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                         How Do You Expect the iPad 3?

When Apple released the first iPad in 2010, people complain about most is the iPad
does not have a USB interface, camera, and does not support multitasking and Adobe
Flash content. Facing a lot of criticism, Apple did not make any explanation until the
successful launch of iPad 2 in 2011. Apple made improvements. It is estimated that
since the release date of the first iPad, Apple sold 29 million iPad within two years.

Today, Apple has once again revolutionized the product line and solid its dominance
in the Tablet PC industry. Now, let's hazard a guess about the upcoming iPad 3 which
will attract the attention.

iPad 3 Speculation - Retinal display

Retinal display is undoubtedly one of the characteristics which most
people expect. It will greatly improve the effects of video viewing and
photo editing. Since the release of iPhone 4 which has the
configuration of retinal screen, people have continued to call on
Apple's release with a similar display of the iPad, and even there are
rumors that the next generation of iPad's display resolution will be
double of the present 1024 × 768.

Even so, the iPad 2 shows an accuracy of 132ppi, even if the display resolution doubles, it is
only 264ppi, can not yet reached the human eye's limits of accuracy of identification of
300ppi (iPhone 4/4S display accuracy of 326ppi). That is to say, even iPad's resolution
doubles the rate, they can not achieve iPhone 4/4S seamless precision results.

iPad 3 Speculation - Anti-glare screen

Anti-glare screen and retina display is undoubtedly a great upgrade combination. Anti-glare
screen can effectively avoid the sunlight and indoor light reflection to
improve user comfort when watching the screen.

iPad 3 Speculation - Thunderbolt

With the grasp of the Thunderbolt technology, Apple is entirely possible to give up the USB
port the first two generations used, and choose Thunderbolt port to connect faster smoother.
Thunderbolt port can also connect multiple devices to meet the needs of powerful
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configuration and computing, so it is able to solve the problem that the iCloud service does
not support file transfer.

iPad 3 Speculation - 3D

For 3D, some may question: the cost is too high, and not worth the
candle. However, 3D is now very popular, if there is a huge market
demand, Apple probably will not hesitate to develop the technology
which enables you not to wear awkward glasses 3D to watch movies,
and integrate this technology into the iPad 3. It is reported that now there
are already producers who began to produce the TVs which do not need
special glasses 3D.

So how do you expect iPad 3? What kinds of iPad 3 do you expect to see? The iPad 3
speculation above is just my thoughts, for reference.

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