Introduction to 8085 Assembly Language Programming by hcj


									Introduction to 8085 Assembly
    Language Programming

            Mohamad Al Azawi
8085 Programming Model


       Mohamad Al Azawi
      D7       D6       D5      D4       D3       D2     D1      D0

       S       Z               AC                 P             CY
•The flags are affected by the ALU operation and since the results are
stored in accumulator then the flags reflect the condition of the
•The following is the description of the flags
    •S- Sign flag: S 1 if D7 of the result =1;means –ve number
    •Z – Zero flag : if the ALU operation is 0 then Z  1, and vice versa
    •AC – auxiliary carry flag: used for BCD and AC1 if the carry is
    passed from D3 to D4 (not used in conditions)
    •P – Parity flag: P 1 if the number of 1’s is even and vice versa
    •CY – carry : CY 1 if there is a carry result from the ALU operation
                               Mohamad Al Azawi
       Instruction Classification

• Instruction: is a binary pattern designed inside
  µp to perform a specific function.
• Instruction Set: is the entire group of instructions
• 8085 is upward compatible

                       Mohamad Al Azawi
        8085 inst Classification
•    The instruction set is classified int the
     following five functional categories:
1.   Data transfer (copy) operations
2.   Arithmetic operations
3.   Logical operations
4.   Branching operations
5.   Machine control operations

                     Mohamad Al Azawi
    Data transfer (copy) operation
•    Copying data from source to destination
     without modifying the contents of the
•    The data is transferred :
1.   Between registers
2.   Specific data byte to reg. or mem loc
3.   Between mem loc and registers
4.   Between an I/O device and accumulator
                   Mohamad Al Azawi
       Arithmetic operations
• Perform arithmetic operations such as:
  – Addition – adding any 8-bit numbers, mem
    loc, or reg. content can be added to the
    contents of the accumulator
  – Subtraction - Subtracting any 8-bit numbers,
    mem loc, or reg. content can be subtracted
    from the contents of the accumulator (using
    2’s complement)
  – Increment / Decrement

                    Mohamad Al Azawi
           Logical operations
• AND, OR, Exclusive OR:- ANDing, ORing, or
  XORing any 8-bit numbers, mem loc, or reg.
  content can be ANDed, ORed, or XORed with the
  contents of the accumulator
• Rotate: shifting the bits in the accumulator
• Compare: (=, <, >, with the contents of acc.)
• Complement: complementing the cont. of acc.

                    Mohamad Al Azawi
       Branching Operations

• (conditional and noncondithional)
• Jump: conditional jump, decision making,
  Z, CY flags.
• Call, return, and restart

                  Mohamad Al Azawi
   Machine control operations

Halt, Interrupt, or do nothing

                   Mohamad Al Azawi
• In copy inst the data in the source is not
  changed only the data in the destination
• Arith. And logic operations are performed
  in the accumulator and the results are
  stored in accumulator
• The flags are affected according to the
• Any reg. including mem. can be
  incremented and decremented
                   Mohamad Al Azawi
                Data format

•   The instruction consists of the following
    tow parts:
    – Operation code (opcode)
    – Operand

                    Mohamad Al Azawi
       Instruction Word Size

• The 8085 instructions are classified as
  – One – word or 1 – byte instruction
  – Tow – word or 2 – byte instruction
  – Three – word or 3 – word instruction
  ( Word = 1 byte in 8085)

                   Mohamad Al Azawi
               One – byte instruction
 • Includes the opcode and operand in the
   same byte, such as
               Task                   opcode operand          Binary     Hex
                                                               code      code
Copy the contents of acc to reg. C     MOV            C, A   0100 1111   4FH

Add the cont. of reg. B to the Acc.     ADD            B     1000 0000   80H

Complement the contents of the         CMA            ----   0010 1111   2FH

                                   Mohamad Al Azawi
             Tow Byte Instructions
• The first byte specifies the opcode and the
  second specifies the operand

             Task              opcode operand Binary code Hex code

  Load an 8-bit data byte in     MVI      A, DATA   0011 1110   3EH
  the acc.                                            DATA      DATA

                                Mohamad Al Azawi
          Three byte instruction
• The first byte specifies the opcode and the
  next two bytes specify 16 bit address

             Task             opcode operand Binary code Hex code

    Transfer the prog sequ.    JMP      2085H     1100 0011   C3H
    To the mem loc 2085H                          1000 0101   85H
                                                  0010 0000   20H

                               Mohamad Al Azawi
                  Opcode format
•      The internal registers are identified as follows:
Code           reg.         Code            reg. pair

000            B          00         BC
001            C          01         DE
010            D          10         HL
011            E          11         SP
100            H
101            L
111            A

                         Mohamad Al Azawi
• EX.
Function                                     opcode
1.   Rotate each bit of the                  00000111 = 07H
     acc. To the left by one                 (8-bit opcode)
2.   Add the content of the                  10000 xxx
     reg. to the accum.

           5 – bit opcode

          3-bit are reserved
               for a reg.
                                Mohamad Al Azawi
• Ex:
     ADD        :       10000
  register B    :       000
     to A       :
  binary instruction:10000 000 = 80H

In assembly language this can be represented as:
  opcode        operand           hex code
  ADD           B                 80H

                     Mohamad Al Azawi
• EX: Move (copy ) the contents of the register Rs
  (source) to register Rd (destination)
      01               DDD               SSS
      MOV reg. Rd                        reg.   Rs
Move the content from A to C
  move the contents:                     01
  to Register C    :                     001
  from Register A :                      111
  binary instruction   :       01 001 111  4FH

IN Assem. Lang. MOV C,A
                            Mohamad Al Azawi
              Data Format

•   ASCII Code
•   BCD Code
•   Signed Integer
•   Unsigned Integers

                   Mohamad Al Azawi
   Writing, Assembling and Execution of
            Assembly programs
• Add tow hex. Numbers
     • Write instruction to load 2 hex no. 32H and 48H in
       reg. A and b respectively, Add the numbers and
       display the sum at the led output port1
     • Divide the problem into small steps as follows
        – Load the numbers in the registers
        – Add the numbers
        – Display the sum at the output port PORT1

                        Mohamad Al Azawi
                                   Load Hexadecimal

                                    Add Numbers

                                     Display Sum

                Mohamad Al Azawi
MVI A,32H   ; Load the Register A with 32H
MVI B,48H   ; Load the Register B with 48H

ADD B       ; Add the 2 bytes and save res in A
OUT 01H     ; Display the acc. Contents at port 01H
HALT        ; End

                Mohamad Al Azawi

 Mnemonics        Hex Code

 MVI A,32H             3E
 MVI B,48H             06
 ADD B                 80
 OUT 01H               D3
 HALT                  67
                   Mohamad Al Azawi

     Assume that R/W memory range from 2000H to
     20FFH and the system has LED output port with the
     address 01H now to enter the program:
1.   Reset the system
2.   Enter the first memory address using Hex key where
     the program should be stored say 2000H
3.   Enter each machine code by pushing Hex Key, for
     example to enter the first 3EH, press 3, then E, then
     STORE keys.
4.   Repeat step 3 untill the last machine code
5.   Reset the system.
                         Mohamad Al Azawi
• How hex code converted into binary ??
Mnemonics    Hex Code memory contents   Mem Add
MVI A,32H    3E       0011 1110         2000
             32       0011 0010         2001
MVI B,48H    06       0000 0110         2002
             48       0100 1000         2003
ADD B        80       1000 0000         2004
OUT 01H D3            1101 0011         2005
             01       0000 0001         2006
HLT          76       0111 1110         2007

                           Mohamad Al Azawi
                    Manual                                  To memory for
Flow                                     Monitor
                    Lookup                                  Storage
Chart                                    Program
          8085                   Hex               Binary
        Mnemonics                Code               Code

                              Mohamad Al Azawi

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