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Knowles Resume


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									                                           Richard B. Knowles
77 Acton Road,
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Cell: (978)314-1702
Home: (978)256-5064
Email: rickknowles@comcast.net
Web: http://www.richardbknowles.com

                                        VP of Engineering, CTO, Director

                                        PROFESSIONAL PROFILE
Highly motivated Vice President of Engineering, with a proven 20+ year record of software development who is ready for
the next challenge. Leader of local and remote engineering teams in the rapid development and delivery of commercial
software products to dynamic markets. Extensive hardware and software architectural experience on platforms of deep
Windows, Linux, UNIX, networking, web, embedded, close-to-metal software, and networked storage products. Manager
and leader who demonstrates the characteristics of strong drive, work ethic, creativity, team play, ability to create,
motivate, and develop effective teams.

        Start-Up & High-Growth Organizations                          3rd Party Partner Development
        Cross Functional Team Leadership                              Remote Development Leadership
        Strategic Planning, Tactical delivery                         Graduate Degree
        Managed Team of 40                                            P&L Responsibility

   9+ years leading teams of software, hardware, sustaining, support, SQA, and technical writers.
   Grew revenues with special projects, professional services and product management teams.
   Traveled United States and Europe to promote products and customer support sales efforts.
   Technical presentations at international sales conferences.
   Developed, managed 3rd party partnerships contributing to un-forecasted revenue growth.
   Expertise in „right-sizing‟ engineering departments to shorten development cycles.
   Attained a number of industry „firsts‟ while leading the development of innovative products. Won
    positive media and analyst coverage including a showing at “DEMO” invitational conference.

                                   PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

GraphOn INC.                                                                          2006 – Present
$5M+ world-wide supplier of application remoting software
VP of Engineering, Consultant

Brought in to jumpstart engineering into a more productive organization. Teams consisted of local and
remote software developers, support and SQA for two client-server product lines. The products are based
on Windows and Linux servers teamed with wide ranging client software platforms including Windows,
Linux, UNIX, CE, MAC OS-X, and Windows mobile.

   Drove the search for a software development company to produce a software license system.
   Co-authored the Product Requirements Document for the software license project.
   Proposed re-organization and hiring plans for enhancing engineering operation.
   Implemented first set of changes in organization with new hires and restructuring.
   As part of the advanced research team, explored new product technologies and developed roadmap.
   Member of team finding and evaluating companies for acquisition.
   Traveled to international customer sites to build customer confidence in engineering and support.
   Managed India based outsource software team of 7+ developers.
   Documented software development process enhancements to implement in the organization.
   Led engineering summit as a first step to building consensus for the future product and process changes.
   Provided guidance on competitive features and functions to enable the product to be more rapidly adopted.
   Analyzed, mapped out and began changes to automate tools used by customer support.
ARDENCE INC. Formerly Venturcom, Currently part of Citrix                             2003 – 2006
$20M+ world-wide supplier of software for OEMs, government and enterprise
CTO, VP of Engineering

The challenges at the Ardence opportunity were threefold. Manage development of complex Windows, and Linux
based products. Revitalize the engineering department. Spearhead new products to target the Enterprise, tangential
to the existing OEM customer base. Accomplishments include growing the geographically distributed Engineering
team 4X in under 3 years. 11 major releases were introduced across 5 product lines. Brought to market 2 new
 Established product development process and tools including instituting the „Cross-Functional-Team‟ model,
     roadmap, schedules, PRD, PFS, PDS and source control for concurrent development.
 Grew the engineering team from 10 to 40. Organized training for the team in specific, key technologies.
 Transformed a „one-off‟ project called ReadyON from my Services Group, into a Windows OEM systems level
     product that is a C++ based, maintainable product that shipped 2 million units in two years.
 Created web based licensing infrastructure software for world-wide sales channel access. Design featured SQL
     database with „stored procedures‟.
 Drove the development of the C/C++ based Ardence Enterprise Software based on:
          o Streaming on-demand virtualized software for desktops, devices, and servers.
          o High-availability with network caching in a client-server model.
          o API for VAR integration of 3rd party software and embedded database configuration storage.
 Led porting of embedded products, RTX, ETS, and a new product, ReadyON, onto new Windows Server
     Operating Systems and dual-core, hyper-threaded, power management based processors.
 Created new software technology in the process of developing existing products.
 Listened to customers and implemented those features contributing to a 20% CAGR over three years.
 Built partnerships with Intel, Microsoft and 3rd party partners to facilitate move to Vista and dual-core CPU.
 Oversaw professional services group and grew team to enable wider base of software expertise.
 Licensed key software technologies including inventory software and RAMDISK to grow offering.
 Envisioned „reuse‟ of cache software for ReadyON II, in Ardence Enterprise as networked cache.

PREDATORWATCH now NetClarity                                                          2002 - 2003
Angel and self funded global supplier of enterprise vulnerability assessment security appliance and service
VP of Engineering

While operating on a shoestring budget, led ‘hands-on’ development from concept to production delivering the
‘vulnerability assessment appliance’ in 9 months. This Linux appliance was designed to meet the needs of the
Enterprise companies concerned with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and prevention of corporate data loss.
 Launched the „disruptive‟ technology based security appliance at the invitation-only, DEMO conference.
 Flexible architecture provided for reconfiguration of software into a web services SaaS product.
 Developed a Firewall with highly integrated feature set including ‘application-context-sensitive’ filtering.
 Presented to VAR Principals, “C” level customers, and the press, to articulate the technical side of the offering.

AVATRIA                                                                               2001 - 2002
Self-funded startup that developed Instant Messaging Gateway Appliance
CTO, Co-founder

Foresaw the market need for capturing ‘Instant Messaging’ traffic in the Enterprise, to meet Sarbanes-Oxley
compliance and for securing inter-business communication. Leveraged the network protocol expertise developed at
MMC, Cabletron and Bay into a working prototype product.
 Created architecture, developed schedules, technical documents, and presentations.
 Led the development team of 6 engineers to create prototype software in Java and C++ on Windows.
 Pursued Venture Capital funding, while operating as self-funded corporation.
AMCC Formerly MMC Networks                                                   1997 - 2001
$1B MCAP Fab-less semi-conductor supplier of network communications hardware and software solutions
Director of Engineering, Software Tools Development, OEM Systems

Established software team and hardware team that delivered a complete software development tool-chain for
multiple network processors coupled with turn-key system software and hardware package. Launch of this package
enabled the delivery of an IBM networking switch to market in 9 months, in multi-site partnership with IBM.
 Products generated greater than $4 million in revenue in the first two years.
 Established the software team and led the combined hardware and software team of 17 Engineers.
 Software tool-chain included assembler, C compiler, graphical debugger, linker, and turn-key network switch.
 Released into production, tool-chain and turn-key network switch for four network processors.
 Orchestrated partnerships to enable leveraging „best-in-industry‟ software tools offering.
 Cross-development platforms for customers, consisted of Windows, Linux and UNIX.
 Embedded platforms were based on vxWorks and Network Processor proprietary operating system.
 Introduced SQA process and development tools into the entire international company infrastructure.
 Successfully managed four major customer accounts to help them launch products to market.
 Instrumental in leading the transition of development infrastructure from C to C++ at three corporate sites.
 Managed all aspects of the local office facilities and vendors.
 Coordinated marketing, sales, engineering groups and executive teams in Israel, North Carolina, and California,
    to align schedules, budgets and product rollouts.

CABLETRON INC. currently Enterasys                                                 1995 - 1997
Global Network equipment provider
Software Project Leader
 Wrote and delivered software for three ASIC based network switches.
 Leader for team of six including C++ developers, SQA, and release engineer.
 Responsible for planning, purchasing, hiring, reviews, and multi-site coordination.

BAY NETWORKS INC. Formerly Wellfleet, now Nortel                                  1992 - 1994
International network equipment provider
Principal Software Engineer

ANALOGIC Formerly SKY COMPUTERS                                                      1984 - 1992
The leading supplier of high performance embedded computers that optimize performance for leading edge
applications such as signal intelligence, industrial inspection, and radar processing.
Principal Software Engineer

                                       TECHNICAL SUMMARY
Programming: C/C++, assembly, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Basic, Prolog, Lisp, Perl, bash, Php, csh, ksh, GNU tools,
Java applets, ASP, HTML, MS Access/MySQL/SQL databases.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris/SunOS/UNIX, vxWorks, and proprietary embedded OS.

Processors/Bus/Hardware: Intel Pentium, i860, i960, i80x86, PowerPC 8260/860/820/Quicc68xxx, TI DSP, Sparc,
MIPS, Bit-sliced processors, VME, PCI, SCSI, SPI3, serial, and custom buses.

Networking: Processors including MMC Networks, IBM, and Intel. Protocols developed, RMON, SNMP,
UDP/TCP/IP, ICMP, STP, VLAN, bootp, ARP, SONET/ATM, FDDI, Token Ring, and FR protocols.

Co-wrote white paper on “Getting Performance with Memory Protection in Real-time Windows Systems”.


   Master of Science in Computer Science, 1992 – University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
   Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1984 – Northeastern University, Boston, MA

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