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									                            RESUME - Robert L. Moore
                         4332 Team Roper Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
                  Home: 719-596-5318 CellPhone: 719-330-7910 Office: 719-574-5730

       University of Colorado at Boulder, CO -- Graduate work in Physics: 1976-77
       State University of NY at Stony Brook -- B.S. Physics, B.S. Computer Science: 1976
       West Islip High School, W. Islip, L.I., NY -- Academic Diploma w/ Honors: 1972

Clearances Held
       DOE - "L" -- TRW, Savannah River Project, Aiken, GA (1988/89)
       DOD - "Secret" -- National Systems & Research, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO (1982)

Career Goals
To maintain a high level of expertise and prowess in an ever-widening spectrum of computing arenas,
especially those of network security, network design and analysis, network management, LAN/WAN/SAN
protocols, network instruction, device driver and RTOS/embedded development, relational database,
graphics, VR and application programming. To approach all new concepts and products with the vigor and
confidence that nearly thirty years in the industry provides. To respect the knowledge and competency level
that new technologies demand, yet deny the intimidation factor that so often accompanies them. In short, to
ride the leading edge of computer science and its practical application well into the 21st century.

IDIC Research & Consulting, Inc. 11/’96 to present
Principal Network Security Consultant
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided network security expertise to a wide spectrum of governmental and commercial clients;
         Provided RADIUS ("AAA") security expertise to Qwest Wireless (Denver) in order to prepare for
           the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics (HP-OpenView – NNM/DataWarehouse, Oracle 8i servers);
         Provided SIMTEK Corp. (Colorado Springs) design/coding services for the security aspects of a
           Wireless BlueTooth LAP (LAN Access Profile) -- C++ / GreenHills MULTI on an ARM processor;
         Provided security audit of the Travelocity.COM firewall at American Airlines, DFW airport, TX;
         Provided Lara Networks (San Jose) ASIC network protocol analysis and firmware for the security
           aspects of the following protocols: QoS, IP-Multicast, 802.1Q, SNMP/RMON;
         Provided network security/protocols expertise for Agilent's (HP) Internet Advisor (IA) LAN sniffer.
         Provided NeoCore, Inc. with design, coding and test-bed services for a firewall-on-a-card
           product: VxWorks/Tornado C/C++, 3-NIC E-net board (Power PC 601/603e and MIPS 7000);
         Coded WDM device driver (C/C++) for NeoCore's firewall-on-a-card product;
         Worked with the FBI CyberCrime (anti-hack) group to analyze the capabilities of ultra-speed
           content scanning capabilities of patented algorithms (I co-authored one of these patents);
         Checkpoint Development partner -- developed content-vector API plug-in for Checkpoint firewall;
         Participant and active contributor to "CCAPI" consortium -- vendor-neutral Checkpoint API;
         Performed live WebCasts with renowned author Uyless Black for Nortel on MPLS and security;
         Provided several papers on NeoCore hashing algorithms and presented the material to several
           public convention and private corporate audiences;
         Provided Quality Assurance testing to Agilent’s Network Test Center (NTC) network-
           management product – discovered fundamental failure-modes of the C++ product which resulted
           in Agilent pulling the product for several months of rework; Required the use of dozens of
           different LAN/WAN devices (routers, switches, SmartBits traffic generators, etc.);
         Provided TCP/IP, network security and troubleshooting instruction via several major
           training/consulting corporations, e.g. Global Knowledge, Nortel, Digital, A.R.G., Learning Tree,
           Network-1; Have instructed over 30 security and IP courses to over 1,500 students.

Expertise Areas: Internet/Intranet Security, OpSec, IPSec, PKI, DES/RSA Encryption algorithms, MD5/SH-1
Message Hashing, NA Sniffer™, HP Internet Advisor, ADC Metrica NPR, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit
Ethernet, ATM, SONET, Frame Relay, Token Ring, Network Management (HP OpenView, OpenView-
NNM/ECS, Tivoli NetView, SNMPv2, RMON, CMIP), Cisco & Nortel/Bay Routers and Switches, LAN/WAN
Protocols and technologies including Routing (RIP/RIP2/OSPF) and Switching, C/C++ and VB languages,
CISSP, System programming and driver development, CCAPI, CV, VPN, RMS internals, DBMS, Oracle,
VxWorks/Tornado RTOS, Unix Display Device drivers, VAX O/S and internals, Windows NT, Windows 2000,
Sun Solaris UNIX, HP/UX, AIX Unix, OSF/1 – Digital Unix.
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Intelligraphics, Inc. 11/’00 to 3/’01
Principal Network Consultant
Duties and Accomplishments:
           Provide network security protocols expertise to a network processor ASIC design for algorithmic
              and C-models of IP-Multicast, QoS, MPLS, 802.1Q VLAN tagging and SNMP/RMON;
           Also worked on VxWorks design of SONET cross-connect ASIC API;

NeoCore, LLC 5/’98 to 10/'00
Director of Technology, Sr. Network Security Specialist
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided network, security, O/S, graphics, database and Internet expertise to a wide spectrum of
             pattern matching technology using the patented Finite-State algorithms discovered at NeoCore;
         Co-authored a security pattern-matching patent that allows for the content scanning of network
             data, looking for a virtually unlimited number of pattern strings at wire-speed (10+ Mbps);
         Designed, coded and deployed NeoCore's first suite of three network security application
             products for distribution to LAN analyzer customers – NeoSuite – C++, MFC, Visual Studio 6;
         Designed and presented to HP (Ft. Collins, CO) a “content analysis” module for HP OpenView to
             support enhanced event correlation via HP’s ECS module;
         Worked on complex finite mathematics, prime number theory and FSA (Finite State Automaton)
             with CTO in order to investigate the use of NeoCore pattern matching in such fields as DNA
             Sequencing Protocols and Searching (Human Genome Project) and security applications;
         Designed, coded and tested a series of NDIS and SCSI mini-port device drivers using Window's
             WDM to demonstrate NeoCore's algorithmic power at the O/S kernel level for NeoCore's new 3-
             port firewall-on-a-card card and Adaptec's latest SCSI card;
         Brought XML and XSLT (lexical transformation of XML documents) technology to NeoCore by
             providing an alliance with Bowstreet Corp.; (XML eventually became NeoCore’s primary arena);
         Developed routines to tie in NeoCore’s ASIC chipset to their VxWorks-based a 3-port NIC card –
             designed for use as a firewall-on-a-card;
         Worked with FBI’s CyberCrime group in explaining the use of NeoCore algorithms to allow for
             high-speed scanning of network intrusion scenarios and packet content analysis;
         Worked with ISS, WebSense, and Content Technologies on various aspects of integrating ultra-
             speed content scanning into their products;
         Developed sales collateral and white paper library for specific NeoCore enabled applications;
         Support NeoCore’s CTO in developing the corporate strategy of deploying and enhancing
             NeoCore applications and products.
Expertise Areas: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, TCP/IP, Network Management Platforms (HP-
OV, ECS, VPO), SNMPv2, RMON, NDIS mini-port device driver, SCSI mini-port device driver, VxWorks
RTOS, Novell IPX, AppleTalk, DECnet IV/V, ATM, Token Ring, Internet/Intranet Security, Checkpoint
Firewall-1, LAN/WAN protocols (e.g. routing, multicast), C/C++ language, Visual Basic language, Java
language, XML, XSL, XSLT, XML-Data Schema, Oracle, proof-of-concept and application programming, etc.

Network-1 Software & Technology, Inc. 2/’94 thru 12/’96 and 12/90 thru 6/93
Principal Network Security Consultant
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided network security consulting expertise to a wide spectrum of customers;
         Performed complete security audit for "Architect of the Capitol" -- Capitol Hill fiber infrastructure
           and Russell Senate building;
         Assisted in team to install "DEC-Seal" firewall at the Executive Office of the President (D.C.);
         Performed on-site and Internet Security Audits – physical, infrastructure, network and O/S;
         Performed over a dozen Internet Penetration studies for several pharmaceutical corporations;
         Coded TCP/IP stack “wedges” in order to implement firewall product on a DEC Alpha machine;
         Instrumental in making Network-1 a "HP OpenView Development Partner";
         Designed, coded and deployed a C++ based network-security product: NetPanel;
         Designed, built, and brought to market 3D VR (Virtual Reality) network security software tools
           and systems – demo’ed to American Airlines and Motorola;
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Expertise Areas: Network Protocols, Security Audits, Network Management (OpenView, NetView,
SNMP/RMON), Network Troubleshooting with LAN/WAN equipment (Sniffer™, HP’s Internet Advisor,
TDR/OTDRs, Metrica-NPR, Cat5 testers), Database, Graphic Card 3D/VR Interface Software, AI / Expert
Systems, Display Device Driver Programming, Client/Server, LAN/WAN Protocols Suites:
Classic/Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, Token Ring, Frame Relay, ATM, Network Design/Troubleshooting, NetView,
OpenView, Spectrum, SunNetManager (SNM).

MCI Corporation 7/’93 thru 2/’94
Principal Systems Analyst
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Primary Architect of a "fax dispatch" system (C++/Borland) – still in use by MCI;
         Studied possible hacking exploits for MCI's fax dispatch and fax broadcast systems;
         Designed, coded and deployed a fax device driver for Windows.

Syntellect Corporation 1/’90 thru 11/’90
Principal Consultant
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided Systems, Language, and Network Security training (live and video based) for Syntellect
            customers. (including authoring).
Expertise Areas: VAX O/S, device drivers and internals, C/C++ language, Ethernet, LAN/WAN technology,
RMS internals, DBMS, Rdb, Oracle, ACMS

Essential Resources, Inc 4/’89 thru 1/’90.
Principal Educational Consultant
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided Systems, Language, and Network Security training for ERI customers;
         Authored several security technology courses for selected customers.
Expertise Areas: VAX O/S and internals, VMS security, C/C++ language, Ethernet, LAN/WAN technology,
LAN/WAN encryption devices, RMS internals, DBMS, Rdb, Oracle, ACMS, etc.

TRW, Inc 4/’87 thru 4/’89
Primary Network Analyst, Senior Project Lead
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided high level technical (programming and network) expertise for a group of DOE
            application and systems programmer/analysts – TRW PLC (Project Life Cycle);
         Developed networking protocols and standards for DOE Intrusion Detection security systems;
         Modified VMS network device drivers to enhance security for the DOE customer (Dupont).
Expertise Areas: DECnet networking, security intrusion systems, access control systems, C, FORTRAN,
Tektronix graphics systems, VAX/VMS device drivers, VAX security components, LAN protocols (IP,
DECnet-IV, LAT, etc.), Ada, early C++.

Team Industries 9/’85 thru 4/’87
Duties and Accomplishments: Developed, coded, and deployed a Numerical Control (NC) CAD software
package for the sheet metal industry. (Competed directly with, and out-performed, Japanese software);
Expertise Areas: NC coding, C programming, Btrieve file system, 286 PCs and early LAN networking
devices and protocols.

Daniel Geophysical, Inc 2/’84 thru 9/’85
Project Lead Programmer/Analyst
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Provided O/S and network security expertise on the VAX/VMS and associated products;
         Developed and rolled-out a Geophysical analysis product for use by Daniel in oil exploration.
           (Offices in Denver, CO).
Expertise Areas: VAX/VMS O/S, VMS security practices and policies, PL/I, VAX FORTRAN, VAX Basic,
RMS, ACMS, FMS, TDMS, VAX DBMS, Tektronix graphic subsystems.
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ABEK, Inc 6/’83 thru 2/’84
Systems Manager , Senior Programmer/Analyst
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Designed, coded and implemented a Polygon Fracturing program that would take raw Integrated
           circuit data from a vendor and generate the appropriate rectangular/trapezoidal shapes for a
           sub-micron chip reticule product company;
         Software successfully ran over five times faster than previous Japanese written code.

Expertise Areas: VAX FORTRAN, graphic geometry, polygon reduction algorithms, VAX and PDP-11
MACRO assembler.

National Systems & Research, Inc. 4/’82 thru 6/’83
Systems/Network Manager
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Systems Manager for VAX Cluster;
         Assisted code migration team that moved PDP-11 code over to the VAX/VMS environment for
            the U.S. Navy;
         Applications helped maintain fighter jets at several Navy depot stations.
Expertise Areas: VAX O/S and management facilities, VAX Basic, VAX FORTRAN, PDP and VAX DBMS,
PC 8086 and Z80 assembler, TurboDOS.

Digital Equipment Corporation 5/’81 thru 4/’82
Principal Programmer/Analyst and DBA
Duties and Accomplishments:
          Provided both PDP-11/70 and VAX 11/780 expertise to allow for the disk manufacturing plant’s
             migration from 11 architecture to VAX/VMS platforms;
          Performed system configuration and management on one of the first VAXen in the Colorado
          Trained Digital employees on VAX internals and VAX Datatrieve;
          Trained in Bedford, MA for DBA position using VAX DBMS.
Expertise Areas: PDP-11 RSTS/E O/S, VAX/VMS, VAX Datatrieve, VAX DBMS.

Zimmerman Metals, Inc. 6/’79 thru 5/’81
Lead Application Programmer/Analyst
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Systems Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11/70;
         Developed, coded and implemented a wide variety of accounting and manufacturing software;
         Invented “HIER-RAM” file management based on CODASYL DBMS (hierarchical database);
         Invented “spread-sheet” concept of accounting several years before the advent of SuperCalc
           and Lotus 123.
Expertise Areas: RSTS/E O/S, PDP 11/70 hardware, accounting (A/P, A/R, Time Accounting, Payroll,
General Ledger) and manufacturing (job accounting, process flow, NC control, bill of materials) applications.

Storage Technology, Inc 1/’79 thru 6/’79
Chief Data Communications Engineer
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Primary Data Communications expert dealing with Wide Area Network (WAN) connections to
           Storage Tech’s Puerto Rico site;
         Also assisted in wiring several of the newly constructed STC buildings.
Expertise Areas: WAN technology, telephony, inter-node communications (DECnet, SNA), test equipment
(BERTs, etc.) and satellite-comm.

Longmont Turkey Processors 3/’78 thru 1/’79
Senior Programmer/Analyst
Duties and Accomplishments: Provided lead analysis for complex accounting and manufacturing
applications at the Longmont, CO site. (Used PDP-11/70s and RSTS/E O/Ss).
Expertise Areas: VAX Basic, PDP-11/70 hardware, accounting and manufacturing applications.
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Zimmerman Metals, Inc. 7/’76 thru 3/’78
Systems Manager
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Updated a variety of accounting and manufacturing software;
         Transferred much of the existing BasicPlus code using “HIER-RAM” store to BasicPlus2 using
           RMS file management.
Expertise Areas: RSTS/E O/S, PDP 11/70 hardware, accounting (A/P, A/R, Time Accounting, Payroll,
General Ledger) and manufacturing (job accounting, process flow, NC control, bill of materials) applications.

Hyde Park Chemical Corporation 9/’74 thru 7/’76
Senior Programmer/Analyst (part-time),
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Wrote accounting and sales applications in Basic on a platform called “Basic-4” at this chemical
           sales corporation;
         Worked part-time while finishing university work at Stony Brook;
         Worked as night-shift operations/systems manager.
Expertise Areas: Basic language, Basic4 hardware, accounting and sales applications.

SUNY at Stony Brook 1/’73 thru 6/’74
Student Assistant to Physics Department
Duties and Accomplishments:
         Assisted Dr. Paul in high energy physics experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratories;
         Added my programming expertise to their theoretical and experimental studies;
         First freshman undergraduate to work-study at Brookhaven Labs.
Expertise Areas: Xerox Sigma-7 hardware and O/S. FORTRAN. Statistical modeling ackages. Tape
Operating Systems (TOS).

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