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									                                                      The Best Fibromyalgia Websites
                                                      A. Katz, N. H. Daly MS, ANP., L. Dwyer, L. Gasich, R. S. Katz, M.D., Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL

Abstract                                                                             Features of an Excellent Website                                                 
Purpose: to select the best websites for patients with fibromyalgia. Several years   I   Accurate medical content
ago Dr. Don Goldenberg did a similar review. We are attempting to update that        I   Up-to-date medical information
information.                                                                         I   Quantity of information
                                                                                     I   Alternative medicine not offered as a treatment
Rationale:   Three individuals, a Rheumatology nurse, a medical office employee
                                                                                     I   User friendly navigation
and a premedical college student, evaluated the top twenty-fibromyalgia websites
                                                                                     I   Recommended for professionals
using the Google and Yahoo search engines. Criteria used to assess these web-
                                                                                     I   Provides links to other resources
sites were: accurate medical content, up to date information, the quantity of
                                                                                     I   No advertising of commercial products
information, whether the site provides links to other resources, whether alterna-
                                                                                     I   Good design
tive medicine was suggested as a treatment, if the website was user friendly,
whether it could be recommended for patients and whether it should be recom-
mended to healthcare professionals. The rating were: strongly disagree, disagree,
neutral, agree and strongly agree (1 to 5).
                                                                                     Recommended Websites                                        I   Good design                                            I   Not user friendly
Results:   The Google search engine provided 410,007 and the Yahoo search                                        I   User friendly                                          I   Lack of links to other resources
engine listed 553,00 sites. The three evaluators concluded that the best three                                                                   I   Accurate and timely information
websites, using this rating system were:                                                                                                         I   Good overview of FMS, including treatment

1.) The Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation
    Total score 108
                                                                                                                                                 Features of a Poor Website                                 A review of the top fibromyalgia websites listed in Google and
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yahoo demonstrated that the best sites were the Oregon
2.) Fibromyalgia Information                                                                                                                         Poor design
    Total score 92                                                                                                                               I   Lack of reliable medical information on fibromyalgia   Fibromyalgia Foundation, Fibromyalgia Information (Ottawa
                                                                                                                                                 I   Not enough up-to-date medical information              Canada FMS Support Group), and the National Fibromyalgia
3.) National Fibromyalgia Association                                                                                                            I   Not user friendly                                      Foundation. Patients often log on to the World Wide Web
    Total score 88                                                                                                                               I   Advertises commercial products
                                                                                                                                                                                                            to obtain information about fibromyalgia. Some of these sites
                                                                                     I   User friendly                                                                                                      provide inaccurate medical information, but the three websites
                                The Oregon

                                                                                         Up-to-date information on FMS
                                                                                         Offers numerous resources for fibromyalgia literature
                                                                                                                                                 Not Recommended                                            listed in our results were found to be very helpful for patient
                                Foundation                         Association                                                                                                    education.
                                                                                     I   Comprehensive information on FMS and treatments
Accurate Medical Content        Score:15         Score: 12         Score: 12
Up to Date Medical
                                Score: 15        Score: 12         Score: 12
Amount of Information           Score: 15        Score: 15         Score: 11
Alternative Medicine not        Score: 14        Score: 12         Score: 12
Offered as a Treatment
User Friendly                   Score: 13        Score: 12         Score: 12
Recommended for                 Score: 15        Score: 11         Score: 11
Provides Links to               Score: 12        Score: 12         Score: 12
other Resources
Total Score                     Total: 99        Total: 86         Total: 82
                                                                                                                                                 I   Lack of accurate medical content
(Three Evaluators)
                                                                                                                                                 I   Not user friendly
                                                                                     I   Comprehensive information including FMS treatment
Ratings:                                                                                                                                         I   No good links to other resources
                                                                                     I   User friendly
1=Strongly disagree; 2=Disagree; 3=Neutral; 4=Agree; 5=Strongly Agree
                                                                                     I   Good links to numerous FMS resources
                                                                                     I   Up-to-date medical information

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