List Of project for 7th Sem EC Students

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					                             List of Projects for 7th Sem EC Student of GTU Affiliated Colleges
No.          NICIT - Satcom Projects List - 2011         No.                     NICIT - Embedded Projects List - 2011

      Analog to Digital Audio Projects                     1   Automatic Collage Bell
                                                           2   Digital Calendar
1     Analog to Digital Audio Converter                    3   Digital Clock with large size Seven Segments
2     Digital to Analog Audio Converter                    4   DTMF Decoder
3     Digital Audio Distribution Amplifier                 5   Electronic Cash Register
                                                           6   Electronic Voting Machine
      RF Projects                                          7   Finger Print Module Interface
                                                           8   GPRS based Server - Client Application
1     RF Modulator                                         9   GPS based Digital Clock
2     RF Demodulator                                      10   Graphical LCD Interface with Microcontroller
3     RF Combiner                                         11   Home Automation System
4     CATV Analog Modulator                               12   Home Security System
5     CATV RF Amplifier                                   13   I2C & SPI Protocol Implementation
                                                          14   Interfacing Bluetooth module with Microcontroller
      Audio Video Projects                                15   Interfacing GPS Module with Microcontroller
                                                          16   Interfacing GSM module with Microcontroller
1     Video Distribution Amplifier                        17   Interfacing RFID Reader with Microcontroller
2     Audio Distribution Amplifier                        18   Microcontroller based Calculator
3     Video Switcher                                      19   Microcontroller based Function Generator & Frequency Counter
4     Audio Switcher                                      20   MODBUS Protocol Implementation
5     Audio Router                                        21   Moving Message Display (LED Matrix)
6     Video Router                                        22   Moving Message Display using Seven Segment
7     VGA Distribution Amplifier (splitter)               23   Petrocard System
8     VGA Switcher                                        24   PS-2 Keyboard Interface with Microcontroller
                                                          25   Remote & Password Based Lock
      Other Projects                                      26   Remote Based Device Controller
1     L-Band Active Splitter                              27   Remote Device ON OFF Monitoring using GSM
2     Mobile Frequency Jammer                             28   Remote Notice - Board using GSM
                                                          29   Remote Temperature Monitoring using GSM
                                                          30   RS-485 Based Master - Slave Communication for Temperature Indication
                                                          31   RS-485 Communication between two Microcontrollers
                                                          32   Telephone Dialled Number Storage System
                                                          33   Thermal Printing Using Microcontroller
                                                          34   Token Display System
                                                          35   Trainer kit based on 8051
                                                          36   Trainer kit based on PIC
                                                          37   Video Router
                                                          38   X-Y Panel for Router
                                                          39   Audio Router

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