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									                                                                                                                      Timelines for IEPM-BW project                                               C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\57ffafbe-c77b-4a25-9f5c-bedda32b39ec.xls

Month                            1         2         3        4       5              6         7         8        9          10        11        12       13         14         15         16       17     18      19       20      21        22      23        24
                       ent                            Improv
                       goals,                         e
                       benefit       Extend &         docum
                       s             cleanup existing entatio
                       desired       IEPM web site n on                                                                                                                                                                                 Prepare and make
                       outcom        & incoporate     setting                                                                                                                                                                           presentations on
Web site               e             new project      up sites
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Contact experiences and status
                                                                                                                       Contact                                                                                                 site
                                                                                                             Select    next       Install                                                                               Select and
                       Install       Train CERN                                                              next      site       IEPM-     Train next site                                                             next   establis Train next site
                       IEPM-         person and help                                                         site      and        BW at     person and help                                                             site   h POC, person and help
                       BW at         set up tier 1 & 2                                                       (see      establis   next      set up tier 1 & 2                                                           (see   install set up tier 1 & 2
                       CERN          remote sites                                                            below)    h POC      site      remote sites                                                                below) swr      remote sites
   Monitoring sites                                                                                                                                             Select     Contact
                                                                                                                                                                next       next
                                                                                                                                                                IEPM-      site
                                                         Contact                                                                                                BW         and
                                                         BNL               Install       Train BNL                                                              monitor    establis   Train next site
                                                         and      Set up   IEPM-         person and help                                                        ing site   h POC,     person and help
                                                         establis ssh      BW at         set up tier 1 & 2                                                      (see       install    set up tier 1 & 2
                                                         h POC account     BNL           remote sites                                                           below)     swr        remote sites

                                              Enhance code to enable Integrate new features
                       Enhance code to enable reduced security       and make code
IEPM-toolkit           less network traffic   requirements           distributable                                     Distribute new version of IEPM                                                                                    Distribute new version of IEPM
                                                                                                    Compare tools, choose
Analysis (also using   Develop tool for          Document traceroute     Develop prototype tools most appropriate,                                                                 Integrate anomaly         Add web services access
funding from US Dept   traceroute analysis,      analysis with a Program to automate the            understand behavior with                              Document with a          detection and             to IEPM-BW bandwidth
of State for NIIT      visualization and         Logic Manual, and       detection of anomalous the parameters, and for Add visualization of the Program Logic Manual, traceroutes into IEPM-                measuremennts and
Pakistan students)     topology map              integrate into IEPM-BW changes in bandwdth         functions the tool applies changes                    write publication        BW                        traceroutes
                                                                                                                                        Define required changes.
                                                                                          Provide information on       Understand and Allocate resources to
                                                                                          current status and plans analyze the          develop improvemnts.
                       Add database to Improve ability to select                          for IEPM-BW. Solicit         requests, decide Set up a CVS repository
Add required           aid in data       which groups of sites to                         input for improvemnts to on most cost-        to enable distributed      Develop chosen           Integrate improvements into main
improvements           selection         display                                          IEPM-BW                      effective to add development                requested improvements distribution
                                                                                                                                                                                   Add web services
                                                                                                                                                                                  access to IEPM-BW            Document how to access
                                                                                                                                                                                  bandwidth                    IEPM-BW data
                                                                                                                                                                                  measuremennts and            interactively and via web
Data access                                                                                                                                                                       traceroutes                  services API
                       Provide consulting to users of IEPM-BW, keep web site up to date, organize and lead occassional phone meetings of participants, fix bugs, provide coordination, write reports (e.g. for DoE), write and present
Ongoing                talks and papers

Related work but       Productize lighweight                                 Investigate integratiion of                                   Understand I2 OWAMP data and                        Investigate using event
unfunded by the        bandwidth estimation        Use traceroute tools with traceroute tools with                                         experiment with anomalous event Add OWAMP to IEPM- detection with OWAMP
present proposal       tool                        NLANR AMP data            AMP and Internet2                                             detection                       BW                  data
                       Depends on interest to HENP (BaBar, LHC (ATLAS & CMS), D0, CDF) and ESnet community. Also depends on willingness of site to contribute resources to manage monitoring (10-20% FTE). Sites of potential
                       interest not mentioned above include Umich, Caltech, SDSC, ESnet, IN2P3, DESY, RAL, StarLight, ORNL N.b. SLAC is already a monitoring site with about 40 remote sites and as part of our preliminary
Site selection         preparation we have already set up FNAL as a monitoring site, to prove feasability, and understand requirements etc. We have also contacted CERN and DESY and have agreements to set them up as IEPM-
Travel                 Travel to publicize project to network & Grid community, to assist new sites. Three US trips per year, 1 International per year

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                                                                                                              Timelines for IEPM-BW project                              C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\57ffafbe-c77b-4a25-9f5c-bedda32b39ec.xls

Month                       25          26          27        28        29       30         31        32          33       34         35        36 Month

                       ed from Write & submit
                       last    publications and talks on
Web site               page    experience & results                                                                                               Web site
                                                                                                next site
                                                                                      Select establis       Train next site
                                                                                      next site h POC,      person and help
                                                                                      (see      install     set up tier 1 & 2
                                                                                      below) swr            remote sites
   Monitoring sites    Select                                                                                                                        Monitoring sites
                       next       Contact
                       IEPM-      next site
                       BW         and
                       monitori   establis    Train next site
                       ng site    h POC,      person and help
                       (see       install     set up tier 1 & 2
                       below)     swr         remote sites
IEPM-toolkit           page                                                                                                                       IEPM-toolkit

Analysis (also using                                               Design architecture for on                                                     Analysis (also using
funding from US Dept   Design and develop an                       demand info gathering      Develop package to use                              funding from US Dept
of State for NIIT      event filtering and warning                 following an anomalous     existing tools to gather          Make code         of State for NIIT
Pakistan students)     syste                                       event                      information                       distributable     Pakistan students)

                                                Evaluate need for central access to
                       Evaluate need for        IEPM_BW data, e.g. a central
Add required           schedulinmg and possible archive, iproved tools for gathering Provide scheduling                         Make code         Add required
improvements           solutions                data from multiple sites etc.        solution                                   distributable     improvements

Data access                                                                                                                                       Data access

Ongoing                Continued                                                                                                                  Ongoing

Related work but                                                                                                                                  Related work but
unfunded by the        Modify event detection to         Integrate event detection                                                                unfunded by the
present proposal       accept I2 OWAMP data              into I2 PiPES                                                                            present proposal

Site selection         Continued                                                                                                                  Site selection
Travel                 Continued                                                                                                                  Travel

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