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Section/sub section Title                                   Content/concepts                                     Lead     Participate           Objections   Comment
1                    SCOPE
1.1                  Purpose
1.2                  intended Users
1.3                  How to use this guidebook

2                    APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS
2.1                  SAE Publications
2.2                  FAA Publications
2.3                  EASA Publications
2.4                  RTCA Publications
2.5                  Government Publications
2.6                  Other Publications

3                    BACKGROUND                                                                                  Boeing   Boeing                             Holger Speckmann (HS)
                                                                                                                                                             Current status of ensuring the structural health should be separated
                                                                                                                                                             into military and civil, because they are very different

3.1                  History of Health Management                                                                                                            HS
                                                                                                                                                             We have to focus on Structure Health Monitoring and not on Health
                                                                                                                                                             Monitoring in general. HM in general will include systems, engines, etc.
                                                                                                                                                             This will overload the guidebook and it is not the intention for this
                                                                                                                                                             guide line.
3.2                  Vehicle Health Monitoring                                                                                                               comments!C4
3.3                  Integrated Vehicle Health Management

4                    INTRODUCTION TO SHM SYSTEMS                                                                          BAE systems
4.1                  Definition of SHM                      HS                                                            NRC, Boeing, Sandia
                                                            Difference between visual inspection, NDT and SHM,
4.2                  SHM Perimeter                          HS                                                            Sandia
                                                            Materails, Effects of Defects, Structure, Sensor
                                                            technology, equipment, tools, systems
                                                            (commuinication, power supply, etc.), maintenance,
                                                            customer support
4.3                  Operational approaches                 On-board & on-line monitoring                                 NRC, sandia
                                                            On-board & off-line monitoring                                                                   comments!C6
                                                            Off-board & off-line monitoring
                                                            Active System
                                                            Passive System
                                                            Hybrid: SHM with NDE
4.4                  Functional elements                    Damage detection, damage locating & monitoring

                                                            Usage monitoring, flight parameters, environmental
                                                            Diagnosis, damage extent/effect
4.5                  Modes of operation                     scheduled SHM (S-SHM)
                                                            continuous SHM (C-SHM)
                                                            prognostic SHM (P-SHM)

5                    EXISTING (?) MAINTENANCE PRACTICES                                                                                                      HS
                                                                                                                                                             This should be before Chapter 4, because it will explain the status,
                                                                                                                                                             followed by the the new way of using SHM
5.1                  Airframe Design principals             Damage tolerance & Safe life design philospohy
5.2                  Maintenance processes                  unscheduled/ scheduled, inspection schedules,
                                                            maintenance program implementation
                                                            scheduled maintenance development , MSG-3
5.3                  Inspections tools                      Visual, NDE                                                                                      comments!C2

6                    SHM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                                                                     Airbus   Airbus, Bombardier

6.1                  Detection capability                   POD, sensitivity, calibration
6.2          Durability, reliability, survivabiliy         environmental specs, these requiremnts may have
                                                           application depenancies
6.3          Fabrication / implementation / installation

6.4          Integration
6.5          Usage
6.6          Repairability/maintainability
6.7          data Integrity, quality
6.8          data Availability
6.9          validation and calibration
             self diagnostic capabilities (HS)
             OSA-CBM (Open-System-Architecture /           HS
             Condition Based Monitoring)                   Platform descript for the functional integration of SHM

7            SHM QUALIFICATION                             need to resolve meenaing and diffrences between
                                                           Cert., qualifications, verifciation and validation


8            VERIFICATION/VALIDATION                       need to resolve meenaing and diffrences between           Sandia
                                                           Cert., qualifications, verifciation and validation


9            CERTIFICATION (Civilian)                      need to resolve meenaing and diffrences between           Sandia, EASA
                                                           Cert., qualifications, verifciation and validation        (visibility only)

9.1          Applicable Regulations & requirements         AC, standards, AD, Type certs

                                                           AMOC, regulatory compliance, airworthiness,
                                                           new aircraft, operating aircraft, service bulletins
9.2          alternative means of compliance               Realtionship between NDE and SHM                                              comments!C2
9.3          Process                                       Process map, structures vs. systems
9.4          Methods/ tools
9.5          Certification of on-board equipment
9.6          Certification for maintenance credits         Acceptance of SHM for fatigue management program
             procedure                                     AC 92-82, acceptance for other damage prevention
9.7          Certification for use in structural design

10           CERTIFICATION (Military)
             Applicable Regulations & requirements                                                                                       comments!C3

             Additional certification considerations

11.1         Operation and Sustainment of SHM              repairability, maintainability, configuration
             systems                                       management,
11.2         Relationship between NDE and SHM               calibration/validation of SHM                            sandia              comments!C2
11.3         Example management scenarios

                                                           Training for personnel / operators of equipment
                                                           Training for diagnostic and prognostic
                                                           methodologies & regulatory approval
APPENDIX A   GLOSSARY                                      SHM definitions and recommended word usage                NRC
                                                           e.g. scheduled SHM, continuous SHM, prognostic SHM

                                                           Abbreviations (HS)
Name              date

Ricardo & Paulo   Mon 9/8/2008

Ricardo & Paulo   Mon 9/8/2008

Ricardo & Paulo   Mon 9/8/2008

Peter Foote       11 Sept. 2008

Micheal Shiao     23 Spet. 2009
I am not sure if I totally understood the item "Relationship between NDE and SHM ". However, if I understood it
correctly I thing it would be more applicable to have it inside chapter "10 - IN-SERVICE MANAGEMENT " instead
of having it inside chapter "5 - EXISTING (?) MAINTENANCE PRACTICES ", once this is more related to the
application of SHM technology comparativelly to typical NDE. Nevertheless, another approach would be having the
presentation of NDE on chapter 5 and the relationship to SHM on chapter 10;

Both chapters "CERTIFICATION (Military) " and "IN-SERVICE MANAGEMENT " have the same number.
"CERTIFICATION (Military) " will be part of the same "civilian" guideline, correct?

It is not so clear to me the differences between "Vehicle Health Management" and "Integrated Vehicle Health
I believe we need to map the relationship between SHM and overall vehicle health management somewhere in
the guidelines, perhaps in the 'operational approaches' or in the ' health management key definitions '
suggested in the notes page . The notion of Integrated vehicle health management seems to be gaining more
traction lately. Aircraft OEMs are being driven down the 'service provider' route both in military and civil circles
which is bringing whole aircraft approaches to health managment to the fore. This could be a major factor in
getting SHM implemented since the business models for availability contracting will inevitably draw all
maintenance issues into a linked framework (e.g. around CBM, fault forwarding etc...).

need to include 'On-board & off-line monitoring' category

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