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Over 9 years of strong experience in business analysis, application design, RAD and full life cycle
development in Data Warehouse/ Data Mart, Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.x, SQL Server 6.5/7/2000, DB2 7.1, Data
Modeling (conceptual, logical and physical), Dimensional Modeling, Meta Data Repository, Data
Mining, Data Analysis and Designing using UML Object Modeling, Production Support, ERWin, Power
Designer, Rational Rose, SQL Loader, SQL Plus, ETL Processing, Migration from Legacy, Developer
2000, UNIX Shell Scripts, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL85, MF Cobol, Pro *Cobol and Embedded SQL
under UNIX, Linux, and Windows NT/2000/Xp. Hands on experience in Client/Server (OLAP, OLTP) and
NCR Mainframe Systems. Certified in Informatica developer.


  DATA MODELING/             Model Mart & ERWin 3.5.2, Power Designer 6.1, Designer 2000,
  WAREHOUSING                Rational Rose, Cognos Power Play, Informatica Power Center, Power
  TOOLS                      Mart, Crystal Reports.

  RDBMS                      Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.x, MS-SQL Server 7.0/6.5/2000, MS-Access, DB2,

  WEB SERVERS/               WebLogic, HP Unix, Sco Unix, Sun/Solaris, NCR Mainframe

  LANGUAGES                  PL/SQL, T-SQL, C++, COBOL85, Basic, Pro*Cobol, Pro*C, HTML,
                             Java, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts, XML, Embedded SQL, MF COBOL

  GUI                        Developer 2000 (Forms4.5, Graphics, Reports2.5, Report Server),
                             Visual FoxPro, Clipper, Designer 2000 6i, Visual Basic

  OTHER TOOLS                PVCS, InfoMaker, TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL*Menu,
                             Export, Import, Procedure Builder, SQL Assist, Enterprise Manager,
                             Backup Manager, Recovery Manager, SVRMGR, SQL DBA, Net8,
                             JDBC, ODBC, PowerPoint, Outlook , HTTP

  NETWORKING                 Novell NetWare, TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet

Masters Diploma in Computer Science, from NACE, Cochin, Kerala, India
Diploma in Cobol Programming, from LBS Center for Science and Tech., Trichur, Kerala
Bachelor Degree, from University of Calicut, Kerala

       Organization:               Qwest Telecommunications, Columbus, OH, USA

       1.     Project:             Non-Metered Revenue Assurance Warehouse (NMRAWH)
       Jan’00 – Present

       As a Senior Analyst/Database Architect (Data Warehousing), I was responsible for the following:
        NMRA data warehouse reports missing and back billable non-metered sales revenue. It deals with
           Order & Billing Measures (Facts), different Hierarchies, degenerate keys, Time, Vendor, Products,
           Company, Sales Locations, Customer details and Report Revenue lose and it’s various reasons.
        Interact with users to understand, study and analyze the business problems. (JAD Sessions).
        Wrote specifications, use cases and documented, drafted and prototyped final application blue prints.
        Created data flow and functional hierarchy diagrams.
        Developed the system from scratch to production implementation. The design enables the users to
           drill from summary data to details. The system has an n-tier front-end architecture with Java and JSP
           User Interface and reports, report business logic in middle tier and Oracle 9i/8i database in back end
           using WebLogic Web server 5.1 connection pooling. Ad-hoc reports were in Cognos Powerplay.
        Sketched Entities, Attributes and designed integrated, accurate Denormalised Object Oriented Multi-
           Dimensional Star Schema, Data Model (Conceptual, Logical and Physical) to fit the objective of
           business being automated using ERWin designer.
        Designed Surrogate Key lookup tables to keep track of changing dimensions.
        Designed Data Staging Areas (Back Room) for the warehouse.
        Designed Summary tables and Materialized Views, Query rewrite for Publishing.
        Did data analysis in OLTP Systems using InfoMaker, TOAD and SQL*Plus etc.
        Did sizing and capacity planning and designed the physical database architecture.
        Researched operational data store (ODS) and Legacy systems to find qualified source data.
        Standardized data elements, filled data gaps, extracted, cleansed, reconciled, transported, summarized
           and aggregated data from online and external systems and Migrated Data into Warehouse.
        Did integrity and quality checks of data in the Back Room processing areas.
        Wrote Complex SQL, PL/SQL Procedures, Functions (stored objects) and DB triggers and
           SQL*Loader, UNIX scripts to load and automate the warehouse daily data loads.
        Wrote Cobol, embedded SQL Programs (Include Routines and Sub routines etc), to read and write
           the data from Cobol- DB2 Applications to Flat Files.
        Helped to define, model and create multi dimensional Data cubes for Cognos Reports, analytical
           dashboards and data marts.
        Stress, Load testing the database using dump data based on requirements and functionality.
        Prepared Migration Strategy and test cases for UAT, based on design documentation, use cases, user
           acceptance test, end user training and system rollout and integration.
        Did Performance tuning and optimized long running complex Star queries using SQL Lab, Explain
           Plan and Tkprof etc.
        Created bitmap and compound indexes, designed partitions.
        Designed proper security for Application Using Privs, Roles and Logging Tables.
        Designed auditing tables to monitor data transformation.
        Designed, Created and Integrated the Functional and technical Meta Data Repository to clearly
           understand the definition, details, mapping, source, transformation and process flow of different
           datasets of data warehouse.
       Environment: Oracle 9i/8i, PL/SQL, Model Mart & ERWin 3.5.2, SQL Loader, SQL Plus, SQL*Lab,
       Cognos PowerPlay, Web Logic Web server 5.1, PVCS, InfoMaker, TOAD, Java, Servlets, JSP, HTML,

Data Soft Systems Inc., 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA;                      Tel:(818)598 8868; 596 2352                                                                      Fax:(818)598 0026
       HP UNIX, Reflection, FTP, Sun/Solaris, Informatica Power Center, Power Mart, XML, Perl , Pro
       *Cobol, MF Cobol, DB2, Embedded SQL

       Organization:               Qwest Telecommunications, Columbus, OH, USA
       May ‘ 99 – Dec ‘99

       2. Project:      Commission Warehouse for Consumer Customer Revenue
       The Warehouse deals with commission of sales force depending on revenue from their consumer
       customers. The automated system calculates commission based on sales plans, the agents assigned to.
       ALCATRAZ: Customer Retention System
       Alcatraz is a Centralized Customer Retention System, deals with the Different Sales & Support
       hierarchies of the company, spread in different regions of United States and their associated Customer
       CCS: (Centralized Commission System for Commercial Customer Revenue)
       This application is paying the Commission to the Sales force (Distributors and Direct Agents), based on
       the revenue from their Commercial Customers. It gets the necessary customer order data from Order entry
       systems. The system hand over the final output to the payroll systems.
       As a System Analyst/ Junior Oracle DBA, (For the above 3 Projects) I was responsible for the
        Business requirement analysis, data modeling and designing, development, testing, production,
           implementation and maintenance of OLTP and OLAP systems.
        Detailed study of business problems and designed the highly normalized Data Model using UML
           Object Modeling Using ERWin Designer for application enhancements.
        The Designed Model has been normalized till the 3rd Normal Form for online systems.
        Loaded data from ODS to Data Warehouse tables by writing and executing Foreign Key Validation
           programs to validate where exactly Star Schema appears with fact tables and dimensions/lookup
           tables including master client dimension table from different Order, Product, Company and Customer
           Data Sources.
        Designing business and technical Meta Data Repository to gather ETT process flow.
        Designed appropriate security and auditing for application schema for security.
        Provided impact analysis of application changes against production environment.
        Created and maintained database objects including database definition routines, snapshots, tables,
           indexes and measured storage, view and synonym creations.
        Provided effective problem support to developers and end users to solve day-to-day issues.
        Creating OLAP data cubes for analytical Dashboards.
        Usability and User Acceptance Test and migrating the changes in to databases.
        Unit tests, UAT and implemented and integrated the system in development, testing and production
           databases and helped the DBA’s to setup the environment.
        Wrote SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers.
        Wrote Unix scripts to Schedule data loads using Unix Cron.
        Optimized database queries and did performance and tuning measurement strategy.
        Worked with Other DBA’s to migrate from Oracle 8.0 to 8i.
        Provided secondary on-call support for production database.

       Environment: Model Mart & ERWin 3.5.2, Oracle 8i/8.0, SQL*Plus, SQL*Lab, Power Designer,
       PL/SQL, Vi, Emacs, Reflection, PVCS, InfoMaker, TOAD, Pro *C, C++, HP UNIX, Novel, Windows
       NT 4.0 , Sun /Solaris, Perl, Pro *Cobol

       Organization:               Cypress Associates, Inc., Boston, Ma, USA

Data Soft Systems Inc., 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA;                    Tel:(818)598 8868; 596 2352                                                                    Fax:(818)598 0026
       3.     Project:        Employee management Data Mart.
       February 1999 – April 1999

       As a Software Consultant, I was responsible for the following:
        Designed the application using UML Object Modeling to manage the proper data feeds.
        Developed data warehouse to keep track of all employee information and help management to deal
           with them by adding features viz. data query, simple data analysis and interpretation and data
        Gathered Information using JAD Sessions, Analyzed the Requirements, Designed Prototype, and
           Developed Object Oriented Star Schema for the system.
        Managed and reviewed system implementation and roll out.
        Declared the Grain and defined the Dimensions and Facts.
        Created all required database objects for warehouse and provided technical support.
        Testing the migration and data loads and monitoring the changes the in the database.
        Fine-tuned Complex Star Queries.
        Designed proper security for Data and Application.
        Created front-end module and reports and provided back-end SQLServer Administration.
        Creating Database, Tuning, Migrating, Export and Import of Data.
        Administering users, Planning backup and recovery
        End to end testing of the database and application.
        Installed Windows NT server, Tuned Server and Set up the network.
        configured SQL Server on Windows NT

       Environment: ERWin, SQL Server 6.5, Power Designer, SQL, OLAP Server, Windows NT 4.0, Crystal
       Reports, Transact SQL, Visual Basic

       Organization:               Modern General Trading, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

       4.     Project: Finance, Trading & Manufacturing Data Warehouse Development
       June 1996 – January 1999

       The project was meant to create an Oracle based Data warehouse migrating data from COBOL legacy
       systems that were running on NCR Mainframe. Involved in concept through specifying the physical
       infrastructure, system study and design, development, user training, deployment and production support.
       The designed Multi-Dimensional Warehouse had data from trade, import and sales, manufacturing and its
       cost analysis, production and inventory control and marketing systems.

       As a Data Architect/Senior Analyst (Tech. Team Lead.), I was responsible for the following:
        Customer interviews and understanding, studying, finalizing business and warehouse system
        Designed Classes, Methods (Entities & Attributes) and designed object oriented Multi-Dimensional
           abstract Data Model (Star-Snowflake Schema) using Power Designer, Designer 2000.
        Determined Grain, Designed Dimensions (Time, Location, Customer, Product, Vendor, Sales Agents
           etc.), Designed Facts (Sales, Order, Billing, Inventory, Import Details, Production details, Purchase
           Ledger Details etc).
        Designed the Events that must occur in Batch or Online.
        Prepared TeraByte in Size Data Repository on Oracle 7.x database.
        Investigated Legacy Systems to find out Warehouse Data Feeds.
        Designed and created Repository for business and technical Meta Data.
        Extracted, cleansed, removed duplicates, filled data gaps and transformed the huge amount of
           production data from Cobol and loaded into Oracle Warehouse.

Data Soft Systems Inc., 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA;                     Tel:(818)598 8868; 596 2352                                                                     Fax:(818)598 0026
          Wrote SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, Unix Scripts, stored procedures and Database Triggers to load
          Wrote Dynamic PL/SQL Scripts and used all RDBMS Built-in packages like UTL file.
          Added OLE objects to provide graphical analysis of data for better appearance.
          Produced object oriented Oracle forms and Analytical Data Mining reports for user interfaces and for
           management to support decision-making.
          Wrote COBOL programs to read data from Legacy systems and loaded them into interface tables in
           Oracle Data warehouse using SQL Loader.
          Prepared Migration Strategy and test cases for UAT, based on design documentation, user acceptance
           test, end user training and system rollout and integration.
          Designed Physical System Architecture.
          Product Evaluation and involvement in Tools Selection.
          Involved in Installing, creating and configuring Oracle DB and its background processes. Viz.
           LGWR, DBWR, PMON, RMON, ARCH and Shared Pool (All Oracle Instance Processes).
          Created Log Files, Control Files, Parameter files, Data files, Tablespaces, Rollback Segments, Tables,
           Snapshots and all logical Database objects.
          Increasing database storage and database resources. Assisting in establishing connectivity from
           clients to database server.
          Involved in Database Monitoring and Performance tuning, Investigating, troubleshooting and
           resolving database problems.
          Volume and stress testing the data migration.
          Black Box, white box and User acceptance test the application.
          Performance testing the database and code for migration.
          Involved in Export, Import & Backup/Recovery [Online and Offline].
          Implemented Backup and recovery procedures, Maintained archives
          Designed primary keys, foreign keys, composite keys and constraints.
          Designed clusters, indexes and optimized complex queries using Cost Based Optimizer.
          Created users and designed roles to control user access for Security of Data.
          Mentoring and guiding the Technical and Non-Technical Team Members.
          Provided 24x7 Production On Call Support.

       Environment: DB2, COBOL on NCR Mainframe, Oracle 7.x on SCO UNIX, Power Designer, SQL
       Plus, PL/SQL, Developer 2000, Crystal Reports, Forms4.5, Report Server, Reports2.5, Graphics on
       Windows 95, Pro*COBOL, SQL*Loader, Designer 2000

       Organization:               Rohini International Limited, Bombay, India

       5.      Project: Billing and Inventory Systems.
       April 1993 – May 1996

       RIL's transactions required a fast and powerful application to handle the data.

       As a COBOL Developer, I was responsible for the following:
        Created flow chart of application.
        Designed, developed and integrated codes, routines and sub routines for COBOL and C programs.
        Designed storage and physical architecture for entire COBOL systems.
        Installed UNIX Server and dump terminals.
        Integrated COBOL and C files in Server and wrote UNIX shell scripts.
        Created users and defined profiles on UNIX Systems.

Data Soft Systems Inc., 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA;                      Tel:(818)598 8868; 596 2352                                                                      Fax:(818)598 0026
          Administered backup and recovery of UNIX file systems and COBOL application data files using
           UNIX utilities.
          Space Allocation and their management, Planning of disk organization
          User account creation, group creation and setting up privileges and accesses.
          Setting up the profiles and environment for users.
          Evaluating Products and involved in decision-making.
          Integration, functional and performance test the application.
          User Acceptance tests and implementing the system.
          Mentoring Technical and Non Technical Team members.

       Environment: COBOL, C, UNIX

Data Soft Systems Inc., 21550 Oxnard Street Suite 300, Woodland Hills, CA;              Tel:(818)598 8868; 596 2352                                                              Fax:(818)598 0026

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