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					e-Democracy Day - Bristol
        31st October 2007
  Ian Wiebkin – Kirklees Council
Our History

  •   Formerly the DigiTV National Project – sponsored by ODPM

  •   Now owned and managed by Kirklees Council (not for profit)

  •   DigiTV Starter Kit – „microsite‟, content, images, forms and questionnaires

  •   3 Channels:

           - Digital Television: Sky, Virgin TV, connected Freeview

           - Mobile Phones

           - Kiosks (CitySpace)

  •   Available to any LA or other public sector body (Police, Fire, Housing etc.)

  •   A route to deliver Local Strategic Partnerships

  •   Nearly 80 Local Authorities to date

  •   Nearly 750,000 hits a month
Our Brands

  Our customer (LA) facing brand

  Our consumer facing brands:
TV & Mobile
The DigiTV Audience

 There is a clearly defined audience for DigiTV:

 •   Digitally excluded, with a focus on the C2, D and E demographic
 •   Evidence suggests that these people are the highest users of public
     services, the most expensive to service and the most difficult to reach

 Results from recent Looking Local national questionnaire:

 •   69% did not have or did not use a PC at home
 •   66% were either unemployed, lone parent, disabled or older person

 Ofcom June 2007 - Ethnic minority groups and communications services report:

 •   52% of non EMG households and 63% of EMG households had TV capable
     of accessing Looking Local
 •   c. 90% of the adult population owns a mobile phone

 •   Interactive TV and Mobile gives us the opportunity to provide real time links
     to external computer systems. These can be developed by the microsite
     owner, external 3rd party Plugin Partners or DigiTV:
      • Jobsearch – Jobcentre Plus
      • GP Appointments – Pioneered by e@SY Connects
      • e@SY Connects - Educational e-Mentoring
      • e@SY Connects - e-Petitioning
      • Barnsley – Benefit claim status
      • SYPTE – „YourNextBus‟ for individual bus stops from GPS information
      • South Lanarkshire - PC and library item booking and renewal

      • Brent – property search for ward, polling stations, rubbish collection day,
        coucil tax bands, local schools etc
      • Avon & Somerset Police & Herts Direct - CMS integration
      • Wychavon – Choice Based Lettings
Plugin Development

                     “Within two working days I had
                     finished development of seven
                     plugins that link into the various
                     systems and live information
                     available from our website.

                     I'm proud to have extended our
                     services onto digital TV in a way
                     that it will automatically keep them
                     up to date without any further
                     time or effort.

                     Development was very straight
                     forwards and rewarding, I found it
                     a nice break from working on more
                     elaborate systems.”
e@SY Connects e-Petitions Online
e@SY Connects e-Petitions on TV
e@SY Connects Award Finalists

                                  e@SY Connects Transformational Petitioning
                                  2007 e-Government Award Finalists

•   e-Petitioning was made possible after winning EU funding from the e-
    Participation Initiative to implement e-Petitioning on all channels.

•   One of the core tenets of the funding was that the e-Petitioning product could
    be replicated across other European countries, and Holland is about to launch
    the same e-Petitioning module on the web and is considering DiTV as another
    channel option.
•   Gary Simpson – Programme Manager e@SY Connects:
•   “Petitions can be focused on local issues or relate to national policies and areas
    of debate and we believe their introduction will stimulate use of DiTV and
    mobile as a means of communication and local participation. This work will be
    closely monitored and we hope other local authorities will follow South
    Yorkshire‟s lead.”
Any Questions?

            Ian Wiebkin
            Technical Manager


            mob: 07981 520981
            office: 020 8306 0543

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