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					                                               Next Generation EUV/Soft-X-ray Mission                                                             [Draft - 07/25/11]

Name of Technology (256 char)              extended duration rockets           EUV or Soft X-ray detector systems                      Gratings
Brief description of the technology Modest launch vehicles capable of         Existing EUV detectors suffer from low   High-resolution blazed gratings for high
(1024)                              putting a few hundred kg in orbit for a   quantum efficiency which must be         power, replicated by emerging
                                    few weeks, but also supportive of the     compensated by long observing time.      nanolayer technologies. This capability
                                    objective of converting existing          Improved photocathodes and               delivers high spectral resolution to
                                    sounding rocket payloads into short-      electronics improvements can be          analyze source spectral lines and
                                    life satellites.                          multipliers for system performance       separate them from spectral features of
                                                                              numbers                                  the interstellar medium.

Goals and Objectives (1024)           The goal is to reach flight readiness   The goal is to reach TRL 6 by 2015       The goal is to reach TRL 6 by 2015
                                      around 2015

TRL                                   Suitable vehicles have been tested a 4 TRL is between 4 and 5. Requires      TRL is 2 for new designs. Prototyping
                                      few times, hence have TRL 9.         efforts towards space qualification and for new concepts has only begun
                                      Satellite systems to match have not testing in relevant environment.
                                      been developed
Tipping Point (100 words or less)     A single demonstration flight, such as Pixel designs require custom ASIC Prototypes exist involving nano-
                                      was done for the SPARTAN concept development to meet targets for power fabrication using high-Z materials to
                                      in the 1980s would bring the concept combined with noise level.          deliver performance at higher energies.
                                      to maturity

NASA capabilities (100 words)         NASA’s capabilities at WFF are          NASA’s does not have an engineering      N ASA has no appropriate facilities but
                                      central to this concept. There is no    group producing detectors of this kind   they also exist in other government
                                      realistic alternative but DoD may be    but suitable commercial sources exist    departments and in industry.
                                      able to contribute constructively.

Benefit/Ranking                       Ranking iv. The benefit of a short       The detector unit is crucial for        Gratings and multilayer coatings are
                                      orbital mission over a sounding rocket envisioned next-generation systems.       essential for normal incidence
                                      flight is roughly the ratio of the       Ranking iv.                             spectrometers. Fabrication
                                      durations, i.e., 10^6.5 s / 10^2.5 s, or                                         technologies for both are applicable at X-
                                      10^4.                                                                            ray and UV wavelengths. Ranking iv.
                                            Next Generation EUV/Soft-X-ray Mission                                                          [Draft - 07/25/11]
NASA needs/Ranking                Ranking iv. Mission capability         The detectors that support EUV can        Gratings remain the preferred way to
                                  intermediate between sounding          with modifications be used on             reach high spectral resolution at these
                                  rockets and explorers enables a        optical/NUV missions planned for later    energies ranking iv.
                                  strategy for maintaining the           years. Ranking: iv
                                  astrophysics community and training
                                  students in a time of lean budgets

Non-NASA but aerospace needs      There is synergy with DoD use of       potential remote sensing applications     potential remote sensing applications
                                  similar LV and satellite systems,
                                  creating potential for partnershiops

Non aerospace needs               Not applicable, by definition          Can be used in synchrotron and laser      Can be used in synchrotron and laser
                                                                         plasma research                           plasma research

Technical Risk                    Technical risk is low; development     Technical risk is low but there is some   Technical risk is moderate for
                                  paths are straightforward              risk of backsliding in the industrial     completely new approach.
                                                                         capabilities. Ranking ii

Sequencing/Timing                 Needed immediately to establish        Should come as early as possible.         Essential to development of explorer
                                  programmatic viability                 Development of other system               class mission
                                                                         components depends on it. Ranking iv

Time and Effort to achieve goal   Ranking iii. Moderate effort. 3 year   Ranking iv. Minimal effort. 3 year        Ranking iv.Minimal effort. 3 year
                                  collaboration between industry and     collaboration between industry and        collaboration between industry and
                                  NASA                                   NASA                                      NASA

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