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									                                                         COMPUTER SOFTWARE

Nursing Notes is an add-on module to Pentax’s
endoPRO® image management system and
Doc-U-Scribe™ reporting software. This module
permits paperless documentation and real-time
entering of nursing notes into the patient record
at the point of care utilizing easy-to-use input
screens. Data can be collected during all
phases of patient care including pre-procedure,
procedure, post-procedure and discharge.

• Collect complete           • Document discharge
  patient medical history      criteria
  including allergies,       • Patient location can be
  current medications,         tracked, logged and
  previous surgeries, etc.     viewed from a central
• Document medications         workstation
  administered anytime       • Data automatically
  during patient care          populates the
  and/or the procedure         endoPRO® and/or
• Document scopes and          Doc-U-Scribe™
  accessories used             database using
  during the procedure         “auto-fill” function
• Document vital signs       • Input data using
  and/or automatically         Wireless Tablet, Laptop
  collect vital signs from     or Desktop Computer
  patient monitoring         • Create printed copies
  device with optional         to file with patient
  interface software           chart
• Document physician’s       • Electronic file
  and/or nurse’s               available for the life
  comments at any phase        of the procedure
  of the procedure
                                                                  N U R S I N G                            N O T E S
                          Order Number: #70135

                         Requirements                                             Ordering Information                   Optional

                         Nursing Notes is not a standalone                        Purchase price includes                An optional interface to vital sign
                         product. Purchase of appropriate                         one-time modification to the           monitors is available for the
                         endoPRO® Workstation Licenses                            input window screens and               automatic capture and storage
                         and installation are required.                           Nursing Notes Reports to meet          of patient vitals during all phases
                                                                                  site specifications. Additional        of the procedure.
                                                                                  modifications are available on
                                                                                  a time and materials basis.
                                             MPS                                                                                   Nursing Notes

                                                                                                                                                Vital Sign

                                                  HL7                                                                         Doc-U-Scribe™

                                                                                                                                  Pedunculated Polyp

                                                                                                                                                       Post Polypectomy


                                                                                                              TO PLACE AN ORDER:

                                                                                                      Within the U.S. call:             Within Canada call:
                    Specifications are subject to change without notice, and
                    without any obligation on the part of the manufacturer.
                                                                                                       800.431.5880                      800.750.5558
                    CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on
                                                                                                            or fax to:                                    or fax to:
                    the order of a physician or other appropriately licensed                             845.365.0822                            905.501.1782
                    medical professional.
                    MK-039         (05/03)                                                                                                                                                 Revision: a

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