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					     Board Report:
  IHE Patient Care Devices Domain
Planning Committee Co-chairs:
       Ken Fuchs, Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.
       Steve Merritt, Baystate Healthcare System
       Membership Roster:
       Planning Committee typically meets every 2 weeks alternating with Technical committee

Technical Committee Co-chairs:
       Todd Cooper, Breakthrough Solutions Foundry
       John Rhoads, Philips Medical Systems
       Membership Roster:
       Technical Committee typically meets every 2 weeks alternating with Planning committee

       Manny Furst (email:

       Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
       American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE )

The Patient Care Device Domain is concerned with use cases in which at least one actor is a regulated
patient-centric point-of-care medical device that communicates with at least one other actor such as a
medical device or information system.
IHE-PCD profiles:
     Improve patient safety and clinical efficacy,
     Reduce healthcare delivery cost by improving efficiency, reliability, and operational flexibility for
       healthcare providers,
     Enable innovative patient care capabilities, and
     Expand the international marketplace for patient care device vendors.

The current Schedule is available at:
IHE Board Report                                                             Patient Care Devices Domain

Key PCD Profiles with Technical Frameworks:
       [ACM] Alarm Communication Management enables the remote communication of point-of-
        care medical device alarm conditions ensuring the right alarm with the right priority to the right
        individuals with the right content (e.g., evidentiary data). <Status – currently in Trial
        Implementation, transition to final text in 2011>
       [DEC] Device Enterprise Communication supports publication of information acquired from
        point-of-care medical devices to applications such as clinical information systems and electronic
        health record systems, using a consistent messaging format and device semantic content.
        <Status – currently in Trial Implementation, transition to final text Q2/2010>
        [PIV] Point-of-care Infusion Verification supports communication of a 5-Rights validated
        medication delivery / infusion order from a BCMA system to an infusion pump or pump
        management system, thus "closing the loop." <Status – currently in Trial Implementation,
        transition to final text in 2011>
       [RTM] Rosetta Terminology Mapping establishes a set of tools (Excel spreadsheets & XML files)
        that map the proprietary semantics communicated by medical devices today to a standard
        representation using ISO/IEEE 11073 semantics and UCUM units of measurement. <Status –
        currently in Trial Implementation, transition to final text Q2/2010>
       [IDCO] Implantable Device – Cardiac –Observation specifies the creation, transmission, and
        processing of discrete data elements and report attachments associated with cardiac device
        interrogations (observations) or messages. <Status – currently in Trial Implementation,
        transition to final text Q2/2010>
       [WCM] Waveform Communication Management will extend PCD profiles such as DEC and ACM
        to provide a method for passing waveform snapshots and near real-time waveform data using
        HL7 v2 observation messages. <Status – ready for Trial Implementation, anticipated
        Connectathon testing Q1/2012>

       IHE PCD Domain works closely with Standards Development Organizations including:
            o HL7, IEEE and Continua (MOUs exist)
            o ASTM and CIMIT (MOUs under discussion)
            o HITSP (collaboration on RMON and CmDC Use Cases)
       IHE PCD Domain works closely with NIST for development of test tooling
       IHE-NL held a testing event and public demonstration in March 2010.
       IHE-Korea held a testing event and public demonstration of the Continua WAN which uses the
        PCD-01 profile in June 2010.
       Various discussions have been held with IHE-Japan concerning possible collaboration on testing
        events and public demonstrations.
       IHE-DE has started a PCD mirror group with the intent of reviewing PCD profiles and promoting
        them in Germany.

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IHE Board Report                                                          Patient Care Devices Domain

Significant Deployment Activity:
      Continua has accepted the IHE-PCD DEC profile as a building block for their device
       communications approach.
      Participation is very strong and enthusiastic from all corners of the industry, and we have
       started to see a small number of products released with IHE-PCD support and expect the
       number to grow substantially in the next year.
      We expect the general uptake of the IHE-PCD profiles to be relatively slow due to the following
           o Our profiles are intended for implementation in Medical Devices which have relatively
               long development cycles due to regulatory and other issues.
           o There are potential IP issues that are limiting adoption.
           o IHE is new to most of the participants, resulting in a more difficult selling process,
           o Current economic situation has limited the amount of discretionary spending, reducing
               investment in non-critical product development.

Demonstrations and Other Events:
      IHE PCD Profiles have been demonstrated at the HIMSS Showcase for the past 4 years.
           o In 2010 we distributed approximately 900 flyers which is a 25% increase over the
               previous year, demonstrating increasing interest and awareness in this Domain.
           o The number of participating companies has increased significantly starting with 6
               companies in 2007, 12 companies in 2009 and 20 companies (and three more new
               directions) in 2010.
      IHE PCD profiles have also been demonstrated in The Netherlands and in S. Korea for the first
       time this year.
      IHE PCD members also provide educational sessions and a demonstration at various
       opportunities throughout the year including:
           o Medical Device Interoperability Workshop (White Oak, 1/2010)
           o Medical Device Group Massachusetts meeting (Waltham 2/2010)
           o IEC80001 Medical Devices Seminar (Offenbach Germany 2/2010)
           o HIMSS and ACCE Sponsored Sessions at AAMI (Tampa 6/2010)
           o Interoperability demonstration in exhibit hall AAMI (Tampa 6/2010)

New Profiles and White Papers under development:
      [DPI] Device Point-of-care Integration brings focus on device connectivity around a patient-
       centric point-of-care, including "first link" interfaces between devices or a device manager /
       supervisor system. This activity includes initial development of a white paper, followed by a
       number of proposed profiles such as: discovery and association, data reporting, symmetric (bi-
       directional) communication, and external control. <Status: White Paper to be published by
       9/2009. Profiles ready for Trial Implementation Q3/2010>

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IHE Board Report                                                            Patient Care Devices Domain

      [MEM] Medical Equipment Management White Paper investigates the question of how health
       I.T. might support the activities of clinical engineering / biomedical engineering staff, improving
       quality and workflow efficiency. Key topics include unique device identification, real-time
       location tracking, hardware/software configuration and patch management, battery
       management, and more. <Status: Ready for Public Comment 8/2009>
      [SA] Semantic Architecture White Paper will provide an overview of the sometimes bewildering
       subject of nomenclature, terminology and information models that are used to enable true
       semantic interoperability of patient care device information. It will also lay the groundwork for
       the new terminology development that is required to fill gaps that have been identified,
       especially during [RTM] "Rosetta" profile development. <Status: Work to start 9/2009; ready
       for Public Comment by 10/2009>
      PCD User Handbook - A tool to help implementers understand specific topics in the PCD
       domain. This first effort is targeted for administrators to show how to specify IHE PCD Profiles in
       an RFP or RFI. The book will discuss the various profiles and the benefits of specifying and
       implementing them. <Status: Ready for Public Comment by 9/2009>
      Profile Conformance Testing - IHE and NIST are collaborating to test vendor implementations as
       defined across the IHE-PCD profiles. This cycle year includes IHE-PCD V2 message verification,
       both syntactically and semantically. Terminology is constrained to “Harmonized Rosetta”
       terminology from the ISO/IEEE 11073 standard. <Status: Tests are continuously developed and
       released as profiles are defined. >

Summary of Future Plans:
      In the short and medium term the IHE PCD Domain is focused on:
            o Completing a number of Change Proposals
            o Releasing deliverables already under development
            o Increasing the availability of our profiles in actual commercial products.

      Future work is expected to focus on the further development of the Medical Equipment
       Management and Device Point-of-Care Integration profiles.

      The IHE PCD Domain maintains a 5-year Roadmap, which is updated twice a year at Face to Face
       Meetings. This Roadmap document can be found at

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