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					Parts to order:

Item                           Vendor          Order Date
APR BiPipe                     Achtuning       September
OCK                            Achtuning       September
Rear brake Pads for S4 Avant   TireRack             8-Oct
Pentosin Racing 3 liters       ECS                  8-Oct
Headlight tab repair kit       ECS                  8-Oct
bottom shield repair kit       ECS                  8-Oct
S8 Rotors                  8-Oct
S8 Carriers                    WorldImpex           8-Oct
Front pads for S4 Sedan        OG Racing            9-Oct
SS for Avant                   Keystone            10-Oct
E-codes                        TBD                 10-Oct
Wheels/Tires                   TBD                 10-Oct
Rear pads for the Sedan        Porterfield          9-Oct
SS lines for Avant             TireRack             9-Oct
Power Steering Cooler kit      JEGS                10-Oct
Item                                                                        Date     Mileage     Comments
Research and fix oil leak                                                 07/22/05      32,000 Tightened bolt.

Research and fix DTC - (G42 - Intake Temp Sensor)                         09/01/05               Sensor was disconnected.
Car has been totaled before and bought off eBay. I would like you to      07/22/05      32,000
perform a through check of all components.
(I suspect an oil leak. I also saw DTC for Intake Temp. Sensor (G42),
but it seems to be gone. Please also do not bother with the
suspension, I will be working on that.)
Remove bumper and review ICs and other cooling connections.               07/22/05      32,000
Replace diverter valves                                                   07/22/05      32,000

Replace fuel filter                                                       07/22/05      32,000
Install APR Bi-Pipe                                                       07/22/05      32,000
Fix APR Bi-Pipe. Lower center bolt is not installed… though it            11/22/05
"should" fit.
Replace spark plugs                                                       07/22/05      32,000

Air Filter                                                                07/22/05      32,000
Interior Filter                                                           07/22/05      32,000
Adjust windshield washer nozzles                                          07/22/05      32,000
Wipers                                                                    09/01/05      33,000
Replace missing weather seal in engine compartment (right)                09/01/05      33,000
Change differential oil                                                   07/22/05      32,000 Achtuning used Mobil 1

Change transmission oil                                                   07/22/05      32,000 Achtuning used Mobil 1

4 wheel alignment                                                         07/22/05      32,000
                                                                                               Wish went with 235-40-18
Installed new wheels ASA ST4 (245-35-18 Goodyears)                        07/22/05      32,000 for street.
Install Vogtlands                                                         09/01/05      33,000 These work very well.
Fix APR Bi-Pipe rubbing on fan.                                           11/01/05
Install Stainless Steel brake lines (F+R) - provided.
Replace brake fluid, bleed brakes, ABS and clutch. Use provided
Pentosin Racing Fluid.
Research and fix interior water leak. (AC condensation drains into the
passenger foot well. Water drips from the top left corner of the foot
well.)                                                                    10/07/05      34,000
Align and corner balance the car
                                                                          10/07/05      34,000

Install new exhaust                                                       10/07/05      34,000
Install SR Penske Suspension
Install short shifter                                                     11/22/05
Lower the driver seat
Replace rear brake rotors and pads. (Rotors, brackets, pads
provided.) - S8 Upgrade
Install Transmission Stabilizer Bar - provided.
Install bottom shield                                                     09/01/05
Fix headlight tabs
Install Neuspeed short shifter - provided.                                11/22/05               Nice!

Fix noise from engine bay. When car is running, there is a noticeable     11/22/05
noise from the bay. I think it is related to the AC compressor - but I
am not 100% sure. Noise occurs more often when the car is cold.

Fix driver side front CV boot.                                            11/22/05

Install new wheels and tires - ASA JH3 and 235/40YR18 Kumho               11/01/05               Street friendly height and fit
ECSTA KU19                                                                                       = happy wife.
Part                           Shop            Qty.

                               Achtuning       -

TBD                            StartupRacing
TBD                            Achtuning

TBD                            Achtuning
Diverter Valves (710N) - buy   Achtuning              2
from Achtuning
Buy from Achtuning             TBD
BiPipe - buy from Achtuning    Achtuning
Provided OEM NGK Spark         Achtuning
Plugs (Glove Box)
ECS                            Tomasz
ECS                            Tomasz
NA                             Tomasz
TireRack                       Tomasz
Dealer                         Tomasz
Provided Redline 75W90         Achtuning
Provided Redline MT-90         Achtuning






Item                                                                                Date      Mileage    Comments                    Part                             Shop               Priority
Oil Change, Spark Plugs                                                           3/15/2004      48,500 Everything looks good.                                                           1-High
                                                                                                        Installed Denso IK20
                                                                                                        Gapped at .42mm
Driver Front Bearing Reaplaced, Hub Replaced, Replaced Brake Fluid                4/1/2004       49,000 Everything looks good.                                                           1-High
                                                                                                        Used ATE Super Blue
                                                                                                        Brake Fluid.
Installed Studs on Front Wheels                                                  4/10/2004       49,000                                                                                  1-High
Alignment                                                                        4/17/2004       49,500 F Toe 0.02, 0.01 (right)                                                         1-High
                                                                                                        R Toe -0.01, 0.00 (right)
Replaced batteries in the remote.                                                4/17/2004       49,500 Works!                                                                           1-High
Replaced rear brake rotors and pads.                                              6/7/2004       54,000 Nice 298 STaSIS.                                                                 1-High
Replaced brake fluid with ATE.                                                    6/7/2004       54,000 Bled brakes.                                                                     1-High
Front control arms are worn… will need replacement soon.                          6/7/2004       54,000 Replaced with Don Istook                                                         1-High
Other                                                                             6/7/2004       54,000 Installed black seat cover                                                       1-High
                                                                                                        on driver's seat. Raised
                                                                                                        passenger seat by 1 inch.
AutoSpeed Stage III+                                                              7/1/2005       55,000                                                               AutoSpeed          1-High
Fix rear clunk                                                                   10/17/2005                                                                           StartupRacing      1-High
Install track valved Suspension with 750/900 spring rates. Rear is done.         10/24/2005              775 and 900 springs                                          StartupRacing      1-High
Feels great! Need to set height.
Fix Intake pipe bracket                                                          10/24/2005                                                                           StartupRacing      1-High
4-wheel alignment:                                                               10/26/2005                                          NA                               Big-O-Tire         1-High
Front: Toe OUT 0.02, Camber -2, Caster -5.5
Rear Toe IN 0.02, Camber -2.5
Roll front fenders                                                               10/30/2005                                                                           StartupRacing                 1
Replace brake fluid, bleed brakes. Instructions for ESP provided. Use            10/30/2005                                                                           StartupRacing                 2
provided Pentosin Racing Fluid.
Replace Engine Oil and Filter. (Oil, filter and new plug/nut provided.           11/1/2005                                           Oil, filter, oil plug nut with   Redmond European              1
Normally takes just shy of 6 qt, but with oil cooler it will be little over.)                                                        washer.
Secure battery in its position. I bought some generic brackets, but I think      11/1/2005               New battery                 Brackets                         Redmond European              1
you will need to improvise.
Install Oil cooler, oil line may be too long and will need to be cut to proper   11/1/2005                                           Oil cooler install kit. Should   Redmond European              1
size -2". Also the filter spacer should be ported a little for better flow.                                                          be complete. Hoses 2" too
Install APR BiPipe. The tabs on the side will not align, but they should not     11/1/2005                                           BiPipe kit with all screws.      Redmond European              3
be needed. But the three screws attaching it to throttle body should align.

Front alignment ONLY - Camber -2.5 degrees, Caster 5.5 degrees.                  11/1/2005                                           NA                               Redmond European              3
(Upper control arms may rub against the inside of the fender with these
settings, please take a 5lbs. hammer (or air hammer) to the part where
they rub and punch the inside of the fender well in… it can be done.)

Bleed clutch only (brakes already done)                                          11/1/2005                                           Brake fluid - Pentosin racing    Redmond European              4
Corner Balance (driver 200 lbs.)                                                 11/1/2005                                           NA                               Redmond European              4
Fix AC. Last only hours after filling - there must be a leak somewhere.          11/1/2005                                           None provided                    Redmond European              5
Install splash guard - some modification to the plastic guard will be needed.     1/1/2006               Need new splash guard.                                       StartupRacing                 2
Extra nuts provided, please improvise if needed. I assume parts of the
splash guard will need to be cut out.
Replace rear brake pads                                                           2/1/2006                                                                            StartupRacing                 1
Replace front and rear pads                                                       2/1/2006               Performance Friction -                                       StartupRacing                 1
                                                                                                         research compound - front
                                                                                                         and rear. 97 or 01
Wheels and tires                                                                  2/1/2006               225 off Subaru WRX                                           StartupRacing                 1
Install 1/2 cage                                                                  2/1/2006                                                                            SpeedWare                     1
Install harness                                                                   2/1/2006                                                                            SpeedWare                     1
Fix turbo hose                                                                    4/1/2007        64000 New clamp?                                                    StartupRacing                 1
Dyno the car                                                                     September                                                                            TBD                           5
Replace turbo lines as new PN seems better design.                               7/15/2007               Oil lines purchased                                          RGC                           1
Replace oil - transmission, front differential and rear differential             7/15/2007               Purchased oil               Motul 300                        RGC                           1
Replace Engine mounts                                                            7/15/2007               Purchased engine mounts     RS4                              RGC                           1
Install APR SnubMount                                                            7/15/2007               Purchased mount             I have it                        RGC                           1
Change oil                                                                       September                                                                            StartupRacing                 2
Fix backup lights - bulbs                                                         8/1/2008                                                                            Redmond European              1
Test 18" wheels fitment                                                           4/1/2007                                           They FIT!                        StartupRacing                 2
Replace fuel filter                                                               8/1/2008               Purchased fuel filter       Fuel Filter                      Redmond European              1
Replace spark plugs                                                              7/15/2007               Purchased spark plugs       Spark Plugs                      RGC                           1
Work with Mark on software… to custom tune                                       2/16/2008               1.5 BAR max.                                                 StartupRacing                 3
Repair fender                                                                    8/15/2007               Replace with CF                                              TBD                           3
Repair bumper                                                                    8/15/2007               Replace with CF                                              TBD                           3
Repair hood                                                                      8/15/2007               Replace with CF                                              TBD                           3
Detail the car inside and outside                                                8/15/2007                                                                            MirrorWorks                   5
Car checkup, sign tech sheet                                                      8/1/2008                                                                            Redmond European              1
Bleed brakes with RBF600, the old two person way                                  8/1/2008                                           RBF600 provided                  Redmond European              1
Replace rear diff mount                                                           8/1/2008                                           Mount provided                   Redmond European              1
Replace Forge BPVs with 710Ns                                                     8/1/2008                                           710Ns provided                   Redmond European              1
Replace transmission mounts                                                       8/1/2008                                           Mounts provided                  Redmond European              1
Tighten control arms if needed                                                    8/1/2008                                                                            Redmond European              1
2007 Cayman S

Item                                                             Date   Mileage Comments
Oil change                                                     01/01/09    8,000
Cabin filter change                                            01/01/09    8,000
GT3 RS Steering                                                01/15/09    8,200
GT3 Shifter                                                    01/15/09    8,200
Side inlet - silver                                            02/01/09    8,500
Front spoiler - silver                                         02/01/09    8,500
Desnork                                                        02/01/09    8,500
Install TechArt?                                               03/03/09    9,000
                                                                                 K&N filter was causing
Research "heat shield rattle" at 3,000 to 3,250 RPM            03/03/09    9,000 it.
Air filter change                                              03/03/09    9,000
Fix buzzing from Key Lock                                      03/15/09  10,000
Research ticking from engine bay - car sounds like a
diesel, only when cold                                        03/15/09     10,000
Program keys and remotes                                      03/15/09     10,000 I got all the parts
Clutch feels strange, vibrates a bit when depressed and I
feel like I will stall when starting conservatively. (Feels
fine when starting aggressively.)                             03/15/09     10,000
Airbag                                                        03/15/09     10,000
Wiper                                                         03/15/09     10,000
Install SRP                                                   05/01/09     12,000
Install ATB                                                   07/01/09     15,000

Install headers                                               01/01/10     18,000
Install Eibach Springs                                        03/01/10     20,000
Air filter change                                             05/12/10     20,000
Oil change
Un-install SRP                                                05/15/10     22,000
Part                    Shop       Qty.

M1 0W40, filter           Tomasz
Cabin filter from Barrier Tomasz



Quaife ATB Q12          Redmond
                        Car Nutz

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