Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County VPK Provider Conference

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					                    Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County
                           VPK Provider Conference Call
                                      Thursday, October 8th, 2009
                                          12:30 pm to 2:00 pm
         Call in Number: 877-366-0711 Toll Free             Participant Passcode: 71557164#
NOTE: Use *6 to mute and unmute – If your program has music on “hold” then please press *6 for mute
                                       before placing call on hold
                     (This call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes)
           Please unmute and announce your name and program as you enter the call.

  I.   Welcome and Roll Call
       ELC Staff:
           Agreements, Class Approval                           Pam Parmenter, Stephanie Danforth
           Monitoring, Technical Assistance                     Cari Whiddon
           Provider Payments, Enrollment and Eligibility        Sharon Oakes
           Policy                                               Fred Bruneau
           Education                                            Lissa Ledbetter
           Inclusion                                            Anna Maria Carlton

       DOE Staff:
              Mary Ann Goodrich                        DOE Regional VPK Facilitator

       DCF Child Care Licensing:
               Judy Doyle                              DCF Child Care Licensing Supervisor

       AWI Staff:
              Raphael Gomez                            AWI Technical Support Team

 II.   Provider issues or questions to be added to the agenda

 III.   State level updates
     A. 2008-09 VPK Provider Kindergarten Readiness Rate Rule Development Workshop. (9/21/09)
                      1.Research from DOE is that VPK is working. “Children who participated in the
                          VPK program performed better on the kindergarten screening than children
                          who did not participate”-2008-09 Readiness Rate Rule Development
                      2.FLKRS 09-10-The term “ready” is proposed to be calculated on two measures;
                          ECHOS and the FAIR-K Broad Screen. One point will be assigned for each
                          percent “ready”, and the Readiness Rate will be the sum of the percentages.
                          a. ECHOS-Teachers observes what children know by watching them work,
                              play, build, problem solve, and interact. Teacher assesses with: Not Yet
                              Demonstrating, Emerging/Progressing or Demonstrating.
                          Sample: A child retells a story or part of a story that has been read to the
                              • Listens attentively when the teacher reads the book in class
                              • Retells one part of the story accurately
                   Early Learning Coalition of Manatee County
                          VPK Provider Conference Call
                               • Retells whole story or event experienced in the class
                         b. FAIR-K Broad Screen –FLKRS will use the first two measures: Letter
                               Naming and Phonemic Awareness. This assessment will not be timed.
                         Sample Letter Naming: Teacher Directions-I’m going to show you some letters
                         of the alphabet. Tell me the name of that letter. (Capital and lower case)
                         Sample of Phonemic Awareness: Teacher Directions-What would the word be
                         if I say: /l/ /ake/ (lake)
                     3.Proposed Timelines for 2008-09 Readiness Rate
                               • August-September 09- Rule Development Workshop
                               • November 09-State Board of Education Approval
                               • December 09-January 10-Release of Kindergarten Screening Results and
                                 Provider Verification of VPK participation Attendance Data.
IV.    ELC Issues
           a. Attendance Policies and Procedures
           b. Expiration Dates on Credentials and Screenings
           c. Opening a new classroom during the second semester you will need to have all
               paperwork submitted and approved to the ELC by December 1, 09. Including VPK11
               forms and with supporting documentation and Certificate of Eligibility for each VPK

 V.    Other

VI.    Address Provider issues from item II

VII.   Next conference call date:
          a. Day:              November 12th 2009
          b. Time:             12:30pm – 2:00 pm

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