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									 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                           “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

                                             ELIZA’S NOTES
                                                         President’s Message
                                       Greetings, Eliza’s Sisters and Brothers:
         EPRNM is committed
                                       It’s exciting and challenging times.
            to promoting
                                       Everything is moving at a fast pace.
         community leadership          The summer is hot and busy for most of
          and partnering with          us, traveling, participating in reunions,
         other organizations to        entertaining family, friends and
          provide health care
          education and other
                                       grandchildren. We are an organization
         community services.           of many successes. Our 25th
                                       Anniversary Celebration was a huge
           EPRNM mentors               success. It reflected great teamwork
        student nurses, awards
                                       and collegiate collaboration. Our
         nursing scholarship,
                                       Natchez sisters were excellent                 Thanks Eliza for your commitment!
             and supports
         continuing education          hostesses, they exceeded our                   As nurse leaders, if we want to get the
         needs of its members          expectations. The atmosphere was               best from others, first we must give the
          and recognize their
                                       warm and congenial with a strong sense         best of ourselves. We are currently
                                       of ownership, commitment, and                  engaged in a health care initiative that
                                       professionalism. Everyone seemed to            could reduce healthcare disparities in
                                       enjoy the fellowship, educational              Mississippi: The PEARL Project. This
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                     offerings and social activities.               project’s primary purpose is to make a
                                                                                      measurable impact in improving health
President’s Message               1     I commend each of you for your
                                                                                      disparities among African-Americans in
Message                                contributions to make this year’s
                                                                                      Mississippi by facilitating health
                                       convention a great success! The
                                                                                      promotion, disease prevention, early
Members in the News!              2    steering committee demonstrated
                                                                                      detection, advocacy, and referral for
                                       Excellency in their area of expertise. I
                                                                                      living healthy.
                                       extend a special thank you to
Convention Highlights             3
                                       Chairpersons who went the extra mile to         As your President, I am committed to
                                       make this convention the best and a            the goals of Eliza Pillars. Each member
                                       special kudos to our speakers, you were        is important; we need your time, support
Highlights continue               4
                                       great!                                         and commitment. The time is now, that
                                                                                      African American Nurses need to work
                                       Eliza’s continue to provide leadership to
Highlights and New Officers 5                                                         collectively in their professional
                                       advance nursing practice, that impacts
                                                                                      organization to not only survive, but to
                                       healthcare for African-Americans,
                                                                                      prosper in this time of change in the
                                       especially those who are uninsured,
Convention Stats & 2010           6                                                   reform of our health care system. We
                                       underinsured and underserved. The
                                                                                      cannot do all the good the world needs,
Award Winners                          journey toward success is rarely
                                                                                      but the world needs all the good we can
                                       ventured alone. Success is achieved
                                                                                      do. So serve someone today. You will
Photo Gallery                     8    with helping others along the way;
                                                                                      boost their spirit… and your own. Let us
                                       Helping others turn dreams into reality;
                                                                                      continue to make a difference in the
Editor’s Note                     10   and improving health outcomes leading
                                                                                      lives we touch each day.
                                       to healthier and longer productive lives.
Eliza’s Notes                                              Summer                  2010                                 volume 3
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Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                               “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

                              President’s Message ……………………….continued from page 1
                              My activities this quarter have been as follows:

                                    Attended Eliza Pillars 25th Annual Convention in Natchez, MS

                                    Relay for life sponsor/participant May 2010.

                                    Presentation “Nurses making a difference in HealthCare
                                    Disparities in MS at the Wesley United Methodist Church in June 2010.

                                    Participated in 2 health fairs.

                                    Participated in Audio Conference on HealthCare Disparities in June 2010

                                    Attended The National Black Nurses Convention in San Diego, Ca - August 2-9th
                              Respectively submitted,
                              Betty Young-Cryer RN,MSN CRRN, CNA

                                                                      February Update

                                                                        February 19, 2011

Never doubt that
 a small group of                                 Members in the News!
                           Mariah Lane, (IV) received her Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (COHC)
                           Bess Blackwell, (IV) received the 2010 Nursing Alumnus of the Year Award .
     committed             Dr. LaDonna Northington, (IV) received the School of Nursing Faculty Member of the Year Award at
    citizens can           this year’s Nightingale Awards Gala.
                           Eulanda Armstrong, (IV) was guest speaker at the MNA Historical Special Interest Group meeting
     change the            presented about Eliza Pillars….the lady and the organization.
   world; indeed,          Dr. Audwin Fletcher, (IV) has been appointed the Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs and Coordinator of
                           Graduate Clinical Practice at UMC School of Nursing. He also served as guest speaker during the
it's the only thing        National Black Nurses Association Conference in San Diego, CA. in August, 2010
   that ever has.          Dr. Karen Winters, (IV) has been promoted to the position of Associate Professor at UMC School of
                           Nursing and will serve as the new Associate Director of Data Acquisitions for the Jackson Heart Study.
                           Dr. Rénee Williams, (IV) has been promoted to Associate Professor and received Young Publisher of
                           the Year Award from the Association of Black Nursing Faculty at their recent Conference in Paris, France
  Margaret Mead            in June. She also presented at the National Black Nurses Association Conference in San Diego, CA .
                           Pamela Lee, (!V) is enrolled in the Masters in Education program at the University of Mississippi Medical
                           Center School of Nursing and elected in June as Recording Secretary for District IV, EPRNM
                           Damia White, (IV) was elected as Assistant Recording Secretary, District IV, EPRNM
                           Nikki Harvey, (IV) participated in her first medical mission trip to Honduras in June 2010.
                           Tanya Frazier, (IV) is the Family Nurse Practitioner for a newly opened satellite clinic for the Community
                           Healthcare Center in Wichita Falls, Texas. The clinic was developed through a grant from the Obama

Eliza’s Notes                                            Summer                     2010                                         volume 3
Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                                “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”
                                        2010 CONVENTION HIGHLIGHTS:

    Celebrating the Journey: 25 Years and Still Going Strong!              Our sixth President was Ms. Stella Harris (1997 -
                                                                           1999). Ms. Harris was known as the members'
    Presented by: Rosie Lee Calvin, DSN, RN                                President. Under her administration, the organization
    Our journey began with the hopes, dreams and visions of the            became independent from the Black Professionals
    "Golden Nurses" in 1945 in Jackson, Mississippi. District IV is        and held our first independent convention in 1998.
    the oldest district. Our first Convention was in 1982 with the         Our seventh President was Dr. Meg Brown (1999 -
    Mississippi Black Professionals. In 1984, the State Association        2001). During her administration the concept of
    formed a task force to divide the state into districts. The            mentoring District Presidents was developed.
    Convention was held in Biloxi, Mississippi with District IV, V and
    VI.                                                                    Our eighth President was Dr. Sonja Fuqua (2001 -
                                                                           2003). The name of our organization was changed to
    In 1985 the Convention was held at the Landmark Center in              Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi
    Jackson, Mississippi. The First State Officers were elected.           (EPRNM) during Dr. Fuqua's administration. An
    Those State Officers were: President - Margaret John-son               operation manual was developed for all newly
    (Jackson); Vice-President - Christine Duckworth (Taylorville);         elected board members and committee
    Recording Secretary - Cassandra Hopson (Meridian); Assistant           chairpersons. An orientation for these officers is
    Recording Secretary - Willie Ann Bell (Jackson); Financial             done at Convention. She also honored the Golden
    Secretary - Janice Davis (Jackson); Treasurer - Dorothy Lee            Nurses with pins and instituted the President's Pin.
    (Jackson); Chaplain - Rita Wray (Jackson); Sergeant-at-arms -
    Mary Lynn Hillard (Jackson); and Parliamentarian - Vanessa             Our ninth President was Mrs. Cheryl Rainey (2003
    Gregory (Jackson).                                                     - 2005). Under Mrs. Rainey's administration District II
                                                                           became active again. Mrs. Rainey initiated a meeting
    On May 1, 1989, 7 (seven) districts were organized: District I -       with the Black Professionals for a "meeting of the
    Tupelo (1989); District II - Greenville (1988); District III -         minds" to form a successful partnership.
    Columbus (1987); District IV - Jackson (1945); District V -
                                                                      Our tenth President was Dr. Audwin Fletcher
    Meridian (1985); District VI - Natchez (1985); District VII - Biloxi
    (1988), Hattiesburg (1992). Dr. Calvin discussed the              (2005 - 2007). known as "Mr. Recruiter". Dr. Fletcher
    accomplishments of our 12 (twelve) Presidents.                    was the third member to become an Officer on the
                                                                      NBNA Board of Directors. He stressed inclusiveness
    Our first President was Mrs. Margaret Johnson, who is our         and assured continual involvement of the Golden
    President Emeritus. She was our longest serving President from Nurses.
    1985 - 1989. Most of the foundation for our organization was
    formed and is still in process today was done during Mrs. John- Our eleventh President was Mrs. Barbara Fields
    on's administration.                                              (2007 - 2009). Mrs. Fields continued to promote unity
                                                                      among the members. She formalized the Presidents’
    Our second President was Mrs. Rita Wray (1989 - 1991). Mrs. Council forming an adhoc committee to strengthen
    Wray was the first member to become an Officer on the National the financial viability of our organization.
    Black Nurses' Association (NBNA) Board of Directors. She
    brought sophistication and a business style to the organization. Our twelfth and current President is Mrs. Betty
                                                                      Young-Cryer (2009 - 2011). The initiative for her
    Our third President was Mrs. Norma West (1991 -1993). Mrs. administration is to develop a plan to address the
    West brought a sense of humility to the office of President., and health care disparities in the African-American
    stressed the importance of service to the organization.           Community. A task force was developed and plans
    Our fourth President was Mrs. Delores Johnson (1993 -             are now in progress for our organization to address
    1995). Mrs. Johnson was a member of National Task Forces,         these disparities. Mrs. Young-Cryer also initiated the
                                                                      final stages for our organization to achieve tax
    active in the Mississippi Nurses' Association (MNA) Liason        exempt status.
    committee and participated in the MNA Nursing Summit. She
    was an inspirational leader who encouraged the membership to                Our organization has had national and
    focus on collegial opportunities.                                 international speakers at our convention through the
                                                                      years, including the President of the National Black
    Our fifth President was Dr. Renée Williams (1995 –1997). Dr. Nurses’ Association. Our members have served on
    Williams facilitated acquiring a permanent office and meeting     various local, state and national committees and
    space at the Jackson Medical Mall for the organization. She was boards, but with our newly elected President –Elect
    our first and current Office Manager. She also implemented the Kaye Killings-Mayfield, (2011-2013) we still have
    “Book of Reports” to provide annual activity reports of the Board more to do.
    to the membership. In her efforts to maintain support and
    effective leadership, she initiated the President’s Luncheon to   Reported by Bess C. Blackwell, MSN, RN
    provide an opportunity for all past and present State and current
    District presidents to meet annually during convention.

Eliza’s Notes                                               Summer                   2010                                      volume 3
 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                               “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”
Convention Highlights continue……                                      Sonya Pippins, RN is currently working in the Short Stay Surgical
Personal Stories in Nursing: Generational Perspectives
                                                                      Unit at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, Mississippi.
                                                                      She was inspired to become a nurse because her father cared for
Three nurses, Josephine Hawkins, RN; Meg Brown, RN, PhD.;
and Sonya Pippins, RN, told their nursing stories. Each of
                                                                      a married couple in their neighborhood. Mrs. Pippins would
them talked about their decision to be a nurse, the challenges        accompany her father and assist him as needed. Her first job was
they faced and the rewards of being a nurse.                          as a nurses' assistant and Barbara Field, RN was her mentor.
Meg Brown, RN, PhD. is currently Assistant Professor and              Sonya stated that her major challenge in nursing was as a young
the Chair of the Baccalaureate Program at Alcorn State                21 year old RN working with older, experienced nurses. They were
University School of Nursing. She stated that family members
encouraged her to become a nurse. She had considered
                                                                      not always helpful to her in providing the mentoring that she
becoming an Interior Decorator or major in Business                   needed. She would like to encourage all older, experienced nurses
Administration. Nursing has offered a lot of opportunities for        to assist all young nurses and be a strong role model for them.
her and has been rewarding                                            However, there was one nurse with a military back-ground, that
Challenges for Dr. Brown started early in her career. Racism          made her into the nurse that she is today.
was very apparent when the Caucasian patients requested
Caucasian nurses to care for them. Racism continued when              Rewards for Sonya include the patient satisfaction surveys that
she would seek promotions. Dr. Brown decided that education           have positive comments from patients she has cared for.
was her best ave-nue so there would be no excuses and she
would be well quali-fied for the jobs she applied for. However,       Several other members from the audience shared why they be-
racism was still in play, because when she applied for another        came a nurse, the challenges they faced and the rewards they
promotion, she was in-formed that affirmative action was the          received. One member, Patricia Kirksey, stated she appreciated
reason she was chosen. When others not involved with that             Alcorn State University School of Nursing for what she learned.
job promotion, re-viewed her application along with others, Dr.
Brown was the obvious choice.                                         She stated that Mrs. Josephine Hawkins was her mentor.
Dr. Brown viewed rewards as an opportunity to evaluate                Reported by Bess C. Blackwell, MSN, RN
herself. Her first love in nursing was the intensive care unit.
She strived for good patient outcomes. Whenever she saw a
patient or family member in the community that was rewarding                    Multiple Sclerosis and its Prevalence among
for her. As a nurs-ing professor, it is rewarding to "see the light
bulb" come on in the eyes of her students. Dr. Brown's legacy                                 African Americans
will live on through her students.
                                                                                          Clara Hurd, MSN, RN, CNE
Josephine Hawkins, RN is currently retired. Mrs. Hawkins
was inspired to become a nurse because of the illness of her          Clara Hurd piloted us through an enlightening discussion regarding
mother. She stayed with her mother in the hospital and                the effect of MS on the African American population. She first
volunteered to do various duties to assist the nurses caring for
her mother. Mrs. Hawkins believes nursing was "born within            informed us that MS patients suffer a destruction of the myelin
her".                                                                 sheath that protects neurons. We were told of risk factors and one
She later went on to become a nurses' assistant and Dr. Meg
                                                                      is simply being a female. Vitamin D deficiency is also a contributing
Brown was one of her instructors. Now the roles were
                                                                      factor. We learned that there are several types of MS and the
reversed and she was now in charge and delegating                     severity of the disease is usually associated with the particular type
assignments to those she used to work with. As a RN, she felt         a person has. The severity goes from developing then resolving to
she did not have a good mentor to prepare her for this role           partial recovery and on through no recovery at all. We were
reversal and the potential problems she would face.                   informed that paroxysmal tonic spasms which can last for up to
                                                                      2minutes occur in 1-43% of MS patients.
One of the many rewards in her nursing career was very
memorable. While caring for a Caucasian patient, the patient          As with many forms of illness therapy is one of the main treatments
was negative towards everyone and nothing the nursing staff           it doesn't cure but it helps maintain function, manage symptoms
did could satisfy him. Ms. Hawkins went into his room and no          and prevent exacerbations. Medication is also a treatment that can
matter what she did, she could not pleased him, so she told           be useful in acute attacks to decrease inflammation and suppress
him, "You need Jesus" and walked out the room. Later the              immunity
patient did acknowledge that he did need Jesus, accepted              To climax her presentation Ms Hurd presented an actual patient
Jesus as his personal Savior and joined church. Through the           living with the disease. The patient shared her ups and downs, her
years she kept in contact with this patient until his death. Mrs.     adjustments to the disease and her positive outlook on life.
Hawkins gives God all the credit for her being a nurse.
                                                                      Reported by Laverne Watts, RN

Eliza’s Notes                                                Summer                  2010                                      volume 3
Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                           “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

      Kids for Healthy Eating and Exercising (KNEE) Club
                                                                          26th Annual Eliza Pillars RN Convention
      Presented by: Audwin Fletcher, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC
               Dr. Audwin Fletcher reawakens our awareness of                       April 28—May 1, 2011
     a real plight we are battling here in the south and across           Treasure Bay Resort & Casino in Biloxi
     the nation. Knowing that Mississippi is known as the
     fattest state in the nation we were directed to the fact that
     this weight problem actually began with our kids. Dr.                         Breast Health Care
     Fletcher has so insightfully taken on the research project
     of addressing childhood obesity. He brought to light how             Presented by: Irma Lane, RN, MSN
     taking the time to guide the diets of our youth can             The objectives for Ms Lane’s presentation were
     influence their outcome regarding obesity. He gave insight
     to this great opportunity to positively affect the lives of     1.) Discuss details of the Alcorn State University
     inner city youth through proper diet and exercise. We were      School of Nursing breast health project
     in-formed that adolescent obesity comprises 17.1% of the        including its design and implementation
     population. Also approximately 33% of all children and          2.) Describe how breast health awareness can
     adolescents aged 2-19 are overweight. We know these             be implemented in other community
     are staggering figures and very disturbing.                     organizations.
     Dr. Fletcher's research project allowed him not only to         Her discussion centered around the collegial
     teach the kids as well as be an example for them. He was        working relationship between her colleagues
     able to follow through with being able to take them to shop     and the community to offer Breast Health care
     from meals and show them which choices were good ones           to residents in Natchez, Ms through a grant they
     and also allow them to make choices once they were              received.
     taught. We were amazed at photographs that depicted
     significant weight loss by the kids during the times of
     working with Dr. Fletcher. He involved parents as wells as
     kids which influenced their commitment to continue what
     they were taught once the session was ended.
     Reported by Laverne Watts, RN

                                             Convention Stats
                                             9 First-time attendees
                                                 67 Registrants
                                             16 Vendors/Sponsors

Eliza’s Notes                                            Summer                 2010                                      volume 3
 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                           “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”
                Mental Health in African Americans                           Healthcare Reform and the Clinical Implications
           Presented by: Virginia Hodges, RNC, BSN                                 Presented by: Kimball Marshall, PhD
According to the World Health Organization, Mental Health is “a
state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own
                                                                        At the 25th Annual Convention, the attendees had an
abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and work
                                                                        opportunity to learn about “Healthcare Reform and the
productively and fruitfully while making a contribution to the
                                                                        Clinical Implications” presented by Kimball Marshall, PhD. Dr.
community”.                Points of interest:
                                                                        Marshall discussed the role of healthcare providers in
    We are influenced by myths and suspicion                            healthcare reform. We indicated that one of the most
                                                                        significant impacts of healthcare reform is increasing access
    Millions of Americans fail to get mental health care either due     to healthcare in rural areas. Healthcare reform also brings
    to limited access or fear of the stigma attached.                   about challenges within the African-American communities
    Many African Americans live in poverty, and make-up 40% of          due to factors such as: lack of insurance benefits,
                                                                        unemployment, and multiple illnesses like obesity, heart
    the jail population, both of which greatly affects mental health.
                                                                        disease, and sickle cell.
    40% of children are in foster care…..mental health issues not       Dr. Marshall also discussed the overall purpose of the
    addressed in childhood carries over into adulthood.                 healthcare reform bill. And that is cost savings and increase
Access to mental healthcare has it limitations in general as well as    insurance coverage. It is estimated that the country will save
for African Americans. There are few doctors culturally competent       $143 billion over the next 10 years in healthcare costs.
to meet our needs. Overall, there is discrimination in                  Dr. Marshall concluded his discussion by reviewing the
reimbursement for mental health care providers, lack of insurance       importance of the nurse in educating the patient/consumer re
coverage, and budget constraints from government agencies.              -garding healthcare reform. He expressed how important it is
Factors that contribute to Depression:                                  that nurses are knowledgeable about healthcare reform so
                                                                        that we can provide accurate information to our patients.
    Physical, sexual and emotional abuse                                There is a lot of discussion about healthcare reform these
    Job loss or fear of impending unemployment                          days and it’s important that we arm, not only ourselves, but
                                                                        that patients also with the right information.
    Low self-esteem
                                                                        Reported by Eulanda Armstrong, RN, MSN
    Chronic illness (HTN, CHF, DM)
    Treatment for Depression                                                    Annual Scholarships & Awards Luncheon
    Short term Psychotherapy and/or electrotherapy                      “Leadership through the Eyes of the Animal Kingdom’
    Support systems (family, church)                                                Glenda Crump, MS CEO Dream, Inc

    Participate in patient support groups                               The theme for this years annual Conference was entitled
                                                                        "Celebrating 25 years of promoting Excellence in
    Medications                                                         Healthcare”. The 25th annual Luncheon opened with an
Reported by Margaret Bowens-Jones, RN                                   uplifting prayer by our Chaplain, Mrs. Bess Blackwell and an
                                                                        inspirational welcome by President Betty Young, The guest
                                                                        soloist, Ms. Susie Ellis stirred our hearts.
The key to good mental healthcare is proper diagnosis and               Talk your stuff Mrs. Crump. Eliza Nurses now know that we
treatment which can lead to a healthier and productive lifestyle.       must fly like the Eagle in our nursing profession. Only by
                                                                        being like the Eagle with its great power to rise above and
            Congratulations New Officers:                               have the vision of its sight for the future can EPRMN help our
                                                                        fellow nurses, family, patients, community, state and our
          Adrienne Sizer (IV) Assistant Secretary                       great USA.
                  Meg Brown (VI) Treasurer                              She was awesome….receiving a standing ovation!!! Those
                  Barbara Field (I) Chaplain                            unable to attend missed a stirring speech that was befitting
                                                                        our 25th anniversary.
         Sandra Hardaway (V) Sergeant At Arms

Eliza’s Notes                                               Summer               2010                                      volume 3
Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                           “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

          Convention Highlights continued………...

            The University of Mississippi School of Nursing
             Alumni Association Reception / Fashion Show                         Funding our Finances with
         Our long time supporters from UMC again hosted our
         Friday evening reception. And shared in the 25th year
                                                                                        “Eliza Keys”
         celebration. Food, fun and fellowship were in abundance.
         Thanks to Jean Finley for bringing sexy back with the
         guys and gals strutting their stuff in the Fashion Show.         …...ask your District President how you can
         Even the DJ participated with a soul-stirring rendition.                         help…..
         Speaking of renditions, our friends from New York made
         a special appearance to perform.
         Dr. Audwin Fletcher, District IV brought home the Mr./Ms
         RN honors. Runner-ups were Sonya Pippins (I), Norma
         West (VI), and Linda Hodges (V) respectively.
                        Closing Prayer Breakfast                         MARK YOUR CALENDAR
                 Guest Speaker: Sister Christine Harris
                                                                                   October 16, 2010
         Sunday morning’s service was replete with inspirational
         singing. We were blessed by the presence of the Holy                      January 15, 2011
         Family Catholic Church Choir which rendered three
         selections: “Safe in His Arms”, “ This Morning When I                        April 16, 2011
         Rose”, and “Total Praise”. Even Sis. Harris was in good            State Executive Board Meeting
         voice. She open with “Have Your Way in this Place”.
                                                                              Committee Meetings 11-12N
         Sis. Harris‟ topic was “Anointed to Serve: It's all about
         giving”. She encouraged members to stand once they                      Board Meeting 12N-2P
         have done everything possible to do, just continue to                         EPRNM Office
         stand. She stated that in order to stand or endure,
         perseverance, hope, love and joy must exist. Members                     Jackson Medical Mall
         were empowered to never give up or never quit. She then                        Jackson, MS
         closed by singing “ May the Works I’ve Done, Speak for
         Reported by Vicki Ellis Hewitt

                                  Congratulations 2010 Award Winners!!!!
                  The Undergraduate Scholarship recipient was Janyah Richardson from MUW School of Nursing
                                 Advanced Degree Scholarship awarded to Stella Harris, District IV.
                                 The Nurse of the Year was presented to Hattie Young, District (VI)
                                Presidential Award was presented to Linda Hodges from District (V).

Eliza’s Notes                                             Summer               2010                                   volume 3
Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi            “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”


Eliza’s Notes                                    Summer         2010                                   volume 3
Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi            “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

Eliza’s Notes                                    Summer         2010                                   volume 3
 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi                                    “An Organization Dedicated to Excellence in Health Care”

 Eliza Pillars Registered Nurses of Mississippi

                 “An Organization Dedicated to
                   Excellence in Health Care”

                                                                                                    Visit us on the web!
            Bernice Melton Moore, RN

            Betty Young-Cryer, RN,MSN,CRRN,CNA

            Post Office Box 4552
            Jackson, MS 39296-4552

                                   Editor’s Note
This year’s convention was outstanding and certainly joins my list as one of the most informative, motivating , and fun-filled EPRNM conventions
that I have attended! How exciting to know and agree that consistent service does indeed equals “excellence”.
Our State President has called us to serve and serve we must! We must commit to serve our fellow “Pillars”, our profession, and our fellow man.
No longer can we afford to be complacent about this organization. The days of strictly being a member should be a “thing of the past”. What
greater way to make an impact in our lifetime than to commit to The Pearl Project and do our part to help our people (you do realize that we are the
uninsured, the underinsured and the underserved)! Perhaps, it is time to get over ourselves and be about God’s business and not help “them”, but
SERVE! What can you do to serve? I am so glad you asked! First things first, schedule a day off (if needed) for our state-wide health screening,
on Saturday, November 6th, then contact your District President and let him/her know that you are available to participate.

Now, embrace the opportunity to SERVE!

 Thank you District IV, for your foresight in having roving reporters at the convention, you made my life so much simpler. It goes without saying, I
      could not have done this newsletter without each of you!                                                          Bernice Melton Moore

Eliza’s Notes                                                  Summer                     2010                                          volume 3

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