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									New Horizon Financial
    “Our solution to your
 companies retirement needs”
   “My 401k is now a 201k”

If your company has a 401k or similar
retirement plan, this phrase has become
all too familiar over the last three years.

The fact that your company has a
retirement plan shows your commitment to
your employees.
New Horizon Financial would like to help
strengthen the commitment to your
       How We Can Help

We at new Horizon Financial have the
same type of commitment when we
educate on retirement plans for small to
medium sized businesses.
           Our Promise
We promise to have a representative from
our office assigned to your company.
The representative’s duty is to discuss,
educate, and review for each employee
their retirement plan choices.
This review will be done on your premises
every 6 months at NO COST to your

New Horizon Financial is a full service
investment firm dedicated to helping the
business owner and staff with their
retirement decisions.
Once a plan is established, we will provide
the following for you and your employees.
A review of their current portfolio
     A discussion of
current market conditions
    A follow-up to plan asset
allocation models going forward

                “See you in April Fred”
 Seminars on the current
   investment choices
their place in your portfolio
A one-on-one with an advisor to
discuss employee financial goals
  While New Horizon Financial can not
guarantee returns, the use of an advisor
might help your employees to make wiser
          retirement decisions.
Some other services New Horizon
Financial provides are the following:

  Mutual Funds Investing
  Educational Planning
  Fixed and Variable Annuities
  401k Rollover Guidance
  Employer sponsored 529 college
    funding payroll deduction plans
For any questions or comments please call
             (201) 489-1118

           Thank you from
        New Horizon Financial
         320 Palisade Avenue
          Bogota, NJ 07603
*Securities offered through Cadaret, Grant &
Co., Inc.
          Members NASD and SIPC
            110 West Fayette Street
              Syracuse, NY 13202

New Horizon Financial and Cadaret, Grant and Company
                are separate entities

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