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					       ROCKET PRIDE                                                                                 July/August 2010

3-8 Testing: NYS Edu. Department Changes the Rules of the Game
     As you know, all students in grades 3-8 take state tests in English Language
Arts and Mathematics each year and Science in Grades 4 and 8 and Social Stud-
ies in Grades 5 and 8. The scores on these tests are used by the state to gage a
school district’s performance and by districts to determine a student’s need for
academic intervention services. In June of 2009, the NYS Education Department
(SED) announced that it would move the tests from mid-year to May. In addition,
they shared that there would be an increase in the content covered on the tests to
reflect the change in the timing of them. This summer, SED announced additional
changes to the testing and scoring system that make understanding the scores a bit
confusing. I hope that after reading this, you will have a better understanding of          The second graders learned
what this change means to us.                                                           hands-on all about butterflies. The
     Each student’s score is provided in two ways. First, there is a scale score        children each had their own larvae
(which is similar to a score on the SAT). The scale score is then converted to a        to watch grow and change into a
score level (Levels 1-4 with a 4 representing the highest level). This method of        beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly. The
reporting has not changed; however, what has changed is the scale score that is         whole process took about 3 weeks.
needed to reach each level on the test. This means that students that would have
                                                                                        Students kept an observation diary to
scored a level 3 (defined by SED since the inception of the test as passing) on
the test based on last year’s standard is likely to score a level 2 based on the new
                                                                                        record the changes they noticed. Once
standard. For example, in 2008-2009 a student needed a scale score of 650 on the        hatched, the butterflies stayed in our
8th grade Math test to receive a level score of 3. This year, the same student needs    classroom in a butterfly pavilion for
a scale score of 673 to receive a level 3. The decline in the passing scores (Level     a few days, where the boys and girls
3 & 4) for DeRuyter (or any district) is attributed to the raising of the scale score   were able to observe how they eat
needed to reach a level 3 or 4, not a decline in our students’ performance. Despite     and move about. Kindergarten joined
the scores being reported for the 2009-2010 school year, our students are making        us for the release into the wild. It was
steady progress.                                                                        amazing watching the butterflies fly
     The Board of Regents and Education Commissioner, David M. Steiner, made            off to a new adventure in life. ––
these changes because they believe that being proficient (score level 3) should         From Mrs. Nieman’s 2nd Grade
mean more than being on track to graduate from high school, it should mean that a
student is on track to succeed in college.
     All members of the school community of DeRuyter Central School have
worked hard to develop and align curriculum and instructional practices with the
NYS standards, and we have made forward progress as a result of those efforts. It
is important that we continue to analyze the data and use what we learn to ensure
that we are providing the best education possible for our students. If you have any
questions regarding these changes, I would be happy to speak with you. I can be
reached via email at or at 315-852-3400 x7100.
     –– submitted by Kimberly O’Brien, PK-8 Principal

                    For more DCS information, visit our website at
2          DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                  June 2010

DeRuyter’s MacKenzie Dorward takes 1st Place
             in the Oz-Stravaganza Writing Contest:
                                      Miss Critelli’s class entered the writing contest for the Oz- Fest and had a first
                              place winner!!
                                      MacKenzie Dorward’s essay took first in the third-fifth grade contest: The con-
                              test was to finish the beginning of an essay written by Greg Ellstrom, a former Eng-
                              lish teacher at Chittenango High School. MacKenzie, and her classmates all worked
                              very diligently and did a wonderful job!

                     by Mackenzie Dorward, DeRuyter Central School 5th Grade

   Dorothy saw her pals the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Lion! Dorothy ran to them in excite-
ment. She walked through the meadow down to a little creek. They all sat on some rocks and asked
questions. Dorothy asked what was happening in Oz, and the Tinman answered. He talked about
how happy the munchkins were to be free and how the Lion and the Scarecrow met up with him
some days. Then Dorothy started wondering how they had all met up together.
   “How did you get here?”
   “We were all walking, when we all tripped over a tree root, and fell into a pond, and we just
popped to the end of the woods.”
   When Dorothy heard that, she remembered why she was on this walk. “What do you think that I
should do in school? Be a writer, or a painter, or a vet?”
   The Lion answered, “you should be a vet, and help the lions where you live!”
   “I think you should be a writer so you can write about what’s on your mind, and you’ll just keep
thinking of ideas!” replied the Scarecrow.
   “I think you should paint, so you can paint beautiful pictures that warm the heart!” said the Tin-
   Dorothy put her head in her hands and thought.
   “Let’s discuss this together.”
   “Well, I guess that you can draw pictures in people’s minds if you write,” said the Tinman.
   “You could also write about animals and maybe even talking lions like me!” exclaimed the Lion.
   “Well, I guess that I’ll be a writer!”
   Dorothy and her friends ran back to the woods, said goodbye, and they all left to where they
needed to be. Dorothy wrote many books that drew wonderful pictures in people’s mind and had
many stories about taking care of big, talking lions.                                                                            315-852-3400
June 2010                                                                      DCS Rocket Pride          3

Another Excellent Contribution in the Oz-Stravaganza
Writing Contest, by Greg Ellstrom
                                   The Things One Stumbles Upon

    After she returned from Oz and moved back in with Uncle Henry and Auntie Em, life for Doro-
thy became normal. She went off to school like the other kids of her age, did her homework, helped
Aunt Em around the house, took Toto for walks- but always, in the back of her mind,were her mem-
ories of her wonderful adventures in the Land of Oz.
    As happens to all children, Dorothy quite quickly grew up. And when she was 18 years old,
she went off to college at Kansas University in the city of Lawrence. There she lived in what was
called a rooming house and met many interesting people.
    Dorothy couldn’t figure out just what to study in college. She thought that perhaps she would
study writing, so she could tell the stories of her magical adventures. Or could create great works
of art depicting the Emerald City and the lands around it. Or perhaps, she would study to be a vet-
erinarian, so she could help dogs like Toto or even work at a zoo and, maybe, take care of lions.
    Sometimes when she was trying to figure just what she would study to be, she would take a walk
around the campus or through the city or around one of the nearby parks, and think and think.
    One day, while taking one of these strolls, she wandered farther away from her college campus
than she ever had before. Just when she was considering going back to the rooming house, she
came upon a little bit of forest, just some trees really, growing around an on top of a little hill. This
was very unusual for the flat lands of Kansas. A little path led through the trees, and her curiosity
made her follow it. She went up and down the hill, jumped over a little brook, and went through
thick trees and thing trees, as the past twisted along. Then all at once, the trees came to a stop, and
Dorothy couldn’t quite believe what she saw in the meadow in front of her.                                                                 315-852-3400
4              DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                            June 2010

    The DeRuyter Youth Bowling group has once
again done an outstanding job in the Cortland
City Youth Bowling Tournament, as well as dur-
ing the bowling season. Each year a group of
students from DeRuyter Central School partici-
pates in the USBC Youth Bowling program. The
students bowl every Saturday at the local Mason-
ic Lanes Bowling Center. They go on to compete
against other bowlers in the surrounding school
areas of Cortland, Homer, Ithaca, Cincinnatus,
Marathon, McGraw. Every year, these amazing
bowlers from the DeRuyter Youth Group go out
and do an outstanding job, not just in bowling
but in how they represent DeRuyter. Congratulations goes out to Mike Harris, Kyle Harris, Katie Becker, Amber
Marshall, Tyler Thomas, Justin Fish, Zachary Best, Andrea Chapman, Amanda Seamans, Cevin Ladd, Austin Wood,
Ryan Wood, Matthew Seamans, Sarah Wood, Taria LeDuc, and Aliza LeDuc. Great job this year, see you in the fall.

    TO:   Incoming 9th Graders & Parents/Guardians                    Once you are at the theme park, do the following:
    FROM:                          Mr. Doug Pelton                    •	 Get a map (Please bring it to school in September).
    RE:             OPTIONAL Global I Assignment                      •	 Have fun!!!
                                                                      •	 TRY EVERYTHING.
          Congratulations on finishing your middle school years       •	 Pay attention to how the park and its attractions are
    and welcome to high school, and welcome to Global I. I am            organized. For example, if you are going on a thrill ride,
    still in the restructuring process, but what I can tell you for      what does the park have you doing while you wait in line,
    sure is that Global I will be very different from the history        how was the ride set up that made it thrilling, what was done
    you have had the last two years: more work, more demands             after the ride that made your experience even better (a picture
    in terms of taking your knowledge and skills to the next             of you getting totally wet or screaming your head off, etc.)
    level, and higher (high school) expectations. It will be up to    •	 Remember that all theme parks have different types
    you to balance those three things with the greater freedom           of attractions such as thrill rides, exhibitions/shows,
    you have in high school. Just so you know, as far as me              restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops. Check them all
    “making it fun and being creative,” that is a by-product of          out with a critical eye. Ask yourself: “Why is it there?”
    just how hard you are willing to work.                               and “How does it support the theme of the park?”
                                                                      •	 Be sure to thank your parents for taking you.
        So, to help get you off to a good start next year, I have
                                                                      •	 Oh, and just in case you forgot, have fun!!!
    an OPTIONAL assignment for you over the summer. That
                                                                           As the summer progresses and I get more organized,
    assignment is:
                                                                      I will be sending you more information via email. Email
        Go to a theme park. Some theme parks you may wish             contact throughout the school year is something that I do
    to consider are: Darien Lake, Wet & Wild, Hershey Park,           extensively. This is how I keep parents/guardians informed
    Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, Enchanted Forest,         and the emails serve as reminders to students.
    Busch Gardens, Sea World. These are just a few of the                  Several of your classmates do not have email access,
    theme parks you may wish to consider. You may visit any           so if you know some one who does not, please share the
    theme park you would like to visit.                               messages with them.                                                                                         315-852-3400
June 2010                                                               DCS Rocket Pride           5

                      Academic Recognitions
    Mrs. Walters’              High Honors:            10th grade:               11th grade:
      5th Grade               Kayla Lawrence         Shelby Brabant,          Catherine Becker,
   High Honor Roll             Olivia Millett        Dillon Coursen,            Lana Centner,
   Robert Cuddeback           Elaina Stafford          Kelly Eaton,           Brandon Goodno,
     Amanda Fox                                     Chelsey Mahany,            Kayla Hampton,
   Micheala Gordon               Merit:
                             Zachary Marshall         Kyle Newton              William Haws,
    Alexis Marshall                                    11th grade:
      Diana Mejia            Madison Russell                                   Ravien Noyes,
                                                     Alan Cizenski,            Amber Slocum,
     Emily Pelcher                                Danielle Cuddeback,
                             Mrs. Burbidge’s                                   Amber Tucker,
      Honor Roll                3rd Grade           Braeden Duncan,             Bridget Way
     Gavin Gaines            High Honor Roll:       Melissa Oleniuk,             12th grade:
      Talia Jones             Andrew Glass            Brian Patsos,
                                                      Emily Sinesi             Deanna Ackley,
     Rachel marsh            Taber Sunderland                                 Hannah Benjamin,
                                                       12th grade:
      Merit List               Honor Roll:          Film Rareethong,            Carissa Clark,
     Alexus Ratliff          Brandon Burdick        Sean Rutherford,           Ashley Coveny,
     Danielle Tebo                                   Eva Soederberg            Weslee Eckler,
                               Merit List:                                    Samantha Moade
Mrs. Hirt/Mrs. St.Pierre      Montana Brown            Honor Roll
      4th Grade               Molly Lawrence                                   Principal’s List
   High Honor Roll                                      6th grade:
     Mya Lawrence            DCS High School      Ashleigh Ainsworth,            6th grade:
     Paige Russell          40 Week Honor Roll      Sydney Bennett,         Madelynn Lawrence,
      Hunter Way             High Honor Roll        Marissa Chrylser,        Nicholas Wiesing,
                                                     Trey Donahue,               Jacob Pratt
      Honor Roll                 6th grade:          Stephanie Fox,
     Emma Downs                                                                  7th grade:
                              Adrianna Baker,        Max Furlough,             Ciara LaClair,
      Lily Harvey                                     Shelden Gary,
                              Madelyn Fuller,                               Courtneyanne Randall
    Principal List            Samantha Harris,        Amanda Hare,               8th grade:
    Nathan Degear            Matthew Mahany,         Austin Slocum,           Alyssah Brown,
   Connor Hathaway          William McMullen,      Christian Thorick,          Emily Cirbus,
    Adrianna Ladd             Hannah Mierke,         Savannah Zinn            Hannah Downs,
                              Matthew Moade,            7th grade:            Morgan Fellows
     Merit Award                                     Blake Chrysler,
   Christian Campbell          Joshua Phelps,                                    9th grade:
                                 Dylan Ryan         Danielle Darrow,
                                                      Kurtis Eckler,           Anna Conklyn
     Mrs. Ladd’s                 7th grade:                                     10th grade:
      4th Grade                                         Jack Fink,
                            Danyelle Campbell,       Brian Gardner,             Jacob Cirbus
    Principal’s List         Samantha Gordon,
      Zoe Curtis                                      Breanna Hare,        TOP TEN AVERAGES
                              Caitlin Haggart,      Emilee Kosturik,
                               Samuel Haws,                                    6-8th GRADE
   High Honor Roll                                   Travis Newton,             Ciara LaClair
     Owen Custer              Andrea Newton,        Shiana Ramsdell,
                            Christopher Thomas,                             Courtneyanne Randall
    Kaylee LaClair                                Matthew Scanniello,         Nicholas Wiesing
     Dante Newton               Zachary Way,        Zachary Wheeler,
                              Sydney Wiesing,                                  Alyssah Brown
   Christopher Ufford                              Michelle Williams            Emily Cirbus
      Ryan Wood                 Daniel Wood,            8th grade:
                                 David Zinn          Shayne Purcell,             Jacob Pratt
      Honor Roll                 8th grade:          Monica Tiffany          Madelynn Lawrence
     Kylie Finton              Skylar Duncan,           9th grade:             Hannah Downs
      Piper Hakes               Sidney Ladd,       Lindsay Atkinson,          Morgan Fellows
     Nathan Purtell          Allison O’Herien         Sabrina Edic,          Christopher Thomas
     Kaleb Sorrells              9th grade:           Zackarie Fish,          9-12th GRADE
                              Lukas Benjamin,     Timothy Roodenburg            Jacob Cirbus
      Merit List                Dillon Burke,          10th grade:
    Savannah Bush                                   Taylor Campbell,           Anna Conklyn
     Tanner Kirk               Kyle Cizenski,                                  Kyle Cizenski
                                Jessica Cox,        Kelsey Dunagan,
     Kevin Rose                                     Shannon Eckler,              Kelly Eaton
     Chloe Stone             Kristhen Jimenez,                                  Emily Sinesi
                                Krista Lake,        Christina Harris,
                                                        Sara Ladd,            Lukas Benjamin
    Ms. Caughey’s             Nadine Newton,                                 Emma Soederberg
      3rd Grade                Emma Phillips,       Hailee Marshall,
       Honors:                                     Kelsey Mistersaro,        Omthip Rareethong
                                Kyle Purtell,       Zachary Thomas,              Jessica Cox
    Cameron Judson            Whitney Wiltsey         Dylan Tucker             Alan Cizenski                                                          315-852-3400
6             DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                          June 2010

      SUPPLY LISTS for 2010-2011
    Ms. Bar                                                                                       Mrs. O’Neill’s Math
                   5th G                    Mrs. Pforter’s Health 8 & 10                     Students entering grades 9-11 are
1 sketch    Supplies rade Art              1 three ring binder                                   encouraged to purchase:
         pad per s :                       Loose leaf paper                                TI83 Graphing Calculator
                                           1 subject notebook                              (Classroom sets are available; however,
                                                                                           students may want their own for
                                           Pens/pencils                                    use outside of the classroom.)

        Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies
     Mrs. Shannon Forrrest (Rm.                                       3rd Grade Supply List
     1 (2 or 3 inch) three ring binder                           Mrs. Burbidge and Ms. Caughey
     2 folders (one for homework                                                   1 pack reinforcement-hole stickers
       one to keep in the classroom)       1 glue stick
     pens and pencils                      1 medium binder with student’s name 2 red pen
                                           6 sturdy pocket folders with hol  es    1 box of colored pencils
     book cover                                                                    1 pack of cap erasers or pink pearl
                                             (no project folders, please!) in the
      highlighter                                                                     erasers
      colored pencils                         following colors: red, yellow, blue,
                                              green, purple, and orange            1 large box of tissues for the class
      one single subject notebook                                                   1 pencil box labeled with
        (to be kept in your                 1 pack of loose-leaf paper,
                                               standard ruled                         child’s name
        binder)                                                                     1 Composition Notebook
                                            3 packs of #2 pencils
             Mr. Hennigan’s
           7th Grade Science:                                                                                            :
                                            Mrs. Gallerani’s                                                     Science
    2 Composition notebooks                                     UPK Supply Lis
                                                                                   t                    illcox’s
    1 Folder for organizing sc
                                            A box of sandwic
                                                             h size Ziploc Bag                 Mrs. W
                                           2 boxes of tissues                  s                   k                  thing
                                           2 dispensers of di                              noteboo 4-function (no
    1 Calculator                           backpack to hold
                                                              sinfectant wipes             calculat
                                            Please be sure yo
                                                             school supplies                fancy)
                                                               ur child has
                                            sneakers everyd                                  pens
             Spanish explo
             -1” 3 ring bin atory:            Mrs. Pallotta
            -5 section div                                        ’s Spanish Su
            -Loose leaf p e tabs                                                         pply List:
                          aper                 Spanish II:
                                              -1-2” 3 ring b
           Spanish 8:                                         inder
           -1-2” 3 ring b                     -5 section div
                          in                                 ide tabs
          -5 section div der                 -Spanish/Eng
                                                            lish dictionary
                         ide tabs            -Loose leaf p                               Spanish IV:
          -Loose leaf p                                    aper
                                                                                        -1-2” 3 ring b
           Spanish I:                        Spanish III:                               -5 section div
          -1-2” 3 ring b                                                                               ide tabs
                         in                 -1-2” 3 ring b                             -Spanish/Eng
          -5 section div der                -5 section div
                                                                                       -Loose leaf p
                                                                                                      lish dictionary
                         ide tabs                          ide tabs                                  aper
         -Spanish/Eng                      -Spanish/Eng
                        lish dictionary                   lish dictionary
         -Loose leaf p                     -Loose leaf p
                       aper                              aper                                                                                     315-852-3400
June 2010                                                                                          DCS Rocket Pride                     7

      SUPPLY LISTS for 2010-2011
      Kindergarten Supply List                         Mrs. Raleigh’s                             Mrs. Hudson’s
 2    Pockets                                                                               First Grade Supply List
                                                  First Grade Supply List
 1    Box of tissues to share                                                            1 new white T-shirt which will
      with the class                                                                       fit your child all year
  1    box of 8 craylola                     2    boxes of CRAYOLA brand                 1 very sturdy twin-pocket por
       crayons                                    24-color package of crayons              folio folder. (The stronger, the
  1    Backpack                              1    package CRAYOLA brand                       better! Some are available with a
  1    Container of                                                                           plastic coating and are very durable.)
                                                  8/10-color thick markers
       disinfectant wipes                                                               6  # 2 pencils
                                             2    large glue sticks (NO paste,          1  large box of tissues
 For Ms. Morgan/Ms. Dziados                       glue or gels, please!)                1  box of crayons, 24-color pack
 room, 221– A supply of pencil               1    container of Clorox, Lysol or         1 box of 8/10-color
 and pens, a composition book, 1                  409 disinfectant wipes                  thick markers
 box of tissues, 1 package of index                                                     2 large glue sticks (no paste,
                                             1    large, box of tissues                   glue, or gels, please)
 cards, colored preferably, and a
 Notebook for math.                          1    new, white T-shirt that will          1 container of Clorox,
                                                  fit your child all year                 Lysol or 409
     Fourth Grade Supply List
  (#2) pencils (NO Mechanical Pencils)
  1 red pen                                                          Second Grade Supply List
  1 blue or black pen                                                                                       Optional:
                                             24   (#2) Pencils                                      1 bottle hand
  1 highlighting marker
                                             2    pink pearl erasers                                sanitizer to
     (any color)
  1 8 pack, colored pencils                  4    glue sticks                                       share with the
  2 Pink Pearl erasers or                    1    small  box of coloredpencils                      class
     pencil cap erasers                      1     small box of crayons
  1 glue stick (no gels or pens)             1     pair of blunt tippedscissors                     Please no pencil
  5 plain pocket folders                      1    supply box to storesuppl  ies in                  sharpeners
       (preferably red, yellow,               2    boxes of tissues  toshare with the class
                                                                                         Erase Markers
       blue, green & purple,                  1    small package Expo Low Odor Dry
       plastic or paper)
 200 (3x5) index cards
 1 spiral bound notebook
     (1 subject)                                                    Fifth Grade Supply List
 1 pack loose leaf paper                     36 (#2) Pencils (CAN HAVE            6 Plain Pocket Folders (red, yellow, blue,
 1 pair of scissors                             Mechanical Pencils)                   green & purple, and orange can be plastic or paper)
 2 boxes of tissues to share                 3 Red Pens                        100 (3x5) Index Cards
 1 small pencil box to                                                         2 Spiral Bound Notebooks, 1 Subject
                                             2 Highlighting Marker
    store supplies
                                                (any color)                    4 Packages Loose Leaf Paper
 3 extra large book covers
      (Can be purchased or made from paper   1 (8 pack) Colored Pencils        3 Boxes of Tissues to Share
      bags after you get your books)         2 Pink Pearl Erasers              1 Small Pencil Box for Supplies
 1 ruler with centimeters                       Pencil Cap Erasers             3 Extra Large Book Covers
   inches to KEEP AT HOME                                                            (Can be purchased or made
                                             1 Glue Sticks (no gels or pens)
   for use on homework                                                               from paper bags after you
   assignments                               1 Pair of Scissors                      get your books)                                                                                           315-852-3400
8          DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                  June 2010

Welcome!                      Kimberly O’Brien, PK-8 Principal
                              After graduating from college, I taught 7th and 8th grade resource for one year, and
                       then 3rd and 4th grade for a total of eight years. I then worked in staff development training
                       teachers and administrators in standards, curriculum development, instructional strategies,
                       assessment, data analysis, planning and leadership. While I loved working in staff develop-
                       ment, I missed the daily interactions with students so I decided that I wanted to be back in a
                       school where I could work with teachers and with students. For the past eight years I have
                       been an elementary principal, and I am excited to be at DeRuyter Central School as the Pre-
                       K - 8 Principal. In the short time I have been here, I have seen what a wonderful school and
                       community DeRuyter is and I am honored to be here.
   When I am not at school, I love to read, go to concerts and plays, or just take a quiet walk with my dog. I enjoy
watching sporting events of all kinds, but my favorite is college basketball. No matter what I am doing, what is
most important to me is spending time with family and friends.

                       News from Student Medical Services
                                         Frequently Asked Questions
1.) IS THERE A DOCTOR’S OFFICE IN THE                        diagnostic evaluations/Easy access to care/Nutritional
SCHOOL? Yes – It is called Student Medical Services          counseling or referrals/ Treatment of acute illness/
(SMS). It has been in the school for over 20 years now       Monitoring of chronic illness/ Early detection &
and was the first school health program in a rural area      intervention/ Dental screening/Individual or group
in New York State.                                           health education/Comprehensive physical exam/
                                                             Allergy injections by M.D. orders/Laboratory tests
2.) DO PARENTS HAVE TO COMPLETE                              (when necessary)/Sports physicals/Employment
ENROLLMENT PAPERS FOR THEIR CHILD/                           physicals/Referral services/Vision testing/
CHILDREN IN ORDER TO RECEIVE SERVICES                        Immunizations/Counseling/Education for prevention.
FROM THIS OFFICE? Yes – A packet is given out                    Student Medical Services staff consists of a full
through the guidance at the time they enroll into the        time nurse (Trish Haskins), a part-time Pediatrician
school, or when requested.                                   (Ahmad Javid), Family Nurse Practitioner (Deborah
                                                             Warner), Counselor (Lisa Sholar), Dental Hygenist
3.) IS THIS OFICE ALSO THE SCHOOL NURSE’S                    (Heather Wood), and Josette Potter, Facilitated Enroller
OFFICE? No. The School Nurse’s Office is separate,           for Medicaid and Child/Family Health Plus.
although the two offices work closely together.                  If SMS staff is out sick, they are not always
                                                             available. YOU ARE ASKED TO CALL AS YOU
SUMMER OR HOLIDAYS?                                          A TIME TO BRING YOUR CHILD IN. Please call
No. When students are off from school, the office is         315-852-3423 or 315-852-3400 x 7120 to make an
closed.                                                      appointment.

5.) DOES SMS DO WHAT OTHER DOCTOR’S                          Services are provided by Nurse Practitioners, Physician As-
OFFICES DO? Yes. Services available include:                 sistants, Pediatricians, Family Practice Physicians, Regis-
Screening for physical and mental health concerns/           tered/Licensed Practical Nurses, School Health Aide and
Treatment of injuries/utilization of consultations/          Social Workers/Mental Health Counselors

 YOUR INSURANCE WILL ONLY PAY FOR ONE PER YEAR. Enjoy your                                               summer!                                                                            315-852-3400
June 2010                   DCS Rocket Pride          9              315-852-3400
10           DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                  June 2010

          DeRuyter Central School      GRADUATION AWARDS                                        2009-2010

        DEKALB AGRICULTURAL                   DERUYTER MUSIC                        DERUYTER ALUMNI
             Everett Marks                     Hannah Benjamin                         DeAnna Ackley
                                                Sean Rutherford                          Ryan Ellis
          MICHAEL D. HOLL                        Carissa Clark                            Eric Fox
       MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                     Amber Schlafer                        Samantha Moade
           Samantha Moade                        Weslee Eckler                         Amber Schlafer
              Eric Fox                          Aissa Seamans
                                                   Eric Fox                      DERUYTER EDUCATION
      RURITAN ATHLETE AWARDS                    DeAnna Ackley                       SCHOLARSHIP
            Sean Rutherford                     Ashley Coveny                       Samantha Moade
           Samantha Moade                         Sarah Breed
                                                 Caitlin Cline                DERUYTER “GREEN” AWARD
        RURITAN COMMUNITY                         Tim Vedder                          Eric Fox
          SERVICE AWARD                        Emma Soederberg
            Alyshia Morgan                     Omthip Rareethong        GLENN MOSELEY MEMORIAL AWARD
                                                                                  Weslee Eckler
             Anna Ackley                        Emma Soederberg                 WAYNE COON MEMORIAL
                                               Omthip Rareethong                 AGRICULTURE AWARD
        RURITAN DOUBLE YOUR                     David Ruiz-Gutian                      Ryan Ellis
             Carissa Clark                        Caleb Lidell                 BOCES – Timothy Stone
            Samantha Moade                                                      Art – Samantha Moade
                                       CATHERINE HELENE WOOD GULICK           Business – DeAnna Ackley
        AMY GRIME MEMORIAL                   MEMORIAL AWARD                     Agriculture – Ryan Ellis
           SCHOLARSHIP                           Sarah Volcko                        Music (Band)
             Carissa Clark                                                          Hannah Benjamin
                                        JOAN MOORE MEMORIAL AWARD                    Weslee Eckler
       SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP CUP                    Sarah Breed                        Sean Rutherford
             Sean Rutherford                                                         Amber Schlafer
                                         STALEY NURING SCHOLARSHIP          Music (Chorus) – Ashley Coveny
     THE ROD AND JAYNE HAMMOND                   Alyshia Morgan                French – Heather Prugger
       MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                                                  General Academic Female –
            Hannah Benjamin            DERUYTER BUSINESS SCHOLARSHIP                 Weslee Eckler
                                                Ashley Coveny                 General Academic Male –
 NEW YORK STATE COMPTROLLER                                                         Sean Rutherford
     ACHIEVEMENT AWARD                             ACE AWARD                   English – Sean Rutherford
           Ryan Ellis                   (ACCESS TO COLLEGE EDUCATION)       Social Studies – Sean Rutherford
                                                   Carissa Clark              Spanish – Sean Rutherford
       NEW YORK STATE SENATE                      Sean Rutherford                Mathematics – Sean Rutherford
      CERTIFICATE OF MERIT FOR                      Tim Vedder                Science – Sean Rutherford
      OUTSTANDING CITIZENSHIP                                               Valedictorian – Sean Rutherford
              Sarah Breed                 DERUYTER HEALTH CAREERS            Salutatorian – Weslee Eckler
     MASONS ARIEN MUSIC AWARD                    Weslee Eckler                      LEADERSHIP AWARD
           Sean Rutherford                                                              Carissa Clark
                                          DERUYTER PUBLIC SERVICE                      Sean Rutherford
          SCHOLARSHIP                            Carissa Clark              ALTA ROOD MEMORIAL AWARD
          Samantha Moade                                                           Amber Schlafer
                                        DERUYTER FACULTY ASSOCIATION
       MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP                     Samantha Moade                      Samantha Moade
             Weslee Eckler
                                         MADISION COUNTY EDUCATORS                 SUPERIOR ATTITUDE
     NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY              ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP                      Sarah Breed
     CERTIFICATE OF CITIZENSHIP                 Sean Rutherford                          Eric Fox
        Caitlin Cline and Tim Vedder
                                            CAREER AND TECHNICAL          We would like to thank the Dollars for Scholars
SNOW VALLEY RIDERS SNOWMOBILE                  ENDORSEMENT                Committee for their hard work and support. It is
         CLUB AWARD                               Caleb Lidell          through their efforts that we are able to offer such a
          Sarah Volcko                           Timothy Stone                     healthy scholarship program.                                                                           315-852-3400
June 2010                                                                                   DCS Rocket Pride              11

 Congratulations Class of 2010!                             DeRuyter Teacher To Study in Poland
Future Plans:                                                   The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
                                                            (USHMM) has selected Doug Pelton to be one of ten
DeAnna Lyn Ackley – SUNY Morrisville, Accounting            teachers from the United States to travel to Poland in
Hannah Lyn Benjamin – Herkimer, Undecided                   October 2010. The teachers were selected from the
                                                            USHMM Museum Teacher Fellowship group. Mr. Pel-
Sarah Mae Breed – Cazenovia, Human Services
                                                            ton is also a member of the Museum’s Regional Educa-
Carissa L. Clark – SUNY Canton, Criminal Investigation      tion Corp and he has been developing and will facilitate
Caitlin Rose Cline – Work, Undecided                        a workshop for teachers in Augusta, Maine in September
                                                            2010 that focuses on varying perspectives of the Holo-
Ashley B. Coveny – TC3, Hotel/Restaurant Management
                                                            caust created by the Nazis. The workshop will focus
Jennifer Lynn Devendorf – Work                              on Nazi racial ideology, anti-Semitism, and the role of
Andrew A. Driscoll – TC3, Liberal Arts                      propaganda.
                                                                The study trip to Poland is sponsored and financially
Weslee Ann Eckler – Utica College, Physical Therapy
                                                            supported by the Polish Foreign Ministry and the Polish
Ryan W. Ellis – TC3, Criminal Justice                       Ministry of Education. The ten American teachers will
                                                            meet with ten teachers from Poland. Collectively the
Eric M. Fox – SUNY Morrisville, Liberal Arts & Sciences
(Environmental Sciences)                                    twenty teachers’ study tour will run between the cities of
                                                            Warsaw and Krakow and will last a week during which
Ryan A. Conklin Karp – US Navy                              time they will examine the teaching of the Holocaust.
Caleb C. Lidell – SUNY Morrisville, Diesel Technology       Mr. Pelton will be reporting on his experiences in a fu-
Jodi Leigh Lynn – Monroe Community College, Culinary Arts   ture district newsletter.

Everett G. Marks – Work                                     Tackling Summer Reading
Samantha L. Moade – SUNY Cobleskill, PE Education                Create a reading plan with your child. Using a calendar,
                                                            help your child make a schedule for summer reading. Helping
Alyshia J. Morgan – Crouse, Nursing                         your child plan ahead and stick to the schedule will help him
Heather Lynd Prugger – SUNY Morrisville, Liberal Arts       avoid leaving his reading until the last few days of summer.
                                                                 Set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Depend-
Omthip Rareethong – AFS Student                             ing on your family’s schedule, reading time might be in the
David Ruiz-Gaitan – AFS Student                             morning, afternoon, or before bed. Whatever time you choose,
                                                            stick to it, but also remember that flexibility around trips and
Sean Daniel Rutherford – RIT, Undecided                     special family events is OK.
                                                                 Alternate reading with your child’s own choices. Your
Amber Lynn Schlafer – Herkimer Community College,           child will be more motivated to read when she has the oppor-
Criminal Justice                                            tunity to select some of her own reading.
Alissa A. Seamans – SUNY Morrisville – Animal Science       Read books together and discuss them. You can read aloud
                                                            together by taking turns by page, or you can get two copies of
Angela M. Sigler – SUNY Morrisville – Equine                the book and each read silently. In either case, tell your child
Kyle R. Smith – Work                                        what you are thinking as you read and ask your child ques-
                                                            tions about what he reads. By reading together, you help your
Eva Emma Soderberg – AFS Student                            child to understand what he reads and motivate him to read by
Timothy R. Stone – SUNY Morrisville, Auto Tech              demonstrating that you enjoy sharing ideas about books.
                                                                 Find audio books if your child is struggling. By listening
Shawn Straight – Work                                       to books on tape and discussing them with you, your child will
Brandy L. VanAuken – TC3, Undecided                         learn new vocabulary and information. If audio books are not
                                                            feasible, read required books aloud to your child and discuss
Timothy J. Vedder – US Army                                 them together. At the same time, help your child to find books
Sarah E. Volcko – TC3, Liberal Arts & Sciences              at a comfortable level so she gets practice reading herself.
(Math & Science)                                                                  – from Mr. Tobak, Library/Media Specialist                                                                                 315-852-3400
12          DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                 June 2010

                 ROCKET SPRING SPORTS
Modified Softball – Coach, Missy Fuller                       outfield, Kelsey Dunagan – left field and Shannon Eckler
     The Modified Softball team had an incredible season      – second base.
this year, with an overall record of 6-5. All the girls im-       Award winners for the team were Coach’s Award –
proved in one way or another, playing good defense and        Sarah Volcko, Most Improved Award – Weslee Eckler,
great offense. Whitney Wiltsey led the defense by strik-      and Most Valuable Award – Kayla Hampton.
ing out 28 batters that she faced. Krista Lake also struck    All Stars were Weslee Eckler and Kayla Hampton while
out 10 batters she faced. Danyelle Campbell, Ciara La         Honorable Mention was earned by Amber Schlafer and
Clair, Emilee Kosturik and Sydney Wiesing were always         Bridget Way.
ready defensively preparing for the ball to be hit in the         Great job ladies, and I can’t wait till next season!
outfield. Anna Conklyn, Alyssah Brown, Sam Gordon
and Krista Lake did a great job in the infield. The girls     Modified Baseball – Coach, Alan Ingerto
worked together to created double plays and outs. Emily           The DeRuyter Modified Baseball team recently
Cirbus led the team offensively with 8 doubles, 1 triple      completed an exciting and successful season. DeRuyter
and 2 homeruns, while Sam Gordon had 3 doubles and            finished with a 8-3 record that included three wins where
2 triples. The coach’s award goes to a girl who led the       they won by two runs or less and two wins where they
team offensively with her great at bats and aggressive        came back to win the game in the 7th inning. DeRuyter
running. She had 3 throw-outs on the season and kept          was led this season by 9th graders Dillon Burke (OF),
the girls motivated with her chipper smile and enthusi-       Troy Gordon (Pitcher, 3B) and Tim Roodenburg (Pitcher
asm. The award goes to Emily Cirbus who was a leader          & Catcher). The two returning 8th graders were John
on and off the field, always ready to go. I am so proud       Merkle (Pitcher, 3B) and Shayne Purcell (1B). The new-
of the girls, they always gave me 100% even when it           comers to the team were Will Gibbs (OF), Travis New-
was freezing cold or extremely hot. Great job girls.          ton (OF, 1B), Nate vanderWal (OF), Chris Thomas (SS,
                                                              Pitcher, Catcher), Zach Way (2B), David Zinn (OF, 1B),
Varsity Softball – Coach, Stephanie Critelli                  Daniel Wood (OF), Jack Fink (3 B, OF, Catcher) and Ted
     Congratulations to the Girls Varsity Softball team for   Bush (OF). Over the course of the season everyone im-
a 5-7 record this season. The girls all worked hard and       proved tremendously in at least one area of their game.
all showed a tremendous amount of improvement and             Since many of these players are just 7th graders, I expect
growth as student athletes.                                   great things from this group of young men. Earning the
     Highlights of the season included beating McGraw         Coach’s Award at the end of season award’s night was
at TC-3 in the 7th inning, and playing Poland in the first    Troy Gordon. Great season guys!
round in sectionals. The girls lost to Poland 5-2 in the
first round sectionals, but played hard and were winning      Varsity Baseball – Coachs Mike Gleason & Chase
up until the 5th inning. The girls worked as a team and       Vaughn
came out with strong bats and put up a good fight against         The 2010 DeRuyter Varsity Baseball season was a
a great team, and I am very proud of their accomplish-        season for growth. With only three returning players,
ments.                                                        the central focus of our team was just that, becoming a
     The team was led by seniors: Weslee Eckler – catch-      team. We started the year with two big wins over Cin-
er; Jodi Lynn – outfield; Film “Omthip” Rareethong –          cinnatus and Otselic Valley. After suffering a few tough
outfield; Emma Soederberg – outfield; Amber Schlafer          losses, the team ended up with a 3-9 record. We were
– third base and Sarah Volcko – center field. Good luck       led by Ryan Karp, Andrew Driscoll, and Brett Vos-
in your future endeavors ladies! Our juniors on the team      burg. All providing us with excellent plays and hitting.
were pitcher Kayla Hampton; first base Amber Slocum,          Ryan Coveny, Zach Thomas, Kyle Newton, and Sean
and short stop Bridget Way. Sophomores on the team            Rutherford stepped up and had good performances on
included Shelby Brabant – right field, Taylor Campbell –      the pitching mound. Our juniors, Brett Vosburg, Ryan                                                                           315-852-3400
June 2010                                                                                 DCS Rocket Pride          13

Coveny, and John Conklyn will provide excellent leader-      to improve their skills. Each of them at one time or
ship for next year’s team. Sophomores Zach Thomas,           another earned a spot in a match. Freshman Kyle Ci-
Kyle Newton, Kyle Pelcher, and Sam Farewell will help        zenski, Lukas Benjamin, Lucas Pratt and Connor Grime
contribute to being a great team in the future. Our one      all contributed in matches this season. Connor Grime
freshman player, Zack Fish, did a great job in right field   only lost once in match play against the golfer he was
and also played a couple games in the catcher position.      paired up with. Sophomore Dylan Tucker came on mid
With some more practice and experience he will make          way through the season earning a regular spot in the top
outstanding catcher. Seniors Eric Fox and David Ruiz         6. Juniors Amber Tucker, Braeden Duncan and Derrik
not only grew as baseball players, but also provided the     Fellows were all new to the golf team and improved a
entertainment for the season and will be missed next         great deal throughout the season and each got experience
year. Overall, the team worked hard and improved im-         playing in matches and contributing to the team. Return-
mensely throughout the year. This was a fun team to          ing Juniors Luke Randall, Evan White, Aaron White and
coach, we had a good season and good luck to the 2011        Leon Hartwell also improved as the season progressed
DeRuyter Varsity Baseball team. Selected for the All         and turned in many competitive scores. We had many
Star – 2nd team was Ryan Karp and Honorable Men-             close matches this season. We lost two matches by two
tion was Andrew Driscoll. At Award’s Night for Spring        strokes, one by one stroke, two by three strokes and one
Sports the following athletes received awards: Most          by seven strokes. I hope to be a league contender next
Valuable Player: Ryan Karp, Most Improved Player:            year and have at least two players go to sectionals.
David Ruiz and Coach’s Award: Ryan Coveny. Great                  My Most Valuable Player was Luke Randall. My
job guys.                                                    Most Improved Player was Kyle Cizenski and my
                                                             Coach’s Award went to Braeden Duncan. All Stars for
Modified Golf – coach, Terry Ann Smith                       this year were Luke Randall and Evan White.
     2010 was certainly a budding year for us. We began
the season with twelve eager golfers. Everyone was a         Modified Track – Coach, Gary Burdick
first timer to the sport of golf. After several beginner         This year in Modified Track we had three boys and
lessons we made our way to the course and took the           one girl. We worked hard on fundamentals and tech-
challenge of the first fairway. As we continued to prac-     nique with a substantial dose of conditioning. The
tice and learn we found golf to be both fun and frustrat-    following are the athletes and some information on
ing. Sam Haws, Kristen Grimes, and Kyle Rose, repre-         them. Veronica Stanton was a strong distance runner
sented us very well in our matches against Cincinnatus       that always was out there putting forth effort and contin-
and McGraw. Brittany Fellows and Tyler Thomas were           ued to develop throughout the season. She also worked
able to learn many golf terms and improved tremendous-       hard on the throwing events, concentrating on discus.
ly during the season. We are looking forward to a great      She did make it over to the jumping pit to try that event
summer of golfing and many years ahead on the course.        as well working on techniques and speed. Mike Booth
Sam Haws was selected as the receipent of the Coach’s        ran the sprints and distance events equally well. He
Award.                                                       did very well in the 55 meter hurdles and long jump
                                                             with marked improvement through the season. Zach
Varsity Golf – Coach, Russell Smith                          Wheeler also was very good at the sprints and distance
    Although the Varsity Golf Team finished 2-11, we         events. He worked very hard at the high jump and the
had a very successful season. This was a young team          results showed with some of the highest jumps I had in
with many new golfers. A great deal of learning took         Mod Track. Skyler Hakes was outstanding in sprints,
place and I am pleased with the improvements that were       distance runs, long and triple jumps. Skyler was at every
made. We had some fun too, which is ultimately what          practice working hard to improve and it showed. At this
high schools sports is all about learning, developing and    Award’s Ceremony Skyler earned the Coach’s Award.
having fun.                                                  All of these athletes showed true determination to make
    I saw a great deal of improvement from the new           themselves better. They worked with all the events even
golfers. They were very eager to learn and worked hard       of they did not feel they were suited for them. This is                                                                             315-852-3400
14          DCS Rocket Pride                                                                                 June 2010

important because at this age it is hard to tell what they       In all the Rockets had twenty one student athletes
will be best at.                                              contribute to the team’s success. The athletes and their
    It was great working with these athletes, seeing          events were:
them work and improve over the course of the season.             Ryan Card:                 Sprints, Long Jump
With this experience they will be coming back next year          Robert Robbins:            Sprints, High Jump
ready to improve even more. I look forward to working            T.J. Moade:                100, 800 and Relays
with them                                                        Alan Cizenski:             110 Hurdles, 400 Hurdles,
                                                                                            Relays and Triple Jump
Varsity Track – Coach, Steve Camelbeek                           Billy Haws:                Sprints & Relays
     The Varsity Track team has just finished a very suc-        Robert Fellows:            1600, 3200
                                                                 Bill Oleniuk:              800, Shotput, Discus
cessful season. Three school records fell to the fleet
                                                                 Everett Marks:             400, Relays, Discus,
Rockets. The boys 4 x 400 Relay team of Billy Haws,
                                                                                            Triple Jump
Robert Robbins, Alan Cizenski and T.J. Moade broke a
                                                                 Hannah Benjamin:           High Jump
very good record with a fast time of 3:42.3 at the State
                                                                 Katie Becker:              Injuried – High Jump,
Qualifier meet. Senior Samantha Moade broke her own                                         Triple Jump
school record in the 3000 meter run at that meet with an         Amber Marshall:            High Jump, Long Jump,
11:19.9 clocking. Earlier in the season Samantha had                                        Relays
broken the 1500 meter record with a time of 5:09.3.              Carissa Clark:             Sprints and Relays
     The Rockets had several good showings at large              Samantha Moade:            800, 1500, 3000, Relays
invitationals such as the Marathon Invite and the Nor-           Danielle Cusddeback:       200, Shotput, Discus,
wich Invitation where both the boys and the girls teams                                     Relays
finished in fourth place at that large school meet. In           Sierra Korb:               Shotput, Discus, Jumps
that meet Hannah Benjamin tied the meet record as she            Sarah Sevilla-Stanton:     Shotput, Discus
won the high jump event. In the C.U.P.P.S. Association           Missy Oleniuk:             800
Championships at Remsen the Rockets had several win-             Heather Prugger            Shotput, Discus
ners. They were Samantha Moade: 3000, Robert Rob-                Morgan Fellows:            800, Long Jump
bins; 200, Robert Fellows; 3200, and T.J. Moade; 100 &           Sabrina Edic               Scorekeeper
800. The four man team of Billy Haws, Alan Cizenski,
Robert Robbins and T. J. Moade won both the 4 x 100               Seniors who finished their career at D.C.S. were Ev-
and the 4 x 400 Relays.                                       erett Marks, Hannah Benjamin, Carissa Clark, Heather
     In the Section 3 Class D Championship Meet the           Prugger and Samantha Moade. Samantha will continue
Rockets won three events. Samantha Moade won the              her running career next year at S.U.N.Y. Cobleskill.
3000 meter run, T.J. Moade won the 800 meter run and          Good luck Sam!
the 4 x 400 Relay team of Billy Haws, Alan Cizenski,              On June 23rd, the Rockets will conclude their sea-
                                                              son with the well earned annual picnic at Sylvan Beach
Robert Robbins and T.J. Moade also took first place.
     At the Awards Night on June 10th, the team was pre-
                                                                  Altogether the Rockets had a good competitive
sented with Varsity letters, Sectional patches and certifi-
                                                              season and displayed good sportsmanship through-
cates for performance at Invitationals. Trophies were
                                                              out. They were fine ambassadors for DeRuyter Central
awarded to Sophomore T.J. Moade – Boys Most Valu-             School.
able; Senior Samantha Moade – Girls Most Valuable;                Thursday, June 10th was the Annual Spring Awards
Most Improved went to Junior – Danielle Cuddeback             night, along with each coach and team being represent-
and Sophomore - Robert Fellows. Coach’s Awards went           ed with highlights of the season. Awards such as tro-
to Carissa Clark - Senior and Junior - Billy Oleniuk.         phies, pins, pennants, certificates, T-shirts, camperships
Rookie of the Year was awarded to Junior Alan Cizen-          and Varsity letters were given out. Many of the awards
ski.                                                          were sponsored by the DeRuyter Rocket Booster Club.                                                                            315-852-3400
June 2010                                                                                 DCS Rocket Pride            15

    At the Spring Athletic Awards Night the following       Some Changes for September at DCS
students earned Academic-Athletic T-shirts for playing 2        A lot of changes have taken place during the summer
or more sports and carrying an 85+ average throughout       break here at the school. First of we said goodbye to sev-
the 2009-2010 school year.                                  eral valued colleagues, Mr. Dale Carter, Ms. Pat Smouse
    Seniors: Hannah Benjamin, Carissa Clark, Weslee,        and Mr. Steven Camelbeek who all retired this past June.
“Film” Rareethong, Eric Fox, Samantha Moade, Sean           Together, they taught and influenced many students in the
Rutherford, Amber Schlafer, Emma Soederberg, & Tim          years they were with us and each of them will be missed
                                                            very much. In replacing them we welcome Mr. Zachary
                                                            Miller who will teach English grades 11 and 12, Ms. Jamie
    Juniors are: Katie Becker, Alan Cizenski, Danielle      Doolittle who will teach Physical Education grades K
Cuddeback, Kayla Hampton, Billy Haws, Amber Slo-            through 12 and Mr. Michael Whittaker who will teach our
cum, Brett Vosburg & Bridget Way.                           Agriculture and Technology programs. We also would like
    Sophomores: Taylor Campbell, Kelsey Dunagan             to welcome Ms. Anna Edinger to our district. Ms. Edinger
and Dylan Tucker.                                           will teach English grades 7 and 8 and is replacing Ms.
    Career Sportsmanship Awards were given to a Se-         Feulner who left us this past June.
nior boy and Senior girl who echibited good sportsman-          We also said goodbye to our Pre K through 12 Prin-
ship and played sports each year for the four high school   cipal, Mr. David Hubman. Mr. Hubman was with our
                                                            district for four years and also touched the lives of many of
years; These awards were given to Weslee Eckler and
                                                            our students. He has moved on to become the Superinten-
Sean Rutherford. Congratulations.                           dent of the Adirondack Central School District beginning
    Finally, at the Award’s Night the Rocket Booster        July 1, 2010. We are very fortunate to have filled his posi-
Club awarded a $250.00 scholarship to attend a Sports       tion with a veteran administrator, Ms. Kim O’Brien who
Camp to one girl and one boy. Chosen while still            will cover grades Pre K through grade 8 and Curriculum
hidden in an envelope were Monica Tiffany for Modi-         Development. Ms. O’Brien brings many years experience
fied Girls’ Volleyball and Billy Haws for Varsity Boys’     as an educator and administrator to our district as well as
Soccer. The other nominees are eligible to receive          many new and fresh ideas. Dr. Karen Genzel, who had
$50.00 towards attending a sports camp. Those athletes      been doing Curriculum Development and Special Educa-
are Jolene Cox for Girls’ Varsity Basketball; Samantha      tion for the past two years, will be the 9 through 12 Prin-
                                                            cipal and the Special Education director for our district.
Gordon for Girls’ Modified Soccer, Courtney Randall
                                                            Please join with us in welcoming each of these folks to our
– Girls’ Modified Basketball, Girls’ Varsity Volleyball –   school.
Kayla Hampton, Emily Cirbus for Girls’ Varsity Soc-             We are also relocating a few folks in and around the
cer and Shannon Eckler – Girls’ JV Volleyball. For the      district to use space more efficiently and save money along
guys Skyler Hakes was nominated for Cross Country,          the way. Earlier this past year, we attempted to restructure
Robert Fellows for Varsity Track, Zach Wheeler – Boys’      a few of our rooms to better accommodate the needs of our
Modified Basketball, for Boys’ Modified Soccer – Mike       staff and program and to better utilize our buildings and
Booth, for Boys’ Varsity Basketball, Alyssah Brown          cut costs. That attempt was met with a few roadblocks and
– Modified Softball, Kyle Pelcher for Boys’ Varsity         had to be put on hold. We are now ready to move forward
                                                            with some very minor construction within the building
Baseball and Varsity Boys’ Golf – Lukas Benjamin.
                                                            to make the best use of our space and to save utility and
    Lastly, we would like to thank the DeRuyter Rocket      repair costs on the oldest temporary classroom out behind
Booster Club, coaches, athletes, parents, administration,   the main building. We worked with the State Education
faculty, staff and fans for making the 2009-2010 School     Department and our architect to ensure we meet all re-
Year a success for all. One other thanks goes to the        quirements. All requirements of proper air flow, egress
Booster Club for providing refreshments at the awards       and proper materials are being met. When we are done,
nights and for buying jackets/shirts for the champion-      we will be able to vacate the older temporary building be-
ship teams. We look forward to another successful           fore school begins. Our staff is doing the work and when
athletic filled year in 2010-11. Hope to see you at the     we are done, we will save $16,000 a year in utilities and
                                                            even more on repairs that would have needed to be done to
                                                            keep the temporary building maintained.                                                                              315-852-3400
DeRuyter Central School                                                                          DeRuyter Central School
711 Railroad Street                                                                              Non-Profit Organization
DeRuyter, NY 13052                                                                                  US Postage Paid
                                                                                                  DeRuyter, NY 13052

                                                                                                       PERMIT	NO.	1	

                                          DCS = DISTRICT COMMITTED TO SUCCESS
              DCS Mission Statement: The DeRuyter Central School District accepts the responsibility of assuring that
                   students reach their educational, physical, and emotional potential in a safe environment.

 DCS Vision Statement: DeRuyter Central prepares students for making good choices in life. The students are literate in the written
and spoken word. They choose to read and demonstrate an extensive vocabulary. The students are skilled in the use of technology.
Students acquire knowledge and skills, organize information for use and demonstrate competence in applying their learning to real
situations. They collaborate as contributing members on a team. Students value knowledge and strive for quality for its own sake.
Measures of success are referenced to standards of performance not comparisons to other schools. Students demonstrate positive
                                        character traits and aspire to a high moral standard.


This is a friendly reminder that DeRuyter Central School District is Tobacco Free. School Policy prohibits the use of tobacco products.
                                               Everywhere. By Everyone. At all times.
                                                   Thank you for your cooperation.                                                                                              315-852-3400

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