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        Asia-Pacific	Center	for	Security	Studies	 	                                        	            		         Summer/Fall	2010,	Volume	20

     Center News                                                                      	Workshops
     	 Director’s	Message	............................................. 3             	        Security	Sector	Development	........................... 19
     	 Center	News	 ...................................................4-5            	        China	Outreach	..........................................	20-21
     	 Welcome	to	Dean	Moriarty	................................. 6	                  	        Combating	Terrorism	in	South	Asia	.................. 22	
     	 Faculty	Publications	........................................... 7	            		       PACRIM	II:	Managing	the	Global	Commons	.... 23
     		 Visitors	.............................................................8-9	    	        APCSS	hosts	Trilateral	HA/DR	Workshop	....... 24	      .
     	 Hails	&	Farewells	 ............................................. 10	           	        Southeast	Asia	Regional	Pandemic		
     				                                                                             	        		Preparedness	and	Response	Exercise/		
                                                                                      		       		Upcoming	Events	........................................... 25	
     	 Senior	Executive	Course:		                                                     Alumni Connections
     	 				Transnational	Security	Cooperation	............. 11                        	
     	 Executive	Course:                                                              	                     .
                                                                                               Alumni	News	................................................... 26	
     			 					Advanced	Security	Cooperation	.............12-13	                       	        Promotions	................................................. 27-30	
     	 Asia-Pacific	Orientation	Course		...................... 14	                    	        Retirements	................................................ 31-33	
     	 Comprehensive	Security	Responses		                                             	                                .
                                                                                               Alumni	Associations	........................................ 33	
     							to	Terrorism	................................................... 15
     	 Comprehensive	Crisis	Management	...........16-17
     	 Senior	Asia-Pacific	Orientation	Course		........... 18                         More...
                                                                                      	 Course	Calendar	.............................................. 34	
                                                                                      	 Contacts	........................................................... 35	

          Currents	 Magazine	 is	 an	 unofficial	 publication	 produced	 biannually	 by	 the	 Asia-Pacific	 Center	 for	 Security	 Stud-
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                                                                 Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
                                                                2058 Maluhia Road, Honolulu, HI 96815

2   CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                                          Director’s	Message
This edition of Currents highlights some of our past 15 years
of history as an executive education leader in this region.
APCSS has been quite successful as an enabler of leaders
helping to increase capacities for progress and growth in vari-
ous security dimensions at home. We are accomplishing our
mission of helping to educate, connect and empower security
practitioners to advance Asia-Pacific security. We are real-
izing our vision of setting the standard for innovative interna-
tional executive education and leader/organizational develop-
ment to help advance multi-national security cooperation and
capacity building. We are proud of that contribution. We are
proud of our thousands of alumni and what they are accom-
plishing for the common good.

They provide their thoughts on the APCSS learning experi-
ence regularly to us. A few of those follow:                          Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Ed Smith, U.S. Army
                                                                      Director, Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
“APCSS provides a continuous and useful forum in interact-
ing and establishing contacts to understand each other at vari-
ous levels of country and agency representatives from around       ing of specific terrorist and extremist groups, their motivations,
the world. I believe it promotes international peace and har-      and their tactics.
mony.” -- Ambassador Singye Dorjee, Bhutan, OR10-1                 3. Conceptual development. They are better able to conceptual-
                                                                   ize the different manifestations of terrorism as a result of the
With regard to assisting the Timor-Leste government with the       course, and are able to apply this knowledge in a policy envi-
elaboration of the National Security Policy document, “I re-       ronment.”
member our Secretary of Defense commenting that APCSS’s             Robert McGregor, Director Counter-Terrorism and Multilat-
contribution, despite the institution being quite far away, was    eral Engagement International Policy Division Department of
actually more useful than the contributions given by many of       Defence, supervisor of Australian alumnus. CSRT08-3
the UN advisors…because APCSS was completely neutral
that they were able to bring in a fresh perspective…(APCSS)        “The course helped me to develop my tact and leadership abil-
made about 40 proposals in regards to changes in the docu-         ity to establish and maintain effective working relations with
ment, and I think something like 37 of them were accepted.”--      people of different national and cultural background. Now, I
Mr. Maubere Loro Horta, Timor-Leste, CSRT10-1                      have good analytical skills, strong interpersonal skills and ef-
                                                                   fective communication ability…I have ability to prioritize and
“My Fellow’s project…at APCSS was on Illegal Migration…I           deal simultaneously with several tasks. (All) are due to the the-
tried to make strategic implementations to help find a solution    ories and practices learned from APCSS.” -- Mr. Meen Chhetri,
to the problem by using my Fellow’s project as a framework.        Undersecretary, Nepal, CCM09-1
By doing this, I was able to develop a step-by-step solution
and a systematic action plan to reach my goals. I was also able    “(APCSS) has helped me understand better, and perform bet-
to draw on the additional knowledge I gained from the APCSS        ter when dealing with problems, issues and concerns involving
course, especially from the elective subject on Negotiations,      multilateral actions and cooperation…(APCSS) also helped
which I found helpful when it came to collaborating with           me understand complex problems, how to analyze such prob-
other agencies and institutions.”                                  lems using tools such as causal loops and how to come up with
-- Colonel Yanuar Handwiono, Indonesia, CSRT10-1                   recommended solutions to such problems.” -- Captain Philip
                                                                   L. Cacayan, (Philippines), Commander Assault Craft Force
Supervisor’s Feedback                                              (ACF), Philippine Fleet, ASC09-1
 “The development experience at APCSS has improved our
personnel in the following areas:                                  We pledge to continue the APCSS tradition of excellence. We
 1. Strategic thinking. They have a better appreciation of defi-   trust you will help those who can best take advantage of what
nitions and manifestations of “terrorism” and are able to better   we offer be nominated for participation in our programs. With
discuss and apply such definitions in her policy development.      aloha from your Ohana here in Honolulu, have a great 2011!
2. Subject matter knowledge. They have a better understand-

                   a new
                   a new
                   wing and
                   15-years of
                                                     Breaking	ground	for	a	new	wing:		Dean	Lauren	Kahea	Moriarty,	Maj.	Gen.	
                 On September 2, the Asia-           Peter	S.	Pawling,	Senator	Daniel	Inouye,	Lt.	Gen.	(Ret.)	E.P.	Smith,	Sena-
                 Pacific Center for Security         tor	Daniel	Akaka,	Dean	of	Business	Ops	&	Admissions	Mr.	Dick	Sears.
                 Studies celebrated three impor-
                                                     former APCSS president Hank            its present location. And, in this
                 tant milestones. The first was
                                                     Stackpole, Warren Luke and Don         facility, the Center has routinely
                 to commemorate the Center’s
                                                     Horner attended. Also present          demonstrated a set of standards
                 15th anniversary; second, was
                                                     were former Executive Director         to all who entered that this is
                 to conduct a ground-breaking
                                                     Dr. Jimmy Lackey and former            a special place, doing serious
                 ceremony for the construction
                                                     Dean, Dr. Lee Endress.                 work, in a unique way.
                 of a new wing; and lastly, to of-
                 ficially welcome the new Dean
                                                     Director’s remarks:                    “Recognizing the increasing
                 of the College of Security Stud-
                                                                                            value of APCSS to regional and
                 ies, retired Ambassador Lauren
                                                     “APCSS initially began full op-        national security, our Depart-
                 Kahea Moriarty.
                                                     erations in downtown Waikiki           ment of Defense decided to
                                                     using leased office space in the       further invest in the important
                 Senator Dan Inouye, who was
                                                     Waikiki Trade Center. And from         work being done here, and sig-
                 instrumental in getting this
                                                     the start, the staff on watch real-    nificantly increased the APCSS
                 center established back in 1995,
                                                     ized that APCSS had a special          Operations and Maintenance
                 provided the keynote address. It
                                                     opportunity to contribute some-        funding, as well as approved
                 was largely due to his vision, as
                                                     thing significant to responsible       $12.2 million in military con-
                 well as steady and loyal support
                                                     security officials in this region.     struction to add a third wing to
                 that APCSS has been a leader
                                                     From its start, APCSS added to         our existing structure.
                 in executive education. He was
                                                     Oahu’s tradition of being a spe-
                 joined by Senator Dan Akaka,
                                                     cial gathering place, regularly        “Today, APCSS is one of the
                 who also has been a true friend
                                                     bringing important Asia-Pacific        Office of the Secretary of
                 and advocate of APCSS.
                                                     leaders from all over the region       Defense for Policy and U. S.
                                                     to learn together how collabora-       Pacific Command’s multi-lat-
                 Representing U. S. Pacific
                                                     tion helps enable security coop-       eral security-cooperation tools
                 Command was Major General
                                                     eration.                               that gets results in increasing
                 Peter Pawling, and representing
                                                                                            leader capacities, and thereby,
                 the Director, Defense Coopera-
                                                     “In June 2000, following the           security-institutional capacities.
                 tion Security Agency, was Mr.
                                                     renovation of this former U.S.         And APCSS has a distinguished
                 Jim McGaughey. APCSS Foun-
                                                     Army Reserve facility here at Ft.      track record at accomplishing
                 dation members Gerry Sumida,
                                                     DeRussy, APCSS was moved to            that.
  4   CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                                                                    ing model, administered           which formerly existed near
                                                                    by adept scholar leaders,         where our new wing will be
                                                                    APCSS builds leader capac-        built.
                                                                    ity to address a broad range
                                                                    of regional challenges, from      “By 2013 this wing will
                                                                    transnational security, to        be a place where focused
                                                                    terrorist and criminal net-       critical thinking, analy-
                                                                    works, to governance and          ses of facts surrounding a
                                                                    civil-military relations, to      range of complex security
                                                                    managing crises across all        challenges, comprehensive
                                                                    domains of international          security policy conceptual-
                                                                    power.                            ization, and various related
                                                                                                      decision-aids all coalesce to
                                                                    “Recent successes in ad-          help Asia-Pacific security
                                                                    dressing particular regional      officials practice collabora-
                                                                    challenges include security       tion and cooperation for the
                                                                    sector development work-          common good.
                                                                    shops with 11 nations to
Dean	Lauren	Kahea	Moriarty	greets	Senator	Daniel	Inouye.	Her	       date, maritime security with      “And thereby, we will help
father,	David	Peters,	served	as	the	senator’s	chief	of	staff	for	   all Pacific Island nations,       educate regional partners to
many	years.                                                         and critical information-         gather real-time knowledge
“It is also important to ac-      tions positively impact the       sharing between major             about complex security is-
knowledge how the major           security of the Asia-Pacific      Asia-Pacific treaty partners.     sues; process and integrate
contributions of this small       region, promote peace, and        And all of these events have      that knowledge into a more
but dynamic organization          deter conflict.                   demonstrated the Center’s         comprehensive understand-
have matured. From our                                              unique capability to facili-      ing of the issues and options
initial days in 1995 when         “Today, our course Alumni         tate reasonable approaches        at hand; and share that new
we offered only one course,       number well over 5,000 of         to the diverse and complex        understanding and aware-
reaching 23 executive-            the region’s most influential     security challenges of the        ness to better secure our
level security practitioners,     security elites. They include     region.                           regional future.”
APCSS now graduates               ministers of defense and in-
between 600-800 Fellows           terior, commanding officers       “And, in the design of our        After the groundbreaking
annually from a suite of six      of armies, navies and coast       new wing, APCSS contin-           and 15th Anniversary re-
in-resident courses address-      guards, and senior officials      ues to set a good example.        marks, Lt. Gen. Smith for-
ing the full range of regional    writing and implementing          This wing will blend into         mally introduced APCSS’s
security challenges. Fur-         national security strategies,     the traditional environ-          new academic dean, Amb.
thermore, APCSS regularly         policies and laws through-        ment we cherish and yet be        (Ret.) Lauren Kahea Mo-
extends its influence into the    out the Asia-Pacific region.      state-of-the-art and future-      riarty. (see page 6 for her
region by further interfacing     When you add participants         focused. It will provide an       biography). “She is a genu-
with hundreds of uniformed        in conferences and work-          environmentally-friendly,         inely talented and caring
and civilian leaders who          shops, we have had over           single-story, 10,000 sq.ft.       leader, scholar and role
participate in the 8-12 work-     8,000 participants from 94        building with six seminar         model,” said Smith. “She is
shops and mini-courses that       locations around the world.       rooms, a state-of-the-art         accomplished in her field,
APCSS also offers annually.       And today, we have 48 ac-         Information Integration           highly experienced, widely
And beyond that, APCSS            tive Alumni Associations in       Learning Laboratory en-           sought for advice and coun-
just published a series of        countries across the Asia-        vironment, a 108-person           sel by senior officials all
faculty researched and writ-      Pacific region and beyond.        plenary space, and further        over the world, and most
ten essays on Asian per-                                            beautify the natural Hawai-       capable of helping to lead
spectives on transnational        “Using a participant-             ian green space we inhabit.       this small but complex orga-
security challenges today         centered, activity-based,         In its façade, it will respect-   nization in the next critical
and ahead. Together, these        technology-enhanced learn-        fully connect back to an ear-     phase of its evolution.”
routine APCSS contribu-                                             lier facility, Maluhia Hall,
New dean brings wealth of experience from Asia-Pacific
An Asia expert and former
U.S. career diplomat, Am-
bassador Lauren Kahea Mo-
riarty joined the Center as
Dean in August.
“I like the work the Center
does to educate, empower
and connect security prac-
titioners in the Asia-Pacific
region,” said Dean Moriarty.
“I look forward to working
with the faculty and Fellows
as we pool our expertise
on politics, economics and
security to build a more
peaceful and prosperous
Asia-Pacific region.”           Ambassador	Lauren	Kahea	        Dean	Moriarty	receives	a	lei	from	her	sister,	Diane	Peters-Nguy-
                                Moriarty                        en.	Also	pictured	are	her	son,	Mana,	and	his	fiancee	Sarah	Wong.
Moriarty retired from the
U.S. Foreign Service in
2007, after a distinguished     two, major economies into
29-year career. She then        the global economy as
spent time in Bangladesh as     members of the World Trade
a community leader in Ban-      Organization. Ambassador
gladesh and frequent public     Moriarty also served as
speaker.                        deputy head of the American
                                Institute in Taiwan (1997-
In 2003-2005, Moriarty
                                1998), the institution estab-
served as U.S. Ambassador
                                lished by the U.S. Congress
and Senior Official to Asia-
                                to manage relations between
Pacific Economic Coopera-
                                the people of the United
tion (APEC), an internation-
                                States and the people of
al organization whose 21
members accounted for over
half of global production       As Director of the U.S. De-
and almost half of world        partment of State’s Office of
trade. She served simulta-      East African Affairs (2001-
                                                                Dean	Moriarty	congratulated	by	friends	after	the	welcoming	cer-
neously as the Department       2003), Ambassador Moriarty      emony.
of State’s Deputy Assistant     was deeply involved in post-
Secretary-level Coordinator     9/11 security issues in the     Taiwan. She shaped policy         of Hawai’i and a Master
for East Asian and Pacific      Horn of Africa. Earlier in      on issues from multilateral       of Arts in Law and Diplo-
Economic Issues.                her career, she was the Dip-    aid to secure trade and ac-       macy (M.A.L.D.) from the
                                lomat-in-Residence at the       tion to counter threats from      Fletcher School at Tufts
Moriarty headed the Eco-
                                East-West Center in Hono-       global pandemics and speed        University. Among her
nomic Sections at the U.S.
                                lulu, Hawai’i. She served       recovery from natural di-         many awards is the U.S.
Embassy in China (1999-
                                additional tours at the U.S.    saster.                           Department of State’s top
2001) and the American
                                embassies in China, Nepal,                                        award for leadership and
Institute in Taiwan (1994-                                      Ambassador Moriarty
                                Pakistan and Thailand and                                         mentoring. Ambassador
1997). She provided critical                                    holds a Bachelor of Arts
                                at the American Institute in                                      Moriarty was the first U.S.
assistance to bring those                                       (B.A.) from the University
                                                                                                  Ambassador of Native Ha-
 6   CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010                                                                    waiian ancestry.
                                                        Recent Faculty Publications
China &
                                     Issues for Engagement: Asian Perspectives on
India @60
                                           Transnational Security Challenges
“China-India@60: The         “Issues for Engagement:                                           • Are the transnational
Great Game” by Dr.           Asian Perspectives on                                             security challenges this
Mohan Malik was pub-         Transnational Security                                            country faces of any conse-
lished in the July-Au-       Challenges,” edited by Dr.                                        quence for the U.S.?
gust 2010 edition of the     David Fouse, is the latest
India-China Chronicle.       book published by the Asia-                                       • Is the country willing/
                             Pacific Center for Security                                       interested in engaging with
His article looks at the     Studies.                                                          the U.S. to deal with these
balance sheet in the                                                                           issues?
bilateral relationship        According to Fouse, “The
between these two na-        chapters in this volume                                           The first step in the research
tions on the anniversary     analyze security priorities at                                    for this project was carried
of their formally estab-     the individual country level                                      out in June–July of 2009.
lished diplomatic rela-      and gauge each country’s                                          During this period APCSS
tions.                       attempts at bilateral and                                         conducted an online survey
                             multilateral security co-                                         of its alumni regarding their
After reviewing a num-       operation on transnational                                        views on the most pressing
ber of positives and         security challenges. Our                                          transnational challenges
negatives in their rela-                                      environment of the region
                             intention is to provide poli-                                     in their own countries as
tionship over the years,                                      and U.S. relationships (in-
                             cymakers and other govern-                                        well as the best means for
Malik argues “that the                                        cluding alliances and stra-
                             ment officials with a useful                                      addressing these issues.
gulf between China and                                        tegic partnerships) in the
                             and convenient reference                                          the results of this survey
India – in terms of per-                                      Asia-Pacific during coming
                             tool to draw upon to engage                                       were then distributed to
ceptions, attitudes, and                                      years.
                             specific countries in the                                         APCSS faculty authors as
expectations – has wid-      Asia-Pacific region.”                                             background for writing the
ened over the years as                                         Some of the questions cov-
                                                                                               individual country analyses.
mutual understanding of                                       ered in this volume include:
                             Chapters covering Cambo-                                          over the summer of 2009
each other remains shal-     dia, Thailand, Indonesia,                                         most of the faculty authors
low and distorted.”                                           • What are the most signifi-
                             Vietnam, Singapore and                                            then traveled to the region
                                                              cant transnational security
                             Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka,                                       to conduct face-to-face in-
“Nonetheless, given                                           challenges for this country?
                             Japan, South Korea, Russia,                                       terviews with government
the negative attitudes       Oceania and Afghanistan                                           officials and subject matter
and perceptions,” stated     were completed.                  • How do transnational se-
                                                                                               experts in countries covered
Malik, “it is indeed re-                                      curity challenges stack up
                                                                                               in this volume, supplement-
markable that China and      Each author looked at gov-       against traditional security
                                                                                               ing the information they
India have kept their        ernmental priorities in a        threats for that country’s se-
                                                                                               have gained through their
diplomatic engagement        country under study with re-     curity planners?
                                                                                               day-to-day contact with
on course by downplay-       spect to transnational secu-                                      Asia-Pacific security practi-
ing irritants and high-      rity challenges and assessed     • What steps has the coun-
                                                                                               tioners and analysts here at
lighting the positives.”     whether these priorities and     try taken unilaterally, bi-
                                                                                               the Center. This book repre-
                             the resources applied suf-       laterally or multilaterally
                                                                                               sents the culmination of this
You can read the full        ficiently address the threats    in order to cope with these
article on our website at:   these challenges pose today.     challenges?        In this context, authors ex-                                      To view this book online go
Publications/APSSS/          plored how emerging trans-       • What are the most im-
India_China_60.pdf           national security challenges     portant “next steps” for this
                             may influence the security       country to take?

     Adm.	Patrick	Walsh,	Com-
mander,	U.S.	Pacific	Fleet,	par-
  ticipated	in	a	roundtable	with	
 APCSS	Director	and	faculty	in	
                   August	2010.

Amb.	Scott	DeLisi,		                Amb.	Roy	Ferguson,	New	Zealand	Ambassador	to	the	     Amb.	Stephen	Young,	U.S.Consul		
U.S.	Ambassador	to	Nepal            United	States,	visited	APCSS	in	January	2010.         General	in	Hong	Kong	

APCSS	welcomed	Ambassador	Meera	Shankar,	Indian	Ambassador	to	the	United	
States	in	August.	She	toured	the	Center	and	participated	in	a	roundtable	discussion	
with	APCSS	leadership	and	faculty	members	on	regional	issues	and	the	APCSS	
executive	education	program.                                                           Lt.	Gen.	Shigeru	Iwasaki,	Air	Defense	Com-
                                                                                       mand	Commander,	Japan	Air	Self-Defense	
                                                                                       Force,	visited	the	Center	in	March	2010.
8   CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                                                                                 H.E.	Sayakane	Sisouvong	Deputy	Secretary	General,	
                                                                                 Association	of	Southeast		Asian	Nations	(ASEAN)	with	
                                                                                 APCSS	Deputy	Director	Brig.	Gen.	(Ret.)	Jim	Hirai	and	
Amb.	Husain	Haqqani,	Pakistan	Ambassador	to	the	United	States,		meets	           Foreign	Policy	Advisor	Amb.	(Ret.)	Charles	Salmon.
with	Advanced	Security	Cooperation	Fellows	from	Pakistan	during	a	visit	in	
December	2009.

Rear	Admiral	Ty	Pile,	Commander	Canadian	Maritime	Forces	Pacific	(3rd	from	left)	with	          Lt.	Gen.	Ed	Smith	greets	Maj.	Gen.		
Chief	Petty	Officer	First	Class	Robert	Cookson,	the	Formation	Chief	of	Maritime	Forces	         Sirisak,	Royal	Thai	Air	Force.
Pacific;	APCSS	Director	Lt.	Gen.	(Ret.)	Ed	Smith;	Captain	Jim	Heath	(Canadian	Navy)	
Homeland	Defense	Officer	for	Commander	U.S.	Pacific	Fleet;	Professor	Kerry	Nankivell;	
and	Dr.	Justin	Nankivell.	Rear	Admiral	Pile	visited	the	Center	in	July	and	is	a	Senior	Execu-
tive	Course	(SEC08-2)	alumnus.

Hails &                                                       are Elizabeth Leong and
                                                              Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Kemp.
                                                                                               As in most recent sum-
                                                                                               mers the Center recruited a
                                                                                               number of young, ambitious

                                                              The Information Service          and knowledgeable interns,
                                                              Department saw the arrival       summer hires, temps and
                                                              and too-soon departure of        volunteers to help the staff
                                                              Network Chief Jeff Shouse,       and faculty while in-turn
Traditionally, summer is      ell. In the Trends Analysis     as well as Alan Lum and          gaining some specialized
a time of heavy personnel     Program Office, Lt. Col.        Robert Closson. However,         knowledge of the region.
movement in the U.S. De-      Brian Greenstein and Ca-        the Customer Service sec-        This year’s group included
partment of Defense. Once     rin Landry moved on and         tion flourished as Clarice       Jordan Clark, Ryley
again, this has proven true   J. Nelson Ramos moved           Say came onboard, and after      Yamamoto, Tamara Pat-
for APCSS personnel.          in. On the CSS staff, Robin     a year away, Chris Conde         ton, Jessica Clausnitzer,
                              Burrell and Ashely Davila-      returned.
The College of Security                                                                        Michael Rynders, Vidal
                              Lee signed in and Gina La-
Studies saw the arrival of                                                                     Badua, Nicole Garcia and
                              Mountain and Jason Poe          The Travel section lost
a new academic dean, Am-                                                                       Lisa Shapiro.
                              signed out.                     the long-term experience
bassador Lauren Kahea                                         and services of Staff Sgt.       Finally, “Congratulations”
Moriarty. She is joined by    In the Resource Manage-         Darien Turpeau. The Hu-          to the two newest addi-
               newcomers,     ment Department, Cmdr.          man Resources Branch             tions to the APCSS ohana.
               Dr. Scott      Derek Webster left as           bid farewell to Rebecca          Keo’makani Kim was born
               Hauger,        Cmdr. Thomas Marszalek          Watson and Karin Mc-             June 22 to his CSS mom,
               Dr. Jeffrey    assumed the duties of Chief     Clain, but welcomed back         Kylee Kim and her husband
               Hornung,       and as Senior Navy Advi-        Johnette Chun, this time         Randell. Jor-el Xander Kal-
               Cmdr. Paul     sor. Lily Abille departed for   as Chief, HR. We also had        el Baqurian Al-Amin was
               Tech and       another position. Logistics     to say goodbye to Glenn
Dr.	Hauger                                                                                     born on July 24 to Admis-
               Cmdr. H.       Specialist Third Class          Takemoto, who spear-             sions’ Chief Yeoman Jamil
Mario DeOliveira. Col.        Carlo Coppa and Logistics       headed our efforts to get        Al-Amin and his wife,
Stephen My-                   Specialist Second Class         our C-Wing project past the      Mary-Ann.
ers joined the                Copernick Louis replaced        hurdles and off to a great
faculty as our                Logistics Specialist Sec-       start.
first Senior                  ond Class Greg Hammell
Service Col-                  and Logistics Specialist        In the Front Office/Special
lege Fellow.                  Second Class Steven Hey-        Staff sections, Sgt. Jason
Army Fellow                   ward. Senior Chief Danilo       Lasley replaced Staff Sgt
Maj. David Cmdr.	Tech         Tuasan retired, relinquish-     Dian Wilson. Capt. Em-
Longbine                      ing both his department and     ily Dignan replaced Capt.
replaced Lt. Col. Wil-        Senior Enlisted Advisor du-     Eric Lee as the Center
               liam Mc-       ties to Senior Chief Jason      Judge Advocate. Diana
               Donough.       Boggs, who then departed        Kammunkun took on the
               Also depart-   APCSS four months later.        new position of Administra-
               ing were                                       tive Management Officer.
               Dr. Ehsan      In Admissions, Sgt. Jerold      Christine Paige retired
               Ahrari,        Bali replaced Sergeant          after her third stint with the
               Cmdr. Noel     First Class Andrea Ste-         Center. Lisa Berry replaced
Cmdr.		                       phens and was later joined
DeOliveira     Dahlke,                                        Gabe Morris as our APC-
               Lt.Col. Mat-   by Ms. Nelly Williams. The      SSLink advisor. Gabrielle
thew Schwab, Dr. Rol-         Conference Branch saw the       Jimenez was promoted to
lie Lal and Cmdr. Brian       departure of Lt. Cmdr. Liz      first lieutenant before sepa-
O’Donnell. Congratulations    Tananka and Seaman Ap-          rating from the Army and
to “Mr.” Justin Nankivell     pretice Shanelle Scales.        Col. Timothy Small joined        Sergeant	First	Class	Andrea	
who became “Dr.” Nankiv-      Newcomers to the branch         the Executive Operations         Stephens,	pictured	with	Robin	
                                                                                               Burrell,	served	at	the	Center	
                                                              Group.                           since	2003	and	supported	69	
10 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010                                                                   classes.
        Transnational Security Cooperation

Twenty-two	Fellows	from	21	countries	and	territories	completed	the	Transnational	Security	Coopera-
tion	Course	in	February	2010.

Twenty-two Fellows from
21 countries and territories
in the Asia-Pacific region
completed the Transna-
tional Security Cooperation
Course (TSC10-1) in Febru-
ary 2010.

They were military and ci-
vilian leaders representing:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh,
Fiji, France, Guam, India,
Indonesia, Japan, Maldives,
Marshall Islands, Microne-       TSC	Fellows	participate	in	an	exercise	on	the	lanai.
sia, Mongolia, Nepal, Paki-
stan, Papua New Guinea,          Curriculum emphasizes the          Pacific Command officials.
Republic of Korea, Sin-          impact of current and future       All course elements are ar-
gapore, Taiwan, Thailand,        change in the region, as           ranged to combine and en-        TSC at-a-glance
United Kingdom, the United       impacted by regional and           hance Fellow understanding       (Since	1999)
States, and Vietnam.             global security threats.           of significant transnational     •	 23	Classes
                                                                    security issues as well as the   •	 467	Fellows	
The five-day course is an in-    The course includes topical        limitations and potential of
                                                                                                         from	37	Coun-
tensive program for current      lectures from experts, in-         current cooperation mecha-
                                                                    nisms available to address
and future senior regional       teractive seminar workshop
influencers/leaders; military    scenarios that require Fel-        them. Feedback from partic-          and	3	Interna-
officers at the one- to four-    lows to assess and frame re-       ipants validated the course’s        tional	Organiza-
star level, as well as their     sponse options for complex         high value to them in the            tions
civilian equivalents from        transnational threats, and         discharge of their current
the Asia-Pacific Region.         discussions with senior U.S.       and prospective roles.
Advanced Security Cooperation
ASC09-2 & ASC10-1
Over the last few months,
two classes of the Advanced
Security Cooperation course
graduated from APCSS.
Eighty-six senior military
and civilian government
leaders graduated in De-
cember 2009, representing
37 countries and territories.
Another 81 Fellows gradu-
ated in June 2010, repre-
senting 39 countries and

Attending the regional secu-
rity courses were represen-
tatives from: Afghanistan,      Representing	39	countries	and	territories,	81	Fellows	graduated	in	from	ASC10-1	in	June	2010.
American Samoa, Australia,
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cam-        prehensive mix of political,
bodia, Canada, Chad, Chile,     economic, social, military,
China, Colombia, Comoros,       diplomatic, information and
Cook Islands, Egypt, Fiji,      ecological dimensions.
Guam, India, Indonesia,
Japan, Kazakhstan, Kiribati,    According to one ASC10-
Laos, Malaysia, Maldives,       1 Fellow, “APCSS brings
Marshall Islands, Mauritius,    people together from the
Micronesia, Mongolia, Na-       Asia-Pacific. It addresses
uru, Nepal, New Zealand,        the central concerns of the
Pakistan, Papua New Guin-       region, particularly on se-
ea, Philippines, Republic of    curity. Within security you
Korea, Saipan, Singapore,       can outreach to diverse is-
Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka,     sues such as climate, water,
                                                                  ASC10-1	Fellows	participate	in	a	table-top	exercise.
Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand,     terrorism, health, which are
Tonga, United States, Uru-      important issues of the 21st      Governance, and the Secu-         tives through assessment of
guay, Vanuatu and Vietnam.      century.”                         rity Sector. In addition to       Transnational Security Co-
                                                                  core lectures and seminars        operation. Throughout the
The six-week course focus-      The ASC core curriculum           on these topics, the module       course, Fellows also partici-
es on building relationships    has three modules, with           develops critical compe-          pate in a variety of elective
among mid-career leaders        each providing an opportu-        tencies through training in       classes designed to deepen
and decision makers within      nity to set ideas into practice   leader effectiveness, com-        their knowledge of selected
the region. Its curriculum      through experiential learn-       munication, and negotiation.      topics.
emphasizes the non-war          ing with a focus upon leader      Module II provides Fellows
fighting aspects of security    collaboration. During Mod-        with in-depth lectures and
and international relations,    ule I, Fellows participate        seminar discussion on Re-
                                                                                                     ASC at-a-glance
and challenges Fellows to       in a curriculum that allows       gional Security Cooperation        (Since	1999)
develop regional and trans-     them to learn and share their     and Complex Problems. The          •	 37	Classes
national perspectives. Secu-    experience on three areas         final module of the course         •	 2,481	Fellows	
rity is examined as a com-      of emphasis: Leadership,          provides an opportunity                from	57	Countries	
                                                                  to broaden their perspec-              /Territories
 12 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
ASC10-1	Fellows	welcome	each	other	on	Day	1.                       ASC09-2	Fellows	discuss	strategies	during	a	class	exercise.

                                                                     “APCSS brings people
                                                                    together from the Asia-
                                                                    Pacific. It addresses the
                                                                    central concerns of the
                                                                    region, particularly on
                                                                    security. Within security
                                                                    you can outreach to
                                                                    diverse issues such as
                                                                    climate, water, terror-
                                                                    ism, health, which are
                                                                    important issues of the
                                                                    21st century.”
ASC09-2	Seminar	1	discuss	the	topic	of	the	day.                                --ASC10-1 Fellow

                                                                                                    ASC09-2	Fellows.

                                                                                                    ASC10-1	Seminar	3	at	the	
ASC09-2	included	86	senior	military	and	civilian	government	leaders	who	completed	the	course	in	    smart	board.
December	2009.                                                                                       13
Asia-Pacific Orientation Course
APOC10-1 & APOC10-2

One of the first courses
of 2010 was the Asia-
Pacific Orientation Course.
APOC10-1 was the largest
class of its size to date with
103 Fellows attending and
was held January 25-29. A
second class was held in
March with 77 Fellows.

While predominately
coming from the U.S.,
APOC10-1 and 10-2 also            Cmdr.	Jared	East	&	Mr.	Jeff	      Lt.	Col.	Seo	Youngman	(RoK)	reviews	course	materials.
included Fellows from             Mariano
Australia, Canada, France,
Japan, Singapore, Republic
of Korea and Taiwan.

 APOC at-a-glance
 Since	2007
 •	 10	Classes
 •	 687	Fellows	from	
    12	Countries/	
                                  APOC10-2	was	held	in	March	2010	with	77	Fellows.

APOC	was	the	largest	class	of	its	size	to	date	with	103	Fellows	attending	and	was	held	January	25-29.

 14 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
          Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism

The	most	recent	Comprehensive	Security	Responses	to	Terrorism	course	graduated	in	August	2010	with	82	Fellows.

Eighty-two Fellows gradu-       CSRT course provides a
ated in August from the         strategic perspective on the
Asia-Pacific Center for Se-     multi-faceted problem of
curity Studies’ Comprehen-      terrorism, providing secu-
sive Security Responses to      rity practitioners with tools
Terrorism (CSRT) Course in      and knowledge to enhance
Honolulu.                       their ability to comprehen-
                                sively counterterrorism in a
While most participants         collaborative manner. The
were from the Asia-Pacific      course is designed to build
region, the military and ci-    relationships between and
vilian participants who at-     among the United States
tended the four-week course     and current and future coun-
came from 37 locations          terterrorism practitioners
                                                                 CSRT	Fellows	discussing	a	lecture	topic	in	the	Auditorium.
across the globe. Partici-      of participating countries,
pating in the CSRT course       develop the trust and con-
were representatives from       fidence necessary for in-        Overall feedback from par-        than I had when I arrived.”
Australia, Bahamas, Bangla-     creased information sharing,     ticipants was excellent, with     Another stated that, “With-
desh, Bhutan, Brazil, Bru-      and identify ways to reduce      many veterans of CT opera-        out a doubt, the best course
nei, Cambodia, Cameroon,        obstacles to cooperation in      tions applauding how the          that I have ever taken in
Chile, China, Colombia,         the international struggle       CSRT opened their aperture        my 19 years of service.”
Comoros, Egypt, Fiji, Hong      against those who use terror     on the complex problem of
Kong, India, Indonesia,         to promote their goals. As       combating terrorism. One          APCSS will host its next
Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mal-     one Fellow noted at the end      Fellow stated that “This          in-residence CSRT course
dives and Micronesia. They      of the course, “After partici-   [course] has provided a           24 Feb – 25 Mar 2011.
also came from Mongolia,        pating in the lectures in the    highly valuable exposure
Nepal, New Zealand, Paki-       auditorium as well as the        to the issues faced by my             CSRT at-a-glance
stan, Philippines, Poland,      seminar break-out sessions,      regional and global partners          Since	2004
Samoa, South Africa, Sri        I began to realize how much      in the security world as well
                                                                                                       •	 13	Classes
Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand,      that I do not know of actual     as exploring the many dif-
Timor-Leste, Turkey, United     effects of terrorism and how     ferent types of and aspects
                                                                                                       •	 724	Fellows	
States and Vietnam.             much that can be achieved        to terrorism and security                from	70	Coun-
                                collaboratively.”                related issues which gives               tries	/	Territories
Held once annually in-                                           me a more sophisticated
residence at APCSS, the                                          appreciation of the context
Comprehensive Crisis Management
Fellows of Comprehensive
Crisis Management (CCM)
Course 10-1 graduated
on March 19 following a
month-long curriculum fo-
cusing on complex problem
appreciation, interagency
operations, and collabora-
tion and communication
during a crisis. The course
consisted of 78 Fellows
from 43 different countries
and territories. Of note, the
course included Asia-Pacific    CCM10-1	included	78	Fellows	from	43	different	countries	and	territories.
Center for Security Stud-
ies’ first Fellow from South    with a number of project
Africa, as well as three Fel-   successes. Most notably, a
lows from China and one         South African Fellow was
Fellow each from Hong           able to use the project’s
Kong and Taiwan. The            guiding concept in creating
positive dynamic that de-       a successful counter-terror-
veloped among all Fellows       ism strategy employed dur-
was truly remarkable, and a     ing the recently-completed
testament to the value of the   World Cup.
unique educational environ-
ment offered at the APCSS.      Also, a Fellow from Mi-
                                cronesia reported that his
From the first day, CCM         project on enhancing part-       Fellows	in	Seminar	1	sharing	useful	online	data.
10-1 leadership emphasized      nerships between relevant
the overarching concept         public and private sector        Technology was also lever-         was set aside for Seminar
of strategic relevance in       agencies was well under-         aged in seminar to great           Leaders to conduct person-
every aspect of the course.     way, and has so far culmi-       advantage throughout the           alized assessment/feedback
Achievement of this over-       nated in the formulation of      course, exploiting real            sessions with their Fellows.
arching objective was mani-     a new working group that         world disaster situations          These structured interac-
fest through the level of       will seek to determine more      for relevant learning in real      tions created a powerful
dialogue in seminar rooms       ways in which a more holis-      time through live news             mentoring dynamic that
and the auditorium, the         tic effort can be applied to-    feeds, high resolution over-       empowered faculty and Fel-
appropriate nesting of indi-    wards comprehensive crisis       head imagery, and personal         lows alike.
vidualized Fellows Projects     management.                      accounts via cell phone
within national strategic                                        from Fellows whose rela-           CCM 10-01 also featured
guidance, and the compre-       Lastly, a Malaysian Fellow       tives were on the ground in        a presentation on Public/
hensive perspective of the      reported that he had re-         countries directly impacted        Private partnerships, which
group-oriented Regional         ceived government approval       by the disasters in Haiti and      involved a unique panel
Strategy Projects.              on a project that seeks to       Fiji.
                                further crisis management                                            CCM at-a-glance
Regarding the aforemen-         capacity development at the      Robust, actionable feed-             (Since	2006)
tioned Fellows Projects,        state-level.                     back was considered criti-          •	 8	Classes
several graduates of CCM                                         cal to leader development           •	 403	Fellows	from	
10-1 have reported back                                          in CCM, so dedicated time               57	Countries/1	Int’l	
 16 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
(All photos above)	Fellows	hone	their	negotiating	skills	during	a	negotiations	exercise.

presentation and discussion        well-attended events includ-        in comprehensive crisis         augment the overall experi-
with Mr. David Carey, CEO          ed a timely presentation by         management. Intended par-       ence of all Fellows. In the
of Outrigger Enterprises           the head geophysicist from          ticipants will consist of 10-   end, objectives will con-
International and Maj. Gen.        the Pacific Tsunami Warn-           11 five-person cohort teams     tinue to fully support over-
Robert Lee, Adjutant Gen-          ing Center spontaneously            principally from throughout     arching APCSS objectives
eral of the Hawaii National        arranged following the tsu-         Southeast Asia.                 which seek to educate Fel-
Guard. The experience,             nami threat of February 27.                                         lows on relevant skill areas,
stature and strategic per-                                             APCSS looks forward to          to empower them in becom-
spectives the discussants          Looking to the future, a            inviting 70-80 Fellows from     ing strategic difference-
brought to this presentation       CCM mini-course is sched-           the greater Asia-Pacific re-    makers, and in connecting
were extremely valuable            uled to take place in Jakarta,      gion to attend CCM 11-1 in      them to one another and the
and quite unique for the           Indonesia on December 14-           June 2011. For this upcom-      broader community of crisis
international Fellows, and         16. The theme of the mini-          ing iteration, course leader-   management practitioners.
consistent with the strategic      course will be “Optimizing          ship is already seeking ways
focus of the course.               the Strategic Role of the           to introduce a distance-
                                   Media in Crisis Manage-             learning component to the
In addition, several lunch-        ment,” and it will seek to          course, to enhance Internet
time presentations were of-        address cutting-edge themes         portal connectivity to timely
fered that supported course        which underscore the rel-           and useful resources, and
learning objectives. These         evance of the mass media            other features designed to

Senior Asia-Pacific Orientation Course

The Senior Asia-Pacific
Orientation Course was
held Jan. 13-15 with 13
Fellows attending.

The course provides an in-
troduction to Asia-Pacific
culture, politics, protocols
and challenges, and U.S.
interests in the region.
The curriculum focused
on regional perspectives,
issues, and transnational
challenges. The course in-
cluded lectures, interactive
sessions, and three senior-
leader seminar sessions.

                                 APCSS	faculty	and	the	13	SEAPOC	10-1	Fellows	pose	for	a	class	photo.

Mr.	Mike	Meserve	(U.S.	Army	Pacific),	Brig.	Gen.	John	Broad-          Mr.	Kirk	Skinner,	Attache	US	Embassy	Tokyo;	Rear	Admiral	
meadow	(U.S.	Marine	Forces	Pacific),	and	Col.	Bill	Bachand	           Steven	Ratti,	Joint	Interagency	Forces	West;	Brig.	Gen.	TJ	
(Regional	Dental	Command).                                            O’Shaughnessy,	13th	Air	Force;	and	Mr.	Mike	Meserve	(U.S.	Army	

   SEAPOC at-a-                         Lt.	Gen.	Smith	briefs	Se-
   glance                            nior	Asia-Pacific	Orientation	
                                     Course	participants	on	“Un-
   Since	2008                       derstanding	Security	Frame-
   •	 3	Classes                                            works.”
   •	 32	Fellows	

 18 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                         Security Sector Development

SSD10-2	Fellows	included	representatives	from	the	Maldives,	Mongolia,	Philippines	and	Sri	Lanka.

Representatives from the
Maldives, Mongolia, Philip-
pines, and Sri Lanka par-
ticipated in the “Security
Sector Development: Na-
tional Priorities & Regional
Approaches” workshop held
August 16-20 in Honolulu.
Also at the workshop were
participants or observers in-
cluding representatives from
the United Nations, United
States Institute of Peace
and the Geneva Centre for
the Democratic Control of        SSD10-2	Fellows	at	the	table	in	the	Center	Conference	Room.
Armed Forces (DCAF).

The workshop promoted
a common and better un-
derstanding of a nation’s
security sector— evolution,
development and reform
potential—as well as related
roles and responsibilities.
Participants shared national
experiences and best prac-
tices, and help develop
recommended next steps for
each country’s security sec-
tor development.
                                 Mr.	Siripala	Hettiarachihi	(Sri	Lanka)	and	Ms.	Zenonida	Brosas	
Photos by Stephanie Hika         (Philippines).
China Outreach
An Asia-Pacific Center for      APCSS Deputy Director
Security Studies (APCSS)        James Hirai laid the ground-
faculty outreach team led by    work for this outreach in
Director Lt. Gen. (Ret) E. P.   mid-2009, when he and a
Smith, traveled to Beijing      select group of APCSS fac-
and Shanghai for Track II       ulty met with senior China
(academic institutions) re-     Association of Social Sci-
gional security discussions     ences (CASS) and China
June 21-27. Co-hosted by        Institute of International
the China Association for       Studies (CIIS) leadership to
International Friendly Con-     discuss the idea of collab-
tact (CAIFC), the discus-       orative discussions between      APCSS	Director	Lt.	Gen	(Ret.)	Ed	Smith	with	CAIFC	President	
sions consisted of a two-day    APCSS and Chinese Track          Honorable	Li	Zhaoxing	and	Amb.	(Ret.)	Charles	Salmon.
workshop in Beijing, and an     II institutions. In August
informal roundtable discus-     2009, Director Smith and a
sion at Tsinghua University     small faculty team met with
and another in Shanghai.        the U.S. Deputy Chief of
                                Mission Robert Goldberg,
The workshop was intended       the U.S. Country Team, and
as both a confidence build-     several senior Chinese of-
ing measure, and as the         ficials for further collabora-
first of a series of Track II   tion.
events between APCSS and
various Chinese academic        APCSS faculty who partici-
institutions. Specific objec-   pated in the workshop and
tives included: (1) Enhanced    roundtables were APCSS
shared awareness and better     Foreign Policy Advisor re-
understanding of five specif-   tired Ambassador Charles
ic security challenges; and     Salmon, Jr., Mr. Carleton        APCSS	Professor	Dr.	Mohan	Malik.
(2) shared critical thinking    Cramer (academic lead),
and strategic listening on      Dr. Mohan Malik, Mr. Tom         the different perspectives of
common cause issues that        Peterman and Army Lt. Col.       American and Chinese secu-
may contribute to improving     Matthew Schwab.                  rity academics and practitio-
various aspects of the U.S.                                      ners, on the same issues.”
and China security relation-    “This workshop is de-
ship. Five specific security    monstrative of a tangible,       APCSS, in consultation
challenges were addressed:      substantive Track II rela-       with OSD-Policy, U.S. Pa-
(1) U.S. and PRC policy         tionship between U.S. and        cific Command and the U.S.
in the Asia-Pacific region;     China academic institu-          Embassy in Beijing, plans
(2) maritime security; (3)      tions,” said Cramer. “The        to continue exploring future
disaster management; (4)        exchange of perspectives         Outreach events and market
Northeast Asia security         on five security challenges      educational opportunities at
                                                                                                 Mr.	Shi	Yongming,	a	Research	
challenges emphasizing the      was immensely valuable in        APCSS with the PRC.             Fellow	for	CIIS,	makes	a	point	
Korean Peninsula; and (5)       fostering understanding of                                       during	the	workshop.
security mechanisms in the      issues of mutual concern.        Photos and Story by William
Asia-Pacific region.            The workshop demonstrated        R. Goodwin

 20 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
Mr.	Su	Hao,	Director	for	the	Center	for	Strategic	and	Conflict	    Mr.	Xu	Xiulin	participates	in	the	Beijing	workshop.
Management,	China	Foreign	Affairs	University	discusses	Security	
Mechanisms	in	the	Asia-Pacific	region.

APCSS-CAIFC	Workshop	participants	on	the	opening	day	of	the	event.

CAIFC-APCSS	team	dinner	at	the	Beijing	state	guest	house.          Informal	roundtable	with	Tsinghua	University	academics.

  Combating Terrorism in
       South Asia
Reviewing terrorism trends       current and former parlia-
in South Asia and strength-      mentarians, ministers, diplo-
ening regional cooperation       mats and academics.
to deal with terrorism was
the focus of the “South Asia     Topics covered during the
APCSS Alumni Symposium           Symposium included Ter-
on Combating Terrorism”          rorism Trends in South
held in Male, Maldives,          Asia; Countering Terror           Shyam	Tekwani,	Kerry	Nankivell	and	Dr.	Bill	Wieninger
May 25-27.                       Finance: Interagency Re-
                                 sponses; Mumbai Lessons
The Asia-Pacific Center for      Learned; Border Security
Security Studies co-hosted       in Countering Terrorism;
the event with the Maldives      Women and Combating
National Defense Force           Terrorism; New Media and
and the Maldives APCSS           Strategic Communications;
Alumni Association. Funded       Weapons of Mass Destruc-
by the Counter-Terrorism         tion Issues/Combating
Fellowship Program, the          Terrorism; Maritime Coop-
three-day workshop brought       eration; and International
                                                                   (left to right)	Commodore	(Ret.)	Vengalil	Venugopal,	India	EC06-2,	
together representatives         Cooperation & Combating
                                                                   Mr.	Hamayoun	Khan	Pakistan	EC08-2,	Deputy	Inspector	General	
from seven South Asian na-       Terrorism.                        of	Police	Upendra	Kant	Aryal,	Nepal	CCM08-2,	and	Ambassador	
tions: Bangladesh, Bhutan,                                         (Ret)	MD	Anwar	Chohan,	Pakistan	EC98-2.
India, Maldives Nepal, Pak-      U.S. Ambassador to the
istan and Sri Lanka. It was      Maldives and Sri Lanka,           Home Affairs Mr. Mohamed          expand counter-terrorism
the first time all South Asia    Patricia Butenis, and the         Shihab (SSD10-1), Chief of        (CT) practitioner knowledge
nations had attended a U.S.-     Maldives Foreign Minister         Defense Forces Maj. Gen.          and networks in South Asia
sponsored counter-terrorism      Dr. Ahmed Shaheed offici-         Moosa Ali Jaleel (EC00-           and all agreed that it was
event in the region.             ated over the opening cer-        3), Vice Chief of Defense         highly successful in doing
                                 emonies. Numerous senior          Brigadier General Farhath         so. After a series of SME
The symposium was at-            officials from the Maldives       Shaheer (EC99-2), Com-            lectures and spirited discus-
tended by 67 practitioners       attended the opening and/         mander of the Coast Guard         sion both in plenary and in
and non-government experts       or closing ceremonies in-         Brig. Gen. Zakariyya Man-         smaller breakout groups,
representing the military,       cluding Maldives Defence          soor (EC01-3) and Police          country teams presented
police, and others including     Minister Mr. Ameen Faisal         Commissioner Mr. Ahmed            to a high-level panel their
                                 (TSC09-2), Minster of             Faseeh (TSC09-1).                 key lessons learned and ac-
                                                                                                     tion steps they intended to
                                                                   Speaking of the Sympo-            take upon return home.”
                                                                   sium’s success, Ambassador        Ultimately, the Symposium
                                                                   Butenis noted that, “the          was an exceptionally pro-
                                                                   APCSS Symposium was an            ductive event that enhanced
                                                                   important demonstration of        national CT capacities, built
                                                                   U.S. commitment to Mal-           confidence, relationships,
                                                                   dives and regional security       and networks to expand
                                                                   cooperation.”                     and sustain collaborative
                                                                                                     approaches to addressing
                                                                   Dr. Bill Wieninger, academ-       terrorism in a critically sig-
                                                                   ic lead for the symposium,        nificant region.
Professor	Tekwani	shares	information	on	new	media	and	strategic	
                                                                   stated, “A key goal of the
                                                                   event was to invigorate and       Photos by John Gasner
 22 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
Managing the Global Commons
“Managing the Global Com-       Key speakers during the
mons” was the theme for the     event of the conference
2010 Pacific Rim Security       included Dr. Arun Majum-
II (PACRIM II) conference,      dar, Director, Advanced
held at Stanford University     Research Projects Agency
Feb. 22-24 in Palo Alto,        - Energy; Dr. Michael
Calif., and co-hosted by        May, Professor Emeritus
the Asia-Pacific Center for     (Research), Stanford Uni-
Security Studies, the Center    versity; Dr. Brahma Chel-
for Hemispheric Defense         laney, professor of Security
                                                               PACRIM	II	conference	participants	on	the	steps	of	Encina	Hall	at	
Studies (CHDS), and the         Studies, Center for Policy     Stanford	University	in	Palo	Alto,	Calif.	Feb.	24.	
Freeman Spogli Institute for    Research, India; Mr. Peter
International Studies (FSI).    Schwartz, Futurist and Co-
                                Founder of Global Business     The renowned keynote              participants and profes-
PACRIM II brought to-           Network.                       speakers and outstanding          sional CHDS staff greatly
gether senior officials of                                     panelists combined with           contributed to enhance the
Pacific Rim countries from      A total of 16 Asia-Pacific     high-level participants from      discussion.”
the security sector, the pri-   country representatives        Asia and the Pacific Rim
vate sector, and academia       attended including repre-      of the Americas produced          Former U.S. Secretary of
to continue the discussion      sentatives from Australia,     a great synergy which was         Defense Dr. William Perry
launched in 2009 on com-        China, India, Indonesia,       reflected in discussions over     of FSI closed the confer-
mon challenges and op-          Japan, Republic of Korea,      three-days. One participant       ence by highlighting the
portunities facing nations      the Philippines, and Russia.   commented that “the level         successes of PACRIM II,
in the region in the global     CHDS brought in country        of information from the pre-      but cautioned there is no
commons by PACRIM I.            representatives from Canada    senters as well as the partic-    “one size fits all” solution.
While PACRIM I focused          and South America which        ipants in the audience was        He also pointed out that the
more on the security of the     included Mexico, Panama,       superb. The way that topics       key to success in all these
maritime domain, PACRIM         Ecuador, Peru, Chili, and      could be related to this re-      endeavors will be “greater
II broadened the scope of       Columbia. Senior U.S. DoD      gional security of the Pacific    international cooperation
discussion to include energy    attendees included Lt. Gen.    Rim region was extremely          and collaboration.”
and environmental security      Daniel Darnell, Deputy         relevant. The points of view
as well as the cyber domain     Commander, U.S. Pacific        from participants and pre-        Ultimately, PACRIM II
and pandemic disease, with      Command; Amb. Paul A.          senters (other than the U.S.      participants agreed that the
panel sessions on: Nuclear      Trivelli, Civilian Deputy      position) was valuable and        keys to success are enhanc-
Energy: Challenges and          to the Commander, U.S.         very interesting.”                ing mutual understanding of
Opportunities; Building         Southern Command; Gen.                                           the challenges and opportu-
Resilience in the Face of       Gene Renuart, Commander,       “The exchange of ideas            nities among key nations of
Transnational Threats;          NORAD and U.S. North-          and perspectives as they          the Asia-Pacific Rim, and
Strengthening Regional          ern Command; Maj. Gen.         relate to the PACRIM and          identifying paths forward.
Security Interfaces and Co-     Lawrence Stutzriem, Plans,     the Western Hemisphere
operation: U.S. Combatant       Policy and Strategy (J5),      was most thoughtful,” said        Photo by William R.
Commander Perspectives;         NORAD and U.S. Northern        another participant. “The         Goodwin.
Renewable Energy: Public-       Command; and Lt. Gen.          various dimensions, politi-
Private Cooperation; and        Francis Kearney, Deputy        cal, economic, security were
Future Issues in the Global     Commander, U.S. Special        most evident. The informa-
Commons.                        Operations Command.            tion shared by the speakers,

APCSS Hosts Tri-lateral HADR Workshop
A workshop to improve
and expand coordination
between the U.S., Japan
and the Republic of Korea
during Humanitarian Assis-
tance/Disaster Management
activities was held at the
Asia-Pacific Center for Se-
curity Studies in April.

“The workshop was an im-
portant event in the continu-
ing evolution of the growing
trust and confidence of the
three nations in working
together. Three days of in-
depth, frank and friendly
discussions led to deeper
understanding of the com-
plex issues involved in shar-
                                Representatives	from	the	U.S.,	Japan	and	Republic	of	Korea	participate	in	an	HA/DR	Workshop.
ing information for disaster
relief and a stronger com-
mitment to continue to work     Each nation presented infor-
on practical ways to make       mation on current HA/DR
information sharing easier      decision-making processes
among these three important     and information sharing
nations, ” said workshop        processes, information shar-
coordinator Professor Her-      ing policies, and insights
man Finley.                     from their nation’s partici-
                                pation in Haiti relief efforts.
The four-day workshop was
held April 14-16 with 39        Experts made presentations
participants.                   on use of Internet-based
Discussions centered on five    portals for information
simple questions:               sharing and operational col-
                                laboration; emerging ways
* What information do we        to display data to enhance                                                                      		
need to share to enhance        understanding; and unique      Dr.	Steven	Kim	(right)	leads	a	workshop	discussion.
understanding?                  needs and contributions of
* What do we need others        NGOs in information shar-         Participants were enthusias- such as the All Partners
to know about our actions/      ing.                              tic about emerging technol-       Area Network (APAN).
intentions?                                                       ogies for sharing informa-
* Who do we need to share                                         tion and how those could be The workshop concluded
with?                           The workshop also used a          incorporated into individual with discussion of “Ways
* How do we share these         disaster scenario to help fo- nation’s efforts for crisis re- Ahead,” practical recom-
kinds of information?           cus participant discussions       sponse planning.                  mendations to the nations
* What are the policy, tech-    on practical aspects of infor-                                      and the Defense Tri-Lateral
nical and organization is-      mation sharing.                   Of particular interest was        Talks for future consider-
sues involved?                                                    the notion of a collabora-        ation.
                                                                  tive, Internet-based portal
 24 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                                                                   Upcoming Events
                                                                 Maritime Security in the Pacific Island Region:
                                                                 Securing the Maritime Commons in the 21st Cen-
                                                                 tury; Sept. 13-16, 2010

                                                                 Geographic Focus: Oceania (American Samoa,
                                                                 Cook Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Kiri-
                                                                 bati, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue, Palau, Papua New
                                                                 Guinea, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Solo-
Participants	of	Pandemic	Preparedness	Exercise	included	APCSS	
                                                             	   mon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, and Fiji. Plus
professors	Dr.	Jim	Campbell	and	Ms.	Jessica	Ear.                 Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of
                                                                 Korea, Timor-Leste, and several NGOs.
Southeast Asia Regional Pandemic
Preparedness and Response Exercise                               Objective: Articulate a shared understanding of the
                                                                 emerging threats to region’s maritime commons and
A table top exercise on responding to a pandemics flu out-       identify specific measures to address these threats and
break was held Aug. 16-20 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The           what is at stake.
focus of this exercise was to help improve the capabilities      • Review and discussion of emerging threats to the
of ASEAN member states both individually and collec-             commons; and existing collaborative measures to ad-
tively to prepare for and respond to a severe pandemic with      dress these threats.
potentially devastating effects on the region.                   • Discussion of enhancements to existing measures or
                                                                 new initiatives to address emerging threats, including
The organizers said that the exercise marked the first time      the identification of potential models to do so (e.g.,
that multiple nations have united to simulate the effects of a   which capabilities, supplied by whom, trained how
pandemic on different sectors of an entire region’s essential    and when).
services.                                                        • Discussion of resourcing and capacity-building
                                                                 requirements to support identified enhancements and
“This event provides the opportunity to bring the multi-sec-     measures.
tor preparedness focus to a regional level and to set a global   • Discussion of next steps required to initiate mea-
example,” said Nhim Vanda, a senior disaster management          sures discussed.
official with the Cambodian Government.
                                                                 The Interface of Science, Technology and Security:
The exercise was designed to study how an outbreak, and          Areas of Most Concern, Now and Ahead; Oct 4-8,
the resulting high absenteeism, would impact several es-         2010
sential services simultaneously, especially energy, transport
and health care. It will simulate a communicable disease         Geographic Focus: Representatives from each sub-
emergency on the fictional continent of Pandemica, which         region in the Asia-Pacific.
has five countries with similar economic and infrastructural
conditions to South-East Asia.                                   Objective: This workshop will bring together subject
                                                                 matter experts with security officials and influencers
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines,        from throughout Asia-Pacific to identify and assess
Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam, as well as the UN, U.S.        the most significant current and emerging scientific
Pacific Command, APCSS and other humanitarian organi-            and technological developments/phenomena, their
zations, took part. Participants spent four days responding      impacts on international security, and recommended
to fictional reports from the World Health Organization          priority actions and further preparations based on
(WHO) regarding the pandemic’s escalation.                       Asia-Pacific perspectives.
The United States Agency for International Development
(USAID), the UN Office for the Coordination of Humani-
tarian Affairs (OCHA), the World Food Programme (WFP)
and WHO, also took part. Source, UN news release
                APCSS Alumni Associations’ Accomplishments
                In 2004, the Philippines and         numerous APCSS faculty pre-         Ulaanbaatar as a New Helsin-
                Mongolia were the first two          sentations and executive visits.    ki.” Using their own initiative,
                countries to form APCSS              In Vietnam, alumni co-hosted        they conducted a De-mining
                alumni associations. In the past     workshops on “United Nations        and Security Cooperation
                five years, 46 more alumni asso-     Security Council: Role of Non-      conference. APCSS alumni in
                ciations have been established.      Permanent Member” and “Viet-        Russia co-hosted a conference
                The incredible surge in alumni       nam and United Nations Peace        with alumni from the Marshall
                groups stems largely from the        Operations.”                        Center entitled "Russian-Amer-
                interest in continually building                                         ican Cooperation in the Fight
                upon the cooperative efforts and     In Timor Leste, alumni sup-         against Terrorism."
                multilateral relationships formed    ported workshops on developing
                while attending APCSS. Over          a National Security Strategy and    Peru alumni created and con-
                the past few years, many of the      Security Sector Development.        ducted a month-long “Security
                alumni associations have taken       To strengthen its crisis prepara-   in the Asia Pacific Region”
                the initiative to improve secu-      tion and response, Brunei, alum-    course based on the Advanced
                rity cooperation efforts. Since      ni co-hosted a National Disaster    Security Cooperation Course at
                participation in these private       Management workshop. Alumni         APCSS. In Canada, the alumni
                organizations is voluntary, the      police officials in Hong Kong       conducted two “Maritime Secu-
                array of activities is very broad,   created a Counter-terrorism         rity Challenges” conferences.
                ranging from social gatherings       course and supported the secu-
                to serving as governmental advi-     rity for the equestrian events in
                sory bodies on security issues.      the 2008 Olympics.                  South Asia:

                Southeast Asia:                      Northeast Asia and Americas         Nepalese alumni formed a core
                                                                                         group to support the security
                The alumni in the Philippines        Together with APCSS, the            sector development process in
                and APCSS co-hosted the South        Mongolian alumni co-hosted          Nepal and they assisted in facil-
                and Southeast Asia Alumni As-        the “Emergency Preparedness         itation of a workshop on “Fed-
                sociations Workshop: “Enhanc-        and Risk Reduction Workshop;”       eralism and Security in Nepal.”
                ing National Capabilities and        and co-hosted with the Marshall     Bangladesh alumni established
                Regional Cooperation.” They          Center alumni a seminar in          the Institute of Peace and Secu-
                also conducted a roundtable          Mongolia entitled “Present and
                discussion on the GRP-MILF           Future Security Environment                       continued on page 33
                peace process, and they support-     in North-East and Central Asia:
                ed the Southeast Asia Regional
                Security Forum 2010. Alumni
                created the Philippine Institute
                for Peace, Violence and Terror-
                ism Research and the Asia Pa-
                cific Regional Security Forum,
                Inc. which served as the host for
                several “Multilateral Maritime
                Security Conferences.”

                In Indonesia, the alumni con-
                ducted a conference to discuss
                the “Development of a National
                Defense University.” The alum-
                ni in Thailand have supported

 26 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010                             APCSS	Alumni	Association	in	Chile.
Australia                        Botswana                         Indonesia                       Wayan Deli Su-
Lieutenant Gen-                  Joseph Seelo,                    Albert Maton-                   partha, ASC09-1,
eral David Hur-                  CSRT05-2, was                    dang, SEC05-3,                  was promoted to
ley, SEC01-2, was                promoted to colo-                was appointed                   colonel.
appointed Vice                   nel.                             Ambassador to
Chief of Defence                                                  Portugal.
Force for Australia.
                                             Bhutan                                                           Japan
           Ms. Ann Harrap,                   Mr. Tharchean,                   Gregorius Djalu,                Gojiro Wata-
           EC03-3, was                       EC05-2, was ap-                  EC05-1, was pro-                nabe, EC01-2,
           assigned as the                   pointed as a judge               moted to colonel.               promoted to rear
           Deputy High                       in the Royal Court                                               admiral upper
           Commissioner,                     of Justice.                                                      half.
           Australian High
           Commission, Port      Canada                           Ricky                           Malaysia
Moresby, Papua New Guinea.                                        Winowatan,
                                 Vice Admiral                                                     Ambassador
                                                                  EC05-1, was pro-
                                 Dean McFadden,                                                   Dato Mohd Yusof
Bangladesh                                                        moted to colonel
                                 EC02-2, was ap-                                                  Ahmad, EC04-3,
Makbul Hossain,                                                   and is the defense
                                 pointed Chief of                                                 completed his term
CCM08-1, was                                                      attaché in Thai-
                                 the Maritime Staff.                                              as Ambassador to
promoted to com-                                                  land.
                                                                                                  Switzerland and has returned
modore.                                      Comoros                                              to Malaysia.
                                             Djambae Ali,
                                                                              I Wayan Sulaba,
                                             CSRT05-1, was                                                    Dr. Maria Sulei-
             Md. Ghulam                                                       EC05-2, was pro-
                                             promoted to ma-                                                  man, CCM08-2,
             Hussain, SSD10-                                                  moted to colonel.
                                             jor.                                                             was promoted to
             1, was promoted                                                                                  Senior Medical
             as Acting Secre-                                                                                 Office UD 54.
             tary, Ministry of
             Commerce.                                            Prapto Suprapto,
                                 Salim Ibrahim,
                                                                  ASC09-2, was
                                 EC05-3, was pro-                                                 Madagascar
                                                                  promoted to first
                                 moted to major.
Yahya Syed,                                                       marshal.                        Hippolyte Rari-
SSTR06-1, was                                                                                     son Ramaroson,
promoted to cap-                                                                                  EC98-3, was pro-
tain.                                                                         Chaerul Yani,       moted to admiral.
                                                                              CSRT08-2, was
                                             Amarjeet S.                      promoted as Chief               Micronesia
                                             Chabbewal,                       of Police.
             A.K.M. Majibur                                                                                   Aurelio Joab,
                                             EC00-3, was pro-
             Bhuiyan, EC02-                                                                                   EC03-3, was
                                             moted to major
             2, was appointed                                                                                 elected Senator
                                             general.             Marsetio M.M.,
             Ambassador to                                                                                    Pohnpei State
             Bhutan.                                              SEC07-1, was                                Legislature.
                                 Suresh Kabra,                    promoted to rear
                                 EC08-2, was pro-                 admiral and is                  Marshall
                                 moted to air com-                Commander of the
Mr. Masudur                                                                                       Islands
                                 modore.                          Military Transportation Sea
Rahman, ASC09-                                                                                    Ms. Kino Ka-
1, was appointed                                                  Command.
                                                                                                  bua, EC02-3 was
Political Counselor                                                                               promoted as Per-
                                             Mr. Anil Upad-                   Sisriadi Achmad,
for Embassy of                                                                                    manent Secretary,
                                             hyay, SEC06-2,                   EC07-2, was pro-
Bangladesh in                                                                                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
                                             was promoted to                  moted to colonel.
                                             Secretary, Depart-
                                             ment of Youth                                               Continued on next page
More Promotions....               Mr. Lundeg                     Shailendra                       Charge d ‘Affairs of the Em-
                                  Purevsuren,                    Khanal, CSRT09-                  bassy of Palau in Taipei.
                                  EC03-3, has tran-              1, was promoted
Mr. Bernard
                                  sitioned to the                as Senior Superin-               Papua New Guinea
Adiniwin, EC03-2,
                                  President’s Office             tendent of Armed                 Kapi Maro,
was promoted as
                                  of Mongolia as                 Police Force.                    EC97-2, was pro-
Assistant Secretary
                                  Foreign Policy                                                  moted as Director
for Bureau of Mul-
                                  Advisor to the President of               Colonel Suresh        General, Econom-
tilateral Affairs/le-
                                  Mongolia.                                 Sharma, EC06-3,       ic and Develop-
gal Affairs, MOFA.
                                                                            was appointed as      ment Cooperation
                                  Nepal                                     Defense Attaché,      Division in the
             Ms. Keyoka
                                              Raghu Bhan-                   Embassy of Nepal      Department of Foreign Affairs
             Kabua, EC03-3,
                                              dary, SSTR06-2,               in Pakistan.          and Trade.
             was promoted as
             Assistant Secre-                 was promoted to
                                              colonel.           Pakistan                         Peru
             tary for Bureau of
             United States of                                    Brigadier General                Rear Admiral
             America, MOFA.                                      Tahir Saddique,                  (Ret.) Juan Ro-
                                                                 EC05-3, is serving               driguez, SEC07-1
Ms. Annette Note,                 Madhuban                       as the Defense At-               was nominated
EC04-3, was pro-                  Paudel, EC03-2,                taché in Pakistan                General Director
moted as Assistant                has been appointed             Embassy, Moscow.                 of Education for the Peruvian
Secretary for Bu-                 Ambassador of                                                   Ministry of Defense.
reau of Bilateral                 Nepal to Kuwait.                           Mohammad Asif
Affairs, MOFA.                                                               Sandila, SEC07-                  Philippines
                                                                             1, was promoted
                                              Pradhumna B.                   to vice admiral.                  Ferdinand
                                              Shah, EC99-2,                                                    “Andy” Cui Jr.,
Major General                                                                                                  EC04-2, was pro-
                                              was appointed as
Jalbajav Nanzad-                                                                                               moted as career
                                              Ambassador of      Bashir Ahmad
dorji, EC02-2,                                                                                                 Undersecretary,
                                              Nepal to Brazil.   Syed, EC04-1, was
is Advisor to the                                                                                              Presidential Man-
                                                                 promoted to rear
President of Mon-                                                                                 agement Staff, Office of the
golia.                                                                                            President of the Philippines.
                                  Amod NarSingh
                                  Rana, ASC08-2,
             Mr. Enkhsaikhan                                                                      Philip Cacayan,
                                  was promoted to                            Shahzad Sikan-
             Mendsaikhan,                                                                         ASC09-1, was
                                  brigadier and is                           der, EC02-1, was
             SEC05-2, is Head                                                                     promoted to com-
                                  commanding a                               promoted to major
             of the National                                                                      modore.
                                  brigade in Nepal                           general.
             Reform Party of
                                                                 Sohail Abbas                                 Fernando Trini-
                                              Bhishma Kanta      Zaidi, EC06-1,                               dad, CSRT08-3,
Mr. Tsendiin                                                                                                  was promoted to
                                              Aryal, CSRT08-1,   was promoted to
Monkh-Orgil,                                                                                                  colonel.
                                              was promoted as    major general.
SEC02-1, was
                                              Deputy Inspec-
elected as a Mem-
                                              tor General of                 Mr.
ber of Parliament.
                                              the Armed Police               Sajjad Khan,
                                              Force.                         ASC09-1, was         F. Reginald D. Villasanta,
             Mr. Odbayar                                                                          CSRT09-1, was
                                                                             promoted to First
             Dorj, SEC06-1, is                                                                    promoted to po-
                                  Upendra Aryal,                             Secretary, Em-
             Governor of Dor-                                                                     lice chief superin-
                                  CCM08-2, was                               bassy of Pakistan,
             nod Aimag.                                                                           tendent and he is
                                  promoted as Dep-                           Hungary.
                                  uty Inspector Gen-                                              designated as the
                                  eral of Police.                Palau                            Director of the In-
                                                                                                  telligence Group,
                                                                 Mr. Jon Marvin                   Philippine National Police.
                                                                 Ngirutang, EC03-
                                                                 3, CSRT06-1 and
 28 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010                                    CCM09-1, is the
Ferozaldo Paul                    Ajith                            Gagan                            Waruna
Regencia, EC04-2                  Kariyakarawana,                  Bulathsinghala,                  Gunawardana,
and CSRT09-2,                     CSRT06-1, was                    EC05-1, was pro-                 CCM09-1, was
was promoted to                   promoted to briga-               moted to air vice                promoted to group
colonel.                          dier general.                    marshal.                         captain.

Republic of Korea                              Ellalagoda                       Admiral                        K.T.S.S. Gu-
                                               Gamage De                        D.W.A.S. Dis-                  nawardana,
             Kwon, Ojeong,                     Silva, EC05-2,                   sanayake, EC05-                CCM08-2, was
             EC04-2, was pro-                  was promoted to                  3, was appointed               promoted to colo-
             moted to colonel.                 air vice marshal                 Chief of Staff in              nel.
                                  and he is Director, Inspection                the Navy.
                                  and Safety.
                                                                   R.R. Wijayas-                    Taiwan
                                  P.D.K.T.                         undara, EC05-2,                  Liao, Hung-
Lee, Jingyu,
                                  Jayasinghe,                      was promoted to                  Chieh, was pro-
EC05-2, was pro-
                                  CSRT06-2, was                    rear admiral and is              moted to major
moted to colonel.
                                  promoted to group                Director General                 general.
                                  captain and he is                of Logistics.
                                  currently attending
             Mr. Sng Seow         the National De-                                                             Tanzania
             Lian, EC96-1, is     fense University in Pakistan.                 Dhammika Dias,
             Head, Strategic                                                    CSRT06-3, was                  Peter Matagi,
             Planning and Proj-                Dayal Wijeratne,                 promoted to cap-               ASC10-1, was
             ects at the S. Ra-                SSTR06-2, was                    tain; he is Com-               promoted to se-
             jaratnam School                   promoted to wing                 mander 4th Fast                nior superinten-
             of International                  commander.                       Attack Flotilla.               dent of police.
Studies, Nanyang Technologi-
                                                                                                          Continued on next page
cal University.

Chee Meng Ng,
SEC07-1, was
promoted to ma-
jor general and to
Chief of the Air

Sri Lanka
Vice Admiral
Thisara Samar-
asinghe, EC03-1,
was promoted as
Chief of Navy.

             Air Chief
             Marshal Donald
             Perera, SEC04-2,
             has been appoint-
             ed as Ambassador
             to Israel.

Ruwan De Silva,
CCM08-1, was                         Tonga	alumni	at	a	special	Alumni	Association	social.
promoted to briga-
dier general.

More Promotions....
                                 Mr. Surashete
                                 EC02-1, is first
                                 secretary, Depart-
Thailand                         ment of ASEAN
Ambassador Don
                                             Ms. Chaksuda
SEC99-1, is am-
bassador to the
                                             EC02-3, is first
U.S. in Washing-
                                             secretary, depart-
ton D.C.
                                             ment of European
            Mr. Grisada
            SSTR07-1, was
                                 United States
            promoted as
            Governor of Yala     Commander Noel
            province.            Dahlke, EC08-1,
                                 completed his tour
Sombat Phongsri,                 at APCSS as the
EC08-2, was pro-                 College Operations
                                                                     Philippine	alumni	during	their	annual	APA	Christmas	Party	
moted to colonel.                Officer and is as-
                                                                     held	last	December.
                                 signed as the commander of
                                 the VP-26 Tridents squadron at
                                 the Naval Air Station Jackson-
                                 ville, Florida.
            Charivat                                              Captain William                   Superintendent Daniel Vake
            Santaputra,                      Colonel Patrick      Rall, EC02-2,                                Rakau, EC02-1,
            SEC01-1, is am-                  Miller, APOC         took command                                 was promoted as
            bassador to Ger-                 07-3, transferred    of the USCGC                                 Chief of Staff to
            many.                            from PACOM to        Healy, the U.S.                              the Commissioner
                                             Italy where he is    Coast Guard’s                                of Police.
Ambassador                                   the Commander,       largest icebreaker.
Tharit                           31st Operations Group.
SEC05-2, is am-                  Stephan                                       Fred Chesbro,
bassador to South                Notarianni,                                   ASC09-2, was
Africa.                          EC03-1, is the                                promoted to colo-    Vietnam
                                 Deputy Chief,                                 nel.                 Phan Van Sang,
            Minister Pravit      Military Liaison                                                   EC04-3, was pro-
            Chaimongkol,         Office at the                                                      moted to senior
            SEC03-1, is Di-      American Em-                                                       colonel.
            rector General De-   bassy Rome,                      Vanuatu
            partment of South    Italy.                           Joshua Bong,
            Asian, Middle                                         EC08-1, was pro-                              Ambassador
            East and African                                      moted to colonel                              Doan Ngoc Boi,
Affairs.                                      Rear Admiral        and appointed as                              EC00-3, was reap-
                                              Stephen             Commissioner of the Vanuatu                   pointed as Ambas-
Mr. Theeratep                                 Mehling,            Police Force.                                 sador of Vietnam
Promvongsanon,                                APOC09-1, took                                                    to Helsinki, Fin-
EC03-1, is Direc-                             command of the                                        land.
tor, Central Asia                             14th Coast Guard
Group.                           District in Honolulu.

 30 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
Bangladesh                         Indonesia                         Lieutenant
Commodore                          Air Vice Marshal                  Colonel Ahmed
                                                                     Zareer, EC04-1,                   Brigadier Gen-
Nurul Amin                         Faustinus Poer-
                                                                     retired from the                  eral Nicolas
Chowdhury,                         woko, SEC03-2,
                                                                     military.                         Ojeda Jr., EC06-
EC99-2, retired                    retired and is now
                                                                                                       2, retired from
from the military.                 a Defense Analyst.
                                                                                                       the military. His
                                                                     New Zealand                       last designation was Chief, Of-
             Lt Col Mahbu-                      Brigadier Gener-
                                                                                                       fice of Strategic and Special
             bul Chowdhury,                     al Erwin Barley,                   Richard New-
                                                                                                       Studies, Armed Forces of the
             EC03-2, retired                    PRS09-1, retired                   lands, SEC06-3,
             from military ser-                 from the military.                 retired as Air
             vice                                                                  Commodore from
                                                                                   the New Zealand
                                                                                   Defence Force                     Lieutenant Colo-
Lieutenant                         Mauritius                                       and is serving as                 nel Harold Lim,
Colonel A.Y A.                                                       the first Civilian Director of                  CSRT08-1, retired
Zobayer Ullah,                                                       the Provincial Reconstruction                   from the military.
                                   Ramchurn, EC04-
EC05-3, retired                                                      Team in Bamyan Province,                        He is now work-
                                   1, retired from the
from the military.                                                   Afghanistan.                      ing in the internet marketing
                                   police force.
                                                                                                       business at Zion Global Mar-
                                                                                                       keting. He has also started
             Brunei                            Maldives
                                                                     Papua New                         his own consultancy business
             Pengiran Has-                     Brigadier Gener-      Guinea                            in intelligence and security
             sanan Pg Johari/                  al Ahmed Naeem                                          research.
                                               Mohamed, EC97-        James Laki,
             Zohari, EC00-2,
                                               2, retired from the   EC01-2, retired as
             retired as a Direc-                                                                       Sri Lanka
                                               military.             a lieutenant colo-
tor of Defence Policy, Ministry                                                                        Mr. S. C.
                                                                     nel and is working
of Defence.                                                                                            Jayanthasiri
                                   Colonel                           as the Executive Director of
                                                                     the Peace Foundation, Mela-       Bandaragama,
India                              Mohamed Na-
                                                                     nesia.                            EC01-1, retired
Captain Mugi                       zim, EC03-1,
                                                                                                       from his position
Dhanraj, EC04-3,                   retired from the
                                                                                                       as Additional Secretary and is
retired from the                   military.
                                                                                                       now working as an attorney.
military and is now
Chief Pilot and                                                                                                     Rear Admiral S.
GM Flight Opera-
tions for Taneja Aerospace and
                                     Micronesia                                                                     P. Weerasekera,
                                                                                                                    EC99-1, retired
                                                                                                                    from the navy and
                                                                                                                    was elected as
             Mr. Ashok                                                                                              Member of Parlia-
             Kumar Dhingra,                                                                                         ment.
             EC05-1, has
             retired from his                                                                          Rear Admiral
             position as deputy                                                                        Lesturuge
             secretary in the                                                                          Dharmapriya,
             Ministry of Home                                                                          EC99-3, retired
Affairs.                                                                                               from the navy and
                                                                                                       was selected as
Commodore                                                                                              Director General of
Pradeep Khanna,                                                                                        the Sri Lanka Coast Guard.
EC02-3, retired
from the Indian
                                   Alumni	from	the	Federal	States	of	Micronesia	gather	during	a	
Navy.                                                                                                         Continued on next page
                                   dinner	hosted	by	the	U.S.	Ambassador	to	Micronesia.

Major General
EC01-2, retired
from the army.

             Rear Admiral
             nadige Peiris,
             EC03-2, retired
             from the navy and
             is Director Gen-
eral Civil Defence Force.

Air Vice Marshal
Lalaka Peiris,
EC03-3, retired
and is General
                                                            APCSS	Alumni	Association	in	Comoros.
Manager Admin-
istration and Lo-
gistics, Lanka Bell Ltd.
                                 Jayanath Laksen                 Vanuatu                           Mr. Efren Lapuz,
                                 Salgado, EC02-1,                Mr. Nigel Quai,                   CSRT08-2, retired
          Rear Admiral           retired and is now              EC99-1, retired                   from the Drug En-
          Sunil Samara-          the Group General               from the Vanuatu                  forcement Agency
          tunga, EC04-3,         Manager at Global               Police Force as                   and has accepted
          SEC07-2, retired       Sea Foods Com-                  Superintendent.                   an offer from the
          and is General         pany.                           He is now happily                 National Drug In-
          Manager, Marine                                        helping his daughter Vanessa      telligence Center to work as a
Environment Protection Au-       Taiwan                          Quai market her new music         Senior Intelligence Analyst at
thority.                         Captain Tiehlin                 career.                           the San Diego Law Enforce-
                                 Yen, EC02-2,                                                      ment Coordination Center.
Senior                           retired from the                            Colonel Patu
Superintendent                   Navy after 28 years                         Lui, EC00-1,
Lakshman                         of service. He is                           retired as Com-                    Ms. Delia
De Silva, EC00-2,                currently a Policy                          missioner of the                   Elizabeth Stoehr,
retired from the                 Analyst at the                              Vanuatu Police                     EC96-1, after 30
police and is Head               McArthur Center for Security                Force.                             years of public
of Security and Safety Lanka     Studies in Taipei. He is also                                                  service, retired
Bell Co. Ltd.                    serving as Secretary of the     United States                                  as Acting Divi-
                                 Taiwan APCSS Alumni As-                                                        sion Chief of the
                                                                 Mr. Terry Daru,                   Northeast Asia Policy Division
            Brigadier Nalin      sociation.                      EC01-1, retired
            R. Witharanage,                                                                        at Pacific Command
                                                                 from the U.S. De-
            EC05-1, retired                  Tonga               partment of State
            from military ser-                                   as a Counselor for
            vice.                                                                                  Captain Mathew
                                             Assistant Police    Narcotic Affairs and is now       Cutts, CSRT06-3,
                                             Commander           working for DoS as APEC           retired from the
            Air Vice Marshal                 Sione Talanoa,      2001 Program Coordinator.         U.S. Coast Guard.
                                             EC05-1, retired
                                 from the Tonga Police Force.

32 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
(continued from page 26)
rity Studies, conducting     posium. APCSS alumni in         Reserve Force Capacity,”       Associations
research and conferences     Sri Lanka coordinated with      to determine the feasibility
to help solve security is-   alumni from Nepal to create     of creating such a force in
                                                                                            American Samoa
sues, including efforts to   university-level curriculum     PNG.                           Australia
counter terrorism. The       for “Development, Peace                                        Bangladesh
Pakistan Alumni Associa-     and Security” courses and       Recognizing the value of       Bhutan
tion provides an excel-      they conducted security is-     integrated and collabora-      Cambodia *
lent example of prep-        sues roundtable discussions.    tive efforts, APCSS alumni,    Canada
ping Fellows for APCSS                                       through alumni associa-        Chile
courses and for making       Oceania:                        tions, have demonstrated the   China
recommendations regard-                                      willingness and determina-     Comoros
                                                                                            Cook Islands
ing potential participants   Together with APCSS, Ton-       tion to foster national and
for APCSS courses and        ga alumni co-hosted a “Pa-      international relations that
workshops.                   cific Island Nation Security    advance security coopera-      Hong Kong
                             Collaboration” workshop.        tion throughout the region.    India
Maldives alumni co-          In Papua New Guinea, the        We applaud APCSS alumni        Indonesia
hosted the South Asia        alumni conducted a confer-      for their ongoing contribu-    Iraq
Counter-terrorism Sym-       ence entitled “Building a       tions to regional security.    Japan
                                                                                            Madagascar **
Ambassador                                                                                  Marshall Islands
Nguyen Thac                                                                                 Mauritius**
Dinh, EC03-3,                                                                               Micronesia
retired upon                                                                                Mongolia
completing                                                                                  Nepal
his posting in                                                                              New Zealand
Brazil.                                                                                     Pakistan
                                                                                            Papua New Guinea
            Major Gen-                                                                      Peru
            eral Nguyen                                                                     Philippines
            Ngoc Giao,                                                                      Rep. of Korea
            SEC05-2, re-                                                                    Russia
                             The	chartering	of	the	Kazakhstan	APCSS	Alumni	Association.
            tired from the                                                                  Solomon Islands
            military.                                                                       Sri Lanka
Senior Colonel                                                                              Thailand
Le Van Mai,                                                                                 Timor-Leste
EC98-3, retired                                                                             Tonga
from the mili-                                                                              Tuvalu
tary.                                                                                       Vanuatu
                                                                                            U.S. (HI & DC)

                                                                                             * informal group
                                                                                             ** Joint alumni associa-
                                                                                            tion with the Africa Center

                             APCSS	Alumni	Association	in	New	Zealand.
                                      APCSS FY11 Calendar
                                      * note: dates are subject to change. Please visit our
                                      website for the most current information.

                                           Course #     Start Date       End Date

                                      Comprehensive Security Responses to Terrorism (CSRT) Course
                                           11-01     24-Feb-11 ..........25-Mar-11

                                      Comprehensive Crisis Management (CCM) Course
                                           11-01     07-Jul-11 ...........05-Aug-11

                                      Advanced Security Cooperation (ASC) Course
                                           10-02      21-Oct-10 .........10-Dec-10
                                           11-01      28-Apr-11 .........15-Jun-11
                                           11-02      08-Sep-11 ..........26-Oct-11

                                      Transnational Security Cooperation (TSC) Course
                                            11-01      07-Feb-11 .........11-Feb-11

                                      Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (APOC)
                                            10-03      27-Sep-10 .........01-Oct-10
                                            11-01      24-Jan-11 ..........28-Jan-11
                                            11-02      22-Aug-11 ........26-Aug-11

      Alumni Subscriptions to         Senior Executive Asia-Pacific Orientation Course (SEAPOC)
      Currents Magazine                     11-01      12-Jan-11 ..........14-Jan-11
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      ther	use	of	our	expanding	
      website	and	portals,	and	to	
      economize	on	mailing	costs,	
      we	are	asking	our	alumni	to	
      notify	us	of	their	Currents	
      distribution	preference.		If	
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      by	sending	us	your	updated	
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      mailing	address	via	email	to	
                                                                for Security Studies” .                                on Twitter at

34 CURRENTS Summer/Fall 2010
                                                           as of September 30, 2010
                                                  OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR
                                        Director – Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Edwin Smith, U.S. Army
                                   Deputy Director – Brig. Gen. (Ret.) James T. Hirai, U.S. Army
                                    Foreign Policy Advisor – Ambassador (Ret.) Charles Salmon

                                            COLLEGE OF SECURITY STUDIES
                                             Dean – Amb. (Ret.) Lauren Moriarty
                                     Deputy Dean – Col. (Ret.) David Shanahan, U.S. Army
                                Academic Chief of Staff – Capt. (Ret.) Carleton Cramer, U.S. Navy

                                                           Program Managers
                          Program Manager for Comprehensive Security Development (CSD) – Dr. Rouben Azizian
                        Program Manager for Transnational Security and Crisis Management (TSCM) – Dr. Al Oehlers

Publications Coordinator – Dr. David Fouse                              Maj. Brian Middleton – Korea
                                                                        Lt. Col. Mike Mollohan, USMC – Southeast Asia, Terrorism and
Ms. Jessica Ear – Disaster Management, Humanitarian Assistance,         Peacekeeping
          International Law and Human Rights                            Col. Stephen Myers, U.S. Army – Transnational Security Challenges
Dr. Rouben Azizian – Diplomacy/Eurasia                                  Dr. Justin Nankivell – International Law, Maritime Security
Ms. Miemie Winn Byrd – Economics & Business                             Ms. Kerry Nankivell – International Relations
Dr. James Campbell – Indonesia, Biosecurity                             Dr. Al Oehlers – Economics/Southeast Asia
Capt. (Ret.) Carleton Cramer, U.S. Navy – Terrorism, Int’l Law          Mr. Tom Peterman – Peacekeeping
Cmdr. H. Mario DeOliveira, U.S. Navy – Military/International Law       Mr. J. Nelson Ramos – Trend Analysis Program
Mr. Herman Finley, Jr. – Information Technology                         Lt. Col. Ron Sargent, U.S. Army – Southeast Asia
Dr. David Fouse – Japan                                                 Col. (Ret.) Dave Shanahan, U.S. Army – Security Sector Reform
Lt. Col. Anthony “Fred” Frederick, USAF – Southeast Asia                Cmdr. Paul Tech, U.S. Navy – Aviation Security and Int’l Relations
Dr. Taj Hashmi – Islam, Identify Politics and Culture                   Mr. Shyam Tekwani - Security Sector Reform
Dr. Scott Hauger – Environment/Science                                  Cmdr. Chris Van Avery, U.S. Navy – Maritime Security
Dr. Jeffrey Hornung – Japan                                             Dr. Alexander Vuving – International Security and East Asia
Dr. Steven Kim – Korea                                                  Dr. Virginia Watson – Science & Technology Policy
Maj. David Longbine , U.S. Army – Terrorism                             Dr. William A. Wieninger – WMD Proliferation/Non-Proliferation
Dr. J. Mohan Malik – Asian Geopolitics & Proliferation                             and Deterrence: Indonesia and S. Asia

             Dean – Capt.(Ret.) Richard Sears, U.S. Navy                           Chief – Ms. Mary Markovinovic
                                                                                            Deputy Chief – Mr. Mike Daniels
                              Admissions                                               Webmaster/Photographer – Mr. Bob Goodwin
           Chief – Lt. Col. (Ret.) Tom Patykula, U.S. Army                                 Photographer – Ms. Stephanie Hika
         Registrar – Maj. Mike Craighead, U.S. Marine Corps                             Editorial Assistant - Mr. Ryley Yamamoto
         Alumni – Lt. Col. (Ret.) John Gasner, U.S. Air Force                              Cover Art – Ms. Debra Castro (VI)
                                                                                      Group Photos – Visual Information (VI) Branch
                                                                  CURRENTS EDITORIAL BOARD
                                                                                         Ms. Mary Markovinovic, Editor-in-Chief
                                                                                              Mr. Mike Daniels, Co-Editor
                                                                                                  Dr. Rouben Azizian
                                                                                                  Capt. Emily Dignan
                                                                                                   Dr. David Fouse
                                                                                                   Ms. Jo Gardiner
                                                                                              Lt. Col. (Ret.) John Gasner
                                                                                                    Dr. Al Oehlers

 This publication is produced by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Public Affairs Office. Questions or comments can be
                                 addressed by phone (808) 971-8916 or emailed to
                        Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies * 2058 Maluhia Road * Honolulu, HI 96815
    APCSS alumni attending the Pacific
    Armies Management Seminar. Lt.
    Gen. Benjamin Mixon (TSC 09-1)
    and Brig. Gen. Alejandro Arancibia
    (EC 07-2) were the co-hosts for this
    year’s event. In addition, 11 other
    APCSS alumni attended PAMS.

                     Please don’t forget to contact the Outreach and Alumni Coordination Branch at
                              if you have been promoted, changed job positions, or moved.

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