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K U T Z T O W N   U N I V E R S I T Y   M A G A Z I N E
                                                    FALL 2005

 A New Golden
  Era Emerges
       Volume 7, Number 4 of the Tower
  Magazine, issued November 15, 2005, is
     published by Kutztown University of
  Pennsylvania, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, PA
      19530.The Tower is published four
    times a year, and is free to KU alumni
            and friends of the university.

                   KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY

                           Judy G. Hample

                    BOARD OF GOVERNORS
     Kenneth M. Jarin, Chair; Kim E. Lyttle,
      Vice Chair; C.R. Pennoni, Vice Chair;

                                                    to our readers
   Rep. Matthew E. Baker; Mark Collins Jr.;
        Marie Conley Lammando; Paul S.
 Dlugolecki; Daniel P. Elby; Rep. Michael K.
  Hanna; David P. Holveck; Sen. Vincent J.
             Hughes; Guido M. Pichini ’74;
    Gov. Edward G. Rendell; Sen. James J.
       Rhoades; Christine J. Toretti Olson;                                    KUTZTOWN UNIVERSITY IS A DYNAMIC INSTITUTION.
    Aaron A. Walton; Gerald L. Zahorchak                                       From the many contributors presented in the
                KU COUNCIL OF TRUSTEES                                         2004-2005 Annual Fund section, to the faculty,
                 Ramona Turpin ’73, Chair
          Richard L. Orwig, Esq., Vice Chair                                   administrators and students, we are all working
                Dianne M. Lutz, Secretary
                            Ronald H. Frey                                     to move KU into the future.
                        David W. Jones ’89                                        The university is growing both demographically
                      Guido M. Pichini ’74
                         Roger J. Schmidt                                      and physically. Our enrollment is up, and in order
                       James W. Schwoyer
                             Kim W. Snyder                                     to serve those new students, we have a number
                          John Wabby ’69                                       of building projects underway including the
                                PRESIDENT                                      Academic Forum classroom building that will
                          F. Javier Cevallos
                                                                               become a campus center piece. There are also
                                                    upgrades planned for Schaeffer Auditorium, and expansion and improve-
        Raymond Melcher ’73, President              ments to the Sharadin building, which is home to our College of Visual and
          Lawrence Delp, Vice President
                Development/Secretary               Performing Arts.
     Robert Rupe, Vice President Finance              Not only is the campus landscape changing, but the faces of Kutztown
         Larry Stuardi ’79 Vice President
                    Board Advancement               students are changing as well. By offering new career advancement
          ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OFFICERS               courses in Allentown and Reading and providing numerous outreach
          Maria Wassell ’68, ’72, President
                         Patricia Guth ’54,         programs to our neighboring school districts, KU has become a force for
               Immediate Past President
     Tracy Garnick ’91, ’96, Vice President
                                                    change in the region.
     Mary Ann Ardoline ’79, ’91, Secretary            But for many families a college education stills seems to be a far-off
           Melissa Hershey ’87, Treasurer
                                                    dream. I want you to know your contributions are working to make a
                                                    difference. Our parent education programs, presented in low-income
                          William J. Sutton         neighborhoods, help show how a college degree can become a reality.
     DIRECTOR OF UNIVERSITY RELATIONS               When combined with the many scholarships made possible by your
                           Philip R. Breeze         continued contributions, that dream is becoming a reality.
         DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI RELATIONS                 In the end, it all comes down to our wonderful supporters. I would like
                  Glenn Godshall ’75 & ’90
                                                    to thank everyone who has given their time and resources this year and
                            TOWER EDITOR
                             Craig Williams
                                                    throughout the years. Quite frankly, we couldn’t do it without you.
                Camille DeMarco ’81 & ’01           F. Javier Cevallos
                  Lorish Marketing Group

  Richard Button, Sylvia Conrad, Vaneesa
Cook ’01&’04, Cynthia Jones, Josh Leiboff

    Chuck Eckenroth ’98, Jeff Unger, Craig
                   Williams, Hub Wilson

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                                               and social well being of the state and nation, to assume active roles in their communities, and to lead productive and meaningful lives.
2 FALL 2005 Tower
Photo by Chuck Eckenroth ’98

KU introduces Avalanche. Named
in honor of Kutztown sports
teams from the mid 1930s to the
early 1960s, the new mascot
replaces Goldie and Grizz, who
have graduated. Ready for
shenanigans, Avalanche was
                                         4 Teachnology
                                                              Volume 7 Number 4 Fall 2005

                                             By combining technology with teaching, KU faculty are
                                             creating new ways to teach and providing students with
                                             job skills needed in today’s wired world.
designed by the same firm who

                                         7 The Freshmen Text
developed the Philadelphia
Phillies’ Phanatic.

                                             Summer reading for freshmen entering Kutztown this
                                             year was a bit more substantial than your average
                                             best-selling novel as each of the four undergraduate
                                             colleges has a reading assignment required – long
                                             before classes begin.

                                         10 Homecoming
                                             The annual photo-feature of alumni, family and friends
                                             at Homecoming 2005.
                                         12 Freshmen Profile
                                             A 2004 survey finds the faces of incoming freshmen
                                             are changing as the university steps up to the plate to
                                             provide a diverse experience through a solid educational

                                         13 Under the Tower
                                         14 Class Notes
                                         18 2004-2005 Annual Fund

                                                                                   Tower FALL 2005   3
                       President’s Teachnology Program
                       Moves KU into the Digital Future
                                                 ARTICLES BY CRAIG WILLIAMS • FACULTY PHOTOS BY CRAIG WILLIAMS

                                                                                    Enterprising KU faculty are now combining

                                  elieve it or not, KU professors still get
                                  chalk dust all over their clothes as they      entire suites of software using multiple appli-
                                  scrawl lessons on the blackboard; a            cations, from desktop publishing to digital
                         centuries’ old technology that has only been            photography, with the help of the Learning
                         modified by the use of squeaky ink markers.             Technologies Center on campus.
                         But a new program on campus may change all                 One by one, faculty members are signing on
                         that, as more blackboards are becoming virtual          to design their own Teachnology project, and
                         spaces, accessed through the Internet, both at          in the process are joining the wired generation
                         home and in the classroom. It seems the days            with leading innovative designs.
                         of the chalk holder are numbered.                          Future projects on the drawing table include
                            It is doubtful any of the classrooms in KU           the use of computer gaming to stimulate class-
                         will ever eliminate the traditional chalk or            room interaction, the creation of a virtual
                         marker boards at the front of the room. But             homepage for each student, and entire classes
                         through the Teachnology program, started                taught using distance learning.

                         by President F. Javier Cevallos in 2002, the fac-               era Brancato, director of the Center
                         ulty is learning new methods to incorporate                     for the Enhancement of Teaching, said
                         technology into the classroom. And the inven-                   the variety and innovation resulting
                         tiveness of the faculty projects is helping to          from the program is stimuli for teachers and
                         move KU into the digital future.                        students alike.
                            The Teachnology Program gives teachers the              “Our new generation of students is different
                         resources and computer applications needed              than previous generations,” Brancato said of
                         to develop their own computer-aided project.            the computer savvy student body. “And as
                         Most of the software used is readily available at       educators, we know there are many different
                         any computer store. But it is the creative ways         modes of learning, as well as teaching. The
                         KU teachers use technology to solve problems            Teachnology Program provides the training
                         and stimulate learning that has resulted in some        necessary to generate new ideas for teaching
                         projects becoming a viable stand-alone appli-           through technology.”
                         cation for use in business as well as academia.

4 FALL 2005 Tower
                                               purchasing appliances, emotional well-               In the works is a plan to use a
                                               being and overall financial success.              Teachnology grant to find a way to use
                                                  The creator of the game says most              the game in a classroom setting so that
                                               people model themselves first and then            students can model complex relation-
                                               explore alternative lifestyles. Because of        ships and then place them under the
                                               its universal appeal, the game quickly            microscope.
                                               became a best seller.                                Though the project is in the develop-
                                                  Van Ens is working on a project that           ment phase, it may not be long before
                                               will tap into this fascination with com-          students studying sociology will log on
                                               puter-modeled social interactions as a            and play “The Sims” for credit.
                                               way to get students to be more observant             And because family communication
                                               of real-life situations.                          can sometimes include conflict, students
                                                  “I was thinking about a new class I            will be working to model high-tension
                                               wanted to develop and teach called family         situations without hurting anyone’s feel-
                                               communication, and I came across an               ings – except maybe “The Sims’.”
                                               article about a computer game that
                                               allowed you to replicate people in your
                                               life,” she said. “In ‘The Sims,’ you could        Portable Portfolios
  Dr. Claire Van Ens, assistant professor of   recreate yourself, your lover, your parents
  speech communication and theatre, is         – anyone that you wanted. You could                  Gone are the days when students need
  working to tap into students’ fascination    create whole households.”                         to lug around a two-inch thick portfolio
  with video games to model real-world            The game is based on three different           to a job interview. With an innovative
  social theories.                             theoretical stances: Maslow’s theory              combination of software, Dr. Eloise Long,
                                               of needs, from physical to emotional;             chair of Library Science and Instructional
                                               economist David Freidman’s theory that            Technology, is teaching students how to
Simulated                                      life is an ongoing series of economic             put all that information on a compact
                                               choices [in the game, the “sims” are              disc, ready to be popped in the mail
Relationships                                  allowed to buy things including a home];          along with a cover letter and resume.
                                               and Christopher Alexander’s theories                 As a former newspaper editor, Long
   Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could     that people innately know how environ-            knows the value of having clippings of
put your mothers-in-law together in the        ments affect them.                                her work neatly arranged along with
same room and observe the results?                “The light bulb went off in my head. A         references and client testimonies. In
How do you simulate the emotional and          game founded in theoretical constructs.           fact, she was offered a job solely on the
social factors that lead to the breakup of     It may be a game, but it’s a smart game,”         completeness of a notebook-sized port-
a family? Can anyone document all the          she said.                                         folio she used during one interview.
stresses a new baby puts on family
   These intriguing questions are all part
of a new class in family communication.
But in the real world, it wouldn’t be ethi-
cal to create the kind of pressure cooker
needed in a nuclear family laboratory.
   Such is the quandary of Dr. Claire
Van Ens, assistant professor of speech
communications and theatre. She is
seeking a way to let students understand
the real-life stressors of parents, children
and the extended family without stress-
ing anyone out.
   Then she found a computer game
called “The Sims” by Will Wright. The
game is open-ended and there is no
winner or loser, only a group of simulated
humans with computerized emotion
counters. When things get too hot in the
kitchen, the emotion counters trigger a
reaction in the computer model – like
                                                 Dr. Eloise Long, chair of the Library Science and Instructional Technology Department,
                                                 spent many long hours at the computer to help her students develop an electronic portfolio
   Based on theories of social behavior,         and put it on a compact disc. Now employers only need to open a jewel case to find a
the game allows players to control every-        diamond in the rough.
thing in their “sims’” life from eating, to

                                                                                                                          Tower FALL 2005     5
   But that was 15 years ago, and today             that our students are not only familiar          vital months of “real world” experience
few employers or human resource officers            with technology but can use it.”                 can translate into references, a portfolio
have the time to go through hundreds of               Students are trained in digital photog-        or even a solid job offer.
portfolios. Still, the power of a profes-           raphy, image scanning, digital video, lay-          Choice placements are hard to find
sional presentation cannot be denied.               out and design, desktop publishing, to           and highly competitive. Though many
   A bit of a computer buff herself, Long           create a neat package. Often, the CD             students prefer to stay close to home,
decided to use several programs that would          includes a personal photo, work samples,         others are seeking careers in the city.
allow anyone to easily open and view the            educational philosophy, teacher references,      With KU’s prime location on the eastern
various documents, pictures and work                grades, and a short video of a student           seaboard, internships can be as close as
samples the students accumulate during              teaching experience.                             Philadelphia and New York City, or as far
their four years at KU and through job                So far, students have taken the lead           as Washington, D.C.
experiences they gain along the way.                to putting their own portfolios on-line.            Dr. Elaine Reed, professor of English,
   The result can be slipped into a jewel           Long said she is working on another              said she was looking for a way to allow
case and affordably handed out to every             package which will include a personal            students to get those high profile intern-
employer looking for a diamond in the               webpage.                                         ships while satisfying course requirements.
rough.                                                “I dabbled in technology before I got          She turned to the Teachnology Program
   “The idea came to me when I was a                involved with my Teachnology project.            and found applications ideally suited to
librarian in a local school district. We were       Learning how to combine the various              the Internet. As a result, her professional
looking to hire someone, and one appli-             applications was a real educational              writing students were able to accept
cant had their resume online. I wanted to           experience for both me and the students.         choice assignments at major firms, often
send my students out with something                 In the end, the project is yielding tangible     several states away.
with that much impact,” she said.                   benefits for the university and our students.”      “I took the senior seminar class in pro-
   The forward thinking that went into                                                               fessional writing from the conventional
the creation of the compact discs is                                                                 to a hybrid course. The students are
already beginning to pay big dividends              Long-Distance                                    required to return to campus only five
for library science students looking for                                                             times during the semester on Saturdays.
jobs with school districts across the               Internships                                      The rest of the time, I use web-based pro-
country.                                                                                             grams that allow the students to keep in
   “I just got an e-mail from a student               Internships for students have become           touch with me at all times.”
who said his electronic portfolio led               an important part of getting that first job.        Last spring, 20 budding writers learned
to him getting the job of his choice.               Often the relationships formed at the            the tricks of the trade by interning full-
Electronic portfolios show employers                company, business or office during those         time at newspapers, public relations
                                                                                                     agencies, radio stations and design
                                                                                                     houses as far away as New York City and
                                                                                                     Pittsburgh. By coordinating through
                                                                                                     dedicated chat rooms, interactive elec-
                                                                                                     tronic classrooms, and simple e-mail,
                                                                                                     the seminar provided guidance while the
                                                                                                     technology allowed the students to work
                                                                                                        “The tools I use allow one-on-one
                                                                                                     interaction with the professor over the
                                                                                                     Internet, and through a chat-room set
                                                                                                     up for the course, students can share
                                                                                                     their experiences and keep in touch with
                                                                                                     each other.”
                                                                                                        Saving time by using common
                                                                                                     resources is now part of the wired-age
                                                                                                     and integral to modern publishing tech-
                                                                                                     niques, she said. The trick is to unify the
                                                                                                     resources into a cohesive package.
                                                                                                        “I have not made the transition to a
                                                                                                     totally web-based teaching strategy yet,
                                                                                                     but by using the technology available,
                                                                                                     my students have been allowed to look
                                                                                                     for internships farther away than just the
                                                                                                     companies and industries within the
                                                                                                     commuting distance of KU,” Reed said.

  Dr. Elaine Reed, professor of English, created a virtual classroom giving professional writing
  students the freedom to take internships in major cities while completing coursework.

6 FALL 2005 Tower
freshmen text                                                      ARTICLES BY CRAIG WILLIAMS

The lazy days of summer now require a little work for incoming freshmen to the four under-

graduate colleges of Kutztown University. Of course there is still time to go to the pool, play

sports, visit the beach, and read a good book. But bulging out of backpacks and beach bags is

not your average romance or action novel – but required reading for the Freshmen Text Program.

        he idea of getting students started
        on their course work long before
        September was introduced in the
2000-2001 year. By assigning one book
for the entire class, each college within
the university could indoctrinate the
students into its unique field of study.
Plus the shared reading experience
created an immediate bond with the
other students and faculty. Sometimes
the colleges are able to invite the author
to speak to the class.
   Most of the books selected over the
years are not really text books at all, and
many have qualified for the best-seller list.
   The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
selection for this year’s Freshmen Text

                                                                                                                                                PHOTO BY CRAIG WILLIAMS
Program was “My Own Country: A
Doctor’s Story” by Abraham Verghese for
its gripping story of immigration,
Appalachia, and the onset of AIDS in a
rural community which was not prepared
when the national epidemic hit home.
The College of Performing and Visual Arts
delved into the philosophical musings of
Alan Lightman, whose critically acclaimed         Dr. Samuel Murray, educator, lecturer, and author of “Samuel: In Search of the American
book “Einstein’s Dreams” explores                 Dream,” shares his life experiences with the freshmen of the College of Education.
alternative realities set in the fourth
dimension of time.
   The College of Business, through their
freshmen seminar, introduced students           the rural south to New York where he                Today the books are available almost
to the world of business in “The Emperors       became a firefighter, college educator,          anywhere, and the program has met with
of Chocolate,” a detailed account of the        author, publisher, and motivational              acclaim from professors and students
two largest candy manufacturers in the          speaker.                                         alike, presenting unique authors and top-
world. And the College of Education               According to Walter Nott, instructor of        ics relevant to today’s issues.
presented “Samuel: In Search of the             English, when the program first began               “The sooner you begin to integrate the
American Dream” by Dr. Samuel Murray,           several years ago he would “run around           students into academic life, the longer
whose journey toward a better way of            campus like Johnny Apple Seed with a big         they persist in their studies,” Nott said.
life led him from the fields of a farm in       bag of books handing them out.”

                                                                                                                          Tower FALL 2005   7
                         College of Education
                            This year the College of Education chose for their freshmen text “Samuel: In Search of the
                          American Dream” by Dr. Samuel Murray, an auto-biographical account of one man’s extraordinary
                          determination to be the best that he can be, and whose perseverance took him from poverty to the
                          pinnacle of academic achievement.
                            At age eight, Murray collected and returned deposit bottles in order to buy a pair of shoes to wear
                          to school. When he couldn’t find enough bottles, he picked potatoes. And still there was not enough
                          money. But his keen desire to learn couldn’t be diminished, and he made up his mind he would walk
                          to school barefoot.
                            Murray’s inspirational life is outlined in his successful autobiography which details the struggles,
    disappointments, and ultimately his success against social discrimination and financial hardship. But his strong-willed
    determination and a philosophy that education is worth any struggle carried him through many lean years and is the very
    definition of human perseverance.
       This summer, incoming education majors were asked to read about this remarkable life. Murray’s many careers include
    New York City firefighter, educator, publisher, and author. His determination, hard work and faith, helped him to earn his
    Doctor of Education.
       Adding impact to the words was a personal appearance by the author at the beginning of the academic year. To many
    freshmen, it seemed inconceivable there ever was a time when poverty was so pervasive that some in society couldn’t
    even afford a simple pair of shoes.
       “Dr. Murray’s book and presentation brought an understanding of the power of having goals,” said Dr. Regis Bernhardt,
    dean of the College of Education, of the author’s tremendous impact on this year’s class of future teachers.

                          College of Business
                              The College of Business takes the Freshmen Text Program one step further, requiring all fresh-
                           men to participate in a common seminar designed to get students thinking about the nature of
                           commerce, industry, economy and the role of consumers.
                              The reading requirements for the seminar introduce the class to the world of high finance,
                           marketing, and the intense competition among companies with a national brand.
                              This year the College of Business used candy as the motivator – literally. Dr. Dan S. Benson,
                           chair of the Management Department, said he hands out samples of Hershey’s Chocolate as the
                           students discuss “The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars,” by
                           Joel Glenn Brenner.
       Chronicling the 100-year battle between Milton Hershey and Forrest Mars to be the ruler of America’s chocolate
    empire, the book details the personalities of the founders, the secrets and deceptions used to position the companies at
    the top of the chocolate food chain, and insider anecdotes and stories that appeal to business students and chocolate
    buffs alike.
       The book is only one of the several assignments students are given during the semester-long course. Business
    freshmen are also asked to start a reading habit of Forbes Magazine and are directed to read the book “Forbes Greatest
    Business Stories” as well.
       “One of things that I have found with the program is that students will stop in and see me during their four years here
    as a result of the connections they made in the freshmen business seminars,” Benson said. “Different than the typical
    freshmen courses, it gets students thinking about business right away.”

8 FALL 2005 Tower
                      College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
                         Encompassing studies in both the humanities and the sciences, the College of Liberal Arts and
                       Sciences selected a book heralded for its real-life depiction of a doctor’s struggles in the battle against
                       AIDS. An autobiography, the book is also a touching story of an immigrant’s first exposure to rural
                       America and the heartwarming relationships that were formed and broken as the disease took its toll
                       on a small town in Tennessee in the early 1980s.
                         “My Own Country” by Abraham Verghese introduced the students to the changing face of America’s
                       medical profession, and the need to secure top-flight surgeons and doctors from around the world.
                         It is also a story of a journey, from India to Boston and eventually the Smokey Mountains of eastern
                       Tennessee, and chronicles the down-home friendliness and acceptance Verghese found far from the
big cities where he trained as a doctor.
  Critics acclaimed Verghese’s pointed realism, his sensitive handling of a delicate subject, and the overall polish of his prose.
  For students contemplating the medical profession, budding writers, and future anthropologists, “My Own Country” is
both a valued resource and an eye opener, said Dr. Kurt Friehauf of the Department of Physical Sciences.
  “We want our students to be able to adapt to new worlds and be able to live and work with diverse people,” Friehauf said.
“And I hope that our students learn the value of listening to others without pre-conceptions, that communities in America
are much more closely interconnected than may be apparent at first glance, and that every one of us in our community is a
person with value and dignity.”

                      College of Visual and Performing Arts
                         Imagine a town where time stands still. The citizens repeat the same actions every day. Or imagine
                      a reality where all actions are either dictated by the internal needs of the body, or by the cold hard
                      mechanics of the clock, depending upon one’s outlook. Such is the mental stimulus presented in this
                      summer’s required reading for the College of Visual and Performing Arts: “Einstein’s Dreams,” by Alan
                         “It deals with how one defines one’s identity, which new college students will be doing,” said Dr.
                      William Mowder, dean of the college. “The book challenges our students to think about their
                      assumptions and presents them with different ways of looking at reality.”
                         The mind games presented in Lightman’s essays are based on his interpretation of what Einstein
might have been thinking when he published his five seminal papers in 1905 that ultimately lead to the theory of relativity.
  Imagine a world where time runs backwards. Instead of getting older, one gets younger, rust disappears, and hair grows
back. The book is appealing to artists, composers, and authors and is designed to provoke discussions and spark creativity
among its readers, Mowder said.
  “This book was well-received in our discussion groups. Overall, the Freshmen Text Program is a great program. It gets
the students talking about something they read in common. And not just in the discussion groups, but also in residence
halls and cafes across campus,” Mowder said. “And it helps the students to start thinking about how to read a book closely
and critically.”

                                                                                                                  Tower FALL 2005    9
                                               homecoming                                                    OCTOBER 22, 2005

                                               Class of 1985 reunion (left to right): Laurie McCall, Laura Baldachino,     Class of 1990 reunion (left to right): Carmine Caniglia, President Cevallos,
                                               President Cevallos, Marcie Seibert Steel, Beth Parsons.                     Jude Dvorak.

                                               Class of 1995 reunion (left to right): President Cevallos, Nicole Snyder,   Class of 2000 reunion (left to right): President Cevallos, Jennifer Levengood,
                                               Ann Fresoli,Tammi Minix.                                                    Joe Zagorski.

                                               Tailgate City: Alumni and students from student organizations gathered to reconnect before the football game.

                                               10 FALL 2005 Tower
On Saturday morning, the Colleges of Business, Liberal Arts &
Sciences, Education, and Visual & Performing Arts held special
programs and receptions for their respective alumni.

VPA alumni join faculty emeriti in Sharadin Art Gallery to share   Education alumni reestablish old ties and create new ones through the
experiences and view the latest exhibition.                        young graduate mentoring program.

LAS alumnae meet the dean and reminisce in the new Boehm           Business College students and alumni merge under a tent at Tailgate City.
Science Center.

The Electonic Media Mixer in Rickenbach's Studio 4.                Members of the 1980 PSAC East championship football team
                                                                   gather to celebrate their 25th anniversary in University Field. From
                                                                   left to right are: Dr. Charles Woodard, vice president of Student Services
                                                                   & Campus Life; Bernie Nowotarski, Rich Yanelli, Dave Keeny, KU head
                                                                   football coach; Ed Podorsky,Willie Roman, Maurice Saylor.

                                                                                                                        Tower FALL 2005         11
Class of 2008 Student Profile                                                                                            BY CRAIG WILLIAMS

         recent survey has revealed the       these changes occurred during a period          planning program to help them map out

A        fresh faces enrolling at Kutztown
         are very different than the fresh-
men class just four years ago. As the
                                              when admissions standards rose.
                                                 The 2008 class is not only representative
                                              of the larger community surrounding the
                                                                                              careers goals and future objectives.
                                                                                                 But this class has aspirations that
                                                                                              transcend the Bachelor’s degree, with
university continues to experience            campus, but also shows that Kutztown            almost half indicating they plan to go
unprecedented growth, with nearly             University is very successful at attracting     on for a master’s degree.
10,000 students, diversity on campus          the top students from the area. Nearly a           The future leaders seem to be more
remains a critical factor in choice of        quarter of the freshmen had an A average        involved in the community as well.
school. And the information gleaned           in high school. And those with a B average      Nearly three quarters of the respondents
from 2004 data reveals                                            or higher made up 65        said they performed some form of volun-
the typical KU freshmen                                           percent of the new          teer work the year prior to starting at KU.
is anything but typical.                                          students coming on             Geographically, most of the incoming
   Each year many                                                 campus in 2004.             KU freshmen say they come from the
incoming students pull                                              The survey asked the      surrounding area. Thirty-nine percent
out their pens and                                                students to rank them-      report their hometown is just 51 to 100
pencils to fill out the                                           selves on a variety of      miles from the university.
Cooperative Institutional                                         skills and values. The         The next largest group comes from just
Research Program form.                                            new freshmen said           next door, less than 50 miles away. And
This little bit of extra                                          they felt well-prepared     better than 18 percent say they traveled
paperwork isn’t about                                             for university life, with   more than 100 miles to attend KU. Only
student loans, a grant or                                         personal strengths that     1 percent report home is more than 500
even a chance to get a                                            included cooperative-       miles away.
room in a residence hall.                                         ness, an understanding             he results show that while the
The survey takes a demographic picture
of what the incoming freshmen class
looks like. And though many of the re-
                                              of others, and a strong drive to achieve.
                                                 The survey also found KU was the first
                                              choice of higher education institutions
                                                                                              T      demographics may change, the
                                                                                                     trials and tribulations of freshmen
                                                                                              life remain the same. Our incoming
sponses are strikingly similar to recent      for two-thirds of the class of 2008. The        students realize the many the challenges
KU freshman classes, the overall trend is     university’s good academic reputation           they will face include staying on top of
a slow evolution toward changing values       and reasonable cost were the leading            their grades, managing their time wisely,
and life goals.                               factors in their decision to select KU as       and keeping their checkbooks balanced.
   For example, five years ago, 1.6 percent   their future alma mater.                           But some things never change. The
of the students said they were of African        The students also liked the real-world       2008 class anticipated their biggest
American decent. Four years later, around     opportunities for self-discovery that the       challenge during the freshman year will
7.6 percent made that distinction. Other      university’s many internships and other         be finding out just how much they miss
groups making KU their university of          academic programs offer. And the fresh-         family and friends.
choice include a 4.8 percent cohort           men welcomed the university’s sound
reporting a Latino background. Notably,       career guidance and solid educational

                                                                                                                                             PHOTOS BY HUB WILSON

12 FALL 2005 Tower
                                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY CHUCK ECKENROTH ’98
General Colin Powell
Returns to KU
   Gen. Colin Powell will return to KU this
spring as the featured speaker for the
Annual Decision Makers Forum beginning
at 8 p.m., March 30 in the Keystone Arena.
Powell previously was a featured Decision       New Golden Bear Mascot
Makers Forum speaker in 1996.
   Powell has had a storied career in both
the military and as a statesman. Recently
                                                Unveiled                   BY JOSH LEIBOFF, SPORTS INFORMATION COORDINATOR

he retired as U.S. Secretary of State serving     Kutztown University has a new Golden Bear mascot called Avalanche
from 2001 to 2005. Other key positions          which was unveiled Oct. 1 at halftime during the football game vs. West
he has held include serving as aide to the      Chester.
Secretary of Defense and as National              Still golden and still a bear, Avalanche is an updated take on the modern
Security Advisor to President Reagan.           sports mascot. Child-friendly and ready for any type of shenanigans,
                                                Avalanche was welcomed by President F. Javier Cevallos, who presented the
He has 35 years of service in the United        happy-go-lucky mascot a special welcoming gift, the “Avalauncher,”
States Army, rising to the rank of four-star
                                                which shoots streamers, confetti and t-shirts into the stands at KU events.
general and serving as Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1989 to 1993.        Avalanche is named in honor of the nickname for Kutztown’s sports teams
   Powell is also the founding chairman of      from the mid 1930s to the early 1960s. In 1961, Golden Bears replaced Golden
America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth      Avalanche as the nickname for Kutztown’s sports teams, and Golden Bear
which works to improve the lives of young       mascots soon followed. Most recently, Goldie and Grizz served as KU’s mascots.
people throughout the nation.                   With their “graduation,” however, a new mascot was sought.
   Past Decision Makers Forum speakers             Raymond Entertainment Group, out of Newark, Del., designed the already
include George H.W. Bush, Margaret              beloved new mascot for KU. They are also the creators of the Phillie Phanatic
Thatcher, Rudy Giuliani, Madeleine Albright,    for the Philadelphia Phillies, and have made mascots for the University of
Tim Russert, and many others.                   Delaware, the Cincinnati Reds, and Millersville University, among many others.
   For ticket information, call Ron Lewis,         “This will be a new era for our mascot program and the university’s market-
director of Development for the College of      ing effort as we increase appearances and activities both on and off campus,”
Business, at 610-683-1394.                      said Matt Santos, director of Athletic Advancement.

                                                                                                             Tower FALL 2005   13
class notes
1950s                                       Class of 1969                              Class of 1973                                 published his third book of poetry,
                                                                                                                                     “Surrendering to the futilities that make
                                            Suzanne (Simonson) Edney is owner          David and Christine (Armington)               a man crazy.” Gery's fourth book is
Class of 1952                               of a landscaping business in North         Krem’s son, Keith, graduated from R.I.T.      almost completed and he is currently
Windolyn (Lincoln) Stevens remains          Carolina. Among the services she           in New York with a degree in communi-         writing a screenplay.
active and physically fit through her       offers are classes teaching the princi-    cations business and minors in music
work breeding and showing registered        ples of landscape design. Edney also       and criminal justice. David has been          Class of 1979
Arabian horses.                             teaches part-time at a technical college   elected superintendent of schools for
                                                                                                                                     Dr.Warren “Spider” Simpson coached
                                            and writes articles for Fine Gardening     the Pottstown School District.
Class of 1957                                                                                                                        the Hardin-Simmons University men’s
                                                                                       Mary (Leiby) Laub (&’76) recently             and women’s handball team to their
Lester Breininger, a retired high                                                      spoke at the Pennsylvania German              second USHA Division II Collegiate
school biology teacher, is a nationally     1970s                                      Language Writing Festival in Kutztown         National Championship title in the past
renowned potter in the Pennsylvania                                                    on the operation of present-day one-          three years. Simpson completed his
German redware tradition and has
                                            Class of 1970
                                                                                       room schools. She is a professor in the       20th year as senior editor of the annual
received the Hazlett Award in the arts      Bob Jesson (&’75) has been teaching        KU College of Education.                      journal Applied Research in Coaching
from the Governor of Pennsylvania.          for 34 years. Currently Jesson is teach-                                                 and Athletics.
He has also published articles about        ing at Strath Haven Middle School in       Class of 1977
Pennsylvania Germans and their craft
traditions. Breininger recently presented
                                            Wallingford, Pa.                           Art teacher Denise Bender (&’81) was          1980s
                                            Ron Mordosky and wife Catherine            featured in Bucks County Town and
at the Pennsylvania German Language
                                            (Russ ‘70) both retired in June. Ron       Country Living magazine. Bender was           Class of 1981
Writing Festival in Kutztown.                                                          a curriculum writer and game designer
                                            was an Air Quality District Supervisor                                                   Michele (Moyer) Byrne exhibited
David M. Mackey is president of the         for the Pennsylvania Department            for Art on the Move, a collaborative          new paintings at her third annual open
board of trustees for the Hopewell          of Environmental Protection, and           program between the Bucks County              studio in Wyomissing Hills, Pa.There
Museum and is a docent for Princeton        Catherine was an elementary teacher        Intermediate Unit #22 and the James           were two series of works, one focused
University’s art museum. Mackey resides     in the Bethlehem School District.          A. Michener Museum which involved             on Manhattan and one on France.
in Hopewell, NJ.                                                                       Pennsylvania impressionist paintings.
                                            Class of 1972                                                                            Annette (Hizny) Fisher was elevated
Class of 1958                                                                          Joseph Reighn moved his business,             to associate professor at Marywood
                                            Richard Asberry is conducting              Reighn Communications, to a new               University.
Joanne (Leiby) Kanouse is enjoying          counseling on the elementary level,        location in Topton, Pa. He has four
an active life with friends, family, and    and marital and group counseling at        children in college.                          Christopher Coyle, a regional territory
customers. Kanouse and her husband          church. He is working on a doctorate                                                     sales manager for Baxter Biosurgery,
Donald live in a lakefront home on an       in counseling psychology.                  Class of 1978                                 won a trip to Cabos, San Lucas for him
island in Lake Mohawk, NJ.                                                                                                           and his wife. Coyle was also awarded a
                                            Eloise Long successfully defended her      In December 2004, Scott Balsai
                                                                                                                                     Volume Achievement Award, given to
                                                                                       released his second acoustic music CD
1960s                                       dissertation at Immaculata University.
                                            The doctor of education in educational     titled “Falling Colors on Prairie Braid.”
                                                                                                                                     the top three regional territorial busi-
                                                                                                                                     ness managers for volume sales growth
                                            leadership degree was conferred to Long    All 17 original compositions were
Class of 1962                                                                          recorded in Pocatello, Idaho on a Taylor
                                                                                                                                     during the fiscal year.
                                            on August 25. She is the newly elected
After four years of teaching and 26 years   chairperson of the KU Department of        614ce guitar. Balsai teaches tenth grade      Class of 1982
as a higher education administrator,        Library Science and Instructional          English at Century High School.
Neil Holtzman operated his own con-                                                                                                  The York School District of Maine select-
                                            Technology.                                Jean (Petrosino) Keller owns and
sulting and training company for                                                                                                     ed Stephen Bishop to be principal of
                                                                                       directs a design studio with clientele        the middle school. Bishop is described
10 years.
                                                                                       including Harvard University Press,           as having “a strong reputation and
                                                                                       Simmons School of Management                  proven skills” from his experiences as
                                                                                       Leadership Conference, and First              assistant principle and art teacher at
             A BRIEF MESSAGE TO OUR ALUMNI                                             Bankcard.The position allows her to           the middle school. He has a master’s
                                                                                       spend time with her young daughter,           degree in educational administration
               AND THEIR LOVED ONES FROM                                               practice and provide piano lessons,           from the University of Southern Maine.
           KU'S DIRECTOR OF LIFELONG LEARNING                                          and bake wedding and specialty cakes.
                                                                                       With the culinary arts degree Keller          Dan Donnelly has been married to Lisa
                                                                                       obtained in 1991, she plans to launch         McCarthy for 19 years. Together they
         Noncredit courses are a tangible way to demonstrate                                                                         have three children, Derek (15), Dylan
                                                                                       a line of handmade chocolates. Keller
         acquisition of new skills for your current career, career                     lives with her husband and daughter           (13), and Corinne (11). Donnelly has
        advancement, or to launch a whole new career. They are                         in Arlington, Mass.                           been teaching for 22 years and contin-
                                                                                                                                     ues to love it each and every day.
     also an excellent way to network with other interesting adult                     Katherine M. Fridirici (&’87) is enjoy-
       learners and to enhance your expertise in a selected field.                     ing her ‘empty nest’ now that daughter        Charles “Bill” Dussinger owns his own
                                                                                       Kate has graduated from Millersville.         graphic design studio, Penny Lane
                                                                                       Fridirici’s son Matt is entering his second   Graphics. In 2006, Penny Lane will have
        People jockeying for position in a highly competitive                          year at Kutztown.                             been at its present location for 10 years
    marketplace are hoping that noncredit courses or a certificate                                                                   (
                                                                                       John D. Orlando (&’84) is in his 28th
     (group of noncredit courses designed to provide in-depth                          year of teaching. He is the reading           David Kligerman retired from being a
       study in a particular subject area) will put them on the                        specialist at Sussex Techinical High          taxpayer representative in Philadelphia.
                                                                                       School where he teaches and leads             After a car accident in 1992, and many
         inside track for a promotion or even a new career.                                                                          surgeries, he now uses a walker with
                                                                                       staff development in reading. Orlando
                                                                                       and his partner of 16 years reside in         lifts. Currently, Kligerman is writing a
         You can find the links to all our many noncredit online                       Rehoboth Beach, Del.                          class on FICO scores and hopes to be
                                                                                                                                     employed helping the disabled.
          offerings at                            Keith Gery '78 recently relocated
                                                                                       to Jacksonville, Fla, where he is the         Class of 1983
                          Raymond W. Campbell, Ph.D.                                   marketing promotions specialist for           Fran (Hagen) Kline is a sales represen-
                                                                                       The Florida Times-Union. Also,Water           tative for Westland Printers in Burton-
                                                                                       Row Press, Sudbury, Mass., recently           sville, Pa. Kline and husband Michael

14 FALL 2005 Tower
’86 have a 16-year-old son and live in      Class of 1991
Jerrettsville, Md.
                                            Rich Dome is exhibitor services
Class of 1984                               supervisor for the online movie ticket
                                                                                                          ALUMNI CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                            company, Fandango. He oversees the
Lisa (Commodari) Wright is married to
                                            New York City operations for the Los
Sam and together they have two sons:                                                                               Holiday Tea – 12/7/05
                                            Angeles-based company. Dome and his
Alex (9) and Ben (15).
                                            wife Donna have two children, Matthew                              Emeriti Luncheon – 12/16/05
Class of 1985                               and Katelyn.                                                        Commencement – 12/17/05
In September 2005, Zaharati (formerly       Diane (Yesulaitis) Scott relocated to                       Lehigh County Holiday Gathering – 12/8/05
Jackie) Morfesis wrote and performed        Shorewood, Ill., and is a senior financial
                                            analyst for Exelon Generation.
                                                                                                         Berks County Holiday Gathering – 12/9/05
in her one-woman theatrical play,
“Persephone and Hades,” at the                                                                        Philadelphia Area Holiday Gathering – 12/15/05
George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in
                                            Class of 1993
Philadelphia.“Persephone and Hades” is      Stephanie (Collins) Fitler (&’00) and her                                      JANUARY
a contemporary interpretation of their      husband Lee have two children,son Parker                            Florida Gatherings – 1/12-17/06
story filled with passion, betrayal, love   William and daughter Cassidy Teagan.
and renewal. Morfesis has written two                                                                                     MARCH
                                            Katy-Louise (Winch) Kelly is engaged
manuscripts on the myth of the Greek                                                                           Decision Makers Forum – 3/30/06
                                            and planning a wedding to Al Anicic in
goddess Persephone that she is hoping
                                            New Jersey.
to have published.                                                                                    Visit the alumni Website for details on these and
Class of 1986                               Class of 1994                                             other alumni events:
                                            Kevin Coyle received a master’s in
Michael and Fran (Hagen) Kline ’83
                                            fine arts in computer animation from
have a 16-year-old son and live in
                                            Savannah College of Art and Design in
Jarrettsville, Md. Kline is a teacher in
                                            2002. Coyle was the rotoscope anima-                                                     February 2006.The couple currently
Baltimore.                                                                               In 2003, Heather Yurko and her partner
                                            tor for the productions of “Cat Woman,”                                                  resides in Drexel Hill, Pa., where Myro
                                                                                         started a designer toy business and art
Class of 1987:                              “Sin City,” and “Shark Boy and Lava Girl.”
                                                                                         gallery in North Carolina. They work        freelances in video production.
Christine Lemond was featured in the        Cindy (Dewar) Krum is currently              with artists to promote their work and      Erik Smith has completed a 13-month
2005-2006 financial resources guide         working toward her MBA in Health             collaborate to produce three-dimen-         tour of duty in Fulgia, Iraq, as part of the
of Garden State Woman Magazine.             Care Administration. She has been            sional art toys.                            Pennsylvania National Guard. He was a
Highlighted was Lemond’s success in         married since 2000 and has a son,                                                        project manager overseeing 35 Iraqi
                                                                                         John Acquavita is a school teacher in
formulating the Hellenic Women’s            Bryan, born in 2002.                                                                     construction workers. Presently, Smith
                                                                                         Maryland, after changing careers from
Investment Club of Bergen County, with      Joseph Kubic (&’01) and wife Christina       news media to elementary education.         is the visual information manager for
women from her church. Lemond had           have two children: Ben (3) and Gianna        Acquavita earned his master’s degree in     distance learning for PNG. His wife Lisa
gained the expertise to help jump-start     (15 months).                                 education from Holy Family University       Self-Smith (’97) teaches modeling.
the HIWIC from her work as a financial                                                   in Philadelphia. His wife is pursuing her
advisor with Merril Lynch.                  Class of 1995                                                                            Lenore Snell was engaged to be
                                                                                         doctorate in social work.                   married in June to Dr. Nikita Borisov, an
Class of 1988:                              Elena (Albright) Kollar and husband          Lindsay (Ketterer) Rais who creates         assistant professor of engineering for
                                            Jeff ’93 have been married since             woven metal baskets, was invited to         computer security at the University of
Tracy (Misson) Kaiser was a contributing    August 1998. In October 2001, the                                                        Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
author to the “Model on Transitioning                                                    deliver slide lectures at both the
                                            Kollars had a daughter Kennedy and           Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C.,
Traditional Coursework to the Online        in January 2003, a son named Aiden.          and the SOFA in Chicago.
                                                                                                                                     Class of 1998:
Format” which was presented at the
American Association for Paralegal          Since graduating Amy (Buckingham)                                                        Tara (Crozier) Wallick is an art teacher
                                                                                         Nicholas Szewczyk has a 14-month-
Educators’ National Conference in           Neugebauer obtained master’s degrees                                                     for the Bristol Township School District
                                                                                         old son, Xander, and recently became
Phoenix, Ariz., in March. Kaiser had two    in secondary school counseling from                                                      and is looking for a position closer to
                                                                                         father to twins Xachary and Xavier.
of her poems published in 2004 and a        the University of Scranton and educa-                                                    Reading.In October,Wallick was inducted
short story this year.                      tional leadership with principal certifi-    Travis Townsend’s sculptures were           into KU’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
                                            cation from Wilkes University.               included in “Material Matters: A Poetics
David Mosca (&’90) has been appoint-                                                                                                 Ilean Torres-Young is living in Sinking
                                            Neugebauer is working on a third             of Possibilities” at the Chelsea Center
ed director of internal audit for the                                                                                                Spring, Pa., with her husband Andre ‘99
                                            master’s in classroom technology from        for the Arts in Manhattan, as well as in
University System of Maryland. Mosca is                                                                                              and their two children: Xiomara (5) and
                                            Wilkes and is a school counselor at          “Furniture on Paper, and Off…” at the
responsible for managing the internal                                                                                                Dre (2).
                                            her alma mater of Wayne Highlands            Lehigh University Gallery in Bethlehem.
audit function for all 13 institutions.     School District.                                                                         Mindy (Velasco) McCaulley and her
                                                                                         Class of 1997                               husband John have a son, Alex, who is
Greg Rautzhan has been married to           Dwayne Wright (&’97) recently received
Denise Murphy for three-and-a-half                                                       Richard “Rickey” Hummer opened a            five years old. McCaulley is a horseback
                                            his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia                                                 riding instructor in Chalfont, Pa.
years. They have two boys: Greg Jr. (2)                                                  tobacco shop, Hazle St. Humidor, and
                                            in Philosophy Social Foundations of
and Andrew (eight months).                                                               does a lot of traveling for the company.    Floyd Bishop has opened Bishop
                                            Education.Wright is currently a profes-
                                                                                         Hummer has been married for five            Animation in Carbondale, Pa. One of his
                                            sor at Cleveland State University and
1990s                                       is planning to turn his dissertation,
                                                                                         years and has a son named Connor.           first projects,“Opposites Jamboree,” has
                                            “Black Pride Days: A Critical Historical     Byron Roth was deployed in support of       been selected into the Short Films for
Class of 1990                               Ethnography of Black Student Activism,       Operation Iraqi Freedom.                    Children category at the International
Susan (Hart) Thomas has been happily        Curricular Reform, and Memory of                                                         Animated Film Festival in Ottawa,
                                                                                         Kevin Tighe has been married for three      Canada.
married to husband Tod since 1993.          William Penn Senior High School in
                                                                                         years and has a five-month-old daugh-
They welcomed their first daughter,         York, PA” into a book.                                                                   Annette (Evans) Whipple and her
                                                                                         ter named Allison.
Reily Jacklyn, in 2003. Thomas ran her                                                                                               husband of two years, Derek Whipple,
first marathon in N.Y.C in 2002 and was     Class of 1996                                Christopher L. Myro proposed to fiancé      recently bought a house in North East,
preparing for the Twin Cities Marathon      Daniel and Vaneesa Cook ’01&’04              Jaimee Moran in front of the Phillies       Md., where she teaches first grade.
this fall.                                  have been married since 2000 and live        dugout at the new ballpark in November
                                            in Womelsdorf, Pa.                           2004.The wedding is scheduled for

                                                                                                                                                    Tower FALL 2005            15
Kimberly Fahey has been teaching                Bob Marsh completed his MFA in             Mark Brown was married in June 2003.         Samantha Simatos is continuing her
first grade in Elizabeth, N.J., for 17 years.   woodworking at San Diego State             He is currently working on his master’s      academics at KU by pursuing a master’s
She’s included in both the 2004 and             University. Presently he is Artist in      degree in public administration at           degree in library science.
2005 editions of Who’s Who Among                Residence at the Appalachian Center        Virginia Commonwealth University.
                                                                                                                                        Lauren Sobotor has taken a job in
America’s Teachers.                             for Crafts in Tennessee.                   He and his wife recently moved back
                                                                                                                                        Manhattan with Spiegel and Newport
                                                                                           to Pennsylvania where he will teach in
After Camille (Murphy) Bugden                                                                                                           News, where she will work with cloth-
received her graduate degree in                 2000s                                      the North Lebanon School District.
                                                                                                                                        ing catalogs. Sobotor will be assisting
communications from Pratt, she                  Class of 2000                              Class of 2001                                the vice president of advertising, KU
worked as a children’s book designer                                                                                                    grad Brian Benner ’96.
for Penguin-Putman, Marvel Comics,              Timothy Coyle was awarded a medical        Vaneesa (&’04) and Daniel Cook ’96
and Barnes and Noble. Currently she             degree from the Philadelphia College       have been married since 2000 and live        Class of 2005
is employed by Simon and Schuster               of Osteopathic Medicine in June. After     in Womelsdorf, Pa. Cook obtained a
                                                                                                                                        Katherine “Kate” Beaver made the
where she is designing books and                a vacation trip to Mexico, he began his    master’s degree in public administration
                                                                                                                                        Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team and
novelty items for Nickelodeon television        internship at Lehigh Valley Hospital       from KU and is the assistant alumni
                                                                                                                                        may be the first Kutztown alumna to
shows. She also teaches part-time at            where he specializes in emergency          director for KU.
                                                                                                                                        achieve this accomplishment.
a community college in midtown                  medicine.                                  Diana Hammerschmidt resides in the
Manhattan.                                                                                                                              Candice Bullard moved to Atlanta
                                                Shawn (Donlon) Musgrove is married         Northwest region of Philadelphia where
                                                                                                                                        where she is an environmental consult-
Wendy O’Toole lives in Sydney,                  and has a little girl named Emily.         she is working as a human resources
                                                                                                                                        ant for Terracon Consulting.
Australia, and is editor of an events                                                      assistant at Amplifier Research Worldwide
                                                For the past three years, Wendy            in Souderton.
magazine called Main Event.                     (Grepps) Ganster has been teaching
Mike Rhode is a middle school history           English as a Second Language for the       Rebecca (Reitnauer) Sterner has been
teacher and presented a program on              Reading School District. Ganster was       happily married since May 2002. She
Mennonites and Plain People at the              married in 2003 and lives in a newly       has a beautiful little boy and a great job
Pennsylvania German Language                    purchased home in the Womelsdorf area.     working from the comfort of her home.
Writing Festival held in Kutztown.              Aleisha (Herring) Brixius received a       Class of 2002
Class of 1999                                   master’s in education from Penn State
                                                                                           Anil Aras has entered the field of finan-
                                                University in 2004.
Janna (GaNun) Dowdell is living life to                                                    cial services, joining the New York Life
the fullest with her wonderful husband                         Jamie Peters was            Insurance Company at the Valley Forge
and two children.                                              among 239 physicians        office in Pennsylvania.
                                                               awarded the Doctor of
Holly (Plumstead) Erdman and                                                               John Winand, Jr. completed his mas-
                                                               Osteopathic Medicine                                                     Thomas Healy started a job at Merck
husband Matt own a home and have                                                           ter’s degree in political science at East
                                                               Degree from Philadel-                                                    and Co., Inc. as an analytical chemist in
a daughter named Elanna. Erdman                                                            Stroudsburg University and studied
                                                               phia College of                                                          the Regulatory Analytical Sciences, divi-
obtained a master’s in educational                                                         abroad at the University of Ghana
                                                               Osteopathic Medicine                                                     sion and recently bought his first home.
technology and is an English teacher                                                       Legon.Winand was based in Accra,
                                                               on June 5.
for the Bethlehem Area School District.                                                    Ghana while he studied the politics
She is desperate to get in touch with           Michele (Souders) Waggoner was             of developing nations in depth with          Marriages
old roommates and is still in contact           named Coastal Carolina Chapter of          a small group of scholars.
                                                the American Red Cross’s executive                                                      1980’s
with Janna and Kim.                                                                        For fours years Shawn Mazzatta has
                                                director this summer. She had been the                                                  Christine (Hurtz) ’89 & Michael Perrucci
Robin Winkis received her master’s                                                         been teaching art at the Baum School
                                                communications specialist for Reading,                                                  5/31/03
degree in education at Penn State York.                                                    of Art in Allentown. Through the
                                                Pa.’s chapter and the emergency
                                                                                           school, Mazzatta participated in a pro-      1990’s
Andre “Smiley”Young is living in                services director for the Carolina chap-
                                                                                           gram with the Lehigh County Juvenile
Sinking Spring, Pa., with his wife Ileana       ter. She and her husband Robert live                                                    Roxanne & Timothy Cummins ’90
                                                                                           Probation Department teaching art to
Torres-Young ’98 and their two                  in Jacksonville, N.C.                                                                   10/19/03
                                                                                           youth offenders, ages 14 to 18.
children: Xiomara (5) and Dre (2).              Joseph Zagorski joined the park                                                         Sharon & James Cicman ’94 4/10/05
                                                                                           James Gadinski recently moved to
Jeffrey Clancy received his MFA in              ranger staff at Obed Wild and Scenic
                                                                                           Tampa Bay, Fla., to accept a job with        Gael & Kevin Coyle ’94 2/2005
metals at San Diego State University.           River in Tennessee as chief of interpre-
                                                                                           Xanthus Financial Services Inc.
Currently he teaches art foundation             tation. He is pursuing a master’s degree                                                Tiffany (Trievel) ’98 & Douglas Russell
classes at Bowling Green State                  in American history at the University of   Thomas Walker is an actor in New York        9/13/03
University, Ohio.                               Tennessee.                                 City. He recently worked on the major        Julie (Rossi) ’96 & David Tonkay 3/19/05
                                                                                           motion picture “The Producers” to be
                                                                                           released in December.                        2000’s
                                TRAVEL WITH KU                                             Class of 2003                                Jillian (Bretz) ’03 & Mark Gasper
                                                                                           Sarah Eshiwani has been accepted to
                                                                                           Seton Hall’s diplomacy and international     Shana-Maria (Jackson) ’01 & Aaron
               13 day Greek Isles Cruise, July 2-15, 2006…                                                                              Sharp 10/29/04
                                                                                           relations program.
                 aboard the Grand Princess. Fares from                                                                                  Kerrie (Geist) ’04 & David Ogden
                                                                                           Christina Lewis is expecting a child on
                   only $3,416 with airfare optional.                                                                                   12/31/04
                                                                                           December 24.
          EXCLUSIVE two-night extension in Rome also available.                                                                         Tracy (Nicholas) ’02 & Walter Green, Jr.
                                                                                           Jason Deller, who is a designer at P.P.O.
                                                                                           & S. in Harrisburg, won the 2005 Philly
            5 night Family Cruise to Canada, July 24-29, 2006 …                            Gold Medal for his Highmark Blue             Michele (Souders) ’00 & Robert
             aboard the Carnival Victory sailing from New York.                            Shield Campaign.                             Waggoner 6/2005
                          From $751 per person!                                            Jamie Krajewski is planning a                Jennifer (Walen) ’02 & Nathan Yonney
                                                                                           2006 wedding to fellow KU grad               ’00 7/3/05
                                                                                           Bill Swanhart (’03).                         Christine (Kerns) ’00 & Joseph Simeone
            9 day Irish Heritage Tour, August 11-19, 2006…
                                                                                           Brandy Madonna says she’s “living life       ’97 7/17/04
        aboard a luxury motorcoach (tour operated by CIE Tours).
                                                                                           single, happy, rich, and doing whatever
                   Fares from only $2,494 with airfare.                                    I want.”                                     Births
                 Contact the Alumni office at (800)-682-1866                               Class of 2004                                1980’s
                   or log onto                                     Renee Fox completed training at the          Geraldine (Cronin) ’89 & Mark Luchetti,
                                                                                           police academy from January through          a daughter, Erin 2003
                        and select Kutztown University                                     June.

16 FALL 2005 Tower
                                                                                             1931                                   1969
                                                                                             Arlene (Bohning) Hughes 8/14/05        David Mitchell 6/20/05
                            CLEVELAND ROCKS!                                                 Catherine (Sicher) Berg 8/18/05        1976
                                                                                             1936                                   Josephine Boyle 9/1/05
     Alumni trip to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio
                                                                                             Gene (Fister) Nash 6/29/05             1980
                  Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9, 2006                                1937                                   Sue Trythall 6/15/05
                                                                                             Floyd German 6/25/05                   1984
   Check our website to register online:                             Elizabeth (McClain) Imhof ’37&’41      John Campion 4/1/05
                                                                                                                                    Frances Washak 3/16/05
Doris (Delp) ’89 & Michael Weltmer, a          Linda & Ty Marr ’97, a daughter,Vivian        Margaret (Killian) Armstrong 6/11/05
                                                                                                                                    Brenda (Carlen) Zellner 6/28/05
daughter, Katrina Leigh 11/6/04                Kay 3/10/05
Christine (Hurst) ’89 & Michael Perrucci,      Erin (McCole) ’95 & Scott Cupp, twin                                                 1987
                                                                                             Edward Osinski 4/16/05
a son, John “Jack” Simon 11/18/04              daughters, Johanna Mariel, Rionna                                                    Ruth Erwin 6/5/05
                                               Rubin 12/23/03                                Carson Swoyer 7/15/05
1990’s                                                                                                                              1989
Elena (Albright) ’96 & Jeffrey Kollar ’93, a
                                               Rebecca (Nagle) ’99 & Jason Dornblaser,       1956
                                               a son, Chase Nicholas 11/04                                                          Jennifer (Heidig) Shetter 3/14/05
son, Aiden 1/03                                                                              Randall Roy 11/9/04
                                               Lara (Shapiro) ’98 & Josh Ellis ’00, a son,                                          1995
Susanna (Barkus) ’96 & Michael Naratil         Nicholas Christopher 3/18/05                  1958
’97, a son, Nicholas James 8/9/05                                                                                                   Robert Cuthbert 5/24/05
                                               Wendy & Joseph Shirvinski ’92&’96, a          Douglas Peiffer 5/19/05
Kimberly (Csapo) ’95 & Andrew Taylor, a        daughter, Abigail Rose 8/20/04                                                       2003
son, Jake 3/05                                                                               1961
                                               2000’s                                                                               Jared Sheaffer 8/30/05
Maura (Fennell) ’95 & Joseph Abate ’95,                                                      Larry Heckman 8/1/05
triplets, Jacob Benjamin, Joseph Charles,      Aleisha (Herring) ’00 & Timothy Brixius,                                             Emeriti
Luke Robert 3/5/05                             a son, Delton 2/22/05                         1962
                                                                                                                                    Darwin Miller 1/20/05
Marybeth (Forte)’90 & Paul Lombardino,                                                       Kathryn Burkey 7/30/05
a daughter, Elizabeth Frances 3/23/05          In Memory                                     1966                                   Corrections:
Paige & Michael Himes ’93, a son, Ethan        1928                                          Sandra (Hrapsky) McGurrin 8/11/05      Jo Kercher Hinkle’s name was
Wayne 2003 and a daughter,Trinity                                                                                                   misspelled under the Class of 1940’s
                                               Mabel (Smoyer) Berger 6/3/05
Arlene 1/18/05                                                                               1967                                   reunion photo.
                                               Mary (Weitknecht) Praetorius 3/10/05
Michele (Maloney) Sodrosky ’98, a                                                            Peggy (Silfies) Rizzolo 4/18/05        Bryn (Bagenstose) Weckel should be
daughter 8/21/04                               1929                                                                                 correctly identified as an alumna in the
                                                                                                                                    Class of 1972.
                                               Claire (Henninger) Folwell 6/8/05

Hindsight Revealed August 2005
                                    TO THE EDITOR

                                                                                                                                    I remember that it was a rather
   Bob Pawling ’69 said he can                                                                                                      cold day for a field trip walk to the
solve the mystery of last month’s                                                                                                   airport, and I was sort of disap-
Hindsight photo featuring children                                                                                                  pointed we weren’t going to get
pointing to an airplane at                                                                                                          a ride in the plane after all that
Kutztown Airport.                                                                                                                   posing was done.”
   “My father, Dr. J. Allen Pawling,
also a Kutztown graduate [Class of                                                                                                  Reader corrects May Hindsight
1934], was an art professor and                                                                                                        According to Linda Abby Fein
advisor for the ‘Keystonia Yearbook’                                                                                                ’64, the photo featuring the
during the time when the picture                                                                                                    cheerleader reunion shows Judith
was taken,” Pawling writes.“At that                                                                                                 Romanisko who graduated in 1964
time, I was attending first grade                                                                                                   in the second row on the far right.
in the Kuztown State Teacher’s
College Laboratory School, as the                                                                                                   Letters to the editor are welcome
learning center used to be called.                                                                                                  and may be addressed to:
   “My family lived across the                                                                                                      Tower, University Relations Office,
street from the Kutztown Airport.              sitting in the airplane with Sharon              “The picture appeared in Dr.        213 Stratton Administration
As a result, my father knew Dickey             Heffner, daughter of the plane’s              Italo L. deFrancesco’s book ‘Art       Center, Kutztown University,
Heffner, owner of the little, two-             owner. I am not sure about the                Education,’ published in 1958.         Kutztown, PA 19530 or e-mailed
seat Air Coupe, and he arranged                other participants, except that they          deFrancesco, who later became          to
the photo opportunity.The school               were some of my classmates from               college president, was at that time
year was 1952-53. I am the boy                 Ms. O’Niell’s first-grade class.              the director of the Art Department.

                                                                                                                                                  Tower FALL 2005          17
              presented August 29, 2005 [abridged]

A Better Model for Success                                                   New Goals – New Directions
    Welcome to what promises to be an exciting academic year.                    The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has an
Last year at this time, I said we were bigger and better than                accountability plan that assesses the performance of the uni-
ever before. I am pleased to tell you the same is true this year.            versities according to a series of specific measures. Based on
Our student population continues to grow, not just in first-                 past performance data, we are evaluated against specific tar-
time freshmen, but in graduate enrollment and transfer stu-                  gets for each measure. We are also evaluated against a nation-
dents as well. We have added new degree programs in the past                 wide group of peer institutions that provide us with a bench-
12 months, and increased the number of collaborative agree-                  mark. Of 64 measures, we met or exceeded our goals in 56.
ments we have with universities across the globe.                                Last year, I was happy to report that one of the goals we had
    The Class of 2009 is one of the largest in our history. We               set for ourselves, and which we accomplished, was an increase
continue to see double-digit annual increases in the number                  in our six-year graduation rate. Well, I am delighted to tell you
of applications. Our residence halls are full, and nearby off-               this year that we met our improvement goals in the four-year
campus housing is scarce.                                                    graduation rate.
    We have shifted our marketing efforts, and once again, we                    The pursuit of a university degree is a marathon for many
have seen double-digit increases in summer school enroll-                    of our students who have to juggle one or two jobs and family
ment, transfer enrollment, graduate enrollment, and partici-                 obligations with their studies. It is always such a disappoint-
pation in both credit and non-credit-bearing offerings through               ment when, for whatever reason, a student quits the race be-
our office of Lifelong Learning and Professional Development.                fore the finish line is in sight. Due to the many programs tar-
    Also, for the first time this past summer, we began to offer             geted to early and ongoing guidance and assistance, our stu-
Educators’ Workshops to meet the continuing education re-                    dents suffer that disappointment less and less from year to
quirements of Pennsylvania’s public school K-12 teachers.                    year.
    But we’re not just getting bigger, we’re also getting better.
    We are admitting better, brighter students from a broader
background than ever before. Diversity among the staff and                       ACADEMIC HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PAST 12 MONTHS
student body mirrors that of the communities we serve, while
                                                                                The development and launch of new programs, tracks, concen-
the average SAT score of our incoming students continues to
                                                                                trations and minors in:
rise as well.
                                                                                • German Studies
    We will work to attract more and better students, as we are
                                                                                • Biochemistry
able to provide more and larger scholarships. Toward that end,
                                                                                • Music Education
last year we held our second scholarship ball, and it was a
                                                                                • Religious Studies in the Philosophy Department
great success, bringing the two-year scholarship total to more
                                                                                • Globalization in the Geography Department
                                                                                • Instructional Technology in Library Science
                                                                                • Coaching Education in Elementary Education
                                                        Last year’s
                                                                                • Digital Classroom Technology in the Instructional Technology
                                                        ball also
                                                                                   master’s program
                                                                                • A degree designation of Bachelor of Science in Library Science
                                                        the sur-
                                                                                   as an addition to the Bachelor of Science in Education with a
                                                        prise an-
                                                                                   major in Library Science degree
                                                                                • The addition of minors in Biochemistry, Musical Theatre, and
                                                        ment of a
                                                                                   Pennsylvania German Studies
                                                        $1 million
                                                        gift from
                                                        Bill Ribble             In summer 2005, KU’s new professional development pro-
                                                        ‘73 and              gram was very well received by working teachers.
                                                        his wife,               The Division of Academic Affairs continued recruiting ef-
                                                        Joanne ‘74.          forts for students of color. And the projected number of stu-
                                                                             dents of color for Fall 2005 increased by 15 percent matching
                                                                             the record percentage from Fall 2004.
                                                                                Our Connections (orientation) program goes to great
                                                                             lengths to minimize the personal challenges many freshmen
                                                                             experience living away from mom and dad for the first time

18 FALL 2005 Tower
with people who may not look and sound just like they do.                 Other upcoming projects include construction of a new
The success of the program is reflected in our ever-growing            heating plant, and removal of the current power plant in the
retention rates.                                                       center of south campus, to begin in March. Currently the uni-
    Another contributor to our retention rates is the President’s      versity is in the design phase for renovations to the Sharadin
Roundtable on Alcohol and Other Drugs.                                 fine arts building, with renovations to Schaeffer Auditorium
    Other forms of service come from our future teachers in the        immediately following.
education program who fan out to schools throughout Berks                 Information Technology and the Academic Technology
and Lehigh counties as part of the America Reads program to            Committee completed a long-range strategic plan which was
help young people gain a love of reading.                              adopted by the University Senate in May 2005.
    The Lauer’s Park Elementary School program, which is in               Working with the Academic Technology Committee and
a low-income area of Reading, sends representatives from KU            Academic Affairs, Information Technology created more than
Student Services on visits throughout the year with students           30 additional smart classrooms bringing the total to more than
and parents to help them realize attending college is a realistic      110 technologically advanced classrooms.
aspiration for them, not a forlorn dream.
    We have reached the point that traditional recruiting meth-
ods have matured; so we have also focused our marketing ef-
                                                                       Stepping up to the plate
forts on community college transfer students, summer school,               Last year our freshmen athletes had a GPA that was 12 per-
graduate school, continuing education for K-12 teachers, and           cent higher than the class as a whole. The research has shown,
distance learning. We have seen double-digit increases in every        and our experience has borne out, that involvement in activi-
one of those areas.                                                    ties outside the classroom actually improves performance in
                                                                       the classroom. In 2005, KU athletes contributed hundreds of
New Dimensions                                                         hours to community service projects.
                                                                           That is a commendable number, and it is right in line with
   This summer Kutztown University broke ground on the                 the overall number for the entire student body, who contribu-
Academic Forum. This facility will provide seven classrooms            ted 39,000 hours of community service last year. That is equi-
                                              ranging in capacity      valent to more than 20 full-time employees.
                                              from 85 to 200 stu-
                                              dents. The central
                                              architectural fea-
                                                                       A Community Reaching Out
                                              ture is a two-story           As our mission and vision statements proclaim, Kutztown
                                              atrium which will        University is not simply a community of scholars, we are also
                                              match the beauty         scholars in the communities whose lives we touch.
                                              of Alumni Plaza               The Office of Public Engagement laid the groundwork for
                                              and will be a won-       our expanded presence at The Donley Center in downtown
                                              derful addition          Allentown. This past year our junior college transfer enroll-
                                              to the artistic ele-     ments from Lehigh and Carbon counties jumped 58 percent
                                              gance of the cam-        from their four-year average, while the rate of transfers from
                                              pus.                     Berks, Northampton and Montgomery Counties remained
                                                  Also, we are         level.
                                              moving along with             It has been said that no nation is so wealthy that it can af-
                                              the construction         ford to squander the promise of its youth. Helping under-pre-
                                              of the new student       pared young people master the skills they will need to succeed
                                              recreation facility.     in college is not just the right thing to do at the individual level,
                                              When it opens next       it’s the only smart thing to do at the societal level.
                                              year, we will truly           With that in mind, the Office of Public Engagement has
                                              have the very best       worked to create the Kutztown University Preparatory Aca-
                                              facilities in the        demy, through which KU partners with public school districts,
                                              State System to          independent day schools, private boarding schools and com-
                                              create sound minds       munity organizations to develop custom preparatory pro-
                                              in sound bodies.         grams. We do this at all levels starting as early as fifth grade.
                                                 At University         There are a dozen or more such partnerships with schools
                                              Field, we installed      and organizations stretching from Philadelphia to Harrisburg.
                                              synthetic turf that           Other ongoing outreach activities include the Upward
                                              will allow for great-    Bound program, the Allentown Academic Alliance, the Rober-
                                              er use of the facility   to Clemente Academic Alliance, and the Frederick Douglass
                                              and reduce main-         Leadership Day Camp, all of which help students get a head
tenance costs. We resurfaced the track and lights will be in-          start on school and life.
stalled in the near future.                                                 The Office of Human Diversity continues to encourage and
   Our university and athletic logos are now licensed by more          enable the development of a healthy perception of diversity
than 50 national vendors, and the licensing program is begin-          within the university community. Our improved retention and
ning to generate a profit that will be used to fund scholarships.      graduation rates are very much the result of the services this

19 FALL 2005 Tower
                                                                       In addition, we have moved to college-based development.
                                                                    Alumni tend to be more closely tied to their college than to the
                                                                    university as a whole, so we have assigned a development offi-
                                                                    cer to each of the four undergraduate colleges.
                                                                        In the past 12 months, private support of KU has increased
                                                                    15 percent, exceeding the State System performance measure.
                                                                    And our endowment grew at an annual rate of more than 22
                                                                    percent, again exceeding System measures.
                                                                        It is so abundantly obvious that KU is a family of talented,
                                                                    hardworking professionals. The campus looks great; our stu-
                                                                    dents are learning, persisting and graduating at higher rates;
                                                                    our alumni are increasingly involved and financially suppor-
                                                                    tive; and our image continues to grow and expand.

office provides in compliance with the Americans with Disa-
bilities Act.
    The Office of Human Diversity also hosts open discussions
on race relations for students, faculty and staff. And they
create special programs and luncheons on campus featuring
cultures from Southeast Asian to Caribbean.
    Information Technology joined with the Office of Human
Diversity to implement software solutions which will allow
differently-abled people to visit the KU website.
    As you can imagine, someone with a limited ability to dis-
cern colors might have a hard time with some web pages,
other people need software that will read the pages to them,
or translate them onto a Braille reading pad.
    In February we opened the doors of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisex-
ual, Transgendered and Questioning Resource Center to serve
all those interested in this area. We are truly leading the State
System in this effort.
    In collaboration with Housing and Residential Services, the
Women’s Center distributes fliers and posters to create aware-
ness of safety and healthy lifestyle habits freshmen need to
know, and of which upper class members need to be reminded.

And of Course – New Alumni
                                         As more and more                                                The following pages list names
                                      of our students graduate
                                                                                                             of alumni, parents, friends,
                                      and join the ranks of
                                      their fellow alumni, it                                                      faculty/staff, emeriti,
                                      has become necessary                                                 corporations, and volunteers
                                      to enlist the help of a
                                      few more people in the                                                        who gave a total of
                                      Advancement Division                                                             $3,172,010.00 to
                                      to keep all alumni con-
                                      nected to their alma                                                         Kutztown University
                                      mater.                                                                         during 2004-2005.
                                         To help with these
                                      duties, the Alumni Rela-
                                      tions office has created                                                As always, KU thanks you
                                      and launched an attrac-                                                          for your support!
                                      tive e-newsletter that is
                                      generating a good deal
                                      of positive feedback from
                                      our alumni.

                                                                                                                  Tower FALL 2005 20
annual fund
   f you are among the many who invested in Kutztown Uni-
                                                                      2004 - 2005

                                                                                                   Donor Recognition Levels:
I  versity through the 2004-2005 Annual Fund, your name
   should be listed herein. If your name was omitted or incor-
rectly listed, please contact the KU Foundation at 610-683-
                                                                                                   Board of Overseers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 or more
                                                                                                   Tower Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000-$4,999
                                                                                                   President’s Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500-$999
1394. This report includes donors who contributed between                                          Maroon & Gold Club . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250-$499
July 1, 2004, and June 30, 2005. Gifts received after June 30 will                                 Century Club. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100-$249
be acknowledged in the 2005-2006 donor report.                                                     Contributors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . under $100

Classes prior to 1935                            Enoch J. Karb                                     Elizabeth Kleppinger Cargill                       Helen Redcay Ludke
                                                 Stanley K. Landis ++++                            Alfred J. Colarusso                                Emma Noll Peiffer
Board of Overseers
                                                 Chester W. Rohrbach                               Evelyn Heintzelman Custer +                        Jeannette Hosfeld Stansfield ++++
M. Elizabeth Reed ’31 *
                                                 Contributors                                      Shirley Lengel Dieffenbach ++++                    Ruth Owens VanSickle
Tower Club                                                                                         Grace Heintzelman Diehl +
                                                 Dollie Hughes Care ++++                                                                             Class of 1945
Violet Rupp MacKnight ’27 *                                                                        Laverne Kleckner McLean
                                                 Miriam Hindenach Rau
Sara Kaufmann Matthews ‘34                                                                         Carmela Callisto Podleszek ++                     President’s Club
                                                 Mary Stauffer +*
Eva Moyer Young ’24 +                                                                                                                                Helen Redline Farrell ++++
                                                 Louise Palmer Vath +++                            Contributors
President’s Club                                                                                   Nita Rohrbach Dietrich +                          Maroon & Gold Club
Clara Dyer Coleman ‘27                           Class of 1937                                     Hilda Eckert Fisher                               M. Irene Horne Heiland ++++
Maroon & Gold Club                               Century Club                                      Kathryn Stauffer Hildebrand +                     Ruth Jean Grassi Stitzer ++++
Webster K. Reinert ’25 *                         Anna Schott Burchill ++                           Dorothy Reber Kantner                             Century Club
                                                 Ruth Balthaser Karb                               Evelyn Laub Lechene                               Erma Lenker Angstadt ++
Century Club
                                                 James J. Lynch +                                  Irving Merrin                                     Marjorie Lengel Richter +++
Margaret Kleibscheidel Fink ’34 +++
                                                 Eleanor Kugris Vaicaitis                          Mildred Wilhelm Miller                            Bonne Folk Ritter
Mary King Geiger ’32
Dollie Harris Gilbert ‘31                        Contributors                                      Paul W. Schucker +                                Contributors
                                                 Mildred Lichtenwalner Phillips
Marguerite Edwards Haverkost ‘33
                                                 Ruth Danner Zale
                                                                                                   Class of 1942                                     Pauline Womer Achey +
Elizabeth Kelly ’29 ++++                                                                                                                             Elizabeth Bordner ++
                                                                                                   Maroon & Gold Club
Ruth Ackerman Leestma’32                         Class of 1938                                                                                       Beatrice Bortz Downs
                                                                                                   William P. Wewer ++++
Gladys Lutz ’28 ++++                                                                                                                                 Marian Schaffer Wilfinger
Miriam Moll Lutz ’34 ++++                        Maroon & Gold Club                                Century Club
Marguerite Himmelreich Sanner ‘27                John F. Dreibelbis ++                             Bettinia Brubaker Dresher ++++                    Class of 1946
Miriam Weber Schaeffer ‘34                       Century Club                                      Margaret Preston Schuldt +++                      Tower Club
Florence Steigerwalt ‘34                         Carolyn Butz Glick ++++                           Ruth Raedler Warmkessel ++++                      Joyce Kutz Wehr ++++
Mae Ressler Worrall ’23 *                        Virginia Lerch Kleintop ++++                      Contributors                                      Maroon & Gold Club
Contributors                                     Dorothy Benfield Proehl +++                       Mary Rice Bernot                                  Hilda Troutman Jentsch +++
Carrie Peters Albaugh ’29 ++                     Althea Breiner Zehner +                           Gertrude Schock Eichelsdoerfer                    Century Club
R. Deborah Large Althouse ’26 ++                 Contributors                                      Jean Stout Fritzinger                             Marie Deach ++++
Ruth Ash ‘33                                     S. Helen Fergus Barnes +                          Mary Diehl Graham                                 Catharine Gebhardt
Florence Herber Baver ’31 *                      Thomas G. Bruni                                   Robert H. Hawlk                                   Arlene Lamm Gross ++++
Milton K. Blatt ‘30*                             Alice Seidel Kershner                             Sara Bickel Noll                                  Samuel C. Gundy
Doris Tice Keehn ’33 ++++                        Mary Ludwig Law                                   R. Shirley Rowlands VonCannon                     Mildred Witwer Jacobs
Grace Kegerize ’33 ++                                                                              Class of 1943                                     Lewis R. Purnell +
Dorothy Lewis ’33 +++
                                                 Class of 1939
                                                                                                                                                     Margaret Morrow Scheirer
Irene Paules ‘30                                 Tower Club                                        Tower Club
                                                 Jeannette Bigot Fulton *                          Dorothy Filer ++++                                Contributors
Alvin F. Rieser 1887 *
                                                                                                   Marie Bachman Hartman +                           Edgar M. Beidleman
Cora Schmoyer Sechler ’29 *                      Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                  Kathleen Crouthamel Brown ++
Virginia Fry Shultz ’33 +                        Stephen G. Germick +                              Century Club
                                                                                                                                                     Leda Reiff Good
Cetty Shappell Stauffer ‘34                      Century Club                                      May Bolich Bagenstose ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Lukens Kidd
Elsie Merkel Weigle ’20 *                        Edward V. Burchill ++                             Arlene Schoener Breiner ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Grace Trimmer Lefever
Mazie Ziegler ’34 ++                             Gustav E. Lachman                                 Cortney Bryan Schaeffer ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Lois Kichline Shelly
                                                                                                   Forrest R. Schaeffer ++++
Class of 1935                                    Mary Louise Kintzer Wertz
                                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Kraft Swoyer
                                                 Henry J. Zale ++++                                                                                  Eleanor Weisel Vogel +
Contributors                                                                                       Frances Murgia Bomberger +
Hazel Madara Berg ++++                           Contributors                                                                                        Salle Wolf Peters +
                                                 June Peiffer Dolph ++++                           Evelyn Stauffer Lewis ++
Edith Tinney Brown                                                                                 Sara Rohrbach Mack ++++                           Class of 1947
Ruth Surplus Edwards ++                          Class of 1940                                     Catherine Zealberg                                Maroon & Gold Club
Alice Billig Lauck
                                                 Century Club                                                                                        Shirley Sonon Rife ++++
Grace Starr Shankweiler ++++                                                                       Class of 1944                                     Anna Eberly Stein +
Arlene Oswald Steigerwalt *                      Fern Houck Carabello ++
                                                 Margaret Zartman Cutshall +                       Tower Club
                                                                                                                                                     Century Club
Class of 1936                                    Josephine Kercher Hinkle ++                       Doris New Grandon ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Nedra Moser Hendricks ++
Board of Overseers                               Contributors                                      Century Club                                      Robert S. Stover ++++
Arlene Adam *                                    Kathryn Evans Hanscom                             Gladys Shafer Miller +++
                                                 Esther Lieberman Mann                             Jeanne Deibert Miller
Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                                                                   Ruth Bingaman +
                                                 Beatrice Tiley Reichert +                         Martha Ronemus +
Mildred Greenawalt Kerchner ++                                                                                                                       Ethel Adam Eppley +
                                                 Lucy Siesholtz Whitehead ++++                     Martena Greenawalt Schnerring +
Century Club                                                                                                                                         Jean Alice Greenawalt Fehr
                                                                                                   Contributors                                      Edward S. Sebring
William G. Bartholomew +                         Class of 1941                                     Elizabeth Mountz Bauer                            Carolyn Trexler Woods ++++
Mary Heseltine Becker                            Century Club                                      Druce Peiffer Hanshaw
Sara Charles Donio ++++                          D. Elizabeth Ruth Bunnell                         Mary Moyer Heller

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

21 FALL 2005 Tower
Class of 1948                                    George Navitsky Navik                             Gail Manz Quirk +++                               Ivy Hedges Peterson +
                                                 Jerome J. Quarry                                  Rose Marie O’Neil Scharle +++                     Sarah Smoker Phillips
Board of Overseers
                                                 Thomas F. Regan                                   Mary Rogan Slaton                                 Robert W. Sorbe +
Mary Martinez Oppenheim *
                                                 Roy A. Schleicher +++                             Rosemarie Gutierrez Sloat                         Janice Roberts Szakaly +
Tower Club                                       Lillian Seidel                                    Sidney R. Stocker +                               William J. Ulrich +
Doris Heist Burkhart +                           Roland A. Shilladay                               Virginia Erb Voigt ++++                           Joseph Villiano ++++
Harold L. Hehr +                                                                                   Joy Rolland Wolfe ++
                                                 Class of 1950                                                                                       Contributors
Miriam Rollman Irwin ++++                                                                          Phyllis Storch Woodfall                           Gladys Hartman Bachman +
William E. Irwin ++++                            Board of Overseers
                                                                                                   Class of 1952                                     Jere E. Brady ++
Miriam Witman Mengel                             Ardath Harter Rodale                                                                                Chris J. Bucolo ++
Century Club                                     Tower Club                                        President’s Club                                  Patricia Kane Callahan
Miriam Reinert Conover ++++                      E. Margaret Gabel                                 Irene Blatt                                       J. Shirley Kutz Davison +
Ruth Kolp Figard                                 Randolph J. Leibensperger ++++                    William J. McHale                                 Marie Sneddon Fatzinger
Frances Smith Fisher ++                          President’s Club                                  Maroon & Gold Club                                Dolores O’Connell Gombeda +
Jean Dreibelbis Loos                             Janet Schroding Mertz +++                         Joyce Blank Allebach +++                          Patricia Smith Grofe
Richard D. Lytle ++++                                                                              Jean Fatula Taylor ++                             Jeanne Held Hand +
Emmy Draudt Mandlavitz +++                       Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Clayton R. Gum +++                                Century Club                                      Anna Louise Eberts Hinkle
Fern Angstadt Master +                                                                             Fred P. Brightbill +++                            Dorothy Fuhr Labs +++
Joyce McKently Powell +                          Courtlandt C. Kauffman
                                                 Phyllis Booth Shone                               Ruth Zimpfer Calvo                                George H. Landes
Benjamin F. Schnerring +*                                                                          Mary Newberry Goss +                              Emma Shalter Lantz
Carl E. Strittmatter                             Century Club                                                                                        Lorraine Florey Lease
                                                                                                   Ray K. Hacker ++
Contributors                                     Mary Kelly Creadick +                                                                               Esther Garber Pilo
                                                                                                   Cleta Klipple Leinbach
Josephine Schera Donovan +                       Joseph W. Eberts +                                                                                  Richard N. Spare ++
                                                                                                   Richard B. Leinbach
Elizabeth Brady Dundon +                         Faye Werner Hastings ++                                                                             Anthony W. Ulmer
                                                                                                   Kathryn Flexer Polich ++
Jean Hawk Dyer ++++                              Lytle G. Horting +++                                                                                Edna Freestone VanDine ++
                                                                                                   John S. Reese ++++
Louis S. Edwards +                               Elaine Hart Klinger                                                                                 Josiah H. Werner +
                                                                                                   Lois Gromis Rhoads ++++
J. Richard Fox                                   Marlin W. Klinger                                                                                   Janet Gurka Yeager
                                                                                                   Joseph A. Rinaldi
Ruth Klotz Frey ++                               Louise Kuntz Nyce                                                                                   Richard B. Yeager
                                                                                                   Jerrell Q. Sober
Loretta Hartman Gist                             Betty Bitler Seidel +                                                                               Doris Yotis Zogas +
                                                                                                   Cynthia VanLierde Sorbe +
Everett M. Haycock +                             Marian Schaffer Snyder
                                                                                                   Betty Becker Spahr +
Mae Laudig Kerr +                                Mildred Hiller Snyder ++++
                                                                                                   Robert E. Suleski ++
                                                                                                                                                     Class of 1954
June Maurer Kirschman                            Robert H. Snyder                                                                                    President’s Club
                                                                                                   Helena Mango Tarbaux
Paul J. Newman                                   Madeline Kriner Sowers ++++                                                                         Harry V. Meinzer
                                                                                                   Edward J. Townsend
Mary Alice Reppert Reed                          Kathleen Kuntz Williams                                                                             Joan Snyder Varacallo++++
Virginia Powers Sallade                          Contributors                                                                                        Maroon & Gold Club
                                                                                                   Janet Klopfenstein Balthaser +
Betty Brown Trowbridge ++                        Harold Block                                                                                        Dolores Miller Norton ++
                                                                                                   Eleonor Borek
Elizabeth Stamm Wagner +++                       Isabel Clauser Field ++
                                                                                                   Joseph J. Botzer                                  Century Club
Joyce Shade Wyatt                                Richard D. Fister +
                                                                                                   Robert L. Bradley +                               Grace Balthaser
                                                 Terrence F. Gallagher
Class of 1949                                    James R. Good ++
                                                                                                   Amy Boothroyd Bratsch                             Patricia Groft Bisbing ++
                                                                                                   Nancy Brinkman Dietz +++                          Ruth Crouthamel Brightbill +++
Tower Club                                       Barbara Dion McGlade +
                                                                                                   F. Joyce Shuker Dojan +                           Jeanette Serfass Burkert ++++
Elizabeth Eckert Braithwaite ++++                John H. Mentz +++
                                                                                                   Eleanor Wuchter Hunyady +                         Albert D. Erb ++
Mary Burkhart Foreman +                          Lawrence F. Motkowski
                                                                                                   Marilyn Ward Kanezo +                             John R. Garrity
Betty duPree Hardy +                             Elizabeth Crosland Rasbridge ++++
                                                                                                   Edna Kachline Kehres                              Edward J. Griffin ++
John A. Mengel                                   Raymond F. Strauss ++
                                                                                                   Kathryn Thursby Kerchner ++                       Patricia Snyder Guth
Miriam Seidel Smith +++                          Randall Schlappich Taylor
                                                                                                   Aris Kouvaros                                     Jean Kurtyka Helfrick
Richard S. Smith +++                             Betty Kunkle Trainer
                                                                                                   Lucille Levan Larash +                            Phyllis Stempkowski Lovitz
Jack J. Taylor                                   William J. Vack ++++
                                                                                                   Paul E. Larash +                                  J. Louise Eisenbrown Mantz
President’s Club                                 Class of 1951                                     Harry C. Leftwich +                               Contributors
Beatrice Landis Rabenold ++++                                                                      Rebecca Folk Lengel ++
                                                 Tower Club                                                                                          Thomas J. Alexander ++++
Greta Saylor Sardo                                                                                 Arlene Mann
                                                 Jeanne Snyder Miller ++                                                                             Evangeline Morris Cranos +
Joseph Todak                                                                                       John S. Meyer +
                                                 President’s Club                                                                                    Joan McDevitt Cratil +
Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                 Erika Neidhardt +                                 H. Karl Godshall +
Leroy A. Heckman ++                              Ruth Brightbill McQuesten                         Shirley Beamesderfer Printz +
                                                 Elizabeth Yerkes Wisnosky                                                                           Neil J. Kershner +
LeRoy E. Swoyer +                                                                                  Joyce Matis Rebholz                               Constance Klees
Bernice Webber Wilson ++++                       Peter Wisnosky                                    R. Joel Schaeffer                                 Lois Kramlich Minnich ++
Paul A. Wilson ++++                              Maroon & Gold Club                                Donald C. Sheely                                  Robert E. Moyer
Century Club                                     Shirley Stoner Derr ++                            Windolyn Lincoln Stevens +                        Eleanor Offenderlein +
Grace Warner Bailey                              Century Club                                      Alan I. Super +                                   Mary Fatula Oren +
Josephine Betz                                   Nancy Hopkins D’Ardenne ++++                      Ronald E. Sykes                                   Marilyn Longenecker Poore ++
Jane Reeder Breininger +++                       Joyce Johnson ++++                                Marion Schaeffer Szabo                            Geraldine James Postetter
Kathryn Kramer Brunner                           Doris Lindenmuth Langdon +                        Dorothy Schneider Welder                          Marilyn Good Prosser ++++
Audrey Hain Grim                                 Salvatore J. Natoli ++++                          Class of 1953                                     Ellis F. Riebel +
Janet Reinbold Kratzer                           Elizabeth Shaner Sykes                                                                              Joan Kestner Rotheram
                                                                                                   Board of Overseers                                Doris Richter Sams +
B. Lewis Langdon +                               Contributors                                      Robert H. Hartmann +                              Christian O. Schlegel +
Dolores Mattern Ringler                          Gerald L. Albert                                  Donald L. Miller                                  George H. Seidel
Leone Miller Rohrbaugh ++++                      Elizabeth Anderson Benner +
Gladys Dietrich Rutter +                         George D. Benner                                  Tower Club                                        Virginia Treichler Swavely ++
Edwin C. Strohecker +                            Alfred Bolinsky +++                               Anonymous ++                                      Joseph A. Thomas +++
                                                 Elizabeth Weidenhammer Britigan +                 Chester Perfetto
                                                 William T. Brown ++                               President’s Club
                                                                                                                                                     Class of 1955
Margaret Zauner Breen
                                                 Jean Searles Burns ++++                           Leonard F. Varacallo ++++                         Board of Overseers
Marian Brown
                                                 Alexander Campbell +++                                                                              Carroll S. Arnold +
Mary Ulrich Campbell +++                                                                           Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Marvin H. Davis ++                                                                                  Audrey Wolfinger
Marian Thomas Childs                                                                               June Roush Brown +
Mary Jane Kegerize Chitty                        Anne Rex Edmundson-Hemmeter                       William H. Troutman +++                           Tower Club
Carol McCloskey DiNicola ++++                    Betty Hoffman Fister +                                                                              Carl A. Burkhart
                                                                                                   Century Club
Marian Keller Fresch +                           Nancy Burdan French ++++                                                                            Ebba Hagstrom Cuddy
                                                                                                   Nancy Klopp Becher
Phyllis Godshalk                                 Phyllis Herbster Gentzel +                                                                          Betsy Grater
                                                                                                   Helen Stoner Becker
Anna Moyer Greenawalt ++++                       Ann Boyer Gumpert +                                                                                 Marilynn Kershner Schanely
                                                                                                   Joan Klinger Crumroy +
John G. Grossman ++++                            M. Eileen Born Herbster                                                                             President’s Club
                                                                                                   Joseph J. Hammel +
Roger S. Hertz ++++                              John C. Huntzinger                                                                                  Allen M. Koehler +
                                                                                                   Jean Adams Horlacher
Burton W. Longenbach ++++                        Richard J. Marshall                                                                                 Marie Balthaser Weidenhammer +++
                                                                                                   Alton W. Knauss
Kenneth L. Musselman                             Marilyn Oswald Miles                                                                                Robert F. Wolff +++
                                                                                                   Dolores Caltagirone Myatt

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 22
Maroon & Gold Club                               Marylouise Mann Hewitt                            Century Club                                      Violet Hixson Schaeffer ++
Kermit J. Blank ++++                             Dale M. Hollenbach +                              Charles B. Correnti                               Curtis L. Shumaker +
Shirley Gatter Blue                              Hazel Troxell Jasiewicz                           Lois Allem Errickson                              Contributors
Gayle Mendenhall Bomberger +                     Donald E. Jones                                   David S. Freytag +                                Carl Arner +
Ruth Kistler Fegley                              Lorraine Snyder Jones                             Susan Franket Kandel                              Marjorie Balliet
Margaret Nein Hart                               John Mamary                                       Elizabeth Brown Kern +                            Anona Voeks Berry
Mary Ann Koch Hoffman                            Karen Strand McChesney                            Patricia Leinbach Owens ++                        Marlene Blatt
Leonard W. Houser                                Lester W. Miller ++                               Roselyn Stoudt Parry ++                           R. Jane Crum Cassidy +
A. Elizabeth Russell Lykens                      Alice Erb Rodenberger                             Joseph G. Rothdeutsch                             Mary Cicco-Kuper +
Claire Ward Malchiodi +++                        Daniel R. Tauber ++++                             Barbara Saeger Rupp +                             Stephen M. Ditsky ++
Joanne Boyer Waldkoenig +++                      Michael E. Weaver                                 Ronald K. Schafer ++++                            Carmela Torrisi Elsley
Shelby Everett Will                              Jean Yoder Weidner +                              Frederic C. Schearer                              Sara Hager Faline +
Century Club                                                                                       Diane Ritzman Woytek ++                           Sally Fluck Freeze ++
                                                 Class of 1957
Nancy Weder Bowen                                                                                  Contributors                                      Bernice Gehman ++++
Teresa Burachok Choman ++                        Board of Overseers                                Eva Lazorack Balevich                             Jean Burgert Heffner +++
Alice Britto DiMeglio +++                        Carol Pogirski Carzon +                           Delores Brodbeck Boonie +                         Kathleen Lutz Jacobs
John E. DiMeglio +++                             Betty Hewes Grebey                                Joan Seidel Brasacchio +                          Nancy Stolz Johnson +
Marian Wade Dola ++++                            President’s Club                                  Louise Grimes Crossen                             Robert L. Leight ++++
Joyce Worthington Homan                          Daniel D. Whitaker                                Agnes Edmondson                                   Frank H. Nye
Stanley R. Jenkins                               Marlene Rapseik Whitaker                          Andre J. Fatula                                   Joan Benner Nye
Ann Tyson Jorgensen                              Sylvia Durs Wolff ++                              Mary Niebaum Fritz                                Curtis L. Olshevski
John J. Karo +                                   Maroon & Gold Club                                Joanna Gilde Fryer                                Kaye Boley Papazian
Barbara Schlegel McCumber                        Lorraine Polinski Franckiewicz                    A. Christine Evans Gulla                          Nancy Zimmerman Rinker ++++
Joan Beidler Merritt                             Sandra Walters Glass +++                          Phillip C. Haag +++                               Dianne Sherry Savitsky
Bessie Sardelis Moyle                            Century Club                                      Diana Hausman Hill                                Janet Peterson Schadler +
June Trexler Nestler                             Shirley Bauder Arnold +                           Francis E. Horton                                 Joan Dunkle Schooley
George N. Nye ++++                               Lester P. Breininger                              Joanne Leiby Kanouse                              Maryann Hartzell Spengler
Mary Martino Pichini                             Emma Sigafoos Hammer +                            Jeanean Yakubecek Kroninger ++                    Nicholas Tucci
June Bukowski Stoebenau                          Neil A. Haring ++++                               Jennie Miller Land                                Angela Chiarelli VonArx +
Arlene Byers Studer ++                           Henry N. Kensinger +++                            Irma Kochmar MacKenzie                            Gust Zogas +
Dorothy Snively Vanderpool                                                                         Ignatius J. Masulis +
James H. Wentz
                                                 Elaine Borrell Kozlowski ++
                                                                                                   Marcia Seyler Maurer                              Class of 1960
                                                 Robert D. Loose +
Carole Koons Williams ++                                                                           Sylvia Stoudt Miller ++                           Board of Overseers
                                                 Matthew R. Mangano +
William C. Wolf ++                                                                                 Rosemarie Santee Mordaunt ++                      Frank A. Friedman +
                                                 Sandra Shade McClure +
Contributors                                     Wayne O. Miller                                   Thomas R. Moyer                                   Tower Club
Jeanne Thomas Adams +                            James M. Peterson +                               Lucille Bechtel Powell                            Marjorie Kuntz McMann
Janet Miller Bernhardt                           Lorraine Conrad Pruitt ++++                       Elizabeth Heller Quigley ++++                     President’s Club
Paul R. Bernhardt                                Helen Clauser Rudy +                              Julie Lauck Reber +                               Charlotte Ohlinger Moyer ++++
Eleanor Gehris Botsford ++++                     LeRoy K. Seip ++++                                Anne Schiro Schiro                                Sandra Blome Wood
Joan Shiffert Brady                              Kathleen Spangler +                               Virginia Ferragame Shaw
                                                                                                   Carol Felsburg Smith +                            Maroon & Gold Club
Joan Greene Costello ++                          Dean R. Steinhart +                                                                                 Sandra Messner Dahle +++
Anna Steidle DeVelin ++                          Ann Zimmerman Wenrich ++                          James E. Spangler +++
                                                                                                   Richard W. Spengler                               Ronald J. Glass +++
Nancy Henry Kline                                Gene M. Wilkins +++                                                                                 Marlene Nuss Steffy ++
Diane Bauer Lercher +++                          Hariklia Fournaris Zervanos ++                    Molly Leidich Ulsh +
Sterling T. Litwhiler                                                                              Erma Clymer Wolf ++                               Century Club
                                                 Contributors                                                                                        Bruce L. Dietrich
Catherine Bradley Manning                        Joan Bankes Becker ++++                           Class of 1959
Dennis A. McGinley                                                                                                                                   Raymond W. Ely ++++
                                                 Constance Nielson Botzer                          Tower Club                                        Ruthann Ely ++++
Mary Gable Muenz +                               Catherine King Brunner ++
C. Arlene Brands Parker                                                                            LaRue Hahn Berry ++++                             Rosalyn Schlegel Evans
                                                 Anne McGovern Bubser +                            Jane Young Bibleheimer ++++                       Mildred Gross Gordon ++
Nan Hart Rimmer                                  Anne Rogers Colter +
Shirley Snaith *                                                                                   Dorothy Clauser Moyer +                           Virginia Hertzog
                                                 Joan Arnold Cowdrick ++                                                                             Gene G. Kerschner
Rose Muthart Stacherski +                                                                          Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Marilyn Gehman Diener                                                                               Beverley Barton Knoebel +
Constance Newhard Stahley                                                                          Donald F. Lesher ++++
                                                 Alma Schaeffer Fisher +                                                                             Marvin J. Miller
Shirley Treichler +++                                                                              Ronald R. Rhein +
                                                 M. Diane Crouthamel Godshall +                                                                      Sandra Saylor Moyer +++
                                                                                                   Donald B. Steffy ++
Class of 1956                                    Robert D. Greenzweig +++
                                                                                                   Leslie Alber Woodrow                              Gladys Rider Myers ++++
                                                 Joan Schweitzer Herring ++                                                                          E. Barbara Detwiler Reichert ++
Board of Overseers                                                                                 Century Club
                                                 Elizabeth Beale Horton                                                                              Mary Gerhart Smith +
John Holingjak                                                                                     Vasileki Chianos Birrell +
                                                 Jean Karr Johnson                                                                                   Edward A. Tremba +
Tower Club                                       Marilyn Lewis Kaul ++                             Thomas D. Check +
                                                                                                                                                     Mary Ann Nagle Tremba +
Mary Ann Walp Sedlock ++++                       Elizabeth Lockwood Kohan +                        Barbara Spangenberg Chupick +
                                                                                                   Francis L. Chupick +                              Contributors
President’s Club                                 Kathleen Kase Kuczala
                                                                                                   Dale A. Cullin ++                                 Dzintra Vaivars Baidins +
Lewis B. Maul ++++                               M. Mary Meier Leight ++++
                                                                                                   Renee Long Dietrich                               Daniel K. Bare +
Ronald L. Spickler ++++                          Muriel Schlegel Marks
                                                                                                   Raymond E. Fulmer                                 Charles S. Blum
Maroon & Gold Club                               Francis X. McCarthy
                                                                                                   Allen E. Greenawalt ++                            Shirley Weller Boats
Jane Christman ++++                              Suzanne Bell Patton ++
                                                                                                   Margaret Hamilton Hamilton                        Nancy Fiedler Bowman
Burton O. Witthuhn +++                           Janet Poore Plummer
                                                                                                   Gayle Heller Hartstein                            William H. Bowman
                                                 Mary Adams Rogers +
Century Club                                                                                       Marilyn Lambert Helwig ++++                       Dolores Troilo DeHaven
                                                 Mildred Schuh Sabatine
Ruth Casper Armbruster ++++                                                                        G. Durrell Hollenbach ++++                        James G. Dorko
                                                 Onofrio B. Sabatine
Jean Rhoads Boyer ++                                                                               Patricia Forry Hollenbach ++++                    Ronald C. Dunkelberger +
                                                 Kathleen Kachel Schlegel ++
James A. Killian ++                                                                                Emile G. Ilchuk                                   Claire Morris Eberwein
                                                 Doris Coffin Smith ++
Virginia Henne Moyer                                                                               Margaret Varga Kanischak +++                      Edward R. Erdman ++
                                                 George W. Strattan
George W. Neff +                                                                                   Mary Galebach Kensinger +++                       Nancy Shiffer Erdman ++
                                                 Cora Belle Bisker Von Colln +
G. Robert Omrod +                                                                                  Raymond J. Klingler                               Linda Sanders Eustis
                                                 Ronald P. Zeigler
Barbara Edmunds Stolz ++                                                                           JoAnn Knowles Loose +                             Patricia Hefferman Facciponti ++
John E. Stolz ++                                 Class of 1958                                     Marilyn Thomas McClintock                         Lois Greenawalt Greenawalt +++
Contributors                                     Tower Club                                        George M. Meiser ++                               Jean Smith Gumbrell
Benjamin R. Blattenberger ++++                   Charles A. Berry ++++                             Albert W. Mickel                                  Dolores Spangler Haag +++
Richard J. Boyer ++                                                                                Keith D. Newhard +                                Ruthanne Kramer Hartung +
                                                 President’s Club                                                                                    Lowell Hawk
Joyce Blatt Ciatto +                             Stanley C. Harwick ++++                           Janet Mc Guire Olsen +
Mariano M. Genovese ++++                                                                           Charles J. Orem ++                                Gail Hesser
                                                 Shirley Miller Kerchner +                                                                           Ronald J. Horvath
Peggy Angstadt Hassler                           Robert P. Klova ++++                              Marjorie Rienecker Robinson ++++
Sylvia Trayer Heckler                                                                              Paul E. Robinson ++++                             Judith Hodes Kern
                                                                                                                                                     Joanne Landis Krall ++

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

23 FALL 2005 Tower
Janet Halchak Kurz +                             Tower Club                                        Robert T. Seltzer +++                             Joseph Beblavy
Glenn R. Lee +                                   Marion Ebinger Holtzman +                         Kathryn Barr Smith +                              Adrienne Rissmiller Beck
Joyce Stauffer Mayer +                           Neil D. Holtzman +                                Jannes Seip Strauch +++                           David E. Berfield
David P. Overdorf +++                            Maroon & Gold Club                                Carolyn Lutz Tilwick                              Barbara Bleiler Bollinger +
Miriam Loose Schearer                            Eugene M. Baldwin ++                              Joann Carr Warner +                               Marian Werner Borneman
Jill Schlosser                                   Doris Jaxheimer +++                               William T. Wiggins ++                             Virginia Boucher
Rosalie Gigliotti Serdula                        Mary Kelly Mancuso                                Dawn Gilbert Winkler +                            Jeanette Sloan Campbell +
Phyllis Foley Silldorff +                        Salvadore A. Messina +                            Dolores Sherer Yanolko +++                        Joan Crust Charles
Arthur L. Sowers                                 Barbara Schmidt Schlosser +++                     Mary Ann Zerkowski ++                             Carol Stuber Cool
Christine Althouse Urbin                         Kenneth R. Umbenhauer                             Contributors                                      Joan Schonour Crossan
Joan Eisenhart Wanner +                                                                            Ralph M. Barker                                   Rodney J. Daniels +
                                                 Century Club
Mary Wileman                                                                                       Claire Harpel Buss                                Anthony J. DiCintio +++
                                                 Geraldine Ryan Ball
                                                                                                   Jeanne Cheston +                                  Jeffrey W. Dorn
Class of 1961                                    Carole Whalen Conroy ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Keith S. Farber
                                                 Mary Schlegel Fichthorn +                         John R. Cogan ++
Board of Overseers                                                                                 Mary Lundgren Davis ++++                          Rose Graber Freed +++
Ronald L. Marburger                              Shirley Roth Hader
                                                                                                   Linda Davis Delp                                  Suzanne Maurer Funk
                                                 Sue Boyer Hertzog +
Tower Club                                                                                         Riva Keefer DiCintio +++                          James H. Hain +
                                                 Sandra Robinson Karlson ++
Susan Allport-Schneider +++                                                                        Susan Pecsek Ditterline                           David R. Heffner ++
                                                 Bonita Ball Kerschner
Margaret Morris Apostolos-Peters                                                                   Raymond E. Duncan                                 Carole Staje Heilig +
                                                 Suzanne Marshall MacVicar +
President’s Club                                                                                   Terry Ackerman Endy +                             Carol Bordnar Hunsberger
                                                 Carl F. Meck ++++
Sally Ankrom Waterbury                                                                             Esther Specht Erdman                              Roger L. Huyett
                                                 Donald R. Miller +
                                                                                                   Carole Lynn Evancho                               Ronald C. Kinsey ++++
Century Club                                     Jeanne Swope Pichini +
                                                                                                   John T. Evancho                                   Carol Heil Klimek
Shirley Stump Barre                              Walter D. Rohr ++
                                                                                                   Gloria Gehman ++++                                Curtis K. Koch
Elaine Schlegel Cruse +++                        Sandra Brown Shelton
                                                                                                   Althea Harting                                    Marianne Hess Kopp
Wade H. Cruse +++                                Edmond C. Smith ++
                                                                                                   Eugene S. Kohan +                                 Elaine Kornhausl
Carol Werner DeLong +                            Gregory E. Stump +
                                                                                                   Mary Ann Schaffer Kramer ++                       Russell F. Kresge
Elizabeth Munger Greenawalt ++                   William C. Urland
                                                                                                   Sarah Forrest Kutz                                David S. Kresley
James T. Ponticelli +                            Contributors                                                                                        Nancy Dry Madeira
Franz A. Sprenger ++++                                                                             Sigrid Rhodin Lovfald +
                                                 Diana Kline Barker                                                                                  A. Brian Moyer ++++
John E. Stinsmen                                                                                   Charles J. Merlo
                                                 Gale Kramer Beck +++                                                                                Jean Fegely Moyer ++
Grace Yeager ++++                                                                                  Otto H. Mills +++
                                                 James D. Beck +++                                                                                   Philip A. Noble
                                                                                                   Joseph Nemeth
Contributors                                     Barbara Bair Braucher +++                                                                           Barbara Nase Parestis
                                                                                                   Susan Wells Noble
Kathryn Schaffer Biever +                        James J. Brett                                                                                      Victoria Hopkins Peck
                                                                                                   Sally Heyman O’Hearn
Dorothy Wirtz Brett                              Robert P. Bretz                                                                                     Sandra Schroeder Platfoot +
                                                                                                   Jane Dallessandro Quaintance
Rachel Gelsinger Burket ++++                     Thomas L. Brunner ++                                                                                Helen Kerr Quillen
                                                                                                   David C. Reinhard
Charles H. Casella                               Henry Casella                                                                                       Judith Wells Romanisko
                                                                                                   Ricardo V. Scalese
Carol Arnold Clemens                             Karen Pike Davis ++                                                                                 Celia Wilson Schefe ++
                                                                                                   Dena Ebert Schlegel ++
Richard Cohen                                    Donna Deturk Dunkelberger +                                                                         W. Barry Shipe +
                                                                                                   Randall L. Schwartz
Janet Wanner Ellmore                             Jerome S. Gottschalk                                                                                Joseph J. Shoopack +
                                                                                                   Shirley Reich Schweitzer
Nicholas L. Facchiano +                          Larry R. Hassler                                                                                    Donald R. Smith +
                                                                                                   Herbert F. Shuler
Ellen Kraftician Fasnacht                        Gladys Albright Horvath                                                                             Robert S. Strangia
                                                                                                   Ann Greenawalt Tobias
Myron L. Fasnacht                                Raymond P. Katrinak ++                                                                              Joy Strouse Strouse +++
                                                                                                   Mary Penick Varick
Margaret Fox Ferraro                             Peter Lawall                                                                                        Richard C. Thompson ++++
                                                                                                   James C. Wardrop ++
Donald J. Fleming                                June Fitzko Meilinger ++++                                                                          Karen Waldron +
                                                                                                   Marjorie Landis Wardrop ++
Marilyn Riu Fox +                                Cecelia Snyder Miller +++                                                                           Paulette Fisher Yonosh +
                                                                                                   Donna Cambria Wilde
Sandra Gross Gardner                             Gerald L. Mohr
                                                                                                   Jean Adams Winkler                                Class of 1965
Kenneth W. Garrett ++                            Frederick J. Obold
                                                                                                   Rebecca Zehner +
John W. Hartung +                                Louis W. Orzech                                                                                     Tower Club
Marianne Sulewski Hill                           Suzanne Vasey Rice +                              Class of 1964                                     Russell A. Hinnershitz +++
Martha Meyer Horn                                James H. Sassaman +++                             Tower Club                                        Robert C. Ziegenfus +++
Elizabeth Krail Keppler                          Kenneth D. Stauffer                               Carol Franciscus Conlon ++++                      President’s Club
Dolores Happel Klipple                           Mary Steigerwalt +                                Susan Bromer Ziegenfus +++                        Caroline Deisher Anderson
Erma Ernst Koslo                                 Harvey G. Stengel                                                                                   Jeffrey E. Gattone +
                                                 John D. Wandzilak +                               Maroon & Gold Club
Patricia Rinker Kostenbader +
                                                 Mary Richard Williams ++                          Linda Fein Fein ++                                Maroon & Gold Club
Janice Kintz Lenhart
                                                 Errol W. Zellner +++                              Marilyn Troop Miller                              Barbara Adams Cafurello +
Thomas A. Lenhart
                                                 Dawn Fessler Zettlemoyer                          Century Club                                      Donald J. Orner +++
Mary Fulton Lesh ++++
Mary Romani Marrella +                                                                             Morell D. Boone                                   Century Club
William R. Miller ++
                                                 Class of 1963                                     M. Thomas Boorse                                  Dolores Camilli +
Ronald G. Moyer                                  Maroon & Gold Club                                Fredrick L. Dillen +++                            Linda Vickery Curran +
Nancy Overdorf +++                               Susan Risheill Baldwin ++                         Robert L. DiPaolo +                               Marcia Hahn Farber +
Robert D. Phillips                               Carol Mann Gearhart                               Patricia Fink DiStefano +                         Frank W. Hill +
Joanna Shreiner Pierce +                         John P. Trygar +++                                Katieanne Marsh Harrison ++++                     Barbara Grabey Kernaghan
Jean Kochenash Porotsky                          Century Club                                      Bryan S. Kemmerer +                               Dorothy Gruber Kerschner +
Richard D. Powell                                Dennis Bonser                                     Raymond T. Laubach +                              Lenore Carlier Kohl +
Mary Jane Lehigh Radzay +                        Lynne Kent Bonser                                 Wanda Pierzchalla Lesko +                         Judith Gaugler Kovacs ++*
Nancy Reese                                      Patricia Eisel Bossert +                          Eleanor Everitt Markt                             Patricia Hinnershitz Levy
Elaine Walter Reinert                            Ronald L. Corson +                                Joseph H. McMullen                                Edward A. McIlmoyle
Jeanette Rinker                                  Delores Handwerk Cunfer                           Richard D. Reiss ++                               Harold Messer
Harriet Hixson Robinson +                        Eleanor Messenlehner Demkovitz +                  Judith Bock Reitz                                 Sandra Boldt Post
Joan Gregor Sayer +                              Lucia Memmo DiPaolo +                             Marilyn Plequette Robbins ++++                    Robert D. Regan ++++
Joyce Sterlein Schumacher                        Robert P. Fegely                                  Martha Lauser Rummel +++                          Caroline Ward Schroth
Penelope Reimer Sedovy                           Robert J. Grim                                    Kathryn Weida Schaeffer ++++                      William E. Shaw
Sara Shipe                                       Buster A. Guth                                    Nelson L. Schaeffer ++++                          Judy Snyder
Martha Zimmerman Stauffer                        Beatrice Harpt                                    Lawrence L. Schroth                               Linda Heverling Ulehla
Mary Stein                                       Louise Taubitz Kellenberger +                     Louise Kovacs Wisser                              Joanne Thren Wagner ++++
Clarence Paul Yerger +                           Rhea Knipe ++                                     Bettyann Woyewoda +                               Sandra Davey Wengert +++
Michael P. Zapp ++                               Marlene Ludwig Koehler +                          Contributors                                      Arla Crumlich Wible
                                                 Frank S. Kovacs ++                                Sara Sharadin Achenbach                           Saile Wilbur ++
Class of 1962                                    Donald A. Lindenmoyer                             Joan Moyer Adams                                  Contributors
Board of Overseers                               Barbara Wimmer Madden ++++                        Henry A. Annoni +++                               Barbara Johann Bayer
Mary Mobley St. John ++++                        Wayne E. Pickering                                Beverly Wert Bansner ++++                         Charles T. Blocksidge +
                                                 Dorothy Clauser Sechler                           Susan Johnston Bates                              Anne Burkey +++

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 24
Scott L. Clay ++++                               Warren C. Randolph +                              Bonnie Stricker Bolas                             Jane Wagner Wagner
Donna Dale +                                     Allen R. Rhoads ++                                Pamela Hessinger Freed                            Timothy I. Warke +
James A. Delgrosso                               Bradford L. Schaadt ++++                          Carol Kinsey +                                    Sandra Manwiller Weidman
David J. Denick                                  Margaret Boyer Swanstrom ++                       Bernard A. Perch ++++                             Carl R. Wisser
Robert J. Dudek                                  Chloe Angstadt Urland                             Gary L. Rohrbach +                                Stephen F. Zdradzinski
Nancy Pankowski Englert                          Ernestine Worrall ++                              Richard J. Ruth                                   Kenneth K. Zellner
Thomas R. Fenstermaker                           Contributors                                      Kathryn Nuss Sheetz ++
Carole Yaroshak Ferenchick                                                                         Scott E. Shoemaker                                Class of 1968
                                                 Kenneth L. Alfiero
Linda Rothenberger Garber +                      Gene H. Allen                                     Linda Colfer Silowka +                            Tower Club
Donald E. Gardner                                Richard E. Banmiller                              Shirley Reese Snyder                              Sheldon F. Cooper +
Michael P. Gerhart +                             Deborah Hale Barrett                              Jane Troutman Spittler ++++                       David W. Hohe ++++
Joanne Shamenek Gotwalt +                        Karl A. Beamer                                    Patricia Kintzer Weaver                           Sherry Gensel Scurfield
Janice Spatz Heist                               Barbara Bringenberg Becker ++++                   Contributors                                      President’s Club
Towanda Gentile Hower                            Anne Musmanno Blocksidge +                        Judith Jenkins Baer ++                            Judith Clausius Cardinal
Bruce E. Hunsberger                              Earl R. Bonham                                    Margaret Maxwell Bauman                           Ronald Cardinal
Helene Condrack Keenan                           Angela Fiorini Bubbenmoyer ++                     Kenneth S. Clemenich                              John K. and Cynthia Griffith +++
Claire Kimmel Keithan                            Sharon Scott Campbell                             Edward M. Davis                                   Robert E. Sterling
Mary Wolf Keys                                   Susanne Schnader Casey                            Danny Diefenderfer ++                             Maroon & Gold Club
Ivy Silfies Knoshaug ++                          Sara Clewell                                      Rita Braxmeier Diefenderfer ++                    Kathleen Gerancher Dolgos ++
Laura Griesemer Koch                             Marjorie Geiss Cramp +                            Theodore D. Eck                                   Robert C. Hillegas
Louise Doll Krill                                Edgar R. Crowers                                  Janet Wendell Eckroat                             Joan Trunk Iacocca ++
Joseph A. Kuronyi                                Dolores Sirny Crujeiras                           Joseph N. Farrell                                 Michael A. Iacocca ++
Karen Ezsol Labdik +                             Joseph M. DeMatteo                                Phyllis Moyer Fater                               Pamela Plummer Leggate +++
Bethany Holliday Lewis                           Harriet Habecker Doll                             Violet Feden Feden +                              Charles F. Roth ++
Margaret Allan Lewis                             Helen Dungan +                                    George R. Frey                                    Elizabeth Stahl Weinberg
James M. Lindenmuth                              Gene W. Fake +                                    Elizabeth Ott Fritch                              Maura Fitzsimmons Wesner +
Janet Dalla Piazza Lohr                          Charlotte Berry Fields                            Mary Garlin +++                                   William R. Wolfe +
Nancy Holland Lounsbury +++                      Kathryn Flexer +                                  Molly Zimmerman Gearhart +
Raymond E. Martin                                                                                                                                    Century Club
                                                 Mary Schum Fuhrman +++                            Kay Weaver Gillespie +                            Roger D. Bowman +++
Joseph M. McCafferty +                           Floyd K. Godshalk                                 Beverly Arndt Goll +
Rodney W. Moll                                                                                                                                       Donna Fried +++
                                                 Judith Von Steuben Godshalk                       Jack E. Grebinger                                 Maria Karam Gerhard ++++
Katherine Naugle +                               M. Sandra Barnette Godwin                         Karen Hontz Groman
Kathleen Oswald Parks +++                                                                                                                            Craig M. Hershock +
                                                 Dennis J. Green                                   Susan May Hartle +++                              Mary Ketner ++
Daniel L. Pflum                                  Jeffrey N. Grotsky                                Chrystine Nagle Heck +
Penelope Giles Pinto                                                                                                                                 John C. Kinsky +
                                                 Rose Hafer Hamm ++++                              Nancy Landis Heffner +++                          Kathryn Kapotch Klega +
Marlene Gillespie Piper +++                      Fern Geiger Hauck +++                             Paul F. Hertzog
Pamela Firestone Pritchard                                                                                                                           John Kobylinski ++
                                                 Georgia Gross Horrocks                            N. Bruce Holtzman ++++                            Carol Smith Kreitz
John B. Rader                                    N. Fleisher Jacobs                                Ellen Katchur Katchur ++
Charles R. Rex                                                                                                                                       Kenneth A. Lindenmoyer ++++
                                                 Linda Kunkel Jones                                Carol Frazier Keener +                            Michael P. Luckenbill +
Margaret Hay Riffle                              Catherine John King +                             Helen Keener
Valeria Happel Rothrock                                                                                                                              Patricia Ammann Lyons +
                                                 Susan Curlett Kupfer                              Maynard E. Keilman                                Robert J. Marshall
Nancee Guard Ryan +                              Sarah Lloyd Lengel                                Marianne Sykes Kerlavage
Janet Fielding Small                                                                                                                                 Susan Hauze Marshall
                                                 Elizabeth Wagner Lohr                             Ruthann Leindecker Kistler                        Patricia Mavreles ++
Darryl J. Smith +                                Rosanne McCarty                                   Carol Stoudt Knerr +
Ronald R. Steigerwalt                                                                                                                                James G. Mengel +++
                                                 Edward J. Miller +++                              Patricia Hartman Lamm ++++                        Suzanne Carr Messinger ++
Robert E. Sterner                                Joan Creitz Miller +                              John H. Leeser +++
Lorene Uhl Weing                                                                                                                                     Shirley Gerber O’Brien +++
                                                 Titus A. Miller                                   Philip W. Leibensperger ++                        Judith Makovsky Parker +
Sue Whittick-Duff +                              Rose Ann Penturelli Mosser                        Carol Levan Leininger +
Kenneth D. Wilde                                                                                                                                     Bonita Burke Perkins
                                                 Thomas E. Noga                                    Ralph E. Leininger +                              Charles O. Perkins
Leona Dreibelbis Wright ++++                     Paul F. Petrillo                                  Kenneth P. Levan
Dennis J. Yakubecek                                                                                                                                  Carlos Peyton
                                                 Charlotte Wotring Pfenninger +++                  Janice Smith Lewis +                              Mae Schaeffer ++
Class of 1966                                    Sandra Price Powell                               Barbara Vince Lindenmuth                          Thomas J. Solomon ++
                                                 Dorothy Feichtl Reimer                            Kitty Harner Maurer +                             Marsha Miller Souders
Tower Club                                       Larry W. Sands                                    Susan Guest McKernan
Thomas F. Schantz ++++                                                                                                                               Richard Souders
                                                 Mary Schmidt ++                                   Thomas B. Merkel                                  Eileen Letson Stutman
President’s Club                                 Christine Ireland Shaplin                         Karen Dinger Mione +                              Jean Horning Sweigart +
Larry R. Sell                                    Nancy Snyder                                      Suzanne Huber Moll                                Raymond A. Thorne
Maroon & Gold Club                               JoAnn Panfile Stephens ++++                       Marilyn Bearn Musgnung ++                         Robert W. Unger +
Dennis C. Blankowitsch +++                       Dana Ellsworth Stratton +                         Mary Hunsberger Nelson                            Martha Shepley Walter +
William J. Feichtl +                             Jane Bomberger Wentzel                            Lamae Fegely Perez                                Maria Mete Wassell +
Robert J. Gilbert                                George R. Withers ++                              Nancy Curtis Phillips ++                          Janet Beard Withers
Ruth Long                                        Mary Chancler Wood +                              Nancy Schramm Pittock                             Christine Pukas Zinno +
Sandra Steimling Roth ++*                        Betty Moyer Zerr                                  David A. Rathman
                                                                                                   Margaret Gillette Rawson ++                       Contributors
Samuel D. Westmoreland
                                                 Class of 1967                                     Thomas H. Reece +                                 Alita Roma Abruzzese
Century Club                                                                                                                                         Karen Rickert Annaballi ++++
                                                 Tower Club                                        Edward H.J. Reese
Loretta Gibble Bachman                                                                                                                               Gerda Balthaser
                                                 Robert W. Brobst                                  Susan Nagle Reiss
Victoria Rosin Bieber ++++                                                                                                                           Richard R. Becker
                                                 Ann Wasser Hohe ++++                              Christopher J. Ripnak
Linda Shields Boozer                                                                                                                                 Mary Hofmann Berthinet +
                                                 Alan D. Kubacki                                   Judith Scheffey
Linda Brown Check +                                                                                                                                  Barbara Scarcella Bonham
Sharon Rhoads Danley                             President’s Club                                  Cynthia Zaharchuk Schmauch
                                                                                                   Esther Ruth Shisler +                             Evelyn Whitaker Bowen
Carolyn Mutter Dillon                            Barbara Bahner Bennett +++
                                                                                                   Christina Stauffer Shoffner +                     Carol Sitlinger Bowman
Frederick L. Freed                               Robert E. Bennett +++
                                                                                                   Richard M. Siekonic                               Doris Beard Bricker +
Barbara Milan Goodwin                            Kay Wilcox Leininger
                                                                                                   Victor J. Silimperi                               Linda Wehr Christy +
Beth Miller Herbine ++                           Thomas I. Leininger
                                                                                                   Shirley Henning Snover                            David E. Coldren
Melissa Sell Horn                                Robert R. Wood
                                                                                                   Sandra Meckley Spahr +                            Joyce Williams Cresswell-Wargo +
D. Byrnes Joyce                                  Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                  P. Sutliff duPont ++
James P. Joyce                                   Joseph Balabkins ++                               Nancy Gevert Steltz
                                                                                                   David D. Stephens ++++                            Ray Erb
Frances Keever ++++                              Jill Kilpatrick Cosgrove ++                                                                         Sandra Stoltz Erb
Beatryce Myers Kreiner ++                        Mary Eckroat Leeper                               Dorothea Kern Stoudt +
                                                                                                   Barbara Moyer Taute                               Patricia Darlak Ferro
Peter J. Kuebler +++                             Century Club                                                                                        Cheryl Deibler Franckowiak
David L. Mason                                                                                     Anne Hallahan Tavares
                                                 Dale R. Angstadt                                  Thomas L. Trone +                                 Ann Hayes Franz +
Allen S. Matz ++                                 Anne Taylor Barnett                                                                                 Sherwood J. Frederick +
Phyllis Hafer Miller +                                                                             Penny Grow Trout
                                                 David H. Best +                                   Dianne Lilly Wagner                               Karen Dean Fridirici +
Mary Buhay Moll +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

25 FALL 2005 Tower
Patricia Grim                                    Frederick E. Sponenburg                           Joanne Schreiner Hettinger                        Philip P. Kauffman +
Cheryl Lawrence Hadley +                         Karen Meckes Taney ++++                           Sherry Wallize Hockenbrock +                      Sandra Rehr Kolson
Donald R. Hadley +                               Barbara Butz Thomke +                             Martin W. Johnson +                               Ronald I. Kunkel
Lois Alderfer Hamilton                           Andrea Hoover Tischler                            Carol Smith Jurin +                               Lyn L. Langkamer
Anita Gonzales Harrison                          Linda Bohlman Trauger ++                          Brian L. Kelley                                   Martha Jandrousevits Langkamer
Alice Waters Heffner                             Ellen Morgan Valent +                             Paula Matthews Kelley                             Carol Mengel Lantz
Christine Hess                                   Fred M. Valent +                                  Thomas J. Klucsarits +                            Gertrude Boccadoro Lear ++++
Bernice Hicks                                    Dawn Zimmerman Vasko                              William C. Kreitz                                 Doris Persky Leisawitz
Joseph E. Hipp ++                                Paul A. Vasko                                     Linda Garman Long                                 Eileen Babczak Lightcap
Jack A. Hommer                                   Kimberly Vogel                                    Richard G. Lyons +                                Galen G. Linn
Karol Kosik Iles                                 Ruth Eberhart Vymazal                             Ramon A. Mantz +++                                Nancy Scholl Long
Larry L. Johnson                                 Peter J. Wallace                                  Kermit R. Meck +                                  Walter Malewicz
Patricia Davies Jordan ++++                      Phyllis Dragotta Wargo +++                        Virginia Reed Miller                              Lynn Horn Malok
Susan Gori Julian ++++                           Barbara Burkhardt Washychyn                       James J. Morrell                                  Marilyn Dibella Marshall
Marcia Musser Keim                               Virginia Fromel Weitock                           Victoria Gargagliano Poretta                      Linda Holland Marx
Catherine Messina Kimmel                         Jay A. Wentzel                                    Carolyn Shaw                                      John M. Mauser +
Francine Fister Klein                            Diane Quinter Werkheiser ++                       Katherine Shaw ++++                               Suzanne May Mauser +
Charles C. Knerr +                               Janice Wert +                                     Elma Rothenberger Walton                          Lois Hoffman McAllister
Linda Kemmerer Kreher +                          Angela Celano Wilson +                            Karen Wescott Wood ++                             Russell H. Miller +
Gale Hiller Kyack                                Sherry Delong Wolf ++                             Contributors                                      David I. Mitchell *
David R. Landis                                  Ruth Wren +                                       Miriam Geesaman Ackerman                          Roberta Reaser Mitchell
David C. Lantz +                                                                                   Ralph G. Ackerman                                 Carol Smith Moore
Marie Derr Lauer +                               Class of 1969                                                                                       Doris Moyer ++
                                                                                                   Thomas G. Ashman
Linda Leonard Lemke                              Tower Club                                        Sallie Astheimer                                  Mary Barth Myers +
Marie Liddicoat                                  Sandra Best Cooper +                              Helen Ayers ++                                    Daniel F. Nace
Jean Hoffman Maier +                             Patrick J. Duddy ++                               Linda Trate Baum ++                               Kerry G. Nuss +
Mary Hilberg Mathews                             President’s Club                                  Dorene Schwoyer Behney                            Marilyn Nye
Arlene Stanton McCord                            Elizabeth Repasch Gattone +                       Sterling H. Behney                                J. Craig Ogelby ++++
Dennis M. McKernan                               Jean Snedeker Matz +                              Frank Orsulak Bisset                              Frances Parzanese
Mary Sabo Merlo                                  Martha Mease Sterling                             Christine Bierman Bistline                        Henrietta Patrick +
Ralene Flaharty Miller                           John P. Wabby                                     Barbara Caldwell Bitz                             Sharon Peifer
Kenneth A. Mills                                 Maroon & Gold Club                                James I. Bohr                                     William R. Petro
Erica Suto Moore                                 Nanci Schiavone Blankowitsch +++                  John G. Bordner                                   Judith Piper
Robert D. Mosser                                 Karen Wengert Braucher                            Elaine Bowersox                                   Susan Rothenberger Raab
Mary Paladino Naugle +                           Dallas H. Heckman +                               Ann Flickinger Brown +                            Kathleen Hartman Reitz
Barbara Holmes Nickell ++                        Carol Purdon Hurst ++                             Evelyn Rourke Burton                              David E. Schaeffer
Daniel A. Nickischer                             George C. Tillman                                 H. Ed Cramer                                      Janice Jones Schaltenbrand
Judith Reppert Ott                               Charles G. Wilson ++                              Robin Fies Deweese                                Sandra Bechtel Schneider
Doris Tshudy Paradis                                                                               Martha Dicecco                                    Charlotte Kamp Schroeder ++
Carol Miller Peace ++++                          Century Club                                                                                        Dennis J. Schroeder ++
                                                 Joseph F. Baker                                   Jayne Bartlett Diehl
Carolyn Best Peters                                                                                Judith Brown Dilts +                              Linda Shoop Seibert
Diane Hausman Peters +                           Roberta Gruver Baldwin                                                                              Robert Seibert
                                                 George F. Balzer                                  Sharon Schukraft Dreibelbis +
Theodore C. Phillips ++                                                                            Lois Sneddon Eiler                                Deborah Kohler Serensits
Patty Mutter Porter                              Monica Koons Baylor +                                                                               Louis Serensits
                                                 David E. Becker                                   Karen Fister +
Jean Anderson Pratt +                                                                              Carol Strouse Fry                                 James R. Seyfert
Isabel Lavan Pross                               Nicolas N. Bowen +                                                                                  Carol Hoskins Shekalus +++
                                                 Bonnie Barto Burdette                             Theresa Klang Gaumer ++
Mary Pyle Pryor                                                                                    Dorothy Gehman                                    Charles E. Snyder
Kenneth E. Reid +                                Patricia German Burkhardt                                                                           John Stoffa
                                                 Sandra Dickinson Corpora                          Suzanne Weisel Getz
John K. Robinson                                                                                   Gail Hossler Goff +++                             John H. Strouse
Nancy Mauger Robinson                            John P. Cresswell +                                                                                 Barbara Bieber Strunk
                                                 Dennis M. Danko                                   Deborah Gould Martenis
Gerald H. Rockhill                                                                                 Patricia Roth Gribben                             Linda Horning Sullivan
Sheryl Fritz Roland ++                           David W. Doaty                                                                                      Vivian Sweigert
                                                 Suzanne Peters Domalakes                          Judith Filman Griesemer
Carl F. Santoro                                                                                    Diane Yoder Haring                                Dennis J. Timmer +++
Susan Himmelberger Schlanger +                   Suzanne Simonson Edney                                                                              Elizabeth Cavanaugh Tobia ++
                                                 Joanne Crone Gabel                                Timothy A. Haring
Bruce C. Schmauch                                                                                  Jerome T. Hartle +++                              Kenneth E. Trefsger ++++
Karen Brown Schreier                             Lynne Mellinger Gilbert                                                                             Linda Billman Truskey +
                                                 Elizabeth Wasilko Haley                           Edward A. Henrich
Joan Flickinger Sensenig                                                                           Ronald L. Hillegass                               Marjorie Turner +
Jacquelyn Titus Shafer ++++                      Lee S. Heffner +                                                                                    Gene F. Wagaman +
                                                 Judy Becker Henne ++++                            Terry E. Hunt
Robert K. Shiner                                                                                   Dolores Hafer Johnson +                           Nancy Bowler Wenrich +
Glenn F. Smartschan +                            Phyllis Rinker Hershock +                                                                           Gary J. Willing ++++
                                                                                                   Susan Kline Kasper +
                                                                                                                                                     Steven C. Witmer
                                                                                                                                                     Nancy Shelmire Woodward
                                                                                                                                                     Susan Wolstenholme Yenser

                                          top 10 classes by participation                                                                            Class of 1970
                                                                                                                                                     Tower Club
                                                                                                                                                     Norman A. Inkpen ++
  50%                                                                                                                                                Deborah Moschini Kremer +
                                                                                                                                                     Charles W. Stopp +++
                                                                                                                                                     M. Scott Wehr
     40                                                                                                                                              President’s Club
                                                                                                                                                     Bruce D. Beitler +
                                                                                                                                                     Phyllis Rhoads Beitler +
     30                                                                                                                                              Mary Frey Hamblin
                                                                                                                                                     John E. Lorish
                                                                                                                                                     Maroon & Gold Club
     20                                                                                                                                              Keith A. Brintzenhoff
                                                                                                                                                     Susan Burkert Golden
                                                                                                                                                     Wayne R. Kauffman +
     10                                                                                                                                              Renee Sassaman Mantz ++++
                                                                                                                                                     Leslie Lebo Patterson +++
                                                                                                                                                     Karen Wallace
            1924          1955         1948         1949         1946          1952        1941          1959         1953         1957              Century Club
                                                                                                                                                     Lorraine Boyer Bell ++

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 26
Dale D. Benninger                                Barbara Eisenhower Petro                          Carol Williams Clemmer                            Jane Troutman Tamulonis
Marianne Hrizuk Biery                            Gary W. Pleam                                     Deborah Frey Connolly                             Pamela Lis Tibbrine +
Nancy Blalock Bowman +++                         Susan Curry Radcliffe +++                         John E. Connolly                                  Linda Kishbaugh Vetter
Scott A. DiSalvo                                 James R. Roth +                                   Judith Cooper +                                   Connie Webster Webster
Donna Fink +                                     Helen Schellenberger                              John A. Correll +                                 Thomas N. Wehr
Kathryn Yediny Fisher                            Charles E. Schlorer +                             Rhonda Mertz Cortez ++                            Barbara Bickel Winn
Charla O’Loughlin Holtz +                        Jean Guldin Seidel                                Robert J. Cozza                                   Jean Dell’Alba Wood
Frederick W. Holtz +                             Glenn R. Sell +                                   Linda Scales Dale                                 Janet King Woodruff +
Frances Wismer Hylton                            Kathleen Zubert Sikorski                          Deborah Gabel Boyer Dawson                        Carol Halpin Zuber
Thomas J. Hylton                                 Valerie Skinner                                   Jane Siegfried DeLong +
George W. Krell +                                David M. Smith                                    Sharon Eberly Delp
                                                                                                                                                     Class of 1972
Thomas Maxwell                                   Linda Biehl Snyder +                              Veronica Toth Drahuschak                          Board of Overseers
John P. Minnich                                  Mary Karlitskie Stein                             Jeffrey C. Ebert +                                Cecelia Roach +*
Jo-Ann Geibel Moyer                              Richard A. Stitzel                                Ruth Ellenbogen-Sutton                            Tower Club
Deborah Callahan Null                            Lizbeth Kelchner Stouch                           Felicia Mesaros Ellis +                           Ronald K. Delong
Karen Kotinsly Oesch ++                          Cheryl Phillips Struble                           Frederick Endy                                    Nancy Scherbner Hippert +++
Johanna Yuhas Price +                            Karen Calvo Sweeney                               Beth Kinney Eppinger +                            William C. Schreiber
Gordene Miller Randolph +                        Denise Carl Tempest                               Joan Dittenhaffer Farence                         President’s Club
Rosemarie Longo Reimert ++++                     Marianne Majer Turner                             Cynthia Radcliffe Flickinger                      Carol Lehr Little
Kristen Witwer Retter                            Laurie Vanderbilt Ullery +                        Charlotte Desanto Garrison                        Kathleen Hoover Mayberry
June Maitz Rohrbach                              Gretchen Ulmer +                                  Karl G. Glick                                     Randy S. Schaeffer
Christine Bobek Roth                             Charles R. Underwood                              Glenn A. Gray +
Eileen Koch Stinson +                            Rosemary Evans Veresink ++++                      Sharon Kline Haffey                               Maroon & Gold Club
John W. Stirling ++                              Flora Anderson Weber                              Nancy Reszetar Haseltine                          Robert J. Kratzer +
John L. Tarnowski ++++                           Linda Groman Whitaker                             Paul W. Hassler                                   Century Club
Hope Schlegel Thorne                             Milton N. Whitaker                                M. Charlotte Rutzmoser Henschel ++                Catherine Folk Ahart
Charles L. Waitkus +++                           Susan Henry Winders +                             Sharon Giusti Hinds                               Susan Weihrer Amante +++
Rosemarie Puchalla Weaver                        Gerald O. Zeiber                                  LeRoy H. Hinkle                                   James R. Beers
Susan Miller Whalen-Krell +                      Arlene Kiryluk Zeme ++++                          Phoebe Hopkins ++                                 James M. Boner +
Contributors                                     Nancy Patterson Ziegenfus ++++                    Virginia Boekenkroeger Jones +                    Janet Davis
Diana Ballentine Andrus                          Garry W. Zuber                                    Louise Morganti Kaelin                            Jill DeLong +
S. Jane Arntz                                                                                      Marlam Karnish                                    Robert M. Demkovitz +
                                                 Class of 1971                                     Arthur G. Kasper +                                David E. Dietrich
Margaret Shatto Bauer
                                                 Tower Club                                        Lu Anne Konjusky Kline                            David A. Dorward
Linda Shaffer Beazley
                                                 Robert K. Hippert +++                             William H. Kocher +                               Robert R. Frable ++
Carol Biery Becker
Michelle Young Beckley +                         President’s Club                                  Marcia Siwula Kolmann                             Charleen Koerner Gribben ++
Mary Hintze Bedics ++                            Linda Dieffenbach Lundy                           Ronald N. Kreitz +                                Linda Roth Grim +++
Earlene Butz Bohr                                                                                  Cheryl Noyle Kubera +                             Barbara Krenitsky Grippi ++
                                                 Maroon & Gold Club
Dennis R. Boyer +++                                                                                Cynthia Everly Kunkel                             Ronald E. Guss +++
                                                 Ruth Hilberg Jones
Nancy Breidegam Boyer +++                                                                          Bruce E. Kunkle                                   Maryann Tyahla Haupt ++
                                                 Century Club                                      Barbara Burfete Livezey                           David C. Hause ++++
Carolyn Lamm Bryant ++++                         Brian W. Bagenstose
Dan M. Burgess +                                                                                   Carol Kretulskie Mack                             Ivan J. Jurin +
                                                 Diane Luckenbill Best ++                          Linda Rezende Marques                             John H. Kashner
Marcia Conners Burton                            Judith Bitler Bitler +++
Diana Fies Butterweck +                                                                            David I. Martin +++                               Linda Fenstermacher Kline +
                                                 Kenneth E. Bloss +                                Carol Baker McCartney                             Ellen Fisher Long
Louise Arlen Cosgrove                            Susan Hoover Boner +
Mary Curry Cousin ++++                                                                             Mary Pyffer McGroarty                             Eloise Long
                                                 Neil L. Brown                                     Carol Migliorino                                  Gary S. Mayo ++
Patricia Symanowicz Delewski                     William S. Chabala
Kathleen Brobst Dimmich                                                                            Eileen Moore Miller                               Brian Edwin McDaniel
                                                 Joyce Cohen                                       Carole Munro                                      Louis Muenker +
Judith Fletcher Erb                              Leo E. Dallas ++
Susan Matz Erdman                                                                                  Terry L. Naugle +++                               Denise Kelly Papay +
                                                 Elizabeth Kirelawich Dower ++++                   Genevieve Sercel Nickischer                       Sandra Muhr Puzauskas ++++
Deborah Zehner Everett ++++                      Bonnie Rice Due
Harry J. Everhart                                                                                  Bonnie Barlieb Nordquist +                        Ruth Horn Redes
                                                 Raymond A. Fox                                    Gerald V. O’Brien +                               David A. Russell
Irene Vanoni Ewaka                               Howard W. Gribben ++
Louis S. Felker ++++                                                                               Heidemarie Doerk Pennypacker                      Cheryl Schick +++
                                                 Claire Hauck Huntington ++++                      Frank Peron                                       Rita Adam Schwalm ++++
Gloria Edleman Gaynor +                          PeggySue Erickson Hyle
Donna Witman Gerhart ++                                                                            Diane Tedesco Pisch                               Linda Smeltzer Smeltzer ++++
                                                 Lynn C. Kraft +                                   Bonnie Spotts Reber ++++                          Georgine West Takach ++
Sharen Shankweiler Greth +                       Ronald L. Miller ++
Harold E. Grim                                                                                     Stephen S. Reeder ++                              David A. Tyson
                                                 Jeffrey L. Moyer                                  Vicki Miller Renn                                 Kathleen Graham Wildonger
Carol Rupp Hebel +                               Margaret Wolf Murray
Elaine Wood Holsinger                                                                              JoAnn Renninger +                                 Karen Markle Winning +
                                                 Elizabeth Turner O’Dell ++                        Franklin J. Rhode +                               Richard A. Zuber ++
Karen Stahl Houck                                Sandra Richter ++
Carol Hresko-Altadonna                                                                             Cynthia Cooney Riegel                             Contributors
                                                 Kathleen Holenda Russell                          Rita Camody Ritter
Robert B. Jesson +                                                                                                                                   Marguerite Johnson Ahlberg ++++
                                                 David B. Schaeffer                                Paul W. Romano
Susan Anthony Kleintop                                                                                                                               Robin Anlian
                                                 Dalton C. Semmel ++++                             Michael C. Romig ++++
Patricia Simon Laczo                                                                                                                                 Cheryl Chanaca Ashcroft +
                                                 James P. Snyder                                   James F. Rondosh
Elizabeth Knies Lesher +                                                                                                                             Dallas B. Bailey
                                                 Jan McLaren Squillace ++                          Linda Wehr Rosato
Patricia Harvey Lowman +                                                                                                                             Jeffrey V. Bauer
                                                 Jacqueline Greene Thomas ++                       Judith Grabowski Roth +
Janet Reigelman Marquardt                                                                                                                            Josephine Strutynski Bauer
                                                 Katrina Nowell Widder                             Kathy Chandler Sander
Ann Zwoyer Mattos                                                                                                                                    John R. Beazley
                                                 Geraldine Williams                                William B. Schaeffer +
Skip R. McNeal +                                                                                                                                     Gary Arthur Becker
                                                 Clara Hamory Wolfe +++                            Margenett Roth Schleifer
Linda Moore Mee                                                                                                                                      Marie Kerrigan Bennett ++++
Doreen Mc Climent Mills                          Contributors                                      Rita Lewandowski Schreinert +                     Wayne A. Benninger ++
Catherine Russ Mordosky                          Marianne DiAngelis Adam +                         Gary A. Schultz +                                 Joseph P. Bogus
Ronald D. Mordosky                               Phillips Armstrong ++                             Virginia Check Seaman                             Georgeanne Bonifanti +
Patricia Feussner Morse                          Cheryl Long Ashman                                Susan Shetter                                     Mary Strauss Brosman
Julia Ann Seiler Moses                           William E. Ayers ++                               Harriet Hershey Slonneger ++                      Elaine Sterner Burgess +
Barry W. Moyer                                   Cheryl Taylor Bagenstose                          Dennis E. Smith                                   Paul J. Casey +
Sandra Leshko Moyer                              Patricia Bailey                                   Frances Smith                                     Gail Perini Chiles
Marie Yaroshak Nester +                          Norma Bauer                                       Richard C. Smith +                                Linda Snyder Clark
Jean Nungesser                                   David R. Beazley +++                              Sanford A. Smith +                                Christina Dondore Cote
Bonita Zettlemoyer Orlando                       William A. Bender ++                              Sherry Aughenbaugh Smith +                        Frances Keating Coulter ++
Francis A. Orlando                               Charles E. Brinker ++++                           Susan Miller Standefer                            Patricia Danko
Lonny E. Pattishall +                            A. Addison Cash                                   Helen Olivia Steinmetz +++                        Sandra Laky Deckhut
Mary Wenzel Pattishall +                         Willis N. Clawser +                               Carol Gauker Strause                              Catharine Dentler +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

27 FALL 2005 Tower
James A. Depietro                                Jennifer Schoch                                   Ruth Quirk Tily +                                 Pamela Whitehouse McGettigan ++++
Frances Bauer Dibble                             Diane Reszetar Sedgwick                           Lila Taylor Tyson                                 Francis J. McGouldrick +
Tamara Halenda Dobias                            David Dale Silfies ++                             Dean J. Whitman ++++                              Gail Figueredo McQuown
Patricia Riley Doran                             Gregory J. Sitko                                  Lawrence N. Woelfel +                             Ann Mabry Miller
Darline Dotter                                   Judy Fox Skelton                                  Contributors                                      Deborah Ulsh Miller
Karen Kotula Fenstermaker                        Susan Witwer Sliwinski +                          Patti Shoemaker Abbott +                          John J. Molotzak +
John Ferrani +                                   Dennis D. Smith +                                 Kathleen Golla Antonelli +                        Phyllis Moser
Brenda Kohr Funke +                              Fay Kaltreider Smith +                            Janet Stoudt Ballard                              Helen Moyer
May Hain Gaynor +                                Robert G. Solley                                  Linda Barndt +                                    Susan Lash Mull
Joanne Jabornik Gibble                           Jeffrey K. Sprecher                               Linda Barnhart                                    Nancy Schneider Nagle
Bruce A. Godshall                                Connie Bryan Steffy +++                           Linda Fosbenner Beach                             Sharon Kopp Neal
Karen O’Neal Gottschall                          Deborah Reyher Stewart +                          Florence Benson                                   Elizabeth Podjed O’Connor
Lois Gretzinger                                  Raymond F. Swisher +                              Deborah Coble Benway                              A. Durand Osborne
Donalee Klotz Griswald                           Mary Rizzardi Taylor                              Thomas C. Benway                                  Deborah Owens
Aleta Schwartz Grunberg +                        Catherine Psitos Theodorou                        Timothy C. Berndt                                 Dana R. Peiffer
Marion Rahmer Guers                              Robert W. Trainer                                 Nancy Newhart Biechy                              Patrice Perugini
Janet Dembroski Harden                           Kathleen Heisey Turner                            Lee Randolph Bierly                               Mary Platt
Roy W. Hart +                                    Donna Ressler Tylenda ++                          Barbara Loux Bingenheimer                         Eileen Schoenek Porada +
Cathy Wise Harter +                              David S. Unger +                                  Nancy Strawn Blatnik +++                          Carol Tindula Prokop
Cynthia Posivak Hartman ++                       Matthew Vardjan                                   Karen Bopp +                                      Janet Sheska Psarsky +
Richard Ben Hauschildt                           Bryn Bagenstose Weckel +                          Debra Kraus Bowman +                              Nina Corvelli Quaglia
David R. Hawk                                    William L. Weiant                                 Jay A. Bromfield                                  Anne Kohlmeir Quinn
Rosanne Heckman +                                Marie Weiss                                       Gene L. Brown                                     Pamela Quinn
Ronald G. Hertzog                                Linda Mc Kee Westrick                             Julie Aulenbach Brown                             Leonard F. Rakowicz
Cynthia Reichard Hillegass                       Joan Long White                                   Carol Leh Chase ++++                              Cynthia Reese
E.M. Vasilia Magadalinos Hinkle                  Dennis W. Wimmer +++                              Linda Wagner Cohen                                Stephanie Howzdy Reisner +
Mary Kline Hoffman                               Edward T. Wright                                  Rosemary Clooney Dailey +                         Elizabeth Kalny Ritchie
Kimberly Jones Hoffmann                          Annette Tauber Yurish ++                          Vicki Matyasorsky Davidheiser ++                  Jeffry E. Ritschel ++
Gloria Holland                                   Jean Welsh Zellner                                Kathleen Shimkanon Deutsch                        Alys Kemp Robertson
Barbara Kissel Hujsa                                                                               Sally Krasley Dobil                               Donna Green Rose
John C. Huntzinger                               Class of 1973                                                                                       Mary Yastrebinatz Rudi ++++
                                                                                                   Mark T. Dubis
Ronald E. Imboden                                Board of Overseers                                Angela Dunmore +                                  Phyllis Guise Rutchauskas
Joseph F. Janoski +                              William F. Ribble +                               Mary Carey Dwyer +                                Renee Saleh
Jacklyn Seiverling Keagy                         Tower Club                                        Deborah Angstadt Eidle                            Anne Sanelli ++
Marie Mahnsen Keilman                            Karen Kleffel                                     David L. Eisenhauer                               Rita Schauer Perez
James C. Kidder                                  Michelle Shinsky Mason +                          Deborah Weidner Endler +++                        Walter W. Scherman +
Marilyn Tiffany Klimcho                          Denise Gaspari Meister ++++                       Deborah Feden                                     Karen Moyer Sechler
Jane Eck Klink                                   Ramona Turner Turpin                              Sherryl Cooper Feliciani +                        Steven T. Sliwinski +
Bruce L. Krasley                                 President’s Club                                  Barry L. Fenstermaker                             Bert R. Smalley +++
Sandra Lacava                                    Michael D. Anderson                               Margaret Hersh Fenstermaker                       Edna Neyhart Smith
Joseph P. Laduca                                 Raymond H. Melcher                                William C. Fenstermaker                           Elizabeth Smith
Eleanor Ayres Lawyer                             Bethann Shoff Scratchard ++                       Joanne Blough Ferrence                            Virginia Guldin Soskin
Patricia Leiendecker +                                                                             Brenda Swope Filer ++                             Judith Jennings Spaits
Ruth Levengood Levan                             Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                  Ruth Stauffer +
                                                 Patricia Hickman Ahrens +                         Dennis K. Fisher
Lois Mihocko Lovejoy                                                                               Carol Friend Flederbach                           Janice Lalo Stavrou
Daneene Antal Lucas                              Adelaide Faryna Heist ++++                                                                          Katherine Turner Sterngold
                                                 Laura Schimmel Kauffman +                         Herman R. Fligge +++
Doris Troxell Lusch                                                                                Sara Kutz Flyzik                                  Barbara Sheeler Stiger +
Mary Ann Strauss Makovsky                        Timothy A. Mackey +                                                                                 Roger R. Strohl ++
                                                 Susan Steigerwalt Messina +                       Laura Whitcomb Francis
Marshall Mangold                                                                                   Susan Fenstermacher Galluppi                      Joyce Trexler Sturtevant
Linda Manwiller +                                Daniel E. Seidman                                                                                   Margot Therre
                                                                                                   Corinne Mazza Gamble
H. Robert Marquet +                              Century Club                                      Maryann Baver Gardner                             Samuel P. Thomas
Margaret Wertman Martinez ++                     Jere C. Batten +                                  Dianne Epting Geschwindt ++++                     Bernard G. Topper
Christina Reuther Matthews +++                   Nancy Fanelli Beers                               John W. Gorman                                    Carol Umberger
Joan Wertz McCracken ++                          Judith Body +                                     Brian P. Gruber +                                 Victoria Valentine
Dana Beshore McLane +                            Thomas W. Bradley                                 Henry J. Gursky ++                                Barbara Bradley Wachter
Alice Yacobenas Miller                           Sandra Collins                                    Francine O’Neill Hamilton                         Sarah Miller Wagner ++
Andrew N. Mize +                                 Susan Long Creyer +                               William C. Hankee                                 Linda Lawley Wall
Karen Orth Montag +                              Cheryl Boeshore DeVincentis ++                    Barry L. Haupt +                                  Julia Rudy Weller +
Linda Brobst Moyer                               Keith A. DeVincentis ++                           Susan Wagner Henise                               John N. Whitenight
Sally Beard Muldoon                              George W. Dietrich                                H. Lee Hetrick                                    Valerie Lee Zaba
Douglas R. Nagle                                 Jane Hower Dietrich                               Barbara Meck Hillman                              Joy Hodick Zimnisky
Linda Nefos                                      Donna Dunning                                     Michele Hoban Hoban
Elizabeth Gaynor Nielsen                         Terry Pennell Dworkin +                                                                             Class of 1974
                                                                                                   Linda Kaczynski Hoch +
Barbara Niemy +                                  Patricia Vicario Eichlin +                        Robert C. Horner ++                               Board of Overseers
Alan L. Ocker                                    Timothy J. Fisher                                 Sherry Lutz Jacobs ++                             William F. Albus
Cheryl Overly                                    Kevin M. Gaut                                     Jeffrey J. Johns +                                Joanne Quinn Ribble +
June Pansing                                     Barbara Miketta Gouldey +                         Caroline Kline Kahler +                           Tower Club
Charles P. Perich                                Gary E. Grimes ++                                 Joann Rickert Kern                                Guido M. Pichini ++
Bonnie Enders Raczka                             Michael P. Hechinger +++                          Oksana Kipa                                       President’s Club
Becky Rader +++                                  Rebecca Seidel Heffner +                          George H. Kirlin                                  Marian Ulincy Starr
Craig J. Rahn                                    Diane Whritenour Hutchinson +                     Elmer G. Knerr +
Mary Rascavage +                                 Joyce Vottima Jeuell +                                                                              Maroon & Gold Club
                                                                                                   Carolyn Brobst Knittle ++                         Deborah Schmoyer Liming ++
David A. Reed +                                  Christine Armington Krem                          Joseph F. Koetting
Robin Salen Richardson                           David P. Krem                                                                                       William F. Liming ++
                                                                                                   Lois Kershner Kozlowski +                         Barry J. Search ++
Jane Begel Roberts                               Mary Leiby Laub +                                 Ruth Whittaker Kresge
Marcia Bell Rogala                               Daniel E. Marakovits +                                                                              Edward W. Solderich +++
                                                                                                   Marlene Mazsa Kutys
Nancy Stem Romero                                Donella Lapsansky Mayo ++                         Pamalee Crockett Laduca                           Century Club
Gail Endy Row ++                                 Richard L. Moyer ++++                             Elaine Vrabel Larronde                            Pamela Bechtel +
Shelby Westrum Rutherford +                      Leonard W. Przydzial +                            David A. Lehatto                                  Jean Biggar ++++
Diane Hinkle Sagemuehl                           Janet Reid ++                                     Judith Cowen Lownes                               Dennis L. Boyer
Mary Saveri                                      Kathleen Adam Schappell ++                        Nancy Liechty Marsteller                          Samuel H. Creyer +
Jean Sawyer +                                    William E. Scheck                                 Brian E. Martin                                   Yale J. Delong
Susan Silberman Schmitt                          Sally DeRagon Shane                               Stephen J. Marton                                 Janet Haerer Gebhardt
James A. Schneider                               Leonard C. Smith ++                               Edmond A. Matten                                  Rosanna Haverstick Gemmill +++

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 28
Joseph P. George +                               Christina Trupe Lutz                              Margaret Roethke Muenker +                        David N. Pitcherello +
Janet Tindula Gosnell +                          Guenther E. Lutz                                  Robin Musselman +                                 Dennis J. Rearden
James S. Harris +                                Robert E. Madeira                                 William K. Olson                                  Bruce R. Reed +
Craig D. Hess ++                                 Diane Butz Mahler                                 Kathleen Solomon Roach +                          Kathee Gottshall Rhode
Gail Worsley Hixson +++                          Beverly Manbeck ++++                              Karen Schory                                      Jeffrey L. Ritter +++
Patricia McClatchie Ignatosky                    Karen Matz ++++                                   John C. Stover ++                                 Gilbert F. Rock ++
Kathryn Manifold Koehler ++                      Sharon Leslie McCallicher                         Bonnie Whitehead                                  Jack R. Romig
Mary Ballard Kuczynski +                         Marianne Davidheiser McGraw +                     Joanne Moesel Yoder ++                            Mary Rosenbusch Salinger ++
John R. Kulik                                    Gail Meyer                                        Contributors                                      Silvia Kera Sarkan ++
Phyllis Agard Monroe +                           Lorraine Smith Mikulski ++++                      Terrence M. Anderson +++                          Anne Iannucci Schlert
Ammon D. Nein ++                                 Jeffrey S. Miller                                 George T. Anthony                                 Nancy Grega Smith
Wanda Hallman Owens ++                           Christine Morgan                                  Marian Korpics Aranyos                            Darlene Rieger Stein +
William J. Patterson                             Diann Dresher Moyer                               Donald W. Baker +                                 James R. Stoyko
Dorothy Taylor Peiffer ++++                      Cheryl Moser Patterson +                          Stephen D. Bell +                                 Donald Strelecki +
Richard S. Price +                               Dianne Formicone Pease                            Edward J. Bibic ++                                Kristine Gemmell Strickler
Gary L. Smith +++                                Sandra Koch Rahn                                  Susan Moculak Bissert                             William K. Stump
John S. Sours                                    Elwyn D. Rawson ++                                Anne Bolasky Bolasky                              Judith Ludwig Talarico
David L. Stauffer +                              Joyce Rentschler                                  Kathleen Tanzos Bossert +                         Jessica Teti Turgoose
Teresa Sychterz +                                Nancy Forney Rieger +                             Terence J. Briody                                 Douglas J. Tomel
John J. Tauber ++++                              Cynthia Teets Ritschel ++                         Mary Bucko                                        Elaine Vardjan
Samuel A. Wierman +                              Rita Grim Robertson                               Rosemary Bateman Buscarini ++                     Patricia Gilfert Vroman
Contributors                                     Peter J. Rossi                                    Terry White Campbell                              Joan Cicalese Whartnaby +
Marlene Chiarelli Actis-Grande                   Alice Roth Roth +                                 Anna Nederostek Craig                             Richard J. Wiacek
Mary Labik Adams                                 Janet Scheib Malloy                               Maxine Cranage                                    Frank J. Yusella
Kay Altland Altland +                            Kathleen Sedmak Schlaffer +                       Susan Readinger Creed ++                          Catherine Zakos
Sandra Zimmerman Bachman +                       Barbara Schmitt Seaman                            Patricia Dalrymple ++                             Mark A. Zellner
Deborah Heffner Barrell                          Thomas L. Shugar                                  Lynette Lutterschmidt Daniels ++
                                                 Barbara Reber Simpson +                                                                             Class of 1976
Janice Bauer                                                                                       Pamela Donio Davis
Ronald R. Bechtel                                Margaret Spinato                                  Laurence B. Day                                   Tower Club
Susan Rowlands Benninger ++                      Barry R. Stiger +                                 Ingrid Benjamin Debellas ++++                     Anthony R. Maiatico +++
Deborah Hinkle Beozzo ++++                       Elaine Schwalm Stine                              Deborah Doe                                       Georgena Smith Scanlan
James A. Bertoni                                 Jean Walck Sylvester                              Gayeleen Barnhart Eckert +                        Stephanie Steely +++
Benedette Bishop +                               Francine Mc Arther Szedlmayer                     Valetta Eshbach +                                 President’s Club
Harry W. Bixler +                                Barbara Teno +++                                  John G. Ferenchick                                Kathryn Frey Breeze
Rance Block                                      Mary Wilson Tomko                                 Joanne Iwanowski Fink                             Angela Matalena Scanzello +++
Robert C. Boehmer                                Alan W. Trumbauer +                               Mary Fox Franko                                   Maroon & Gold Club
Martha Henly Brubaker                            Jennifer Nemeth Trumbauer +                       Robert B. Frees +                                 Mary Broschak Eidelman
William A. Brucker +++                           Richard S. Wagner                                 Jan Davis French +++                              Michele Frey
Linda Bucher ++                                  Patricia Willman Walbert                          Karen Meixsell Fries                              Thomas C. Kaltreider
Jean Bringenberg Cech                            Faye Reinsel Werley                               Richard H. Gamble                                 Barbara Bechtel Noecker ++++
Althea Manning Cirillo                           Kathleen Hertzog Wertz                            Cathryn Candy Gaul +
                                                 Patricia Sibley Wertz +                                                                             Century Club
Lynn Conklin Power                                                                                 Randy A. Gaul ++++                                Alison Bartholomew Arlt
Patricia Kutzler Davidson                        John I. Williams                                  Paul R. Geib +
                                                 Kitty Wittich                                                                                       James J. Boyer ++
Anne Davis                                                                                         Anthony J. Glory ++                               Denise Jardel Brown
Robert T. Dell Elba +                            Daria Pletchan Zellner                            Luana Kowal Goldstan
                                                 Carole Lamm Zieger +++                                                                              Patricia Lyons Conboy
Arky J. Destefano                                                                                  Terry M. Haas                                     Jeffrey S. Gumpert ++++
John M. DeVere +                                 Craig J. Zieger +++                               Diane Hamburg
                                                 Randall Zitta                                                                                       Michael R. Gumpert ++++
Charlene Dolgos                                                                                    Richard D. Hanel                                  Carol Burian Hagenbuch
Rita Hohman Ernst                                Class of 1975                                     Hannah Heritage                                   Thomas E. Hallman +
Michael D. Faust +                                                                                 Christine Deremer Hollingshead                    Janet Cooper Keough ++
Donald W. Fry                                    Board of Overseers                                Sally Gehris Hutnik +
                                                 Dianne Wehden Schellenberg +++                                                                      Colleen Krause Straw
Joseph A. Gerbino                                                                                  Kathleen Jenkins ++                               Richard L. March
Susan Mitchell Gill                              Tower Club                                        Lynda Jentsch-Grooms +                            David C. Martin
Gary P. Gisondi                                  Robert C. Dieruff                                 Patricia Laury Jones                              Lynn Malinchoc Nagel +
Cynthia Burger Gleason +++                       John A. Rhoads ++                                 Richard D. Keeley                                 Barbara Peters +
Susan Nye Gottschall                             Anthony G. Sanborn                                Lynn Smiley Kelly +                               Donald W. Roach +
Ellin Green +                                    President’s Club                                  Thomas E. Kern +                                  Melanie Schaeffer
Marybeth Christ Havanko                          E. Russell Bush                                   Sarah Huebner Klass                               Robert F. Schwarzenbach
Gregory P. Heffner                               Debra Buchanan Cope ++++                          George W. Knehr +                                 Craig B. Smith +
Judith Herring Heim ++                           Maroon & Gold Club                                Pamela Knerr +                                    Peter J. Snyder
Patricia Weaver Heine                            Marybeth Angst Beaver                             Janet Roehrich Kobler +                           Linda Bonnice Sokoloski +
Samuel P. Heiney ++                              Anne Stackhouse Brewer                            Jeffrey N. Kurelia                                Frederick S. Specht +
Susan Schultz Hillegass +                        Catherine Eckardt                                 Elaine Langdon                                    Ronald R. Weaver
William Houtz                                    Lincoln A. Noecker ++++                           Cynthia Heffner Lantang +
Louise Gentile Howard                                                                              Thomas J. Legath                                  Contributors
Dolores Alves Johns +                            Century Club                                      Vicki Miller Legath                               Dean A. Adams
Eileen Ridge Jones                               Alan M. Abraham +                                 Charles A. Leiby                                  Karen Fretz Andress
Joyce Jones                                      Sue Heintzelman Ames                              Edward J. Lewko                                   Maureen Mc Cadden Arnold +
Bruce R. Kahler +                                Kathy Amey Brown                                  Reba Lutz Llewellyn ++                            Stephanie Kasales Bauer +
Kathleen Kale                                    Roxanne Orlando Bugay                             Carol Raudenbush Maloney +                        Catherine Tacci Beck
Mary Keil                                        Carolyn Peil DeFalco ++                           Karen Rother Mateyak                              Patrice Calahan Beekley
Lynn Dresser Kern ++                             James P. Durnin ++                                Scott A. Maurer                                   Margaret Behm
Joanne Kichline ++                               Naomi Benzi Falchek                               Steven R. McCallicher                             Jeffrey C. Berger ++++
Thomas F. Klepeisz                               Charles R. Figard                                 Edward P. Mieckowski                              Debra Roth Bierly
Deborah Strohl Kochanasz ++                      James R. Fosbenner                                Joyce Jackowski Miketzuk ++++                     Robin Rickenbach Bisaccia
Bonnie Owens Kooker                              Dennis E. Gliem                                   Nancy Fielding Mikitka +                          Sheryl Smith Block
Susan Brockwell Kunkel                           Glenn W. Godshall +                               Nancy Scott Miller                                Terry Gunkle Bolick
Timothy A. Kunkel                                Margaret Stover Gumpert ++++                      Gary P. Moyer +                                   Carol Bricker
Marcia Moyer Kurtz                               Joyce Meisenhelter Hafer +                        Barbara Marshman Mueller +++                      Stephanie Brok
Joseph C. Lach                                   Lillian Jones                                     Carol Bensinger Murphy                            Leslie Doney Carrescia
Cynthia LaSota                                   Maryhelen Duffy Kobylarz                          Catherine Oliphant                                Susan Christman
Carol Lauck                                      Carol Kunkel ++++                                 Gay Burtt Peiffer                                 Sherry Dell Elba +
Lisa Derr Lippman +                              Kay Grammes Macsi                                 Susan Grosek Personett +                          Tony M. Didyoung +
Peter G. Long +                                  Donna Mahler Metzger ++                           Anthony J. Piperata +                             Kathleen Downes

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

29 FALL 2005 Tower
Kathleen Ember                                   Cynthia Frantz Wesner                             Paul W. Gimbel                                    Janet Nikles-Mohring +
Barbara George Emert +                           Henri M. Younes                                   Jean Lauby Griesemer                              Debra Oltman
Kathy McCann Evans +                                                                               Lenore Finelli Groller                            Mark S. Vinci
Marybeth Evans                                   Class of 1977                                     Constance Deutsch Hartman +                       Century Club
Christine Facciolli +                            Tower Club                                        Anna Riegel Heffner                               Karen Kroupa Ashworth
Dolores Fidishun +                               Kenneth V. Daniel ++++                            D. Richard Henrick                                James M. Burkhardt
Kyle Bankes Fitzgerald                           James S. Klunk                                    Timothy S. Herring +                              Earl C. Carver
Thomas S. Flad                                   President’s Club                                  Meredith Green Hixson                             John S. Coco ++
Eileen Vath Franco                               Denise Bender                                     Kerry C. Hoffman                                  Daniel P. Geiger +
Barry K. Friebolin                               Denise Kandravi-Smedley                           Carlton E. Hoke                                   Jeffrey S. Haggerty +
Kathryn Dean Fuller                              George J. Smedley                                 Gail Pompey Jackson ++++                          David J. Helm +
Estelle Kositz Gimbar                            Maroon & Gold Club                                Kathryn Hoener Jackson                            Joseph M. Lentz +
Mark R. Griesemer                                Deborah Budd                                      Karen Doll Jensen                                 Clair L. Long +
David A. Grim                                    Beth Frederick ++                                 Sharon Fisher Keeley                              Ronnie C. Mease
Philip A. Hall +++                               R. Cary Godshall +                                Patricia Burkey Keever                            Sherry Sebring Rohrback
Anastasia Hart                                   Brenda Evelt Innocenti ++++                       Donna Heard Kelchner +                            Darrah Hall Schlegel +
Jan Markley Haydt                                Scott M. Loeffler                                 Patricia McKenney Kime                            Thomas C. Shollenberger
Pamela Barrell Heid                              Dorothy Meyer +++                                 Frederic E. Knorr +                               Susanne Stein +
Allen H. Hermansader                             Robert T. Schantz                                 Cheryl Herbst Kochel                              Barbara Tiberio-Danko
Margaret Schall Hoffman +                        George W. Schenck +                               Brett E. Krasnov                                  Robert L. Wetherill
Patricia Hughes Hughes +                         Eileen Shultz +++                                 Sharon Zimmerman Kuhns
Betty Grim Imboden                                                                                 Woodrow J. Kuhns
                                                 Century Club                                                                                        Sandra Stewart Achenbach
Robert D. Jacobson                                                                                 Suzanne Lucine
                                                 Lora Langan Acker                                                                                   Deborah Solomon Arduino
James E. Johnson +                                                                                 William M. Luecke +
                                                 Cindy Raup Canfield ++++                                                                            Nancy Gaspari Ashley ++
Charles B. Johnston                                                                                Karen Maitha Maloch
                                                 Thomas J. Conboy                                                                                    Connie Huyett Baker
Thomas P. Keim +++                                                                                 Ralph J. Marino +
                                                 Ruth Cranage +                                                                                      Scott S. Balsai
Pamela George Kelley                                                                               Sharon Williams Masemore
                                                 Elaine Cusatis-Lupco ++++                                                                           Debra Barrett ++
Harry A. Kellow                                                                                    Stephanie Mays ++++
                                                 Michael E. Deibert                                                                                  Suzanne Blatt Barron ++++
JoAnn Zeigenfuse Keosaian +                                                                        Carey L. Miller
                                                 Katherine Frank Fridirici +                                                                         David A. Barskey
Alan D. Kershner +                                                                                 J. Randall Miller ++
                                                 Tina Oswald Hertzog +                                                                               Daniel Bobeck +++
Connie Knechel                                                                                     Adele Favier Minton ++
                                                 John W. Hixson +++                                                                                  Dennis B. Brubaker
Ronald E. Lausch                                                                                   Joan Hassler Moulder
                                                 Beth Perini Keller ++                                                                               Sharon Cameron
Debra Leh-Pargac +                                                                                 Virginia Napoli
                                                 Barbara Bardes Kilpatrick                                                                           Nancy Manning Caprio
Leslee Renninger Luckenbill                                                                        Carol Oldenburg
                                                 Leslie Jones Long +                                                                                 Jan Cook
James E.M. Luisser                                                                                 Adrienne Koller Padner
                                                 Juan A. Martinez                                                                                    Carol Liebl Corso
James D. Maloney                                                                                   Lori Balson Pankratz
                                                 Diane Menio                                                                                         Elizabeth Hafer Crow
Anthony C. Mann                                                                                    Marilyn Garglia Pastre
                                                 Glen W. Millen                                                                                      Michael Curley +
Marylou Gunther Matthews                                                                           David M. Pastucka
                                                 Charles L. Moeller                                                                                  David L. Davies +++
Bobbi Mayer                                                                                        Patrice Payton
                                                 Anne Fischer Morahan                                                                                Craig A. Day
Kathleen Izzo Mazurek                                                                              Anita Pence +
                                                 Gail Moyer +                                                                                        Angela Levengood Denny
Lee Ann McCullagh                                                                                  Cheryl Miron Peters
                                                 Michael E. Nagel +                                                                                  Ann Dietrich +
Gary N. Miller                                                                                     Gregory J. Raysor
                                                 John A. Schlegel                                                                                    Edward H. Doerrman
Willard R. Miller                                                                                  Paul D. Rearden +
                                                 Audrey Becker Schwind +++                                                                           Todd J. Dojan
Elizabeth Huseman Mitchell +++                                                                     Cynthia Casciano Reed
                                                 Carol Stoner Shenberger                                                                             Mary Dolon
Francis T. Molchan                                                                                 David R. Reinbold
                                                 David T. Stevenson                                                                                  Patrick M. Dougherty +
Katherine Morrow-Voelker                                                                           Debra Kernechel Reynolds +
                                                 Rodney S. Tryon                                                                                     Florence Tuscher Dyer
Joan Munro                                                                                         Mark I. Rhoads
                                                 Bonnie Benner Vito +                                                                                Barbara Docker Eastman +++
Michele Murphy ++                                                                                  M. Camille Eaton Romig
                                                 Thomas J. Voigtsberger                                                                              John M. Eastman +++
Patricia Murphy ++++                                                                               Sharlene Moran Schneiderman
                                                 Rebecca Lykens Wingenroth                                                                           Kathleen Fleetwood Elliott ++
Gary J. Nussbaum +                                                                                 Kim Koenig Schroeder
                                                 Contributors                                                                                        Dorrit Pino Emerich
Laura Rizzardi Olseski                                                                             Terri Kriebel Schurter
                                                 Lisa Augustine                                                                                      Deborah Brokhoff Evans
Susan Baldwin Osterhout                                                                            Karen Kunes Seiderman
                                                 Burlene Pugh Balliet                                                                                Laure Newhard Feinberg
Carol Parsons Pinkasavage                                                                          Linda Hornberger Sepeda
                                                 Karen Bednar +                                                                                      Deborah Hersh Ferrara +++
Gloria Fontana Polyak +                                                                            David M. Setley +++
                                                 Katherine Angelo Belsky                                                                             Richard P. Focht +
Debra Wanner Radomski                                                                              David G. Slider
                                                 Patti Reinert Blose                                                                                 Joanne Moser Gery
Diane Curro Reber                                                                                  Helen Fappas Smith
                                                 Susan Painter Brok                                                                                  Mary Ackerman Gillen ++
William A. Reber ++++                                                                              Pamela Seasholtz Smith
                                                 Karen Sykes Bryan ++++                                                                              Laura Murphy Goetz
Allen F. Reed                                                                                      Thomas A. Snyder
                                                 Lisbeth Montella Bucci                                                                              Leigh Hardy Graham
George T. Ressler                                                                                  Janet Unser Stauffer
                                                 Ruth Franks Bush                                                                                    April Allen Gudikunst
Carolyn Traubel Rhodes                                                                             Raymond D. Stein
                                                 Donna Gruver Buzdygon                                                                               Lori Buttery Harbison +
James R. Risko +                                                                                   Jayne Stevens Crane
                                                 Bruce E. Chapin                                                                                     Diane Stopp Hawkins
Kathryn Beers Ritter +++                                                                           Donna Sipley Stoddart
                                                 John R. Clark                                                                                       Linda Matlack Heberling
Debra Kusnir Royles                                                                                Bette Stout
                                                 Lois Kloiber Clark                                                                                  Lisa Campbell Heck +
Gwenn Hnath Sawchuk                                                                                Patricia Okeefe Tallarico
                                                 Theresa Durning Connor ++                                                                           Anne Hertzog Hertzog
Andrew J. Schaefer                                                                                 Susan Teale +
                                                 Cynthia Benner Cornejo                                                                              Keith Hess +
Karen Prezelski Schaefer                                                                           Sheryl Nicholas Voit +++
                                                 Beverly Lohr Cornell                                                                                Wendy Kline Hoffman +
Cynthia Peroni Scherer                                                                             Glenn D. Watt
                                                 Raymond M. Daniels                                                                                  Robyn Hoffmaster
Sue Baumgartner Schilling                                                                          Janine Schulte Watt
                                                 Gloria Scellato Day                                                                                 Linda Ingram
Timothy H. Sell                                                                                    Garry J. Wentz
                                                 Pamela Decker +                                                                                     Jennifer Johns Johnson
Michael A. Sheckler                                                                                Bernard M. Wesolowski
                                                 Judy Weil DeCrocker                                                                                 Paul C. Johnson
Dianne Abrams Showers ++++                                                                         John R. Woehr
                                                 Assunta Anzalone Deliman                                                                            Grace Giovanni Kelley
Betty Hoppes Slegowski                                                                             Gregory J. Wurster
                                                 Brenda Doaty Diamond +                                                                              Winifred Knight ++
Ronald L. Smith                                                                                    Karen Wychock
                                                 Janice Hahn Eisenhower                                                                              Sheree-Lee Knorr ++
Cynthia Spayd                                                                                      Michael A. Yeager ++
                                                 Barbara Field                                                                                       Robert E. Leh
Daniel S. Tannous
Paul M. Tomko                                    Karen Meyers Flad                                 Class of 1978                                     Cynthia Kerschner Leidy
                                                 Michele Mariotti Fragnito                         President’s Club                                  Albert P. Lepore
Corinne Seltzer Turner
                                                 Bonnie Smith Frederick                            Pamela Rankin Hults +                             Maureen Hess Logan
Linda Cammarano Usbeck +
                                                 Dawn Fulmer ++                                                                                      Joanne Lombardi +
Marianne Dotsey Wagner +                                                                           Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Judith Vansant Gaffney                                                                              Peter J. Looft
Steven A. Walmer                                                                                   Paula Marakovits Bitterman +
                                                 James M. Gaydos                                                                                     David B. Lozenski
Lee Evans Warne                                                                                    Edward G. Eisenhuth
                                                 Irene Gehman +                                                                                      Cecile Magnette-Cooney +
Brenda Coward Warner                                                                               John M. Gabriel
                                                 Connie Company Genuardi                                                                             Susan White Maloney
Lesley Dunkelberger Wegman                                                                         Kim Gillingham +
                                                 Donald M. Gergel                                                                                    Heidi Kemp McGarvey
L. Susan Wentzel ++                                                                                Matthew J. Lepage                                 Donna Hornberger McLaughlin +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 30
Elaine Young McQuillin +                         Dale G. Derr                                      Paula Horvath-Yoo                                 Alan Weiner
Bonnie Blair Mecaughey ++                        Joanne Emge                                       Deborah Hoy                                       Gary L. Wilhelm +
Joanne Ondo Mitzen                               Melissa Aument Gallagher                          Louise Winkler Hufnagle +                         Michael A. Wolfer
Maria Earl Morris                                Harry R. Hoffert ++                               Richard L. Hull +                                 Pamela Churchill Zarger +
Carol Alifano Murphy                             Lori Miller Isaac                                 Carol Kane +
Timothy J. Potopa +                              Dennis E. Johnson                                 Janice McCormick Kautz                            Class of 1980
Glenn Pullman                                    Suzanne Kline Kulp                                Phoebe Patt Kelleher                              Board of Overseers
Joan Schifano Reith                              Eileen Walsh Lavagno ++++                         Jean Petrosino Keller                             Kenneth J. Karl
James W. Ross                                    Carol Leh ++                                      Alice Wolfgang Keppley                            Tower Club
Patti Rutman                                     Harold P. Levine ++                               James E. Knight ++                                David A. Geppert ++
Marion Lyons Sarlati                             Debra Marsico Moeller                             Thomas L. Krause                                  Elaine Walls Reed ++
Barbara Davis Schmidt                            Scott M. Sanders                                  Frank Gregory Lacko                               Edward L. Simpson +++
Darlene Schneck                                  Ken W. Seidel +                                   David S. Laubach                                  President’s Club
Gayle Cope Schneider                             Susan Rudolph Showalter                           Thomas E. Laudenslager                            Nancy W. Magee ++
Robert I. Schneider                              Paula Guinter Smith +                             Justine Tornesello Lehmann +
Mark D. Schneiderman                             M. Lynn Wille Voigtsberger                        Lois Wanamaker Lingousky ++                       Maroon & Gold Club
Marcy Newman Schoolcraft                         Barbara Francis Wakefield +                       Warren C. Lorah                                   William M. McGarrigle
Bonnie Gangewere Shive                           William J. Winslow                                Kimberly Horvath Matecki +                        Kelly C. Ryan
Rachelle Mengel Shollenberger +                                                                    Lisa Andersen McGrath                             David D. Wagaman ++++
Pamela Small Steinkoenig                         Mark G. Angeny +++                                William M. McGrath                                Century Club
R. Mark Thomas                                   Lynne Rasbridge Bainbridge ++++                   Nan Guss Mentzell                                 Maryanne Conway ++++
Virginia Vincz                                   J. Bryan Benchoff                                 Sharon Keklock Merkel                             Dianne Swartz Dudish
Jeffrey Wagner                                   Karen Leith Benchoff                              Robert A. Mill                                    Lori Kalemkerian Kelledjian
Debra Pritchard Walters                          Monica Grega Berger ++++                          Marianne Miller                                   Constantine J. Kourgelis
Gail Nebbia Watts                                Sandra Houghton Bernstein                         Deborah Marth Molchan                             Barry G. Martin
Patricia Smith Wealand                           Lynn Cyliaz Bertman +                             Maryellen Monaghan +++                            Debra Hermany Maurey ++
Sydney Conner Wesolowski                         Jon P. Bittenbender +                             Linda Clough Murillo                              Michael J. Pladus +
Candace Liller Young                             Leesa Griffith Carlin                             Martha Keys Nase                                  Randall S. Rabenold
                                                 Sharon Jones Chromiak                             Wendy Esbin Neel                                  Ross R. Reeves
Class of 1979                                                                                      Ray S. Oswald                                     James M. Russell
                                                 Gwyneth Brimmer Collevechio
Tower Club                                       William J. Davis +                                Denise Palaia +                                   Beth Evangelista Sahd
Patricia Wright Stecklein ++                     Roderick W. Dech                                  Lisa Nigrelli Patrizi                             Cathy Snyder Shirley ++
Lawrence J. Stuardi                              Nancy Dewitt Denniston                            Sally Morelock Pitcherello +                      Debra Sorensen
President’s Club                                 Patricia Emerson                                  Richard D. Reed                                   Elizabeth Detwiler Wagner ++++
Maureen Dexter Calder                            Julie Lott Fallaw +                               Irwin F. Rissmiller +                             Contributors
John E. Hults +                                  Deborah Friedman +                                Renee Roberts                                     Beverly DeMott Abel
Maroon & Gold Club                               Jane Davies Garnjost                              Allene Wirick Rock ++                             Karen Brown Appel
Mary Ann Ardoline                                Wayne Garnjost                                    Deborah Erickson Schmeck                          Sharon Fogler Applegate +
Marjorie Miller Borden +                         Viki-Jo Kitchen Gaudiello +                       Christopher M. Schmidt                            Joann Crater Aurand +++
Scott A. Dorn                                    Marianne Gehris                                   Gary P. Schneider ++++                            Peggy Borghard Austin +++
Michael F. Lutz                                  Catherine Sale Geiger                             Margaret Rogan Scholl                             Donna Mininger Benner
Gary E. Rollman +                                Meagan Davis Gilroy ++++                          Sandra Passaniti Sipe                             Susan Reese Berger
                                                 Anne Hughes Guinther ++                           Jane Shade Sprecher                               Diane Patterson Blake
Century Club                                                                                       Lisa Moffitt Terreri
                                                 Mark R. Guthrie                                                                                     Nancy Honsberger Bond +
Denise Guthrie Beaver                                                                              Barbara Hannon Tretheway
                                                 Claire Hagerty                                                                                      Sharon Broscious
Scott C. Bieber                                                                                    Joseph W. Uhing
                                                 Andrew W. Hall +                                                                                    Wendy Hayman Brumbaugh
Benjamin F. Brooks                                                                                 Emily Mauzy Varro
                                                 Jacque Leonard Hayes                                                                                Louise Andersen Carl +
Timothy J. Brown +                                                                                 Mark F. Wasko
                                                 Dwight David Hollenbach                                                                             Brian R. Conroy
                                                                                                                                                     Judy Groff Dautrich
                                                                                                                                                     Judy Paul Davies +++
                                                                                                                                                     Don L. Delaney

                                      top 10 classes by number of donors                                                                             Mary Kunkle Dressel
                                                                                                                                                     Kent A. Dyer +
                                                                                                                                                     David P. Emrich
                                                                                                                                                     James S. Ferrani ++++
  180                                                                                                                                                Debra Focht
                                                                                                                                                     Ricke C. Foster
                                                                                                                                                     John R. Frank +
  170                                                                                                                                                Angela Fidishin Glowatch +
                                                                                                                                                     Amy Austin Halloran
                                                                                                                                                     Laurie Bennett Hawkins
  160                                                                                                                                                Steven E. Heisey ++
                                                                                                                                                     Cynthia Hettinger-La Sota
                                                                                                                                                     Joan Yagielniskie Holleran
  150                                                                                                                                                Sari Incledon +++
                                                                                                                                                     Kathleen Jones +
                                                                                                                                                     Kathleen Kahl
                                                                                                                                                     Linda Keck +
  140                                                                                                                                                Gary M. Klock
                                                                                                                                                     Martin F. Knell
                                                                                                                                                     Darrel D. Krumanocker
  130                                                                                                                                                Chris M. Kurtz
                                                                                                                                                     Charlene Nyul Ludwick
                                                                                                                                                     Michael E. Ludwig ++
                                                                                                                                                     Anne Buckley Lund
                                                                                                                                                     Patricia Lydon
                                                                                                                                                     Martha Breithaupt McDonald
                                                                                                                                                     Joann Ribecky McGovern
                                                                                                                                                     Dorothy DiGuiseppe McKelvy
                                                                                                                                                     Leon C. Moll
                                                                                                                                                     Anne Harrington Morris +
                                                                                                                                                     Lynne Wiley Mowbray
           1972        1973          1968         1977         1975          1974         1981          1987        1969          1976               Carol Costa Norman
                                                                                                                                                     Donna West Nowik

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

31 FALL 2005 Tower
Maryann Mroczka Oyer                             Doris Rodriguez Correll                           Class of 1982                                     Arlene Crumrine Moll
David G. Popp                                    Joni Parker Currie +                                                                                Rebecca Monroe +
                                                                                                   President’s Club
Vera Radice                                      Claire Kanezo Dunn +                                                                                Jan Novia
                                                                                                   Gumersindo Aguila
Kathy Reichard-Ellavsky                          Philip S. Elmer ++                                                                                  Deidri Hummel Ottesen +
Robin Smith Rhoads                               Kathleen Endslow Brun                             Maroon & Gold Club                                Anita-Jo Franczak Paukovits +
William S. Ryan +                                Annette Hizny Fisher                              George Ament ++                                   Lois Paul
Catherine Schaeffer                              Herbert A. Fisher                                 Rita Baker                                        Teri Roberts Peart +
Donna Searle                                     Diane Frantz                                      Jane Slivko-Ament ++                              Gary R. Phillips
Tangeline Sechrist                               Lois Fritz Stirba                                 Century Club                                      Carolyn Porr
Denise Mirabello Shade                           Margaret Fulton                                   Lynn Berkowitz                                    Barbara Elia Potts
Mark A. Singer                                   Arthur J. Galen +                                 Ward E. Boyer +                                   Dawn Raynes
Joanne Smith                                     Judith Giacobbe                                   Mark E. Brown                                     Linda Repetz-Werner
Kenneth J. Sprau                                 Katherine Voglesong Giuffre                       Peter A. Chiarelli ++                             Kimberly Tatum Robbins
Valerie Difilippantonio Stewart ++               Belle Freitag Graver                              Mitchell A. Copman ++                             Valerie Konsevitch Roberts
Catherine Cutshall Stone                         Christine Angelino Gristick                       Noel J. DeSousa +                                 Michele Essig Rodriguez
Marc E. Sukenick                                 Kristen Ohlinger Guare                            Kirk Dittmar                                      Bradley D. Schleicher
Eileen Williams Teater                           Elizabeth Dubois Habermehl                        Scott R. Hackman +                                Denise Van Luvender Schleicher
Dawn Morgan Walsh +                              Roger J. Haines                                   Virginia Brautigam Haggerty +                     Michael J. Schroeder
Mary Ellen Whitaker                              Janet Molvie Hasenmayer                           Leslie Hammond Judge +                            Rebecca Schuchert
Andrew G. Winters                                Gloria Heffner +                                  James Kinek                                       Jennifer Setzer Asral
Jane Seiple Yagerhofer                           Jeffrey R. Herman ++                              Adrienne Nettles Kinney                           Kathi Albrecht Shaffer
Bonnie Bailey Yurvati                            Eileen Vankirk Hetrick                            Adrian Meerman +                                  Michael J. Siarkievicz
                                                 June Hood +++                                     Filomena Nardone Nelson +                         Cheryl Denicker Snyder
Class of 1981                                    Cathy Hunsicker                                   Regina Murphy Oplinger +                          Elizabeth Richards Stamm
Tower Club                                       Suzanna VanSchoonhoven Hunter ++++                Brian D. Palmer                                   Dawn Sunday-Green
Michele Moyer Byrne                              Lisa Jacobs                                       Donald S. Pettit                                  Donna Salvatore Talner +
President’s Club                                 Catherine Jones +                                 Victoria Zelnik Pettit                            Caroline Kiefer Twardzik
Marieanne DeRatto ++++                           Donald A. Kline                                   Christine Devlin Rhoads                           Regina Cavallucci Villa
Peter K. Detterline                              Helga Kopperman                                   Karen Richman +                                   Cheri Andrews Voth
Marlise Malkames                                 Michelle Mummery Kratz                            Keri Hartnett Shaneberger                         Rosemarie Murphy West
Linda Goldberg Rinker                            Lori Titus Krell                                  Debora Short +                                    William A. Yurvati
                                                 Daryl Shore Land ++                               Tim E. Snyder +
Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 John H. Lech                                      Cindy Cucinotta Sohl
                                                                                                                                                     Class of 1983
Kerry L. Dietrich ++
                                                 Trena Blank Lehman                                Bernie L. Townes                                  Board of Overseers
Michele Pfrommer Mioskie +++
                                                 Patricia Panczner Lesher                          Brian K. Trupp                                    Sharon O’Mara-Maida
Barbara Krapf Stinson +++
Patricia Wolfe +                                 Lisa Mann Levandowski                             Contributors                                      Tower Club
                                                 Brian R. Locker +                                 Barbara Banks                                     Kathleen Nolan Stuardi
Century Club                                     Cheryl Hoffman Locker +
Rhonda Cranage Battenfield                                                                         Cleo Taylor Baran                                 President’s Club
                                                 Audrey McDonald Long                              Lisa McIntyre Barnshaw +                          Ray Butterworth +
Michael J. Brolly                                Jayne Bookheimer Long
Richard A. Brown                                                                                   Mary Harcke Beideman ++++                         Susan Daigle-Leach
                                                 Robert M. Lund                                    Colleen Bendekovit Berger                         John E. Hopkins
Alan B. Carman                                   William G. Lund
Lori Dobrzyn Carman                                                                                William Blake                                     Lena Gusenko Hopkins
                                                 Kathleen Berner Lutterschmidt +                   Roger A. Broome                                   Thomas A. Kelchner ++
Maureen Campbell Costello +                      Francis B. Lynagh
Audrey Bury Crilley                                                                                Richard K. Cassels +                              Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Kathryn Burak Makishima                           Katherine Muehter Castrianni
Cheryl De Luca Dauphin ++                        George Malafarina +++                                                                               David C. Beck +++
Camille DeMarco                                                                                    Barbara Kolpak Courtney                           Elaine Cunfer ++
                                                 Linda Marcinkus Malafarina +++                    Rexil Cox
James A. Gdowik                                  Susan McCracken Mazol +                                                                             Valerie Reidout
Robert C. Heller +                                                                                 Thomas Cremia                                     Donna Snyder +
                                                 Roger A. Mellin                                   Rebecca Davis
Jane Diesinger Hennessy                          Glen E. Mensch                                                                                      Century Club
George T. Kellenberger +                                                                           Angela Avoletta Deitrick
                                                 Martha Merkel Miller                              Timothy Blair Dewalt +++                          Joey M. Arndt +
Rosalie Youngblood Kesselring ++                 Michelle Hettinger Miller +                                                                         Alan A. Blose
Joseph J. Kuhn +                                                                                   Jacqueline Trautman Dorian
                                                 Mary Miosi                                        Linda Moscoso Dunbar                              Susan Chiovarou Burlingame
Kevin N. Lorah ++                                Nicholas Miraglilo                                                                                  Stephen M. Canfield ++
Eileen Miller ++                                                                                   Sheryl Kline Dusel
                                                 Karen Sattazahn Mohn ++                           Leslie Eames +                                    Grace Verosky Dulski
Kirk Moyer                                       Susan Tallmadge Naughton                                                                            Michelle Gleckner Heckman ++++
Jeffery C. Poe                                                                                     Thomas Eames
                                                 Barry C. Peterson ++                              Rebecca Fryer East                                Karen Kresge +
Anne Richards +                                  Ann Raphun Raphun                                                                                   Christopher D. Labenberg
Mark Sabatino                                                                                      Maureen Novak Edelman
                                                 Douglas K. Reinert ++                             Deanna Mayer Eldredge +                           Nancy Akeley Lewis +
James E. Sandy                                   Helen Reinhold-Gordon                                                                               Michael T. Nelson +
Jeffrey B. Sipler +                                                                                Barbara Karpinski Epstein +
                                                 Zaza Rice +                                       John Felins                                       Mary Devine Petry +++
Andrew R. Skitko                                 Margaret Loeb Rissinger                                                                             Jack H. Schonely
Patricia Miller Snyder +                                                                           Stephen R. Garty
                                                 R. Matthew Rissinger                              Cheryl Gerhart ++                                 Matthew G. Seltzer +
Catherine Torhan                                 H. Gordon Roberts                                                                                   Stephen R. Shaneberger
Deborah Marshall Wehrung +                                                                         Timothy S. Gift
                                                 Stephen C. Ross +                                 Lynn Svercek Gilyard                              Donald L. Stevens
Michael J. Woolley                               Ann Pastor Ruth +                                 Frank C. Godino                                   Contributors
Michele Yarnall                                  Ilene Kaplan Sauertieg                            Rick Heffner                                      Stephanie Kile Amy
Contributors                                     Lisa Immendorf Schell +                           JoAnn Herman                                      Kimberly Hohl Biggs
Joseph G. Aponick +++                            Cheryl Fleischmann Schwartz +                     Joan Hinderliter-Darnell                          Karen Rebok Bitner +
Kathleen Stiegelman Armitage +                   Kevin L. Serensits                                Scott A. Hirneisen                                Carol Bowers
James D. Aulenbach +                             Jayne Davis Serino +                              Philip C. Horlacher +                             James R. Bruton
Jane McGinley Aulenbach +                        Lorra Lewis Seymour                               Bonnie Shaffer Keller +                           Elaine Callahan
Martha Mochulski Barnes                          Christine Kilduff Shuey +                         Larry Kistler                                     Alan R. Carl
Robert P. Bauer +                                Coy Stampone                                      Barbara Hasson Kline                              James K. Carty
Gregory C. Berger                                Sandra Dectis Sterns                              Brian D. Koller                                   Leslie Kulha Confer
Debra Wool Bitler +                              Marjorie Bender Stevens +                         Linda Roeder Lech                                 Carolynne Whitman Cooper
Stephen R. Blest                                 Barbara Storm-Bauer +                             Brenda Bender Legenski                            Douglas S. Cwienk
Mary Petrella Bradford                           Shirley Stout +                                   David C. Loose                                    Vicki Tyndall DaSilva
Lisa Breuninger-Tenney +                         Judith Svanson Svanson                            Kathleen Zelko Lund                               Carol Grim DeHaven +
Robert Bruchak                                   Alice Williams Taus                               Cathy Foster Mason                                Vicki Dissinger +
Arthur E. Carlson ++                             Alfonso D. Tucci                                  Michael J. Matecki +                              Michele Brown Eichert
Leisa Arcuri Carlson ++                          Monica Jonczyk Umstead                            Susan Maurer +                                    Catherine Hellmund Farole
Marae Zartman Clauser                            Grace Gehringer Ward                              Lori Bishop Maxwell +                             Diane Phipps Fazzi
William L. Collins                               Daniel H. Watts                                   Kerry A. Mohn +++                                 Neil C. Garawitz
Cecilia Collura-Eberhard

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 32
Rick A. Gochnauer                                Contributors                                      Jennifer Plavcan Swope +                          Allan R. Kauffman
Greg D. Gristick                                 Robin Townsley Arcus ++                           Neil A. Temple +++                                Margaret Ronky Kershner +
Julia Green Guldin                               Donna Forti Attanasio ++                          Arleen Thompson +                                 Sheila Kishbaugh
Laurie Kern Gum +                                Brett G. Baker +                                  Robbin Perry Tolan                                Gary W. Kline
Maryann McGonigal Gurecki +++                    Byron G. Barnshaw +                               Lois Knipe Triantiafilou                          Deborah Kopetsky
Kay Lynn Hamilton                                Cathy Fake Beaver +++                             Troy D. Weidner                                   Gail Koenig Lafferty
Jeanne Havrilla                                  Susan Pratt Beil                                  Timothy S. Wieder ++                              Gail Handley Lambert
Cherie Rogers Heald ++                           Cynthia Rutt Besselievre                          Joanne Fasciana Wolfe                             Carol Lorup Landis
Jeffrey William Herbine +                        Robert A. Bosak                                   Anne Yerger +                                     Joseph M. Lawn +
James J. Holmes                                  Nanette Martin Bozentka                                                                             Karyn Merwine Loy
Julie Binkley Holmes                             Kenneth A. Broome +                               Class of 1985                                     Denise Dorko Mahoney
Barbara Buzinski Jones                           Susan Shinn Broome                                Tower Club                                        Michael J. Maley
Lisa DePalma Kirk                                Jonathan H. Cadman                                William R. Snyder ++                              Susan Huml Maloney
Mary Hagen Kline                                 Lucinda Chapman                                   President’s Club                                  Thomas J. Maloney
Nancy Wisser Koller                              Mark S. Ciocca                                    Karen Bowie Butterworth +                         David W. Martin
Albert J. Labonis +                              Carol Connolly Collins                            Maroon & Gold Club                                Jon K. McCall +
Sheila Steigerwalt Lanshe                        Erwin Colon                                       David G. Bramwell                                 Laurie Reed McCall +
Timothy P. Lynch                                 Eileen Pfeffer Cwienk                             Jeffrey P. Fussner                                Scott J. McCullough
Robert K. Madden                                 Catherine Serena Davidavage                       Robert F. McClennan ++                            Charles W. McFadden
Sallyann Pany Madden                             Diane Harding DeBalko                             Todd D. Miller ++                                 Joy Campbell Moyer
Martha Bateman Martorelli                        Jolene Degler                                     Damon Podulka +                                   Michael R. Moyer +
Marianne Foley McGuire ++                        Ann Marie DeLese                                  Scott P. Wanamaker +                              Luanne Zook O’Keefe
Cynthia Northridge Mendoza                       Amy Dickerman                                                                                       Diane Galleo Pagliaro
Mary Bachman Mengel +                            Susan Glass Dobroskey                             Century Club                                      Gary P. Pagliaro
Denise Zapach Moll ++++                          Shirley Engler Edwards ++                         Scott A. Baker +                                  Sandra Parson
Joann Moore-Lightman                             Scott E. Eldredge +                               Douglas F. Barry                                  Keith A. Pfeiffer
Peggy Moyer                                      Elizabeth Ellis ++++                              Christina Menniti Chapman                         Chris R. Prescott
Laurie Orsatti-Bogutz                            Kathy High Felder                                 Lori Diehl ++                                     Alan C. Quay ++
Kevin Owens                                      Sharon Fournier ++                                Rick A. Dover                                     Karen King Raskay
Robin Burrey Payne                               Colleen Sweeney Frankenfield                      James L. Geib                                     Roger T. Reto
Sherri Booth Peterson ++                         Rosemary Lepore Gebhardt                          Janet Hess                                        Allen F. Schell +
Ruth Pope                                        June Griffiths +                                  Joanne Dinnocenti Hoffman +                       Robert M. Smerker +
Marie Beier Roof                                 Julie Hoke Harbold                                Peter B. Huey +++                                 Celia Cline Smith
Mitchell K. Schmidt                              Kathleen Testen Hartman                           Alisyn Blake Kuntz                                Kimberly Myers Smith
Jonathan A. Schultz                              Kimberly Reinhardt Hartman                        Evelyn Wittman McCauley                           Michael D. Smith
Marcia Schwenk                                   Jody Heberlig                                     Joy Mishkin                                       Thomas A. Toborowski +
Mark A. Simon                                    Kenneth L. Hoch ++                                Gregory R. Mitchell                               Tanya Koenig Trinkle +
Robert L. Smee                                   Rachel Haas Hoffman                               James Moore                                       Emily Link Weaver
Helen Seifert Spivak                             Edward H. Hollister                               Kenneth Murgia ++                                 Cheryl Elentrio Weber
Albert W. Stockalis                              Bonnie House                                      Gina Walker Novak                                 Deann Eyer Werner ++
Todd P. Sykes +                                  Rosalind Jessup-Ebert +                           Dennis K. Rock                                    Dwight D. Werstler
Rebecca Parmer Theodore +                        Melinda Johns                                     James Roehm ++                                    Christine Schultz Wolstenholme
Shirley Smith Tirpak                             John J. Joyce                                     Cara Cotellese Schollenberger                     Joseph D. Yavorski
Cynthia Ecker Tomei                              William E. Kemper                                 Rhonda Smeal Sykes
Suzann Torpey                                    Susan Minnich Kershner                            Mary Laudenslager Szakmeister +++                 Class of 1986
Janice Toser                                     Gallia Kelley Kistler                             Beth Weber Teson                                  Tower Club
Vivian Bleiler Weidner                           Susan Smith Klinger                               Contributors                                      James C. Zellner
Paul D. Williams                                 Susan Saleh Kovacs                                Richard Amy                                       President’s Club
Tyrone A. Wright                                 Theresa Labik                                     Patti McCloskey Armstrong                         Gina Malandra
Roberta Oman Zelenky +                           Christa Steinhagen Laudenslager                   Peter J. Armstrong
                                                                                                                                                     Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 James M. Laury                                    Sandra Guardigli Arnold
Class of 1984                                    Lisa Ofner Lieb +                                 Helen Ballek
                                                                                                                                                     Chau C. Chang
                                                                                                                                                     Robert G. Dachisen +
Board of Overseers                               Marc J. Longenhagen                               Suzanne Beck
                                                                                                                                                     Raimund A. Gundermann ++
Regina Gouger Miller                             Kim Martin                                        Diane Woroniak Boyajian
                                                                                                                                                     Gregory A. Kuritz
Tower Club                                       Margaret Marecki Maxted                           John T. Boyer
                                                                                                                                                     Gary A. Zern
Robin Schaeffer Masters                          Kevin R. McGarvey                                 Linda Spatz Broome +
                                                 John B. McLean +                                  Alfred C. Butler                                  Century Club
President’s Club                                                                                                                                     Jacqueline Reynolds Beck
                                                 Sharon Pierce Mills                               Jennifer Carll-Simon +
Linda Rhoads Anderson                                                                                                                                Cynthia Bibic +++
                                                 Patricia Mountjoy                                 Karen Hollenbach Coggins +
Joan Cole ++++                                                                                                                                       Lynne Eshleman Brolly
                                                 Richard P. Moyer                                  Larry J. Cohen +
Maroon & Gold Club                               Peter J. Murray                                   William S. Conover                                Jodi Zeamer DaCosta
James R. Lorah ++                                Susan Rozzi Murray                                Alan D. Cook                                      Shirley Dautrich +
Mary Lou Rhein +                                 Jennifer Swan Myers                               Eugene F. Dobrzyn                                 Evelynn Deichmann Diabo
Kelly Miller Robbins                             Carol Owens O’Connell                             Susan Dolan                                       Cynthia Wharton Dover
Cynthia Mummert Saylor ++                        Patrick G. O’Neill +                              Mark W. Domyan                                    Colleen Cole Fisher +
John L. Saylor ++                                Michael J. Parr +++                               Roger A. Egolf ++                                 Robbin Wingfield Fry
Century Club                                     Richard W. Phillips +++                           Stacey Vogel Ellis +                              Anne Pischl Gensemer +
Caroline Borger Browne +                         Mary Brandon Quirk                                Tara Nemec Evans                                  Rick Ginnetti +
Robert W. Browne +                               Ronald G. Rosenzweig                              Beth Davenport Fligge +++                         Frederick D. Hafer
Peter H. Chapman                                 Molly Schramm +++                                 Anne Patino Franekic ++                           Kenneth S. Hoffman +
Laura Broderick Danyluk                          Ruth Beam Schultz                                 James C. Frantz                                   Timothy E. Kern
Michael J. Emerick ++                            Scott A. Schwartz                                 Lori Standhardt Freese                            Alisa Kroninger Leidich
Lori Eck Esslinger ++                            Michele Pohlod Scott ++                           Robert C. Gebhardt                                Mark D. Leidich
Richard Guastadisegni ++                         G. Joseph Seidel ++                               Tara Grim                                         Howard S. Lessel ++
David Johnson                                    Richard F. Sharp                                  Sandy Goulden Groff                               Elizabeth Malone
Robert E. Johnson                                Lisa Auwarter Shearman                            Kathy Silfies Haydt                               Benjamin Payavis ++
Megan Kile                                       Karen Shriner                                     Robert J. Hebelka                                 Guy C. Resh
Katherine Karaconstantis LaLime                  Andrew A. Sims                                    Carol Werkheiser Hilborn +                        Martin O. Seitz
Michele Shirey Lentz +                           Brian K. Smeltzer                                 Lorinda Homar-Gordon                              Doris Stapleton +
Mary Flaherty Meyer                              Scott L. Stengele                                 Margaret Mericle Hoppes                           Mark V. Taylor
William H. Sassaman +                            Melodie Schumaker Stinner +                       Faith Besteder Horter                             Joyce Staigerwald Turner ++
Lawrence J. Schumacher ++                        John D. Stoudt                                    Glenn G. Horter                                   Karen Gilfert Wolfe
Jean Mae Smith                                   Raymond J. Strednak                               Thomas A. Jones +                                 Contributors
Kyle Traylor ++                                  Martha Hession Swartz                             Kimberly Garrett Kane                             John R. Arbitell

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

33 FALL 2005 Tower
Paul J. Babinsky                                 Stephanie Donofrio Lubben ++                      Barry M. McCooley                                 Julia Rooker Conte
Terry M. Barlet                                  Andrea Heiny Marzano +++                          Andrew C. McLean                                  Christopher W. Cotellese
Dawn Bergstresser Boyer                          Gregg Marzano +++                                 Nancy McMahon                                     Kaye Capkovic Coval
James A. Breslin                                 Deborah Smith Wanamaker +                         Grete Holm-Olsen Meerholz +                       Lori Benner Crouthamel
Jeffrey A. Briggs +                              Century Club                                      Keith C. Meerholz +                               Walter A. Davies +
Joseph E. Broscious                              Luba Kanor Abrams                                 James A. Mercer                                   Carol Del Guidice Jones
Deborah Doan Close +                             Jeffrey A. Aulenbach +                            Debbie Mertz +++                                  Natalie Affa Delp
Stephen H. Close +                               Stephen M. Carley +                               Frances Metz +                                    Linda Dows-Byers
Amy Deeds-Hoke                                   John D. Davies                                    James E. Miller                                   Serafina Sottosanti Duffy
Robert S. Dungan                                 Jeffery A. Dolan ++                               Diane Miller-Graver +                             Melissa Butz Fahler
Gary D. Dutko                                    Daniel R. Gensemer +                              Jean Morgan                                       Linda Wichlacz Faust
Virginia Eisenhuth                               Beverly Jones Hanrahan                            Susan Brewer Mumber                               Dawn Edwards Fisher ++
Dawn Klim Emmons                                 Melissa Seibert Hershey +                         Glen R. Naregang                                  Carol Foulke Fryling
Dorothy Garstka                                  Anna Herzog                                       Ethel Lape Nawrocki ++                            Burton L. Garrett
John M. Gaughan                                  Julia Butler Hovanec                              Lisa Tulanowski Niescier                          John R. Glanfield
Gloria Jean Geer                                 Bernard J. Rodgers +                              Diane Nolfe-Blatt                                 Kimberly Long Harrison +
Amber Dinnocenti Gofus                           Janice Skeleton Ruland +                          Thomas F. O’Donnell                               Karen Hokanson Horgan
Francis J. Gough                                 Timothy J. Sangiuliano                            Lori Palka                                        Dawn Hughes +++
Peter A. Gray +                                  Eric B. Trevena +                                 Dorothy Thompson Perez                            Deborah Hunt
Troy A. Greenawalt +                             Jill Hackenberg Troutman +++                      Christine Sarnoski Quinter                        Dawn Dade Hunter
Mark D. Guenther                                 Rodney R. Troutman +++                            Carol Townsley Rago +                             Cynthia Powell Jacobs +
Andrea Conrad Hall +                             Bruce Jay Turner ++                               Ralph A. Rapino                                   Robert A. Jones +
Jennifer Hansen Rolli                            Alice Winner +                                    Leslie Ream                                       Tracy Misson Kaiser
Annette Hale Heffelfinger                                                                          Diane Wertman Reichard +                          Wendy Kushner Kushner
Maryann Widmayer Hennelly                                                                          Michael L. Rhoads                                 Amy Coyle Lee
                                                 Marilyn Adams +
Claudia Hokanson +                                                                                 Robert M. Rubinfeld +++                           Linda Lebeduik Lineman
                                                 Wendy Williams Andrefski
Durrae Henry Johanek                                                                               James A. Schools                                  Michael J. Litzenberger
                                                 Jane Heidecker Banach
A. Marie Johnson                                                                                   Gloria Hoke Scott                                 Jill Crow Lord
                                                 Susan Clark Bauer
Lori Kaminski                                                                                      Dawn Hornberger Shupp                             Diane Rarick Madeira ++
                                                 Lida Klingaman Bellum
Naomi Binder Kauffman +                                                                            Lee Singer                                        Amy Doncheski Mariano +
                                                 Christine Best +
Karen Kaufmann                                                                                     Tammy Schwab Snyder                               Roberta Eddy McMaster
                                                 Eric K. Bird
Michael R. Kline                                                                                   Karen Stangl +                                    Jack R. Mehlbaum
                                                 Yvonne Boyer
Eileen Yerger Kowalski                                                                             Cynthia Romanishan Steed                          Kelly Theis Miller
                                                 Robert J. Brennan
Kevin K. Kreiser +                                                                                 Edward E. Taylor ++                               Cheryl Yoh Moody +
                                                 Michael P. Bryan +
Diane Felix Kulp +                                                                                 Kim Troxell Taylor ++                             Frances Hummel Moore +
                                                 Stephen P. Buggy
Michael G. Lavalva                                                                                 Tammy Brown Trainor ++                            John A. Morello
                                                 Denise Chauvette Burger +
Timothy C. Ledoux                                                                                  Timothy B. Tuerk +                                Joanne Tintera Mullin
                                                 Frank S. Castrovinci
Jennifer Kunkelman Lengel                                                                          Sharon Grayo Westermann                           Joseph M. Murphy
                                                 Gregory T. Cavallo
Donna Long                                                                                         Stephanie Szilezy Wilcox                          David B. Neiswender +
                                                 Curtis J. Cooke +
Dorothy Achenbach Lyons                                                                            Diana Wilson                                      Kathryn Oberholtzer Panny
                                                 Janet Hipkins Cooper
Lori Powell Magilton                                                                               Frank E. Wiltraut                                 Michele Sebastian Parks +
                                                 Lawrence A. Cox
Kristine Mills Maley                                                                               Karen Laub Worth                                  Debra Neubert Pirsos
                                                 Michael L. Cregger
Michele Meehan-Parr +++                                                                            Arlette Wright                                    Francine Ebert Potters +
                                                 Jean Trexler Dalstad
Richard M. Mell                                                                                    Jeffrey J. Zackowski                              Suzanne Rutkowski Prager
                                                 Timothy D. Dangler
Caroline Miller                                                                                                                                      Gregory J. Rautzhan
Sherri Hartzell Moir +
                                                 Delbert A. Daubert                                Class of 1988                                     Nancy Ream
                                                 Susan Kershner Daubert                            President’s Club
Denine Bergey Moser +                                                                                                                                Celia Reber
                                                 Laura Lomonaco Derr                               Karen Wolf Degler
Kathleen Moser                                                                                                                                       Christine Reedy
                                                 Christopher C. Dimarino                           Steven D. Degler
Marci Bisconti Moser                                                                                                                                 Cheryl Smith Rhen +
                                                 Kevin M. Doyle                                    Gerard J. Gober +
Louis J. Nagy                                                                                                                                        Beth Achenbach Ruch +
                                                 Karen Dressell ++                                 Peter G. Noll ++
Patricia Bremiller Nichols                                                                                                                           Sandra Fesniak Russell
                                                 Debra McGuckin Eberly
Paul J. Peca                                                                                       Maroon & Gold Club                                Beth Ruzicka
                                                 Steven E. Eberly
Carmen Diamante Phillips                                                                           David Christino                                   Elizabeth Maysonet Santana
                                                 Marilyn Egner
William J. Pors +                                                                                  Mark C. Jurgensen                                 Pamela Dotterer Scampton
                                                 Ruth Erwin *
Glenn M. Price ++                                                                                  Patricia Garrett Jurgensen                        Elizabeth Springer Schisler
                                                 Dennis L. Gabel
Diane Shade Rarick                                                                                 Century Club                                      Donna Seidenberger Schnabel
                                                 Patricia Geiger
Lewis E. Rauch +                                                                                   Marni Rymer Bowen +                               Lisa Barden Schroeder
                                                 Jane Mongilutz George
Janice Reich +                                                                                     William S. Boyle ++                               David G. Sincavage +
                                                 Bonita Boyer Getz
Lisa Stento Reidy                                                                                  Hervine A. DaCosta                                Beverly Snyder Smith ++
                                                 Lori Gillette
Donald D. Saunders                                                                                 Dianne Delong +                                   Nancy Smith
                                                 Gregory J. Gottschall
Bart A. Seitz                                                                                      Thomas Fantasia                                   Herbert Glenn Snider
                                                 Tracy Sutliff Graver
Linda Gladfelter Seitz                                                                             Shawn C. Hanrahan                                 Janet Wright Starner +
                                                 Landis P. Green ++
Gerald Semasek +                                                                                   Donald J. Hershey +                               Stacey Schaeffer Stoudt
                                                 Dianne Gustafson
Kathleen Compton Shive +                                                                           Jennifer Bush Housden +                           Brigetta Speer Taddei
                                                 Mary Halupa ++
Susan Ritter Smerker +                                                                             Michele Kline                                     Bruce V. Tarbell
                                                 Susanne Hanner-Mousley
Marion Stavin +                                                                                    John W. Knoble                                    Holly Knisley Thomas
                                                 Kara Kane Hawe
Brendan D. Strasser +                                                                              Hugh Michael McMahon                              John M. Thomas
                                                 Tania Heckman +
Kristin Harwick Swanson                                                                            Karen Merkel ++                                   Lisa Yori Thomas
                                                 George D. Heineman
Francis N. Taylor                                                                                  Jeffrey J. Nickischer                             Daniel V. Uhrich +
                                                 Judith Schneider Heineman
Christine Vaccaro                                                                                  Christine Richardson +                            Joseph J. Vancosky +
                                                 Linda Hendricks Herpel
Catherine Webb +                                                                                   Paula Rineer +                                    Jennifer Lopardo Vennel +
                                                 Mary Kohl Hess
Kathryn Black Young                                                                                Kathleen Chappell Sangiuliano                     Teresa Vitulano Voorhees
                                                 Tammy Schnell Hollenbach +
Brenda Carlen Zellner *                                                                            Richard F. Snyder                                 Heidi Himmelberger Walker
                                                 H. Barbara Homsher +
                                                                                                                                                     Colleen Bonner Wateski ++
Class of 1987                                    Kimberley Fox Jennings +                          Rickey Fred Tothero
                                                                                                                                                     Stan P. Wateski ++
                                                 Carol Kerstetter +++                              Janet Welk
Tower Club                                                                                                                                           Todd A. Wendling +
Cynthia Duddy ++                                 William B. Kirkpatrick                            Contributors                                      Pamela Kunkle Williams
Sharon Scheffey Landis                           Beth Frey Klingborg                               Kathleen McGrail Ameika +                         Thomas N. Wolfe
                                                 John E. Knockstead                                Bronwen Anderson-Sanders
Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                                                                   Tracy Forster Youngman
                                                 Carlyn Kreiner Krall                              Lisa Appelt
Thomas S. Bartholomew
Anthony N. Cavallo
                                                 Mary King Leary                                   Lesley Stone Asendorf                             Class of 1989
                                                 Allison Laury Lintner                             Michele Joyce Bleacher +++                        Tower Club
Joseph R. Chuk +++                               Paul M. MacKewicz                                 Christine Hallman Boty ++                         Corinne Guigley Balestrier +
Glenn W. Haas                                    Carol Stauffer Martin                             Carolyn Boyle                                     W. Scott Balestrier +
Christopher M. Lubben ++                         Lori LaManna Martin                               Patricia Duffy Capobianco +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 34
David W. Jones                                   Catherine Meholic                                 Ingrid Runge Fake +                               President’s Club
Douglas W. Wesner                                Nadine Mendez-Heifert                             Dawn Dimmick Finley                               Geoffrey Slick +
President’s Club                                 Keri Fredrickson Mittura                          John G. Finley                                    Stacia Hickman Slick +
Anthony P. D’Elia                                Kirk R. Mull                                      George E. Foley                                   Maroon & Gold Club
Christine Trygar Noll ++                         Joseph D. Novak                                   Raymond C. Folweiler                              Louis J. LeMaster +
                                                 Mary Pearsall                                     Monika Frecon Frecon                              William P. Lorenz +
Maroon & Gold Club
                                                 Kristin Krumanocker Pedemonti                     Tammy Smith Freiler                               Jeanne Maier ++
Jeff J. Bartlett ++
                                                 Stephen J. Peters                                 Teresa Castaldi Friel                             Kelly McClennan ++
Karen Domonkos Dudley +
                                                 David P. Pier                                     David J. Gibiser
John K. Glossenger                                                                                                                                   Century Club
                                                 Michael L. Pittaro                                Kelly Blankley Godoy
Keith E. Redding                                                                                                                                     Susan Akcay +++
                                                 W. Lee Prussman                                   Bonnie Langan Gooley
Michelle Wollman ++                                                                                                                                  Lisa Smitreski Draper
                                                 Jeanine Rzepnicki Rebeck                          Jacquelyn Gottlieb
Century Club                                                                                                                                         Debra Capron George +
                                                 Kathleen Rose Reichenbach                         Charles F. Grazioso
Deborah Bergey-Workman                                                                                                                               Jennifer Klenk
                                                 Debra Houser Rinaldi                              Natalie Depaoli Grebe +
Ann Nichols Deibert                                                                                                                                  Alexandra Koslow
                                                 Karen Fauerbach Schubert                          Pamela Knitowski Hebel
Melinda Dixon                                                                                                                                        Odell Kyler +
                                                 Jeffrey D. Schucker                               Sherry Brown Hedeman
Anthony Gabrielli                                                                                                                                    Jay H. Moyer +
                                                 Tina Weidele Schucker                             Susan Henry +
Eric J. Galosi                                                                                                                                       Debra Hindman Nickischer
                                                 Nancy Neely Seay                                  Jennifer Hildenbrand +
Tod B. Herman                                                                                                                                        Amy Pliskin +
                                                 Michael J. Shelby +                               Elaine Taylor Hintenach
Charlene Keller +                                                                                                                                    Daniel P. Rader
                                                 Keith M. Sinn                                     Catharine Oakes Hollenbach
Karen Ligammari                                                                                                                                      Susan Crowe Rader
                                                 Sandy Graf Sinn                                   Matthew T. Hollenbach
Michael L. Miller +                                                                                                                                  Paul L. Rhoads ++
                                                 Maryrose Totaro Snopkowski                        Robert Hornberger
Janet Gerhard O’Sullivan                                                                                                                             Paul G. Richardson +
                                                 Stephen M. Speshok                                John R. Ibach
Sean G. O’Sullivan                                                                                                                                   Maureen Mattimore Seidel +
                                                 Craig S. Springer                                 Cherilyn Thorsen Jacobsen
Roger B. Randolph                                                                                                                                    Janice Wittrock Smakulski
                                                 Stephanie Beam Stamm                              Dennis A. Keen +
Karen Barlieb Resh                                                                                                                                   Anthony Paul Wirebach
                                                 Pamela Schanstine Stauffer                        Kevin S. Kennedy
Clare Klein Ritter                                                                                                                                   Elizabeth Modresky Woolley
                                                 Dennis R. Steinly                                 Carl A. Klase +
Michael S. Ritter                                Robert S. Stettner                                Victoria Tiso Kobol +                             Contributors
Rachel Roland +                                  Arlene Feldstein Stillwater                       Donna Diefenderfer Kratz                          Carol Dickey Albert
Mark A. Smakulski                                Cynthia Meckes Taylor                             Jonathan P. Kutz                                  Labert D. Altemose
Robert D. Tochterman                             Susan Teskey                                      Stacy Leutze Leutze                               Catherine Tranguch Amentler
Denys Psota Villano                              Brittany Rogers Toft                              Cynthia Lilienthal                                Joseph L. Apgar
Bruce J. Wlazelek                                Robert Trelinskie Trell +                         Tracey Galyen Lutz                                Karen Baer
Tim S. Workman                                   Meredith Bradley Vancosky +                       Kevin J. Lyash                                    Rosemarie Bechtel
Contributors                                     Mara Petrenchak Vitali                            Sondra MacEwan                                    Patricia Bixler
Lenora Adams-Tibbs                               Kimberly Warfel-Tull +                            Patricia Lewis Maroun                             Melissa Dukes Booker
Charles E. Auer                                  April Patrick Wolfe                               Clarence A. Martindell                            Denise Bower Wagner
Corinne Bascelli +                               James F. Youngman                                 Sara Crossley McNulty                             Richard T. Boyd
Mary Jo Frye Baum                                                                                  Eric T. Meck                                      Beverly Boyer +
Robert T. Bernhard
                                                 Class of 1990                                     Kimberly Webb Mela                                Carol Hunsicker Burkert +
Michael J. Blasone                               President’s Club                                  Laura Kuczynski Mercado                           Robert M. Burns
Deborah Brobst ++                                Timothy A. Zuber                                  Hung Q. Nguyen                                    Sara Bush
Troy A. Campbell                                 Maroon & Gold Club                                Steven C. Noecker +                               Linda Citro
John J. Cherneskie +                             Roger J. Jackson                                  Dianne Sibree Novak                               Deanna Walb Clippinger
Bruce A. Cope +++                                Terry L. Sitler ++                                Robert H. Padva                                   Daryl D. Davis
Jennifer Feustel Cotellese                       Petra Zimmermann                                  Donna Peca                                        Patrick A. Demech
Donald C. Cranmer                                                                                  Michael E. Peiffer                                Wendy Burke Elser
                                                 Century Club                                                                                        Glen J. Feldman
Nancy Caldwell Crockett                          James A. Breish ++                                A. Daniel Pennebacker
Brian T. Croushore                                                                                 Jon E. Pinsky                                     Erin Flaherty
                                                 Michelle Anthony Dallago                                                                            Gary S. Focht
Scot E. Dantzer                                  Sara Katter Galosi                                Margaret Ream
Roberta deAngeli +                                                                                 Kevin S. Redcay                                   Lisa Gabrielli Gehrke
                                                 Thomas S. Kulp                                                                                      Donna Reese Gaugler +
Patricia Kutz DiChristofaro                      Phillip Lee Mancini                               Luis A. Resto
Peter J. Dipalma                                                                                   Russell P. Ritter                                 Beth Gilbert
                                                 Scott E. Middlecamp                                                                                 Dorothy Gilbert
Stephanie Minehart Endy                          Anthony Milbut +                                  Diane Reichert Rose +
Linda Epes                                                                                         Ruth McCarty Rosenberg                            Barbara Gilotti +
                                                 Marilyn Wilson Nelson                                                                               Jennifer Gingrich
Nancy Heck Faust                                 Stacy Sucro Opiela +                              Helma Rosenthal
Duane F. Ferguson                                                                                  Rebeca Weller Rothenberger                        Heather Goeltz
                                                 Barry Rynearson                                                                                     Kathy Reinhart Goff
Michael R. Furman                                Hallie Schumacher ++                              Kristine Fegley Rudy
Julia Winters Geissinger                                                                           Kathy Kuhns Sauter                                Raymond A. Gruber +
                                                 Stephan W. Seidel +                                                                                 Mark R. Haines
Cynthia Doermann Gleason                         Lynn Peters Tinucci                               Patricia Briody Schaffer
Stacy Dimarco Gray +                                                                               Sharon Schneider +                                Mark D. Hapeman
Donna Nesbitt Guiffre                            Contributors                                      Pamela Shur                                       Mary Hayes-Sharp ++
Gloria Hamm                                      Elizabeth Adukaitis                               Robin Case Simmons                                Louis G. Heffner
Joann Hart +++                                   James T. Alter                                    John C. Sluk                                      Andrew E. Helwig
Gretchen Hash-Heffner                            Terrance R. Astle                                 Susan Murray Sluk                                 Gary M. Henshaw +
Maryann Heaphy                                   Jeffery S. Becker                                 Lori Price Sodke +                                Sarah Harnish Hinkle
William L. Heffelfinger +                        Jill O’Bryon Beil                                 Kimberly Stofflet Spang                           Michael C. Hook
Michele Sabitsky Hoover                          Jennifer Sokolowski Bernhard                      Patrick H. Spang                                  Marcella McDonough Howell
Lorraine Horn                                    Susan Philp Bivona                                Rebecca Spradlin +                                Coleen Ingram-Furman
Mary Auer Houser                                 Kathleen Brand                                    John P. Steber                                    Robert M. Jannicelli
Matthew F. Houser                                Michele Cuthie Burns                              Kelly Thomas                                      Elizabeth Kapp +
Bradford D. Huntington                           Jennifer Walker Campbell                          Paula Thompson                                    Rebecca Cassel Keen +
Anne Albertson Ibach                             John C. Capobianco +                              Dawn James Tilden +                               Brian T. Kennedy
Irvin L. Jones                                   Carolyn Campanello Caras +                        Bridget Bauer Ungerleider +                       John H. Kissinger
Krista Picone Keim                               Stephen M. Carew                                  Deborah Feldi Wambold                             Patrick Kobol +
Lori Kieffer                                     Denise Desmarais Cesarano                         Marie Schatteman Weber                            Francis V. Kumor
Lori Haggerty Kline                              Kirsten Hansen Cherneskie +                       Donna Gardner Weiser                              Susan Laird
Kenneth H. Krebs                                 Debra Kunkel Christman +                          Brian A. Witiszin                                 Cheryl Bloss Lamm
Monica Charles Lacey                             Joyce Cimaglia                                    Daphne Becker Wolfe                               Judith Lapham
Thomas F. Lessel                                 Stephen A. Coleman                                                                                  Michele O’Donnell Laughman
Cathy Liebars                                    Brian K. Cregar                                   Class of 1991                                     Dawn Alick Lewis +
Jacqueline Brennan Mahalchick                    Jeffrey L. Crowl                                  Tower Club                                        Daniel P. Lubas
Carl G. McBreen                                  Wendy Jahn Dahlroos                               Jason R. Barkley +                                Candance Bare Maggioncalda
Jocelyn Tate McCafferty                          Kathleen Bromwell Edwards +                       Carole Wells                                      Susan Goss Mahoney +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

35 FALL 2005 Tower
Jill Eurich Martindell                           Jennifer Harrison                                 Alison Cesare                                     Barbara Moss Ferri
Kathleen Melnyk                                  Sharon Heil                                       Mary Chan                                         Jason A. Ferri
Mark E. Messersmith                              Sally Spaar Heilman                               Desiree Bath Comunale                             Scott M. Fogel
Patricia Brown Miravich                          Michael D. Hill +                                 Kelley Slocum Curran                              Faye Schaeffer Heckman +
Martin J. Mittura                                Diane Burkhardt Hollister                         Marie Defilipps                                   Lori Helms +
Joseph M. Niedziejko                             David J. Holmes                                   Michael L. Deno                                   Michelle Sodl Kern
Jeffrey D. Oxenford ++                           Jeremy F. Horn +                                  Robert F. DeVall                                  Richard W. Kern
Kimberly Pammer +                                Charles R. Jones                                  Scott F. Distefano                                Kimberly Reinhard Labenberg
Jessica Salzman Parnell                          Michael R. Keating +                              Daniel Donaghy                                    Karen Lewis
Kristine Keifer Petre +                          Dennis R. Kergick ++                              Stephanie Douglas                                 Susan McIlmoyle McIlmoyle
Crystal Schach Primeau                           Julia Kline                                       Michael H. Ebbert                                 Jacquelyn Puschock +
Reginald Quattlebaum +                           George G. Koch +                                  Elaine Eib                                        Jeffrey Schmoyer
Brien L. Readinger                               Maureen Walsh Kolb                                Janeice Stouffer Fisher                           Candace Shoemaker
Brian J. Redcay +                                Barbara Stogoski LaRue                            Nancy Elliott Fisher                              Joseph E. Stouffer
Debra Attrill Redcay +                           Patricia Lawson                                   Kelliann Flores                                   Erik S. Uliasz +
Joy Christopher Reed                             Kathleen Jordan Mancini ++                        Debra Connors Forney                              Christine Wolfe
Ellen Ritter                                     Silvia Mandler                                    Rebecca Gast                                      Contributors
Thomas A. Rose +                                 Christopher W. Marx                               Steven M. Geibel                                  Shelley Baver
Ronald A. Sausser                                Kathryn Moser                                     Karen Gerner                                      Anne Belzecky
Dorothy Ann Petonak Schrandt                     George W. Myers                                   Jeanne Gochnauer                                  Kimberly Blatt ++
Frederick T. Schrandt                            James D. Osborn                                   Jason T. Gross +                                  Marc E. Bodemer
Diane Yesulaitis Scott                           Robert J. Panny                                   Richard W. Hamalak                                Robert F. Brenkacs
Stephen E. Sharadin                              Mary Forrestel Pinter                             Marjorie Hamm                                     Patricia Brown
Lynn Kotrosits Shelly +                          Susan Pors +                                      Marie Heffner +                                   Karen Bradley Brubaker
Jonathan D. Silcox                               Sherri Stauffer Price                             Ellen Mosemann Helgen                             Margaret Burns +
Mary Slotter                                     Christine Dahlgren Rhoads                         Donna Jenny                                       Elaine Pursell Caffarelli
Mortimer L. Smedley                              Brenda Reid Ringer +                              Kay Kehs                                          David M. Cavanagh
Susan Metcalf Smith                              Rose Ruggiero                                     Christine Kelly                                   Tanya Cowen Cohen
Deborah Fogelman Spinelli                        Christine Rotering Saadi                          Claire Riley Kempes                               Denise Dromsky Conner
Nora Frey Steigerwalt ++                         Doris Sagl                                        Cheryl Kilpatrick                                 Lisa Curry
Michele Strohl                                   Denise Brandon Saylor                             Mary Knolle +                                     Carolyn Daneker
Deborah Magison Swedberg +                       Lisa DeTurk Schaeffer                             Marilyn Krick +                                   Crystal Davis +
Tammy Taylor ++                                  Luann Christman Schellhamer                       Amy Lapides                                       Paul H. Dewalt
Melissa Traub                                    Stephanie Kralik Shingleton                       Mary Lawler                                       Karen Schneller Donaghy
Kimberly Geist Ulsh                              Leigh Ann Smith                                   Jeffrey C. Lear                                   Mariann Freed Dowd
Jean Von Neida                                   Jacqueline Stark                                  Kim Lightcap                                      Linda Easter
Sue Walters                                      Elizabeth Hawn Steber                             Rayshawn Garnes Lockhart                          Karen Erbe
Thomas J. Woronko +                              Donnasue Thompson +                               Jennifer Markey                                   Theresa Fitzsimmons Estrada
Lynn Yocum                                       Tracey Piechocki Tiberi                           Domenic G. Martelli                               Wendy Fleischmann Fleischmann
                                                 Tammy Swagler Tomlin                              Laura Ann Hayes McArdle +                         Jennifer Talbot Freyler
Class of 1992                                    Mary Trinkle                                      Andrew C. McDougall                               Mary Frost
Maroon & Gold Club                               Carol Lee Freeman Vitro                           Tracey Berg McMillin                              Jennifer Weller Galing +
Rachel Gordon Caldwell                           Justine Segal Wheeler                             Vicki Lewis Meloney                               Stanley S. Gravish +
Thomas E. Kauffman +                             Jennifer Godshall Whitlock                        Robert O’Keefe                                    Susan Grube
Melissa Orner Lorenz +                           Christine Hartman Woronko +                       Bradley J. Osterweil                              Jeffrey C. Halikman
Century Club                                     Craig L. Wright                                   Angela Grillo Owens                               Mary Reyes Hand
Gretchen Brant +                                 Rosemarie Zorrilla +                              Christina Palko                                   Thomas T. Hand
Faye Buckalew                                                                                      Stacie Lose Pearson                               Denise Hay
Eleanor Dileo +
                                                 Class of 1993                                     Christopher A. Pellegrino                         Jennifer Shiley Hefkin
Yvonne-Denise Gisler                             President’s Club                                  Andrew F. Pickford +                              Sheri Dellicker Hernandez +
Kathleen Herber                                  Joyce Edleman +                                   Amy Riovo                                         Melissa Scheib Hlavacek
Dana Lee Long +                                  Jefferson C. Hayman                               Kay Reiprich Rodriguez +                          Jeffrey C. Hollenbach
Kimberly Luft +                                  Jason S. Lewis                                    Kurt S. Sauer +                                   Mark D. Hottenstein
Michele McLaughlin                               Maroon & Gold Club                                Faith Meals Schaffer                              Luke M. Jacobs +
Mark S. Quattrock +                              Hayden V. Castro                                  Susan Laich Schellenberger +                      Phyllis Keil
Carol Sterner +                                  Martha Leber +                                    Kimberly Anderson Sebestyen +                     Kristofer H. Kies
Contributors                                     Stephen F. Maguire                                Greg W. Serensits                                 Scott D. Kline +
Christina Manze Babb                             Lori Schwab                                       Christine Walsh Sherman +                         Tina Anthony LaBaugh
Joyce Frantz Ballaban +                          Century Club                                      Matthew T. Sherman +                              Erick J. Laubach
Amy Mill Bergstresser                            Michelle Benedict                                 Conrad F. Snyder                                  Lauren Schneider Layer +
Nancy Smola Biltcliff                            Deborah Shutt Brandt                              Michelle Stawowczyk                               Melissa Steffy McAlpine
Jennifer Merkel Blanchard                        Julie Schenck Brown +                             Rhonda Thullen                                    Kim Barlet Meyer
Jeffrey G. Bogdan                                Thomas A. Creighton                               Jason C. Vendetti                                 Brian P. Mickley
Bettilyn Bogia +                                 Amy Fritch                                        Kenneth A. Ward                                   Rachael Miller
Wendy Muma Bucks                                 Salvatore Gramaglia                               Deena Weems                                       Patricia Murray
Cathy Button +++                                 Ninfa Grimes +                                    Jennifer Siegfried Weidman                        Carol Nagle
Jennifer Mele Byrne                              Lynne Harbold ++                                  Marc L. Weiner                                    Shawn E. Obrian
Anthony J. Cerrone ++                            Todd P. McFeely                                   Brad A. Whitman +                                 Sherry Nordblom Paterson
Marcia Cooper +                                  Robert E. Munsey                                  Michelle Zehnder                                  Kevin Peoples
Lori Crossley                                    Nancy Nahrgang +                                  Debby Martin Zosky                                John G. Phillips
Suzanne Crump                                    Brendan P. Naughton                               Class of 1994                                     Mary Phillips
Susan Detweiler                                  Jennifer Jaycox Odenwald +                                                                          Morten T. Rasmussen ++
                                                                                                   President’s Club                                  Louise Lang Roberts
Louise Dietrich DeVall                           Laurie Ruth
                                                                                                   Jennifer Bair Burns +                             Trudi Rosencrans
Francine Murray Dunigan                          Contributors                                      Stephen E. Burns +                                Richard M. Rossiter
Anne Ermolovich                                  Dawn Bachman Anderson +                           Paul Presinzano                                   Sharon Barrage Rossiter
Victor J. Florio                                 Teresa Rodriguez Barna +                          Akira Tateyama                                    Marjorie Rothchild
Crystal Schuler Frey                             Janine Bailey Bertoti
M. Laurence Freyler                                                                                Maroon & Gold Club                                Sidni Hill Runquist
                                                 Ane Goya Albisu Bodemer
Allison Fry Friedman                                                                               David F. Kunkle +                                 Shannon Gore Sanders
                                                 Joseph J. Botzer
Philip A. Gipe                                                                                     John M. Lafferty                                  Larry A. Schappell
                                                 Gale Burkhart
David G. Girton                                  J. David Bush +                                   Century Club                                      Robin Schweitzer
Lori Butz Gordon                                 Jennifer Fries Carlson                            Joel T. Adam +                                    Christina Elison Seiger
Kelly Jerald Hall                                Jennifer Ringer Carpenter +                       John W. Berry                                     Ann Marie Kauth Serfass +
Mary Seals Harner                                                                                  John T. Carpenter +                               Aimee Ketring Shank

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 36
Sandra Shapiro                                   Christopher D. Kenworthy                          Jason M. Harbonic                                 Thomas B. Draper
Stacey Silliman                                  Cathleen Prematta Kissinger                       Karen Halowich Hearn                              Janine Drumtra
Michelle Gladfelter Small                        Frank Kotsko                                      Robin Hightower                                   James E. Dunnigan
Diana Smith                                      Chris M. Lafata                                   Kathryn Grill Hoeppel                             Olger R. Duran +
David A. Sondesky                                Robert F. LaSalle                                 Patricia Mills Holmes                             Benjamin J. Eagle +
Luciana Geake Spinosi                            Lisa Maurer +                                     Robert L. Holmes                                  Kathryn Rhoads Eagle +
Kimberly Stirling-Lamb                           Brian McGurney +                                  Brian W. Johnson                                  Jane Englert
Elsie Szablowski                                 Michael J. Mellon +                               Tiffany Mattiuz Keller                            Tracie Yanders Feddor
Maria Demsko Tenreiro +                          Wendy Ayers Meyers                                Linda Kennedy +                                   Christopher L. Fraley
Michael E. Trimble                               Barbara Miller                                    Robin Kestner                                     Christina Serenshock Galbiati +
Christy Posnett Unger                            Jennifer Przasnyski Mishura                       Lindsay Ketterer Rais                             Amanda Page Gerner
Danielle Evans Walsh +                           Heather Moffatt                                   Jennifer Lalik                                    James M. Gilbert
Phyllis Whitney +                                Donna Moore +                                     Scott M. Lanigan                                  Karen Goldner +
Wadid Yunez                                      Emily Zgura Moore                                 Christine Leonard                                 Kelly Vlasics Haas +
                                                 Jeffrey L. Murphy +                               Christa Worman Mack                               Richard Michael Hadesty +
Class of 1995                                    Jennifer Bachman Murphy +                         Timothy R. Mack                                   Daniel J. Hauman
President’s Club                                 Deborah Neff                                      Susan Reffie Mangold                              Dodie Fidler Houtz +
John H. Clark +                                  Lynn Pecuch +                                     Michelle Stanley Martin                           Amy Windisch Jaross
Robert G. Fisher                                 Jason D. Pennypacker                              Christina Closi McCormick                         Victoria Kahler +
Jeffery L. Reiss                                 Joseph P. Pinter                                  Judy Merkel                                       Vivian Koller
Maroon & Gold Club                               Doranne Polcrack                                  Janice Houser Metzger                             Jeanne Macijowsky Komp
Mari Ann Talbot Donnelly                         Gwendolyn Ruth Pongracz                           Dana Limongelli Moore                             Jeanine Swierkocki Kraus
Century Club                                     Annamarie Pucillo                                 Daniel G. Moyer                                   Andrea Reynard Lacianca
Jennifer Dreger Bonetz                           Tara Inhoff Rast                                  Suzanne Williams Moyer                            Jennifer LaMar +
Steve E. Bonetz                                  Jennifer Frank Re                                 Kathleen Nallo Nallo +                            David J. Lingman
Scott A. Gohn                                    Deborah Reed +                                    Heidi Strausser Ortenzi +                         Annah Horowitz Litzenberger
Kenneth D. Gray                                  Mark S. Robart +                                  Joleen Heberling Peoples                          Rebecca Gardner Marcano
Frederick W. Greco                               Dolores Roth                                      Barbara Querry                                    Nancy Markle +
Michael C. Hillje                                Gregory Konstantinos Sarantidis                   James G. Roletter                                 Ty Richard Marr
Wendy Kasprzyk                                   Audra Salisbury Schappell                         Jennifer Eberwein Rolle                           Jill Decker Martin
John F. Knecht                                   Ronda Miller Seymour                              Robin Rotherham +                                 Joshua G. Martin
Kiersten Larsen Knecht                           Sharon Silimperi                                  Michael A. Schaeffer                              Paula Martin +
Jon R. McTaggart +                               Timothy J. Solt                                   Mindy Claman Schaeffer                            Kendra Rauenzahn Master
Amanda Jones Newman +                            Krista Bowen Torres                               Jennifer Schock                                   Trevor A. Mattern +
Nicole Snyder +                                  Wendy Livingood Vance                             Nicole Schuren                                    Krista Peirce Matthews +
Tammi Trauger +                                  Caroline Volpe +                                  Janel Fry Smith +                                 Danielle Mayer
Andrea Bunney Watson                             Tara Walther                                      Jennifer Aten Smith +                             Michelle Miesko
Jean Weiser +                                    Kelly Standorf Werley                             Robert M. Smuller                                 Niki Boisaubin Miller
David E. Weller                                  Ramona Wolf +                                     Denise Ellis Statkus                              Jennifer Schlauch Morgan
Jennifer Whitlock +                              Mary Hafer Young +                                Liane Stocky                                      Brian M. Naab
                                                                                                   Robert I. Sutton                                  Annmarie Noecker +
Contributors                                     Class of 1996                                     Stefanie Miscannon Sweely                         Heather Cail Nowosad
Katherine Kula Albert                            Maroon & Gold Club                                Stanton A. Templin                                Brandi Piccirilli +
Sharon Baker +                                   Brian M. Benner                                   Travis S. Townsend                                Herbert W. Purdy
Dorothy Baldi                                    Kathryn Kuzo +                                    Janice Trusky                                     Leighann Levandowski Reedy
Kathryn Miller Bell                              Kristin York +                                    Nancy Wallhofer +                                 Sandra Reider
Samantha Grodman Berman                                                                            NeCole Davis Warren                               Karyn Standfast Resch
                                                 Century Club
Linda Bianchini                                                                                    Melanie Petre Wenger +                            Kim Sayenga Rohrbach
                                                 Lori Dietrich Artz
Dale R. Blattenberger                                                                              Jennifer Miscenic Wenhold                         Karen Rosales
                                                 Deborah Booros +
Stephanie Schweyer Bond                                                                            Tricia Wertz                                      Douglas A. Rothenberger
                                                 Christopher M. Carlin
Denise Bosler                                                                                      Laura Leh Witman                                  Shari Crawn Russo
                                                 William G. Dreisbach +
Beverly Bowman +                                                                                   David B. Yentzer                                  Kimberly Yenser Schlegel
                                                 Kimberly Edling +
Lisa McTamney Boyle                                                                                Barbara Young                                     Renee Schollenberger
                                                 Melissa Raub Inselmann
Karyn Bogarosh Brenkacs                                                                            Michelle Madenford Yourkawitch                    Adrian D. Seaman
                                                 Douglas H. Kirschman
Adrian Brieger                                                                                     Jodi Kotulka Zimmerman                            Steven Serina +
                                                 Kerry L. Meitzler +
Nancilyn Brown                                                                                                                                       Melanie Shimer
                                                 Matthew D. Schappell +
Carol Rodenberger Bush +
                                                 Christopher T. Shervin
                                                                                                   Class of 1997                                     Deborah Lingle Shrey
Tivia Carlin                                                                                       Maroon & Gold Club                                Maria Skidmore +
                                                 Craig Smith
Patricia Charlesworth                                                                              Brian David Donnelly                              Roberta Slough
Charles J. Chelednik                             Contributors
                                                                                                   Thomas J. Kehan                                   Maureen Sproul
Anthony M. Chirichella                           Robert Earl Anthony
                                                 Kathleen Babb-Hutcheson                           Century Club                                      Donald R. Stahl
Leslie Cole +                                                                                                                                        Shawn A. Stinchcomb +
                                                 Judith Hall Bas                                   Dodi Baker +
Shanon Cooper                                                                                                                                        Kristine Newman Stoffregen
                                                 Lorraine Blanski                                  Elizabeth Dilullo
Linda Coughlin                                                                                                                                       C. Eric Stoltz +
                                                 Janelle Sroka Bosold +                            Denise Junkerman
Paul A. Covell                                                                                                                                       Christina Ortolano Sumner
                                                 Andrew J. Brett                                   Kimberly Good Lopez
Karen Brickner Dalfonso +                                                                                                                            Gregory D. Throne
                                                 Susan Brown                                       Debra Mahnken Lukens
Daniel G. Daneker                                                                                                                                    Jeanette Tompkins +
                                                 Maryanne Buck                                     Jason L. Marks
Virginia Richie Daoud                                                                                                                                Eliza Vagni
                                                 Stacey Williams Bucolo +                          Carole Moretz
Eric A. Davenport                                                                                                                                    Karen Brady Weinhold
                                                 Pamela Burger +                                   Sharon Picus +++
Daniel G.R. DeLong                                                                                                                                   Cynthia Hare Wetzel
                                                 Gregory J. Campisi                                William S. Watson
Theresa Romano DeLong                                                                                                                                Kent W. Wetzel
                                                 Garrett W. Carper                                 Daniel C. Weigle
Charles D. Delp                                                                                                                                      Sonia Willenbrock +
Lisa Detweiler +                                 Linda Shultz Carter                               Contributors
                                                 Gerald W. Chreiman                                Larry D. Adam                                     Sandra Newberry Young
Stephen R. Falken +
Jill Adams Freeswick +                           Amy Clemson                                       Jill Albright                                     Class of 1998
Angela Georgis                                   Jane Romanski Clinton                             Jennifer Bertolet
                                                                                                                                                     President’s Club
Brandi Kauffman Gravish +                        Michael W. Cooper +                               Kenneth R. Brown +
                                                                                                                                                     Matthew J. McKernan
Judith Clemson Henry                             Janis Croissette                                  Christopher M. Cohara
                                                 Patricia Domyan                                   Megan Kerns Collins                               Maroon & Gold Club
Kristi Hermann
                                                 Brad S. Frederick                                 Helen Connellan +                                 Jason B. Bozzone
Cynthia Hertzog
                                                 James E. Gerner                                   Judith Conrad +                                   Sandra Longworth Gabriel +
Patrick J. Hughes
Christine Jenkins +                              Kathleen Githens                                  Sara Sirchie Cooper +                             Century Club
Cheryl Hartzell Keller                           Brad J. Gross                                     Carri Shaw Daubert                                Tania Brown Berringer
Joyce Koller Keller                              Kenneth C. Haas +                                 Russell C. Daubert                                Bobbetta Kunkel Edwards +
                                                 Melissa Barton Hansford +                         Susan Woodring Davis                              Deborah Lambdin +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

37 FALL 2005 Tower
Joshua Adams Leiboff +                           Cherie Snyder Terrey                              Jennifer Snyder Fry +                             Sharon Sweigart +
Todd M. Miller                                   David A. Terrey                                   Renee Halm                                        Jillian Syme
Contributors                                     Jennifer Hummel Thomas +                          Meen S. Han                                       Chad Edward Thiele
Terri Anton Barnett                              Jon A. Umholtz                                    Beth Hertzog Harbonic                             Stephanie Seltzer Thompson
Elizabeth Bierkamp                               Esther Wagner                                     Shawn T. Harrison                                 Audrey Tucker
Jennifer Resetar Boag +                          H. Bradley Wenger +                               David D. Heim ++                                  Joy Montgomery Van Ruler
Brian W. Bolitski                                Lindsey Wetzel                                    Vali Heist +                                      Karen Zimmerman
Matthew A. Bucolo +                              Sara Wight                                        Michael W. Henry
                                                 Scott Williamson                                  Stacie Ebersole Horn                              Class of 2000
Brian C. Carroll
Melissa Frey Cherkasky                                                                             Jean Hornberger +                                 Century Club
                                                 Class of 1999                                     Patricia Galvin Hunsberger                        Wayne N. Fletcher
Brenda Copeland
Teresa Bucko Costenbader                         Tower Club                                        Leonda Jackson                                    Charles M. Gallagher
Patricia Cox +                                   Cyndee Barkley +                                  Nancy Kreider                                     Erin Tingle Hibshman
Coleen Davenport                                 President’s Club                                  Linda Kupinski                                    John W. Hill
Maddalena DiMarco Beard                          Kurt D. Moyer                                     Jessica Lantz                                     Robert Kane
Crystal Dow                                                                                        Margaret Lavage                                   Charles E. Lambdin +
                                                 Century Club
Sarah Earley                                                                                       Kimberly Levin                                    Shannah Malmer-Steel
                                                 Sarah Edmonds
Yvonne Shimp Engroff +                                                                             Aldain Howard Lobban +                            Elizabeth Richardson McKemy
                                                 Chad R. Hibshman
Kevin P. Ensor                                                                                     Marc R. Manley                                    Stacy Barron Sommer
                                                 Drew T. Lane
Sandra Felker +                                                                                    Alana Mauger-Reinke                               Timothy R. Sommer
                                                 Anthony Lapore
Amanda Sugra Fraley                                                                                Erin McAnulty                                     Michael R. Yakum
                                                 Kristin McCormick
Angela Frederick +                               Chad Eric Ohar +                                  Shannon McBride +                                 Contributors
Madhusmita Gupte                                 Ryan Riccitelli                                   Hugh McGowan +                                    Melissa Kresge Adams
Melinda Hands                                    Jennifer Wolfgang Rush +                          Charity Meals                                     Stacie Miscavage Adamski
Steven A. Hauck                                                                                    Suzanne Messner +                                 Kristin Allen
                                                 Contributors                                      Carol Morgan
Brian Kenneth Hearn                                                                                                                                  Jeffrey R. Bandelin
                                                 Yvonne Albright                                   Wanda Seibert Nagy
Tracy Copenhafer Hender                                                                                                                              Sherelynn Barna
                                                 Susan Herman Alloway                              Fawn Mordosky O’Hara
Todd Hernandez +                                                                                                                                     Randi Blauth
                                                 Jennifer Young Andrews                            Brian M. O’Neil
Brooke Himmelberger                                                                                                                                  Karen Bricker
                                                 Lorraine Barringer                                Melissa Prutzman Phillips
Tracey Kester Horvath +                                                                                                                              Faye Brown
                                                 Cathy Bendekovits                                 Yorel Pressley Pressley +
Brenda Hovis                                                                                                                                         Diana Bui
                                                 Amy Bloom                                         Sara Sharp Prout
Neil E. Jaross                                                                                                                                       Collette Caprio
                                                 Jeremy Ryan Bonebrake                             Terry Howard Rismiller +
P. Eric Keller                                                                                                                                       Donna Collins
                                                 John Nicholas Boyle +                             James W. Ritz
John Daniel Kilgore                                                                                                                                  Elaine Cook
                                                 Judith Crumling Byrne                             Tracy Roman +
Tracey Gatte Krause                                                                                                                                  Peter J. Dalkner
                                                 Janice Cal                                        Kimberly Ryan
Donna Kulik                                                                                                                                          Michael T. Davies
                                                 Francis W. Caruano                                Melissa Sabbi
Carl Laws Landis                                                                                                                                     Renee Warrelmann Davies
                                                 Eunice Chege                                      Jennifer Sarnes +
Holly Leiby                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Mertz Deemer
                                                 Marian Clark +                                    Jennifer Schachter
Wendy Maiaroto Lobban +                                                                                                                              John T. Doman
                                                 David P. Damms +                                  Rhonda Schmig +
Barbara Long                                                                                                                                         Ryan G. Epler
                                                 David F. Dean                                     Todd G. Skoczynski
Marilyn Mock Lorenz                                                                                                                                  Joshua T. Faust
                                                 Kathleen Devaul                                   Robert Snyder
Barry L. Lutz +                                                                                                                                      Michael Ferragame
                                                 William L. Fehr                                   Amanda Killian Starks
Michael S. Manzi                                                                                                                                     Holly Shade Foster
                                                 Patricia Seifried Fischer +                       Cathleen Flanagan Stone
Claude E. Margeson                                                                                                                                   Joel R. Frain
                                                 Amanda Dunbar Follin                              Danielle Stubbs
Anthony John Martin                                                                                                                                  Kristine Fuhr
                                                 Stephanie Frantz                                  Matthew R. Sutter
Mindy Velasco McCaulley                                                                                                                              Dawn Adam George
                                                 Linda Frey
Deborah Lafiura Melson +
Courtney McPeak Mervine
Frank E. Meyers
Christine Michal
Blake S. Miller
Jean Mishkin
                                                                                     top 10 classes by total amount given
Jessica Rossano Moore
Camille Murphy Bugden
Richard O’Driscoll                              $60,000
Timothy J. O’Neill
Regan Elek Palazzo
Anne Pearcey +
Susan Pierce
Kristen Karl Prisco
Matthew J. Quartuch
Andrea Raab
Kimberly Fletcher Race
Sarah Stoudt Reed                                 40,000
Matthew T. Resch
Sandra Rex +
Bethany Ritzm Ritzman
MaryJo Rosania
Lisa Mader Rundle                                 30,000
Amie Rowe Savidge +
Roseanne Sefko
Jennifer Sensenig +
Julia Sensenig +
Matthew A. Shea                                   20,000
Amy Bartley Shields
Debra Shinn
Shawn E. Slusser
Amy Smith
Matthew J. Smith +
Shane Michael Smith
Kevin J. Sprague
Bradly W. Starks
Bernice Steigerwalt                                              1973          1980        1984          1955         1974         1961          1960        1957          1953         1975
Matthew R. Sweigart +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 38
John P. George                                   Christy Eisenbise                                 Donna Berry                                       John E. Weit
Erica Bashore Harner                             Tamara Enama                                      Michele Biehl                                     Sarah Wesner
Bethany Hartzell                                 Steven M. Fegely                                  Danielle Blodnikar                                Jacqueline Whitmoyer
Kimberly Hartzell                                Kerry Rzucidlo Ferraro                            Rebecca Buchan                                    Lisa Wright
Kelly Hilburn                                    Robert J. Ferraro                                 Anne Buck                                         Kathleen Yakimo
Keith Alan Hoekstra                              Shannon Fitzpatrick                               Jessica Byler                                     Ting Yang
Audrey Hoffman                                   Peter M. Gaskins                                  Maria Schoellkopf Christman                       Amanda Yenser
Pietro John Iovino                               Manny Lewis Gaspar                                Neil P. Cleary-Trask
Nicole Bosco Jaikes                              Bonnie Glose                                      Melissa Conrath                                   Class of 2003
Mary Kapschock                                   Alma Hazel                                        Susan Consalvi                                    Maroon & Gold Club
Melissa Schweitzer Karas                         Maryjo Heacock                                    Olga Cosme                                        Peter P. Kobliska
Donna Kehs                                       Chad Henritzy                                     Alexander M. Daecher                              Century Club
Joan Kline                                       Samuel W. Holloway                                Dena Detitta                                      William R. Bravo
Robyn Kuhn                                       Patricia Healy Hugo                               Heather Doll                                      Stephen S. Helms +
Peter G. Laudermilch                             Christopher M. Iacona                             Kate Ernesto                                      Dawn Moser Jastrzemski
Melissa Marino                                   Terrence J. Janis                                 Lisa Fegley                                       Erik K. Miller
John R. Martin                                   William Jesse I                                   Lauren Fitzsimons                                 Matthew L. Santos ++
Michael G. Massenzio                             Monica Jones                                      Sindy Fogg                                        Jessica Wertz-Godfrey
Anne Riehl McCann                                Deanna Kehm                                       Nicole Nace Foran                                 F. Michael Wojewodka
Vicki Depuy McHugh                               Michael P. Kelly                                  Kevin Foreman                                     Contributors
Shelley Miller                                   Shelby Kirchner                                   Lisa Hirneisen Frank                              Betty Avery
John J. Mitch                                    Kelly Kostanesky                                  Leslie Nevel Franklin                             Megan Stricker Barry
Lisa Christman Moorehouse                        Amy Leibenguth                                    John M. Freeman                                   Kristin Beidleman
Shawn Donlon Musgrove                            James E. Lindemuth                                Angela George                                     Joseph S. Bentz
Carolyn Norman                                   Deborah Morello Linndle                           Kristy Gestl                                      Andrew M. Betlyon
Maryanne O’Donnell                               Christine Markley                                 Alicia Gierschick                                 Tammy Biehn
Nichole Oravic                                   Michael S. Miller                                 Kendra Naugle Gilliam                             David A. Borden
Toni Marie Perrotta                              Keri Snell Neidig                                 Julia Gogle                                       Rebecca Boyer
Donna Peterman +                                 Erin Noll                                         Kristin Greenberg                                 Michelle Carper
Nathan H. Pigott                                 Susan Paden                                       Kelly Griffin                                     Dina Cicchini
Andrew M. Potteiger                              Vivienne Palin                                    Marjory Gullstrand                                Colleen Clauss
Eric R. Reinert                                  Glenn C. Palmer                                   Lesley Hand                                       Sharon Cleaver
Nancy Rodenberger                                Nicole Wentz Peev                                 John C. Hardin                                    Deborah Colbert
Alison Trout Rothenberger                        John M. Peiffer                                   Alison Herman                                     Tara Conlon
Jason A. Santa Maria                             Rebecca Pfender                                   Kristen Hollinger                                 Eric T. Crosby
Kenneth W. Schestok                              Andrea Porcelli                                   Tiffany Keal                                      Michael E. Cusanno
Angela Sheffield                                 Lauren Radies                                     Andrea Bloth Keim                                 Alison Dautrich
Kim Sivak                                        Mary Reed                                         Max C. Keiper                                     Brooke Desantis
Karen Cummings Skoczynski                        Rhiannon Rice                                     Lisa Burger Keller                                Colleen Donovan
Vicki Smith                                      Catharine Romano                                  Mary Kerr                                         Douglas D. Doran
Jessica Snyder                                   Andrew J. Schlegel                                Patrice Kline                                     Jamie Driscoll
Mark A. Snyder                                   Paul L. Schwartz                                  Stephanie Korkos                                  Brooke Dunlap-Martin
Jessica Starner                                  Brian F. Scott                                    Marina Kovacevic                                  Shelby Ecker
Danielle Taylor                                  Kimberly Slate                                    Wendy Krisak                                      Jennifer Wlodek Evans
Heidi Trexler Price                              Tara Spadt                                        Jill La Rocca                                     Karen Ewerth
Janele Urbansky                                  Denise Steskal                                    Tracy Lance                                       Matthew B. Farmer
Carolyn Viol                                     Christopher R. Stoudt                             Joseph M. Leach                                   Danielle Ferranti
Robb F.H. Walters                                Angel Strelish                                    Meghan Malloy                                     Gena Fortner
Jennifer Hinish Witkamp                          Staci Sullivan                                    Thomas A. Maloney                                 Aaron Keith Fries
Connie Yonkin                                    Michael Thiry                                     Michele Shenuski Manley                           Daniel C. Frost
                                                 Katrina Bixler Tobash                             Anne Marcantino
Class of 2001                                    Michael A. Vacaro                                 Joshua T. Mertz
                                                                                                                                                     Trisha Geist
                                                                                                                                                     Cristie Gerhab
Tower Club                                       Mary VanDuzer VanDuzer                            Corene Metzler                                    Michelle Gravett
Gregory G. Young                                 Frank Wolfe                                       Christopher W. Miller                             Daaiyah Green
President’s Club                                 Charlotte Zabinski                                Jennifer Montgomery                               Megan Groff
Gerald L. Silberman ++                           Christopher T. Zalasky                            Keri Musick                                       Mariluz Grote
Maroon & Gold Club                               Brian Zeiders                                     Cristin Musser                                    Karli Hausman
                                                                                                   Jessica Nealon
Kenneth W. Badasarian                            Class of 2002                                     Rebecca O’Sullivan
                                                                                                                                                     Lee R. Hawley
Christopher Scappaticci                                                                                                                              Maura Healy
                                                 Board of Overseers                                Scott V. Parry
Laura Khalil Scappaticci                                                                                                                             Joshua Herring
                                                 Martha Hafer +                                    Louis A. Persichetti
Century Club                                                                                                                                         Rachel Hickson
                                                 Tower Club                                        Alisa Plummer                                     Jordan Hirst
Ryan D. Donlon                                                                                     Stacie Porosky
                                                 Victoria Sutherland ++                                                                              Marietta Hoffler
Matthew E. Nunn                                                                                    Brooke Punchard
Kay Oiler                                        President’s Club                                                                                    Trisha Hoffmayer
                                                 Lauri Mondschein                                  Blair Ream                                        Amy Jones
Contributors                                                                                       Winter Rusiloski
                                                 Thanh T. Pham                                                                                       Christine Kacsur
Matthew J. Alloway                                                                                 Beth Scherman
                                                 Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                  Nicole Klapat
Beth Bausher                                                                                       Amy Schneberger
                                                 Cynthia Acker                                                                                       Melissa Klein
Kurt W. Binkley                                                                                    Nicholas Sherman
                                                 Annie Houlihan Badasarian                                                                           Judith Knecht
Kelly Black                                                                                        Lauren Carver Shuck                               Peter J. Knolle
Victoria Borchardt                               Century Club                                      Kelly Shuey                                       Joseph T. Kovacs
Amber Dannenfelser Breinig                       Joseph P. Degangi                                 Beth Stoudt                                       Jennifer Kratz
Kristina Bushner                                 Darla Eisenhard                                   Heather Scalese Stricker                          Brian S. Kurtz
Apryle Carney +                                  Stephen J. Felder                                 Jessica Stuart                                    Jay M. Kurtz
Chris Chase                                      Michael D. Frick                                  Sylvester J. Szabo                                Kathleen Lamb
Susan Coffey                                     Jennifer Johnstone-Keich                          Heather Traub                                     Lara Langiotti
Maureen Baddick Creitz                           Erin Maher Kane                                   Timothy L. Ulrich                                 Walter Lesher
Natalie Cuevas                                   Loretta Pavie                                     Kim Vash                                          Kathleen Loftus
Sharon Dallett-Dunn                              Van M. Steel                                      Jacqueline Vles                                   Marian Cardiff Lucas
Tina Dean                                        Karl J. Waldek                                    Seth L. Vogler                                    Sean M. McLaughlin
Jarrod B. Dingle                                 Donna Wilson                                      Cindy Wade                                        Crystal Miller
Christopher Dougherty                            Contributors                                      Erin Wade                                         Michael J. Miltenberger
Allison Chickey Douma                            Joseph A. Allen                                   Caryn Walters Walters                             Kimbralee Morgan
Michelle Hillegass Ebright                       Corey A. Beil                                     Angela Roth Weida                                 Jason E. Mosheim

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

39 FALL 2005 Tower
Douglas R. Moyer                                 Jennifer Mele Byrne                               Gretchen Ulmer +                                  Dr. Karen Sellers and Mr. Richard Sellers
Jeffrey R. Moyer                                 Alison Cesare                                     Wendy Livingood Vance                             Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shaw Jr.
Colleen Navatier                                 Anthony M. Chirichella                            Kim Vash                                          Mr. Milton Shirdan
Michelle Paioletti                               Linda Citro                                       Jeffrey Wagner                                    Mr. Richard Skelly, Jr. +
Adam Palm                                        Marcia Cooper +                                   Heidi Himmelberger Walker                         Ms. Jennie Trein
Crystal Patton                                   Teresa Bucko Costenbader                          Marie Schatteman Weber                            Maroon & Gold Club
Leslie Pfleger                                   Maxine Cranage                                    Karen Brady Weinhold                              Ms. Melanie Berryman
Donna Pfost                                      Lori Crossley                                     Frank E. Wiltraut                                 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Biehl
Erica Plumley                                    Susan Woodring Davis                              Lynn Yocum                                        Mr. Thomas Diehl and Ms. Susan Beatty +
Jennie Pluto                                     Paul H. Dewalt                                    William A. Yurvati                                Ms. Regina Donato
Michael S. Reffie                                Mark W. Domyan                                    Kenneth K. Zellner                                Mr. and Mrs. Gino Gaspari
Peter Regeski                                    Olger R. Duran +                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. James V. Gearhart
Joanne Roberts                                   Jeffrey C. Ebert +
Carolyn Santoro                                  Anne Ermolovich                                   Friends                                           Mr. Scott L. Gruber
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Marie B. Heck +
Theresa Schwager                                 Jennifer Wlodek Evans                             Board of Overseers                                Mr. and Mrs. John Herbein
Melissa Searfoss                                 Stephen R. Falken +                               Dr. and Mrs. DeLight E. Breidegam +               Mr. and Mrs. David Keeny
Jennifer Shanklin                                Patricia Seifried Fischer +                       Dr. Gary Canner                                   Mr. Bruce Klein-Wassink
Lisa Steinmetz                                   James C. Frantz                                   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Curley Jr. +                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Kunkel
Carson M. Steltz                                 Dawn Fulmer ++                                    Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hafer +                      Mr. John Kutz
Mary Kate Strine                                 Barbara Gilotti +                                 Mr. and Mrs. T. Jerome Holleran +                 Mr. Henry T. Laubach
Amanda Strzempek                                 Jeanne Gochnauer                                  Mr. Walter S. Kiebach                             Mr. George D. Manderbach
Kathleen Thren                                   Heather Goeltz                                    Ms. Gloria Kravitz *                              Kadir Nelson
Jamie Tome                                       Francis J. Gough                                  Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kruse ++                    Dr. Susan Probst and Mr. Anthony Grimm
Jill Tordonato                                   Tracy Sutliff Graver                              Mr. and Mrs. Sean J. Kullman                      Ms. Susan Reber
Erin Tudhope                                     Tara Grim                                         Dr. Jonathan C. Messerli *                        Mr. E. Ray Roche
Melissa Turner                                   Marjory Gullstrand                                Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Miller, Jr.                   Mr. Carl Symons
Brett F. Vogelsinger                             Mary Seals Harner                                 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Rahn                      Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Waechter
Timothy R. Walls                                 Kathleen Testen Hartman                           Dr. Elizabeth Reed                                Ms. Anna E. Wagaman
Kristy Wechsler                                  Daniel J. Hauman                                  Mr. James M. Savage                               Mr. and Mrs. Kraig Wagaman +
Timothy M. Whiteman                              Karen Halowich Hearn                              Mr. Arthur L. Wiesenberger *                      Mr. Kristopher Wells
Joann Wiener                                     Annette Hale Heffelfinger                         Tower Club                                        Century Club
Matthew J. Wojak                                 M. Charlotte Rutzmoser Henschel ++                Anonymous +                                       Mr. and Mrs. Russell Angstadt +
Jamie A. Wolgemuth                               Patricia Galvin Hunsberger                        Mr. Walter Berger                                 Ms. Sara Louise Balthaser de Mariscal
Gregory J. Youtz                                 Terry E. Hunt                                     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F. Delp                     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Batdorf
                                                 Karol Kosik Iles
Class of 2004                                    Joyce Koller Keller
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Fitz E. Dixon, Jr. ++                Mr. Harold Batdorf and Ms. Joan Rigler-
                                                                                                   Mr. William A. Heck +                               Batdorf
Contributors                                     Julia Kline                                       Ms. Alice Knight                                  Mr. Robert J. Bechtel
Brooke Small                                     Mary Knolle +                                     Mr. Michael C. Lee +                              Mr. Walter E. Beck, Jr. +
Robert J. Weychert                               Frederic E. Knorr +                               Mr. Paul F. Lilienthal ++                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Becker
John M. White                                    Nancy Kreider                                     Mr. Jerome I. Marcus, M.D.                        Mr. Richard K. Begbie
                                                 Robert F. LaSalle
Class of 2005                                    Joanne Lombardi +
                                                                                                   Dr. Barry M. Mayberry                             Rev. and Mrs. William Bender ++
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Luther Moyer                         Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bensing +
Contributor                                      Marilyn Mock Lorenz                               Ms. Jacqueline B. Nein *                          Mr. David E. Berckmueller
Moshe Machlev                                    Judith Cowen Lownes                               Mrs. Harriet Oler ++++                            Mrs. Joan Berdich
                                                 Marc R. Manley                                    Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rigg                            Mr. William B. Bieber
                                                 Nancy Markle +                                    Mrs. M. Jolee J. Robinson
Teacher                                          Anne Riehl McCann
                                                 Scott J. McCullough
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Roedel
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Shirley Boscov
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bowman
Certification                                    Gail Figueredo McQuown
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rupel
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Rush
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Robert Boyajy
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Terry D. Boyer
                                                 Catherine Meholic
Graduates                                        Frank E. Meyers
                                                                                                   Ms. Margaret Salomon
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rodney W. Burkert
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rick B. Burkey
Tower Club                                       Wendy Ayers Meyers                                Mrs. Sherry L. Seher                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Byland
                                                 Robert D. Mosser                                  Ms. Fern Shankweiler +
Denise Gaspari Meister ++++                                                                                                                          Mr. Edward Casselberry +
                                                 Jean Fegely Moyer ++                              Mrs Aleath M. Stahl
Maroon & Gold Club                                                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Proctor L. Child
                                                 Carol Nagle                                       Mr. Robert M. Stroup +++
Mary Ann Ardoline                                                                                                                                    Mr. Joel Clemmer
                                                 Richard O'Driscoll                                Mr. Terry Wilde
Michael A. Iacocca ++                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. John T. Connelly
                                                 Robert J. Panny                                   Ms. Gloria F. Zimmerman
Mary Lou Rhein +                                                                                                                                     Ms. Kathleen Courie
                                                 Lois Paul
Christopher Scappaticci                                                                            President’s Club                                  Mr. Charles Curtis
                                                 Mary Pearsall
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson ++++                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Daniels +
Century Club                                     Donna Peca
                                                                                                   Mr. Charles H. Boehm, Jr. ++                      Mr. Jeremy Davies
Eleanor Messenlehner Demkovitz +                 Lynn Pecuch +
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. David A. Borden                      Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Davis
William G. Dreisbach +                           Donna Peterman +
                                                                                                   Mr. Tim Bryner                                    Mr. Tom Davis
Beth Perini Keller ++                            Christine Sarnoski Quinter
                                                                                                   Mr. Paul Carl                                     Ms. Katie L. Deardorff
Charles E. Lambdin                               Diane Shade Rarick
                                                                                                   Capt. Robert A. Carl                              Mr. and Mrs. Clyde G. Detwiler
Joseph M. Lentz +                                Deborah Reed +
                                                                                                   Mrs. Ruth Emmert                                  Mr. and Mrs. William DeVito
Debra Mahnken Lukens                             Mary Reed
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Frey ++                    Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dietrich
Susan McIlmoyle                                  Christine Reedy
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Froberg                       Mr. Joe Dietrich
Elizabeth Richardson McKemy                      Peter Regeski
                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gross +                      Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Difranchi
Michael L. Miller +                              Louise Lang Roberts
                                                                                                   Mr. Carl James                                    Ms. Janet C. Dobbelaar
Nancy Nahrgang +                                 Rita Grim Robertson
                                                                                                   Mr. Hank Katzwinkel                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dominger
Hallie Schumacher +                              MaryJo Rosania
                                                                                                   Ms. Jean G. Kessler +                             Mr. David Driscoll
Brian K. Trupp                                   Sidni Hill Runquist
                                                                                                   Mr. Peter Leahey                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Driscoll +
Jean Weiser +                                    Denise Brandon Saylor
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Lettieri                  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Eberly
William J. Winslow                               James A. Schneider
                                                                                                   Ms. Marilyn Melhuish                              Mrs. Salome Eberly
Janet Beard Withers                              Jonathan A. Schultz
                                                                                                   Mr. David Morey                                   Dr. Jay H. Eshleman
Contributors                                     Scott A. Schwartz
                                                                                                   Ms. Jane E. Naus                                  Mr. and Mrs. G. Christopher Eves, Esq.
Marilyn Adams +                                  Sandra Shapiro
                                                                                                   Mr. Robert P. Pulley Jr.                          Ms. Gail Fairfield
Judith Hall Bas                                  Lynn Kotrosits Shelly +
                                                                                                   Dr. Linda K. Rinker and Mr. Harry L. Rinker       Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Fenner
Shelley Baver                                    Deborah Fogelman Spinelli
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. David Rohrbach +                     Mr. Steve Finke
Kurt W. Binkley                                  Beth Stoudt
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Santoleri                   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fry
Bettilyn Bogia +                                 Joyce Trexler Sturtevant
                                                                                                   Judge Forrest G. and Dorothea Schaeffer +         Dr. Mark J. Fulton
Beverly Boyer +                                  Mary Rizzardi Taylor
                                                                                                   Ms. Margaret M. Scheirer                          Mr. and Mrs. John Geismar
Susan Brown                                      Paula Thompson
                                                                                                   Mr. and Ms. Glenn Schmehl                         Ms. Gail M. Greth
Stephen P. Buggy                                 Heidi Trexler Price

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 40
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Haase, Jr.                    Mrs. Pauline Seidel                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Boyer                      Ms. Stephanie Dziedzic
Mr. Jon P. Haase                                 Ms. Hattie M. Seiwell                             Ms. Ruth M. Boyer                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dale T. Eck
Mr. C. Handwerk                                  Mr. David C. Semmel ++                            Mr. and Mrs. Warren Braucher                       Mr. and Mrs. Walter Eck
Ms. Mary E. Handwerk                             Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Shaver                    Mr. Donald Breininger +                            Mr. and Mrs. Alan Eickhoff
Mr. Walter Handwerk                              Mr. and Mrs. John Shreiner                        Mrs. Margaret Breitenstein                         Mr. T. Arden Eidell
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hart                         Mrs. Deborah J. Smith-Craine                      Ms. Evelyn Brensinger                              Ms. Janice Eisenbise
Mr. William V. Hartman                           Mr. Ray Snayberger                                Mr. David Bright                                   Ms. Cynthia Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Heck                      Mr. Carl D. Snyder ++                             Mr. Francis Brobst and Ms. Anna                    Mr. Oran S. Emrich
Mr. Kenneth D. Hendrix ++                        Mr. Donald E. Spahr                                 Greenawalt                                       Judge and Mrs. David Enoch
Ms. Florence Herber                              Mr. William Spalik                                Mr. and Mrs. Marion G. Brooks                      Mrs. Karen J. Epting
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hobaugh                   Mr. James Springer and Ms. Jane Lantz             Mrs. Susan Brower                                  Mrs. Betty Erdman +
Ms. Bertha Hoffman                               Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Stauffer                      Mrs. Rosann Buchman                                Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Espenshade
Dr. David Hoffman and Dr. Kristen                Mr. Timothy B. Stauffer                           Mr. Jacob Bullock                                  Mrs. Jeanne Esser ++++
  Angstadt                                       Ms. Janet T. Sullivan                             Mr. Brian T. Burger                                Mr. and Mrs. Gene Esterly
Col. and Mrs. Carson Holman ++                   Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Swope +                     Dr. Harry B. Burger                                Mr. and Mrs. W. Etherington
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hontz                         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sylawa                        Ms. Louise A. Burke                                Ms. Albertha Ezell
Mr. and Mrs. William Hornberger Jr.              Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Szarko                      Ms. Cynthia E. Caddoo                              Mr. John Faisetty
Ms. Janet Innis                                  Mr. Kevin Timochenko                              Mr. John Callen +                                  Mr. Glenn D. Fegely
Mr. James M. Kauffman                            Mr. LeRoy Trupe                                   Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Cancelmo                      Ms. Phyllis Fegely
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kazaks                   Mr. Angelo Voutsinos                              Mr. Gary Canuso                                    Mrs. Beulah B. Fehr
Ms. Jean L. Keefer                               Rev. Philip S. Walck                              Mr. Leonard Chanda                                 Ms. Mary Jane Feidler
Mr. Norman L. Keller                             Mr. Christopher Wambu                             Ms. Virginia R. Chandler                           Ms. Madeline Feliciano
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kern                          Ms. Kathryn Watt                                  Mr. and Mrs. Glen T. Cheney                        Ms. Marion E. Fenstermaker
Mr. Lee Kershner                                 Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weisbrod                    Ms. Margie Christian                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Fenstermaker
Mr. and Mrs. John Ketner                         Rev. and Mrs. Richard C. Wolf                     Mr. Louis Ciampi                                   Mrs. Rita Ferraro-Boyst
Mr. John Kinder                                  Ms. Barbara S. Wunder                             Mr. and Mrs. George Cingle Jr.                     Ms. Beverly Fink
Rev. Samuel Kistler                              Mr. and Mrs. William E. Yoder, Sr.                Ms. Margaret Claywell                              Mrs. Tillie Fisher
Ms. Sally G. Knappenberger ++                    Ms. Minnie K. Young                               Ms. Helene Clement                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fitzsimons
Dr. George Muugi and Ms. Jasperdean              Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zeoli                          Mr. William B. Clewell                             Ms. Christina M. Flahive +
  Kobes                                          Contributors                                      Mr. and Mrs. James R. Clifford                     Ms. Beulah Follmer
Ms. Joyce Kratz +                                Ms. Elizabeth Adam                                Ms. Sandra Jean Coldren                            Mr. Michael Forth
Mr. Abner O. Krumanocker                         Mr. Carl H. Adams                                 Ms. Margaret E. Cole                               Ms. Susan Fortna +
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Kucsma                    Ms. Sue Adam                                      Mr. and Mrs. John J. Collins                       Ms. Barbara Fowler
Dr. Timothy Kutz, M.D.                           Mr. and Mrs. George Allport                       Mr. and Mrs. William Collins                       Mr. and Mrs. York France
Ms. L. Stella Labe                               Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Almeida                   Mr. and Mrs. Warren Conner                         Dr. John B. Frantz
Mr. Craig Lorah                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Angstadt                       Mr. Timothy R. Conrad                              Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. L. Charles Marcon                   Mr. J. W. Angstadt                                Ms. Ann Consalvi                                   Ms. Helen Frey
Ms. Francia B. Marshall                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Angstadt +                Mr. and Mrs. Brett Cook, Sr.                       Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Frey +
Mr. Francis J. Mastropaolo                       Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Antolick                   Mr. and Mrs. William Cook                          Mr. Dale Fritchman
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Maxwell +                     Mr. and Mrs. William B. Arnold                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Crosby                      Mr. Floyd Fry
Ms. Virginia McGinley                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ashton +                      Ms. Gail L. Dalton                                 Mr. Tom Furey
Mrs. Jay Merkel                                  Ms. Julie Axberg                                  Ms. Elaine Dalvet                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Fuss
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Meyer                      Mr. John L. Bachman                               Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Dannecker                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gallinger
Mr. Ronald L. Miksiewicz                         Mr. and Mrs. Melvin G. Bachman II                 Ms. Barbara DaRe and Ms. Emily David               Mr. Robert Gardner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Miller                      Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Baldrige Jr.                Mr. Dale L. Darkes +                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gasper
Ms. Barb Mills                                   Ms. Edna Balthaser                                Mrs. Jean Daub                                     Ms. Theresa H. Gauger
Ms. Esther Mohn                                  Ms. Gladys A. Barclay +                           Ms. Barbara Davis                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Gechter ++
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Morrell                   Mr. Eberhard Bareiss                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Davis                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gehringer
Mr. Michael Morris                               Ms. Laura Barrale                                 Mr. and Ms. John R. Davis                          Dr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Gehris +
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Moyer                        Mr. Ed Barry                                      Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis                         Mr. and Mrs. David S. Geissinger
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Muhlhausen                    Ms. Brenda Bartholomew                            Mrs. Rosemary Davis                                Mr. and Mrs. Warren Geissinger
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Murphy                      Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bartholomew                   Rev. Charles J. DeBoeser, Jr. +                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geist
Mr. and Ms. Robert Nagle                         Mr. A. J. Bashore II                              Ms. Mary Degler                                    Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Geist
Mrs. Mae S. Noecker                              Ms. Roma Bauscher +                               Mr. Stanley E. Degler                              Mrs. Hilda George
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nudo +                        Dr. and Mrs. John D. Bealer                       Mr. and Mrs. C. Louis Deibel                       Mrs. Jean George
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Oxenford +               Mr. Ronald Beck                                   Ms. Marian L. Delmore                              Mr. Thomas J. Gerhart
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Palmer                   Mr. and Mrs. Dale C. Beitzel                      Mr. Roy Dengler                                    Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gewartowski
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Palmer                      Ms. Stephanie D. Bender                           Ms. Patricia Dennick                               Ms. Florence Gier
Mr. John Andras and Ms. Suzanne Palmer           Ms. Patricia Benes                                Ms. Janice Depetris                                Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Glander
Mrs. Jenn Paolini                                Mr. and Mrs. Dorsen Berger                        Mr. Richard Dewalt                                 Mr. Clifford Glass
Mr. Robert Brown and Ms. Lupe Pearce             Ms. Margaret Berger                               Mr. and Mrs. James Dibert                          Mr. Joseph Gluchowski
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Piotrowski               Ms. Mary Ann L. Bevard                            Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur F. Diefenderfer, Jr.           Ms. Susan Graham
Ms. Margaret K. Potteiger                        Ms. Mabel Bickel                                  Mr. Robert Diesner                                 Mr. and Ms. Thomas C. Green
Ms. Dorcas Pratley                               Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Bieber                      Mrs. Beatrice V. Dietrich                          Ms. Donna Greenawalt
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Radu                      Ms. Carolyn M. Billman                            Ms. Ellen E. Dietrich +                            Mr. Terrence Greenawalt
Mr. Lawrence Reamslager                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bittner                       Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Dietrich                   Mr. Edward Greiss
Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Reinhard                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black                           Mr. Ray Dietrich                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Gressley
Ronald I. Reiter, D.M.D.                         Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Blatt                          Mr. Richard A. Dietrich                            Mr. Gerald E. Grim
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Renshaw                      Ms. Edith M. Blecker +                            Mr. Robert E. Dietrich                             Attorney and Mrs. Robert P. Grim +
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Charles W. Rixey           Ms. Lorraine Bleiler                              Mr. and Mrs. George Dilliard                       Mr. Earl M. Gross +
Mr. E. Roche and Ms. Amy Roche +                 Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bloomfield                    Ms. Caren Dissinger                                Mrs. and Mr. Joan Guers
Mr. Eugene Rohrbach                              Ms. Maureen Boer                                  Ms. Leota A. Dodge                                 Ms. Joanie Guers
Mr. Martin Rohrbach                              Ms. Debra Bognatz                                 Mrs. Lucy Domingo                                  Mr. Harold Guinther
Mr. James Ryan                                   Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Bohner                    Ms. Audrey Doudt                                   Mr. Donald Gunsten and Ms. Deborah
Mr. Paul Sadrowitz                               Mr. Kenneth A. Bohner                             Ms. Margaret A. Dougherty                            Palmer
Mr. Mark Sawyer                                  Mr. Harvey J. Bomberger +                         Ms. Susan A. Doyle                                 Mr. Lee W. Haas
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Schantz                Mr. and Mrs. Norman Borger ++                     Ms. Deborah Drager                                 Mr. and Mrs. David Hafer
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Schisler                  Mr. Robert A. Borger                              Ms. Lorraine E. Dries                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hahn +
Mr. Carl F. Schmoyer                             Mr. James Borrell                                 Ms. Elizabeth A. Drozda                            Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Hahn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schneck                      Ms. Sally J. Bortz                                Mr. Paul E. Dunmire                                Mrs. Patty Hallock
Mr. Donald A. Schuder                            Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Bosle                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dunn                          Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton
Ms. Karen Schwartz                               Mr. Eugene Bound                                  Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn                            Ms. Heather Harakal
Mr. James W. Schwoyer ++                         Ms. Anita Bowermaster                             Dr. Donald F. Durnbaugh                            Mr. and Mrs. James W. Harper
Mr. Daniel R. Seidel +                           Ms. Marianne Boyd                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dwyer                      Ms. Janet Harper

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

41 FALL 2005 Tower
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harrington                     Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kusnir                         Ms. Candace Nagle                                  Mr. and Mrs. James W. Schoellkopf, Sr.
Mr. Milton Hartman                               Ms. Kathleen Kutz                                 Ms. Connie Nagy                                    Mr. Richard T. Schoenberger +
Mrs. William Hartman                             Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Lagler                       Mr. Neal Neamand                                   Mr. Robert H. Schong
Mrs. Gloria C. Hartzell                          Mr. and Mrs. James Laine                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Nichols Jr.                 Mr. Christopher Schramm and
Mr. and Mrs. James Hartzell                      Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lakatosh +                      Mr. Frank Nosek                                       Ms. Stefanie Koval
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hassler                  Rev. Dr. and Mrs. George M. Landes                Mr. Joseph Novak                                   Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Schroeder ++
Mr. Lester E. Hauer, Sr.                         Mr. Roy S. Landis                                 Mr. John R. O'Boyle Jr.                            Ms. Emma L. Schuler
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood L. Heck                      Mr. Raymond C. Lauver                             Ms. Diane S. O'Brien-Groff                         Ms. Mary H. Schuler
Mr. David J. Heckman                             Ms. Rebecca L. Lawrence                           Mr. Ronald Oberdoester                             Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schwenk
Mr. Russell L. Heintzelman                       Ms. Elmira Layton                                 Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Oddo                          Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Scott
Ms. Ann Heinz                                    Mr. Bertram D. Leiby                              Ms. Joan R. Olley                                  Mr. John Scott and Mrs. Margaret Waibel
Mr. Mark C. Heist                                Mr. Earl Leiby                                    Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Orientale Jr.                  Mrs. Lorraine Seaman
Mr. Stuart Helble                                Mr. Earl W. Leiby                                 Mr. Donald R. Oswald                               Mr. John Semic
Mr. Thomas P. Held                               Mr. William M. Lesher                             Mr. Frederick Oswald *                             Mr. Vito Sgaramella and Ms. Valerie
Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. Helmantoler               Mr. Marvin Leslie +                               Ms. Grace E. Oswald                                  Hawkins
Mrs. Lillian Hemerly                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Lessig, III               Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Overmyer                   Mr. Scott Shamany
Mr. Clifford L. Hendershot Jr.                   Ms. Merrilee Levin                                Ms. Pauline Owens                                  Mr. Roy L. Sharman
Ms. Ruth Hertzog                                 Ms. Ruth Lichtenwalner                            Mrs. Thomas O. Oyler, Sr.                          Mr. David Sheidy
Mr. John High                                    Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lindenberg +                  Mrs. Anna Palko                                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shellenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hilbert                      Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Linzey                        Ms. Jacqueline Panila +                            Mrs. Marilyn Shelly
Ms. Nancy Hildenbrand                            Mr. Rick Littlehales                              Mrs. Carolyn Peiffer                               Mr. Patrick Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hill                      Ms. Janet S. Loengard                             Mr. and Mrs. Fred Peifley                          Mr. and Mrs. Elton J. Sherman
Ms. Margaret Hitscherich                         Mr. Richard B. Long                               Mr. and Mrs. James Pelc +                          Mr. Richard Shindell
Ms. Mary Ellen Hoffman                           Mr. David M. Longenbach                           Ms. Madeline Penchishen +                          Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Shouldice
Ms. Elaine Hollenbach                            Mr. Rodney S. Loose                               Mr. Clem Pennington                                Col. Leonard E. Shupp
Mr. and Mrs. William Hollinger                   Mrs. Michele J. Losman                            Mr. and Mrs. Levi B. Peters Jr.                    Ms. Melissa Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Holtzman                  Mr. Mark L. Louden                                Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Peters                      Ms. Sharon Sincavage
Mr. and Mrs. Amos B. Hoover                      Mrs. Margaret Lowy                                Mr. and Mrs. Roger Phillips                        Ms. Gladys H. Six +
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoppel                         Ms. Eva C. Loy                                    Ms. Donna M. Pidcock                               Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Slechta
Mr. David Horwat                                 Mrs. Doris Luckenbill                             Mr. James R. Pike                                  Dr. David C. Smith
Ms. Doris Horwath                                Mr. Robert C. Lusch                               Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pitts                          Mrs. Edna N. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hosler                   Ms. Gloria M. Lutz                                Mr. and Mrs Douglas F. Ports Jr.                   Mr. Laird P. Smith
Ms. Melissa E. Hough                             Mr. Moshe Maclev                                  Mr. John Powell                                    Mrs. Leda Y. Smith
Mr. Philip Hower                                 Ms. Kathleen Maier                                Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Price                        Mr. Martin J. Smith, Sr.
Ms. Anna Marie Howser                            Ms. Karen Majer                                   Mr. and Mrs. George W. Prosser Jr.                 Mr. Norman Smith
Mr. Robert R. Huber                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mann                       Ms. Ethel Pudleiner +                              Mr. Ralph C. Smith, Jr.
Ms. Beulah E. Hubley                             Mr. Charles Manns                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rabenold ++                   Ms. Shirley L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Huey                         Ms. Carolyn J. Mantz                              Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Raber                        Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Snyder
Ms. Harriet R. Hunt                              Mr. John Marquette                                Ms. Emma L. Rahn                                   Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Snyder +
Mr. and Mrs. Felix P. Iacovone                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Martin                    Mrs. Mary Redline                                  Mr. Derle M. Snyder
Ms. Jeanette R. Imbody                           Ms. Winona Master                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Regensburger                  Mr. Evan S. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. E. Eugene Innis                     Ms. Venice Matthias +                             Ms. Shirley Reifsnyder                             Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Jan H. C. Itnyre                    Ms. Eileen E. Matus                               Dr. and Mrs. John W. Reinhart +                    Mr. Harold Solt
Ms. Jaime M. Jackowski                           Mr. and Mrs. George R. Matyus                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reininger                      Mr. and Mrs. Stewart F. Sonen
Ms. Millie Jackson                               Mr. Gernant Maurer                                Rev. and Mrs. Phares Reitz                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sonkin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jamieson                       Ms. Cindy May +                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rentz                         Ms. Camille Spagnolo
Ms. Debbie Jarrett and Mr. Bob Schultz           Mrs. Judith L. Mazlum                             Mr. Dennis H. Reppert                              Mrs. Jean H. Spayd
Ms. Gretchen Johnson                             Ms. Peg Kent McCormack                            Ms. Gloria Rhoads                                  Ms. Donna Spratt
Mr. Steve Johnson                                SFC and Mrs. Thomas McCray, Jr.                   Ms. Goldie M. Rhode                                Ms. Cynthia Spudeno
Mr. and Mrs. David Johnston                      Mr. and Mrs. David R. McDonnell                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Richards                    Ms. Sharon Stabley
Ms. Donna Jones                                  Mr. Clyde McGeary                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richardson                     Mr. Darwin Stapleton
Ms. Joan A. Jones                                Ms. Donna McIntosh                                Ms. Mary A. Ricker +                               Mr. and Mrs. Roger Steele
Mr. Patrick C. L. Kapun                          Ms. Ruth S. McKeown                               Ms. Margaret E. Ridgway                            Ms. Shirley Steigerwalt and
Mr. Thomas C. Keck                               Mrs. James McLachlan                              Ms. Irene Riedener                                 Mr. and Mrs. Feryl Stein +
Ms. Sandra Keegan                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLaughlin +                  Mr. Bruce Rissmiller                               Mr. Thomas F. Stein
Mr. and Mrs. John Keenan                         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. McTish                    Ms. Nancy F. Roberson                              Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Steltz
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kehler +                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Meck                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Roberts                      Mr. John Stemler
Mr. Edward Kelchner                              Mr. Earl Mege                                     Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Robinson                    Ms. Linda G. Sterner
Ms. Patricia J. Keller                           Ms. Joan A. Mege                                  Mr. George M. Rodenbach                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoneback
Ms. Ruth H. Kelly                                Ms. Robin S. Melavalin                            Ms. Kathleen Rodrigues                             Ms. M. J. Stoner
Mr. Franklin Kemp                                Mr. and Mrs. Steven Mengel                        Mr. William Rohrer +                               Mr. Frank Straup
Ms. Gloria Kern                                  Mr. Peter Merrill                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roman +                        Mr. William A. Strausser
Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Kern ++                      Mrs. Olive G. Merritt                             Dr. Ronald Romig                                   Ms. Charlotte Sunday
Ms. Lucy Kern +                                  Mr. Russell Metz +                                Mr. Greg Rossi                                     Ms. Barbra Supko
Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Kerschner                     Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller +++                     Mr. Ronald Roth                                    Ms. Linda Sutton
Mr. John C. Kissinger                            Mr. John Miller                                   Mr. Marshall E. Rumbaugh                           R. A. Svotelis
Ms. RayDelle M. Kistler                          Ms. Mary C. Miller                                Mrs. Charles Rush                                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Swartley
Mr. John B. Kline                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller +                     Mrs. Eniko Russell +                               Ms. Lori Swider
Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Kline                     Mr. Michael A. Miller                             Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Rymer                       Ms. Agnes B. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Knaub +                   Ms. Miriam Miller                                 Mr. Robert Sandherr                                Mr. and Mrs. George R. Taylor
Mr. Frederick Knauss                             Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Miller                    Ms. Theresa Sawkenas +                             Ms. Virginia Thorpe
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Knipling                    Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Miller                     Ms. Donna Scanlon                                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Trainer
Mr. LeRoy Koch +                                 Ms. Mae C. Miller-Dieter                          Rev. and Mrs. Richard H. Schaefer                  Mr. Ronald Treichler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Koch                      Mr. and Mrs. David Minor                          Ms. Janice Schaeffer                               Ms. Martha Trein
Mr. and Mrs. Don Kochan                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill Monheimer                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schamerloh                 Mr. Phil Trimble
Mr. Gregg Kociolek                               Mr. Richard S. Monheit                            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schappell +                   Mr. and Mrs. Fred Turner
Ms. Betty Jane Koehler +                         Ms. Miriam Morris                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Scheirer                   Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Turner
Rev. and Mrs. James D. Koones                    Ms. Diane F. Mosley                               Ms. Joyce A. Schelly +                             Mr. and Mrs. Francis Undorfer
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kratz                    Ms. Catharine R. Mouer                            Rev. and Mrs. John Schilling, III                  Mrs. Lark Vandermark
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Krauth                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Moyer                      Mr. Thomas W. Schleicher                           Mr. Al Vanim
Mr. Richard Kunkel                               Mrs. Ruth M. Moyer +                              Mr. Robert Schlosberg                              Mr. Mark A. Vankuren
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kunkel                      Mrs. Darby Muggio                                 Mr. Richard R. Schmick                             Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Vasiliades
Ms. Linda Kurasz                                 Mr. David Musket                                  Mr. Lutz Schmidt                                   Mr. Kent Vendrick +
Ms. Deb Kushnerick                               Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Musser +                  Mr. Anthony Schneider

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 42
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Victor H. Jahelka III                Mr. Bryan Baxter
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keller ++                    Ms. Pamela Beardsell

        donor designation for gifts 2004-2005
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Kelsch                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Becker, Sr.
                                                                                                   Ms. Donna Knutsen                                 Mr. Joseph Beeunas
                                                                                                   Mr. Jeffery Kolva                                 Ms. Diane L. Behm
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Koromi                       Mr. and Mrs. Sterling H. Behney, II
                                                                                                   Mr. Anthony Lapore                                Ms. Shelley Beissel
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martrich +                    Ms. Elaine Belcastro
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward McCourt                       Mr. Philip Bellace
                                                                                                   Ms. Melissa Miller                                Mrs. Kelly Bendas
                                                                                                   Mr. Richard Miller                                Mr. Dan Bender
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mirarchi                     Ms. Luann Bender
                   Temporarily                                                                     Dr. Mary P. Ogletree                              Ms. Teresa A. Benne
                   Restricted:                                                                     Mr. Richard A. Ogorek                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Benner
                                                             Unrestricted                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pfender +                     Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bennington
                   Academics &
                                                                 11%                               Ms. Angelina Pilz
                                                                                                   Mr. John M. Piosa
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Bernard Benson
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Berchtold
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ernie C. Post                        Ms. Penny Berger
                   Current                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Willis M. Rapp +                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bernarde
                     Scholarships                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Rentschler              Ms. Brenda J. Berrier
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Riggins                     Ms. and Mrs. Marina Bertin
                   Athletics                        Endowment                                      Mr. Randy C. Schaeffer                            Mr. and Mrs. John Bertman +
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schirmer                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Bibic ++
                           69%                          20%                                        Mr. John A. Schlegel
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Showalter
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bickley
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Carol Bienfang
                                                                                                   Mrs. Linda Slack and Mr. Mohamed                  Mr. Darryl Biggs
                                                                                                       Mohamdein                                     Mr. and Mrs. Carter Biggs
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith ++                  Mrs. Diane Blanar
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Somers, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Blasek
                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. James E. Sowerwine                   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Bleam
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Steider                   Ms. Michele Bloom
                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. David T. Stevenson, Jr.              Mrs. Patti A. Blose
Dr. Edith Von Zemenszky and                      Ms. Jennifer Zadzura                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Verdelli                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bloser
   Mr. Carl Von Zemenszky                        Mr. Dave Zapotocky                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ward                          Ms. Jane Bobel
Mr. Paul Waldek                                  Mr. Federico L. Zayas                             Ms. Jean Waters                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bobrownicki
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Walsh                  Mr. and Mrs. Ray Zerby                            Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Zvorsky                   Mrs. Susan Boddy
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Wanner                     Mr. and Mrs. Steven Zettle                        Contributors                                      Ms. Christine Boettcher
Mr. John M. Ward                                 Mr. Earl R. Zettlemoyer                           Mr. and Mrs. Max Abrams                           Mr. David H. Bokan
Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Ward                        Dr. Franklin Zimmerman                            Ms. Joanne Adam                                   Mr. Charles M. Boltz
Mr. James B. Weaver                              Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zobel                          Ms. Rhonda Adam                                   Mr. and Mrs. David Bondura
Ms. Lisa Weida                                                                                     Ms. Karen M. Adams                                Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bonk
Mr. Ralph J. Weidner +                                                                             Mr. Michael Adams                                 Mr. Michael Bono
Mr. Randy Weit +                                 Parents                                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Agatone                      Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bonomo
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Denise Borchelt
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Wenner                      Tower Club                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Albrecht
Mr. Alan Wentworth                                                                                 Mr. Brian Alexander                               Mr. David Borgeson, Jr.
                                                 Mr. Richard L. Button +++
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Werkheiser                                                                    Mr. Calvin Allison                                Mr. and Mrs. Peter Borghesi
                                                 President's Club                                                                                    Ms. Dorthy T. Borman
Mr. Donald R. Werley                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Joe Almoney
                                                 Mr. John Acanfora                                                                                   Ms. Christine Bott
Ms. Irene Werley                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Keith K. Altemose
                                                 Mr. Mark Brandon                                                                                    Ms. Cheryl Bouman
Mr. Paul O. Werley                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Althouse
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hults +                                                                        Ms. Darcy Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Wertman                                                                    Mr. Robert Althouse
                                                 Ms. Cathy Marczak                                                                                   Ms. Terie L. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Wessner                                                                    Mr. Colie Ames
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Weiss                                                                            Ms. April Boyd
Ms. Carlie Wetzel                                                                                  Mr. Stephen Andolino
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Zera +                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boyer
Ms. Heidi White                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Andrasi
Mrs. Marian Whitner                              Maroon & Gold Club                                Ms. Kathleen Andreas                              Ms. Manette Boyer
Rev. and Mrs. Glen V. Wiberg                     Dr. Marjorie Borden and Mr. Jack Borden +         Ms. Celia L. Andrews                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wieand                         Ms. Katherine Brice                               Ms. Jo Ann J. Antosy                              Mr. and Mrs. Greg Brace
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Wiederhold                     Mr. and Mrs. R. Franklin Campbell +               Ms. Patricia Anzivine                             Mr. Peter Brach
Ms. Evelyn Werkheiser                            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Dottor +++                Mr. and Mrs. Barry Appelbaum                      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Braddock
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wiggins +                    Mr. Daniel F. Downing                             Mr. Ray Arditi                                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brainard
Mr. John Wilde                                   Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Eisenhuth                  Mr. and Mrs. John Armellino                       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Brandt
Ms. Melanie Will +                               Mr. Thomas C. Kaltreider                          Mr. and Mrs. Scott Arnold                         Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brassfield
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Williams                   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Leeper                        Mr. Ron Arrighy                                   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Brazuk
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Williams                  Mr. and Mrs. John Sadlowski                       Ms. Karen Arters                                  Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Breidenstein
Mr. James P. Williams                            Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Westmoreland               Ms. Della H. Ashton                               Mr. and Mrs. James Bricker
Mr. Preston Williams                             Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Woodard +                 Ms. Lori E. Atkins                                Mr. and Mrs. Vince Brisini
Mr. Reed Williams +                              Century Club                                      Ms. Paula Austin                                  Ms. Christine Broderick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Williams                  Ms. Denise Armstrong                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Austin                       Mr. Joseph Brown
Mr. Michael Wilson                               Ms. Diana Baroni                                  Ms. Shoshana R. Avramovitz                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wisser                        Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Barthel                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Axsom                         Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Brown +
Ms. Mary Ellen Withers                           Mr. John W. Berry                                 Ms. Dona Ayers                                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bryan
Mr. Barry Woerner                                Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bowen ++                      Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Badmann                     Mrs. Karen B. Bryan ++++
Mr. David Wohlbach                               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brandt +                      Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bainbridge                      Ms. Silvia Buceta
Mr. Jerome G. Wojszynski                         Mr. Frank P. Crossin                              Ms. Antoinette Baker                              Mr. Keith Buch
Mr. Joseph Wojszynski and Ms. Bel                Mr. and Mrs. James Crosson                        Ms. Patricia Baker                                Ms. Marjorie Bucholz
  Edmonson                                       Mr. William Decelle                               Mr. Ronald M. Balerno                             Ms. Sue Buckius
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Wojszynski                Mr. and Mrs. James Dierolf                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Balogh                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Buddenhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe +                      Mr. and Mrs. James Dudish                         Ms. Melinda Banghart                              Mr. Thomas R. Bunting
Mr. Elder Wood                                   Mr. and Mrs. David Freas                          Ms. Theresa Barndt                                Mr. and Mrs. Eric Burghoffer
Mr. James Woodward +                             Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Godshall +                  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Barrell                        Mr. and Mrs. William Burns
Mr. Edward Wright                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Hafera                     Mrs. Brenda E. Barton                             Mr. and Mrs. John Burzynski
Ms. Mary Ann Yankosky                            Ms. Robin R. Haley                                Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Bateman                        Ms. Denise Busby
Mr. Yian Yen                                     Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Haroldson                      Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Bauer                      Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Yenser                       Mr. Michael Heiney                                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bauer                           Mr. and Mrs. William Bush
Mr. Thomas A. Yenser +                           Mr. and Mrs. William Herman                       Mrs. Margaret E. Bauer                            Ms. Diane Butler

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

43 FALL 2005 Tower
Ms. Cathy E. Button                              Ms. Adeline Davis                                 Ms. Susan J. Fiorentino                           Ms. Gayle Hagerman
Mr. Gary Butzer                                  Mrs. Deborah J. Dawson                            Ms. Robin Fisher                                  Mr. Dean Hallet
Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Byler                        Mr. Brian Deangelis                               Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzpatrick                    Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Hallman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cahill                       Ms. Rosita DeCarlo                                Ms. Barbara Flaumenbaum                           Mr. and Mrs. Shepperd Halper
Mr. and Mrs. David Calafrancesco                 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Decker                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Floros                     Mr. and Mrs. James Halye
Ms. Beverly Campbell McBride                     Mr. and Mrs. Lee Decker                           Mrs. Cheryle Flurer                               Ms. Robin Hamme
Mr. Rande Canan +                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delallo                      Ms. Ellen Focht                                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hanford
Ms. Dolores Canning                              Mr. James N. Delbo                                Mrs. Linda M. Force                               Ms. Linda M. Harlor
Ms. Pura Capone                                  Ms. Cindy Delgrosso                               Mr. and Mrs. David Forlini                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Harmony
Ms. Nancy Carhart                                Mr. Frank Dell Beni                               Ms. Cindy Forsythe                                Mr. and Mrs. David Harnish
Ms. Sue Carino                                   Mr. Frederick Deller                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Foster                        Ms. Natalie Harrison
Ms. Jill Carita                                  Mrs. Mary Demichael                               Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fox                            Ms. Sue G. Harry
Ms. Bernadine Carmadella                         Ms. Patricia A. Demming                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fox                           Mr. and Mrs. Willliam Harter +
Ms. Terry Carr                                   Mr. Thomas Dempsey                                Mr. and Mrs. Ken Frank                            Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hartman
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Carroll                      Mr. Walter Denkowski                              Ms. Judy Frankenfield                             Mr. Scott Hartzell
Mr. Robert Carroll                               Mr. and Mrs. Rinaldo Depaola                      Mr. and Mrs. James Frederick                      Ms. Barbara Harvey
Ms. Mary Jo Casaldi                              Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Depari                         Mr. and Mrs. Doug Frederick                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hasenmayer
Mr. Albert Casale                                Mr. Gregory Depta                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Freed                        Mr. and Mrs. Kurk Haubrich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casarella                    Ms. Sally Ann L. Derby                            Ms. Jo Anne A. Freidly                            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Haverovich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cascio                      Mrs. Diana D. Derr                                Ms. Denise Frisoli                                Mr. and Mrs. Lance Hawk
Ms. Donna Casciole                               Mrs. Jane Detweiler                               Ms. Florence Fritz                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hawley
Ms. Virginia Casey                               Mr. Anthony Devita                                Ms. Mary Louise Fuchsel                           Ms. Candace Hawrylo
Ms. Carol Cassano                                Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Diaz +                       Mr. John M. Fulginiti                             Mr. James D. Heaney
Mrs. Patricia Cassise                            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dibble                        Mr. and Mrs. John Gallagher                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Heaps
Ms. Joan Cavanagh                                Ms. Karen Dietterick                              Mrs. Sheila Gallagher                             Mr. William L. Heffelfinger +
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Cesarini                  Mr. and Mrs. George Dietz                         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Gamble, Sr.                Ms. Robyn Hefferan
Ms. Darcy K. Chamberlain                         Ms. Rosanne Digilio                               Ms. Jaime M. Garcia                               Mrs. Anna M. Heffner
Ms. Laura Chamberlain                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Dillman                    Mr. Michael Garlitz                               Mr. and Mrs. William Heim +
Mr. Wand Chapin                                  Ms. Mary N. Dimaria                               Mr. Jack Garner, Jr.                              Mrs. Patricia L. Heine
Ms. Chandrakant Chauhan                          Ms. Kimberly Dinkins                              Ms. Nancy Garner                                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hellmuth
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chicora                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael Distefano                    Mr. Robert P. Garner                              Mrs. Christine Hemmert
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Christman                     Ms. Maria M. Domingues                            Mr. Gary Garwacke                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hendler
Ms. Patricia Christopher                         Ms. Linda Donegan                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gasper                        Ms. Teri Henrie
Mr. Gary Chubb                                   Mr. Donald L. Doran                               Ms. Cindy Gaston                                  Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Henry
Mr. Kevin Clark                                  Ms. Kimberly Dorney                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gaudiello +                   Ms. Mary Pat Henry
Ms. Elizabeth Clements                           Ms. Kathryn R. Dos Santos                         Ms. Maureen S. Gavin                              Mr. Ronald Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Clements                 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dotterer                       Ms. Danuta A. Gawrych                             Mr. and Mrs. William Henry
Ms. Sharon S. Clemmer                            Ms. Meredith Dougherty                            Mr. Douglas R. Gayman                             Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Herbster
Ms. Tracey Clemmer                               Mrs. Karen Doyle                                  Ms. Annette Gearinger                             Ms. Cleotilde Hernandez
Ms. Julie Clipp                                  Mr. and Mrs. Allen Drum                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Geddis                        Mr. and Mrs. Julio C. Hernandez
Mrs. Patricia Cobb                               Mr. and Mrs. John Duddek                          Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gehman                          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Herr
Mr. John Coburn                                  Ms. Penny Duffield                                Mr. and Mrs. David Gehman                         Mr. Michael Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. John Cole                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Dunkelberger              Mr. Robert Genn                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Collevechio                   Ms. Ellen Dunn                                    Ms. Deborah George                                Mr. and Mrs. William Hershey Jr.
Ms. Carolyn J. Collins                           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Duross                         Ms. Debra George                                  Ms. Betty R. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Collins                     Ms. Mary Jane Dutton                              Mr. and Mrs. Joe Germani                          Ms. Sharon Hess +
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Collins                      Ms. Wendy W. Earley                               Ms. Theresa Giamarino                             Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hetrick
Ms. Terri Collins                                Mr. Ronald E. Ebling                              Mr. and Mrs. John Gibble                          Ms. Sharon M. Hicks
Mrs. Lynn E. Conklin Power                       Mr. and Mrs. John Edge                            Ms. Deborah Gibson                                Mr. and Mrs. Earle Hill, Jr.
Ms. Alice J. Conley                              Ms. Vanessa Edwards                               Mr. James J. Gierlich                             Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Himes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conley                      Mr. and Mrs. Henry Egberts                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gilbert                       Ms. Robin Hinton
Mr. Theodore Conner                              Mr. Eric M. Ehrhardt                              Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gill                            Mr. and Mrs. James Hoban
Ms. Storie Connors                               Ms. Susan Eide                                    Ms. Darlene Gillett                               Ms Barbara Hoell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Conover                      Ms. Susan Eiler                                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gillette                      Ms. Barbara M. Hoff
Ms. Judith Copeland                              Ms. Wendy R. Elliott                              Mr. John Gladstone                                Ms. Barbara Hoffert
Ms. Susan Corso                                  Ms. Patricia Encarnado                            Mr. John Glasser                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hoffert
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Cortezzo                       Mr. and Mrs. James Engle                          Mr. Erol E. Goktuna                               Mrs. Kathleen R. Hoffman
Ms. Michele Costello                             Ms. Donna Erb                                     Mr. Richard Goldberg                              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hoffmaster
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coull                        Ms. Cindy Erskine                                 Mr. Frederick Goldschmidt                         Ms. Lynne Hogarth
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Courant                        Mr. Phillip Esbenshade                            Mr. John Gonzales                                 Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Coverdale                 Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Espenshade                    Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Gonzales                      Mr. and Mrs. William Holt
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Cox                          Ms. Deborah Estock                                Ms. Patricia A. Governale                         Ms. Cindy Hooven
Ms. Joann Cragle                                 Mr. Mark Ettaro                                   Mr. George Graf and Mrs. Susan                    Mr. and Mrs. James Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Craig                       Mr. and Mrs. James Eyrich                             Johnston Graf                                 Ms. Carol Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Craig                       Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Falconi                        Mr. Martin Grant                                  Ms. Debra Horn
Mr. Joseph Craparo                               Ms. Annette Falkowski                             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Grau                          Ms. Barbara Horner
Mr. John C. Crawford                             Mrs. Roseann Fama                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grazious                      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Horoff
Ms. Arnita Crawl                                 Ms. Gail D. Fantasia                              Mr. Richard Greco                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hubbuch +
Mr. John S. Creeden                              Mr. Richard Farkas                                Mr. Paul Green                                    Ms. Melinda Hubler
Ms. Maryann Cresta                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott Featherman                     Mr. and Mrs. Tim Green                            Ms. Annette Huertas
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Crone +                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Feffer                        Ms. Kristian Gregersen                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes
Mrs. Barbara M. Cruz                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fegley                        Ms. Michaline Gregorowicz                         Ms. Mary Hushen
Mr. Vincent D'Errico                             Ms. Catherine C. Feiler                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Grieggs                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyde
Mr. Steven Dague                                 Ms. Debbie Fenstermaker                           Ms. Patricia Grumman                              Mr. Peter Iannelli
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dalton                       Ms. Nancy Fenstermaker                            Mr. and Mrs. Louis Guarino                        Ms. Betty E. Iarossi
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Daly                     Mr. Robert Ferenchko                              Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gury                           Mr. Thomas Illig
Ms. Diana Danowski                               Ms. Susan Ferris                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dean Gussis                          Mr. Frank Inzinna
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Dart                      Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Fichthorn                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Guth                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Irwin
Ms. Sherry P. Datesman                           Mr. and Mrs. Terry Fick                           Mr. Mark R. Guthrie, Jr.                          Mr. Anthony Italiani
Ms. Donna Daub                                   Mr. and Mrs. William W. Fields                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haag                          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jabornik
Ms. Cheryl Daumer                                Ms. Genette Fields-Smith                          Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haas                           Ms. Helene Jacobs
Mrs. and Mr. Robin David                         Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fike                          Mr. Wendy R. Haas                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jakubowitz
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Davies +++                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Finocchio                    Ms. Linda Hadfield                                Ms. Linda James
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Davies                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fioranelli                    Mrs. Bonnie Hafer                                 Ms. Lynne Jarrett

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 44
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Johansson                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Landis                        Mr. Robert McCune                                 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jones                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Landis                       Mr. Michael McCusker                              Mr. and Mrs. John J. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. William Jordan                      Ms. Kathy E. Lane                                 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mcdermott                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pados
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Judge                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lapelosa                     Mr. Patrick Mcdonald                              Mr. and Mrs. Chris Page
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Julien                       Ms. Marilyn N. Lapidus                            Mrs. Tamara L. McDonough                          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Painter
Mr. and Ms. Alex Jusefowytsch                    Ms. Catherine A. Largay                           Mr. and Mrs. James Mcfadden                       Mr. Robert Painter
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Kallal                    Mr. and Mrs. Ted Larizzio                         Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McFarland                      Mr. Thomas Palangio
Mr. and Mrs. James Kane                          Mr. and Mrs. Loren LaRose                         Ms. Linda McFarland                               Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Pannah
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kanusky                     Mrs. Patricia Laskey                              Ms. Kathryn Mcgeary                               Mr. William Pantelides
Ms. Marie Kaplan                                 Ms. Elizabeth Laube                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. McGehean                   Mr. William Parisse
Ms. Mary E. Kapschock                            Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie L. Lauer                      Mr. and Ms. Dennis J. McGinley                    Ms. Denise Parker
Mr. and Mrs. James Karanzalis                    Mrs. Sophia Laury                                 Mr. Francis J. McGouldrick, Jr. +                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. David Karaszkiewicz                 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lavelle                      Mr. and Mrs. David McGovern                       Mr. and Mrs. William W. Parkton
Ms. Catherine Kaschak                            Mrs. Sharon Lawrence                              Mr. Richard Mcguire                               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Parry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katits                      Ms. Eva Lechliter                                 Mr. William McGuire                               Ms. Michele Parzych
Mr. Dale Kauffman                                Mr. Robert Lefever                                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. McKeever                   Mr. and Mrs. James Pasquariello
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kauffman, Sr.            Mr. John J. Leffel                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael McMahan                      Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Patrizi
Mr. Edward G. Kavcak                             Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lehmicke                      Ms. Kathy McNelis                                 Mr. and Mrs. Craig Patton
Ms. Anne Kayes                                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Leibensperger                   Mr. and Mrs. Brendan L. McQuillan                 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. William Keeble                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Leidy                         Mrs. Gail A. McQuown                              Mr. Gerald Pease
Mr. and Mrs. John Keebler                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leitz                         Mrs. Patricia R. McRae                            Ms. Debra Pegg
Ms. Kimberly Kegel                               Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lella                          Mr. Terry Meecham                                 Mr. Frederick Pennepacker
Mr. Frank A. Keglovitz                           Ms. Jane Lescowitch                               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Meehan                        Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pennypacker
Mr. Kevin Kehs                                   Ms. Sylvia Lett                                   Mrs. Joanne Mein                                  Mr. Kayne Pentecharsky
Mrs. Leslyn Keil                                 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Letukas                      Mr. Jose Melendez                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Penyak
Ms. Connie Keller                                Mr. and Mrs. Henry Levash                         Mr. and Mrs. Andy Messina                         Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pepe
Mrs. Joyce Keller                                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lewis                         Mr. and Mrs. Chester Michael                      Ms. Donna Persons
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keller                       Ms. Maureen Lichtner                              Mr. and Mrs. Francis Michael                      Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pesotine
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kelly                         Mr. and Mrs. Prince Lightbourne                   Mr. Clifford Mike                                 Mr. Frank Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kelly                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lilley                        Mr. and Mrs. Keith Miles                          Mr. and Mrs. Art Petersen
Ms. Diane R. Kelty                               Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lissi                         Mr. and Mrs. Dave Millard                         Mr. David Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean M. Kemp                        Mr. John L. Litwa                                 Ms. Carolyn Miller                                Mrs. Kathleen Petruska
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kerlin                    Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Livelsberger                   Ms. Debra S. Miller                               Ms. Shirley Pettinato
Ms. Cheryl Kern                                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Livingston                   Mr. James Miller                                  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pfitzenmayer
Mr. David Ketner                                 Ms. Patricia Lobos                                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Miller                    Ms. Donna Pfost
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kettering                     Ms. Mary Lockburner                               Mr. Kenneth L. Miller                             Mr. James Phillips
Mrs. Holly Kettler                               Ms. Elizabeth Lombardi                            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Miller                            Mr. and Mrs. Jim E. Philpott
Mrs. Clare Kimble                                Ms. Beverly L. Loprete                            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Miller                         Mrs. Johanna Picart
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kindon                          Ms. Marilyn Lorenzi                               Ms. Susan Miller                                  Mr. and Mrs. David A. Piccari
Mr. Jeffrey Kindrew                              Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Lowther                         Ms. Jeanette G. Mills                             Mr. and Mrs. John Piccini
Mrs. Jeanne King                                 Mr. Carl Lucas                                    Mr. Robert Mitchell                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pike
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas King                         Mr. and Mrs. William M. Luecke, Jr. +             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mitsch                         Mr. Thomas Pintabone
Ms. Lynn King                                    Ms. Lois Lukachik                                 Ms. Patricia J. Montgomery                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pinto
Ms. Judith Kingsley                              Mr. John Lum                                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moore                        Ms. Sandra Piper
Mr. and Mrs. William Kish                        Mrs. Doris E. Lusch                               Ms. Dawn Morales                                  Ms. Lisa Pires
Mr. Geary Kitashima                              Mrs. Jill Lutri                                   Mr. and Mrs. Tom Moran                            Mr. Harley Pirkey
Ms. Susan Klamer                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ron A. Lyman                         Mr. and Mrs. Derek Morasco                        Ms. Sandy R. Piscitello
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Klaus                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynch                         Ms. Geraldine Morrison                            Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Placek
Ms. Barbara Kleintop                             Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mackerley                    Mr. Craig R. Morrissey                            Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Plunkett
Mrs. Terry Klemmer                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott MacNichol                      Mr. Sam Mraovich                                  Mr. and Mrs. Cornel Polnyj
Mr. and Mrs. Scot Klick                          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maher                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mulhern                      Ms. Margret Ponton
Mr. and Mrs. John Kluge                          Ms. Susan Malkemes                                Ms. Sharon Muller                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Popivchak
Mr. Kenneth Knarr                                Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Maloney                        Ms. Judith Mullikin                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles Porcelli
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Knisley                        Ms. Carrie Malozzi                                Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Mullins                        Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Porpora
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kochansky                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mangold                         Ms. Doreen J. Murray                              Ms. Deborah Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kocher                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Manzi                         Mrs. Elaine Murray                                Ms. Martha Preston
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kokinda                     Mr. Peter Maradeo                                 Ms. Anne Myers                                    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Primick
Ms. Carol Kolb                                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Marchand                     Mr. Marlin Myers                                  Ms. Deborah Procopio
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kolody                        Ms. Wendy Marciel                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Najarian                       Mr. Bill Pruner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kornrumpf                    Mr. and Mrs. David Marco                          Mr. and Mrs. James Nash                           Ms. Shapleigh R. Przybyszewski
Mr. Andrew Kovalik                               Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Markey                     Ms. Ann Naylor                                    Mr. Dennis J. Przyjemski
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kowalski                     Mr. Gregory Marsala                               Mr. and Mrs. John Nazar                           Mr. Paul Puleo
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kowalyk                      Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Marshall                       Mr. Craig Neal                                    Ms. Gail T. Putt
Mrs. Maryann Kozak                               Mr. Archie Martin                                 Ms. Karen Nesmith                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Pyle
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kozlowski                     Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Martin                        Ms. Mary Newpher                                  Mr. Zane Pysher
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kozlowski                    Ms. Linda Martin                                  Ms. Loretta M. Nicholas                           Ms. Risa Quarantotto
Ms. Debra Kratz                                  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Martin                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark Nichols                         Mr. Lane E. Quevedo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krehely                      Mr. David Martinez                                Mr. and Mrs. Harold Noble                         Mr. James Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Krulle                         Ms. Antonia A. Mascaro                            Ms. Juanita Noe                                   Mr. Thomas Quirk
Mr. Darrel D. Krumanocker                        Mr. John Mascaro, Sr.                             Ms. Andrea M. Nolan                               Mr. Terry Quitter
Ms. Maren Kuhar                                  Mr. and Mrs. William Mascaro                      Mr. Alan L. Norris                                Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rada, Sr.
Mr. Bud Kuhn                                     Ms. Beth Masiado                                  Ms. Janet A. Nusum                                Ms. Kathy Rager
Mr. Richard L. Kukowski                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Massaro                      Mr. James O'Dore                                  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Raport
Mr. Scott Kulikowski                             Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Matthews                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Neill                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Raub
Mr. Allen Kulp                                   Mr. David L. Matz                                 Mr. Fred E. Older                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raudenbush
Mrs. Kathleen Kunkel                             Ms. Ann L. Mauser                                 Ms. Joni N. Olivieri                              Mr. and Mrs. Dale Raver
Mr. and Mrs. Chris M. Kurtz                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Maxwell                    Ms. Lynn Olivieri                                 Mr. David Reagle
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kutz                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles May                          Ms. Diane Olsen                                   Ms. Linda Reber
Ms. Suzanne Labe                                 Mr. Len R. Mayer                                  Ms. Louanne Olson                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Recchiuti
Mrs. Lisa Ladd-Kidder                            Mr. Richard Mccann                                Ms. Joyce Orloski                                 Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Reed, Jr.
Ms. Marie Lamanno                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mccardell                     Mr. Steven Orndorf                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reed
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Lamparelli                 Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McCartney                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Orner                      Ms. Jane Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lanahan                        Ms. Dianna McCleaf                                Mr. Paul Orsulak                                  Mr. Ernest Reichert
Mr. George Landgraf                              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McConney                     Mr. Peter Ott                                     Mr. Ernest Reimer

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

45 FALL 2005 Tower
Mr. Keith Reinhard                               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schroeder                    Mr. Arthur Suozzi                                 Ms. Denise Weiss
Mr. David Reiss                                  Ms. Wendy Schuld                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Supinski                     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reitenauer                    Mr. and Mrs. Anton M. Schulden                    Mr. Frank Susko                                   Ms. Sara Weller
Ms. Barbara Renaldo                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schuler                      Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sutherland                       Ms. Joann Wendling
Mr. Randall Rentschler                           Mr. and Mrs. Greg Seaman                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swain                           Mr. and Mrs. John Werkheiser
Ms. Catherine Resh                               Mrs. Donna L. Searchfield                         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Swartz                       Mr. Robert Werner
Mr. Timothy R. Ressler                           Mr. Thomas Seay                                   Mr. William E. Sweimler                           Mrs. Jane T. Wertz
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Revoir                       Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Seay                       Mrs. Cynthia Sweitzer                             Mr. and Mrs. Ric West
Mr. Dennis Rex                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Sedlak                          Mr. and Mrs. Roger Swigart                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard West
Mr. George Rex                                   Ms. Jill Seidman                                  Mrs. Jean R. Sylvester                            Ms. Joann Westerfer
Mr. and Mrs. Felix Rey                           Ms. Sharon Selinko                                Mr. and Mrs. David Symuleski                      Mr. Clare Wetzel
Mr. Harry Reynolds                               Ms. Kathy Senna                                   Mr. and Mrs. James Syring                         Ms. Pamela Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Procina                       Mr. and Mrs. John Seroka                          Ms. Tina Szymkiewicz                              Mrs. Jody White
Mrs. Janet Rickards                              Ms. Susan Seyler                                  Ms. Suzanne Talmadge                              Mr. James Whittaker
Ms. Karen Rieder                                 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shaffer                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tamburello                   Ms. Suzanne S. Wiegand
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rinehimer                      Ms. Susan Shaughnessy                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Taylor                       Mr. Lawrence Wien
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Ritchie                  Mr. Darryl A. Shearer                             Mr. and Mrs. Ken Taylor                           Ms. April Wieser
Ms. Miriam Rivera                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sheeler                       Mr. Ronald Taylor                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Wiker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rizzo                       Mrs. Carol Sheldon                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Terraforte                    Ms. Deborah E. Wilensky
Mr. Richard Robbins                              Mr. Robert L. Shelhamer                           Mr. and Mrs. Aram Terzian                         Ms. Nancy Willgruber
Mr. Gary Robertson                               Mr. and Mrs. John Sheppard                        Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Thierwechter                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson                    Ms. Sarah Shifflett                               Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas                         Mr. and Mrs. Lee Williams
Ms. Robin Robertson                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary Shiley                          Ms. Lynda Thomas                                  Ms. Nora Williams
Ms. Diane Rodgers                                Ms. Trish M. Shprintz                             Mr. Minard Thomas                                 Mr. Richard Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Rodney                         Mr. Thomas L. Shugar                              Ms. Sandy Thomas                                  Ms. Rita J. Williams
Mr. John Rodriguez                               Mr. and Mrs. John Shultz +                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thornton                       Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Rodriguez-Diaz                     Ms. Cynthia Shuren                                Ms. Sharon Thornton                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wills
Mr. Bruce Roeder                                 Mr. and Mrs. Randall Shurr                        Ms. Nancy Timpone                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilmot +
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Roeder                       Mr. and Mrs. David Siddons                        Mr. George Titus +                                Mr. Thomas Winski
Ms. Debra Rohner                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Siegfried                        Mr. Bernard Tkach                                 Mr. and Mrs. Basil Wiszczur
Mr. William Rohrer +                             Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Siesholtz                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Toth                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wojcik
Ms. Donna Rokus                                  Mr. Ted Silliman                                  Mr. Keith N. Trapnell                             Mrs. Anna Wolfe
Mr. Robert Romano                                Ms. Susan Silvasy                                 Ms. Sherri E. Traxler                             Ms. Mary Wolfe
Ms. Debra Romig                                  Mr. and Mrs. David A. Simpson                     Mr. and Mrs. John J. Troilo                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Romig                       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sipe                          Mr. James Trotter                                 Mr. and Mrs. William Wooler
Ms. Paula C. Roth                                Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Slack                         Mr. and Mrs. David Troutman                       Ms. Lois Woosnam
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rothdeutsch                     Mr. and Mrs. Garry T. Slater                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trump                         Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Worley
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Rothenberger                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sloss                           Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tubertini                       Mrs. Donna Woszczak
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Rothermel                     Mr. and Mrs. William Slotter                      Ms. Wendy Turner                                  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Wuchter
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rotzinger                    Mr. and Mrs. Vince Sly                            Mr. and Mrs. Dave Tustin                          Mr. Gregory J. Wurster
Ms. Catherine Rubel                              Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Small                         Ms. Annmarie Tyler                                Ms. Susan Wyche
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rudisill                     Mr. Dennis Smith                                  Ms. Cynthia Tyson                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Yaccarino
Ms. Nancy Ruffini                                Mr. Donald Smith                                  Ms. Connie Uliano                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yaich
Mr. John Rufo                                    Mr. and Mrs. George Smith                         Mr. Donald Umbenhauer                             Ms. Elaine Yaros
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Rumsey                   Mr. Kevin Smith +                                 Ms. Monica E. Unangst                             Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Yeager
Ms. Elaine D. Ruppert                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Snow                         Mr. Peter Van Dine                                Mr. Ronald Yerger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruscitto                    Ms. Kathleen Snyder                               Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Van Kampen                     Ms. Alisa Young
Ms. Karen Rush and Mr. Brian Ward                Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sofranek                       Mr. and Mrs. James Vanburen                       Ms. Linda N. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rusnak                      Ms. Debra Sola +                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Vandermeiren                 Ms. Mary Jo Young
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Russell                        Carmen Solis                                      Mr. David Varano                                  Mr. Robert Young
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ruth                         Ms. Anne A. Spade                                 Mr. Mark Vaughn                                   Ms. Amy C. Yuhas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruth                         Ms. Sharon M. Spadoni                             Mr. and Mrs. John Vecchiolli                      Mr. Richard Yura
Mr. and Mrs. James Ruzicka                       Mr. Robert M. Spalding                            Ms. Helen F. Vehey                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yurista
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Ryerson                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Speaker                       Ms. Alyssa Vermette                               Ms. Arline B. Yuschak
Ms. Marlene Sabella                              Mr. John Spittle                                  Mr. and Mrs. John Vesay                           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Zackman
Mr. and Mrs. David Salberg                       Mrs. Patricia R. Spohn                            Ms. Deborah Vinson                                Ms. Janette Z. Zarembski
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Salimbeni                    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Spragins, Sr.                Mr. Dale C. Vliet                                 Mr. and Mrs. James Zarichak
Mr. and Mrs. John Salmon                         Ms. Cynthia Stallone                              Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Vollmer                       Ms. Victoria Zarra
Meena Sampat                                     Ms. Marie Stare                                   Mrs. Silvana Vucetaj                              Ms. Kathryn Zazenski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sander                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Steffen                     Mr. and Mrs. Gene F. Wagaman +                    Ms. Mary Ellen Zedar
Mr. and Mrs. Norris F. Sandridge                 Ms. Deborah Steffy                                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagner                       Mr. and Mrs. Terry Zerbe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Santomero                    Ms. Jean Stehman                                  Mr. Robert E. Wagner Jr.                          Ms. Cindy Zittle
Mr. Kent T. Sauers                               Mrs. Darlene M. Stein +                           Ms. Donna Walb                                    Mr. Alexander J. Zlakowski
Mr. Klaus R. Sauers                              Ms. Barbara Steiner                               Mr. and Mrs. David Walbert
Mr. Donald Savidge                               Ms. Karen M. Steiner                              Ms. Meryl Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Scales                          Ms. Elizabeth Stercula                            Mrs. Debra L. Walters                              Former Parents
Mrs. Roberta Scarlota                            Mr. Daniel Stevenson                              Mr. and Mrs. William Walthier                     Board of Overseers
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Schaeffer                     Ms. Jean Stewart                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Warren                        Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hafer +
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schaeffer +                  Ms. Cathleen Stickel                              Mr. and Mrs. David Waters
                                                                                                                                                     Tower Club
Mr. and Mrs. James Schaeffer                     Mr. and Mrs. James Stine                          Mr. Dave Watts
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. John K. Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schaeffer                   Mr. and Mrs. Samuel U. Stinson                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Way
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Elaine Reed and Mr. Gary Reed ++
Mr. and Mrs. James Schafer                       Mr. David A. Stiteler                             Mr. John Waybright
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Wesner
Mr. Scott Scheidt                                Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stivala                      Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wazlawik
Ms. Julie Scheller                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stoll                        Mrs. Patricia A. Wealand                          President's Club
Mr. Walter W. Scherman, Jr. +                    Mr. Bruce Stone                                   Ms. Ann Weaver                                    Mr. and Mrs. David A. Borden
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Schlosser                Ms. Joan L. Stoner                                Mr. and Mrs. Brian Weaver                         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Daub
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Schmidt              Mr. and Mrs. Jon N. Storch                        Mr. Dwight Weaver                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Harwick ++++
Ms. Cynthia Schmolze                             Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Stott                        Ms. Erica A. Weaver                               Dr. Angela Scanzello and Mr. Charles
Ms. Jane M. Schneck                              Mr. and Mrs. William Stoudt, Sr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Webb                               Scanzello +++
Ms. Mary J. Schneider                            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Strause                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward Webber                        Mr. Richard Skelly, Jr. +
Mr. and Mrs. James Schoenberger                  Mr. and Mrs. William Strouse                      Ms. Debra Weiant                                  Dr. William Stahler and Dr. Theresa Stahler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schoenherr                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Strupp                       Ms. Lori Weidenhammer                             Dr. and Mrs. Dale N. Titus ++
Ms. Maureen Scholl                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strychowski                  Mr. Edward Weinberg                               Mr. and Mrs. John P. Wabby
Ms. Bonnie Schreiber                             Mr. Randall Styer                                 Mr. Michael M. Weinhoffer

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 46
Maroon & Gold Club                               Ms. Albertha Ezell                                Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schwenk                          Tower Club
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Dietrich +++              Mr. John Faisetty                                 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Scott                      AFBE
Mr. E. Ray Roche                                 Ms. Madeline Feliciano                            Mr. John Semic                                    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. +++
Mr. Barry J. Search ++                           Mrs. Rita Ferraro-Boyst                           Mr. David Sheidy                                  Airport Diner ++
Dr. Eileen Shultz and Mr. Robert Shultz +++      Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fitzsimons                      Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shellenberger                 Amerada Hess Companies
Century Club                                     Mr. Michael Forth                                 Mr. and Mrs. Elton J. Sherman                     Arbee LP ++
Dr. and Mrs. Okan Akcay +++                      Ms. Susan Fortna +                                Ms. Kim A. Sivak                                  Art Education and Crafts Department
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Bagenstose                 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Frey +                      Mrs. Edna N. Smith                                Beard Miller Company LLP +
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Becker                   Dr. J. Frederick Garman                           Mr. Martin J. Smith, Sr.                          Binney & Smith, Inc. +
Mrs. Joan Berdich                                Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gaynor +                       Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Snyder                      Borough of Kutztown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Bradley                   Mr. Clifford Glass                                Ms. Donna Spratt                                  Boscov's Department Stores, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Creyer +                  Mr. Joseph Gluchowski                             Ms. Sharon Stabley                                Bourdeau Financial
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde G. Detwiler                   Ms. Susan Graham                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Steltz                        Brenntag Northeast
Mr. and Mrs. William DeVito                      Mr. Glenn A. Gray +                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stoneback                    Calpine Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Difranchi                    Mr. Edward Greiss                                 Ms. Barbra Supko                                  Camillo's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dower ++++                  Mr. Harold E. Grim                                Ms. Virginia Thorpe                               Capital Blue Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. George +                  Mr. and Mrs. David Hamilton                       Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Treadway                     Citizens Bank
Dr. Linda J. Gibbs +++                           Ms. Heather Harakal                               Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Turner                      College Manor Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Grimes ++                   Mr. and Mrs. James Hartzell                       Mr. and Mrs. Francis Undorfer                     CURA Hospitality, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hertzog +                      Mr. Samuel P. Heiney ++                           Mrs. Lark Vandermark                              Cutler Associates, Inc.
Col. and Mrs. Carson Holman ++                   Mr. and Mrs. Julius Hilbert                       Mr. Kent Vendrick +                               David J. Batdorf, Esq. +
Ms. Janet Innis                                  Ms. Margaret Hitscherich                          Mr. Paul Waldek                                   Day-Timers, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kern                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoffman                      Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Ward                         DESCCO ++
Ms. Sally G. Knappenberger ++                    Mr. and Mrs. William Hollinger                    Mr. Randy Weit +                                  Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries +++
Ms. Joyce Kratz +                                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoppel                          Mr. Alan Wentworth                                Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom ++
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Maxwell +                     Mr. David Horwat                                  Ms. Carlie Wetzel                                 Dunkelberger's Jewelry
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Miller                    Mr. and Mrs. George Hunsicker                     Ms. Heidi White                                   E. J. Breneman Inc.
Rev. John P. Minnich                             Mr. and Mrs. Jan H. C. Itnyre                     Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wieand                          East Penn Bank +
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis G. Morrell                   Ms. Millie Jackson                                Mr. John Wilde                                    Eastern Industries, Inc. +
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Murphy                      Ms. Sandra Keegan                                 Ms. Melanie Will +                                Edwards Business Systems
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nudo +                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Knaub +                    Mr. Reed Williams +                               Entech Engineering, Inc. +++
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Renshaw                      Mr. and Mrs. Don Kochan                           Mr. Michael Wilson                                Ernst & Young LLP
Mr. E. Roche and Ms. Amy Roche +                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Krauth                        Ms. Mary Ellen Withers                            F.M. Brown's Sons, Inc. ++
Mr. Eugene Rohrbach                              Ms. Linda Kurasz                                  Mr. David Wohlbach                                The First National Bank in Fleetwood +++
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Rohrbach +                  Ms. Deb Kushnerick                                Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe +                       France, Anderson, Basile and Company,
Mr. Mark Sawyer                                  Ms. Kathleen Kutz                                 Mr. James Woodward +                                    P. C. +
Mr. Carl D. Snyder ++                            Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Lagler                       Mr. Edward Wright                                 Heatwaves LTD
Mr. William Spalik                               Mr. and Mrs. James Laine                          Mr. Tyrone A. Wright                              Heck Brothers ++
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Turner, C.P.A. ++          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Legath                     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Yenser                        Herbein & Company, Inc. ++
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Lindenberg +                  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zobel                          Holiday Inn Conference Center ++
                                                 Ms. Kathleen Maier                                                                                  Kutztown Associates, L.P.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Arnold
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mann                                                                         Kutztown Elite Fitness, Inc.
Ms. Julie Axberg
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Bagenstose
                                                 Mr. Charles Manns                                 Corporations &                                    Kutztown Family Restaurant
                                                 Ms. Winona Master                                                                                   Kutztown Publishing Company +++
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bartholomew
Mr. Ronald Beck
                                                 Ms. Cindy May +                                   Foundations                                       Lafayette Ambassador Bank +
                                                 SFC and Mrs. Thomas McCray, Jr.                   Board of Overseers                                Leesport Bank ++
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Benninger ++
                                                 Ms. Donna McIntosh                                Agere Systems                                     Lehigh Carbon Community College
Ms. Carolyn M. Billman
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McLaughlin +                  Arrow International, Inc. ++                      Lehigh Cement Company ++
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Black
                                                 Ms. Catherine J. Meholic                          AVI Foodsystems, Inc.                             Lock Haven University
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Blatt
                                                 Mr. Peter Merrill                                 Berks Products Corporation                        Long, Barrell & Co., Ltd. ++
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bloomfield
                                                 Mr. Russell Metz +                                Binney & Smith, Inc. +                            M&T Bank +++
Ms. Maureen Boer
                                                 Mr. John Miller                                   Carl R. Bieber Tourways, Inc. ++                  Mack Trucks, Inc.
Ms. Debra Bognatz
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller +                     Dane Tilghman Art Works                           Mamma's Delight Pizza Restaurant +
Mr. John G. Bordner
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller +                     East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. +++             Merrill Lynch ++
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Borneman
                                                 Ms. Mae C. Miller-Dieter                          EnerSys ++                                        Monaghan Group Realtors +++
Ms. Sally J. Bortz
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. David Minor                          FirstEnergy Foundation                            National Penn Bank ++
Mr. Eugene Bound
                                                 Ms. Carol H. Morgan                               Fleetwood Medical Associates ++                   New England Foundation of the Arts
Ms. Anita Bowermaster
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Moyer                          Glen-Gery Corporation                             New Tripoli Bank +
Mr. Charles E. Brinker, II ++++
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley G. Musser +                  Integra Business Center                           The Norwood Company ++
Mrs. Susan Brower
                                                 Ms. Connie Nagy                                   Klunk & Millan Advertising +                      Pennsurance, Inc.
Mrs. Rosann Buchman
                                                 Mrs. Marie C. Nester +                            KU Athletics +                                    Pinnacle Ridge Winery
Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Butterweck +
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Nickell ++                      KU Student Bookstore +                            Precision Medical Products, Inc.
Mr. John Callen +
                                                 Mr. Frank Nosek                                   Kutztown Area Chamber of Commerce ++              Premier Applied Coatings, Inc. +
Mr. Gary Canuso
                                                 Mr. Joseph Novak                                  Kutztown Pennsylvania German Festival,            Prudential Benjamin Real Estate +
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Carney +
                                                 Ms. Diane S. O'Brien-Groff                             Inc.                                         Quality Assurance Associates Inc.
Mr. Louis Ciampi
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray S. Oswald                        Kutztown University Office of Conference          Reading Berks Guild of Craftsman
Ms. Helene Clement
                                                 Ms. Jacqueline Panila +                                Services +                                   Rhode Agency Inc. +
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Collins
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. James Pelc +                         Kutztown University Student Services, Inc.        Rohm & Haas Powder Coatings
Mr. and Mrs. William Collins
                                                 Ms. Madeline Penchishen +                         Lawrence R. Pugh/VF Corporation Fund              RPA Associates, Inc. +
Ms. Ann Consalvi
                                                 Mr. John Powell                                        of BCCF                                      Service Electric Cablevision, Inc. ++
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Cook, Sr.
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn D. Rawson ++                   Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation +                    Service Electric Cablevison
Mr. and Mrs. William Cook
                                                 Mr. Thomas H. Reece +                             The Morning Call                                  Sheetz, Inc. +
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Crosby
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Regensburger                 MRA Group                                         Singer Equipment Co., Inc.
Ms. Elaine Dalvet
                                                 Ms. Kathleen Rodrigues                            National City Bank of PA                          Smith Barney, Citigroup
Ms. Judy M. DeCrocker
                                                 Mr. William Rohrer +                              Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Culture Society +         Standard Offset Printing Co. +
Ms. Patricia Dennick
                                                 Ms. Rose A. Ruggiero                              Penske Truck Leasing ++                           Steckel and Stopp Attorneys-at-Law ++
Ms. Janice Depetris
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Rymer                      Presser Foundation/The                            Stevens & Lee +
Mr. Robert Diesner
                                                 Ms. Theresa Sawkenas +                            PSECU                                             Stirling Guest Hotel
Mr. Robert E. Dietrich
                                                 Ms. Donna Scanlon                                 R. M. Palmer Company ++                           Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc.
Mrs. Lucy Domingo
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schappell +                  Snyder's of Hanover, Inc.                         TC'S Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn
                                                 Mr. Robert Schlosberg                             Sovereign Bank ++                                 Top Star, Inc. +
Mrs. Mary C. Dwyer +
                                                 Mr. Anthony Schneider                             Student Government Association +                  Tray-Pak Corporation ++
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Eickhoff
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Schroeder ++              STV Architects +                                  UGI Utilities, Inc. ++
Ms. Janice Eisenbise
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Schultz +                    Wachovia +                                        University Sports Publications +
Mrs. Betty Erdman +

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

47 FALL 2005 Tower
Urban League of Philadelphia                     Sealed Air - Tuckerton +                          Initials Only                                     Ms. Stephanie A. Steely +++
Weidenhammer Systems Corp. +                     Security Guards, Inc.                             Inn of the Falcon                                 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sutherland ++
Weisenberg/Lowhill Township Historical           Sunsweet Growers, Inc. +                          Jackie & Daughter                                 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sutton +++
     Society                                     ThorLabs, Inc.                                    Joanne Kostecky Garden Design Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. John C. Tobin +++
Western Lehigh Business Council                  Tristar Products, Inc.                            K'town Pub                                        Dr. Carole V. Wells
President's Club                                 W.H. Jones Co., Inc. +                            Kappa Kappa Psi-Zeta MU                           Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Wesner
Adams & Associates                               Wachovia                                          Kutztown Airport                                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ziegenfus +++
Albright's Mill                                  Wachovia Securities +                             LB&W Design Associates, Inc.                      President's Club
Althouse Foundation +                            Weaver's Hardware Company +                       Morton's, The Steakhouse                          Mr. and Mrs. Rahul Basu
Alumni Assoc. of Lambda Chi Alph                 Weik Investment Services, Inc. +                  Overlook Golf Course                              Mr. William Bateman and Mr. Randy
Alvernia College                                 William R. Maslo CPA +                            Pagoda Golf                                            Schaeffer
The Anderson Group +                             Wilson Black Photography                          PenTeleData                                       Dr. Ira K. Blake
Automotive Service, Inc.                         Worldnet Technology Consultants, Inc.             Reading Musical Foundation                        Dr. and Mrs. Philip R. Breeze
Bean Funeral Homes                               Yuasa Battery, Inc.                               Resource Associates, Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Daub
Bear Creek Management Co., LLC                   Maroon & Gold Club                                Rockland Signs                                    Dr. Patricia Derr and Mr. James Derr +
Bethlehem Sporting Goods +                       A. W. Golden, Inc.                                RTC Direct Mailing, Inc.                          Mr. Peter K. Detterline
Body Zone Sports & Fitness                       Basin Street Hotel                                Schaeffer Foundation Inc.                         Mr. Robert G. Fisher
Boyd, Tamney, Cross, Inc.                        CHB Sports, Inc.                                  Schuylkill Valley Middle School                   Dr. Deborah A. Frantz ++
Buckno Lisicky & Company                         Clearwater Pool Systems                           Seidel's Landscape Center                         Dr. Elsa L. Geskus ++
C.H. Briggs Hardware Company                     Feed and Read Bookstore, Inc.                     The Side Door                                     Mr. and Mrs. R. Jeff Grimm
Cedarwille Deitche Versammling                   Griffith & Bixler                                 Spotts, Stevens and McCoy Inc.                    Mr. Steven B. Hahn ++
Colonial Oaks Foundation, Inc.                   Hermansader's Galleries                           Spring Garden Elementary School P.T.A. +          Dr. Diane Johnson +
Commonwealth Mortgage Service                    Hofmann Industries, Inc. ++                       United Way of Greater Lehigh County               Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kempf
Custom Processing Services                       The Inn at Moselem Springs                        White Star Tours                                  Dr. Jonathan K. Kramer
Cynergy Data                                     JW Marriott Hotel                                 The Works - Food & Fun Complex                    Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Lewis
E.T.M. Associates, Inc.                          Kernsville PTO                                    Contributors                                      Mr. James W. Malenda ++
East Penn Podiatry Associates                    Kutztown Animal Hospital                          Aardvark Sports Shop                              Dr. Carol C. Mapes ++
Edward M. Carter D.M.D., F.A.G.D.                Kutztown Auto Parts                               About Faces Pottery                               Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. McKernan
Epichem, Inc.                                    Kutztown Optimist Club                            AC Moore                                          Dr. Anita Meehan and Mr. Richard
Financial Planning Advisors ++                   Kutztown University Office of Cultural            Albright Insurance Company                             Mulstay +++
First Star Savings Bank                               Affairs                                      Allen County Public Library                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian Mondschein
Fraser Advanced Information Systems +            Lasting Image Promotional Products                Auntie M. Gift Baskets                            Dr. Morris K. Perinchief +++
Fritz Moving Co., Inc.                           Maidencreek TV & Appliance                        Berks County Medical Society Alliance, Inc.       Mr. Thanh T. Pham
Fromm Electric Supply Corp.                      MCS Industries, Inc.                              Bobbi's Addictive Accessories                     Dr. Linda Rinker and Mr. Harry Rinker
Fulton Bank - Great Valley Division +++          Mr. Food Convenience Store +                      Conrad's Crafts & Glass                           Dr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Running +++
Gary Bond - Thrivent Financial ++                Narrow Fabric Industries Corp. +                  Deitsch Eck Restaurant                            Dr. Deborah Sieger and Dr. Marilyn
Geissler Tree Farms                              Oley Valley School District                       Envisions Art & Design Inc.                            Stewart +
Gregory J. Rautzhan Insurance Agency             Penn Graphics Equipment, Inc. +                   The Garden Angel Tea Room                         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Silberman ++
     Inc.                                        Penn Title Insurance Company                      Greenwich Lenhartsville PTO                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith
Hartman, Hartman, Howe & Allerton, P.C.          Phi Delta Kappa                                   Grundsow Lodge #4 ++                              Dr. William Stahler and Dr. Theresa Stahler
Herff Jones, Inc.                                Reading Precast Inc.                              IBM Corporation                                   Dr. Marilyn Stewart and Dr. Deborah
The Highlands +                                  Robert Cott Jewelers                              Kutztown Area Historical Society, Inc. +               Sieger
Home Depot                                       Shane's Ceramic Tile & Marble, Inc.               Kutztown Rotary Club                              Dr. and Mrs. Dale N. Titus ++
J. A. Meyer, Jewelers                            Sheraton Reading Hotel                            Kutztown Tavern +                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Zera +
Jer-Ren, Inc.(Kutztown Market) +                 St. Joseph Medical Center                         La Piccola Cucina                                 Maroon & Gold Club
John F. Lengel, Inc. +                           Tom Masano Motors, Inc.                           Muhlenberg College Trexler Library                Dr. Joseph L. Amprey, Jr. +++
Kelchner, Inc.                                   Unger's Studio ++                                 NSDAR Library                                     Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Answini +++
Keystone Consulting Engineers                    Century Club                                      Paisley & Company                                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Badasarian, C.P.A.
Kistler Buildings                                Adam n'Eve Boutique                               Personal Health Services, Inc.                    Mr. and Ms. Jeff J. Bartlett ++
Krause Toyota, Inc. +                            Antique Complex of Fleetwood                      Reading Public Library                            Ms. Karen A. Blomain and Mr. Michael
Kutztown Dental Center, P.C. ++                  The Art Store                                     Retired Public Employees of Pennsylvania               Downend
LANtek                                           Bamboula, LTD.                                    Sal's Pizza Roma                                  Dr. Marjorie Borden and Mr. Jack Borden +
Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network        Berkleigh Travel Services, Inc.                   Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center           Dr. Marie-Aline Cadieux and Mr. Hannes
Leisawitz Heller Abramowitch Phillips, P.C.      Berkshire Bank                                    Siegfried Royal Arch Chapter No. 295 +                 Dietrich +
LTL Consultants, Ltd.                            Berkshire Country Club Golf Shop                  Sittler's Golf Center +                           Mr. and Mrs. James G. Chaney
Ludwick Funeral Home ++                          Bills Khakis, Inc.                                SNP Baskets                                       Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Chuk +++
Medical Imaging of Lehigh Valley, PC             Boyertown Publishing Company                      Sorrelli, Inc.                                    Ms. Roberta Crisson and Mr. David
Mogel, Speidel, Bobb & Kershner                  Bright Sign, Inc. +                               State Theatre Center for the Arts                      Meyers +++
Morgan Rail, Inc.                                Circle Systems Group                              Stoudt Brewing Co., Inc.                          Ms. Elaine B. Cunfer ++
Mortgage America                                 Conner's Auto Body Shop, Inc.                     Thomas Company, Inc.                              Mr. and Mrs. Kent R. Dahlquist
Niemczyk Hoffmann Group                          Corporate Environments Group                      Uptown Espresso Bar, LTD.                         Dr. and Mrs. John J. Delaney ++
O'Keefe and Sher +                               Danieli Corporation                               Virginville Grange                                Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Dietrich +++
Olde Homestead Golf Club                         Delta Kappa Gamma                                 Weis Markets                                      Dr. Kathleen Dolgos and Mr. George
Olson Technologies, Inc.                         Denny's Electric Service, Inc.                    York County Heritage Trust                             Dolgos ++
Ondra - Huyett Associates, Inc.                  Doneckers of Ephrata                              Ziegels Union Church                              Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Dottor +++
PA Pubs, Inc.                                    Donyell Marshall Basketball Camp                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Entriken
Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts, Inc.          Donyell Marshall Foundation, Inc.                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gabriel +
Piazza Honda/Acura of Reading +                  EB Consulting LLC                                 Faculty/Staff                                     Dr. and Mrs. David A. Haas +
PPL Corporation                                  Edward J. Hildenbrand Funeral Home Inc.           Tower Club                                        Dr. and Mrs. Roger D. Hibbs +
Process Masters                                  Effective Graphic Solutions                       Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Barkley +                   Mr. and Mrs. Dale Imschweiler +
Quality Shoppe, Inc. +                           Fitness By Ina                                    Dr. Jeanie Burnett and Mr. Arthur                 Dr. and Mrs. Gerard G. Innocenti +
Reading Eagle Company +                          Fleetwood Industries                                   Burnett +++                                  Mr. and Mrs. Craig E. Johnson +
Reading Electric Motor Service ++                Foltz Potter                                      Mr. Richard L. Button +++                         Mr. and Mrs. William L. Keeny
Reading Hospital & Medical Center                Foxchase Golf Club                                Dr. F. Javier Cevallos and Mrs. Josee Vachon      Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. McCloskey +
Reading Rentals                                  Fromuth Tennis                                    Mr. Dick Coco and Ms. Kate Clair ++               Dr. Allida McKinley and Mr. George
Redner's Markets, Inc.                           Gail Gottlund Design                              Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Faust ++                           McKinley
Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP ++                      GCD & Associates +                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Grant +++                  Dr. John C. Metcalf ++
Richard W. Reddy, DDS, PC ++                     Gipprich Jewelers Inc.                            Dr. Alan D. Kubacki                               Mr. and Mrs. William F. Mioskie +++
Robert P. Grim, Attorney at Law +                Goodman Vending Service                           Dr. Sandra McSwain and Dr. Robert Jones +         Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Pirnot ++++
Rockland Embroidery                              Hamburg Area School District                      Dr. and Mrs. William Mowder                       Mr. Suresh Ramamurthi
Ross & Company, P.C.                             Hampton Inn & Suites, Bethlehem                   Dr. Elaine Reed and Mr. Gary Reed ++              Ms. Valerie L. Reidout
Russell E. Conrad, Inc.                          History Department                                Dr. Wendy Ryan and Mr. James Ryan +               Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reynard
Scholarship Fund of the Allentown Branch         Holiday Inn, Bethlehem                            Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Simpson +++                Dr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Rhein +
Schuylkill Products, Inc.

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 48
Dr. Charles F. Roth, Jr. ++                      Mr. and Mrs. Joel Paige
Mr. and Mrs. Kelly C. Ryan                       Ms. Kimberly Petrosky

                                                                                                                 sources of 2004-2005 gift income
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sable +                        Ms. Sharon M. Picus +++
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scappaticci             Mr. and Mrs. Ernie C. Post
Prof. Barbara Schulman and Mr. John              Dr. and Mrs. Willis M. Rapp +
     Landis                                      Dr. Christine Rhoads and Mr. Robert
Dr. Eileen Shultz and Mr. Robert Shultz +++           Rhoads
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Sitler ++                  Mr. and Mrs. John Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Evan D. Summer                      Dr. Louis Rodriquez                                                                                  Other
Dr. and Mrs. William F. Towne +                  Dr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Sacchi +
Mr. Peter Traugott and Ms. Lisa Norris +
Mrs. Donna K. Unger +
                                                 Mr. Matthew L. Santos ++
                                                 Mr. Michael Scheidel
Mr. and Mrs. Reno C. Unger +                     Mr. Dwayne E. Scheidt
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Wagaman ++++               Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schellenberger                                       Alumni
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walczak +                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Shollenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Westmoreland
Dr. John White and Ms. Kathryn Hood
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Skitko, Jr.
                                                 Ms. Barbara J. Smith
                                                                                                                           34%                              Business,
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Woodard +                Mr. and Mrs. William R. Smith ++                                                                         Corporations,
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique F. Zurek                    Ms. Jean Mae Smith
                                                 Dr. Judith L. Smith                                                                                      Foundations
Century Club
Dr. and Mrs. Okan Akcay +++
Ms. Sandra D. Allen
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Paul Smith Ache, III +
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. James E. Sowerwine                                                                                27%
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Anfang                         Dr. and Mrs. John M. Steber
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Bagenstose                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Svoboda ++                                                   Friends
                                                 Dr. Teresa A. Sychterz +
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bennett +
Mr. Christopher Blum                             Mr. Herbert Allen and Ms. Barbara                                                19%
Mr. and Ms. William J. Bonhage
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bowen ++
                                                      Taliaferro +++
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Brad Trabosh ++
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Edward W. Vitz +
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas N. Bowen
Ms. Rhonda J. Branford +++                       Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Watt                                                                         Faculty,
Ms. Tania M. Brown Berringer                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Weaver                                                                Staff, Emeriti
Dr. Sandra A. Chambers +                         Mr. and Mrs. Clark Yeager +
Mr. Frederick Chandler and Ms. Maryrose          Dr. Andrew Young
     Wilson                                      Dr. Anne E. Zayaitz
Dr. Joanne Cohen Hamilton and Mr.                Contributors                                      Mr. Max C. Keiper                                 Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Treadway
     Edward Hamilton                             Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adam ++                         Ms. Judith L. Keller +                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry Treichler
Dr. Charles Cullum and Dr. Linda Cullum          Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Adam +                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerber                       Mr. Paul F. Petry and Ms. Theresa M.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew T. Daly                      Mrs. Gina L Andersen                              Ms. Donna L. Killo                                     Vigoda +
Ms. Camille M. DeMarco                           Ms. Claire L. Andrews                             Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Kleinsmith                  Mr. and Mrs. Gene F. Wagaman +
Mrs. Carolyn M. Dillon                           Dr. Marilyn Baguinon and Mr. Larry                Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Kokolus ++                Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wall
Mrs. Doris R. Dreibelbis ++                           Baguinon +                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Krumanocker                Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Wanamaker +
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Driscoll II              Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Balzer                    Dr. and Mrs. Francis V. Kumor                     Mr. Charles S. Wayes
Ms. Sarah S. Edmonds                             Ms. Dona M. Bilarczyk                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuzma                         Mr. and Mrs. David Weber
Mrs. Joanne C Emge                               Mrs. Nancy J. Biltcliff                           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Lazzaro                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weidman
Mrs. Ellen Finks                                 Mr. and Mrs. Fenton W. Black                      Mr. Martin Lemelman                               Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Weidner
Mr. Michael D. Flanagan                          Ms. Elaine Bonfitto                               Dr. Joseph A. Lippincott                          Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wesner
Mr. David W. Fooks                               Ms. Denise L. Bosler                              Mr. Hsiang-Wang Liu                               Dr. Dennis Williams +
Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Friehauf                       Dr. Vera Brancato and Mr. Mark Brancato           Mrs. Kathleen J. Malloy                           Mrs. Lucy A. Williams
Dr. Janice A. Gasker +                           Ms. Katya H. Bruce +                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mangold                         Mr. and Mrs. James C. Yerger
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Gingrich                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeronimo Cal                         Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Martin                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Yurvati
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Godshall +                 Mr. John Border and Ms. S. Calhoun-Border         Ms. Dianne McCready                               Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth K. Zellner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Grim +                   Mr. and Mrs. David C. Carney +                    Mr. James McNiff and Mrs. Carol Yaworski
Mr. and Mrs. John Gump +                         Dr. Janice Chernekoff and Ms. Jayne R.            Ms. Vicki L. Meloney
Ms. Mary C. Gutekunst +                               Brown                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mengel                       Emeriti
Dr. John M. Hamrick +                            Mr. Lewis Cooke, Jr.                              Ms. Doreen J. Murray                              Board of Overseers
Mrs. Dina M. Hayduk                              Ms. Jane T. Cooper                                Mr. Edward O'Brien                                Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Dornish +
Mr. Stephen S. Helms +                           Ms. Gail M. Craig                                 Mrs. Cheryl L. Overly                             Miss Edith Mellner *
Dr. Beth M. Herbine ++                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Cregar                      Ms. Woo Young Park                                Dr. and Mrs. John P. Schellenberg +++
Mr. Curtis W. Herr                               Mr. John P. Crossan                               Dr. John B. Parrott                               Dr. Mary and Mr. N. Wayne St. John ++++
Mrs. Julia L. Hovanec                            Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Dalfonso +                Mr. Jesus Pena, Esq.                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wells ++
Mr. Jeffery E. Jones ++                          Mr. and Mrs. Miles M. DeCoster                    Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Peterson ++
                                                                                                                                                     Tower Club
Dr. Mark A. Jones                                Ms. Seze Devres                                   Dr. Winnie Peterson and Mr. Tom Peterson
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Susan J. Allport-Schneider +++
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Justus                       Dr. Lorri Engstrom and Mr. Del Engstrom           Dr. Doranne G. Polcrack
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Margaret Apostolos-Peters and
Dr. Patricia Kelleher +                          Mr. and Mrs. H. Allen Epting +                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Postic +++
                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Bruce Peters
Dr. and Mrs. David P. Kintsfather, Jr. +++       Mr. and Mrs. Lynn N. Fisher +                     Mr. David A. Pottiger
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Aceste J. Barbera
Mrs. Kathleen R. Kleissler                       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Fritch                       Dr. Suzanne Prestoy and Mr. Michael
                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Viola Beekey ++++
Mr. Mark Dougherty and Ms. Karen                 Mr. and Mrs. Gale Fritsche +                           Prestoy
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. George C. Burwell
     Kresge +                                    Dr. J. Frederick Garman                           Mr. Michael M. Puglia
                                                                                                                                                     Ms. Margaret K. Devlin ++
Dr. Mary Laub and Mr. James Laub +               Ms. Glenna Y. Gebhard                             Ms. Christine A. Quinter
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Duddy ++
Mr. Joshua A. Leiboff +                          Dr. Jill Givler and Mr. H. Paul Givler +          Dr. G. Dennis Rains
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Felkay
Dr. Eloise M. Long                               Ms. Nancy L. Godley                               Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reinhart +
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Harold L. Hehr +
Dr. Christine R. Lottes                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grabowski                     Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reitz ++
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Lee L. Hill +++
Dr. Debra K. Lynch ++                            Dr. Sally A. Gradle                               Ms. Roxane Rix
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hinkel, Sr. ++
Mr. Dennis D. DeLong and Ms. Kathleen M.         Mr. George Graf                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rohrbach
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. John K. Landis
     Lynch +++                                   Mrs. Susan M. Hartle +++                          Mr. Renard M. Sacco
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Dorothy C. Moyer +
Mr. Todd P. McFeely                              Dr. Kathleen and Mr. Damian Hartman               Mr. Rick Salafia and Ms. Leigh Kane
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Quirk, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Mondschein                 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hodel                         Mr. and Mrs. Todd Scampton
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. E. Annette Robertson and Dr. John
Dr. George Muugi and Ms. Jasperdean              Mr. and Mrs. Edward Holleran                      Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schlanger +
                                                                                                                                                          Robertson ++
     Kobes ++                                    Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Jensen                      Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Seay
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. Thomas F. Schantz ++++
Dr. Lisa Norris and Mr. Peter Traugott           Ms. Deborah A. Johnson                            Dr. Bruce S. Sharkin
                                                                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Schatkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Nott                      Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson, Jr. +              Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Snyder +
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lawes                        Ms. Carolyne M. Kamau                             Mrs. Mary Stein                                   President's Club
Dr. Mary P. Ogletree                             Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Kauffman +++                 Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Talley +                      Mr. Clarence E. Arnold
Dr. and Mrs. Dubem Okafor +                      Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kegerize +                       Dr. Sarah E. Tindall                              Dr. Philip and Dr. Peggy Garrett
                                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gill

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

49 FALL 2005 Tower
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Goldberg ++               Mrs. Mary L. Creadick                             Mr. Russell C. Trexler *                          Barr '29 and Edward E. Barr, Sr. by family
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Harwick ++++             Mr. J. Dwight Daugherty                           Mrs. Stella V. Trexler                            and friends to provide merit scholarships
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Kern                         Mrs. Ruth B. deFrancesco *                        Mr. and Mrs. Rollin S. Trexler                    for junior elementary education majors
Dr. and Mrs. Al F. Leonzi                        Dr. and Mrs. Francis R. Deitrich                  Mr. and Mrs. William H. Troutman                  who demonstrate outstanding academic
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Morrison                 Mrs. Ruth A. Detterline *                         Mr. and Mrs. Leonard F. Varacallo                 performance, involvement in student life,
Dr. Angela Scanzello and Mr. Charles             Mrs. Minnie E. Diefenderfer *                     Mrs. Joyce K. Wehr                                and participation in the community out-
     Scanzello +++                               Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dreibelbis                   Mr. and Mrs. M. Scott Wehr                        reach activities of Kutztown University.
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Valuska +                  Mr. Alton H. Eppler *                             Dr. Homer C. Welsh *                              Cyrus E. Beekey Scholarship
Mr. John D. Scott and Ms. Margaret Waibel        Mrs. Miriam M. Felch *                            Dr. Esther M. Wenrich                             Established by a gift from the Beekey
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wolff +++                 Mr. and Mrs. Lester Fidler                        Mr. Arthur L. Wiesenberger *                      family and friends in memory of Cyrus E.
Maroon & Gold Club                               Mrs. Frances J. Fisher                            Mrs. Kathleen L. Williams                         Beekey (served college from 1943-1969)
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Callahan                    Mrs. Mary S. Foreman                              Mrs. Verna E. Williams                            to provide scholarships to juniors or
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dreibelbis ++               Dr. Ruth M. Freyberger *                          Ms. Audrey J. Wolfinger                           seniors who are majoring in secondary
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Gearhart                   Mr. Frank A. Friedman                             Mr. and Richard *                                 education.
Dr. Theodore W. Jentsch +++                      Ms. E. Margaret Gabel                             Mrs. Rosalye L. Yashek
                                                                                                                                                     Kathryn and Frederick W. Biltz
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard G. Innocenti ++++            Mrs. C. Elizabeth Gainsway *                      Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ziegenfus
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kinderman                 Mrs. Elaine K. George
                                                                                                                                                     Established by the estate of Frederick W.
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Germick
Dr. and Mrs. Neil M. Shea +++
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Werley +                  Mr. and Mrs. Riley Gilbert                        Endowed                                           Biltz in memory of G. Kathryn Biltz '21 to
                                                                                                                                                     provide scholarships to full-time sopho-
                                                 Ms. Faithann H. Goza
Century Club
Mr. George H. Baldwin
                                                 Mrs. Betty L. Grebey                              Scholarships                                      more, junior or senior students.
                                                 Mrs. Beatrice R. Grim                                 The university is grateful to the indivi-     Burger King/Robert Holmes Academic
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Bonser                                                                         duals who have established the following          Scholarship
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. John H. Gross
Dr. David W. Bullock +++                                                                           endowed scholarship funds. Each schol-            Established by Burger King Corporation
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Hardy, III
Mrs. Ruth B. deFrancesco *                                                                         arship is funded annually from interest           in honor of Robert Holmes `96, former
                                                 Ms. Lillian C. Hartman *
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Engelson                                                                       income, thereby preserving the gift and           university student and athlete, in honor
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. E. Donald Hartzell
Mr. Robert F. Ensminger ++                                                                         enabling the scholarship to be awarded            of being chosen "Scholar Athlete of the
                                                 Dr. Lorraine E. Harvilla
Dr. Linda J. Gibbs +++                                                                             in perpetuity.                                    Week", to provide a scholarship to a var-
                                                 Ms. Irene D. Heaps
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Gundy                                                                           Individuals wishing to make contribu-         sity football player of high academic
                                                 Ms. M. Irene H. Heiland
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Johnson                                                                     tions to these endowed funds or wishing           standing.
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hohe
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Johnson                                                                      to establish their own endowed scholar-
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Horvath                                                                      Burger King/Jason Stephens Academic
Ms. Sally G. Knappenberger ++                                                                      ships may contact Dick Button, Director
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hutt                                                                            Scholarship
Mr. John Loomis and Ms. Jennifer Hanf                                                              of Development, at 610-683-1394.
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. William E. Irwin                                                                       Established by Burger King Corporation
Dr. Charles E. Marple +++
                                                 Ms. Karen L. Kleffel                              Accounting Club Scholarship                       in honor of Jason Stephens '99, former
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Piscitelli
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Kreitz                    Established through the proceeds of Ac-           university student and athlete, in honor
Mr. Robert E. Reinecke
                                                 Ms. Myrle R. Kuhns *                              counting Club activities and continuing           of being chosen "Scholar Athlete of the
Dr. and Mrs. Basil Y. Scott
                                                 Ms. Deane Lenhart *                               education courses, as well as faculty and         Week", to provide a scholarship to a var-
Dr. and Mrs. Neil M. Shea +++
                                                 Mr. Robert C. Lenhart *                           alumni donations, to recognize account-           sity football player of high academic
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Stolz ++
                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Lesher                     ing majors who have demonstrated ex-              standing.
Contributors                                     Ms. Karen R. Ligammari                            cellence in the classroom and leadership          Cynthia Boyer Blakeslee Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Breter                    Mr. James S. Longstreet                           skills on campus.                                 To be established by the estate of Cynthia
Dr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bucci +++                  Miss Alice R. Lutz *                              Calvin E. Afflerbach & Mamie H.                   Boyer Blakeslee to provide a scholarship
Mrs. Frances Dreisbach                           Miss Gladys M. Lutz                               Afflerbach Scholarship                            to full-time students who contribute to
Mr. and Mrs. E. Earnest Foust                    Mrs. Sara R. Mack                                 Established by the estate of Mamie H.             their education through their own earn-
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Grossman ++++               Mrs. Irma D. Master                               Afflerbach (Hartman) '20 to provide schol-        ings.
Mrs. Jane S. Harris                              Mrs. Constance L. McAleer                         arships based on musical achievement,             Dr. Thomas A. Bock Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Imschweiler              Dr. David McFarland and Dr. Barbara               academic standing, and financial need to          Established by the estate of Dr. Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Katter                          McFarland                                    students of any major who participate in          A. Bock, 1895 (professor emeritus), to pro-
Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick E. Keller                  Miss Edith Mellner *                              performing music organizations.                   vide scholarships to juniors or seniors in
Mrs. Lisa Ladd-Kidder                            Miss Mildred M. Mengel *
Mrs. Sara R. Mack ++++                                                                             Helen E. Ambrogio '70 Scholarship                 good standing.
                                                 Mr. Donald L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Miller                                                                     Established by Barbara '74 and David Mc-          Ruth Bonner Scholarship Fund
                                                 Mrs. Jeanne S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Nevin L. Posey                                                                        Farland (tenth president of the university)       Established by Ruth Bonner `21 to pro-
                                                 Mrs. Ama E. Monyer *
Dr. and Mrs. Frank H. Siekmann                                                                     in memory of Barbara's mother, Helen              vide scholarship aid to a full-time student
                                                 Dr. Dorothy C. Moyer
Dr. M. Janet Simone                                                                                E. Ambrogio '70, to provide scholarship           with financial need who is majoring in
                                                 Miss Helen A. Moyer *
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Sinclair                                                                    assistance to a non-traditional student in        English. Preference will be given to stu-
                                                 Dr. James E. Mullen *
Mrs. Rosemarie Sloat                                                                               recognition of Mrs. Ambrogio's determi-           dents in teacher education.
                                                 Dr. Salvatore J. Natoli
Dr. Mary St. Onge and Mr. Peter St. Onge                                                           nation to achieve a life-long dream to
                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Piovane                                                                     Floyd Wagner Boyer Memorial Book
Dr. and Mrs. Ray T. Sunderland                                                                     complete her degree after raising six
                                                 Mrs. Nancy S. Pittock                                                                               Fund
Dr. Gabriele Sweidel and Mr. William                                                               daughters.
                                                 Mrs. Beatrice M. Rabeld                                                                             Established by Harriet Oler (daughter)
     Sweidel                                     Ms. M. Elizabeth Reed *                           Karen L. Anderson Memorial                        in honor of Floyd Wagner Boyer `28 and
Dr. Carol J. Teske +++                           Dr. E. Annette Robertson and Dr. John             Scholarship                                       `31 to supply the library with appropriate
Dr. Laree M. Trollinger and Mr. Gary L.               Robertson                                    Established in memory of Karen L. Ander-          books with nameplates inserted.
     Trollinger +++                              Mrs. Ardath H. Rodale                             son by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson
                                                                                                   (parents) and friends to provide scholar-         Stuart A. Bremer Scholarship
                                                 Ms. Mary E. Roth *                                                                                  Established by Dr. Kristen Bremer in me-
                                                 Mrs. Mae F. Schaeffer                             ships to junior or senior students of need,
Old Main Society                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Schaeffer                       majoring in communication design.                 mory of her husband, Stuart A. Bremer,
                                                                                                                                                     to provide scholarship assistance to a
Mrs. Irene M Acalin                              Dr. Thomas F. Schantz                             Fred and Ella Baer Memorial                       worthy student majoring in political
Mrs. E. Mae Ardes, Esq. *                        Dr. Alma H. Schlenker                             Scholarship                                       science.
Mr. Carroll S. Arnold                            Mrs. Mary Ann Sedlock                             Established by Ella Baer '31 to provide
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Atkins                       Mr. Larry R. Sell                                 scholarships to worthy students of senior         S. Eleanor Ruth Brossman Scholarship
Mrs. Dora A. Barr *                              Mr. Richard R. Sharman                            standing whose academic record justifies          Established by Dr. and Mrs. Martin Bross-
Mrs. Florence H. Baver *                         Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Simcik                      the appointment.                                  man in memory of Sallie Eleanor Ruth
Ms. Sylvia Bell                                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Sommers, Jr.                                                                   Brossman '08 to provide scholarships to
                                                                                                   Baldwin Brass Scholarship Fund                    junior or senior female students majoring
Miss Ruth E. Bonner *                            Mr. Ronald L. Spickler                            Established by Severin Feyerman in honor
Mrs. Cynthia Boyer Blakeslee                     Dr. Mary and Mr. N. Wayne St. John                                                                  in elementary education with a concen-
                                                                                                   of the important contributions Baldwin            tration in early childhood education.
Mr. Thomas G. Bruni                              Attorney and Mrs. Charles W. Stopp                Brass/Black & Decker has made to the
Dr. Carlson R. Chambliss                         Mrs. Emma H. Strause                              Berks County community to provide sig-            Carl and Regina Brunner Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chapman                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Stroup *                   nificant scholarship assistance to out-           Established by Dr. Carl (Dean of College
Miss Jane L. Christman                           Dr. and Mrs. Ray T. Sunderland                    standing students.                                of Liberal Arts and Sciences) and Dr.
Mr. Roger F. Cocivera                            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Sutton                                                                      Regina (Assistant to Provost) Brunner to
Dr. Karen Weaver Coleman                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Trainer                    Dora Hadley & Edward E. Barr, Sr.                 recognize an outstanding full-time stu-
Mrs. Carol J. Conlon                             Mr. Kenneth E. Trefsger                           Scholarship                                       dent working towards a Bachelor of Art
Mrs. Sara L. Corbin *                            Mr. and Mrs. Rollin S. Trexler                    Established in memory of Dora Hadley              or Bachelor of Science degree in Physical

+ Denotes five consecutive years of giving ++ Denotes ten consecutive years of giving +++ Denotes fifteen consecutive years of giving ++++ Denotes twenty consecutive years of giving   *Deceased

                                                                                                                                                                       Tower FALL 2005 50
Sciences, Biology, Geography, or Math        anniversary of their college commence-       anniversary of their college commence-        W.W. Deatrick Centennial Scholarship
through the College of Liberal Arts.         ment and in memory and honor of those        ment and in memory and honor of those         Established by Anna Louise Deatrick Mit-
Diana DeRagon Buchman Memorial               who made a difference in their lives while   who made a difference in their lives while    chell '15 (daughter) in memory of W.W.
Scholarship                                  at Kutztown State College.                   at Kutztown State College.                    Deatrick, retired professor, to provide
Established in memory of Diana DeRagon       Class of 1951 Scholarship                    Class of 1976 Scholarship                     scholarships for junior or senior students
Buchman (Assistant Director of Housing       Established to provide scholarships for      Established to provide scholarships for       who are worthy, ambitious, and conscien-
and Residence Life) by her family, friends   deserving students by members of the         deserving students by members of the          tious, majoring in English and preparing
and colleagues to provide scholarship        Class of 1951 in celebration of the 50th     Class of 1976 in celebration of the 25th      to teach.
assistance to a resident student in educa-   anniversary of their college commence-       anniversary of their college commence-        Ruth B. deFrancesco Scholarship in Art
tion.                                        ment and in memory and honor of those        ment and in memory and honor of those         Established by a bequest from Ruth B.
C.R. Chambliss Scholarship Fund              who made a difference in their lives while   who made a difference in their lives while    deFrancesco to provide scholarship
Established by C.R. Chambliss, Ph.D., Pro-   at Kutztown State College.                   at Kutztown State College.                    assistance to students majoring in Art.
fessor of Physical Sciences to provide       Class of 1953 Scholarship                    Clerical Staff Student Employees              Ruth B. deFrancesco Scholarship in
scholarship aid to worthy full time stu-     Established to provide scholarships for      Scholarship                                   Modern Language
dents majoring in chemistry, physics,        deserving students by members of the         Established by members of the Kutztown        Established by a bequest from Ruth B.
earth/space science, or any physical sci-    Class of 1953 in celebration of the 50th     University clerical staff to recognize and    deFrancesco to provide annual scholar-
ence combined with secondary educa-          anniversary of their college commence-       encourage a clerical student worker at        ships to students in Modern Language
tion.                                        ment and in memory and honor of those        Kutztown University.                          Studies.
Katherine D. Christ Award                    who made a difference in their lives as      Roger Cocivera Scholarship                    Ralph J. and Margaret H. Deisher
Established by the estate of Katherine D.    students at Kutztown State College.          Established by Roger Cocivera '56 to pro-     Scholarship Fund
Christ '26 (elementary education profes-     Class of 1954 Scholarship                    vide scholarships to a basketball student     Established by Dr. Caroline I. Anderson
sor), to provide scholarships for students   Established to provide scholarships for      athlete.                                      `65 (daughter) in memory of Ralph J. and
preparing for a career in elementary         deserving students by members of the         Clara Dyer Coleman Library Science            Margaret H. Deisher to provide scholar-
education.                                   Class of 1954 in celebration of the 50th     Scholarship                                   ships for freshmen who are graduates
Class of 1943 Scholarship                    anniversary of their college commence-       Established by Clara Dyer Coleman `27         of either Berks or Lehigh County high
Established to provide scholarships for      ment and in memory and honor of those        and `35 to recognize the achievement          schools and are majoring in mathematics,
deserving students by members of the         who made a difference in their lives as      and commitment of a junior or senior          the sciences, or pre-theology.
Class of 1943 in celebration of the 50th     students at Kutztown State College.          student majoring in library science who       Diefenderfer Family Scholarship
anniversary of their college commence-       Class of 1955 Scholarship                    is full-time and committed to a career in     Established by Minnie Diefenderfer `21
ment and in memory and honor of those        Established to provide scholarships for      library service.                              in honor of herself, Paul Diefenderfer
who made a difference in their lives while   deserving students by members of the         Karen Weaver Coleman Scholarship              (husband), and Anna Diefenderfer (sib-
at Kutztown State Teachers College.          Class of 1955 in celebration of the 50th     Established by Dr. Karen Weaver Coleman       ling) to recognize outstanding academic
Class of 1944 Bruce Becker/Donald            anniversary of their college commence-       `63 to recognize an outstanding full-time     achievement in the College of Business,
Brown Scholarship                            ment and in memory and honor of those        upper-class student who has earned at         particularly the area of finance. The stu-
Established to provide scholarships for      who made a difference in their lives as      least 65 credits and is working towards a     dent must be in good academic standing
deserving students by members of the         students of Kutztown State Teachers          Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary       with preference given to students who
Class of 1944 in celebration of the 50th     College.                                     Education.                                    have a sibling or parent who attended
anniversary of their college commence-       Class of 1969 Scholarship                                                                  or is a graduate of Kutztown University.
                                                                                          Communication Design Scholarship
ment and in memory of two classmates         Established to provide scholarships for      Established by faculty and alumni to pro-     Patrick J. Duddy, Jr. Memorial
who gave their lives in World War II and     deserving students, preference given to      vide scholarship aid to a worthy full-time    Scholarship
in honor of those who made a difference      children or grandchildren of members         freshman student who shows exceptional        Established in memory of Patrick J. Dud-
in their lives as students at Kutztown       of the Class of 1969 in celebration of the   talent as determined through the admis-       dy, Jr. by his parents, emeritus professor
State Teachers College.                      25th anniversary of their college com-       sions process.                                of biology Patrick J. Duddy, Sr. '69 and
Class of 1946 Scholarship                    mencement and in memory and honor                                                          Cynthia A. Duddy '87, family and friends,
                                                                                          Jaymie B. Creitz Scholarship
Established to provide scholarships for      of those who made a difference in their                                                    to provide scholarship assistance to a
                                                                                          Established in loving memory of Jaymie
deserving students by members of the         lives as students at Kutztown State Col-                                                   student majoring in biology/secondary
                                                                                          B. Creitz by her maternal grandparents,
Class of 1946 in celebration of the 50th     lege.                                                                                      education.
                                                                                          Walter and Ellen Faryniak to recognize
anniversary of their college commence-       Class of 1970 Scholarship                    and encourage a student who has de-           Eichler and Frankenfield Scholarship
ment and in memory and honor of those        Established to provide scholarships for      monstrated resilient determination to         Established by John (brother and brother-
who made a difference in their lives while   deserving students by members of the         earn a college degree. The scholarship        in-law) and Eva Eichler in memory of
at Kutztown State Teachers College.          Class of 1970 in celebration of the 25th     will be awarded to a female student           Frances '29 and Henry '23 Frankenfield to
Class of 1947 Scholarship                    anniversary of their college commence-       majoring in psychology, who has earned        provide scholarships to a full-time fresh-
Established to provide scholarships for      ment and in memory and honor of those        21 credits in Extended Learning and who       man, junior, or senior student with an out-
deserving students by members of the         who made a difference in their lives while   has membership in an organization bene-       standing academic record or who mani-
Class of 1947 in celebration of the 50th     at Kutztown State College.                   fiting animal welfare and also demon-         fests promise of academic success and is
anniversary of their college commence-       Class of 1972 Scholarship                    strates involvement in either M.A.D.D. or     a resident of Lehigh county, Pennsylvania.
ment and in memory and honor of those        Established to provide scholarships for      S.A.D.D.                                      Elementary and Special Education
who made a difference in their lives while   deserving students by members of the         Curley Family Scholarship                     Excellence Award
at Kutztown State Teachers College.          Class of 1972 in celebration of the 25th     Established by Ann C. and John J. Curley      Established by the faculty, staff and friends
Class of 1948 Scholarship                    anniversary of their college commence-       in memory of his parents, Emily Sprague       of the Elementary Education and Special
Established to provide scholarships for      ment and in memory and honor of those        Curley '33 and John J. Curley '33 and `34;    Education departments to recognize and
deserving students by members of the         who made a difference in their lives as      an aunt, Mary Agnes Curley Dugan, and         reward excellence demonstrated during
Class of 1948 in celebration of the 50th     students at Kutztown State College.          an uncle, Michael A. Curley '36 to be given   the professional semester experience by
anniversary of their college commence-       Class of 1973 Scholarship                    to worthy full-time students with prefer-     majors in each of the two departments.
ment to provide scholarships for deserv-     Established to provide scholarships for      ence given to students from Schuylkill        Henriette Engelson Scholarship
ing students in memory and honor of          deserving students by members of the         and Northampton counties who provide          Established by Henriette Engelson (emer-
those who made a difference in their lives   Class of 1973 in celebration of the 25th     active leadership in campus activities.       iti professor of speech pathology/lan-
as students at Kutztown State Teachers       anniversary of their college commence-       Dr. Carl J. Daeufer Scholarship in            guage), to assist a graduating student
College.                                     ment and in memory and honor of those        Teacher Education                             who has demonstrated outstanding abil-
Class of 1949 Scholarship                    who made a difference in their lives while   Established by Dr. Carl J. Daeufer '53 to     ity and has a record of excellent perfor-
Established to provide scholarships for      at Kutztown State College.                   recognize outstanding scholastic achieve-     mance working with clients to continue
deserving students by members of the         Class of 1974 Scholarship                    ment by an upper-class student from           their education in graduate school.
Class of 1949 in celebration of the 50th     Established to provide scholarships for      Pennsylvania who is majoring in either        Rosalyn Ensminger/Geography
anniversary of their college commence-       deserving students by members of the         elementary or secondary education and         Endowment Fund
ment to provide scholarships for deserv-     Class of 1974 in celebration of the 25th     whose goal is to teach. The student must      Established by family and friends of
ing students in memory and honor of          anniversary of their college commence-       be in good academic standing with pre-        Rosalyn Ensminger and the Geography
those who made a difference in their lives   ment and in memory and honor of those        ference given to a member of either the       Department to provide scholarships to
as students at Kutztown State Teachers       who made a difference in their lives while   women's or men's basketball team.             geography students.
College.                                     at Kutztown State College.                   Lester M. Davidheiser Award                   John H. and Madalynne M. Evans
Class of 1950 Scholarship                    Class of 1975 Scholarship                    Established by the estate of Lester M.        Scholarship
Established to provide scholarships for      Established to provide scholarships for      Davidheiser '36 and '40 to provide addi-      Created by John H. '49 and Madalynne
deserving students by members of the         deserving students by members of the         tional income for scholarship students.       M. '47 Evans to provide scholarship aid
Class of 1950 in celebration of the 50th     Class of 1975 in celebration of the 25th                                                   to students majoring in education.

51 FALL 2005 Tower
Anthony Friedman and Hermine Vrana             George B. Hancher Memorial                     Helen Hughes-Lehman Scholarship                John K. Landis Honorary Scholarship
Friedman Scholarship                           Scholarship Fund                               Established by David T. Lehman (husband        Established by colleagues, friends, and
Established by Frank A. Friedman `60 and       Established in memory of George B. Han-        and former Kutztown University art pro-        former students to serve as a testament
`80 in honor of his parents, Anthony and       cher, vice principal 1882-1893 and prin-       fessor) and the estate of Helen Hughes-        to the dedicated service John Landies
Hermine Vrana Friedman, to recognize           cipal of Kutztown State Normal School          Lehman to provide recognition and assis-       gave to the development of the Commu-
students preparing to teach geography.         1893-1899, to provide scholarships to          tance to outstanding students with spe-        nication Design program and to the com-
Dr. Ralph A. Fritz Memorial Scholarship        worthy students.                               cial consideration given to art education      mitted support he gave his students.
Established by Lolita R. Fritz Binford, Mar-   Rodney Hancock Scholarship                     majors.                                        Deane Lenhart Memorial Scholarship
cia Kay Hartman, and Miriam Jolee Robin-       Established in memory of Rodney Han-           Craig S. M. Hunter Memorial                    Established in memory of Deane Lenhart
son through the estate of their mother,        cock, member of the KU football team           Scholarship                                    (former professor) by Robert Lenhart
Dr. Roletta O. Jolly-Fritz, in memory of Dr.   from 1992-1996, to provide the football        Established by friends, family, and Dono-      (husband), family and friends to provide
Ralph A. Fritz (professor emeritus; former     program with a permanent source of             van Advertising in memory of Craig S.M.        scholarships to full-time students of good
director of library education), to provide     scholarship income.                            Hunter '87 for a full-time student major-      standing majoring in related arts with a
scholarships to students majoring in li-       Emily Haring Chemistry Scholarship             ing in Communication Design who did            dance specialization to encourage the
brary science, who show enthusiasm for         Created by Emily Haring to provide recog-      not enter college directly from high           continued growth of the dance program.
teaching, have leadership potential, and       nition and financial assistance to students    school and has worked for at least one         Karen R. Ligammari Memorial
have contributed to the library science        enrolled or planning to enroll as a Chemi-     year.                                          Scholarship
program in general.                            stry Major.                                    Lillian E. Johnson Scholarship                 Established by Karen Ligammari '89 to
Dr. Ralph Abner Fritz Scholarship              Frederick Francis Harris Scholarship           Established by the estate of Mary Elise        provide scholarship assistance to an
Established anonymously in memory of           Established by Mr. and Mrs. Milford P. Kel-    Johnson in memory of her sister, Lillian       upper-class student majoring in Special
Dr. Ralph Abner Fritz, professor of library    ly, Jr. (nephew) in memory of Frederick        E. Johnson, former dean of women.              Education/Program on Visual Impairment.
science from 1946-1955.                        Francis Harris, former student, to provide     Myrtle Stofflet Keener Memorial                Naomi Evangeline Dietrich Long
Linda Rose Fuellenbach Memorial                scholarships to freshman or sophomore          Scholarship                                    Scholarship
Scholarship                                    students who demonstrate academic              Established by Robert E. Clark Sr. and         Established by Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Established by Rose Fuellenbach (mother)       potential.                                     Lucille Keener Clark to honor the teach-       Harley (daughter) in memory of Naomi
and friends in memory of Linda Rose            Lillian C. Hartman Scholarship                 ing record and dedication of her mother,       Dietrich Long '19 to provide scholarships
Fuellenbach '57 to provide scholarships        Established by Lillian C. Hartman '23 and      Myrtle Stofflet Keener.                        to freshman students meeting the follow-
to library science majors (junior, senior,     '34 to provide scholarships to an incom-       Keystone Newswriting Scholarship               ing criteria: leadership potential, involve-
and graduate students).                        ing freshman majoring in education.            Established by the English Department          ment in performing arts (music), charac-
William U. and Mary A. Gabel                                                                  faculty to recognize a student with out-       ter, responsibility, dependability, enthu-
                                               Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Scholarship                                                                                   standing skill and who has made a con-         siasm for teaching, performance in ele-
                                               Established by a grant from the Hearst
Established by E. Margaret Gabel '50 in                                                       tribution as an explanatory/exploratory        mentary education courses, attitude
                                               Foundation to provide annual scholar-
memory of her parents, William U. and                                                         reporter for the Keystone college news-        toward profession, contribution to ele-
                                               ships to two students: one majoring in
Mary A. Gabel, to provide scholarship                                                         paper through an article or series of          mentary education program in general,
                                               English professional writing, and one
assistance to a woman student majoring                                                        articles published in the Keystone during      serious financial need.
                                               majoring in telecommunications.
in library science.                                                                           an academic year.                              William H. Long Scholarship Fund
                                               Joy S. Helm '62 and '71 Scholarship
Karen Gallo Scholarship Fund                                                                  Mary E. Kramer Sophomore Scholarship           Established by the estate of William H.
                                               Established in memory of Joy S. Helm
Created by Mrs. Mary Ann Gallo in honor                                                       in Special Education                           Long in memory of William H. and Sadie
                                               `62 and `71 by James C. Helm (husband),
of Karen Gallo, to provide students of                                                        Established by the estate of Mary E. Kra-      S. Long (1893) to provide scholarships
                                               family, and friends to provide a scholar-
English, scholarship for creative writing.                                                    mer `33 to recognize a worthy full-time        to incoming freshman students who are
                                               ship to a deserving student who is a non-
                                                                                              sophomore student with need who has            graduates of Lehighton High School.
Graduated Classes (`79, `83, `90, `91,         traditional student or has completed their
`92) Scholarship                               freshman year and is in the teacher edu-       demonstrated the ability and attitude to       J. Russell Longstreet Scholarship
Established by class members in celebra-       cation program.                                excel as a teacher of special education.       Established by James Longstreet '50 as a
tion of their graduation to provide schol-                                                    Recipient must have earned at least 32         tribute to and in memory of his father, J.
                                               Dr. Grace R. Hesse Scholarship
arships to outstanding juniors.                                                               credits but less than 64.                      Russell Longstreet, to provide scholarship
                                               Established by the estate of Dr. Grace
                                                                                              George A. Kruse Scholarship                    assistance to an in-coming freshman stu-
Graduated Classes (1891, 1896, `17,            Hesse (retired Spanish professor), to pro-
                                                                                              Established by Barbara Francis-Kruse '79       dent.
`19) Scholarship                               vide scholarships to freshman students.
Established by class members in celebra-                                                      (wife), family, and friends of George A.       Pat Madden Scholarship
                                               Coach Lee Hill and Alumni Soccer
tion of their graduation to provide schol-                                                    Kruse '77 and '90 (Kutztown University         Established by the Residence Hall Asso-
                                               Players from 1970-1985 Endowed
arships to outstanding students.                                                              Hall of Fame lacrosse player) to provide       ciation in memory of Patricia A. Madden
                                               Men's Soccer Scholarship
                                                                                              assistance to an athlete.                      `82 to provide scholarships to students
Doris New Grandon Scholarship                  Established by Lee L. Hill, former KU facul-
                                                                                              Kutztown University Secondary                  who contribute to community develop-
Established by Doris N. Grandon '44 to         ty member and hall of fame head men's
                                                                                              Teaching Scholarship                           ment in the residence halls through in-
provide scholarships to full-time under-       soccer coach (1970-85), and alumni soc-
                                                                                              Established to provide financial support       volvement and leadership.
graduate students majoring in education        cer players from Coach Hill's tenure, to
or art education and who have achieved         provide the men's soccer program with a        to a deserving, promising secondary edu-       Ronald L. Marburger '61 Scholarship
an outstanding academic record. Prefer-        permanent source of scholarship income.        cation student.                                Established by Ronald Marburger '61
ence is given to students who have                                                            Mike Kullman Endowed Football                  to provide scholarship assistance to a
                                               Daniel Hinkel Family Endowed
completed their freshman year.                                                                Scholarship                                    worthy math or computer science major
                                               Wrestling Scholarship
Charles '54 and Betty Hewes '57 Grebey         Established by Dan Hinkel, Professor and       Established in memory of Michael G. Kull-      Helen J. Marcks Honors Scholarship
Scholarship                                    Wrestling Coach (1964-1996), to provide        man to provide the football program with       Established by the estate of Helen J.
Established through the estates of Charles     the wrestling program with a permanent         a permanent source of scholarship in-          Marcks '17 to provide scholarships to aid
and Betty Grebey to provide scholarship        source of scholarship income.                  come.                                          worthy students enrolled in the universi-
assistance to students majoring in mathe-                                                     John and Sadie Kutz Scholarship                ty's Honors Program.
                                               David and Ann Hohe Scholarship
matics, the sciences, or library science.      To be established by the estate of David       Established by Joyce Kutz Wehr '46 in          KU Women's Basketball Maroon & Gold
Levi D. Gresh Scholarship                      `68 and Ann `67 and `73 Hohe to be             memory of her parents, John '12 and            Endowed Scholarship
Established by the estate of Mary E. Gresh     awarded to a sophmore student of wor-          Sadie '20 Kutz, to aid deserving students      Established to provide the women's bas-
(wife) in memory of Levi D. Gresh, `17 (re-    thy status in the teacher education pro-       who have excellent grades, leadership          ketball program with a permanent source
tired faculty member and former Head           gram whose eligibility provides continu-       potential, and are involved in campus          of scholarship income.
of the Department of Social Sciences) to       ation in teacher education.                    activities.                                    Anthony J. Mazzaferri History
help students enrolled in the honors pro-      John Holingjak Honors Scholarship              Sadie Kutz and Nancy Henderson                 Scholarship
gram who are involved in advanced re-          Established by John Holingjak '56 to pro-      Scholarship                                    Established in memory of Dr. Anthony J.
search.                                        vide scholarship assistance to a freshman      Established by Joyce Kutz Wehr '46 in          Mazzaferri (former professor of History)
Anna Elda Hammes Gross Scholarship             enrolled in the Honors Program, with           memory of her mother, Sadie Kutz '20,          by Dr. Annette Mazzaferri (wife and emer-
Established in memory of Anna Elda             preference given to a student seeking a        and her daughter, Nancy J. Henderson           iti professor of Speech and Theatre) to
Hammes Gross `15 by her family to pro-         career in teaching.                            '70, in recognition of the 75th and 25th       provide a scholarship to a full time junior
vide scholarship assistance to a worthy                                                       anniversaries of their graduations.            or senior in good standing majoring in
                                               John Holingjak, Jr. Scholarship
elementary education student.                                                                 Lambda Scholarship                             secondary education with a concentra-
                                               Established by John Holingjak, Jr. '56 to
                                                                                              Established by the Lambda Caucus, the          tion or major in social sciences or History.
Agnes M. Guy Scholarship Fund                  provide scholarships for students from
Established by Julia Heck (sister) and         Montgomery, Chester, or Berks County           faculty/staff gay, lesbian, bi-affectionate,   The Dr. David E. McFarland Endowed
family in memory of Agnes M. Guy '31           who demonstrate academic potential             or trans-gendered organization at Kutz-        Athletic Scholarship
and '38 to provide scholarships to full-       and are majoring in secondary education/       town University to provide annual schol-       Established by the Kutztown University
time students.                                 biology.                                       arships to qualified and deserving stu-        athletic department, to provide the pro-
                                                                                              dents at Kutztown.                             gram with a permanent source of schol-

                                                                                                                                                             Tower FALL 2005 52
arship income. The scholarship is in rec-      provide scholarships to students enrolled       sophmore, junior, or senior students who      Student Government Leadership
ognition of exemplary academic achieve-        in foreign language.                            are members of the baseball team and          Scholarship
ment by incoming student-athletes in           Joseph and Carol Patton Endowed                 have made significant contributions to        Established by the Student Government
tribute to the leadership in this area pro-    Scholarship                                     the team. Recipient must be nominated         Association to provide scholarships to
vided by Dr. David E. McFarland, Kutztown      Established by the Patton family in             by the baseball coach and be of good          students in leadership roles.
University president, 1989-2002.               memory of Coach Joseph Patton, and              character.                                    Richard R. Sharman Scholarship
Edith Mellner Education Scholarship            his daughter, Carol Patton, to provide a        John T. Robinson III Memorial                 Esablished by Richard R. Sharman (Class
Established by Edith Mellner (associate        scholarship to a football player (sopho-        Scholarship                                   of 1939) in memory of his parents, Attor-
professor emerita of Health and Physical       more or above) who has demonstrated             Established by the family and friends of      ney William E. Sharman (Class of 1899)
Education) to recognize the academic           the ability to make a significant impact        John T. Robinson III to provide encourage-    and educator Edith Reber Sharman
promise of an elementary education             on the playing field and has shown a            ment and scholarship aid to a full-time       Steven R. Skelly '96 Scholarship
major.                                         strong commitment to academics.                 student who has chosen to re-enter col-       Established by Richard R. Skelly, Jr. (father)
Kenneth L. Meyer Cross Country &               Physical Facilities Student Employee            lege after having withdrawn.                  in memory of Steven R. Skelly '96 to pro-
Track Scholarship                              Scholarship                                     Kevin N. Rock Scholarship                     vide a scholarship for students who are
Established by Dorothy J. Meyer '77 (wife),    Established by members of the Kutztown          Established by Tyco Electronics Corpora-      currently battling cancer or may be mo-
family, friends, and colleagues in memory      University Physical Facilities Department       tion in recognition and appreciation of       bility impaired.
of Kenneth L. Meyer (former university         to recognize and encourage a worthy             Kevin N. Rock '79 for outstanding achieve-    Elaine M. Smith Scholarship
coach and professor), in recognition of his    full-time student entering their junior or      ment.                                         Established by Sam Smith `43 (former
commitment to academic excellence and          senior year who has worked a minimum            Dennis Roth Scholarship                       president of Kutztown University Foun-
athletic ability, to provide scholarships to   of 75 hours for facilities or any of the        Established by family, friends, and col-      dation) in memory of his wife, Elaine M.
junior or senior members of the track or       shops or offices.                               leagues in memory of Dennis Roth (re-         Smith `44, to recognize a student in ele-
cross country team who have made sig-          Physical Sciences Faculty Scholarship           tired university administrator and coach)     mentary education who best demon-
nificant contributions to the team and         Established by the Kutztown University          to provide scholarships for deserving         strates excellence in the professional
are of good character.                         Physical Sciences faculty to recognize an       students.                                     semester experience.
Dr. Susan Miller Early Childhood               outstanding incoming full-time freshman         A.C. Rothermel Scholarship Fund               Esther F. Smith Scholarship Fund
Education Scholarship                          with need whose goal is a B.A. or B.S. in       Established by the estate of Janice P.        Established by Samuel P. Smith '43 (for-
Established by colleagues and friends of       Physical Science.                               Rothermel in memory of Mabel Rother-          mer president of Kutztown University
Dr. Susan Miller (retired professor of ele-    J. Mark Piscitelli Memorial Scholarship         mel Nimmo '00, Florence Rothermel Bow-        Foundation) in memory of his mother,
mentary education), to award a student         Established in loving memory of J. Mark         ly '02, Ruth Brensinger Rothermel '10, and    Esther F. Smith '13, to provide an annual
in early childhood education.                  Piscitelli '93 by his parents Dr. Joseph and    Samuel H. Rothermel '06.                      scholarship to a worthy student majoring
Damian Mobley/Athletes for Better              Diane Piscitelli, family, and friends to pro-   Floyd O. Rowe Scholarship                     in music, with preference given to stu-
Education Scholarship                          vide scholarship assistance to a Kutztown       Established by Russell `65 and Beverly        dents studying piano.
Established by AFBE, Inc., in honor of the     University business major studying at           Hinnershitz in memory of his business         Samuel P. Smith Basketball Scholarship
late Damian Mobley, former KU student          Buckinghamshire College.                        partner, Floyd O. Rowe, to provide finan-     Established by Sam Smith `43 (former
(1997-2000) and men's basketball player        Alex J. '58 and Paige Pogirski                  cial assistance to a highly motivated Col-    president Kutztown University Founda-
(1998-2000), who passed away during his        Scholarship                                     lege of Business student who has a de-        tion) to provide financial support to a full
senior year; to provide tuition scholarship    Established by Carol Pogirski Carzon            monstrated record of commitment to            time student athlete who is participating
to a worthy minority student athlete of        '57 in memory of her late husband and           community service.                            in the men's basketball program.
color.                                         daughter to encourage female students           Michele M. Russo Memorial Scholarship         N. Wayne and Mary M. St. John
Lloyd A. Moll/Jim McGovern Endowed             to major in science and to recognize            Established by Nancy and Michael Russo        Graduate Student Endowment Fund
Scholarships                                   outstanding academic achievement.               (parents) in memory of Michele Russo          Established by Dr. Mary (emeriti professor
Established by Fran and Ed `42 Osinski         John Polischak Memorial Fund                    (former student), to assist worthy art        of Geography and former Dean of Aca-
(KU Hall of Famer, All-Century athlete, and    Established in memory of John Polischak         majors.                                       demic Services) and Mr. N. Wayne St. John
former wrestling and football standout) in     `39 (former university professor) by Alena                                                    to provide annual assistance to a full-time
                                                                                               Wilson G. Sarig Scholarship
memory of Lloyd A. Moll, wrestling coach       P. Zygmunt and Felicia Louer (daughters),                                                     graduate student in the College of Busi-
                                                                                               Established by the estate of Mae Sarig
and dean of men, and Jim McGovern, Hall        to help Kutztown University students.                                                         ness to provide teaching assistance in its
                                                                                               Ardes `25 (daughter) in memory of Wilson
of Famer, athletics director, and football,                                                                                                  outreach programs to small businesses.
                                               Lawrence R. Pugh/VF Corporation                 Sarig (1894) to provide a scholarship to a
men's basketball, and baseball coach to
                                               Scholarship                                     promising student, enrolled or applicant,     Nicholas G. Stevens Scholarship
provide the wrestling and football pro-
                                               Given annually since 1999 by the VF Corp-       who is otherwise unable to pay tuition        Established by Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens
grams with a permanent source of schol-
                                               oration, through the Berks County Com-          and whose attitude indicates a serious-       (wife) and the Library Science Depart-
arship income.
                                               munity Foundation, to provide scholar-          ness of purpose.                              ment in memory of Nicholas G. Stevens
Morning Call Scholarship                       ship aid to students from Berks County                                                        to provide a scholarship to an entering
                                                                                               Miriam '34 and John Schaeffer
Established by The Morning Call news-          attending Kutztown University.                                                                freshman majoring in library science and
paper to provide scholarships to commu-                                                                                                      a scholarship to an entering freshman
                                               Bradley D. Rahn Scholarship                     Established by Miriam '34 and John
nication design majors.                                                                                                                      who will be a football player.
                                               Established by Mr. and Mrs. William J.          Schaeffer to provide scholarship aid to
Dr. C. Josephine Moyer Scholarship             Rahn (parents) and Mr. and Mrs. T.W.            a worthy student and applied where the        Lawrence M. Stratton Scholarship
Established by Frank A. Friedman `60 and       Proudfoot (grandparents) in memory of           scholarship will achieve the most good.       Established by Mrs. Barbara H. Stratton
`80 in honor of Dr. Josephine Moyer, for-      Bradley D. Rahn '83 to provide scholar-                                                       (wife), family, friends, and colleagues in
                                                                                               Ed Schatkowski Music Scholarship
mer professor and chair of the Geography       ships to electronic media majors who                                                          memory of Dr. Lawrence M. Stratton
                                                                                               Established by family and friends in cele-
Department (1947-1965) to recognize            participate in extracurricular activities,                                                    (ninth president of the university), to pro-
                                                                                               bration of the retirement of Dr. Edwin
students preparing to teach geography.         ITVA, Newsbreak, work study or theatre.                                                       vide scholarships to students who show
                                                                                               Schatkowski (former chairperson and
Department of Music Scholarship                Reading Hospital School of Nursing              professor of Music) to recognize an out-      academic ability and demonstrate leader-
Established by faculty members with the        Scholarship                                     standing student in the area of music         ship and involvement in campus activi-
Department of Music to provide scholar-        Established by members of the Kutztown          performance.                                  ties.
ship aid to a music major who is involved      University nursing faculty in recognition                                                     Ray and Marjorie Sunderland
                                                                                               Jennie C. Schwoyer `07 Basketball
in Department of Music ensembles/activi-       of an outstanding graduate who wishes                                                         Scholarship
ties.                                          to pursue a baccalaureate nursing edu-                                                        Established by Dr. Ray Sunderland (direc-
                                                                                               Established by Samuel P. Smith `43 (for-
Esther Moyer O'Neill Memorial                  cation at Kutztown University. Student          mer president of Kutztown University          tor emeritus of student teaching and pro-
Scholarship                                    must be in good academic standing.              Foundation) in memory of his aunt, Jen-       fessor of education) and Marjorie Sunder-
Established through a bequest made by          Emma Richards-Bausch Scholarship                nie C. Schwoyer `07 to provide scholar-       land `74 to provide scholarship aid to
Esther Moyer O'Neill '17 to provide schol-     Established by Emma Richards-Bausch             ship support to a full time student athlete   education majors who will student teach
arships to responsible freshmen who are        to provide a scholarship to an incoming         who participates or will participate in the   in England, Scotland or Wales.
involved in extracurricular activities.        freshman or transfer student with finan-        women's basketball program.                   Stern/Mathias Tau Kappa Scholarship
David J. and Mary Martinez                     cial need who will pursue a major in the        Basil Y. Scott/Act 101 Scholarship            Established in memory of Minerva Stern
Oppenheim Awards                               English Department and has demonstrat-          Established by Basil Scott, faculty and       and Ruth Mathias by the members of Tau
Established by David J. and Mary Martinez      ed an exceptional aptitude for a major          friends of the Act 101 program to provide     Kappa to provide permanent source of
'48 Oppenheim to provide scholarships to       in English/general, English/professional        financial support to worthy full-time Act     funding for oustanding female athletes
worthy students in need of financial assis-    writing, or secondary education/English.        101 students who have earned at least 30      at Kutztown University.
tance.                                         Walter P. Risley Scholarship                    credits and who have demonstrated sig-        Tibbits/Watrous Non-Traditional
Linda Oswald-Bogert Scholarship                Established by Ethel Risley '31 (wife) in       nificant progress towards achieving aca-      Student Scholarship
Established in memory of Linda Oswald-         memory of Walter Risley (coach and ath-         demic goals.                                  Established anonymously by a non-tradi-
Bogert (former University employee), to        letic director), to provide scholarships to                                                   tional student alumnus to recognize and
                                                                                                                                             encourage a non-traditional student.

53 FALL 2005 Tower
Ida R. Trainer Scholarship                          Joshua Wentworth Wesner Pre-medical             Excellence in Cost Accounting                  for a worthy student majoring in chemi-
Established by Robert H. Trainer (son) in           Scholarship                                     Scholarship                                    stry or bio-chemistry
memory of Ida R. Trainer '24 to provide             Established in memory of Joshua Went-           Given annually since 1998 by Thomas J.         Reid F. Lessig Scholarship for Bands
scholarships to students who demon-                 worth Wesner, pre-medical student, advo-        Grant (chairperson and associate profes-       Given annually since 1994 by the Gradu-
strate academic ability and are graduates           cate for the disabled, and contributor to       sor of accounting and general business)        ate Organization of Bands in memory of
of Daniel Boone High School, Birdsboro,             the Kutztown University community, by           to reward a student or students who have       Reid F. Lessig '72, one of the founders and
Pa.                                                 his family, friends, and the alumni, staff,     performed well academically in Accoun-         most active members of the G.O.B., to
V. Ruth Trauger Memorial Scholarship                and faculty of Kutztown University. The         ting 305 and/or Accounting 306.                provide scholarships to students who are
Established in memory of V. Ruth Trauger,           scholarship is intended to help the uni-        Gordon and RoseLee Goldberg Honors             members of the marching band, concert
to add annually to the library fund.                versity to attract, acknowledge, support,       Scholarship                                    band, or jazz band.
                                                    and retain pre-medical students who will        Given annually since 1996 by Gordon
Rita Wharmby Singley, Torell Wharmby                                                                                                               Earl L. Mayberry Music Scholarship
                                                    go on to become doctors who care deep-          (professor emeritus of history) and Rose-
Johns, and Joyce Wharmby Tressler                                                                                                                  Established in memory of Earl "Jim" May-
                                                    ly about people, and who make a differ-         Lee Goldberg to an incoming senior who
Scholarship                                                                                                                                        berry, a dedidcated professor of music
                                                    ence in their communities. This was Josh's      is enrolled in the honors program to en-
Established by the estate of Joyce                                                                                                                 (1967-1984), by family and friends to
                                                    dream for himself.                              courage the student to become involved
Wharmby Tressler '18 in memory of Rita                                                                                                             recognize exemplary commitment and
Wharmby Singley '08, Torell Wharmby                 Dr. Roger S. Whitcomb International             in campus and community activities.            accomplishment by a freshman student
Johns '09, and Joyce Wharmby Tressler               Student Scholarship                             Helen Discavage Haak Scholarship               majoring in music or music education.
'18 to provide scholarships to students             Established by Dr. Roger S. Whitcomb,           Given annually since 2000 by Helen Dis-        Mazzaferri Speech & Theatre
who are residents in the areas of Conyng-           emeritus professor of Political Science, to     cavage Haak '36 and '49 to provide schol-      Scholarship
ham, Nuremberg, or Hazleton.                        provide scholarship assistance to a wor-        arship assistance to an incoming fresh-        Given annually since 1980 by the Speech
                                                    thy international student studying politi-      man who graduated from a high school
Frank and Stephanie Vrana Scholarship                                                                                                              and Theatre department to theatre stu-
                                                    cal science or public administration.           in Schuykill County.
Established by Frank A. Friedman `60 and                                                                                                           dents of academic merit who are involved
`80 in honor of his maternal grandpar-              M. W. Wood Scholarship Fund                     Brian K. Harwick Memorial Scholarship          in department activities.
ents, Frank and Stephanie Vrana, to recog-          Established by The Wood Company in              Given annually since 1984 by Stanley C.        Dr. Clark R. McClelland Scholarship
nize students majoring in library science.          honor of Kutztown University food ser-          (emeriti professor of education) and Su-       To be established by William '48 and
                                                    vice employees to provide scholarships to       san Harwick in memory of their nephew,
Karl F. Walter Scholarship Fund                                                                                                                    Miriam Rollman '48 Irwin, in appreciation
                                                    students who demonstrate financial need         Brian K. Harwick, to students majoring in
Established by members of the Physical                                                                                                             and memory of Dr. Clark R. McClelland,
                                                    and academic ability. Preference is given       special education.
Science Department in honor of Karl F.                                                                                                             former Dean of Instruction at Kutztown
                                                    to students who are dependents of em-
Walter (professor emeritus of physical                                                              IntegraONE Scholarship                         State Teachers College.
                                                    ployees of The Wood Company.
science), to provide scholarships to fresh-                                                         Established by IntegraONE, an informa-         Donald L. Miller Graduate Scholarship
man physical science majors.                        Gregory G. Young Scholarship                    tion technology services and products          Established by Donald L. Miller '53 to en-
                                                    Established by Gregory G. Young (MBA            company serving eastern Pennsylvania,
Charles A. and Joyce Kutz Wehr                                                                                                                     courage graduate counseling students
                                                    '01) to provide scholarship assistance          to provide scholarship assistance to stu-
Scholarship                                                                                                                                        to follow his legacy of helping students.
                                                    to an undergraduate student from the            dents from Lehigh and Berks counties.
Established by Joyce Kutz Wehr '46 in                                                                                                              Donald L. Miller Undergraduate
                                                    College of Business.
memory of her husband Charles and in                                                                Kappa Kappa Psi- Zeta Mu Applied               Scholarship
celebration of their life together to pro-                                                          Music Scholarship                              Established by Donald L. Miller '53 to
vide scholarship assistance to a student
majoring in education who exhibits quali-
                                                    Direct                                          Established by the Zeta Mu chapter of
                                                                                                    Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band
                                                                                                                                                   continue his legacy of helping entering
                                                                                                                                                   freshman achieve their goals by provid-
ties of academic excellence necessary to
be a successful teacher in today's environ-
                                                    Scholarships                                    Fraternity to provide assistance to a stu-
                                                                                                    dent enrolled in an instrumental instruc-
                                                                                                                                                   ing scholarship assistance to worthy stu-
                                                        Kutztown University is grateful to                                                         dents.
ment.                                               the individuals who annually provide the        tion class at Kutztown University.
                                                                                                                                                   Edwin and Jeanne Miller Scholarship
Samuel D. Wehr Scholarship                          funds necessary to make these scholar-          Rose and Edward Kelly Scholarship              Established by Jeanne Snyder Miller `51
Established by the estate of Samuel D.              ships possible. Individuals wishing to          Established by Margaret K. Devlin, Dean        in honor of her marriage to Edwin Miller
Wehr '32 to provide scholarships for stu-           establish their own direct scholarships         of Library Services, in memory of her par-     `53, and in recognition of his career as a
dents in financial need.                            may contact Dick Button, Director of            ents, Rose and Edward Kelly to provide         librarian, to provide a scholarship to a
Robert Weiss Taxation Scholarship                   Development, at 610-683-1394.                   scholarship aid to a library student assis-    worthy student majoring in library sci-
Established in memory of Robert Weiss,              Dorothy S. Barbera String Scholarship           tant.                                          ence.
taxation specialist on the Accounting fac-          Established by Aceste J. Barbera, professor     Kutztown University Foundation                 Gustav Oberlaender Foundation
ulty, through the proceeds of Accounting            emeritus of music, in loving memory of          Scholarship                                    Scholarship
Club activities and continuing education            his wife, Dorothy S. Barbera, to provide        Given annually since 1983 by the Kutz-         Given annually since 1992 by Gustav
courses, as well as donations from family,          scholarship assistance to a student who         town University Foundation to award            Oberlaender to provide scholarships to
colleagues, and friends to recognize                is an accomplished string instrumentalist.      junior and senior students who are wor-        full-time undergraduate students who
accounting majors who have expressed                Helen Berg Memorial Fund                        thy and of good academic standing.             have achieved outstanding academic
an interest or demonstrated excellence              Given annually since 1994 by Donald             Kutztown Chamber of Commerce                   records and are residents of Berks County.
in the specialty of taxation accounting.            Berg (husband) in memory of Helen Berg          Scholarship                                    Margie O'Hern Scholarship
R.G. Wells/ Kutztown University Jazz                `53 (former librarian), to provide the libra-   Given annually since 1992 by the Kutz-         Given annually since 2000 by Michael Lee
Band Scholarship                                    ry with general purpose funds.                  town Area Chamber of Commerce to a             (son) in honor of Margie Breisch O'Hern
Established by Richard G. Wells, former             Binney & Smith Scholarship                      student residing in a school district within   to provide a scholarship for a worthy full-
director of the Kutztown University Jazz            Established by Binney and Smith Corpo-          the Chamber's area.                            time student majoring in education.
Band, to provide scholarship support for            ration to provide scholarship assistance        Lambda Chi Alpha Scholarship                   Given annually by Sharon O'Mara Maida
members of the Kutztown University Jazz             to art education students.                      Established by the alumni of Sigma Gam-        '83 in memory and honor of her father,
Band.                                                                                               ma Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha to         James P. O'Mara, to provide scholarship
                                                    Sean Christopher Cieri Scholarship
Rudolf and Flora M. Wertime Music                   Established in loving memory of Sean            recognize annually the brother who best        assistance to a student from Catasauqua
Scholarship                                         Christopher Cieri by his family and friends     exemplifies the ideals of Lambda Chi           attending Kutztown University.
Established by Selma W. Thomson (pro-               to provide scholarship assistance to a stu-     Alpha.                                         Pennsylvania State Employees Credit
fessor emerita of music) in memory of               dent majoring in Secondary Education or         Dr. Tom and Kay Leininger '67 Library          Union Scholarship
Rudolf and Flora M. Wertime to provide              Speech and Theatre.                             Science Scholarship                            Given annually by Pennsylvania State Em-
scholarships to entering freshmen major-                                                            Established in memory of Miss Mildred          ployees Credit Union Scholarship to pro-
                                                    Ron DeLong Art Education Scholarship
ing in piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, flute,                                                   Mengel '26, former library science profes-     vide scholarships for undergarduate and
                                                    Established by Ron DeLong '72 in appre-
clarinet, oboe, or bassoon.                                                                         sor by Dr. Tom and Kay Leininger '67 to        graduate students.
                                                    ciation for assistance he received as an
Joshua Wentworth Wesner Endowed                     undergraduate student to provide schol-         provide a scholarship for a worthy library     William and Joanne Ribble Scholarship
Field Hockey Scholarship                            arship assistance to an art education           science major.                                 Established by William '73 and Joanne
Established in memory of Joshua Went-               major.                                          Leininger Scholarship                          '74 Ribble to provide scholarship aid to
worth Wesner, son of KU field hockey                                                                Established by Dr. Tom and Kay Leininger       a worthy new full-time student who has
                                                    Epling-McSwain-Jones Memorial
coach Betty Wesner (1980-present) and                                                               '67 to provide scholarship assistance to       demonstrated a commitment to commu-
her husband Douglas, and brother to                                                                 worthy Library Science, Chemistry, or Bio-     nity service.
                                                    Established by Dr. Sandra J. McSwain, pro-
Sarah (team member and captain (1997-                                                               Chemistry students
                                                    fessor of counseling and human services                                                        Bill Ribble Urban League of
2000), to provide the field hockey pro-
                                                    in memory of her late relatives to provide      Thomas and Kay Leininger '67 Science           Philadelphia Scholarship
gram with a permanent source of scho-
                                                    scholarship assistance to worthy graduate       Scholarship                                    Established by the Urban League of Phila-
larship income.
                                                    students in the Department of Counse-           Established in memory of Roy W. Hamme,         delphia to honor and recognize the lea-
                                                    ling and Human Services.                        former science professor, by Dr. Tom and       dership of Bill Ribble '75 by providing a
                                                                                                    Kay Leininger '67 to provide a scholarship     four-year scholarship for a student from

                                                                                                                                                                   Tower FALL 2005 54
Bill and Joanne Ribble Urban League           Jeanne D. '43 and Robert M. Stroup          In Honor of Mr. Raymond O. Heimbach        In Memory of Mr. Samuel P. Smith
of Philadelphia Scholarship                   Presidential Scholarship                    Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dudley            Dr. Karen Sellers and Mr. Richard Sellers
Established by Bill '73 and Joanne '74        Given by Jeanne D. '43 and Robert M.        In Memory of Mrs. Mabel Hohe               Ms. Fern Shankweiler
Ribble to provide scholarship assistance      Stroup in memory of Jeanne's parents,       Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Piscitelli          Mrs. Deborah J. Smith-Craine
to a Kutztown University student from         Alice B. '05 and Fred Z. Deschamps, to                                                 In Memory of Dr. Victor Story
                                                                                          In Honor of Dr. Herbert L. Hyman
the school district of Philadelphia in sup-   underwrite a continuing four-year, full-                                               Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Melson
                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weisbrod
port of Urban League of Philadelphia          tuition scholarship for a freshman major-
                                                                                          In Honor of Ms. Deborah A. Johnson         In Memory of Mr. Joshua W. Wesner
programs                                      ing in chemistry who has demonstrated
                                                                                          Dr. Elsa L. Geskus                         Ms. Denise M. Junkerman
Marguerite Marsch Shinsky Women's             exceptional academic performance and
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Wesner
Cross Country Direct Scholarship              community involvement.                      In Memory of Mr. Paul Kemmerer
                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Piscitelli             In Honor of Ms. Lori A. Wheeler
Established by Michelle (Shinsky) Mason
                                                                                                                                     Berks County Medical Society Alliance, Inc.
'73, in memory of her mother, Marguerite
Marsch Shinsky, to provide the women's        Honors/Memorials                            In Honor of Mr. David Kruse
                                                                                          Ms. Christina M. Flahive                   In Memory of Ms. May Zettlemoyer
cross country program with an additional      In Memory of Ms. Nancy E. Bard                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Meck
                                                                                          In Memory of Mr. George Kruse
source of scholarship income                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Almeida                                                        Ms. Esther Mohn
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. J. Bryan Benchoff
                                              Mr. and Mrs. David Bilderback                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Roberts
Women's Track and Field Alumnae                                                           Ms. Christina M. Flahive
Scholarship                                   Mr. and Mrs. George Cingle Jr.                                                         In Memory of Mr. Sterling G. Zimmerman
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kruse
Established by the track and field alum-      Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davis                                                             Grundsow Lodge #4
                                                                                          Mr. Gregory Kuritz and Ms. Mary Ann
nae to ensure continued excellence in         Mr. and Mrs. C. Louis Deibel
                                              Ms. Marian L. Delmore
KU women's track and field.
Verizon Scholarship
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. Helmantoler
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Knipling
                                                                                          Leumi USA Investment Corp. in honor
                                                                                              of Mr. Stephen M. Carew, Esq.          Class of 1955
Given annually since 1997 by Verizon to
provide a scholarship to a worthy incom-
                                              Ms. Diane F. Mosley
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Lentz
                                                                                          Mr. Glen W. Millen
                                              Mr. and Mrs. William L. Piotrowski                                                     In Memory of Emma Luther Balthaser
ing full-time freshman who is of high aca-    Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Price                 In Memory of Ms. Deane R. Lenhart
                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Marie B. Weidenhammer
demic merit.                                  Mrs. Elizabeth H. Quigley                   Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Payne
                                                                                                                                     In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus E.
Margaret B. White Scholarship                 Ms. Nancy F. Roberson                       In Memory of Mr. Ken Lessig
Established by Mark (professor of accoun-     Mr. and Mrs. Jay R. Stauffer                Ms. Theresa H. Gauger
ting) and Nancy Dinger in memory of           Mr. Timothy B. Stauffer                     Mr. and Mrs. Elwood L. Heck
Margaret B. White, a friend of his mother,    Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Vasiliades            Mr. and Mrs. John Keenan                   In Memory of Mr. Eugene R. Blue
to provide scholarship assistance to a        Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Wertman             Ms. Gloria M. Lutz                         Mrs. Shirley Blue
worthy undergraduate accounting major.        Mr. and Mrs. Barry L. Williams              Mr. Jeffrey D. Oxenford                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bomberger
                                              Ms. Mary Ann Yankosky                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sawchuk                  In Honor of Mrs. Shirley Blue
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Swartley            Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bomberger
Presidential                                  In Memory of Mrs. Dora H. Barr
                                              Ms. Francia B. Marshall                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Wells              In Honor of Miss Ruth E. Bonner
Scholarships                                  In Memory of Mr. Edward E. Barr, Sr.
                                              Ms. Francia B. Marshall
                                                                                          In Memory of Mr. Reid F. Lessig
                                                                                          Mr. Brett G. Baker
                                                                                                                                     Mr. Allen M. Koehler
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Malchiodi
     The Presidential Scholars Program
has been established by friends of Kutz-      Ms. Janet T. Sullivan                       Mr. Jeffrey S. Gumpert                     In Memory of Mrs. Mary M. Boyer
town University to provide four-year, full                                                Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Gumpert            Mrs. Joanne B. Waldkoenig
                                              In Memory of Mrs. Carrie H.
tuition scholarships to students of excep-                                                Mr. Timothy S. Herring
                                              Bartholomew                                                                            In Memory of Mr. Myron Boyer
tional academic ability and community                                                     Mr. Jeffrey D. Oxenford
                                              Dr. William G. Bartholomew                                                             Mrs. Joanne B. Waldkoenig
involvement. Donors make a four-year                                                      In Memory of Dr. Clyde F. Lytle
                                              In Memory of Ms. Phyllis B. Boyaji                                                     In Honor of Mr. Val Cushing
commitment, and the KU Foundation                                                         Mr. Richard D. Lytle
                                              Mrs. Janet Balthaser                                                                   Mr. Paul R. Bernhardt
funds the difference between the gift         Ms. Irene C. Blatt                          In Memory of Mr. Earl L. Mayberry
and full tuition. For more information                                                                                               In Memory of Mrs. Ruth B. deFrancesco
                                              Mr. Robert Boyajy                           Mr. and Mrs. James G. Bowman
on establishing a Presidential Scholarship,                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fegley
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Byland               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Green
contact Dick Button, Director of Develop-     Mr. and Mrs. John Geismar                   Dr. Barry M. Mayberry                      In Memory of Ruth F. Ihrie Everett and
ment, at 610-683-1394.                        Mrs. Michele J. Losman                      Dr. Kathleen F. Mayberry                   William A. Everett
David J. Batdorf Presidential                 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Monheimer                                                            Mrs. Shelby (Everett) Will
                                                                                          In Memory of Mr. Kenneth L. Meyer
Scholarship                                   In Memory of Mr. John F. Brady, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Richard Guastadisegni         In Memory of Mrs. Isabel Grater
Given by David J. Batdorf to underwrite       Mr. and Mrs. W. Etherington                 Mr. Jeffrey S. Gumpert                     Mr. William Cavanaugh and Mrs. Betsy
a continuing four-year, full-tuition schol-   Mr. and Mrs. Felix P. Iacovone              Mr. Robert C. Heller                           Grater
arship for a freshman who has demon-          Mr. Richard S. Monheit                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McClennan           In Memory of Dr. Horace F. Heilman
strated exceptional academic perform-         The Thomas Family                           Mrs. Dorothy J. Meyer                      Mr. Allen M. Koehler
ance and community involvement, pre-                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Meyer
                                              In Honor of the Class of 1945                                                          In Memory of Lloyd C. and Marguerite
ferably from Berks County, with a career                                                  In Memory of Ms. Ruth Petrusky
                                              Mr. and Mrs. William Farrell                                                           Koch
goal in law or public administration.                                                     Retired Public Employees of Pennsylvania
                                              In Honor of Mrs. Arline O. Crawford                                                    Mrs. Mary Ann (Koch) Hoffman
Andrew W. Koch, M.D. `47 and M. Jane                                                      In Memory of Mr. J. Mark Piscitelli
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wiggins                                                            In Memory of Mr. Clayton Miller
(Grill) Koch `49 Scholarship                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cardinal
                                              In Memory of Mr. Joseph C. D'Amelio                                                    Mrs. Janet L. Bernhardt
Established by Dr. Andrew `47 and Mrs.                                                    Ms. Sarah S. Edmonds
Mary Jane Koch `49 to provide a scholar-      Mrs. Erma S. Angstadt                                                                  In Memory of Ms. Mildred A. Mengel
                                                                                          Mr. David A. Haas                          Mr. and Mrs. James Williams
ship to a worthy freshman who is full-        In Memory of Mrs. Diana Deragon             Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Haase, Jr.
time and majoring in a College of Busi-       Buchman                                     Mr. Jon P. Haase                           In Memory of Dr. Josephine Moyer
ness discipline and who has demonstra-        Mrs. Sally D. Shane                         Ms. Jaime M. Jackowski                     Mr. Leonard W. Houser
ted exceptional academic performance                                                      Dr. George Muugi and Ms. Jasperdean        In Memory of Ms. Anna Nein
                                              In Memory of Mr. Patrick Duddy, Jr.
and community involvement.                                                                    Kobes                                  Mrs. Margaret A. Hart
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Duddy
James and Beverly Olson Presidential                                                      Mr. Vito Sgaramella and Ms. Valerie        In Honor of Mrs. Carolyn L. Patton
                                              In Memory of Ms. Judith J. Groff
Scholarship                                                                                    Hawkins                               Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wolff
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeronimo Cal
Given by James and Beverly Olson to                                                       Mr. William E. Shaw
                                              Dr. and Mrs. John J. Delaney                                                           In Memory of Mr. Joseph S. Patton
underwrite a continuing four-year, full-                                                  Ms. Doreen M. Tobin
                                              Mrs. Karen J. Epting                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Wolff
tuition scholarship to an incoming fresh-                                                 In Memory of Mr. John T. Robinson III
                                              Dr. and Mrs. Michael P. Gabriel                                                        In Memory of Dr. Walter Risley
man majoring in a science discipline who                                                  Mr. Walter E. Beck, Jr.
                                              Dr. and Mrs. Gerard G. Innocenti                                                       Dr. Kermit J. Blank
has demonstrated exceptional academic                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald Daniels
                                              Dr. Patricia Kelleher                                                                  Mr. John J. Karo
performance and community involve-
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerber                 In Memory of Ms. Ruth Shaw
ment.                                                                                                                                In Memory of Ms. Marie Ward
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Krumanocker          Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Piscitelli
Phyllis Booth Shone Presidential              Mr. Moshe Machlev                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Malchiodi
                                                                                          Ms. Carolyn L. Shaw
Scholarship                                   Dr. Allida McKinley and Mr. George
Given by Phyllis Booth Shone '50 in mem-                                                  In Memory of Ms. Marjorie Skelly
ory of her mother, Helen Bardill Booth '14,
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mengel
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Edmund J. Antolick            Matching Gift
                                                                                          Mr. Robert P. Pulley, Jr.
to underwrite a continuing four-year full-
tuition scholarship to a new freshman
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Przydzial
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Snyder                In Memory of Mr. Steven R. Skelly          Companies
majoring in education who has demon-          Dr. and Mrs. James E. Sowerwine             Ms. Sharon Sincavage                       ABC Inc.
strated exceptional academic perform-         Ms. Stephanie A. Steely                     In Memory of Mrs. Elaine Smith             Aetna Foundation Inc.
ance and community involvement.               Mr. and Mrs. James C. Yerger                Mrs. Deborah J. Smith-Craine               Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.

55 FALL 2005 Tower
                                                                                                                  Alexandre A. Dias
                                                                                                                  Lisa J. Dietrich
                                                                                                                  Michele Dietrich
                                                                                                                  Kathleen A. Dolgos
                                                                                                                  David Dowd
                                                                                                                  Bernard E. Driscoll
                                                                                                                  Tracy Dudnick-Garnick
                                                                                                                  William Dunn III
                                                                                                                  Dr. Claire Eberwein
                                                                                                                  Kim D. Edwards
                                                                                                                  Dick Ehst
                                                                                                                  Jack Entriken
                                                                                                                  H. Allen Epting
                                                                                                                  Alice J. Faust
                                                                                                                  Michael D. Flanagan
                                                                                                                  Archie Follweiler
                                                                                                                  Benjamin Frankel
                                                                                                                  Kathryn Frey-Breeze
                                                                                                                  Judy A. Fritch
                                                                                                                  Teresa K. Fritsche
                                                                                                                  Raymond Fulmer
                                                                                                                  Shawn Gable
                                                                                                                  Debora M. Galanti
                                                                                                                  Sara Galosi
                                                                                                                  Stacey L. Gambler
                                                                                                                  J. Frederick Garman
The Class of 1955 celebrated their 50th reunion year by participating in May's commencement                       Art Garrison
                                                                                                                  Eric George
ceremony and contributing a total of $35,125.00 toward the Class of 1955 scholarship.                             Elsa L. Geskus
Seated (left to right): Barbara Ruh Stender, Betsy Grater, Marilynn Kershner Schanely, Margaret Nein Hart,        Kate R. Gieroczynski
Rose Muthart Stacherski, Joanne Boyer Waldkoenig, Janet Miller Bernhardt, Shirley Gatter Blue. Stand-             Ron Glass
                                                                                                                  Bev Godshall
ing (left to right): Naomi Hasker Widener, Paul Bernhardt, E. Joseph Peta, Allen Koehler, Marie Balthaser         Dana Godshall
Weidenhammer, Ruth Kistler Fegley, James Wentz, Robert Wolff.                                                     Elizabeth Godshall
                                                                                                                  Laura Godshall
                                                                                                                  Peter A. Gray
Alcoa Foundation                         Merck & Co. Inc.
Altria Group, Inc.                       The Merck Company Foundation              Volunteers                     Sandy Green
                                                                                                                  Linda M. Grim
American Express Matching Gift Program   Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc.       Susan Allport-Schneider        John Gump
Anheuser-Busch Foundation                Microsoft Corporation                     Margaret D. Anfang             Mary C. Gutekunst
Arrow International, Inc.                Minerals Technologies, Inc.               Mary Ann Ardoline              Patricia Guth
Ashland Inc.                             Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co.          Andrew B. Arnold               Susan K. Haas
AstraZeneca                              The Morning Call                          Annie J. Badasarian            Frederick D. Hafer
AT&T Foundation                          Nationwide Foundation                     Doug Ball                      Martha Hafer
Bank of America Foundation               New York Life Foundation                  Sue J. Bard                    Andrew W. Hall
Baxter International                     Norfolk Southern Corporation              Jason R. Barkley               Connie Hartman
Binney & Smith, Inc.                     Northrup Grumman                          George Barrell                 Dina M. Hayduk
Black & Decker                           Occidental Petroleum                      Rita M. Basu                   Marie B. Heck
Boeing Gift Matching Program             OSRAM SYLVANIA                            William E. Bateman             Thomas H. Heck
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company             Pepsico Foundation                        Kevin Bean                     Norman Heilenman
Campbell Soup Foundation                 Pfizer Inc.                               Jane D. Bennett                Steven Helms
Cingular Wireless                        Philips Electronics North America Corp.   Wayne A. Benninger             Todd Hernandez
Clariant Corporation                     Phillip Morris Companies Inc.             Harry Bentz                    Melissa Hershey
Cuno Incorporated                        PPG Industries Foundation                 Regis G. Bernhardt             Donald J. Heyer
Dana Corporation Foundation              PPL Corporation                           Thomas A. Betts                Theodore M. Hickman
Dolby Laboratories                       Procter & Gamble Fund                     Carl Bieber                    Russell Hinnershitz
Dow Jones & Co. Inc.                     Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts      Jacklyn M. Bingaman            Cheryl L. Hochberg
The Dun & Bradstreet Corp.                  Program                                Ira K. Blake                   Robert Hornberger
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation         Quest Diagnostics Inc.                    James Bleiler                  Sharon Housel
Erie Insurance Exchange                  R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company             Nick Bowen                     Anne C. Imschweiler
ExxonMobil Foundation                    Schering-Plough Foundation                Jill Bradley                   Craig E. Johnson
Fannie Mae Foundation                    Scripps-Howard Foundation                 Thomas W. Bradley              James Johnson
FMC Foundation                           Southwestern Bell                         Philip Breeze                  David F. Kauffman
Follett Corporation                      Sovereign Bank                            Charles Breidinger             Thomas E. Kauffman
Fulton Financial Corporation             State Farm Companies Foundation           Terry D. Brown                 James Kellum
Geico                                    Subaru of America Foundation, Inc.        Timothy J. Brown               Donna L. Killo
General Electric Company                 The Coca-Cola Company                     Richard L. Button              Lisa Kowalski
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation               The UPS Foundation                        Marie-Aline Cadieux            William C. Kreitz
The Glidden Company                      Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.          S. C. Calhoun-Border           Walter F. Kropf
Graco Foundation                         Tyco International Inc.                   Alan B. Carman                 Francis V. Kumor
Hartford Financial Services Group        UGI Corp.                                 Sandra Chambers                Anthony Lapore
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and     UNUM Foundation                           Janice Chernekoff              Al F. Leonzi
   Insurance Comapny                     UPS                                       Kristina L. Christmas-Kunkle   Paul F. Lilienthal
The Hershey Foods Corporation            The Vanguard Group, Inc.                  Kate M. Clair                  Joseph A. Lippincott
Honeywell Foundation                     Verizon                                   Stephanie Connerton            Debra K. Lynch
IBM Corp.                                Victaulic Company of America              Charlotte B. Cooper            Nancy W. Magee
Incol Credit Union                       Wachovia Foundation                       Lisa P. Coulter                Leslie Maillie
ING Foundation                           Wells Fargo & Co.                         Bessie Crenshaw                Donald L. Martin
Ingersoll-Rand Company                   Wyeth                                     Raymond J. Dalfonso            William R. Maslo
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance       Xerox Corporation                         Rosemary Davis                 Susan Master
   Company                               XL Global Services Inc.                   George C. Deeble               Gary E. Maurer
Johnson & Johnson                                                                  Elizabeth F. Deemer            Stephen L. May
Lehigh Cement Company                                                              Karen L. DeJarnett             Joseph E. McSparran
Lockheed Martin Corporation                                                        John J. Delaney                Ray Melcher
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.                                                   Lawrence F. Delp               Debra S. Mengel
The Medtronic Foundation                                                           Camille M. DeMarco             Janet Mertz

                                                                                                                                Tower FALL 2005 56
William F. Mioskie
Brian E. Mondschein         Kutztown                                   Mr. Kevin Timochenko
                                                                       Metropolitan Management Group
                                                                                                                     Representatives from the Alumni
                                                                                                                     Board of Directors (ex-officio)
Laurie A. Mondschein
Richard Morrison            University                                 Reading, PA
                                                                       Dr. Jeffrey F. Zackon '70
                                                                                                                     Mr. Stephen S. Helms '03
                                                                                                                     Enviromental Health & Safety Specialist,
Sally Morrison
Evelyn Mowder
                            Foundation                                 Superintendent, Oley Valley School District
                                                                       Oley, PA
                                                                                                                       Kutztown University
                                                                                                                     Kutztown, PA
William Mowder              Board of Directors
Tammy L. Moyer                                                         Representatives from the Council              Mrs. Maria M. Wassell '68
Doreen J. Murray            (as of June 30, 2005)                      of Trustees (ex-officio)                      6th Grade Teacher, St Ambrose School
George K. Muugi                                                                                                      Schuylkill Haven, PA
                            Mr. John Acanfora                          Mr. Guido M. Pichini '74
Ethel A.M. Nawrocki                                                    President and CEO, Security Guards, Inc.      Emeriti Directors
Shirlee Neumeyer            Vice President, The Morning Call
                            Allentown, PA                              Wyomissing, PA                                Dr. DeLight E. Breidegam
Walter C. Nott
Judith A. O'Connell-Lawes   David J Batdorf, Esq.                      Mr. Roger Schmidt                             Chairman of the Board, East Penn
Bruce A. Palmer             Shillington, PA                            President, E. J. Breneman Inc.                  Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Melissa A. Parisi                                                      West Lawn, PA                                 Lyon Station, PA
                            Mr. Charles Breidinger
George H. Paterno                                                                                                    Ms. Charlotte B. Cooper
                            Broker, Prudential Benjamin Real Estate
Bonnie Perkins                                                                                                       Owner, Standard Offset Printing Co.
                            Slatington, PA
Barbara Peterka                                                                                                      Reading, PA
Keith A. Pfeiffer           Dr. F. Javier Cevallos
Keith Phillips              President, Kutztown University
Rita Phillips               Kutztown, PA
Guido Pichini               Mr. John D. Craig
Susan Pichini               President and CEO, EnerSys
Carol E. Pinkasavage        Reading, PA
Ernie C. Post
Nancy J. Postic
Christine B. Price
                            Mr. Ronald K. Delong '72
                            Art Education Manager, Binney & Smith,
                                                                             fiscal year 2004-2005 financial summary
Sharon M. Reed                Inc.
                            Easton, PA
Joseph R. Reighn                                                          Revenue Support & Gains
Eleanor A. Reynard          Mr. Lawrence F. Delp
Christine J. Rhoads         Executive Vice President, Sovereign Bank      Contributions
Kimberley A. Rhode-Harris   Reading, PA                                        Unrestricted           $ 408,672
William Ribble              Mr. Lazaro Fuentes
Patricia J. Richter         CEO, Fountain Partners, LLC                        Temporarily Restricted 2,480,117
John Roach
Louis Rodriquez
                            Easton, PA                                         Permanently Restricted   708,324
                            Mr. Scott L. Gruber
Timothy Romig
                            Executive Vice President, National Penn
                                                                          Total Contributions                    $3,579,113
Timothy Running
Robert Rupel                  Bank                                        University Reimbursement                  250,000
Kelly C. Ryan               Boyertown, PA
Marni Rymer
                                                                          Housing                                 6,324,851
                            Mr. Fred D. Hafer
Paul F. Sable               Retired, First Energy Corporation             Investment Returns
Mary Saint John             Wyomissing, PA
Christopher L. Scheetz                                                         Unrestricted             279,180
                            Mr. Thomas H. Heck
Jeffrey Schellenberger                                                         Temporarily Restricted   302,953
                            Owner, Heck Brothers
Susan M. Schupp
                            Reading, PA
Linda Schwartz                                                                 Permanently Restricted   497,552
R. Brian Shober             Mr. Walter S. Kiebach
Stacy L. Shollenberger      Owner, Security Guards, Inc.                  Total Investment Returns                1,079,685
Gerald L. Silberman         Palm Beach, FL                                Management Fees                           163,707
Kim W. Snyder               Mr. Raymond H. Melcher, Jr. '73
Ky A. Spratt                Retired, Leesport Bank                        Miscellaneous                              35,000
William J. Stahler
Stephanie Steely
                            Wyomissing, PA                                Total Revenue Support & Gains         $11,450,356
Thomas C. Stewart           Mrs. Regina D. Miller '84
                            Retired, Ginger & Spice
Charles W. Stopp
                            Reading, PA                                   Expenses & Transfers
Kate Stuardi
Larry Stuardi               Richard L. Orwig, Esq.                        Program Services
William J. Sutton           Law Offices of Richard L. Orwig
Dale N. Titus               Reading, PA
                                                                               Scholarships          $ 814,338
Doreen M. Tobin             Mr. Charles O. Perkins '68                         Grants & Other Support 2,060,851
William F. Towne            General Manager, Marriott Corporation
Judith A. Treichler                                                            Housing                3,228,205
                            Washington, DC
Claire Ellen Van Ens                                                      Total Program Services                 $6,103,394
Theresa M. Vigoda           Mr. William F. Ribble, Jr. '73
Dave Wagaman                Retired, UPS                                  Supporting Services
Kraig Wagaman               Gainesville, GA
Richard S. Wagner           Mr. Robert A. Rupel
                                                                               Management & General     932,886
Barbara E. Walczak          President and CEO, Lafayette Ambassador            Fundraising              335,599
Maria Wassell                 Bank
Christine A. Watt           Lehigh Valley, PA                             Total Supporting Services               1,286,465
Lisa J. Weckerle
Bruce Weidenhammer
                            Mr. Jeffrey R. Rush                           Transfers
                            Senior Vice President/Managing Director,
Carole Wells
                              Wachovia                                         Transfer to Endowment    708,324
Joshua L. Weiss
Sam Westmoreland
                            Reading, PA                                   Total Transfers                           708,324
Eric P. Wilby               Mr. Lawrence J. Stuardi '79
                            President, MRA Group
                                                                          Total Expenses & Transfers            $8,098,183
Bob Wolff
Carlton C. Wolfinger        Plymouth Meeting, PA
Lisa Wortman                Mr. William J. Sutton                         As of June 30, 2005, the Kutztown University Foundation, Inc.
Ronald L. Yoder             Vice President, University Advancement        had 258 endowed scholarships and commencement awards
Jean Ziegler                Kutztown University                           which are providing significant help for our students.
                            Kutztown, PA

57 FALL 2005 Tower
        A Division of Kutztown university student services, inc.

                                                      on back

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Manufactured by Gear, this hooded Victory Jacket is lined with      Manufactured by Champion, this heavy, reverse-           Manufactured by Russell, this short-sleeve t-shirt
sweatshirt material. Available in maroon. Sizes S-3X                weave crewneck sweatshirt displays the Kutztown          promotes the KU Golden Bears Athletics Depart-
G2541 $59.99                                                        University seal in maroon coloring. Available in both    ment. Available in both maroon and charcoal.
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                                                               Celebrate the new
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13 Fitted Womens Polo Shirt                                    Avalanche is wearing a KU                                 University” in gold and features a rubber-grip
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Manufactured by Jones & Mitchell, this fitted polo shirt has   ers. Height 11”                                           PN373 $7.99
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                                                                                                                         LG Pad Holder $16.99
hindsight                            S C E N E S F R O M T H E PA S T

Another Airplane Mystery
Does anyone know where this well-dressed group departing Philadelphia airport in June 1966 is going? Don’t be fooled.
Apparently three passengers are Shippensburg students tagging along. Can you guess which ones? If you can identify the
alumni of the event, please contact Craig Williams,Tower editor, Kutztown University, P.O. Box 730, Kutztown, PA 19530 or answers will appear in the next issue of the Tower. Submissions for Hindsight are always welcome.
Send photos and corresponding details to the Tower editor. For the answer to last month’s Hindsight, please turn to page 17.

                               Tower Magazine                                                                      ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                               P.O. Box 730                                                                         READING, PA
                               Kutztown, PA 19530-0730                                                            PERMIT NO. 2000



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