Minors by xiaohuicaicai


									                               Minors in production as of Administrative approval date
                               (note: no BOC approval required. Administrative approval dates
                               may be verified by looking at the Senate Proposal-bottom of proposal on

3/31/2011                     Minor Music
2/2/2011                      Minor Data Acquisition and Industrial Control
1/29/2011                     Minor in Fish Biology
4/22/2009                     Interdisciplinary Minor in Hydrogen Technology
4/7/2008                      Minor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
2/18/2008                     Minor Law and Society
4/18/2007                     Diversity Studies
2/6/2006                      Minor Electrical Engineering
11/17/2005                    Minor Coaching
2/21/2005                     Minor Nanoscale Science and Engineering
2/28/2005                     Minor Bioprocess Engineering
4/22-2004 Eliminated 4-15-2011Minor Speech
3/30/2004                     Minor in Manufacturing
3/30/2004                     Minor in Product Design
2/29/2004                     Minor in Polymer Science and Engineering
11/25/2003                    Minor Municipal Engineering
3/6/2003                      Applied Geophysics Minor
3/12/2002                     Enterprise Minor
1/3/2002                      Minors in Modern Language

1/3/2002                       Minors in Modern Language

5/8/2000                             Minor in Chemistry
                               Sponsoring Interdisciplinary, cosponsored by Biological Sciences and Sc
                                     Plant Biotechnology
                                     Plant Sciences
                                     Biological Sciences (This is a two track minor with one track in org
                                       1) Microbiology
                                        2) Biochemistry
Eliminated 4-15-2011                 Wood Science
                                     Earth Sciences
                                     Geological Engineering
                               Sponsoring Department: Interdisciplinary- Cosponsor: Physics
                                     Remote Sensing
                               Sponsoring Department: Humanities
                                     Communication Studies
                                     Ethics and Philosophy
Sponsoring Department: Education
Sponsoring Department: Fine Arts
      Music (This is a three track minor under which students select one
      Theatre Arts
      Technical Theatre
Sponsoring Department: Computer Science
      Computer Science
Sponsoring Department: Military Science
      Military Arts and Science
Sponsoring Department: Air Force ROTC
      Aerospace Studies
Sponsoring Department: Mathematical Sciences
      Mathematical Sciences
Sponsoring Department: Materials Science and Engineering
      Electronic Materials
      Mineral Processing
      Structural Materials
Sponsoring Department: School of Business and Economics
pproval dates
-bottom of proposal on web page):

           French International
           German International
           Spanish International

ogical Sciences and School of Forestry and Env. Sciences:

nor with one track in organismal biology and one in cellular and genetic organization of living systems.)

sor: Physics
hich students select one of three tracks: General Music, Music Technology, or Jazz Idiom.)


ving systems.)

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