Closed Captioning Standards and Related Documents by yaosaigeng


									           Closed Captioning Standards and Related Documents

CEA Standards
EIA-608-B     Line 21 Data Services                  October 2000
EIA-708-B     Digital Television Closed Captioning   December 1999
EIA-CEB8      Consideration of EIA-608-B Data Within October 2000
              The DTV (EIA-708-B) Construct
Available through Global Engineering Documents

FCC Rules
47 CFR Part 15.119           Decoder Requirements, Analog Television
47 CFR Part 15.122           Decoder Requirements, Digital Television

47 CFR Part 79                 Programming Requirements

FCC FAQ on Closed Captioning

ATSC Standards
A/53                  ATSC Digital Television Standard                       September 1995
A/65                  PSIP (Rev. A and Amendment No.1)                       May 2000

SMPTE Standards
SMPTE 333M-1999                Television - DTV Closed-Caption Server to Encoder
                               Interface (24.00)

SMPTE 334M-2000                Television - Vertical Ancillary Data Mapping for
                               Bit-Serial Interface (20.00)

SMPTE 341M-2000                Television - Format for Non-PCM Audio and Data in
                               an AES3 -- Captioning Data Type (15.00)
                               (also see SMPTE 337M through 340M)
Contact SMPTE at (914 ) 761 - 1100

This list was prepared as a service to the broadcast industry by the DTV Access Project at the
CPB/WGBH National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM), a non-profit research and development
division of the WGBH Educational Foundation. Project funding is provided by the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting (CPB) and the U.S. Department of Education. (January 2001)

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