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									Business Area            Business Function/Service

Student Administration   Online Student Enrolment


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                         Banner Student Staff Web
                         International Third Parties (refer
                         to Remote Campus)
                         Banner Grade Entry

                         Exam Scheduling

                         Student Transcripts/Timetable


                         Residential School Bookings

                         Study Link subjects

                         Study Link - adding students

Student Admissions       Online Admissions





                         CHESSN allocation

                         Learning Materials Centre
                         Interact (Sakai)
                         Subject Availability Listing


                         Operators Page

Finance              Accounts Receivable

                     Accounts Payable

                     General Ledger

                     CSU Card



                     Travel (Promaster)

                     Student Web Payments

                     Catering and Events

                     Charging for Conferences

                     Financial Reporting including
                     Support Central
Student Central
                     Division of Facilities
DFM                  Management


                     Logins for new staff and new
HR                   casuals
P&A                  Reporting
                     New logins/accounts and
All of University    password changes
Acadmic Governance   USM - term variations
Impact                                                                          Impact Rating - H/M/L

                                                                                Low - grades for next
                                                                                session not yet available
Students unable to enrol online during outage
                                                                                likelihood of enrolling
                                                                                during this time low

Student transcripts and data will not be updated during outage                  Low
Enrolment by third parties through Remote Campus, adding or modifying
student details not available
Academic Information Menu available, information only current to 17/6/11
Staff requesting Student web access requests cannot be processed                Low

Data for reports only current to 17/6/11 shutdown                               Low

Gradebook tool still available to lecturers                                     Low
Grade entry via Banner not available                                            Medium to High

                                                                                Low number of students
Exams running on first day of outage, exam schedules not available
                                                                                however high impact

Not available                                                                   Low
eBox still available, however, no auto messaging from Banner during
Unable to process lecture/class room bookings or changes for Residential
                                                                                Medium to High
Unable to process lecture/class room bookings or changes for Residential
                                                                                Low to Medium
Remote campus form unavailable so unable to add new students                    Low

Online admissions is not available                                              Medium

There will be a delay in logging any hardcopy applications on Banner            Medium

Delay in response turnaround                                                    Low
                                                                                Low - not loading
No impact                                                                       applications during
No impact                                                                       Low
Allocation of library barcodes not available                                    Low

No impact as no records being put up, no data will be sent from CSU             Low

No impact                                                                       Low
No impact                                                                       Low
Not available                                                                   Low

No impact                                                                       Low
my.CSU should work as normal. Subjects and Forums will display. There is
always the chance that “drilling down” into areas within my.CSU will get into   Low
places that access Banner.
Will not work during outage                                                     Medium
No impact                                                                       Low
No impact
No impact
Any update in CASIMS during the outage that is required to be fed through to
                                                                             Low - Medium
AHEGS will be held until Banner 8 is available
Receipts can only be processed manually, Invoices cannot be processed ,
Student Loans may only be processed manually, Debt Recovery cannot be
processed, a backlog will form, debtor records will not be current; BPay
payments during this period will not be credited until after the outage

No payments may be processed - neither cheque nor EFT. Suppliers will not
be paid during shutdown; petty cash floats will not be able to be replenished, High
a backlog will form.

Web Budget Transfers will be unavailable
Web payments unavailable A backlog will form of BPay payments, bank              Low
account transactions and journals/internal charges
Ability to recharge through Banner unavailable, new/replacement cards not
                                                                                 Medium (bus travel WW)
available, photocopying available with existing credit
New employee ID's and banking details (Alesco-Banner); checking
outstanding debts for terminating employees
Purchase Orders willl not be produced                                            Low
No payments will be processed in Banner until after outage, however
Promaster still available
Delay in billing by 5 days                                                       Low

No impact, except CSU Card usage, refer above

Online bookings for res schools, online casual bookings not available

Conference Accounts                                                              Low

Unable to process room changes, room cancellations, put up fees                  Medium

Current until 17/06/11                                                           Low
Nearly all student inquiries require using Banner for providing information to
DFM orders cannot be created during shutdown; data input not available for
Location Management & Keys
Security impact - running reports

Linked to CSU card when card first created, otherwise separate interface
through thin client, only impact for new people needing access to new rooms

No new logins can be created                                                     Medium

No impact                                                                        Low

Not available                                                                    Medium

Unable to access Term Variations system                                          Medium
Agreed Workaround

Advise students in general communications and provide Sorry Page on attempted access

Data may not be current, Degreeworks still available
Advise third parties to run reports in advance, contact can be made to Stud Admin for
queries if required during outage
Advise users of data currency, academics can contact Stud Admin if required during
Advise staff in general communications

Contact Student Admin for queries during outage

No impact
Grades cannot be entered during the outage

Sorry page message, contact Student Central if required

Manual request to Student Admin - produce paper based transcript through QA job
Not applicable

Use read only database for queries, manual process to be agreed

No bookings taken during that time

Final application date will change to 15th June, Sorry page message - pdf available in
Notify applicants via email after application submitted of delay in processing

Advise delay in response turnaround during outage

Not applicable

Not applicable
No allocation available

Not applicable

Works independently of Banner, production data available in QA Banner
Not applicable

Will use read only version to look up information, data entry will be put on hold until outage

Standard disruption notice as part of DIT current procedure

Operators can use the QA environment
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable

Not applicable
Receipting will be avoided and, where required, undertaken manually; Invoicing will be put
on hold; Student Loans may be processed manually, Debt Recovery will be put on hold,
Petty cash floats and claim limit to be increased for the closedown period, ; enquiries will
be able to be answered form the reference datatbase to be made available

Similar to Christmas shutdown - all payments to be processed and up to date by 16/6/11
close of business, payment brought forward where possible, regular suppliers will be
monitored during this period, all payments due during closedown period will be paid prior,
temporary increases to the limits of CSU Visa Cards may be arrranged, Scholarship
payments will still be processed on the due dates; enquiries will be able to be answered
form the reference datatbase to be made available

Use QA with production data for queries, reports to be run prior to shutdown, run list of
outstanding debtors to use as basis for ebox message, new codes may be issued if
required urgently
Recharge not available, note re internet access billing system - students need to be aware
of impact
Debtor checks on termination - can access through QA database with prod data with
information current as at final day of B7
Not required

Staff will still be able to use their Visa Cards and Promaster, as usual
Advise students in general communications and Sorry Page (not standard Sorry Page as
it will not be available), billing on hold until Go Live

Residential school bookings unavailable during downtime period. No bookings available
during outage.
There are no conferences in the outage period.
Processing unavailable during outage, reference to QA database with production data for
Use QA database with prod data for queries and reports run prior to shutdown

Use QA db with prod data assuming INB access

Location Management and Keys - if Banner is unavailable for a week it won't matter

Workaround to be agreed by DFM

Note - impact on exam centres Albury, any new cards would need to be setup week prior

New staff to be entered prior to shutdown where possible

QA db available if required with prod data

No password changes available, existing passwords extended during outage

No workaround required

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