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Chamber Names Arc as Non-Profit of the Year Chamber Honors Arc


									                                                                                 Arc of Onondaga

                                                                                                  PAT TERNS
                                                                   TURNING DISABILITY INTO ABILITY

                                                                  Chamber Names Arc as Non-Profit of the Year
Photograph Courtesy of the Greater Syracuse Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                                                 Chamber Honors Arc
                                                                                                                                PAgE 7

                                                                   IN THIS ISSUE:
                                                                   Person of the Year Recognized ... 3
                                                                   Gifford Grant Builds Capacity ... 7
                                                                   Parents Decry State Cuts ............. 10
                                                                   Meals on Wheels Thanks Arc .... 12
                                                                                                               2009, Issue II
    A Message From the Executive Director
                                                                                                        Board of Directors
                                                        “This whole issue of Patterns
                                                        celebrates the achievements at Arc of           Mary M. Salibrici
                                                        Onondaga in the recent months...”               First Vice President:
                                                                                                        Jeannine Nolan
                                                                                                        Vice President:
                                                     creating an environment in which people with       James Cannon
                                                     developmental disabilities can develop their       Treasurer:
                                                     full potential. Our dinner celebrates turning      Mark Reid
                                                     disability into ability. We are honoring one
                                                                                                        Assistant Treasurer:
                                                     individual in particular who sets an inspiring     James Moran
    Stanfort J. Perry                                example of living life to her fullest potential
                                                     despite having developmental disabilities.         Secretary:
                                                                                                        Christopher Centore
                                                     I hope you can join me at this special event.
    Dear Friends,                                    There is still time to reserve your seats online   James Boyle
    I’m continually reminded, as our 15th Annual     or call our events coordinator, Gini Gozzi at      Carol Bullard
                                                                                                        Joyce Carmen
    Arc Achievement Awards Dinner approaches,        315.476.7441, ext. 147.                            Dr. Thomas Csermely
    that we have a great group of supporters.        One more way for your whole family to              Gordon Eyer
    Arc of Onondaga continues to provide             have some fun while also supporting our            Mary Carol Fisher
    comprehensive services to thousands of                                                              Mark Harrington
                                                     mission is through Arc Race. Mark your
                                                                                                        Denise Hunter
    people with developmental disabilities and       calendars for Saturday, September 12th.            Shannon Karazuba
    family members despite the difficult times.      Our big community event is more than just          Thomas Murphy
    Family members and advocates of those            Half-Marathon and 5k runs and our 3k Fun           John G. Powers
    we serve banded together to emphasize to         Walk; there’s live music, entertainment, kids’     Dr. Klaus Schroder
    state leaders the importance of our funding.     games and activities for the the whole family      Sharon Sullivan
    Several organizations have invested in Arc of    to enjoy. Get involved, whether your family
    Onondaga’s future with grants for specific       volunteers together at a water stop on our         Foundation Board of Directors
    programs and initiatives. Individuals and        course, walks together or you band together        President:
    companies have stepped forward to support        a team of co-workers and friends.                  John Keib
    our Arc Achievement Awards Dinner in             This whole issue of Patterns celebrates the        Vice President:
    a variety of ways. To me, this is especially     achievements at Arc of Onondaga in recent
                                                                                                        Sean K. Broderick
    impressive at a time when everybody has been     months, from the stories of those we’re            Treasurer:
    affected by the recent turn of our economy.      honoring at our dinner to the great things         Ed Moran
    I encourage you to participate this year also;   we’re able to do because of partnerships with      Secretary:
    there are so many different ways to get          and grants from other organizations. And of        Regina Lagattuta
    involved in making a difference. It can be as    course, as with every issue, we also recognize     Juli Boeheim
    simple as putting together a gift basket for     those individuals who have given not just of       Peter Carmen
    our dinner’s silent auction or volunteering      their time and support, but have also made         Joel W. Foster
                                                                                                        Stephen D. Fournier
    part of a day to read books to our pre-          financial contributions.
                                                                                                        Dan French
    schoolers at Parkside.
                                                     As always, your feedback is welcome.               Mark P. Hettler
    At our signature dinner, being held at the                                                          Stanfort J. Perry
    Oncenter on Tuesday, June 2nd, we get a                                                             Jack Rade
                                                                                                        Todd Sloan
    chance to celebrate the successes that all
                                                                                                        Vincent Spina
    of your support has helped those we serve                                                           Syd Tenenbaum
    achieve. Your volunteerism, advocacy and                                                            Robert J. Walsh
    generosity have helped create a strong
    support network for all of our programs

Melissa Bodnar Honored as ‘Person of the Year’
Community involvement and independence            Melissa’s energy and desire to help
are large parts of Arc of Onondaga’s mission      out wherever possible is immediately
to help individuals with developmental            noticeable. Melissa, or Missy as she’s
disabilities reach their fullest potential. One   known, is always pleased to volunteer
program participant in particular stands out      and has helped out in many places
as someone who embodies this mission.             around the community including Aids
Melissa Bodnar is being honored with the          Community Resources where she
2009 Person of the Year Award at the 15th         shreds paper and at the Onondaga
Annual Arc Achievement Awards Dinner.             Public Library where she re-shelves
The Person of the Year Award recognizes a
single Arc participant who has demonstrated       Staying active in the community
significant progress towards living an            has always been important to
independent, inclusive life to their fullest      Missy. She enjoys a diverse list of
potential. Melissa is an excellent example of a   activities including attending dances
consumer who fulfills these qualifications and    at Onondaga Community College,
so much more. Melissa is very independent         shopping, riding her bike, bowling and
and thoroughly enjoys life. She loves to offer    playing basketball. In the summer,
a helping hand to peers and staff in need.        she participates in the New Visions
                                                  program at OCC.
                                                  Melissa graduated from West Genesee
 “Missy went through some difficult               Middle School where she enjoyed
                                                  going to classes and learning. At
 times adjusting to these changes                 school, she worked in the cafeteria            Coordinator from Arc’s Onondaga Boulevard
 but has, over time, blossomed into a             helping out with food preparation and          Day Habilitation Program.
                                                  washing dishes. After graduation, Melissa
 wonderful, caring young lady,”
                                                  took classes at OCC and stayed involved with
                                                  the community.                                 Photo, left: Melissa feeds a vegetable to
                                                  Melissa has overcome a lot of obstacles in     a giraffe at a fair; She enjoys actively
                                                  her life. After she graduated from middle      participating in community events and
Melissa currently participates in the Onondaga    school, Melissa moved into a new residence.    visting parks and appreciating nature.
Boulevard Day Habilitation Program where          These have been big adjustments for her.       Photo, right: Melissa Bodnar (left) and
she works with a habilitation specialist who      “Missy went through some difficult times       Laura Greenfield, her friend and former
helps her to accomplish her goals and to stay     adjusting to these changes but has, over       service coordinator, (at right) enjoy a photo
involved with the community.                      time, blossomed into a wonderful, caring       opportunity at the New York State Fair.
                                                  young lady,” says Melissa Artini, a Program

    Arc Honors James Walsh with Award
                                                     His wife, Dede Walsh, teaches 7th grade and       Photo (bottom): Congressman James Walsh
                                                     served as a member of the Susan G. Komen          (second from right) helps break ground for
                                                     Breast Cancer Foundation Central New York         substantial improvements at Arc’s Wilbur
                                                     Affiliate Board of Directors. Their three         Avenue site made possible through funding
                                                     children, Maureen, Jed and Ben, have been         he secured. Holding the golden shovels
                                                     very supportive of their parents’ contributions   along with the Congressman are (from left)
                                                     to the community.                                 Jay Gelormini, Arc program participant; Paul
                                                     A leader in the community, James works            Andersen, then-President of Arc’s board;
                                                     hard to improve the quality of life for           and (far right) Stanfort Perry, Arc Executive
                                                     Central New Yorkers with disabilities. In         Director.
                                                     2006, Congressman Walsh secured a U.S.
                                                     Housing and Urban Development
                                                     (HUD) grant for Arc.          The
                                                     improvements made possible
                                                     by this grant addressed safety,
                                                     accessibility and space concerns.
                                                     The renovation project produced
                                                     a safer and completely accessible
                                                     streetscape around Arc’s offices.
                                                     “Arc of Onondaga’s special
    James T. Walsh                                   mission makes this project so
    Arc Achievement Award                            important,” said Congressman
                                                     Jim Walsh in 2006. “This funding
    James T. Walsh was elected to the U.S. House     will enable the agency to improve
    of Representatives in 1988 and served ten        its accessibility and boost its
    consecutive terms representing the Central       presence on the city’s west side.”
    New York 25th district in Congress.
                                                     Mr. Walsh was also a long-
    James was born in Syracuse and obtained          time sponsor of the annual Arc
    his B.A. in history from Saint Bonaventure       Achievement Awards Dinner,
    University. After serving two years with the     often sponsoring a table or
    Peace Corps in Nepal, he was elected to          advertising at the fundraiser. His
    the Syracuse Common Council in 1978 and          support for the Arc of Onondaga
    became president of the Council In 1986. In      Foundation through the dinner
    1988, James was elected to the U.S. House of     helped ensure services for people
    Representatives where he served until retiring   with developmental disabilities
    in January 2009. In Congress, James headed       remain available well into the
    a number of committees. Throughout his           future.
    career, he was able to secure more than $1
                                                     Mr. Walsh is being honored for his
    billion in federal funding for the betterment
                                                     betterment of the Central New
    of Central New York.
                                                     York community for individuals
    Community involvement has always been            with developmental disabilities
    important to James. In addition to helping a     and for his commitment to Arc
    variety of causes and non-profit organizations   of Onondaga.
    by securing funding, he also serves as a board
                                                     Photo (top, at right): Congressman
    member for several organizations including
                                                     James Walsh shakes hands with
    the Everson Museum of Art, Vera House,
                                                     Jay Gelormini, an Arc program
    the Kidney Foundation and the Erie Canal
                                                     participant, outside Arc’s offices.
                                                                                                                                 Photographs: Michael Kieloch

                               30-Year Arc Employee Recognized for Contributions
                                                                                Education from Syracuse University and            developmental disabilities nor serving its
                                                                                In 1981, Peggie was promoted to Director          business customers today, without having
                                                                                of Monarch Enterprises. Monarch, Arc of           had the benefit of Peggie’s leadership.
                                                                                Onondaga’s vocational division, provides
                                                                                employment opportunities and training to          After growing the Monarch Enterprises
                                                                                people with developmental disabilities. As        program, Peggie took over the Director of
                                                                                administrator of the program, she oversaw         Program Development at Arc. In this capacity,
                                                                                compliance with federal, state and county         she developed and helped improve all of Arc
                                                                                guidelines for accreditation, certification and   of Onondaga’s services and programs. She
                                                                                licensing while supervising 120 professional      helped secure hundreds of thousands of
                                                                                and para-professional staff. Over the number      dollars in private and government grants
                                                                                of years she led Monarch Enterprises, Peggie      for Arc. Peggie also led the development
                                                                                shaped the program into what it is today.         of several programs and services which
                                                                                Under her leadership, Monarch Enterprises         created new opportunities for people with
                                                                                grew from a one-site, $1-million operation        developmental disabilities. She was at the
                                                                                serving 90 individuals to a community-based,      forefront of coordinating “Life Skills”, a
                                                                                multi-site, $4.5 million program serving over     program to help Syracuse City School District
                                                                                500 individuals. Her vision helped expand         students receiving special education services
                                                                                Monarch’s business model, size and capability.    transition to the work place and manage their
                                                                                As a result, hundreds of supportive job           lives. She also put into motion development
                                                                                opportunities for people with developmental       of several programs which are still being
                                                                                                                                  worked on today, including a visual and
                               Marion ‘Peggie’ Honeywell Keib                   disabilities were created.
                                                                                                                                  performing arts day habilitation program and
                               Founders’ Award                                  Financially, Peggie secured a number of           a therapeutic recreation center for children
                                                                                grants and long-term contracts for Arc.           with autism.
                               Marion “Peggie” Honeywell Keib faithfully        She secured one of the first Federal Title
                                                                                6-C grants for Monarch, annualized at             Peggie has also contributed to the greater
                               served Arc of Onondaga for over 30 years in                                                        community through her active involvement.
                               several different leadership positions. Over     $280,000. She also obtained New York State
                                                                                certification to operate a Part 679, Article 16   She served as chairperson of the Onondaga
                               the course of her dedicated career, Peggie                                                         County Planning Cluster and also served on
                               made innumerable improvements and has a          clinic providing medical, psychological, social
                                                                                work and rehabilitation counseling services,      the CNY Regional Transportation Authority
                               wide range of accomplishments to her credit.                                                       advisory committee, as well as committees
                                                                                along with speech, physical and occupational
                               Peggie joined Arc in 1976 as an instructor and   therapy. In addition, a number of long-term       for VESID, New York State Office of Mental
                               shortly thereafter became a Rehabilitation       job contracts still in place today are a result   Retardation and Developmental Disabilities,
                               Counselor.     She earned her Master of          of Peggie’s work. Monarch Enterprises would       Manufacturers’ Association of CNY and the
                               Science degree in Rehabilitation Counselor       not be as effective at helping people with        NYS Association for Rehabilitation Facilities.
                                                                                                                                  Peggie supported Arc of Onondaga’s initiatives
                                                                                                                                  not only through her hard work but also as
                                                                                                                                  a donor; she was an active leadership-level
                                                                                                                                  donor to the Arc of Onondaga Foundation as
                                                                                                                                  Peggie retired in 2008. Her dedicated service
                                                                                                                                  of over 30 years to Arc of Onondaga is
                                                                                                                                  inspiring and she sets the example Arc hopes
                                                                                                                                  all employees will aspire to.
                                                                                                                                  Photo (far left): Peggie stands with New York
                                                                                                                                  State Senator David Valesky after a meeting at
Photographs: Michael Kieloch

                                                                                                                                  Arc’s offices. Photo (left): Gini Gozzi, Special
                                                                                                                                  Events Coordinator (left) and Patricia Maiden,
                                                                                                                                  current Director of Program Development
                                                                                                                                  (center) discuss programs with Peggie.

    Wegmans to Receive Service Award at Arc Dinner
                                                                                                                          Photo (top): Sarah Combs (left) and David
                                                                                                                          Hoyer (right), residents at one of Arc
                                                                                                                          of Onondaga’s community residential
                                                                                                                          alternatives receive advice on the nutritional
                                                                                                                          facts of a product at Wegmans from Diane
                                                                                                                          Sylvia, Nature’s Marketplace Team Leader.
                                                                                                                          Photo (below): Gary Deyett works at Wegmans
                                                                                                                          as a Helping Hands associate, assisting
                                                                                                                          customers bring groceries to their vehicles.
                                                                                                                          Gary is employed through Arc of Onondaga’s
                                                                                                                          Employment Options program.

                                                                                                                            Make Your Reservations Soon
                                                                                                                            Be sure to reserve your seat at the Arc

                                                                                                  Photograph: Jim Cooke
                                                                                                                            Achievement Awards Dinner to see these
                                                                                                                            outstanding honorees recognized for their
                                                                                                                            contributions and achievements. You can call
                                                                                                                            the Development Office at 315. 476.7441, visit
    Wegmans                                          Wegmans continues to be a major sponsor
                                                                                                                   or stop by our offices on 600
                                                                                                                            South Wilbur Avenue to reserve your seats.
    Robert D. McAuliffe
                                                     of Arc Race. For many years, Wegmans has
    Community Service Award
                                                     donated thousands of dollars in store gift
                                                     cards which Arc awards as prizes. “I’ve been                                                                 Photograph: Jim Cooke
    The Robert D. McCauliffe Award recognizes        working with Wegmans for many years. Their
    a local business that works to integrate         generosity in donating gift cards for our races
    individuals with developmental disabilities      has been a blessing. It’s a draw for Arc Race.
    into their daily workforce and is dedicated to   Our participants look forward to winning the
    helping those we serve overcome obstacles.       gift cards”, says Gini Gozzi, Special Events
    Wegmans embodies a community company             Coordinator.
    that fully supports people with developmental    Wegmans has regularly donated substantial
    disabilities in a variety of ways. Through Arc   gift cards to Arc at other times throughout
    of Onondaga’s Employment Options program,        the year which have supported employee and
    more than 10 individuals are employed at area    consumer recognition events. “Wegmans
    Wegmans stores in a variety of capacities.       has donated gift cards to several of our
    For Arc program participants shopping for        community residences around the holidays.
    groceries, Wegmans provides an inclusive,        Our staff uses them to put a special meal on
    welcoming and fully accessible shopping          the table for the holiday,” says Tom Carlson,
    environment. Staff are always on hand            Assistant Director of Residential Services.
    to assist those we serve and Arc staff with      Wegmans has been rated the nation’s number
    shopping. In addition, Wegmans often opens       one supermarket chain by Consumer Reports
    a separate check-out line for Arc shoppers.      magazine based on a survey rating store’s
    Wegmans truly helps make individuals with        services, the quality of perishable products,
    developmental disabilities feel included in      price and cleanliness of the store. Wegmans
    their stores and community.                      was also ranked third in Fortune magazine’s
                                                     2009 “100 Best Companies to Work For”.

Chamber Names Arc Non-Profit of the Year
                                                                                                   New York State Governor David Paterson
                                                                                                   was the evening’s special guest, making an
                                                                                                   address to the audience. The annual dinner
                                                                                                   is a chance to recognize chamber members,
                                                                                                   look back at accomplishments from the
                                                                                                   past year and look ahead with renewed
                                                                                                   commitment and optimism for the coming
                                                                                                   year. The Greater Syracuse Chamber of
                                                                                                   Commerce is the largest business membership
                                                                                                   organization in Central New York with nearly
                                                          Photograph: Michael Kieloch
                                                                                                   2,100 member organizations employing more
                                                                                                   than 140,000 individuals.

                                                                                                   Photo: Stanfort Perry (center, with
                                                                                                   clock) stands with Chamber and Arc
Arc of Onondaga was honored at the Greater       An engraved Stickley clock was presented to       representatives shortly after accepting the
Syracuse Chamber of Commerce 20th Annual         Arc representatives at the ceremony.              Non-Profit of the Year Award (from left
Business of the Year Awards. The ceremony        Arc was recognized for providing such             to right) Sara Iritz Abbott, Arc Director of
was held at the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention     comprehensive services to more than 3,000         Development; Mary Ann Tyszko, Chamber
Center at Oncenter Thursday evening, March       people with developmental disabilities and        Chair and President and CEO of SRCTech,
12th.                                            family members, for employing more than           Inc.; Darlene Kerr, Chamber Executive
The Non-Profit of the Year Award was presented   500 Central New Yorkers and maintaing             Director; Frank Rhodes, Monarch Enterprises
to Stanfort Perry, Arc of Onondaga Executive     37 locations in Onondaga County. Also             Marketing Manager; Fred Zaiko, Director
Director, before a crowd of approximately        recognized was the recent opening of a new        of Monarch Enterprises, a division of Arc;
750 people from the business community.          residential alternative in the town of Cicero     Patrick Mannion, Chamber Past Chair and
The awards were presented to Central New         and a future visual and performing arts           President and CEO of Unity Mutual Life
York companies and organizations that have       habilitation program.                             Insurance, Inc.
excelled in growth, staying power, workplace
innovation, and commitment to community.

Gifford Foundation Grants Arc $120,000
The Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation                                                        implementing the grant. Kathy secured a
has chosen Arc of Onondaga and eight             Arc of Onondaga will receive an ADVANS            $20,000 technical grant from The Gifford
other local, non-profit organizations to         grant of $120,000 which will be distributed       Foundation which is being used to create a
receive the Advancing and Developing the         over 3 years. This grant will help Arc expand     central database of people served by Arc.
Assets and Value of Nonprofits in Syracuse       marketing for Monarch Enterprises and             The Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation,
(ADVANS) grant.        The ADVANS grant          obtain new equipment for the Community            also known as “The Gifford Foundation”, is
helps organizations achieve their mission        Outreach program. Improving these two             a private, local organization committed to
by providing funding to build capacity,          areas will have a great impact on Arc’s ability   giving financial and human resources to help
performance and effectiveness. “We’re very       to provide quality services to people with        non-profits increase their capacity. Through
pleased to have been chosen by The Gifford       developmental disabilities and to continue        these efforts, the Gifford Foundation aims to
Foundation for this program,” said Stanfort      positive growth for the organization.             enhance the quality of life for the people of
Perry, Arc of Onondaga Executive Director.                                                         Central New York.
“The grant will increase our ability to serve    The grant also provides for a consultant,
local people with developmental disabilities.”   Kathy Hanna, to help develop plans for

    Bank of New York Mellon Supports
    Parkside Children’s Center
    The Bank of New York Mellon Foundation made a donation of $15,000
    to Parkside Children’s Center on Friday, February 6th. Representing
    the Bank of New York Mellon, Anthony Kumiega, Director of Human
    Resources and Stephen Cerminaro, Asset Servicing and leader of the
    Syracuse HEART Affinity Network presented a check to Stanfort Perry,
    Arc Executive Director.
    Parkside Children’s Center is a private, inclusive pre-school with wrap-
    around day care. The school provides a wide range of services including
    early intervention and in-home evaluations. In addition to having New
    York State certified teachers with Master’s degrees, the school has
    occupational, physical and speech therapists on staff to work with
    children of all ability levels.
    Photo (right): Stanfort Perry (left) accepts a check for $15,000 from The Bank of
    New York Mellon representatives Anthony Kumiega and Stephen Cerminaro, Asset
                                                                                         Key Grant Funds
    Servicing.                                                                           Life Skills Program

                                                                                         The Key Foundation made a significant grant
                                                                                         contribution in support of Arc of Onondaga’s Life
                                                                                         Skills program. The grant for $3,000 will help fund
                                                                                         the initiative to bring critical life skills, such as
       Arc Achievement Awards Dinner                                                     finding and securing employment and managing
       Tuesday, June 2 | Convention Center at Oncenter                                   personal finances, to students with special needs
       There’s still time to reserve your seats or tables! Tickets are $125 each;        in the Syracuse City School District.
       tables of 10 start at $1,500. Reserve your tickets online at or
       by calling Arc at 315.476.7441, ext. 147. Doors open at 5:30 pm.                  Stephen Fournier, President of KeyBank of Central
                                                                                         New York presented the check to Stanfort Perry on
       Exceptional Artworks Exhibition                                                   Wednesday, January 21st at Arc’s offices.
       July 2 - July 30 | Onondaga Public Libraries at the Galleries, Syracuse           The Life Skills Program is a cooperative effort
       An exhibition of two and three-dimensional visual & performance art. The          between several leading agencies in the Syracuse
       exhibition will run from July 2nd through July 30, 2009 at the Onondaga           area designed to help students succeed once they
       Public Library (The Galleries) at 447 South Salina Street in Syracuse.            leave the comfort zone of high school. Students
                                                                                         are engaged through a combination of classes
       Mayor Driscoll “Thank You” BBQ                                                    from subject matter experts, field trips and
       Saturday, June 24 | 110 Academy St, Syracuse                                      hands-on work. The Life Skills Program helps
       A “Thank You BBQ” tribute to Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll. Proceeds will             each individual plan for what he or she would
       benefit the Arc of Onondaga Foundation. Tickets are $20; to buy, contact          like to do after leaving school and gives students
       Arc at 315.476.7441.                                                              the opportunity to practice the skills they learn in
                                                                                         class through real world experiences. It promotes
       ADA Celebration March                                                             movement from school to post-school activities
       Friday, July 17 | ARISE, 625 James St, Syracuse                                   which includes post-secondary education,
       Celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act by joining in a march starting at   vocational training, integrated competitive
       10:00 am from ARISE’s offices to the Exceptional Artworks exhibits (above).       employment (including supported employment),
                                                                                         continuing and adult education, independent
       15th Annual Arc Race                                                              living and community participation.
       Saturday, September 12 | Long Branch Park, Liverpool
                                                                                         Arc of Onondaga partners with Cooperative
       Mark your calendars for the 15th Annual Arc Race, which features certified
                                                                                         Federal, Learning Disabilities Association of CNY
       5k and Half Marathon events, a 3k Fun Walk, our Family Fun Zone and more!
                                                                                         and the Syracuse City School District to provide
       Find the latest events and more information on our website at      this program

                              DeWitt Rotary Supports Monarch Through Sales
                              The DeWitt Rotary presented Monarch Enterprises, the vocational division
                              of Arc of Onondaga, with a check for$3,000 on Monday, March 16th at The
                              Oaks in DeWitt. The money came from the proceeds of the 27th Annual
                              Kindling Sale, a traditional partnership between the DeWitt Rotary and
                              Monarch. The DeWitt Rotary sells kindling wood which is a by-product of
                              Monarch’s Lowell Avenue wood shop.
                              For the 27th year in a row, the Rotarians promoted the event and sold the
                              kindling to the public in November. During the DeWitt Rotary Meeting,
                              Rotarian John Sheppard presented the check to Fred Zaiko, Director of

                                                                                                                                                                               Photograph: Michael Kieloch
                              Monarch Enterprises.
                              These funds help support improvements to the machinery at the
                              Monarch woodshop on Lowell Avenue. The wood shop creates picnic
                              tables and hardwood survey stakes. Monarch Enterprises, a member of
                              MACNY, provides employment opportunities and training to people with
                              developmental disabilities as well as serving the needs of the business      Photo (above): John Sheppard (at left) presents a check to Arc
                              community. Monarch Enterprises is one of the top 50 manufacturers in         of Onondaga’s vocational division. Accepting the check are
                              Onondaga County and operates four work centers, as well as providing         (from left to right): Fred Zaiko, Director of Monarch Entertpris-
                              community-based employment placement and school-to-work transition           es; Gary Fisher, Program Manager, Lowell Avenue Woodshop;
                              services.                                                                    Chad VanValkenburg, Contract Manager.

                              Arc Board Holds Annual Meeting; Elects Leadership
                                                                                                               Mary M. Salibrici, President of the Arc Board of Directors
                                                                                                               was elected to a second term of office at Arc’s annual
                                                                                                               meeting of the membership. As a membership-based
                                                                                                               organization, supporters who sign-up for membership
                                                                                                               help vote in elected chapter leadership and proposed by-
                                                                                                               laws changes at the annual meeting.
                                                                                                               Thomas Murphy was also newly installed as a new member
                                                                                                               of the board; he previously served on the agency’s finance
                                                                                                               committee. Thomas joins James Boyle, Carol Bullard, Joyce
                                                                                                               Carmen, Thomas Csermely, Mary Carol Fisher, Gordon
                                                                                                               Eyer, Mark Harrington, Denise Hunter, Shannon Karazuba,
                                                                                                               John Powers, Dr. Klaus Schroder, and Sharon Sullivan as
Photograph: Michael Kieloch

                                                                                                               members of the Board of Directors. Acting as President of
                                                                                                               the board, Mary Salibrici administered their oaths of office
                                                                                                               and officially installed the board members.
                                                                                                                 Chapter members and staff joined the board for the
                                                                                                                 function which included dinner at Arc’s offices. Richard
                                                                                                                 Fowler, Associate Executive Director, gave the board an
                              Photo (above): Newly re-elected officers of the board stand together shortly after annual update on the agency’s achievements and progress.
                              being sworn-in. From left to right: Christopher Centore, Secretary; Jim Moran,     Richard also briefed the board on future initiatives and
                              Assistant Treasurer; Mark Reid, Treasurer; Mary M. Salibrici, President; Jeannine introduced key Arc staff and management.
                              Nolan, First Vice President; James Cannon, Vice President.

     Parents Meet With Legislators; Oppose Cuts
                                                                                                                      employees who provide the same services
                                                                                                                      as their not-for-profit counterparts have
                                                                                                                      a 3% wage increase scheduled into the
                                                                                                                      budget. The Executive Budget includes
                                                                                                                      no such OMRDD trend factor for direct
                                                                                                                      care workers employed by non-profits.
                                                                                                                      The Executive Budget also has a 4% cut
                                                                                                                      in funding to day habilitation programs,
                                                                                                                      which have been extremely successful
                                                                                                                      helping over 36,000 New Yorkers with
                                                                                                                      developmental disabilities to develop basic
                                                                                                                      living and social skills.
                                                                                                                      Mary M. Salibrici, whose brother is served
                                                                                                                      by Arc of Onondaga’s programs said,
                                                                                                                      “Although we are aware of the economic
                                                                                                                      crisis that New York State faces, society

                                                                                        Photograph: Michael Kieloch
                                                                                                                      is judged by how it treats our most
                                                                                                                      vulnerable.” Mary, who also serves as
                                                                                                                      President of Arc of Onondaga’s board
                                                                                                                      of directors went with a group of other
                                                                                                                      parents to meet with New York State
     Parents of people with developmental                                                                             Senator David Valesky and Colleen Hassett-
     disabilities, as well as Arc of Onondaga     While the state budget crisis is dire...                            Mastine, Senator John DeFrancisco’s
     board members and staff, met with                                                                                Director of Constituent Services. The
                                                  cuts to certain Medicaid funded
     New York State legislators on Friday,                                                                            concerned parents were joined by staff
     March 13th.          Family members and      services could put our community’s                                  and other board members from Arc of
     those involved at Arc are seriously          most vulnerable citizens at risk.                                   Onondaga, ENABLE and Arc of Madison-
     concerned with potential plans to cut                                                                            Cortland. Parents voiced their concern
     key Medicaid benefits and funding. Arc                                                                           that cutting funding to programs which
     of Onondaga serves over 3,000 people                                                                             are already financially stressed could end
     with developmental disabilities and family   In February, President Barack Obama asked                           up breaking the system. If Medicaid money
     members and employs more than 500            Congress for $87 billion in new Medicaid                            is reduced to the point where it does not
     Central New Yorkers.                         funding as part of a stimulus package                               cover operating expenses, the non-profit
                                                  to help states with budget shortfalls.                              agencies providing these services will
     While the state budget crisis is dire
                                                  Congress approved the funds and New York                            have no choice but to turn people away or
     and Albany will need to review all of its
                                                  is expected to receive $11 billion between                          close their doors. The Legislature’s budget
     spending, cuts to certain Medicaid funded
                                                  now and the end of 2010. However,                                   proposal needs to restore the funding
     services could put our community’s most
                                                  New York Governor David Paterson has                                for Day Habilitation services, reject the
     vulnerable citizens at risk. Programs
                                                  indicated that he may not release that                              proposed rate restructuring and ensure
     and services which help people with
                                                  money for its intended purpose but use                              Medicaid stimulus dollars increase the
     developmental disabilities to remain
                                                  it to restore cuts to higher education and                          funding for the programs for which they
     contributing members of the community
                                                  cancel planned tax hikes instead.                                   are intended.
     depend on Medicaid dollars to operate.
     People with developmental disabilities       Supports for people with developmental                              Photo (above): Colleen Hassett-Mastine,
     who have made great strides in the last      disabilities are already running on tight                           Director of Constituent Service for State
     decade may find themselves without           budgets. To add to the problems of                                  Senator John A. DeFrancisco (center)
     the necessary services or even without       existing funding constraints and the                                listens to concerns from Carol Bullard
     a supportive place to call home. Basic       threat of losing the Medicaid stimulus                              (left) and Jeannine Nolan, Arc parent and
     necessities for our most vulnerable          money, these programs face even more                                board member (right).
     citizens must be a priority.                 cuts in the Executive Budget. State

All Around the Arc
Meals on Wheels Recognizes                        To continue to advance Arc’s commitment to         Peggie was selected to receive this award
Arc’s Volunteerism                                being a good steward of community resources,       from a large field of nominees. The award
Each week, dozens of people with                  Arc recently implemented a recycling program       was presented at the Oncenter. Peggie’s 30-
developmental disabilities from Arc of            for flourescent tube bulbs.                        year service to Arc made a significant impact
Onondaga’s day habilitation programs              In addition to these current initiatives,          on the quality of life and services available
volunteer for Meals on Wheels, helping deliver    program participants employed through Arc’s        to people with developmental disabilities in
food to community members in need. The            vocational division, Monarch Enterprises,          Central New York.
hundreds of hours contributed by Arc program      working at a National Grid facility in Liverpool
                                                                                                     “We’re doubly pleased that one of our own is
participants allow Meals on Wheels to reach a     help sort and recylce hundreds of thousands
                                                                                                     being recognized not just by our Foundation
number of clients in Onondaga County with         of pounds of paper and metal annually.
                                                                                                     at this year’s awards dinner, but by the
fresh, hot, nutritious daily meals.               Peggie Keib Honored by Community                   whole Central New York community for her
To honor the hundreds of hours Arc staff and      Marion “Peggie” Keib, a 30-year employee           contributions,” said Sara Iritz Abbott, Director
participants volunteer each year, Meals on        who retired from Arc in 2008, was recognized       of Development.
Wheels recognized Arc of Onondaga with the        as a finalist in the 2009 Non-Profit Awards,
                                                                                                     Peggie’s family, including her husband, John
2009 Community Volunteer Award. Meals on          presented by M&T Bank and The Central New
                                                                                                     Keib, and several children, as well as colleagues
Wheels Executive Director, Mason Kaufman,         York Business Journal. Peggie, who is also being
                                                                                                     from Arc of Onondaga accompanied her to
presented the award during their 50th             honored at the 15th Annual Arc Achievement
                                                                                                     the award’s ceremony. Read the entire story
anniversary luncheon at Drumlins Country          Awards Dinner this year, received a plaque
                                                                                                     of Peggie’s career and contributions to Arc of
Club. Dozens of participants and staff from       commemorating her career contributions to
                                                                                                     Onondaga on page 5.
six of Arc’s programs joined Arc of Onondaga      the Central New York community on Thursday,
Executive Director, Stanfort Perry, who           April 30.
accepted the honor on behalf of the entire
“Involvement in our community is such an             VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES:
important part of our mission,” said Stanfort
Perry after the ceremony. “It’s great that          Looking for a simple way to get involved? Interested in supporting Arc’s mission? There
we both benefit from this partnership. Our          are a variety of ways that everyone can join the efforts of the Arc of Onondaga team. Be-
program participants get a chance to become         low are some of the volunteer opportunities for those who have spare time or skills that
more integrated into the community while            they would like to contribute.
also helping Meals on Wheels accomplish its
mission.”                                           Arc Race 2009
                                                    Hundreds of volunteers are needed on the day of Arc Race 2009 - Saturday, September
Arc Celebrates Earth Week                           12th - at Long Branch Park in Liverpool. Volunteers are needed to assist with registration,
Employees and program participants at Arc           first aid, water tables, parking, course spotting, family fun area and more. Individuals
of Onondaga celebrated Earth Week with a            as well as local groups, companies, and organizations wishing to volunteer together are
variety of activities. At Arc’s main offices on     welcome. Fill out the volunteer form at in the Arc Race section.
Syracuse’s west side, employees, volunteers
and program participants helped clean-up the        Race Team Captains
area. Armed with trash bags and tongs, teams        Volunteers are needed to round up family, friends and co-workers to run or walk Arc Race
picked up litter from lawn, woodland area and       together! Teams of four people or more are encouraged as a way to show support for
sidewalks.                                          people with developmental disabilities. Simply let our Development Office know you’re
                                                    interested by calling Gini Gozzi, Special Events Coordinator at 315.476.7441, ext. 147 or
“It’s important that we’re good stewards            emailing her at
of the land around our facilities,” said Dale
Marris, Director of Facilities and Operations
for Arc. “It’s not just during Earth Week, but
our Housekeeping and Maintenance staff keep         Find additional volunteer opportunities and sign up to volunteer on the web at www.
the area around our 37 facilities clean on an Regular employment opportunities are also available on our website. Arc of
ongoing basis.”                                     Onondaga is an equal opportunity employer.

     Benefitting from a Charitable Gift Annuity
     A Charitable Gift Annuity is one of the simplest   determined by using rates promulgated by         maturity a substantial portion of your original
     yet most versatile of all the charitable gift      the American Council on Gift Annuities. The      gift is left for Arc of Onondaga.
     planning vehicles. A charitable gift annuity       annuity is structured so that under a normal     • Creates potential estate-tax savings.
     allows you to receive an immediate charitable      life expectancy half the initial gift amount
     tax deduction but still receive a lifetime of      will be retained by Arc of Onondaga; ninety      • Supplements retirement income and can
     annual income in exchange for your gift of         percent (90%) of this residuum will be gifted    possibly preserve Social Security benefits.
     cash or securities to Arc.                         to Arc and ten percent (10%) will be used by     • May allow you to provide income to others
     NYSARC and Arc of Onondaga are now able            NYSARC, Inc. for its corporate guardianship      (such as a loved one served by Arc).
     to offer a Charitable Gift Annuity program         services.
     to enhance the quality and sustainability of                                                        How can I Establish a
     our programs for people with developmental         What are the Benefits of a                       Charitable Gift Annuity?
     disabilities.   Payments made to you from          Charitable Gift Annuity?
                                                                                                         A charitable gift annuity is easy to establish
     the annuity receive favorable tax treatment        • A charitable gift annuity allows you to make   with an irrevocable gift of cash or marketable
     because a portion of the annuity is treated as     a gift to Arc of Onondaga without sacrificing    securities. The minimum contribution
     a return of principal. The gift that you make      the income from your assets.                     required is $10,000 and income beneficiaries
     may be as small as $10,000; and your income,
                                                        • You receive a substantial income tax           must be at least 65 years old when income
     or annuity payment, is backed by the general
                                                        deduction at the time your gift is made and      payments begin. If a charitable gift annuity
     assets of NYSARC, Inc.
                                                        may save capital-gain tax, too.                  interests you, or if you would just like more
     The NYSARC, Inc. Charitable Gift Annuity                                                            information, please contact Sara Iritz Abbott,
     program is regulated by the NYS Insurance          • Your annuity payment is calculated             Director of Development at 315.476.7441,
     Department and the annuity payment is              conservatively to ensure that at the time of     extension 103 or

     In-Kind Contributions
     Arc of Onondaga and the Arc of Onondaga Foundation sincerely thank all those who give their support. We recognize the following indi-
     viduals and companies for in-kind contributions between November 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009. Contributions made after March 31st will
     appear in the next issue of Patterns. If we have made an error or omission, please forgive us and contact our offices to correct the mistake.
     We appreciate your generosity.

     A & E Transport Services, Inc.                     Fleet Feet                                       Ra-Lin, Inc.
     Americar                                           Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center                   Rico’s Ristorante
     Audrey’s Beauty & Barber Hair Salon                Gold’s Gym                                       Rosamond Gifford Zoo
     Bear Inn the Woods B & B                           Hangar Theatre                                   Rosemont Inn Bed & Breakfast
     Berry Good Dental                                  Ms. Kathy Hanna                                  Ryan & Alexandra Strikus
     Blue Tusk                                          Holiday Inn                                      Sylvan Beach Amusement Park
     Business Art & Framing                             Home Repair by McClurg                           Syracuse Chiefs
     Cayuga Lake Cruises                                Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse                      Syracuse Opera
     Cayuga Wine Trail, Inc.                            IHOP                                             Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
     Cazenovia Jewelry                                  Industrial Color Labs                            Tearney’s Karate & Thai Kickboxing
     China Café                                         Joseph Anthony & Co.                             Texas Roadhouse
     Ms. Norma Chrysler                                 La Fleur de Beauté                               The Artful Ledger
     Darien Lake Theme Park Resort                      Le Moyne College                                 The Heckled Hen, Tag Sales
     Ms. Kim DeCarr                                     LeRoy Enterprises                                The UPS Store
     DoubleTree Hotel Syracuse                          Manlius Jewelry & Repair                         U.S. Green Building Council
     Dunk & Bright                                      Morgan’s Restaurant                              Utica Symphony
     Edgewood Gallery                                   No Name Diner                                    Utica Zoo
     Egon Ehrlinspiel                                   OCRRA                                            Valley View Golf
     Empire Brewery                                     Opus Restaurant & Lounge                         Wegmans
     Empire State Container Inc.                        Pastabilities
     Enchanted Forest Water Safari                      PeopleSystems
     Fitness Forum                                      Personal Fitness, Inc.

Arc of Onondaga and the Arc of Onondaga Foundation sincerely thank all those who give their support. We recognize the following
individuals and companies for their contributions between November 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009. Contributions made after March 31st will
appear in the next issue of Patterns. If we have made an error or omission, please forgive us and contact our offices to correct the mistake.
We appreciate your generosity.

Over $100,000                                   Excellus BlueCross BlueShield                   Dr. & Mrs. John Skopek
The Gifford Charitable Corporation              Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Eyer                          Target
                                                Ms. Carol Ann Fisher                            Mr. & Mrs. John Tully
$10,000 to $24,999                              Mr. Joel Foster                                 Ms. Lydia Wilhenson
A & E Transport Services, Inc.                  Mrs. Michelle Gillespie                         Mr. John Williams
The Bank of New York Mellon                     Ms. Ellen Gutmaker                              Dr. Daniel Wnorowski
Naomi B. Chambers Charitable Trust              Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hettler
The UPS Foundation                              Ms. Sara Iritz Abbott                           $100 to $249
                                                Mr. John Keib                                   Mr. Gerald Allen
$5,000 to $9,999                                Ms. Regina Lagattuta                            Allred & Associates
Ms. Mary Carol Fisher                           Ms. Linda R. Lovett                             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Andrews
P. Drescher Co., Inc.                           Dr. Patricia Maiden                             Mr. Richard Arciero
Time Warner Cable                               Mr. Dale Marris                                 AXA Foundation
                                                Ms. Kristen Morey                               Mr. Joseph Basile, Jr.
$2,500 to $4,999                                Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Nolan                         Mr. & Mrs. Bill Beaudin
Key Bank                                        Ms. Karen O’Hara                                Mr. & Mrs. Earl Bullard
Robert Kelly General Insurance                  Orthopaedic Associates of CNY                   Mr. Emanuel Calocerinos
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Stanfort Perry                       Mr. Alfred Cappuccilli
$1,000 to $2,499                                Dr. Paul E. Phillips                            Mr. William Cass, Jr.
Allen Speiser Memorial Vocational               Mr. Jim Pitts                                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Cerminaro
            Rehabilitation Fund                 Ms. Susan Prince                                Mrs. Donald G. Chrysler Sr.
Anaren Microwave, Inc.                          Mr. Jack Rade                                   CNY Fertility Center
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dabrowski                     Rotary Club of DeWitt, Inc.                     Mr. & Mrs. Craig Cobb
ENV Insurance Agency, LLC                       Mr. Klaus Schroder                              Mr. & Mrs. Eric Coleman
Firley, Moran, Freer and Eassa, PC              Servpro                                         Comfort Window
Mr. & Mrs. William Fisher                       Mrs. Carrie Fuller Spencer                      Ms. Kathleen Conahan
Mr. Richard Fowler                              Mr. Vincent Spina                               Mr. & Mrs. James B. Connors, Jr.
Gear Motions Foundation                         Mr. Sydney Tenenbaum                            Patricia Deferio
Geddes Federal Savings & Loan Association       The Jewish Community Foundation                 Deli-Boy
Harbridge Consulting Group                                 of Central New York, Inc.            DFS Associates
Mr. & Mrs. John Horsington                      WelchAllyn, Inc.                                Dr. Ross Laguzza DDS, PC
Mr. James Moran                                                                                 EFT Reality Corporation
Hon. & Mrs. Thomas Murphy                       $250 to $499                                    Empower Federal Credit Union
P.E.A.C.E. Inc.                                 Austin Plumbing                                 Mrs. Charles Engel
PeopleSystems                                   The Basile Companies                            Fremont First Associates, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Salibrici                       Mr. & Mrs. Marc Brandt                          Dr. & Mrs. Carmen Gelormini
Dr. Susan L. Scharoun                           Bus Parts Warehouse                             Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Glauber
SRC                                             C & S Companies                                 Ms. Gini Gozzi
The Sutton Companies                            Mr. W. Carroll Coyne                            Ms. Kathleen Grobosky
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Walsh                         First Niagara Bank                              H.O.M.E. Incorporated
Mr. Josh Weinstein                              Ianuzi & Romans Land Surveying, P.C.            Harmony Architectural Associates
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Jim Iles                             Ms. Christine A. Herzog
$500 to $999                                    Latocha Builders & Renovations                  Mr. & Mrs. James Hettler
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Anderson                        M & T Bank                                      Holiday Ice Company
Ms. Babette Baker                               Massachusetts Mutual                            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Holland
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bernholtz                     Mr. Kevin Montgomery                            Mr. William Horsington
Mr. & Mrs. James Boeheim                        Mr. & Mrs. Scott Montroy                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hubert
Mr. Sean Broderick                              Mr. & Mrs. Edward Moran                         Ms. Lona Jerome
Mr. Eric Caballero                              Ms. Sandy Mueller                               Ms. Theresa Kelly
Ms. Joyce Carmen                                Oneida Nation Foundation                        Ms. Eve Kotowicz
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Csermely                      Ms. Antoinette Paglia                           Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lane
Daniel J. French & Associates LLC               The Post Standard                               Mr. Raymond Leduc
Mr. William Dotterer                            Dr. & Mrs. R. Alan Satterly                     Ms. Janet Lindsley
Dr. Daniel Bingham & Ms. Gail Hamner            Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Scaia                         Mr. Douglas Logan
Dr. Paul Phillips & Ms. Sharon Sullivan         Mr. Bob Schug                                   Mr. Dale P. Lyons
Empire State Container Inc.                     Mr. & Mrs. David Sedlack                        Ms. Barbara J. Menter

     Contributions                                  (continued)
     Arc of Onondaga and the Arc of Onondaga Foundation sincerely thank all those who give their support. We recognize the following
     individuals and companies for their contributions between November 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009. Contributions made after March 31st will
     appear in the next issue of Patterns. If we have made an error or omission, please forgive us and contact our offices to correct the mistake.
     We appreciate your generosity.
     $100 to $249 (continued from page 13)             Ms. Mary A. Beauchamp                             Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Ferrari
     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Monteforte                      Mr. & Mrs. Hal W. Blanding                        Mr. Robert Ferri
     Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Moran                          Mr. Keith Bockes                                  Mr. Trevor Field
     Morgan’s Restaurant                               Mr. Fred Bohemier                                 Mr. Eric Field
     Mr. & Mrs. James Morrissey                        Mr. & Mrs. Mark Boswell                           Mr. Gary Fischer
     Mr. Mark Reid & Ms. Marjorie Head                 Ms. Marie Bowers                                  Mr. Darrall Fogus
     Ms. Sheryl Wood & Mr. John Love                   Mrs. Margaretta Brace                             Ms. Yvonne Foresti
     Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nicolella                        Mr. James Brown                                   Ms. Carol Forrest
     Ms. Mary Nicoletti                                Mr. Richard E. Brundage                           Ms. Amanda S. Fortuna
     No Name Diner                                     Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bunnell                      Dr. & Mrs. Gary Freeman
     Nob Hill Apts.                                    Ms. Stacy Burns                                   Ms. Christine Garfield
     Ms. Elisa O’Connell                               Rev. & Mrs. Edward Caldwell                       Ms. Denise Gauthier
     Mr. Daniel O’Hara                                 Mr. & Mrs. James Cannon                           Ms. Kate Giangiobbe
     Ms. Mary Osada                                    Mr. Jack Cantwell                                 Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Giarrusso
     Mr. & Mrs. Harry Parshall                         Ms. Abby Chinitz                                  Ms. Fannie Gidari
     Mr. James Potts                                   Mr. George M. Chrisogonou                         Ms. Christine W. Giughello
     Mr. Thomas Quinn                                  Ms. Ann Cianfrocca                                Grandstand Sales Inc.
     Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Rhodes                        Ms. Janette Clark                                 Ms. Charlene Grissmore
     Mr. Frank Rhodes                                  Ms. Denise Clark                                  Mr. Taylor Haines
     Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Rothschild                      Dr. & Mrs. William Clark                          Mr. David Haines
     Ms. Danielle Scaia                                Mr. James K. Clarke                               Ms. Cheri Haines
     Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Schneider                      Mr. James Colbert                                 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hale
     Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Scott                            Ms. Erin Cole                                     Mr. Greg Hallett
     Ms. Jessica Seals                                 Mr. Ryan Cole                                     Ms. Maureen Hartnett
     Mr. Carl Smith                                    Mr. Scott Cole                                    Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Hartzheim
     Ms. Carolyn Stark                                 Ms. Jeri Colella                                  Ms. Christine Haynes
     Syracuse Chiefs                                   Coleman’s Authentic Irish Pub                     Mr. & Mrs. John Hemmer
     Syracuse Fire Fighters Association Local 280      Mr. Michael Copanas                               Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hennessy
     Syracuse Glass                                    Ms. Christine A. Cornue-Chapman                   Ms. Shunhua N. Hines
     Syracuse Industrial Sales, Inc.                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Costello                         Mr. David Hollenback
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul Terek                             Ms. Mary Crowley                                  Ms. Sandra Howard
     Testone Marshall and Discenza                     Ms. Betty Crowley                                 Ms. Kay M. Howard
     The Bon Ton Stores Foundation                     Mr. & Mrs. John Cuddy                             Ms. Catherine Hubert
     The Pen & Trophy Center                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cusano                         Mr. Rich Hufnagle
     Mr. Jeff Unaitis                                  Ms. Therese Dancks, Esq.                          Ms. Denise Hunter
     Wagner & Associates                               Ms. Barbara Davis                                 Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse
     Waste Management                                  Mr. Steven de la Garza                            Mr. Wayne Johnson
     Mr. Peter White                                   Mr. John Dee                                      Ms. Barbara J. Johnson
     Wireless Business Group, LLC                      Mrs. Terry Deegan                                 Mrs. David Johnson
     Mr. Fred Zaiko                                    Ms. Shirley Degouff-Brassard                      Ms. Paulette Jones
                                                       Mr. David DeGray                                  Ms. Joan Kearney
     Up to $99                                         Mr. Kevin Delaney                                 Mr. & Mrs. John Keller
     Ms. Colleen Abbott                                Mr. & Mrs. Neal Delay                             Ms. Cassie Kelly
     Mr. Carl Ackerman                                 Ms. Jalaine Delcorps                              Mr. Sekgoma Kgama
     Ms. Erma Agresti                                  Ms. Michele DePaoli                               Mr. & Mrs. Don Kieloch
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allen                          Ms. Nancy Dick                                    Mr. Joseph Lampreda
     Ms. Mary Andriello                                Ms. Katie Dreer                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lee
     Ms. Melissa Artini                                Mr. & Mrs. James Dwyer                            Ms. Joanne Leveroni
     AVR Electric LLC                                  Ms. Karen Eastman                                 Ms. Elizabeth Linehan
     Dr. & Mrs. John Ayer                              Mrs. Sally Ennis                                  Ms. Nancy Linnenbach
     Mrs. Antoinette Balduzzi                          Mr. & Mrs. Edward Epstein                         Mr. & Mrs. John Lopercio
     Ms. Elizabeth Barnack                             Mrs. Laura Ervin                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lowenberg
     Mr. & Mrs. Fred Baroni                            Ms. Irene Erwin                                   Ms. Cathy Lozoponi
     Ms. Kelly Lynn Barrett                            The Shore Family                                  Mr. Barry Lyon
     Mr. & Mrs. James Barrett                          The Lee Family                                    Ms. Constance Mahool
     Mr. James Barrett, Jr.                            Mr. Mark Feldman                                  Ms. Norma Marmai
     BEADazzled                                        Mr. William Fenn                                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard Martini

Up to $99 (continued from page 14)    Mr. Scott Tanner                          Metropolitan Development Association
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Marvin                Ms. Sherri Taylor                         Ms. Anne Mix
Ms. Emily Marzewski                   Mr. John Thornton                         Mr. Robert Morrow
Ms. Angela Marziale                   Ms. Lisa Tifft                            Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Nolan
Ms. Dorothea Maurillo                 Mr. Russell Towers                        Ms. Donna Palmieri
Mrs. Rose Mazzeo                      Ms. Shannon D. Townsend                   Mrs. Barbara Pankow
Msgr. James McCloskey                 Mr. Arthur J. Vinette                     Mr. David Perry
Ms. Toni McFadden                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert Vinette                 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rainbow
Dr. & Mrs. Michael McGarvey           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Warne                   Mr. & Mrs. James Rauch
Mr. & Mrs. Fred McManus               Mr. Raymond Weil, Jr.                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Richer
Ms. Tina Meehan                       Mr. Alan White                            Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Meseroll           Ms. Doris Wicks                           Ms. Norma Schill
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Metallo, Sr.        Ms. Lydia Wilkerson                       Mr. & Mrs. Neal Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Miller              Ms. Michele Williams                      Mr. Michael Scailo & Ms. Mary Arnold
Ms. Ashleigh Minnoe                   Mr. C. Donald Williams                    Ms. Patricia Silvia
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Monsour             Mr. Dene Zografos                         Ms. Judith Spaulding
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morris                                                       Ms. Virginia Tortorello
Ms. Nancy J. Motondo
Mr. Robert T. and David M. Brophy
                                      Honorariums and Memorials                 Mr. & Mrs. John Trenca
                                                                                Ms. Roseanne Ukrainec
Ms. Charlotte Hass & Mr. Gary Quirk   In Memory of                              Mr. Les Ulm
Ms. Elaine Solon & Robert Dietz       Don Boudov                                Ms. Elizabeth Vaught
Ms. Kathy Hanna                       Dr. Paul Phillips & Ms. Sharon Sullivan   Mr. & Mrs. James Warner
Mr. Jack Murphy
Mr. Carl Novara                       In Memory of                              In Memory of
Mr. Walter Palmieri                   Lawrence Doyle                            Dolores Murphy
Mr. Gary Patrick                      Ms. Mary Carol Fisher                     Ms. Mary Carol Fisher
Mr. Joseph Pavlos
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Persin             In Memory of                              In Memory of
Ms. Joyce Placito                     Robert Fisher                             Michael Pazaras
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Polacci             Ms. Carol Ann Fisher                      Ms. Mary Ann Cary
Mr. Jerome Pristash                   Mr. & Mrs. John Tully                     Lab Alliance
Mrs. Wava Prugger                                                               Mr. Richard Howard
Ms. Gloria Quadrini                   In Memory of                              Ms. Mary Howser
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Raab               Jessica Iles                              The Licamele Family
Mr. Lewis Radin                       Ms. Sara Iritz Abbott                     Ms. Bonnie McConnell
Ms. Beth Rawling                      Ms. Gabriela Amoresano                    The Osborne Family
Mr. Luton Reed                        Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bird                     Ms. Jean Paige
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Reilly               Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Brown, Jr.                Ms. Cheryl Sassano
Ms. Catherine Reynolds                Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Brown, Jr.             Ms. Helen Swierczek
Ms. Jeannine Rhodes                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buchanan               The Thomas Family
Ms. Fran Richey                       Mr. & Mrs. Frank Carbonneau               Mr. & Mrs. James H. Valentine
Ms. Lois Roth                         Ms. Marie Chain                           Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Valentine
Mr. Tim Rowley                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles Christiansen           Ms. Marcia Whitney
Mr. & Mrs. Biagio Russo               Ms. Maryjo Cialini-Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Russo              Mr. & Mrs. James P. Clarke                In Honor of
Ms. Cara Salibrici                    CNYDSO                                    Theresa Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. Ara Saxenian               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Coakley                 Mr. Thomas Quinn
Dr. Joseph Scrivani                   Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Cram
Mrs. Judy Seliger                     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Curry                  In Honor of
Ms. Catherine Shamilian               Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davidson                Mr. & Mrs. Bryant Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Sheridan            Ms. Patricia Deferio                      Tully, Mrs. Mary Carol Fisher, Dr. & Mrs.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Silverman           Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Ellis III             John Tully and Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tully
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Simone             Ms. Lois Exner                            Mr. & Mrs. John Tully
Mr. Chris Simone                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ferguson
Ms. Carolyn Smalls                    Mr. & Mrs. John Ferrel
Dr. Thomas Snyder                     Ms. Doris Ferris
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Larry Ferris
                                                                                Contributing to Arc
Ms. Vicky Speno                                                                 Contributions to the Arc of Onondaga and
Dr. Robert Sprafkin                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fiorini Jr.              the Arc of Onondaga Foundation are always
Mr. William Spreter                   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Freeman               welcome in any amount. A number of giving
Ms. Heather Stage                     Ms. Dora Iles                             options allow great flexibility in the type of
Mr. Robert Stalter                    Ms. Glenda Iles                           donation made.
Mr. Michael Stanistreet               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Iles
Ms. Arlene Stempler                   Ms. Linda Imboden                         Find out other ways you can contribute to
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Stempler            Kuss Physical Therapy                     the work of the Arc of Onondaga Foundation
Mr. Gaylord Stopen                    Mr. & Mrs. Dave Lee                       at our website: Click on
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Strempel           Ms. Linda Lovett                          “Contribute” to learn more.
Ms. Lily Swanson                      Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Magnan
Mr. Donald Sweet                      Dr. Patricia Maiden

        Arc of Onondaga was founded in 1951 by a group of parents who wanted to help their children with developmental disabilities
        achieve independence and inclusion in the community. We have grown over the decades and now provide services to almost
        3,000 individuals and their families, enabling them to live a successful and productive life. Our mission is to assist individuals
        with developmental disabilities achieve their fullest potential. Arc of Onondaga is the largest provider of services for those with
        developmental disabilities in the county, maintaining 35 different locations and facilities.

                                                                              Parkside Children’s Center                    468-1632
                                                                              Day Care
         Clinical Services                             476-7441               Early Intervention - Home & Site Based
         Horizons Clinic                                 Ext. 167             Evaluation Services
                                                                              Family & Parent Support
         Day Services                                                         Nursery School
         Day Habilitation                                579-5625             Pre-School
         Senior Retirement                               432-0351             School-Age Transition

         Community Outreach & Family Support Services 473-5027                Residential Services                          476-7441
         Community Recreation Services                                        Residence Living                                Ext. 136
         Corporate Guardianship                                               Supportive Apartment Living
         Medicaid Service Coordination
         Respite Reimbursement                                                Administrative Offices                        476-7441
                                                                              Office of the Executive Director                Ext. 122
         Monarch Enterprises                           476-7441               Development & Public Relations                   Ext. 103
         Community-Based Employment                     432-5560              Facilities & Operations                         Ext. 162
         Supported Employment                           437-2025              Finance                                         Ext. 152
         Transition to Career                           437-2025              Human Resources                                 Ext. 173
         Work Centers                                   424-6000              Information Technology                           Ext. 108
                                                                              Safety / Transportation                         Ext. 155
                                                                              Quality Assurance                               Ext. 127
                                                                              Fax                                            476-7446

                                                                                                                                    Non-Profit Org.
                                    Arc of Onondaga                                                                                   US Postage
                                    600 South Wilbur Avenue
                                    Syracuse, New York 13204
                                                                                                                                     Syracuse, NY
                                                                                                                                   Permit No. 3762

Executive Director
Stanfort J. Perry

Director of Development
Sara Iritz Abbott

Patterns Editor
Michael Kieloch

Jim Cooke
Michael Kieloch

Contributing Intern
Lea Ruebsamen

                                 Arc of Onondaga is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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