thumbs to force the
                                                                                    edge of the tire up and over.
Collision Type #6: The Left Cross
A car coming towards you makes a left turn right in front of you, or right          5. If the last several inches of tire are hard to force on, let all air out
into you.                                                                           of the tube. Pinch the tire all the way around the rim so both sides
                                                                                    are in the deep center of the rim. Use your palms and thumbs to
Collision Type #7: The Rear End                                                     force the stubborn section into place. Avoid prying with the levers
You innocently move a little to the left to go around a parked car or some          unless there’s just no other way, because it’s easy to pinch a hole in
other obstruction in the road, and you get nailed by a car coming up from           the tube.
                                                                                    6. Push the valve stem up into the tire, then pull down firmly. As
Collision Type #8: The Rear End, Part 2                                             you inflate, watch both sides of the tire to be sure it’s staying firmly
A car runs into you from behind.                                                    seated in the rim. If a section bulges, the tube is caught under the
                                                                                    tire’s edge. Deflate and massage that area to help work the tube
                                                                                    inside, then pump again.
25                            Join the Movement®                                                        Bike to create a world free of MS!                       26
                   start PreParing noW                                                    the basics of riding in a grouP
The adventure of the Bike MS experience begins not on the first day of          It is most important to create your own safety zone when riding in a
the event but the moment you begin training for it. The training process        group. When riding in a pack your responsibilities include:
is a journey unto itself that will reward you with better health and fitness,
greater calmness and energy in your daily life, more self-confidence and              • Being aware of others around you.
more fun in the ride itself.
                                                                                      • Communicating in advance. Use gestures in combination
                                                                                        with verbal commands.
 Step 1: Check In with an Official Bike Shop
 Bike Shops provide expert advice and cycling information. Ask                        • Riding with your head up. Look down the road; not at the
 participating Bike Shop personnel for training tips based on your fitness              person in front of you.
 level and experience.
                                                                                      • Maintaining control and speed.
 Step 2: Track Your Mileage
 An important part of training is assessing your improvement. Finding the             • Knowing your limits.
 distance of a particular training route with a car’s odometer is generally
 sufficient for tracking training miles.                                        Expect to stop at all red lights and stop signs, it is the law! Each cyclist is
                                                                                responsible for verifying that the intersection is clear.
 Step 3: Start with Short Rides
 Take a week to work up to a moderate day of 15 miles. Do not worry
 about time or speed on these rides. The purpose is to gain cardiovascular
                                                                                Staying properly hydrated during performance is important. It is not
                                                                                necessary to try to super-hydrate pre-exercise; your body can absorb just
 Step 4: Double Up Miles                                                        so much fluid. If you overdrink, you then may have to (inconveniently)
 After building up to 15 miles, try an endurance day of 30 miles once a         urinate during exercise.
 week. Try to maintain the same pace established during moderate days,
 but slow down if necessary to make the full mileage.                           Recommended Hydration:
                                                                                     Drink 2 or more hours before exercise
 Step 5: Master the Ups and Downs with Hills and Intervals                           Drink again 5-15 minutes pre-exercise
 After mastering the basics, challenge yourself with advanced training.
 After warming up with a moderate ride, ride a hill without exhausting
                                                                                Some athletes can tolerate dehydration during performance while others
 yourself. After pedaling uphill, recover on the way down and repeat.
                                                                                cannot. Allowing yourself to dehydrate is not a recommended practice.
 Interval training works the same way. Pick a distance and speed into a
                                                                                In most cases, athletes that lose more than 2% of their body weight in
 sprint. Start with one sprint each ride and add more, longer sprints each
                                                                                sweat lose not only their physical ability to perform, but their mental
                                                                                edge as well. During cold weather this is different. Athletes are less likely
                                                                                to experience a decline in performance even if they have lost more than
                                                                                3% of their body weight. These numbers may not seem scary, but a loss
                                                                                of 9-12% of your body weight could be fatal. As an athlete you must
                                                                                know your body and make sure to be adequately hydrated for exercise.
27                            Join the Movement®                                                     Bike to create a world free of MS!                     28
                        bike shoP couPons                                                              official event bike shoPs
The Official Bike MS Bike Shops are giving all 2010 riders 10% off
                                                                                         Staff from the Official Bike Shops will be available the weekend of the
purchased merchandise and a FREE bike inspection. Take the coupon
                                                                                         Ride for rider support. You may also redeem your gift certificates and
below to any of the Official Event Bike Shops to redeem your discount.
                                                                                         coupons at these bike shops:

                                                                                                                   Gold bike Shops
           Bike MS: Pedal to the Point Ride 2010
                                                                                         Century Cycles
                               dISCOUNT CARd                                             1079 N. Court St., Medina                                  330-722-7119
                                                                                         1621 Main St., Peninsula                                   330-657-2209
        Redeem this coupon at any Official Bike MS event Bike Shop to                    19955 Detroit Ave., Rocky River                            440-356-5705
        receive a 10% discount on bike shop merchandise and a FREE
                                                                                         Eddy’s Bike Shop
        bike inspection.
                                                                                         3707 Darrow Rd., Stow                                      330-688-5521
        (Any repair, labor or parts charges incurred as a result of the inspection are   3991 Medina Rd., Montrose                                  330-666-2453
        the responsibility of the rider).
                                                                                         25140 Lorain Rd., North Olmsted                            440-779-1096
        Offer valid through August 13, 2010                                              2830 Bishop Rd., Willoughby Hills                          440-943-2453
        Not valid on sale merchandise or bicycles
                                                                                         Berea Bicycle
                                                                                         300 N. Rocky River Rd., Berea                              440-234-6683
                                                                                         Bike Authority
                                                                                         7979 Broadview Rd. Unit 1, Broadview Hts.                  440-546-9966

           Bike MS: Pedal to the Point Ride 2010                                         Countryside Bicycling
                                                                                         8663 Cox Rd., Windsor                                      440-487-5018
                               dISCOUNT CARd
                                                                                         Ernie’s Bicycle Shop
        Redeem this coupon at any Official Bike MS event Bike Shop to                    135 Lake Ave., Massillon                                   330-832-5111
        receive a 10% discount on bike shop merchandise and a FREE                       1325 Portage N.W., North Canton                            330-494-5323
        bike inspection.                                                                 315 Wabash Ave. N.W., New Philadelphia                     330-343-4056
        (Any repair, labor or parts charges incurred as a result of the inspection are
        the responsibility of the rider).
                                                                                         Please be sure to take advantage of the free bike inspections and redeem
        Offer valid through August 13, 2010                                              your 10% off merchandise coupon at any of the bike shops above.
        Not valid on sale merchandise or bicycles

29                                 Join the Movement®
                                                                                                             Bike to create a world free of MS!                     30

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