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									         Author, Year of publication

Burton et al. 2009 (draft)

Coles-Ritchie 2007

Coles-Ritchie 2008

Fitch et al. 2005 (5th printing of 2001 doc)

Leonard et al. 1992

Myers 1989

Platts et al. 1983

Prichard et al. 1998

Scott and Reynolds 2007

Tripp et al. 2008

USDA Forest Service 1992

Winward 2000
                             Title                                       Quantitative
Multiple Indicator Monitoring (MIM),
Monitoring the Effects of Management on Stream Channels and
Streamside Vegetation                                              Yes
Effectiveness Monitoring For Streams And Riparian Areas Within
The Upper Columbia River Basin, Sampling Protocol: Vegetation
Parameters                                                         Yes
Springs/Riparian Sampling Protocol
for the Spring Mountains National
Recreation Area                                                    Yes
Riparian Health Assessment
for Streams & Small Rivers                                         No
Procedures for Ecological Site Inventory- with Special reference
to Riparian-Wetland Sites                                          Somewhat

Inventory and Monitoring of Riparian Areas                         Yes
                                                                   Riparian part is
Methods for Evaluating Stream, Riparian and Biotic Conditions      mostly qualitative
A User Guide to Assessing Proper
Functioning Condition and
the Supporting Science for Lotic Areas                         No
Field-based evaluation of sampling techniques to support long-
term monitoring of riparian ecosystems along wadeable streams
on the Colorado Plateau                                        Yes
Protocol for Evaluating the Condition of Streams and Riparian
Management Areas                                               No

Integrated Riparian Evaluation Guide                               Yes

Monitoring the Vegetation Resources in Riparian Areas              Yes
        Agency                Region Intended for

                         Western USA, especially Rocky
BLM                      Mountains

                         Western USA; Interior Columbia
Forest Service           River Basin in particular

                         Southern Nevada (Spring
Forest Service           Mountains NRA)
Cows and Fish (non-
profit)                  Alberta, Canada

BLM                      Western USA

BLM                      Western USA
                         Western USA; Intermountain
Forest Service           region in particular

BLM                      Western USA

USGS                     Colorado Plateau
BC Ministry of Forests
(Canada)                 Western Canada
                         Western USA; particularly
US Forest Service        Intermountain Region
                         Western USA, especially Rocky
Forest Service           Mountains
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Summary compiled by Marc Coles-Ritchie, PhD ecologist (, 801 485-2343)

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