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					Component                    id
Advance Agent                CR00011368
Advance Agent                CR00019000
Agent Configuration          CR00005629
Agent Configuration          CR00009417
Agent Configuration          CR00016735
Agent Deployment             CR00001102
Agent Deployment             CR00005169
Agent Deployment             CR00009786
Agent Deployment             CR00012888
Alerting                     CR00004387
Antivirus                    CR00001056
Antivirus                    CR00001182
Antivirus                    CR00002022
Antivirus                    CR00002098
Antivirus                    CR00004732
Antivirus                    CR00005607
Antivirus                    CR00006414
Antivirus                    CR00006507
Antivirus                    CR00006587
Antivirus                    CR00007082
Antivirus                    CR00007765
Antivirus                    CR00008443
Antivirus                    CR00009371
Antivirus                    CR00009533
Antivirus                    CR00009560
Antivirus                    CR00009571
Antivirus                    CR00009719
Antivirus                    CR00014535
Antivirus                    CR00019246
Asset Manager                CR00004358
Asset Manager                CR00005022
Asset Manager                CR00012017
Asset Manager                CR00015663
Connection Control Manager   CR00000935
Connection Control Manager   CR00001193
Connection Control Manager   CR00004454
Console                      CR00001236
Console                      CR00001487
Console                      CR00001659
Console                      CR00005948
Console                      CR00005980
Console                      CR00008619
Console                      CR00010651
Dashboard                    CR00008310
Database                     CR00000361
Detection                    CR00004820
Detection                       CR00008351
Host Intrusion Prevention Sys   CR00004701
Install/Uninstall               CR00001017
Inventory                       CR00001090
Inventory                       CR00001231
Inventory                       CR00001373
Inventory                       CR00002027
Inventory                       CR00004448
Inventory                       CR00004703
Inventory                       CR00004818
Inventory                       CR00004837
Inventory                       CR00005279
Inventory                       CR00007047
Inventory                       CR00007349
Inventory                       CR00007432
Inventory                       CR00007989
Inventory                       CR00008665
Inventory                       CR00009131
Inventory                       CR00009338
Inventory                       CR00009454
Inventory                       CR00009692
Inventory                       CR00011281
Inventory                       CR00013109
Inventory                       CR00019556
Macintosh                       CR00001138
Macintosh                       CR00004444
Macintosh                       CR00004705
Macintosh                       CR00004812
Macintosh                       CR00010030
Macintosh                       CR00010652
Management Gateway              CR00010568
Management Gateway              CR00015069
Management Gateway              CR00018434
Multicast                       CR00004347
Multicast                       CR00014226
OS Deployment                   CR00006487
OS Deployment                   CR00007374
OS Deployment                   CR00008489
OS Deployment                   CR00009100
OS Deployment                   CR00016531
Patch Manager                   CR00000042
Patch Manager                   CR00004393
Patch Manager                   CR00004869
Patch Manager                   CR00005237
Patch Manager                   CR00005668
Patch Manager                   CR00005957
Patch Manager                   CR00006293
Patch Manager               CR00006706
Patch Manager               CR00007756
Patch Manager               CR00007839
Patch Manager               CR00008090
Patch Manager               CR00009207
Patch Manager               CR00009527
Patch Manager               CR00015915
Patch Manager               CR00016507
Provisioning                CR00001291
Provisioning                CR00005780
Provisioning                CR00005781
Provisioning                CR00007074
Provisioning                CR00007347
Provisioning                CR00017983
Remote Control              CR00002115
Remote Control              CR00004646
Remote Control              CR00006282
Remote Control              CR00006647
Remote Control              CR00007199
Remote Control              CR00008702
Remote Control              CR00010063
Remote Control              CR00012070
Reporting                   CR00001089
Reporting                   CR00001133
Reporting                   CR00001601
Reporting                   CR00001637
Reporting                   CR00004823
Reporting                   CR00010535
Role-Based Administration   CR00005741
Role-Based Administration   CR00006882
Role-Based Administration   CR00009932
Rollup                      CR00004849
Rollup                      CR00017997
Rollup                      CR00017998
Scheduler                   CR00004773
Scheduler                   CR00005779
Security                    CR00009373
Server Config               CR00001959
Server Config               CR00009487
Server Config               CR00017299
Software Distribution       CR00000657
Software Distribution       CR00001257
Software Distribution       CR00001614
Software Distribution       CR00001819
Software Distribution       CR00004792
Software Distribution       CR00006521
Software Distribution       CR00008662
Software Distribution         CR00009257
Software Distribution         CR00009315
Software Distribution         CR00009785
Software Distribution         CR00010414
Software Distribution         CR00011760
Software Distribution         CR00012051
Software Distribution         CR00012324
Software Distribution         CR00014874
Software Distribution         CR00016209
Software License Monitoring   CR00004354
Software License Monitoring   CR00006483
Software License Monitoring   CR00006995
Software License Monitoring   CR00007092
Software License Monitoring   CR00007840
Software License Monitoring   CR00009355
Software License Monitoring   CR00011128
Trusted Access                CR00000888
Trusted Access                CR00001886
Trusted Access                CR00002028
Trusted Access                CR00004946
Trusted Access                CR00005014
Trusted Access                CR00005889
Trusted Access                CR00008067
Trusted Access                CR00008372
Trusted Access                CR00008528
Trusted Access                CR00015237
Trusted Access                CR00016629
Undetermined                  CR00007695
Unmanaged Device Detection    CR00001316
Web Console                   CR00005670
Web Console                   CR00007427
Web Console                   CR00011580
Unable to install Advanced Agent Configuration after applying MiniRollup 04/08 for LDMS 8.7 SP5.
Run Default windows Configuration.Msi manually could not launch advanceagent.exe on an unmanaged client.
Agent Watcher does not install with an LDSS only license.
Inventory only clients do not complete an inventory scan.
After 8.7 mini rollup 03-08 and 04-08 applied, server agent install fails with a ldiscn.vroot file copy error.
When using LDIS license, Remote control/Software distribution/Migration Tasks is shown and checked during the installation
uninstallwinclient problems with Japanese agent - removes startup items.
Deploying an agent with the option "Show start menu on end user device" unchecked will still place Inventory and Security Sc
WSCFG32.EXE does not reinstall CBA8INST.MSI when files are missing from the Shared Files folder on the client.
Email Alerts do not work on Win2K3 with French OS.
LDAVHLPR - AV-101 still can be detected on McAfee Antivirus 4.5.1 after it has been successfully repaired.
Trend PC-cillin 2006 "Real time protection" status is unchecked after repaired AV-101.
LDAVHLPR - There is no Last Scan date in security inventory information for McAfee Antivirus 4.5.1.
Self contained agent install does not install AV if machine cannot contact core.
Security and patch reports: Detected vulnerabilities etc show only one vulnerability per machine.
Forced Closure of Third-Party Application by Antivirus/Spy ware.
The scan process of the LANDesk antivirus will never terminate on Windows Vista Business.
I need to have the feature from 8.8 where AV backs up the bases folder and reverts to the last definitions and pattern files is
CA eTrust version 8.1.637 is not being removed by LAD (Vulcan /removeoldav) or detected by inventory.
LDAVLHPR - There is no support for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.
LDAVHLPR - There is no LDAVHLPR support for Trend Server Protect 5.7, Internet Security 2008, OfficeScan 8.0.
LDAVLHPR.DLL - New support for eTrust 8.0 & 8.1.
LDAVHLPR - LANDesk Antivirus can not run on Vista and x64 platform.
ScanningProcess.exe has a lock on avc files, disallowing LDAV pattern updates and Real-time protection.
AV-110 can not be detected after failed to cleaning and removing virus on the client.
LDAVHLPT.DLL - Custom variable LANDesk Antivirus Minimum Version of AV-100 doesn't work.
AV-101 Does not detect as vulnerable when real-time is disabled.
AV is removing CA single sign on program.
LDAVHPR.DLL - There is no content to support ESET nod32 antivirus.
Importing asset data from CSV then editing the asset throws error: "an error has occurred in the web application, click here to
When importing Asset information, if the Duplicate Handling Update option is checked, get error: ORA-01400: cannot insert
Asset Manager: Asset tag and Manufacturer information are not updated between LDMS database and Asset Manager datab
When browsing Asset Manager from a customer Global list information is missing from the view.
USB storage device not being blocked on slow machines.
Usbmon.exe disables key combination "Ctlr + Shift + Up arrow” in Excel as it is used by Usbmon.exe.
SP5:Connection control configurations for W2K3 Client does not work.
Console incorrectly interpreting ' (Apostrophe) in SLM.
Discovery icons still show on device even though machine is off.
If a user uses a different user to log on to Windows Vista than is used to log on to the Console the Console will fail to load.
After applying LDMS 8.7 SP5 users are no longer able to log into the core servers 32bit console.
Unable to support nested global security groups.
DEU: Typo'd localization of "Public distribution packages" in German 8.7 SP5 causes package-group problems.
FRA - Scan and repair settings messages are shrunk to a single line (instead of the older message box).
Memory Leak in Dashboard report Service.
FRA: Starting Web Console creates additional Ordinateur entries in Unmodeled data.
McAfee8.1&8.5 AV-101repaired incorrectly.
LDAVHLPR.DLL - There is no support for Internet Security 2007 (PC-cillin) (v15.3) on windows vista(x64).
Installing LANDesk Agent with HIPS using provisioning stops provisioning process as it is asking for user interaction.
CoreDataMigration utility does not maintain associations to Console users between export and import.
"Restore old Device ID's" option does not work on computers with Intel AMT.
NIC Bridge or Team adapter does not report DNS to Inventory on scan.
Inventory service continues to grow and doesn't release memory.
Primary Owner is being reported as System.
INV: Inventory scanner does not use peer download for LDAPPL3 updates.
Changing keyboard layout from English to Norwegian keyboard layout does not show correctly in Inventory.
Macintosh Inventory Scanner isn't working correctly with the "Use Connection Address" advanced inventory setting.
Inventory service needs to roll ldappl3.pat change into ldappl3.base.
Inventory scanner reports all versions of Vista as Windows Vista.
Inventory service is unable to delete duplicate devices or devices that have not reported inventory for too many days.
Inventory does not report correct keyboard languages for Swedish and Danish keyboards (related to CR 4703).
Restore Old Device ID's can get confused and not work correctly.
Need an option to "send all executed data" for Inventory Scanner via command-line.
The inventory scanner fails to grab the SLM data for most of the information in the registry under the monitorlog registry key
(8.7 sp5 mini0408) Inventory: Restart inventory services, an error occurs in event viewer.
Receive an Event error on ldappl3.ini when inventory is restarted or scheduled inventory scan.
Inventory: an error message pops up, when doing ldscan in ldsm agent.
Using /T switch to send up inventory scans fails when the scan file contains product information.
INV: Products larger than a certain size cause scans to fail insertion into the database.
Record Creation Date is removed by sync scan.
The Database and Console.exe.config hasn't be versioned with the SP6.
Cannot install through a custom definition.
(See Notes) post install script moves files instead of copying.
Macintosh scanner does not scan the version for the Adobe Flash.plugin file.
Invoking the Macintosh Inventory scanner with the parameter –F –o <filename> throws a segmentation fault error.
Inventory scanner exits with only the device id in the scan file.
MAC Power PC Proxies settings are not retrieved correctly from the client to the core.
If customers proxy servers starts with the name "proxy" we skip that word and only look for the rest of the name.
Ricoh: Policy downloads via the gateway are extremely slow.
8.7sp5:Management Gateway Service does not start up after core reboot.
SWD: MDR download fails on poor WAN links.
Software distribution tasks with TMC hung up by shutting down Representative PC in LDMS8.7 SP5.
Unable to create folders in the PXE Boot Menu more than 3 levels deep.
Tftp access through the LDMS PXE Rep allows access to entire OS file system through directory traversal.
Vulnerability reported in PXE TFTP service post fix: OSD-737488.0.
OSD: Miniscan.exe in WINPE does not get the serial number for Lenovo T61 laptops.
Secure PXE not accepting password.
ER for updatevirusdefinitions.exe to use proxy settings in the patchsources.xml when executable is run independently.
Patch description on French LDMS 8.7 SP4 is displayed in one single line with scroll buttons.
AVBehavior status changes to default when saved if not on the General tab.
Vaminer does not use the same proxy settings running manually and scheduled task.
In the Type field of the Antivirus vulnerability property window appears the string “String not found: vulnerabilityType.TypeLa
Vulscan fails to run on Windows Server 2008.
Vulscan not getting placed in the action.ini file.
Dates for Detection rules are not formatted properly for sorting.
Vulscan is submitting duplicate rows in the ConputerVulerability table due to a timeout in proxyhost.
Unable to download custom definition patches.
Low bandwidth connection not throttling bandwidth as expected.
Patch Manager always uses “Anonymous” access to download patches and Antivirus definitions through a proxy connection.
Not all affected computers are being added to the repair task when selecting the "add all affected computers" option.
When using vaminer.exe /exportstatus=filename.xml to export the patch status from 8.7 or 8.8 core and then using Vaminer
LDMS8.7 Core Spyware Engine/Definitions Update and Vulscan Spyware Engine transfer from LSAS to CEAPI 2008.
USMT takes long time with ExecuteHandler.
Window to select software package in provisioning template is too small - please extend it.
Provisioning: “Create partition” action doesn’t work with the “Size” value set at -1 in LDMS 8.7.
Last reboot action in the PostOS Section of Provisioning template is failing with error; "Caught exception in main: code=80001
When provisioning executes SoftDist tasks with a package that has dependencies more than once, it fails.
SP6: Import file operation setting for Update Registry cannot be saved.
Remote control fails to a locked workstation when signing on with a different user than who locked it. Session ends.
Unable to remote control any client from the Web Console if no language is defined in Internet Explorer.
Ability to add custom text notification when a user is prompted to allow Remote Control access does not work if the client is
Remote control systray indicator disappears in Vista with UAC enabled.
When Remote Controlling with Certificate based security option and User Permission Required option enabled, the user perm
When imitating a remote control session from the Console an Invalid DNS query is sent.
When setting up a static TCP/IP port for issuser.exe, rcgui.exe doesn’t adjust and the RC session fails.
Management gateway remote control fails if client uses proxy server that starts with word "proxy".
Corrupted/Incorrect information in a report when using “Qualifier” setting in the Column configuration.
"Policy-supported push delivery status by task" report does not display task status in web console.
ER - Canned report for the rollup "Detected Vulnerabilities" to display additionally the Originating Core server of the Device.
The standard report 'manufacturer' always show as 'Unspecified'.
Unable to export the report “Ajout/Suppression de Programmes” using the View As Report option under a French core server
Failed to insert devices when run "publish" Itemized security report.
In Patch Manager a LANDesk user with a zone assigned can see machines member of other Zones.
Active Directory user doesn't get rights from the Active Directory scope configured in the RBA.
Installing SP5 resets the Assigned scope of the Default Template user to "Default Assigned Scope".
ER: Curtiss-Wright needs to be able to report on SLM data at the roll-up Core level.
Rollup: DBRollup.exe does not remove the devices from the computer table when deleted a core from Rollup Utility.
Rollup: Rollup will fail when select "Security and Patch Definitions" in "Attributes".
Multicast Targets with Subnet Masks get stuck in active status.
Rollup's Global Scheduler does not always send all PMF's to all Core's.
Spyware - Attempt of Special Character Import will cause some error.
When viewing event logs in Server Manager occasionally a blank page will occur and produce an n-1 for page count.
When pulling the ServerConfig agent, receive an error that httprequest.dll was not found.
When pushing the ldsm agent to Windows client, the ldsm agent setup program ran successfully, but the task Status is 'None
Non-silent app installations on Vista prompt user with UAC window
When a machine is matching with a LDMS or LDAP query, the machine is not added to a task based on this query if the task is
Scheduled Tasks within Groups disappears if groups are dragged within one another.
SWD: Non-Admin user's AMClient fails if Vulscan is already running, since it has elevated its rights to system
Client receives the wrong preferredservers.dat file
When creating a package in the web console and adding folders as additional files, some files are missing.
Preferredserver.dat has the wrong information quite often because there are no checks in place to verify it's up to date version of lddwnld.dll causes sdclient to crash on Vista machines
LD 8.7SP5 Upgrade:SWD: the SWD is executed failed in ldsm.
Multicast cache only tasks report successful when 1 or more files failed to download successfully
Tasks that finish with a reboot required status message are show as failed in the Console causing the policy to reapply
Can not run xcopy command silently by startasuser.exe
Multicast SWD tasks fail with "Failed to download and hash additional files".
Remove Check to see if application being installed is a Linked thinstall application
Peer download is EXTREMELY slow
Qip Server Service vulnerability - Discovered by Tipping point analyst
SLM does not report usage data for Yahoo Messenger version 7
The flag "Not in product" is not imported by the Import function of Software License Monitoring
Console pops error when importing xml products in SLM
Softmon takes 5 minutes to show the denied message on Vista clients.
SLM Denied products - Softmon stops blocking use of denied apps after applying any post sp5 patches with a later ldiscn32.ex
SLM: Database Exception: -2147467259 Unspecified Error when inserting scans
SLM is reporting files discovered with a size of 0 (zero) bytes
After applying patch from CR 115007 issue recurs - caused by LANDeskSecurityClient.exe this time
Unable to pass the Spyware scan with Trusted Access (LDDHCP/NAC)
LDDHCP Service shutting down randomly.
802.1x LANDesk proxy does not send NAK.
ER: Customer wants to have the healthy unhealthy web page displayed in IPSec like it is in LDDHCP
LTA.msi which is called by Visitor.exe is using outdated files
MACstates.xml file does not clear out the health state of the machine after the scan timeout has expired
Editing the LTAemployeesettings.xml file does not change the showui option
802.1x LTA EAP authentication type missing on the network connection property after scheduling update one agent configura
Visitor.exe does not include curllib.dll
Ricoh: AV-100 (Trend OfficeScan check) takes several minutes to run.
When the COM+ LANDesk1 component Signature is called the memory is not unallocated and dllhost.exe hangs.
UDD scans have lost results function since 8.5 with printers
Folders with a "." (DOT) get misinterpreted in web console when creating/saving a package
Inventory scan from the web console is showing the inventory UI on the target device
Console and Web Console login extremely slow in complex domain environments
d during the installation status window on client.

 ventory and Security Scan icons on the client device.

ons and pattern files is current are corrupt.

application, click here to return to the form".
A-01400: cannot insert NULL into.
d Asset Manager database.

 sole will fail to load.
r interaction.

entory setting.

 too many days.

monitorlog registry key.

on fault error.

 f the name.

n independently.

ulnerabilityType.TypeLastType” instead of "Antivirus".
 gh a proxy connection.
mputers" option.
 nd then using Vaminer /importstatus=filename.xml to import it into 8.8 core the autofix status of the patches is not set.
 CEAPI 2008.

 on in main: code=80001500H, file=.\ProvisioningWebSvc.cpp, line=685".

  Session ends.

 not work if the client is Italian.

  enabled, the user permission window does not pop up on client and cannot start remote control.

 e server of the Device.

der a French core server.

m Rollup Utility.

or page count.

 the task Status is 'None Completed'.

  this query if the task is already running.

 rify it's up to date
policy to reapply

 with a later ldiscn32.exe version.

ate one agent configuration.
atches is not set.

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