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Sheet1 - Texas Rural Health Association


									Amerinet                                    Silver
ARCO Construction                           Silver
B.E. Smith                                  Friend
Capital Hospital Finance Group              Friend
CMTA Consulting Engineers                   Silver
Coffey Communications, Inc.                 Silver
Commerce Bank                               Lanyards
Community Hospital Consulting               Friend & handout
Concord Medical Group                       Silver
CRG Medical, Inc.                           Silver
CSI Leasing, Inc.                           Silver
CTA Architects Engineers                    Silver
Custom Software Systems, Inc.               Gold
D-MED Corporation                           Silver, Inc.                            Silver
East Texas AHEC                             Silver
Executive Health Resources                  Silver
FKP Architects                              Friend
General Physics Corporation (GP)            Gold
Global Healthcare Alliance                  Friend
Globalscape                                 Friend
GroupOne Services                           Silver
HDR Cooper Medical                          Silver
Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services   Silver
HealthSHARE                                 Bags & Silver
Hoar Construction, LLC                      Friend
Hospital Receivables Service, Inc.          Silver
Hunter Pharmacy Services                    Friend
Internet Innovation Alliance                Silver
Jackson & Coker                             Friend
The Medicus Firm                            Silver
McNeary, Inc.                               Pens
MN Systems - FreedomPACS                    Silver
Our Lady of the Lake University             Friend
Pharmacy Choice and Access Now (PCAN)       Friend & handout
POLYCOM                                     Silver
Precision Document Solutions, Inc.          Silver
re|solution                                 Silver
Rogers-O'Brien Construction Company, Ltd.   Friend
Rural Physicians Group                      Silver
Rx Remote Solutions                         Gold
Ryerson Healthcare Consultants              Silver
ShiftWise                                   Silver
Sterling Barnett Little Inc                 Silver
Stillwater National Bank                              Silver
Sundt Construction, Inc.                              Friend
SUNRx/MedImpact                                       Silver
t. howard + associates architects                     Friend
Texas Department of Rural Affairs                     -
Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange                     Silver
Texas Recruiters                                      Gold
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, F.
Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health   Silver

Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals     Silver & Notepads
UnitedHealthcare - Texas                              Silver
Vanguard Modular Building Systems, LLC                Silver
Voice Products Inc.                                   Silver
Walker & Associates                                   Friend

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