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					Code   Product Name                 Category

644    Car In Can                   Radical remote control toys
312    Mini Helicopter              Radical remote control toys

308    Mini Car                     Radical remote control toys

476    Tumbler Shadow Breaker 360   Radical remote control toys
497    RC Airplane Falcon Glider    Radical remote control toys

304    Kids Helicopter              Radical remote control toys

302    Giant SUV                    Radical remote control toys

226    Racing Car Tumbler           Radical remote control toys

495    Helicopter Tiger 4 Channel   Radical remote control toys
611    Mini Helicopter 6009         Radical remote control toys

478    Overland Racer               Radical remote control toys

479    Massive Car - Ride On        Radical remote control toys

480    Roller Girl                  Radical remote control toys
484    Quad bike & jet ski combo    Radical remote control toys
313    Rolling Tumbler              Radical remote control toys
498    RC Airplane F14 TomCat       Radical remote control toys
646    RC Boat                      Radical remote control toys

620    Tiercell Gyro Helicopter     Radical remote control toys

622    RC Monster Big               Radical remote control toys

642    Light Wheel Tumbler          Radical remote control toys
624    Speedborg Transformer        Radical remote control toys

641    Big Tumbler - Double Sided   Radical remote control toys
625    Sppedborg Robot              Radical remote control toys

627    RC Car Small                 Radical remote control toys

629    Racing Car - Formula A       Radical remote control toys

621    Metal 6 Channel Helicopter   Radical remote control toys
477    Super Racer                  Radical remote control toys

643    Spinner                      Radical remote control toys

645    Mini Wal climber             Radical remote control toys
487   Quad Bike - Guy                  Radical remote control toys
488   Quad Bike - Girl                 Radical remote control toys

619   Quad and Caravan Combo           Radical remote control toys
633   Conqueror Racing Car             Radical remote control toys

499   Small metal Gyro Helicopter      Radical remote control toys
634   Big Rolling Tumbler              Radical remote control toys
635   Sports Car                       Radical remote control toys
640   Drifting Car                     Radical remote control toys
636   Step It Wheelie Car              Radical remote control toys
637   Big Racing Car                   Radical remote control toys

623   Monster Small                    Radical remote control toys

493   Helicopter 4 Speed Fly 6010      Radical remote control toys
639   Small Tumbler 360                Radical remote control toys

494   Helicopter Super Dolphin Large   Radical remote control toys

579   Car with Wheels                  Toys

573   Bicycle                          Toys

435   Friction Quad                    Toys

433   Friction Rat                     Toys

406   Bubble Machine New               Toys

407   Bubble machine Large             Toys

402   Flashing Bouncing Balls          Toys

578   Tank with Helicopters            Toys
616   Tornado friction Car             Toys
610   Inductive Car/Tank               Toys
438   Soccer light - with shock        Toys

396   Spinning Top - Soccer Ball       Toys
481   Friction Forklift                Toys
570   Wind Up Animals                  Toys
571   Wind Up Car                      Toys

292   Water Babies - mixed colours     Toys

205   Crawling Hand                    Toys

204   Hand In Box                      Toys

295   Grow toys - small                Toys
291   Water Babies - single colour             Toys

399   Spinning UFO                             Toys
475   Shoe Transformer                         Toys

485   Car - Speedster                          Toys

486   Tank - Transformer                       Toys
359   Haloween Hand                            Toys

577   Plane Transformer                        Toys
572   Wind Up Bugs                             Toys
575   Flying Bird                              Toys

209   cat in the bag                           Toys

210   Bungee Spider                            Toys

212   Bungee Skeleton                          Toys

211   Bungee Ghost                             Toys
601   Golf Wall Clock                          Great Golfing Gifts
602   Golf Ball Radio                          Great Golfing Gifts

606   golf Ball speaker                        Great Golfing Gifts
605   Golf Knife and tees                      Great Golfing Gifts
144   Golf Figurines - Tall                    Great Golfing Gifts

603   Golf Multi set                           Great Golfing Gifts

268   Golf Pen Case with Clock                 Great Golfing Gifts

265   Golf Pen Set In Gift Box                 Great Golfing Gifts

274   Putter Set - Auto Return wood            Great Golfing Gifts

276   Putter Set - Auto Return pouch           Great Golfing Gifts

286   Golf Pen Set                             Great Golfing Gifts

284   Golf Figurines - Small                   Great Golfing Gifts

285   Golf Figurines - Medium                  Great Golfing Gifts

278   Putter Set in PVC Golf Bag               Great Golfing Gifts
266   Golf Pen Case with Cart                  Great Golfing Gifts

272   Executive Putter set wood in wood case   Great Golfing Gifts
271   Executive golf set in PVC Pouch                Great Golfing Gifts

270   Executive Putter Set -metal in metal case      Great Golfing Gifts

269   Golf Opener Set                                Great Golfing Gifts

267   Golf Buggy Clock                               Great Golfing Gifts

289   Golf Smoking Set                               Great Golfing Gifts

263   Golf Desk top Putter                           Great Golfing Gifts

145   Golf Figurines - Giants                        Great Golfing Gifts

273   Executive putter sets - wood in metal case     Great Golfing Gifts
143   Golf Figurines - Large                         Great Golfing Gifts
279   Golf desk pen set metal                        Great Golfing Gifts

287   Golf ball and marker set                       Great Golfing Gifts
264   Golf Pen Case - Clock and Cart                 Great Golfing Gifts

608   Range finder (Monocular)                       Great Golfing Gifts
288   Golf desk pen set Metal in gift Box            Great Golfing Gifts

      Executive Putter Sets - Auto Return in metal
275   case                                           Great Golfing Gifts
425   Lazer & Torch                                  Torches
422   Book Light                                     Torches
419   Shock Torch                                    Torches

410   Solar Torch in Gift box                        Torches

401   Finger Torch                                   Torches
230   Shake Torch - Small                            Torches
365   Solar powered torch                            Torches
432   LED Time Projector                             Torches

421   Tool Torch                                     Torches
420   Torch Pig Squeeze (12)                         Torches

235   Emergency phone light                          Torches

437   Mini Lazer Torch                               Torches

282   Head Light                                     Torches
281   Economy Torch                                  Torches
234   Wind-Up Cell charger                           Torches
232   Shake Torch Large                              Torches
231   Shake Torch - Medium                           Torches
428   Torch - Wind up cell charger - Blue   Torches
363   Mini Metal LED (12)                   Torches
417   Flat keyring Torch                    Torches
247   Soccer Ball CD Case                   CD Cases
245   Hamburger CD Case                     CD Cases
241   Watermelon CD Case                    CD Cases
240   Dog CD Case                           CD Cases
243   Ladybird - CD Case                    CD Cases
242   Pig CD Case                           CD Cases
352   Strawberry CD Case                    CD Cases
580   Flashing Soccer Ball glasses          Gadgets and Gizmos
574   Flashing Glasses                      Gadgets and Gizmos

576   light pole                            Gadgets and Gizmos
376   Big Daddy Calculator                  Gadgets and Gizmos

374   Flexible keyboard - Large             Gadgets and Gizmos

600   Green Red Lazer Machine               Gadgets and Gizmos
434   Magic Answer Ball                     Gadgets and Gizmos

377   Apple Speaking Alarm Clarm            Gadgets and Gizmos

452   4 Sided Alarm Clock                   Gadgets and Gizmos
375   Number Keypad                         Gadgets and Gizmos
703   Hand held lazer show                  Gadgets and Gizmos
180   Mini Braai                            Household products

122   Ash Tray - Hand                       Household products

119   Ash Tray - Playing card round         Household products
118   Ash Tray - Playing Cards Square       Household products
117   Ash Tray - 8 Ball Small               Household products
160   Jar opener                            Household products
116   Ash Tray - 8 Ball Tall                Household products

110   Ash Tray Funky                        Household products

126   Wine Bottle holder figurines          Household products
150   Wine Stopper                          Household products
114   Ash Tray - soccer Ball                Household products
112   Ash Tray Clip                         Household products
111   Ash Tray - bendable                   Household products

161   Umbrella in a bottle                  Household products

146   Wood Block LED Clock                  Household products

525   Recording Parrot                      Dancing Animals
502   Funky Dancing Animals                 Dancing Animals
547     Hula Dog                         Dancing Animals

504     Funky Dancing Animals            Dancing Animals
206     Dancing Smoking Plant            Dancing Animals
518     Dancing Duck in Rain Coat        Dancing Animals

207     Dancing flower                   Dancing Animals
214     Rasta                            Dancing Animals
503     Funky Dancing Animals            Dancing Animals

510     Swinging monkey                  Dancing Animals

508     Jamaican Man                     Dancing Animals
517     Dancing Chicken                  Dancing Animals

544/5/6 Spring Animal                    Dancing Animals
540     Dancing Poodle with ears         Dancing Animals

538     Dancing Witch                    Dancing Animals
537     Dancing Punk                     Dancing Animals

532     Lying animals                    Dancing Animals

532     Rolling Animals                  Dancing Animals

526     Snoring Dog                      Dancing Animals
520     Dancing Formal Dog               Dancing Animals
524     Baby in Flower Pot               Dancing Animals
543     Sideways Cow                     Dancing Animals
519     Dancing Fireman                  Dancing Animals

509     Jamaica Woman                    Dancing Animals

512     Dancing animals Tall             Dancing Animals

513     Dancing Animals - short          Dancing Animals

511     Dancing army Man                 Dancing Animals

514     Dancing Skeleton                 Dancing Animals

505     Dancing Dog with moving ears     Dancing Animals
506     Dancing Bunny Hopper with ears   Dancing Animals
521     Dancing Double Dog               Dancing Animals

539     Small dancing animals            Dancing Animals
548     Guitar Mouse                     Dancing Animals
527     Jumping Animals                  Dancing Animals
Description                                       Price      Unit
A six pack of mini remote cars in a plastic
can - 4 colours                                   R 399.00   6
Mini Plastic helicopter 269 Dragonfly             R 149.90   each
Remote control mini car - packaged in a
round container                                   R 599.00   12

wheels light up, does tricks AS SEEN ON TV R 129.90          each
You asked and we delivered - flying glider R 459.00          each

Fun for the young kids - hovers up and down       R 119.90   each
Huge car - doors open, plays music, plug in
your mp3 - lights ans lots of action              R 999.00   each
Racing car that flips and turns and wheels
that light up                                     R 159.00   each
Our first real 4 channel Helicopter - now
you're really flying                              R 899.00   each
RC plastic copter                                 R 149.90   each

Large truck with light up wheels - 4x4 Action R 249.00 each
Our biggest remote control Car yet! 1:6 scale
model with music and MP3 - child up to 35kg
can ride on it                                R 1199.00 each

A radio control toy for the girls - you asked -
we delivered - you control her every move         R 199.00   each
remote control quad bike and jet ski              R 159.00   each
The spinning morphing tumbler                     R 159.00   each
Replica RC Plane that flies                       R 459.00   each
Drives in water                                   R 129.90   each
Metal construction 3 channel heli with
gyroscope for balance                             R 799.00   each

42 motors - full function remote control. This
monster dog does more then most dogs              R 699.00   each
New tumbler with Lights, music and real
spinning action                                   R 249.00   each
A car that transforms to a Speedborg              R 500.00   each
A enlarged version of our all time clasic -
increased size - increased power                  R 219.00   each
A robot that transforms into a car                R 500.00   each
mini car in plastic container - set of 6
assorted designs                                  R 299.00   6

realistic looking racing car set in carry case    R 109.00   each
The best of the best - brushed metal motor -
great flying                                      R 2499.00 each
Wheels light up - 12 varieties                    R 129.90 each
Bigger and faster with jump function - wheels
light up                                          R 199.00
This car sucks itself to the wall and drives on
the wall or the ceiling                           R 119.00   each
Radio control Guy on quad bike                  R 119.90   each
RC Quad bike with female rider                  R 119.90   each
RC quad with take away caravan and girl
rider - all in pink                             R 199.00   each
Wheels light up - many designs                  R 89.00    each

Uses Gyroscope for great stability 3 Channel R 259.00      each
wheels light up and it spins around          R 159.00      each
Realistic looking RC Sports Car              R 99.00       each
Lights, music Action - this car does it all  R 249.00      each
Drifting car that pops wheelies              R 129.90      each
Authentic looking Formula Racing Car         R 139.00      each
A smaller bump and go version of its big
brother                                      R 89.00       each
A real 3 channel helicopter with bendable
wings                                        R 429.00      each
Smaller version of our most popular car      R 69.00       each
Our top of the range 3 channel remote
control helicopter with lights               R 699.00      each
This bumb and go car can climb over things -
with lights and music                        R 49.90       each
Real Action Bicycle with Lights and music -
and no the price is not a mistake            R 39.90       each
Various Quad bikes in a shipper of 72 units
attractively presented - pull them back and
let them ride                                R 500.00      72
Box of 12 realistic looking rats, pull them
back and let them go                         R 60.00       12
New shaped battery operated Bubble
Machine                                      R 17.50       each
Battery operated bubble machine with sound
and lights                                   R 30.00       each
Drop them and they start flashing (402)
Soccer, (403) skeleton, (404) eye            R 108.00      12

A bump and go tank with a flying helicopter     R 49.90    each
24 friction cars packed in a set                R 228.00   24
draw a line and the car will follow it          R 49.90    each
a light and a shock (24 in a box)               R 240.00   10
A spinning soccer ball with lights, music and
a laser                                         R 180.00   9
Friction powered forklift                       R 108.00   6
Wind them up and off they go (Box of 12)        R 90.00    12
Wind them up and off they go (Box of 12)        R 90.00    12
Put them in water and they expand, great for
flowers                                         R 60.00    24
Lifelike hand that crawls and makes scary
noises                                          R 69.90    each
Open this box and the bloodied hand moves
and makes a noise                               R 69.90    each
Drop these in water , and 72 hours later they
will have grown 600%                            R 240.00   48
Drop them in water and watch them grow            R 60.00    24
Launch this ufo with lights high into the air -
10 meters                                         R 118.80   12
This shoe transforms into a robot                 R 39.90    each
Battery operated car with music and lights -
bump and turn                                     R 49.90    each

Battery operated Tank with lights and music
that transforms into a jet fighter plane          R 49.90    each
A chopped off life like hand                      R 25.00    each
A plane that transforms into a robot - bump
and go                                            R 49.90    each
Wind them up and off they go (Box of 12)          R 90.00    12
Attach the string and watch the bird fly          R 19.90    each
any loud noise and the cat will scream and
try and escape from the bag                       R 39.90    each
clap and the spider bungees down and its
eyes light up                                     R 39.90    each
clap and it Bungees down and gives you a
fright                                            R 49.90    each
Clap and the ghost comes to life - and skriks
you                                               R 49.90    each
Wall or table clock                               R 99.90    each
Golf Radio with LCD Display                       R 69.90    each

Plugs into any speaker or headphone socket        R 59.90    each
Golf Knife, marker and tees in gift box           R 49.90    each
Tall 12inch figurines                             R 175.00   each
variety of tools for the golfer inluding
monocular                                         R 199.00   each
3 multi coloured pens in a golf bag with a
clock                                             R 99.90    each
3 different coloured pens in a mini golf bag
packaged in a gift box                            R 129.00   each

Detachable auto return putter set arranged
in wooden case, includes 2 golf balls       R 220.00         each
Wooden auto return putter set arranged in a
stylish PVC pouch                           R 159.90         each

Stylish golf pen set in Red, Blue and Black       R 39.90    each
Set of 6 small golfing figurines in various
poses                                             R 240.00   six
Set of 6 Medium (20cm) figurines in various
poses                                             R 540.00   six
Detachable putter set arranged in a pvc golf
bag                                               R 159.90   each
3 pens in golf bag on cart                        R 99.90    each

detachable putter set made of wood in an
exquisite wooden case, includes 2 golf balls R 159.90        each
detachable putter set made of wood in a pvc
pouch, includes 2 golf balls                R 119.90        each
detachable putter set made of metal in a
stylish metal case, includes 2 golf balls   R 159.90        each

Golf ball toped, metal corkscrew, Bottle
opener and wine stopper packed in a gift box R 79.90        each
Golf Buggy with LCD Display with Time,
date, temperature and alarm clock             R 149.90      each
Smoking set with place to store your
cigarettes, with a buggy lighter and a bunker
ashtray with real sand                        R 159.90      each

Metal desk top putter set with ball and hole     R 75.00    each
Standing almost 1 metre tall, this is our
biggest figurine                                 R 599.00   each
Detachable wooden putter in a stylish metal
case includes 2 golf balls                       R 159.90   each
Large figurine with bag                          R 149.00   each
Solid metal pen on Driver head                   R 99.00    each
Bag with 2 golf balls, 3 tees, marker and
pitch mark repair tool                           R 39.90    each
Combining our 2 most popular products            R 129.90   each
Range finder to see your ball on the golf
course in carry pouch                            R 99.00    each
A high quality pen in a beautiful gift box       R 159.90   each
Detachable Auto Return putter set arranged
in a stylish metal case including 2 golf balls
OUT OF STOCK                                     R 220.00   each
Pen like flexible LED Torch plus laser           R 29.90    each
12 Flap out lights for the top of your book      R 150.00   12
The torch that is shocking                       R 25.00    each
Full size solar torch in gift box - can't
recharge at night                                R 89.90    each

4 different coloured torches for your fingers    R 12.50    each
                                                 R 36.00    each
Solar powered keyring torch                      R 25.00    each
Projects the time                                R 180.00   12
8 Screwdrivers and two torches make this an
essential tool in everyone's toolbox             R 39.90    each
Squeeze to power the torch                       R 144.00   12
plugs into your telephone conection - great
for load shedding                                R 40.00    each
2 in 1 keyring lazer and LED Torch (Box of
24)                                              R 168.00   24
12 LED Head light - now packaged with
batteries                                        R 39.90    each
                                                 R 29.90    each
Manual cellphone charger                         R 49.00    each
                                                 R 56.00    each
                                                 R 46.00    each
Charge your cell phone with this handy torch -
5 adaptors included                            R 49.00    each
12 metal LED Torches in display case           R 240.00   12
                                               R 336.00   48
perfect for 2010                               R 17.50    each
Holds 24 CD's                                  R 25.00    1
Holds 24 CD's                                  R 25.00    1
Holds 24CD's                                   R 25.00    1
Holds 24 CD's                                  R 25.00    1
Holds 24 CD's                                  R 25.00    1
Holds 24 CDs                                   R 25.00    1
soccer ball shaped glasses that flash          R 20.00    each
Assorted glasses, with flashing lights         R 20.00    each
LED Changing colour light pole - great for
attracting attention                           R 99.90    each
Very Large Calculator                          R 69.90    each
full functioning, bendable waterproof
keyboard available in 8 colours                R 80.00    each
The ultimate in getting people to notice your
store fully functional lazer machine with
Strobe facility                                R 999.00   each
Answers all of lifes pertinent questions       R 49.90    each
Push the stork and get told the time and the
temperature                                    R 39.00    each
Change sides and the clock has a different
colour and a different function                R 24.90    each
great for laptops -assorted colours            R 45.00    each
green lazer lights in patterns                 R 159.00   each
Perfect for 2                                  R 45.00    each
Black or white hand shaped ceramic ashtray
with push top                                  R 39.90    each
Round ceramic ashtray with playing card
design                                         R 39.90    each
Playing card ceramic ashtray                   R 39.90    each
small metal 8 ball ashtray                     R 39.90    each
opens tight Jars                               R 12.50    each
Metal 8 Ball ashtray on stand                  R 39.90    each
&5cm free standing ash tray with funky
designs                                        R 149.90   each
Set of 4 ceramic figurines that hold a bottle
of wine or beer OUT OF STOCK                   R 399.00   4
Saves open bottles of wine                     R 15.00    each
3 colours                                      R 39.90    each
can clip onto shelf or stand flat              R 70.00    each
Bendable ashtray in 6 colours                  R 149.90   each
Open this bottle and there is an umbrella in
side, comes in 10 designs/colours              R 50.00    each
wooden block with LED time, date and
temperature display 4 colour options           R 199.00   each
Just like the real thing, this parrot records
what you say and says it back to you           R 49.90    each
Dancing Monkey with Sunglasses                 R 99.00    each
sings and does the Hulla Hoop                     R 99.00   each
Dancing Lion with sunglasses OUT OF
STOCK                                             R 99.00   each
Sings and Dances                                  R 79.00   each
Singing in the rain                               R 89.00   each

any noise will let it start singing and dancing   R 39.00   each
Man who sings and dances                          R 69.00   each
Dancing Cow with Teeth                            R 99.00   each
Give him a skweez and he sings and swings
his feet                                          R 89.00   each
Squeeze his hand he grooves to the reggae
beat mon!                                         R 79.00   each
Dual Action Chicken                               R 99.00   each
Sings and Jumps up Available in Monkey,
Lion & Dog                                        R 99.00   each
dances and shakes its ears                        R 99.00   each

Scary haloween song and her eyes light up         R 99.00   each
With real attitude                                R 99.00   each
They lie down, and lift their heads and tails
and their mouths move as they sing
Available in dog, cow, duck and Alligator         R 99.00   each
They roll around and laugh hysterically
available in donkey, monkey and cat               R 99.00   each
He sings snores and breathes just like a real
dog                                               R 99.00   each
New York New York                                 R 89.00   each
dancing baby                                      R 89.00   each
Does a sidways jig                                R 99.00   each
We will rock you                                  R 89.00   each
Squeeze her hand she grooves to the
reggae beat mon!                                  R 79.00   each
All new dancing animals - squueze their
hands and they sing and jig                       R 89.00   each
All new dancing animals - squueze their
hands and they sing and jig                       R 89.00   each
Sings and dances to a marching beat -
available in black and white                      R 89.00   each
squeeze his hand and he will give you a big
fright with his noises and movement - eyes
light up as well                                  R 99.00   each
squueze the dogs paw and the most
amazing song and dance routine follows -
truly amazing                                     R 99.00   each
Song and dance routine to melt your heart         R 99.00   each
with puppy                                        R 99.00   each
Very cute 1/2 size animals - comes with
batteries                                         R 49.90   each
Sings and plays guitar                            R 99.00   each
Animals that sing and jump into the air           R 99.00   each

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