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					            Vol. ’07, No. 3 of 6                                  Journal of the Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club

               Condor Call
               Serving Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties                                 June/July 2007

Energy fights . . . Energy answers . . . Grizzly . . . Gridlock . . . Forest
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      Condor Call
      Journal of the Los Padres Chapter Sierra Club
      Serving Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties                                                                                                                                         June/July 2007

Coalition will fight
Venoco oil projects
   Environmental groups are orga-        drilling from the aging Platform
nizing to protest Venoco’s plans to      Holly into offshore leases that the
expand offshore oil activity from        state once withdrew from produc-
Goleta to Carpinteria. Spring and        tion. The company says it would
summer hearings undoubtedly will         upgrade the existing onshore oil and
bring out concerned citizens to con-     gas processing plant, which is a legal
tinue a century of opposition.           non-conforming use on land the
   The Environmental Defense Center      county rezoned many years ago in an
will represent the Sierra Club’s Los     effort to end coastal industrialization.
Padres Chapter along with other envi-       The oil company also wants ten
ronmental groups at the hearings. (See   more years to use a barge to carry
box on page 7 for the hearing schedule   oil from a near-shore mooring in the
for all the projects reviewed here.)     area to Los Angeles and San Fran-
   The issues involve more than          cisco. Transporting by oil tankers is
conventional environmental prob-         not authorized. Opponents say that
lems, although they too are enor-        towing barges should also be ended.
mous. Land use zoning is among              A third application request seeks
the concerns, as well as question-       to recommission a lease where no
able availability of some offshore       production has occurred since 1994.
areas Venoco wants to drill into.           Also in the wind is NorthernStar
   At Carpinteria, the company           Natural Gas Company’s proposal to             “Skippy,” along with sidekick “Crocodile Al,” premiered at the State Lands Commission hearing to howls of laughter as
                                                                                       they offered to buy influence from politicians who would decide on Australian company BHP Billiton’s plan to build an off-
wants to erect a 175-foot-high tower     use Venoco’s Platform Grace for an
                                                                                       shore LNG plant. The mascots were conceived by Sierra Club members Janet Bridgers, Mike Demartino and Alan
on the city’s ocean bluff. By direc-     LNG-processing facility, which                Sanders. Read how LNG was thwarted on page 7. (Photo by Al Sanders)
tional drilling from the tower,          may have gained stature since Gov.
Venoco could reach oil deposits          Schwarzenegger rejected BHP Bil-             SORE AT TRAFFIC?
under offshore leases.                   liton’s LNG project off the coast of

   “I personally have done a
                                         Oxnard last month.
                                            Here are summaries of the
                                         Venoco proposals:
                                                                                          Bold proposal aims at gridlock
bunch of ice climbs around the              Carpinteria (Paredon): Venoco’s                     By Alan Sanders                 he said. “But all of our attempts to     process in Oxnard and helped de-
world that no longer exist . . . I       plan to drill into offshore leases from          A bold proposal to put large proj-    solve these problems through some        feat Measure B, a quarter-cent sales
was aghast at the change.”               onshore wellheads on the Carpinteria         ects in the City of Oxnard on the         compromise with the City Council         tax meant to subsidize transporta-
   —Yvon Choinard of Ventura,            waterfront is evoking fervent protest.       ballot if the traffic on nearby roads      resulted in failure. This may not be     tion projects in Ventura County.
founder of Patagonia Inc., comment-      Carpinterians have protected their bluffs,   is below acceptable limits was            a perfect solution but it is the best       The announcement was staged at
ing on how climbers and explorers are    beaches, wetlands, marshes and foothills     announced May 18 by Oxnard City           we could do given the difficulties of     6 p.m. at the corner of Vineyard and
giving first-hand accounts of effects     with remarkable success. And now this.       Council member Tim Flynn, former          resolving large problems through         Esplanade Drivem where a constant
they attribute to global warming. EDC       There is nothing inconspicuous            Ventura mayor Richard Francis, and        initiatives.”                            visual reminder of the issue was
chose Chouinard for one of this year’s   about the project. Local artists and         Oxnard attorney Fred Rosamond.               Attorney Rosamond has been an         present in the form of traffic stacked
“Environmental Heroes” awards.           draftsmen have designed posters to               Flynn is planning on asking the       important supporter of the SOAR          up in every direction.
                                         illustrate that a 175-foot drilling          city to place the measure on the bal-
   Building the tower would require
rezoning the property near Venoco’s
                                         tower on the waterfront would be
                                         visible at a great distance, dominat-
                                                                                      lot, but if that doesn’t happen a
                                                                                      committee of volunteers will begin        S.B. trail conflicts
processing and storage plant. The
impacts there would be many, but
the tower, about 15-stories high, is
probably the bulls-eye of commu-
                                         ing the coastal charms that charac-
                                         terize the small town.
                                            This structure would be onshore
                                         near the foot of the Venoco pier. The
                                                                                      the process of gathering signatures
                                                                                      to ensure voters get a chance to
                                                                                      determine its fate.
                                                                                          The initiative centers on the fail-
                                                                                                                                need your input
                                                                                                                                          By Jim Childress                Sierra Club policy says that existing
nity opposition.                         rig would drill up to 35 wells in what       ure of city planners to mitigate for         The Santa Barbara Group made           users must not be displaced from
   At Ellwood, on the Goleta water-      is known as the Paredon Field, and           levels of traffic that fall below an       an important presentation on trail        the trails.
front, Venoco wants to expand                                     VENOCO . . . 8      official rating system of D, E or F.       conflicts between hikers, bikers, and         These local trails are often ridden
                                                                                      Citizens would be allowed to vote         equestrians at the June 6 meeting of      by “downhill” cyclists riding heavy
                                                                                      on approval of large projects (com-       the Multi-jurisdictional Task Force       specialized bicycles which are
                                                                                      mercial buildings of over 5,000           (Santa Barbara city, county, and For-     essentially gravity powered motor-
                                                                                      square feet or housing projects of        est Service), which focuses on the        cycles. These bikes must be carried
                                                                                      more than six units) that are located     Santa Barbara front country trails.       to the tops of the trails and can only
                                                                                      within five miles of any intersection         Club members are urged to give         be ridden down. They can achieve
                                                                                      with a failing grade.                     input at the public meetings, sched-      astonishing speeds to the consterna-
                                                                                          Flynn noted that the city’s gen-      uled the first Wednesday of each           tion of hikers and equestrians who
                                                                                      eral plan actually has good lan-          month at 5:30 p.m. at the Santa Bar-      are also on these steep, narrow
                                                                                      guage about preventing lower levels       bara City Council chambers, al-           trails.
                                                                                      of traffic flows, but that most pro-        though in July it will meet on the           It is clear that almost all equestri-
                                                                                      jects are nevertheless approved with      11th. The website is: www.santa           ans have been displaced from these
                                                                                      little or no substantive mitigation Click on        trails and an unknown number of
                                                                                      measures.                                 “Other Committees” and you’ll find         hikers as well. It is important that
                                                                                          “Every citizen in Oxnard experi-      the Front Country Trails Task Force.      the task force hear from individual
                                                                                      ences increased congestion and               The Santa Barbara Group presen-        hikers and equestrians on this issue.
                                                                                      gridlock so they know that the pre-       tation focused on the national Sierra     If you have an opinion on the needs
                                                                                      sent system of project approvals          Club policy on mountain bike usage        of the Santa Barbara front country
                                                                                      isn’t working. My goal is to bring        as it applies to the local situation.     trails please come to at least one of
                                                                                      these people into the permitting          The policy holds that outside of          these meetings and give your view,
                                                                                      process so that projects that are         wilderness, mountain bikes are an                                   TRAILS . . . 7
                                                                                      deemed to be beneficial to the com-        appropriate use of the trails where
                                                                                      munity will be approved but those         certain conditions have been met and              COVER PHOTO
                                                                                                                                                                           Artist Rob Mullen’s “Conjuring
                                                                                      that are detrimental will be              the nature of the trails makes it safe
                                                                                                                                                                           House Rock” comes from an on-
                                                                                      rejected,” Flynn said.                    and restricts environmental damage.        going series of wilderness canoe
                                                                                          Francis, who was one of the              Particular factors to evaluate are      expeditions by artists that will pre-
                                                                                      authors of Ventura County’s famed         the steepness, narrowness, line of         miere from June 27 to Sept. 9 at the
                                                                                      Save Our Agricultural Resources           sight, width, drop-off, and trail sur-     Wildling Art Museum, 2948 Nojoqui
                                                                                      (SOAR) initiative, has a track            face. The Santa Barbara front coun-        in Los Olivos. Mullen, the expedi-
                                                                                      record of breaking deadlocks with         try trails, which descend from a           tion leader, will give a special pre-
                                                                                      decision makers by giving power           road at the top of the ridge, are very     sentation June 24 next door to the
                                                                                      back to the people.                       steep, often quite narrow, have            museum. Find out more by calling
                                                                                          “We tried everything we could         short lines of sight, steep drop-offs      688-1082 or go to www.wildling
                                                                                      think of to avoid taking this action,”    and loose surfaces. In addition, the
2 • Condor Call – June/July 2007
                                                                                                                                                From the Chair . . .
                                                                                                                                  Celebrate success,
                                                                                                                                  then keep fighting!
                                                                                                                                   By Mike Stubblefield               And I want to congratulate EDC on
                                                                                                                                 LOS PADRES CHAPTER CHAIR            its 30th Anniversary. I shudder to
                                                                                                                               By the time that you receive this     think what our coast would look
                                                                                                                            issue of the Condor Call you no          like if had not been protected for the
                                                                                                                            doubt already will have heard that       last 30 years by EDC. So when you
                                                                                                                            the governator terminated BHP            get one of those little envelopes
                                                                                                                            Billiton’s Cabrillo Port.                from the folks at EDC asking for
                                                                                                                               I want to personally thank all of     money, try to help them out as
                                                                                                                            the fine people in the Los Padres         much as you can.
                                                                                                                            Chapter who helped us stop this             On other fronts: We’re all await-
                                                                                                                            monster. I especially want to thank      ing the EPA’s decision on whether
                                                                                                                                                                     to designate the old Halaco facility
                                                                                                                                                                     at Ormond Beach as a Superfund
                                                                                                                                  EAVESDROPS                         site. We’re also waiting for EPA to
                                                                                                                               “It was as if compliance with         make up its mind whether to desig-
                                                                                                                            the law was secondary at best and        nate the old Santa Susana Field
                                                                                                                            irrelevant at worst.”                    Laboratory in the Santa Susana
                                                                                                                               —Jamie Clark of Defenders of          Mountains south of Simi Valley as a
                                                                                                                            Wildlife, calling the reign of Julie     Superfund site.
                                                                                                                            MacDonald at Fish and Wildlife’s            I had always thought that Super-
                                                                                                                            Endangered      Species    Program       fund sites were what happened back
                                                                                                                            “appalling.” MacDonald quit in           East in the Rust Belt when industry
 The chapter’s first Energy Film Festival was a great success and gave the chapter an opportunity to be highly visible and   May, charged with altering scien-        left town and the taxpayers were
 give out Sierra Club materials, including the Condor Call. Shown (from left) are Ali’I Sulit, Al Sanders, Kesa Ryono and   tific conclusions and providing           left with the clean-up bill. Now
 Alisse Weston Fisher. (Photo by Robert Bernstein)                                                                          inside information to lobbyists.         we’re looking at two Superfund
                                                                                                                                                                     sites right here in Ventura County.

Energy film fest a success
       By Robert Bernstein                lists                       pany for just $5.
                                                                                                                            Trevor Smith, the chair of the Club’s
                                                                                                                            LNG Task Force (and now our
                                                                                                                            Chapter ExCom Vice-Chair) and Al
                                                                                                                            Sanders, Conservation Chair, for the
                                                                                                                                                                        On a brighter note, I want to let
                                                                                                                                                                     everybody know that Dorothy Lit-
                                                                                                                                                                     tlejohn, our new Energy Chair, put
                                                                                                                                                                     on a successful Energy Film Festi-
   The Los Padres Chapter’s first                 more than 40 films                             The films dealt with con-     unbelievable work that they put in       val up in Santa Barbara at the Uni-
Energy Film Festival was a success               available for a festi-                        servation     and    solar   over the last two years. And to all      tarian Church as part of the Earth
with about 400 people attending.                 val or home show-                             energy: Power of Com-        the folks from the Sespe Group—          Day festivities (see story this page).
   The Chapter’s Energy Chair,                   ings. It was co-spon-                         munity, Kilowatt Ours,       you know who you are!—who                   Now Dorothy is planning an
Dorothy Littlejohn, organized the                sored      by      the                        Autos on Welfare, and        pitched in, A Big Thank You!             alternative vehicle car show for the
event, and Santa Barbara City                    Unitarian Society of                          Fossil Free by 33, which        Also a huge thank you to Susan        annual Fourth of July Street Fair in
Council member Grant House was                   Santa Barbara, which                          is about the Santa Bar-      Jordan and the California Coastal        Ventura (see story on page 5).
emcee and kept the discussion                    hosted the event in its                       bara Community Envi-         Protection Network. Those of you            The City of Ventura has gener-
lively and brief. There were also                main Parish Hall and                          ronmental Council’s local    who attended the California Coastal      ously handed over a whole block
giveaways of free bus passes and                 in the large outdoor    Dorothy    Littlejohn campaign.                    Commission hearing in Santa Bar-         for us to display all kinds of new
other goodies from group tables.                 plaza.                  organized         the A full page article in the   bara will surely agree that Susan        ways to get around: electrics,
                                                                         Energy Film Festival.
   The event is part of a National                  Most seats filled,                          April 26 issue of The        Jordan is amazing. She personally        hybrids, bio-diesels, etc. There will
Sierra Club campaign, and Little-                and an excellent vegetarian dinner Independent appeared in the film         lobbied virtually every coastal com-     also be information booths with
john said the club’s website (www.               was provided by a catering com- section, and helped to turn out            missioner the day before the hear-       valuable beta on all kinds of alter-
                                                                                       many new people.                     ing.                                     native transportation alternatives.
                                                                                                                               Finally, I want to thank the Envi-       Now, let’s party! I hope to see all
                              Condor Call                                                 New P.O. Box                      ronmental Defense Center (EDC)
                                                                                                                            for its work on the Billiton project.
                                                                                                                                                                     of you in the High Country this
           ONLINE:                                          The Los Padres Chapter
                              EDITOR: John Hankins, 745-5432
               1056 Eugenia Pl., ‘A’, Carpinteria, CA 93013 •
                                                                                          members should note a
                                                                                          new post office box for the
                                                                                                                            Ed Easton honored as the
                          ADVERTISING: Contact Condor Call Editor
                                 DEADLINES FOR ALL ISSUES:
        Copy Deadline: 15th—Advertising Deadline: 20th of month preceeding publication.
                                                                                            Los Padres Chapter
                                                                                                                            ‘first chair’ in City of Goleta
                                     Publication schedule:                                  Sierra Club                        Congratulations to Ed Easton for         They include the 275-unit Village
                   Feb/Mar, April/May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan                P.O. Box 31241,                 becoming the City of Goleta’s first       at Los Carneros, Costco gas station,
                             SUBSCRIPTIONS: Free to members
                                                                                            Santa Barbara, CA 93130-1241    planning commission chair. He was        Venoco oil projects and a nearly
                             Non-members, $5 per year. Contact:
                   Art Benkaim, 645 Costa del Mar, #C, Santa Barbara 93103                   While its first use will be     chosen by the other six commis-          17,000-square foot mixed use pro-
                            Photos, news, tips always welcome!                                                              sioners.                                 ject called the Fairview Commercial
                                                                                          to receive donation checks           Easton has served as the Santa        Center, among many others.
                          SIERRA CLUB                                                     from the once-per-year
                                                                                          March fundraising appeal,
                                                                                                                            Barbara Group chair and represents
                                                                                                                            the group at the chapter’s Executive
                                                                                                                                                                        “We have a new General Plan and
                                                                                                                                                                     we also are faced with a large number
                                   * LOS PADRES CHAPTER *
                     Post Office Box 31241, Santa Barbara, CA 93130-1241                  it will also be used for gen-     Committee meetings. However, as          of proposed changes to what was cre-
                                                                                          eral purposes.                    of June he had to resign his Sierra      ated by an earlier administration.
                 Santa Barbara 965-9719 • Ventura 488-7988                                                                  Club positions to avoid any con-         Good planning does not change its
                             Change of Address: Member Services
                         P.O. Box 52968, Boulder, Colorado 80322-2968
                                                                                                                            flicts of interest.                       mind at every election. I hope we
                   or or call (415) 977-5653                                                    Easton encouraged the Sierra Club     might produce recommendations
                                 National Office: (415) 977-5500                                                            to continue its involvement in Goleta-   which will be effective in protecting
                      85 2nd St., 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105-3441                                                   area issues as there is a list with at   and enhancing what all Goletans
                               Washington Office: (202) 547-5550                                                            least 27 major projects at this time.    value in our community,” Easton said.
                             408 C St., N.E., Washington, D.C., 20002
                              * CHAPTER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE *
         The Chapter Executive Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month
                           at 7:00 p.m. IHOP Restaurant in Carpinteria.
                  Mike Stubblefield (chair) 988-0339,
                Trevor Smith (vice-chair) 469-9765,
               Alisse Weston Fisher (secretary) 443-4367,
                        Kesa Ryono, 271-0506,
                        Daniel Pearson, 488-5168,
                                 Dr. John Ziv,
                                  * GROUP REPRESENTATIVES *
                                 Arguello: Jerry Connor, 928-3598
                                  Conejo: Jeri Andrews, 379-2768                          Memorial or Commemorative
                               Santa Barbara: Ed Easton, 967-1113                         gifts are a unique way to honor
                                  Sespe: Alan Sanders, 488-7988                           an individual or special event
                                         * GROUP CHAIRS *                                 and at the same time provide
                                 Arguello: Jerry Connor, 928-3598                         important funding towards
                                  Conejo: John Holroyd, 495-6391
                               Santa Barbara: Ed Easton, 967-1113
                                                                                          Sierra Club’s long-term goals.
                       Sespe: Joy Kobayashi,                   And like the memories you hold,
                                      * CHAPTER SERVICES *                                this is a gift that will last
                         Chapter-wide Outings: Jerry Connor, 928-3598                     forever. For more information,
                       Conservation Chair Ventura: Al Sanders, 488-7988                   call (415) 977-5653.
                                 Conservation Chair Santa Barbara
                                Legal Chair: David Gold, 642-7748
                                                                                          MEMORIAL/COMMEMORATIVES PROGRAM
                                           Political Chair:
                                                                                          85 SECOND STREET
                           Joy Kobayashi,
                                                                                          SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105
                                Treasurer: Richard Hunt, 682-0695
                                                                                          CHAPTER CONTACT:
                             222 E. Carrillo St., Santa Barbara 93101
          Typography & production by Jim Cook • Printed by Western Web Printing, Inc.
                                                                                          CATHERINE GRAHAM,
                                                                                                                             Ed Easton will be trading his wooden walking stick for a wooden gavel now that
                                                                                                                             he’s been named first-ever Chair of the city of Goleta’s Planning Commission.
                                                                                                                                                                                      June/July – Condor Call • 3
                                                                                    JUNE 20 PROGRAM
          Los Padres Group News
       The public is welcome to our programs                                              Grizzly stories at potluck
                        CHAPTER EXCOM                                                           By Lynn P. Kirst
  • The Los Padres Chapter Executive Committee meets on the fourth                     The Santa Barbara Museum of
    Thursday of every month at 7 p.m., IHOP Restaurant in Carpinteria.              Natural History is the location of
    Next dates: June 22 and July 26. Call 965-9719 for agendas.                     the Santa Barbara Group’s annual
                       ARGUELLO GROUP                                               potluck dinner, being held in con-
  • Program information from Jerry Connor, 928-3598                                 junction with a special program co-
                         CONEJO GROUP                                               sponsored by the Wildling Art
  • Get info from: hiker.                         Museum at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June
                 SANTA BARBARA GROUP                                                20.
  • Special program at S.B. Museum of Natural History, 7 p.m., Wed.,
                                                                                       Well-known Santa Barbara artist
    June 20. Grizzly bears and a potluck! See details this page.
                                                                                    Patti Jacquemain will give a visual
    Conservation issues from Ed Easton, 967-1113.
                                                                                    presentation on the history and fate
                          SESPE GROUP
                                                                                    of the California grizzly bear and its
  • Oxnard/Ventura-based group information from Al Sanders, 488-7988.
                                                                                    mystique throughout the ages. Ear-
                                                                                    lier this year, Jacquemain published
                  EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                                                                    her latest book, a children’s story
             ExCom shuts office                                                      called Journey of the Great Bear
                                                                                    Through California’s Golden Past.
             and allocates funds                                                    A book signing will be held during
                                                                                    the potluck dinner following the
   The Sierra Club will no longer        Chouinard and Fran Pavley.                 program.
have a downtown Santa Barbara                —Heard a presentation by EDC              A lifelong nature lover, Jacque-
presence as the Chapter Executive        attorney Linda Krop about Venoco’s         main has had over 30 local and
Committee decided to close the           many pending oil projects (see story       national one-person exhibits of her
office at the end of June, using a        on page 1), among other projects. A        original wood block prints. The
Post Office box for mail, while           coalition has been formed to fight          Sierra Club has published several of
putting more effort into upgrading       the Venoco project in Carpinteria          her works as greeting cards, which
the website.                             and the ExCom allocated $5,000 for         will be available during the book
   The ExCom also decided it             it.                                        signing. Jacquemain is also an ac-
should continue an agreement with            Fran Farina of the SB Group was        complished mosaic artist, with the
the Western Alliance for Nature,         voted to represent the chapter on the      bear being one of her favorite sub-
which has matched chapter funds          oil coalition.                             jects.
for various projects.                        The Los Padres Chapter and                Jacquemain was the founder of the
   In other actions during the April     EDC have worked together in coali-         Wildling Art Museum in Los Olivos,
and May meetings, the ExCom:             tions for about 16 years, not only on      which specializes in the art of Amer-         Patti Jacquemain will be the speaker at the Santa Barbara Group’s June 20
                                                                                                                                  program, speaking about her favorite animal, the grizzly bear. She is seen here
   —Voted to pay Al Sanders              oil, but also on coastal development       ica’s wilderness. She has served con-
                                                                                                                                  beside one of her mosaic creations.
$15,000 for the rest of the year for     such as the Gaviota Coast and              tinuously as the museum’s board
conservation work in both Santa          Halaco on the Oxnard Coast.                president since its founding in 1997.
Barbara and Ventura counties.
   —Spent $300 to co-sponsor the
                                             —Intend to set up training ses-
                                         sions on how to post issues, meet-
                                                                                       The program begins at 7 p.m.
                                                                                    Since this is a potluck dinner,
                                                                                                                                Appointment ‘WANderful’
Environmental Defense Center’s           ings, outings, etc. to the chapter’s       everyone is encouraged to bring a              Editor’s Note: This letter was             The importance of your action
annual award and auction, held in        website and to make it more inter-         dish to share, preferably one that          sent May 24 to State Senator Don           cannot be overstated, nor can the
early June and honoring Yvonne           active and informative.                    serves at least eight people. Plan to       Perata, Chair of the Senate Rules          feeling of extreme gratitude from
                SANTA BARBARA GROUP                                                 arrive a few minutes early to set           Committee, on behalf of the Los            many people in the environmental
                                                                                    your dish on the buffet table, and          Padres Chapter for his reappoint-          community. Your action gives us a
   Group honors Art Benkaim                                                         bring serving utensils if necessary.
                                                                                    The SB Group will provide plates,
                                                                                                                                ment of Sara Wan to the California
                                                                                                                                Coastal Commission
                                                                                                                                                                           cause for celebration that is very
                                                                                                                                                                           rare, very personal and very much
    for S.B. trail guide book                                                       cutlery and beverages. Admission is
                                                                                                                                   Dear Chairman Perata,
                                                                                                                                   Thank you for listening to all of
                                                                                                                                                                              I, myself, am acquainted with
   The Santa Barbara Group heard         of the work updating the Santa                An additional attraction is the          the “little people” who have been          scores of coastal activists who will
an update on the trail guide and         Barbara Trail Guide is done and on         opportunity to enjoy the exhibition         requesting that you act to reappoint       be very thankful to you for this
voted that the Los Padres Chapter        the website, which includes GPS            “Traje: Village Clothing of Mexico          Sara Wan to the California Coastal         action.
should allocate $1 per member to         points, photos, new hikes and new          and Guatemala,” which is installed          Commission. Clearly, you have lis-            On behalf of the Los Padres
each of the chapter’s four groups        text. If you haven’t visited it yet, go    in the display cases of the Fleish-         tened to our voices and to your own        Chapter, thank you very much.
during its meetings in March, April,     to:        mann Auditorium. Nearly 50 exam-            environmental ethics that are out-            Sincerely, Alan Sanders
and May.                                    The book, written by Art                ples of colorful garments worn by           standing.                                     Conservation Chair
   However, the group is further         Benkaim, is no longer in print but         indigenous peoples are on display
researching how the Club handles         Biegen plans to get it done when           for the first time.
such funding in other chapters.
   It also decided not to pay for a
downtown office, which will be
                                         time permits.
                                            The group will send Art an offi-
                                         cial letter thanking him not only for
                                                                                       The museum is located at 2559
                                                                                    Puesta del Sol Road in Santa Bar-
                                                                                    bara. For details call 2007 Program
                                                                                                                                           Condor Classifieds
closed at the end of June.               the book, but for the many years of        Chairman Lynn Kirst at 969-6848.            LOOKING for a friend with Prius in Mon- Call Tali, 448-2619.
   In other business, the Group          profit accrued to the chapter from                                                      tecito. Call 969-4610.                      SOUTHOLD, Long Island, room and shared
heard from Tony Biegen that most         its sales.                                  SAVE THE DATE AUG. 26: Mark your LIGHTEN UP. Professional organizing. Help- bath, hostel type, 3 beds in one room, 2nd
                                                                                     calendar for Santa Barbara Group’s ing create homes that uplift and enlighten. floor, Victorian. $500/week. Area of old

Chapter to fight desal                                                                annual beach breakfast at Shoreline 805-680-9033.
                                                                                     Park on Sunday, Aug.26.
                                                                                                                                                                            houses, barns, cemeteries, kayaking, too.
                                                                                                                                PASS ON your outdoor gear or whatever 962-6508.
                                                                                        What better way to start a sum- through the Condor Call classifieds. Just fill ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE for back, feet,
          By Alan Sanders                Chapter Chair Mike Stubblefield              mer Sunday than with orange juice in the blanks below and send us a check. hands, etc., for adults, children and ani-
   The City of Oxnard is moving for-        “We went through this same issue overlooking the ocean, pancakes REAL ESTATE: I can help. Kevin Young mals; your home or office. Be healthy.
                                                                                                                                RE/MAX SB, 564-3400.; Paula Westbury, 962-6508.
ward on a proposed desalinization        with Ventura years ago during the over the Pacific?                                     22 years experience, UCSB grad.             SAVE THIS HOUSE: 1236 San Andres.
plant at Ormond Beach that has so        last drought . . . despite the fact that it    Check the next issue of Condor YOGA HIKE: Add another dimension to your Call 564-5470, ask to be notified of all
far received scant public attention.     would have polluted the air for Call for details.                                      nature experience with yoga. Sundays, 10am. hearings, etc. Go to hearings.
   But now the Sierra Club’s Sespe       everyone [Oxnard and Camarillo]
Group is actively fighting it after       downwind. Ventura’s city council
the public was surprised by news of      actually approved the construction of                         Classified Ad Placement Form
the project printed in the Ventura       a desal plant but the drought ended.”          A classified ad in the Condor Call reaches over 6,500 Sierra Club members in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.
                                                                                                          Ads cost only $5 for three lines, and 75¢ for each additional line per issue.
County Star on May 8.                       His noted Santa Barbara did build                                 Specify by circling the months below. Deadline for next issue is July 20.
   The city is now seeking nearly        a desal plant at the end of the same                                               Questions? Call the Condor at 745-5432.
$14 million in federal funding and       drought, “then ended up mothballing                      Enclose a check made out to the Condor Call, 1056 Eugenia Pl., “A”, Carpinteria, Calif. 93013
additional support from the U.S.         it and, later I’m told, even sold off
Senate. The first phase of the pro-       some of the facility.”
ject is estimated to cost $55 million.      “The alternative that we should           Name:
   The plant’s location would dis-       be pushing is conservation of water,         Phone:
place remaining open space at            not desal plants,” he concluded.
Ormond Beach and use tremendous
amounts of electricity. It is growth-           EAVESDROPS
inducing and has other cumulative           “Because I didn’t speak, every-
impacts that are of concern to           one paid attention.”
activists trying to protect Ormond          —Dr. John Francis who, for 17
Beach.                                   years, refused to speak to protest
   “Desal plants not only pollute and    pollution after two oil tankers col-
consume vast amounts of energy,          lided beneath the Golden Gate
they’re also growth-inducing be-         Bridge in 1971. His commitment
cause they’re modular, so when a         remains high: “It’s about trees and
city needs more desalinated water it     pollution and loss of species. But
just adds another module to the          also it’s a crisis of mind and spirit.”               Number of issues: ____           Feb/Mar • Apr/May • June/July • Aug/Sept • Oct/Nov • Dec/Jan
existing facility,” said Los Padres
4 • Condor Call – June/July 2007

                                                                    Outings Schedule
                                                                                     Los Padres Chapter — Sierra Club

                                                                                                                                                                PUNCH BOWLS AND BEYOND – SANTA PAULA                                 Outing Notes
                                                                                                                                                                CANYON: Join us for some swimming, jumping, slid-           The two letter abbreviation at the end of
                                                                                                                                                                ing in the best pools and slides in the county. Moder-       each outing is a key to the group who
                                                                                                                                                                ate to strenuous hike due to rock and boulder hop-                  has organized the outing.
                                                                                                                                                                ping, about 8 mrt. Wear/bring shoes for walking in                     AR–Arguello Group
                                                                                                                                                                water, hat, sunscreen, insect repellant. Bring water,                   CJ–Conejo Group
                                                                                                                                                                lunch, snacks. Meet at dirt parking by Thomas                       SB–Santa Barbara Group
                                                                                                                                                                Aquinas College at 8am. Suzanne 643-2815 (SP)                           SP–Sespe Group
                                                                                                                                                                MT. WATERMAN BACKPACK: Rescheduled to                          WLA —West LA (Angeles Chapter)
                                                                                                                                                                July 14-15. (SP)                                              All phone numbers are in area code
                                                                                                                                                                                  June 20                                         (805) unless otherwise noted.
                                                                                                                                                                NICHOLAS FLAT TRAIL MAINTENANCE – LEO                      The public is welcome at all outings listed,
                                                                                                                                                                CARRILLO STATE BEACH: Meet at 9am at end of                unless otherwise specified. Please bring
                                                                                                                                                                Decker School Road (not Lane). Leaders: TOM                drinking water to all outings and optionally a
                                                                                                                                                                SIEBERT 987-3437, NORM SIMMONDS 523-                       lunch. Study footwear is recommended. If
                                                                                                                                                                7250 (CJ)                                                  you have questions contact the leader listed.
                                                                                                                                                                                  June 23                                  Pets are generally not allowed. A parent or
                                                                                                                                                                LA CUMBRE PEAK: Beautiful views from the                   responsible adult must accompany children
                                                                                                                                                                highest peak on the front range. Strenuous 11              under the age of 14.
                                                                                                                                                                mrt. Bring lunch and plenty of water. Be pre-                 A frequently updated listing of all outings
                                                                                                                                                                pared for what could be a very hot day. Meet               can be viewed at: http://lospadres.sierra
                                                                                                                                                                behind B of A on upper State St. at Hope Ave. at  This website also contains links to
                                                                                                                                                                9am. JIM 447-1876/644-6934 (SB)                            the Group web pages.
                                                                                                                                                                CRAIGS ROAD TRAIL MAINTENANCE – MALIBU
                                                                                                                                                                CREEK STATE PARK: Meet at 8:30am at the Mal-             (ticks) and lug-soled shoes. Bring water, food
                                                                                                                                                                ibu Creek day parking lower lot for shuttle to the       and wear lug-soled shoes. Meet at Satwiwa
                                                                                                                                                                trailhead. Tell the attendant that you are part of       parking lot no later than 8:30am. Entrance on
                                                                                                                                                                the volunteer trail crew. Leader: BURT ELLIOTT           Via Goleta before Two Winds Riding Stables on
                                                                                                                                                                498-2475 (CJ)                                            Lynn Road next to Dos Vientos in Newbury Park.
                                                                                                                                                                THREE POOLS BEYOND SEVEN FALLS: Fun                      LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)
                                                                                                                                                                summer hike. Primitive trail, rock hopping, one                              July 7
                                                                                                                                                                difficult rock to climb, and swimming. Difficult           BUENA VISTA TRAIL: This hike will follow the San
                                                                                                                                                                but short 5 mrt. Bring lunch and water. Meet at          Ysidero Trail from the Park Lane trailhead to the
                                                                                                                                                                Ventura carpool at 8:30am. Ben 479-4846 (SP)             catway road and then over to Buena Vista Canyon
                                                                                                                                                                                  June 24                                and down to the Pueblo Trail. A nice little hike with
                                                                                                                                                                UCSB LAGOON: Stroll for an hour or so around             great views of Montecito. Moderate, 4 mrt, 1000
                                                       One of our favorite outings is at the “Playground” off of West Camino Cielo.                             the Lagoon and over the Bluffs at the University.        ft gain/loss. Bring water and a light lunch. Meet at
                                                       Hikers always have a good time there. (Photo by Robert Bernstein)                                        Children welcome, bring water, slow paced 3              the Bank of America parking lot, Hope Ave. &
     A number of campgrounds and roads                                                                                                                                                                                   State St. at 9am. PAUL 964-9002 (SB)
                                                                                                                                                                miles or so. Meet behind B of A on upper State
 in Los Padres National Forest are closed or                           June 9                             tide permits. Bring water and food. Meet in park-                                                              ROYAL GORGE – SAN GABRIELS: Adventure hike
                                                                                                                                                                St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. DAVID P. 705-3025 (SB)
 have restricted (no autos) access due to            MOUNT PINOS: Mt Pinos is the tallest peak in         ing lot near Burger King on Hampshire Road in                                                                  requiring navigation and hiking along streambed
                                                                                                                                                                SYCAMORE CANYON TO RANCH HEADQUAR-
 protection of habitats and species or are           Ventura County at 8820 feet. We will start the       Thousand Oaks at 8:30am for carpooling. LIL-                                                                   in beautiful canyon to small waterfall and pool
                                                                                                                                                                TERS, DANIELSON RANCH: Easy, leisurely paced
 under repair. Before you go into the local          hike at the Nordic Station at 8500 feet from the     LIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)                           8 mile rt hike thru Big Sycamore Canyon to Ranch         for swimming. 2 mile hike through gorge plus 9
 backcountry, it’s a good idea to check              parking lot. Be prepared for snow and cold           SANTA PAULA PEAK: Moderately strenuous,               Headquarters/Danielson Ranch for lunch under             miles on trail. Wear hiking shoes that drain and
 conditions with rangers. Numbers to call            weather. Bring lunch and plenty of water. We will    3600’ gain/loss, approx. 9 miles round trip with      the trees at campfire area. Bring water, lunch;           grip well. Bring water and food and swimsuit.
 (unless noted, all 805 area code):                  hike up to the summit for a panoramic view.          great views at the peak. Meet 7:30am at Toland        wear hiking shoes, hat. Meet 9am at old bridge by        After hike dinner in Pasadena. Meet at Ventura
    Los Padres National Forest Districts:            Moderate. 2-3 mrt hike. Call leader to make          Park to leave cars (525 Toland Road (between          entrance to Sycamore Canyon campground (park-            carpool lot at 7am. Suzanne 218-8613 (SP)
   Headquarters                   968-6640           transportation arrangements. This is a 2 hour        Santa Paula and Fillmore), 1/4 mile inside park.      ing fee). Ted Guenther 985-8963 (SP)                                         July 8
   Ojai Dist.                     646-4348           drive one way to Frazier Park. NOTE EARLY            Teresa 524-7170 (SP)                                                    June 27                                GOLETA BEACH-MORE MESA: Beach hike, south
   Mt. Pinos                (661) 245-3731           START TIME. Hike starts at 9am and we will                             June 10                             CALABASAS PEAK VIA THE SECRET TRAIL: Mod-                along this quiet section of coast. Easy 6 to 8 mrt.
   Santa Barbara                  967-3481           leave the B of A at 8am for a start time of around   RED ROCK TO GIBRALTAR DAM: Hike up the                erate 6 mrt route with views of the Santa Monica         Bring lunch, water and a swimsuit for an optional
   Santa Lucia                    925-9538           10am at the trailhead. JASNA 805-907-6026            road to Gibraltar Dam, then back past a popular       Mountains and the San Fernando Valley. Bring             swim. Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at
                 Other Areas:                        Cell. RAIN AND SNOW CANCELS. (SB)                    swimming area. Moderate-strenuous 6.5 mrt.            water, food, appropriate clothing and footwear           Hope Ave. at 9am. DAVE 563-4850 (SB)
   Santa Monica Mts. Area         370-2301           MEDITATION MOUNTAIN: Our annual Meditation           Bring swimsuit, wading shoes, lunch and water.        (required). Meet at the trailhead at 5:30pm.
   Conejo Parks
   Simi Valley
                                                     Mt. loop ending at Boccali’s Pizza for dinner.
                                                     Meet at 3pm at the downtown Ojai Park and
                                                     Ride at the Fox St. signal, or at 3:15pm on
                                                                                                          Optional side trip to old mercury mine adds 4
                                                                                                          miles. Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at
                                                                                                          Hope Ave. at 9am. TONY 687-1929
                                                                                                                                                                Directions to the trailhead: from the 101 free-
                                                                                                                                                                way, head South on Las Virgenes Road to Mul-              Wildlife hotline
                                                                                                                                                                holland. Turn Left on Mulholland and continue             There’s a new wildlife hotline sponsored by
          Forest Notes                               Reeves Road. Bring water. Easy, but there is a                         June 12                             5.7 miles to a small dirt parking lot on the right.
                                                     climb up to the mount. Sheila 649-9044 (SP)                                                                                                                          Wild Rescue handling both land and sea ani-
 For updated information, news releases,                                                                  FILLMORE EVENING WALK: 5 miles along Fill-            JOHN HOLROYD 495-6391 (CJ)
                                                     BACKBONE TRAIL – TRIUNFO PEAK TRAIL                  more’s bike paths. Meet 5:45pm at Mountain
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          mals (no domestics) that are injured and
 maps, and many other goodies, go to Los                                                                                                                                          June 30
                                                     MAINTENANCE – CIRCLE X RANCH – NPS: Meet             View and Main. Teresa 524-7170 (SP)                                                                             which covers both Santa Barbara and Ventura
 Padres National Forest website:                                                                                                                                ENNISBROOK: Morning walk through this Mon-                    at 8:30am at the Mishe Mokwa trailhead parking                         June 13                             tecito area with large trees and plants near San          counties, as well as L.A. An accompanying
        Public’s Forest                              at milepost 7.0 on Yerba Buena Road. Leader:         MIDWEEK BIKE RIDE – SANTA BARBARA: Easy               Ysidro Creek. Flat, slow paced 2-3 miles. Chil-           website is:
 Best website run by citizens of the Los             TOM SIEBERT 987-3437 (CJ)                            bike ride along Modoc Rd. in Santa Barbara to         dren welcome, bring water and meet behind B of            The 24-hour hotline is (866) 945-3911
 Padres Forest Association, with info as             BEACH WALK – POINT DUME – EASY HIKE                  UCSB. Lunch afterwards in Goleta. Meet at Har-        A on upper State St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. VICKI           which spells (866) WILD911
 varied as wildflower alerts, trailwork
                                                     SERIES: Why pay for a silent hike? Free walk         bor & Seaward in Ventura at 10am with bike hel-       563-4850 (SB)
                                                     without talk hike to communicate with nature         met. Sheila 649-9044 (SP)                             PACIFIC CREST TRAIL BACKPACK: Rescheduled                SUNDAY BRUNCH IN CARPINTERIA: Leisurely 7
 opportunities and factious issues, wel-
                                                     and meditate. Speech allowed during snack.                             June 14                             TBD. Sonora Pass to Ebbetts Pass, 31.4 miles at          mrt scenic beach walk along Rincon bluff to
 comes your input too:
                                                     Easy 6 mrt hike with 250’ elev. gain. Hike along     BLACKROCK MOUNTAIN BACKPACK: Depart                   elevations from 8,100-10,500’, approx 10 miles           Carpinteria for Sunday Brunch. Wear hat, sun-
                                                     the beach, up to the bluff & down to tide pools if   Thousand Oaks at 8am, Thursday June 14 and            per day, possible snow and ice, one-way with             glasses, sunscreen; bring water and $ for brunch.
                                                                                                          return late Sunday June 17. Moderate 20 mrt           car shuttle. Room for 8 experienced backpack-            Meet 8:15am at Ventura carpool lot or 9am at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Bates Beach. Ted Guenther 985-8963 (SP)
                    Ongoing Outings                                                                       outing starting at Blackrock parking lot in the
                                                                                                          southern Sierras. Group limited to eight. Appro-
                                                                                                          priate equipment and leader approval required.
                                                                                                                                                                ers, moderate pace. Teresa 524-7170 (SP)
                                                                                                                                                                FULL MOON HIKE – LA JOLLA CANYON: Moder-
                                                                                                                                                                ate 6 mile loop hike to La Jolla Canyon to Over-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             July 13
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BEACH WALK – POINT DUME – EASY HIKE
                             Every Monday morning                                                         JOHN HOLROYD 495-6391 (CJ)                            look Trail and return via Ray Miller trail. Bring        SERIES: Easy 6 mrt hike with 250’ elev. gain.
  Join Elizabeth Budworth and Patricia Jump every Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. for moderate                SOLSTICE CANYON – MALIBU – EASY HIKE                  water, snack, flashlight. Meet in front of La Jolla       Hike along the beach, up to the bluff and down
  walks in the Ventura and Ojai areas. Now in its seventh year, the walks last about two hours            SERIES: Easy to moderate 4 mrt loop hike with         parking lot at 6pm. Park outside gate on PCH.            to tidepools if tide permits. Bring water and food.
  and the group sometimes goes for coffee afterward. CALL 643-0270 or 642-6971.                           400-500’ elev. gain. Bring water, food, lug-soled     Suzanne 218-8613 (SP)                                    Meet in parking lot near Burger King on Hamp-
                                      Every Wednesday                                                     shoes and protective clothing (Poison Oak). We        MIDDLE MATILIJA TO MAPLE CAMP: Moderate                  shire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30am for car-
  URBAN EVENING HIKE: Weekly urban hike in Ventura meets at 6:45 pm for a 4.5 mile hike up                will hike to the Tropical Terraces to enjoy a break   16 mrt, 2200’ elev. gain. along stream, mostly           pooling. LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)
  hill to Father Serra’s Cross (spectacular scenic views of Ventura, sunset and Channel Islands); hike    by a shaded year-round stream. On the way back        shaded, to Maple Camp. There are at least 17                                 July 14
  continues across hillside, down to the ocean and out to end of pier; then along beach promenade         we will pass by the 1865 Matthew Keller House.        creek crossings, but we will have no problem             SAN ANTONIO CREEK: Beginning at Tuckers
  to mouth of Ventura River; up the Ventura River to Main Street and finally loop back to the mission.     Meet in the parking lot near Burger King on           rock hopping across. Bring plenty of water, sun-         Grove County Park, we will walk on a creek side
  People interest in this hike should meet at the fountain across the street from the San Buenaven-                                                             screen, and good pair of hiking shoes/boots, and         trail that meets up with Hwy 154. A short walk
                                                                                                          Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30am
  tura Mission. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Contact: KURT PREISSLER, 643-5902 (SP)                                                                          hat. Meet 8am at Ventura capool. Jim D. (SP)             on this busy highway will link us to a return via
                                                                                                          for carpooling. BILL GOURLEY 492-6000 (CJ)
                                      Tuesday Evenings                                                                                                                               July 1                              San Antonio Creek Road. Easy, 2 mrt. Meet at
                                                                                                                            June 15
  HIKES: Short, easy 90-min. hikes at Surf Beach, the Mission, Miguelito Canyon, or other                                                                                                                                the Bank of America parking lot, Hope Ave. &
                                                                                                          LATIGO CANYON – CASTRO PEAK: Moderate 8               ROMERO – SADDLEBACK LOOP: A combination
  spots near Lompoc (approx. 3 miles) Novice hikers will find these hikes to be a good intro-                                                                                                                             State St. at 9a.m. VICKI 563-4850 (SB)
                                                                                                          mrt with approx. 1000’ elev. gain. Bring water,       of seven trails above Montecito take you from
  duction to group hiking. Meet in the parking lot behind the Lompoc Civic Center Pool by                                                                                                                                                July 14-15
                                                                                                          food and wear lug-soled shoes. Meet in parking        Romero Canyon to San Ysidro Canyon and back.
  6:25 pm for carpool to hike location. Wear walking shoes and bring a flashlight. Rain can-                                                                                                                              MT. WATERMAN BACKPACK: Mt Waterman
                                                                                                          lot near Burger King on Hampshire Road in             Moderately strenuous 10 mrt. Bring lunch and
  cels. VERN 733-2903 or DEAN 736-6685. (AR)                                                                                                                                                                             Backpack in the San Gabriel Mountains, 3700’
                                                                                                          Thousand Oaks no later than 8:30am for car-           plenty of water. Meet behind B of A on upper State
                                          Every Friday                                                                                                                                                                   gain/loss, 14 miles round trip. Call to reserve
                                                                                                          pooling. LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)               St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. DIANE 687-1929 (SB)
  SOCIAL HIKE: An easy-to-moderate 2-4-mrt night hike in Santa Barbara front country,                                                                                                                                    spot. Teresa 524-7170 (SP)
                                                                                                                            June 16                                                  July 6
  beach, or back roads. Meet at 6:15 p.m. at the Old Mission. Bring a flashlight. Optional                                                                                                                                                    July 15
                                                                                                          SADDLEROCK – HOT SPRINGS – COLD SPRING                MOUNT BONEY TRAIL – POINT MUGU STATE
  potluck or pizza afterward. AL SLAYDEK (SB)                                                                                                                                                                            THREE POOLS BEYOND SEVEN FALLS: Primitive
                                                                                                          LOOP: See the best of these three trails in a         PARK: Moderately strenuous 10 mrt hike with
                                     Sunday Afternoons                                                                                                                                                                   trail, some rock climbing. Bring swimsuit. Diffi-
                                                                                                          moderate loop of about 4 miles. Bring lunch and       1500’ (est.) elev. gain along Mt. Boney Trail (not
  CONEJO GROUP is leading a special series of Sunday Afternoon Hikes approximately twice a                                                                                                                               cult but short 5 mrt. Bring lunch and water. Meet
                                                                                                          water. Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at       to peak). Get close to the mountain and enjoy
  month. These hikes are geared to the interests of individuals or families who wish to take a 2-                                                                                                                        behind B of A on upper State St. at Hope Ave. at
                                                                                                          Hope Ave. at 9am. ROBERT 685-1283 (SB)                beautiful vistas. Wear light-colored long pants
  3-hr. walk in the outdoors with frequent stops to examine or study wildlife and the ecology.                                                                                                                           9am. DAVID P. 705-3025 (SB)
  Exercise is of secondary concern. The hikes are not intended to be strenuous, but may entail                                                                                                                                               July 18

                                                                                                                             Lost? Maps”
  some ascending of hills or walking on rocks. No pets or radios. TOM MAXWELL, 492-2184 (CJ)                                                                                                                             CHINA FLAT – SIMI PEAK: Moderately strenuous 6
                                      Monthly Programs                                                                                                                                                                   mrt hike with 1000’ elev. gain. Great views of east
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Conejo and Simi Valleys. Bring water, food and
  ARGUELLO GROUP: Slide shows, speakers, and movies—third Friday of each month.
  Inquire for details: 928-3598. (AR)
                                                                                                                                                                     Don’t be, with my                                   lug-soled shoes. Meet at trailhead on Lindero
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Canyon Road 1/2 block east of King James Court
  COMMUNITY SERVICE: Help keep Highway 1 beautiful. Adopt-a-Highway trash pickup
  from the Lompoc ‘Wye’ to the Base boundary. Meet at Vandenberg Village Shopping Center
                                                                                                                             “Mileage Hiking                                                                             at 5:30pm. JOANNE SULKOSKE 492-3061 (CJ)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            July 20
  parking lot at 9 a.m. on the fourth Saturday of odd-numbered months. Rain cancels. For
  information contact Connie (805) 735-2292.                                                                    “CD Format Only” 156 Detailed Hikes 1,000 Miles                                                          LATIGO CANYON – CASTRO PEAK: Moderate 8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         mrt with approx. 1000’ elev. gain. Bring water,
                                 San Luis Obispo Outings                                                            of Local Trails in Ventura, S.B. & L.A. Conties. To order:                                           food and wear lug-soled shoes. Meet in parking
  THERE ARE MANY south San Luis Obispo County outings planned monthly that should
  interest Los Padres Chapter members and the public. They include hikes, bike trips, cam-                    (805) 984-1504 or (805) 984-5394                                                                           lot near Burger King on Hampshire Road in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Thousand Oaks no later than 8:30am for car-
  pouts, trail riding with horses, kayaking Avila and Morro bays, and treks through the Nipomo
  Dunes area. For a detailed schedule, call or write to Bill Deneen at (805) 929-3647, write to
  1040 Cielo Lane, Nipomo 93444, or email
                                                                                                           FREE S/H
                                                                                                                              30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
                                                                                                                                     About .16 cents a hike and years of hiking!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         pooling. LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             July 21
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         RATTLESNAKE TRAIL: Hike up a wooded canyon
6 • Condor Call – April/May 2005                                                                                                                                                         April/May 2005 – Condor Call • 6

Rigorous fire rules imposed
   Los Padres National Forest is in                    have been opened after restricted        cessible, including some sections of
“high fire season,” exacerbated this                    entry since September 2006, within       the Red Reef and Sespe River Trails
year due to drought conditions.                        the Angeles and Los Padres National      and many roads in the Mt. Pinos
   This means rigorous rules and                       Forests. Some roads, trails and off-     Ranger District—a list is available at
restricted areas for forest visitors,                  highway vehicle routes are still inac-   Chuchupate Ranger Station.
no burn permits issued for private
property within the forest, required
campfire permits except within des-
ignated campgrounds and a “surge”
                                                       Forest swap opposed
                                                                 By Alan Sanders                circumvention of existing mecha-
of firefighters and equipment on                            A proposal for the U.S. Forest        nisms for land exchanges.
duty and on call.                                      Service to give away several parcels
   Rules could change depending
on conditions, so it’s best to check
                                                       of land around Lake Piru to the
                                                       United Water Conservation District
                                                                                                Trail skills
with the forest service, especially                    is once again being pursued by              There are three sessions this year
before a backcountry trip. Also,                       United.                                  for “Monsters of Rock: Traditional
many areas are or will be closed.                         The proposal is being opposed by      Trail Skills Workshop,” a joint
    To keep on top of the changes,                     the Los Padres Chapter, The Sierra       effort by the Student Conservation
call the appropriate ranger station                    Club Southern California Forests         Association (SCA) and the U.S.
(numbers always listed on page 4,                      Committee, Forestwatch, Keep the         Forest Service.
Outings) or log on to: www.fs.fed.                     Sespe Wild and several biologists           Work will continue on the Pacific
us/r5/lospadres.                                       interested in endangered species.        Crest Trail Aug. 23-26, Aug. 30-
   Meanwhile, most of the 163,000                         The land is on the southeastern       Sept. 2 and Sept. 6-9.
acres burned in the (Labor) Day Fire                   edge of the forest at the Ventura–          For more information call (510)
                                                       Los Angeles county line. The plan is     832-1966 ext. 303 or go to: www.the
                                                       for the Forest Service to receive
with scenic views to Gibraltar Rock. Moderate
5.5 mrt. Bring lunch and water. Meet behind B of       fewer lands of lesser value because
A on upper State St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. Paul
964-9002 (SB)
                                                       the USFS would give up 440 acres
                                                       of good bottomland for 340 acres of
                                                                                                Name a condor
BATES BEACH TO CARPINTERIA: Nice summer                land high and dry on a steep hillside.      The Ventana Wildlife Society is          Actor Ed Begley Jr. is all gussied up with his bike on hand, ready for the July
walk along the beach/coastline with great views of
                                                          An earlier proposal was rolled        conducting a contest to name a new          4th annual Street Fair in Ventura that will include a “green block” presenting the
the Channel Islands. Moderate pace, 6 mrt, to
Carpinteria for brunch. Bring water, wear hat, sun-    into a bill sponsored by Congress-       baby condor that was hatched in the         most amazing alternative vehicles, plus tips on how you can reduce your
screen, shoes for hiking on beach and trail, $$ for    member Elton Gallegly (R-Ventura)        wild in April.                              energy consumption. (Photo submitted)
brunch. Meet 8:30am at Ventura carpool lot or 9am      that passed the House of Represen-          Prizes include lodging at the
at Bates Beach parking lot. Ben 479-4846 (SP)
                   July 22
                                                       tatives last year. That proposal was
                                                       stopped when Senator Dianne Fein-
                                                       stein asked the Club if it supported
                                                                                                Pfeiffer Big Sur Lodge and a pri-
                                                                                                vate tour of the wilderness area.
                                                                                                   Local Assembly member Pedro
                                                                                                                                           July 4th Street Fair
Optional hike up the road to Gibraltar Dam and on
to an old mercury mine. Then walk back past a
popular swimming area. Moderate-strenuous 10
mrt. Bring swimsuit, wading shoes, lunch and
                                                       the exchange.
                                                          The Club’s response was outrage
                                                       over the secrecy employed to move
                                                                                                Nava is cosponsoring the contest in
                                                                                                concert with a bill (AB 821) that
                                                                                                would ban lead ammunition, which is
                                                                                                                                           presents: eco-vehicles
                                                                                                                                              The City of Ventura and the Los         stages of continuous live entertain-
water. Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at
Hope Ave. at 9am. JIM 447-1876/644-6934 (SB)           the bill forward and opposition          responsible for some condor deaths         Padres Chapter of the Sierra Club          ment. The Street Fair opens at
                   July 27                             linked to several areas of significant    when ingested from dead carcasses.         are bringing a fleet of alternative         10 a.m. and goes all day until 5 p.m.
SOLSTICE CANYON: Moderate 7-8 mrt hike with            environmental impacts.                      Send in your condor name by             vehicles to the 4th of July Street            Did you know that Ventura
1200’ elev. gain. Hike Rising Sun and Upper Sos-
                                                          Other issues include the level of     June 30 to Name the Baby Condor            Fair this year on Oak Street, aka the      County has never achieved attain-
tomo Loop Trails. See tropical terrace, oldest
stone building in Malibu and 150’ waterfall (sea-      protection for endangered species,       Contest, P.O. Box 90459, Santa             “green block.”                             ment for state and federal standards
sonal). Bring water, food and wear lug-soled           loss of public access rights, dimin-     Barbara CA, 93190, or go online at:           Besides the cars, trucks, and           for ozone? Our car show will offer
shoes. Meet in parking lot near Burger King on         ishing land use designations and                      scooters, there will be information        commuters viable alternatives to the
Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30am                                                                                                  booths with all kinds of tips and          polluting, wasteful “one person in
for carpooling. LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)
                   July 28
PLAYGROUND: Explore the labyrinth of boulders
forming a natural playground off West Camino
Cielo. Some rock scrambling and agility
                                                       Carp. access possible                                                               advice for commuters looking to
                                                                                                                                           save gas and money.
                                                                                                                                              All events are free to the public,
                                                                                                                                                                                      one gasoline powered car” approach.
                                                                                                                                                                                         We will be showcasing forward-
                                                                                                                                                                                      thinking vehicles like hybrids, elec-
                                                          After many years of no access to      to get the Los Padres Forest Associ-       and there is also a free shuttle ser-      tric cars, fuel cells, biodiesel, algae
required. Always a new route! Bring lunch and
                                                       the Los Padres National Forest           ation to start work clearing portions      vice from the Ventura County Gov-          and veggie oil, bicycles, electric
plenty of water. Meet behind B of A on upper
State St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. ROBERT 685-             from the Carpinteria area, there is a    of the trail from the top in forest        ernment Center to the fair, located        bikes, van pools, car pools, South
1283 (SB)                                              good chance there will be soon via       land. Also involved is the Montecito       along nine blocks of Main and Santa        Coast Area Transit (SCAT) infor-
                   July 29                             the Franklin Trail, which has been       Trails Assn. and the Santa Barbara         Clara Streets and several side streets.    mation booth (bus-pass raffle fea-
SAN YSIDRO TO THE FALLS: Hike past a favorite          closed since the 1970s because it        mountain bike group with the Forest           The popular Street Fair, held on our    tured), commuter buses, skate-
rock climbing location to a seasonal waterfall,
returning to a pool for lunch. Steep in spots.         goes through private property.           Service monitoring the work.               nation’s birthday every year, attracts     boards, compressed natural gas
Moderate 5 mrt. with 1150 ft elevation gain.              However, easements may be                “The goal is to open the trail          as many as 50,000 people to down-          (CNG) cars, and other new and
Bring lunch and water. Meet behind B of A on           granted soon by two more property        enough that a proper survey can be         town Ventura. A children’s parade          emerging technologies.
upper State St. at Hope Ave. at 9am. DAVE 563-         owners near the high school to open      done, both to assess what work will        kicks off the party at 10:30 a.m. fol-        And we will show how these
4850 (SB)
                                                       the historic trail, following the lead   be needed to completely reopen it          lowed by six hours of non-stop art,        alternatives to the old-school gaso-
                 August 3
LOWER NEWTON CANYON – BUZZARD’S ROOST:                 of Rancho Monte Alegre which             and to make it possible for the            entertainment, food and shopping.          line-powered car are actually more
Moderate 9 mrt hike with 280’ elev. gain. Visit        granted an easement to the county.       archaeologists and biologists to              The streets will be filled with 300      economical.
waterfall. Bring water, food and wear lug-soled           There is enough optimism that         make their way through,” said Ray          artisans, food booths, displays by            For more information, call 654-
shoes. Meet in parking lot near Burger King on         the other easements will be granted      Ford of the LPFA.                          nonprofit organizations and four            7830 or 637-7350.
Hampshire Road in Thousand Oaks at 8:30am for
carpooling. LILLIAN TREVISAN 498-1623 (CJ)
                 August 4
moderate hike up the west fork of the Cold
Spring Trail. This is a nicely graded trail, but we
do gain over 1000 ft. of elevation. We will start
at the main Cold Spring trailhead, cross the
creek and head up the west fork, passing the old
Water Tunnel on the newly revised section. We’ll
lunch at the top of the trail, where it meets
Gibralter Rd. About 5 mrt and 1100 ft elevation
gain. Bring a light lunch and a full bottle of
water. Meet at 9am in the parking lot of the Bank
of America on upper State St. (corner of State &
Hope Ave). GERRY 964-5411 (SB)
                 August 5
FIR CANYON: Car pool to Davy Brown camp
behind Figueroa Mt. Steep hike up the most beau-
tiful canyon in the area to near the top of Figueroa
Mt. Moderate 6.5 mrt. Bring lunch and water. Meet
behind B of A on upper State St. at Hope Ave. at
9am. CALL FOR DETAILS 687-1929 (SB)
                 August 11
FRANKLIN TRAIL: Long car pool to Juncal Camp-
ground. Hike past Jameson Lake then up Alder
Creek canyon to the ridge overlooking Carpinte-
ria. Bring lunch and plenty of water. Strenuous
                                                            Rocky Pine Ridge is just one of the great places you can go on a Sierra Club
12 mrt. Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at
Hope Ave. at 9am. TONY 687-1929 (SB)                        hike, and even sweeter if you’re a member. (Photo by Robert Bernstein)
                August 12
the way up this mostly tree shaded trail to the
top. Great views of back country. Moderate-
strenuous 9 mrt. Bring lunch and plenty of water.                Sierra Club believes everyday is
Meet behind B of A on upper State St. at Hope
Ave. at 9am. DIANE 687-1929 (SB)
OUTINGS NEEDED: Now is the time to start plan-
ning your outings for the next Condor Call out-
ings schedule, covering the period of Oct 2007
                                                                        EARTH DAY                                                                                                                                 1000

thru Jan 2008 plus at least a week into Feb
2008. Send your outings to your Group outings
                                                                              Join the Club today
6 • Condor Call – June/July 2007

                                                                                        Goodbye to gorgeous views?
                                                                                                 By Alan Sanders                the degradation of the area and           report with a hearing before the
                                                                                           Those gorgeous coastal views         eventual elimination of most              Planning Commission at the end of
                                                                                        one experiences when driving east       wildlife including several endan-         the comment time.
                                                                                        on Hueneme Road just past Edison        gered species.                               The Los Padres Chapter supports
                                                                                        Drive in the City of Oxnard can be         Warnings against this scenario         the Ormond Beach Task Force Con-
                                                                                        kissed goodbye if newly proposed        were made years ago by famed              sensus Plan as a model for area land
                                                                                        projects to develop hundreds of         coastal advocate Dr. Rim Fay, who         use planning. The plan was devel-
                                                                                        acres of the Ormond Beach area          often cautioned that such develop-        oped after years of discussions with
                                                                                        move forward.                           ment would result “in a landscaping       area stakeholders. Most of the area
                                                                                           Hearthside Homes wants to            project rather than a restoration proj-   now planned for development was
                                                                                        develop hundreds of homes, shops,       ect,” that is also under consideration.   identified as being essential for wet-
                                                                                        schools, and a whole new mini-city         The City of Oxnard on May 21           lands and uplands restoration as
                                                                                        on agricultural lands north of Huen-    released a draft Environmental Im-        part of the Consensus Plan.
                                                                                        eme Road that are now in Ventura        pact Report that considers both the          Copies of the draft EIR can be
                                                                                        County, thus requiring annexation       North and South Ormond Specific            obtained through the City of
                                                                                        into the city.                          Plan Areas. The City plans to allow       Oxnard’s planning department: http://
                                                                                           Similarly, 375 additional acres      45 days to comment on the draft 
                                                                                        south of Hueneme Road could be
                                                                                        developed into industrial parks,
                                                                                        which also requires annexation.                            Hiking the web
                                                                                           Together these projects have the        Do you know of a web site that would interest Los Padres Chapter mem-
                                                                                        potential of overwhelming sensitive        bers? Send it in to the Condor Call editor ( or
                                                                                        habitat areas at Ormond Beach with         call him at 745-5432. All begin with www. unless otherwise specified.
                                                                                        significant impacts that will lead to          Vacation Rentals by Owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                      Clean marine action bills. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 A bold initiative to give citizens the right to decide the future growth of the city
 of Oxnard was announced by (from left) former Ventura Mayor Richard Francis,
                                                                                        Trails . . .                                  Smart growth activist tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                                                      Find ‘green’ gardeners . . . . . . . . . . . .
 Oxnard City Council member Tim Flynn and Attorney Fred Rosamond. Read                     Cont’d. from page 2                        New wildlife rescue group . . . . . . . . . . . .
 the story on page 1. (Photo by Al Sanders)                                             or go to the website.                         Extreme adventures . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                           The task force is charged “to

 Thanks for your donations                                                              develop recommendations which
                                                                                        should be considered by the three
    Many gracious thanks go to the scores of members listed below who
 responded to our once-per-year March Appeal drive. It is your dona-
                                                                                        jurisdictions in order to foster
                                                                                        responsible, cohesive, coordinated
                                                                                                                                Ormond Lagoon threatened
 tions that help us protect and enhance the land and sea around us. Our                 and comprehensive management of             Citizens learned at the Ormond        California least terns, western
 latest victory was the leadership in educating the public and politicians              the Front Country Trails for the        Beach Task Force meeting on May           snowy plovers, brown pelicans and
 to reject the LNG project proposed off Oxnard’s coast.                                 greater good of the community.”         17 that an Oxnard water-treatment         Belding’s savannah sparrows.
    You may contribute at any time, of course, and occasionally the Los                    The meetings provide public          company was planning on dumping              In 1998 proponents of the project
 Padres Chapter may ask for other donations for specific projects.. But                  forums to solicit and gather input      its effluent into the Oxnard Industrial    argued that the increased water vol-
 the March Appeal is different as it is not tied to a particular project.               from trail users, property owners,      Drain if it could get permits from the    ume going down the OID would
 You can donate at any time; send a check to Sierra Club, Los Padres                    interest groups and the public at       Regional Quality Control Board.           help breach the sand berm that
 Chapter, PO Box 31241, Santa Barbara, CA, 93190.                                       large. Many individuals have given          E.F. Oxnard LLC attempted to          serves to form the Ormond lagoon.
 Mary Ankeny                 Ellen Johnson                Kenneth Rogers                their views though numerically          get a similar plan approved in 1998          This action would alter area
 Chandler Armstrong          Gary Johnson                 Edward Rose                   mountain bike supporters have out-      before abandoning its efforts.            stream flows and could change the
 Richard Baldwin             Susan Jorgensen              Jean and William              numbered hikers and equestrians.            The Los Padres Chapter opposed        lagoon feature to an open estuary.
 Marion Baronowski           Wilhelm Kapp                 Rountree                         The task force has heard reports     issuance of permits in 1998 because       The impacts of this alteration on
 Bettina Barrett             Kalon Kelley                 Susan Sakauye                 from staff on the extent and condi-     the water from the OID runs into          endangered species were under con-
 Susan Belloni               Sally Kitson                 Melissa Salter                tion of the trails as well as the       the sensitive Ormond lagoon area          sideration in 1998 when the project
 Sally Berg                  Marianne and Gerald          Heather Sanders               groups involved with the trails,        that is home to several endangered        was abandoned.
 Lois Birnbaum               Kline                        Santa Barbara Group           including the Santa Barbara Trails      species including tidewater gobies,                            —Alan Sanders
 Donald Blackwill            Steven Kunze                 Trail Guide Fund              Council, the Santa Barbara Moun-
 Justin Bowers
 Otis Calef
                             Jordan Laby
                             Carol and Lucien Lacour
                                                          Joyce Sattler
                                                          Ralph Scaffifi
                                                                                        tain Bike Trail Volunteers, and the
                                                                                        Montecito Trails Foundation.            Peaker plant needs EIR
 Chris Caretto               Julia Laraway                Ruediger Schoeer                                                         Southern California Edison plans       an industrial facility within the
 James Case                  Muriel Lauderdale            Donald Scott                                                          to get back into the electric produc-     Coastal Zone.
 Douglas Clegg               Don Lauer                    Rubin Shatavsky
                                                                                              EAVESDROPS                        tion business in the near future if          The Los Padres Chapter’s Execu-
                                                                                           “For a geologist, this is a very     plans for its Mandalay Peaker plant       tive Committee has voted to ask the
 Austin Cline                David Lawrence               Diane Siegel
                                                                                        exciting find. We’re not aware of        are fast tracked through the city of      City to do the right thing—produce
 Martin Conoley and          Don Leitch                   Norm and Sharon
                                                                                        any other features of this nature.”     Oxnard Planning Department.               an EIR with public hearings. This
 Kathryn Mead                Ernest Levy                  Simmonds
                                                                                           —Los Padres Forest geologist            Oxnard is allowing the plant to        action would produce mitigations
 Mary Contrakos              Barbara Lindemann            Brian Sipes
                                                                                        Allen King, about the “hot spot” in     be permitted through the use of a         that might not be considered in a
 Mindy Cooper-Smith          Geoff Loman                  Meloney Smith
                                                                                        the forest that has no apparent         Negative Declaration rather than          streamlined Negative Declaration.
 William Cornish             Tiffany Lynch                Chris Soltow
                                                                                        explanation.                            the usual Environmental Impact            Also, the City is allowing only 14
 Chris and Linda Coudert     N. MacDonald                 Lynne Stark
 Rudyard Deldner             MaryJane MacLeod             Nancy Stearns                                                         Report that would be expected for         days for comments. —Alan Sanders
 David Doinick               Brian MacPolin               Frances Stephens
 Stephen and Suzanne
 Richard and JoAnn
                             Jay Mahannah
                             Dennis Mann
                             Helen Marsh
                                                          Frank and Kay Stevens
                                                          Martin Stevenson
                                                          Les and Susan Stewart
                                                                                        Doc donates essential vehicle
 Dovgin                      Carol Marsh                  Andrea Stouffer                        By Alan Sanders                Foothills Coalition, in April             gifts to help the environment. This is
 Alice Edwards               Janet McAleney               Natalie Swan                     Hauling materials for protecting     donated a four-wheel-drive Land           probably our fault because our best
 Steve Feinberg              Lois McCampbell              JoAnn Thompson                endangered shorebirds, taking sick      Rover to support the work of the          conservationists are often over-
 Bob Field                   John McDougal, Jr.           John Tilton                   animals to rescuers, and stalking       Ormond Project.                           whelmed with meetings and hearings
 Joel Fithian                Phil and Melinda             Tioli                         scofflaws bent on dumping or graf-          “This is a major contribution to       and just don’t put enough effort into
 Peggy Fletcher              McKenna                      T. N. Trefz                   fiti are just some of the jobs Ormond    our work protecting sensitive habi-       communicating their needs or their
 Elise Foladare              Marlene Mills                Diane Troik                   Project volunteers have been doing      tats and wildlife. We hope it will        victories. We need to do a whole lot
 Peter Ford, M. D.           Roy Minter, DDS              Aiting Tung                   for years on their own dime.            inspire others who care about the         better in the future to communicate
 Robert Geres                Greg Mohr                    Wayne and Shirley Tustin         But this year the fortunes of        environment to consider similar           with our supporters,” she said.
 June Gill                   Lauren Monda                 Richard and Rev. Audrey       those volunteers have changed in a      donations’” said Earth Alert Execu-          Bridger’s opinion is supported
 Jeremy and Calla Gold       Vivienne Moody               Vincent                       major way. Dr. Karin van Hoek, an       tive Director Janet Bridgers.             by Ventura County figures that
 Herbert Goldman             Sally Mueller                Mary Vogel                    internal medicine specialist and           “Unfortunately, even serious con-      show all conservation organizations
 Mary Gosselin               Terrence and Linda           Diane Volz                    secretary of the San Marcos             servationists often fail to consider      gathering only a half of one percent
 John Graff                  O’Neill                      Eileen Vopelak                                                                                                  of all charitable contributions.
 Linda Granat                Helen Mary O’Neill           Elizabeth Wade                                                                                                     “I think we should be able to do
 Jeffrey Graver              Beatrice Oshika              Earl Wakelee                                                                                                    a lot better than 0.5 percent, but we
 Elizabeth Grumette          Frances O’Sullivan, M.       Donald Wallace                                                                                                  need to make it easier to donate to
 Mary Haffner                D.                           Jeff Waxman                                                                                                     conservation work.” Bridgers said.
 Paula Hanover               Jean Parcher                 Wanda Weller                                                                                                       Another significant donation was
 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hartle   Chris Paszty                 Paul Wiechowski                                                                                                 made by club member Art
 Glenn Havskjold             Gary Phillips                Tammy Wierl                                                                                                     Shaffman, who donated office furni-
 Joah Hebert                 Marjorie Popper              George Wilde                                                                                                    ture on two separate occasions. “We
 R. B. Heiserman             Janelle Preston              Gerry Williams                                                                                                  now have serious office presence
 Joseph Henderson            Michael Rattapel             Michael and Evelyn                                                                                              because of the beautiful bird’s eye
 Donald Herman               Richard Regnier              Williams                                                                                                        maple computer desks and book-
 Mary Hintz                  Kay Renius                   Bob and NormaJean                                                                                               cases that were given to us,” said
 Dan Horgan                  Bernie Reutemann             Wolf                                                                                                            Bridgers.
 Arthur Hubbard              Margery Ricards              Barry Wolin                                                                                                        “Both of these people have really
 Jennifer Hughes             James Ring                   Alan Woodbury                  Janet Bridgers accepts keys from Dr. Karin van Hoek, who donated this
                                                                                                                                                                          helped us by their generosity.”
 Richard Hunt                Stephanie Riordan            George and Judy Writer         Landrover for use by Ormond Beach activists. Karin hopes that others will be        Want to join these angels? If you
 Ann Huston                  Curtis Roads                 Robert and Katy Zappala        inspired to donate office machines and other goods for the many volunteers;       have an item you are considering for
                                                                                         call 488-7988. (Photo by Al Sanders)                                             a donation please call Al at 488-7988.
                                                                                                                                                                            June/July 2007 – Condor Call • 7

VENOCO . . .
    Cont’d. from page 2
                                               It has plied local waters since the
                                            1980s with no apparent major mis-
                                                                                     continued protests against the off-
                                                                                     shore oil industry that began more
                                                                                                                                 Venoco Oil Projects
                                                                                                                                 (as of May 15 – see websites for updates)
after completion each wellhead              haps, and probably with only few         than a century ago. The first off-           ■ Carpinteria, Paredon Project
would be below ground level. The rig        Santa Barbarans even being aware         shore wells in the world were               Draft Environmental Impact Report—Expected by June 11
could be removed after all the wells        of its use. But local opinion was        erected off Summerland and Car-             (60-day public comment period)
are drilled, but some question that it      strong against oil tankers in the        pinteria in 1896.                           Public workshop on the draft—Mid-June
                                                                                                                                 Carpinteria Valley Assn. info meeting—7 p.m. June 21, Women’s Club
would remain for well maintenance.          Santa Barbara Channel, and now              The current proposals have drawn
                                                                                                                                 Public comment meeting on DEIR—Late July
   Oil now comes ashore from Plat-          state law bans that. Many believe        opposition based on potential noise,        City Planning Commission hearings—To be determined
form Gail via pipeline and is               that the ban should also apply to        air pollution, increased traffic, intru-     City Council hearings—To be determined
processed and stored at the indus-          barges, in favor of pipeline trans-      sion into residential areas, visual         For updates, go to:
trial complex east of Dump Road.            port. Venoco only offers the             degradation of the coast, coastal           ■ Goleta, Ellwood Marine Terminal Lease
Under the proposed plan, oil would          pipeline as part of its full field pro-   water pollution, water consumption          Final Environmental Impact Report—30 days prior to State Lands Commission
continue to be transported in               posal and seeks continuation of the      and disposition, and a general dis-         hearing
                                                                                                                                 State Lands Commission hearing—July (date TBA)
pipelines for processing and storage.       barge operations through 2013.           ruption of the attraction of the area.
                                                                                                                                 ■ Goleta, Lease 421 recommissioning
Oil would go elsewhere for refining.            In addition, Venoco wants the            The projects could produce some          Draft EIR—May
   In addition to the industrial image      state to recommission two wells on       local public revenue from oil royal-        Workshop/ public hearing—TBA
of the drilling tower, many have            state lease #421 off Goleta that         ties. But the amounts have not been         ■ Goleta, full field development
protested that it would be an unset-        have been out of production since        determined, and at least some of            Draft EIR—Late July, early August
tling source of noise. The harbor           1994, located on two short piers         this would be offset by a reduction         ■ For Goleta area projects, update at the County Energy Division and
seal rookery, a protected beach, is         immediately off the Ellwood oil          in tourism which South Coast com-               SLC websites:
nearby. Industrial traffic and air pol-      and gas plant site. The company has      munities have long encouraged.    
lution are also oft-voiced concerns.        stabilized the wells and pipelines          Many argue that since the com-
The site is near many residences.           and repaired an access road and          bustion of petroleum is among the
   Goleta (Ellwood): In 1997, Venoco        piers after pipeline leaks and con-      greatest contributors to air pollution
purchased from ARCO Platform                tends that it doesn’t need a permit      and global warming, encouraging
Holly, which produces oil 2.5 miles         to resume production. SLC staff          new oil drilling is an illogical way
offshore, and the processing plant at       contends that a permit is required       to face the problem.
Ellwood. The platform and onshore           after the accident, repairs, and the        Environmentalists, and now even
processing plant are 40 years old.          long interruption of production.         some major corporations, see effi-
   Venoco’s “full field development”            Summary: In preliminary hear-         ciency, conservative use, and clean
proposal would expand production            ings on all these projects in recent     sources of energy as not just practi-
by drilling from Holly into leases the      months, South Coast residents have       cal, but essential.
state withdrew from production in
1987. This was part of a lawsuit set-
tlement with ARCO. The Sierra Club
was a party to that settlement and
                                            How we vaporized
now questions whether a quitclaimed
lease can legally, or in good faith, be
reoffered for sale or whether it is a
                                            offshore LNG plan
permanent part of the state sanctuary                 By Alan Sanders                battle to stop Billiton as he helped
in which further leasing is barred.            On May 18 Governor Arnold             organize activists from Malibu to
   In an effort to eliminate coastal        Schwarzenegger delivered the final        Ventura. All of these people and
industrialization in the early 1990s,       blow to the reeling Cabrillo Port        many others made great sacrifices in
the county rezoned oil industry             Liquified Natural Gas project off the     trying to stay engaged on this battle
coastal properties from industrial to       coast of Ventura County when he          to stop Cabrillo Port while fighting
more compatible uses. Five oil and          vetoed the required approvals.           many other environmental battles.
gas companies cleaned up and                   But most believe the project really      The club had many allies. It would
cleared out. Only Venoco’s plant            died when state lands commissioners      be impossible to list them all, but they
remains as a non-conforming use.            John Garamendi and John Chiang           were all necessary, every last one of
   Venoco plans to upgrade the              voted to deny certification and later     them, in achieving this victory.
plant despite its non-conforming            when the California Coastal Com-            Congress member Lois Capps,
zoning status. Oil and gas process-         mission followed suit by unani-          Assembly members Pedro Nava,
ing would continue at the Ellwood           mously voting to deny approval of        and Julia Brownley testified at the
plant. Approval of the full field            the project. Both asked probing ques-    hearings, as did Ventura County
development would extend the pro-           tions of BHP Billiton’s representa-      Supervisors Steve Bennett and John
ject life to year 2040.                     tives at the April 9 SLC hearing.        Flynn, Oxnard Mayor Tom Holden,
   In a separate application to be             On several occasions Garamendi        Oxnard City Council members Tim             Map of Venoco projects proposed along the Goleta – Ellwood area.
heard by the State Lands Commis-            challenged the source of information     Flynn and John Zaragoza and Mal-
sion (SLC) as early as this July,           presented to the commission. The         ibu Mayor Andy Stern.
Venoco is asking for a 10-year lease
extension to its Ellwood Marine
Terminal. Under the current opera-
                                            questioning was so withering that
                                            Billiton’s people never recovered.
                                               The magnitude of Billiton’s
                                                                                        Environmental Defense Center
                                                                                     and the California Coastal Protec-
                                                                                     tion Network had submitted sub-
                                                                                                                                Hike Naples while
tion, Venoco’s oil is transported by
barge from an offshore mooring
facility northwest of Coal Oil Point.
   The barge, called Jovalan, is a
                                            defeat is still being determined, but

                                                                                     stantial legal arguments followed
                                                                                     by their public testimony.
                                                                                        But most impressive were the
                                                                                     hundreds of individuals who took the
                                                                                                                                awaiting draft EIR
                                                                                                                                   An important draft environmen-          The Los Padres Chapter is part of
                                               “Moral: Say ‘yes’ when a TV
300-foot, single-hulled vessel built        news crew calls and says ‘We’d like      time to learn about this very complex      tal impact report about develop-        the Naples Coalition, which is hard
in 1979 that is towed by a tug with a       to interview you, can you make it?’ ”    issue and to express themselves,           ment in the Naples area of the          at work defending the Gaviota
1,000-foot cable and has no other              —Janet Bridgers, on the promi-        repeatedly during the countless meet-      Gaviota Coast may be out this           Coast from the suburban, leapfrog
means of propulsion or steerage. It         nent play gleaned by the Sierra          ings and hearings. At the end of the       month (June) after delays, but in the   development on the rural Naples
can carry 56,000 barrels of oil east        Club on local Fox News the day           approval process there was a nine-         meantime, join the Naples Coalition     property.
or west through the Santa Barbara           before the State Lands Commission        day period during which four hear-         beach hike at 9:30 a.m., Saturday,         For all details on this and future
Channel and makes two to three              conducted a hearing on an Aus-           ings and an organizational meeting         June 9.                                 hikes, DEIR, upcoming hearings
trips per month.                            tralian company’s (BHP Billiton)         took place. Your chapter leaders were                                              and other tidbits, contact: Kristen

Learn about
                                            LNG proposal off the coast of
                                            Oxnard April 9. Featured was local
                                                                                     present at all of these events.
                                                                                        The demise of Billiton doesn’t end      Follow Muir                             Hoye 452-5936 or log on to: www.

solar heat to
                                            Sierra Club members who dreamed
                                            up “Skippy” the carpetbagging kan-
                                                                                     the Chapter’s involvement in LNG
                                                                                     issues. Three other companies are          on the web                              Details are also available on the
                                                                                                                                                                      Coalition’s special celebratory event
                                            garoo (see story on this page).          working on offshore LNG plans in              The Sierra Club has chosen ten in July as a way to say thanks and to
reduce gas use                              it is certainly one of the most grati-
                                                                                     California, including Woodside Petro-
                                                                                     leum and Northernstar Natural Gas,
                                                                                                                                places and events in John Muir’s build community.
                                                                                                                                life to highlight in its Google Earth
   In a major drive to bring more           fying victories for Los Padres           which has a proposal to use Platform       feature, in which you can visit those
solar power use to the state, Environ-      Chapter activists and the Sierra         Grace, located 12.6 miles off the Ven-     places in three dimensions.
ment California Research & Policy           Club in many years.                      tura coast in the Santa Barbara Chan-         Locations include his birthplace              Dowitcher Designs
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Horses have the right of way
         By Lynn P. Kirst              for the soft shoulder found on the
   “Confusion on the trail!”           edge of many narrow trails. On a
   That was the report from a          wider trail, horses still take the
recent Sierra Club outing, when        inside, which allows for more
the hikers encountered a group of      maneuverability.
equestrians. Although I do partic-        Are there exceptions to this
ipate on the occasional Sierra         rule? Only on a very narrow trail,
Club hike, my primary trail use is     and only if there is a clear space
as an equestrian. Thus I was           on the inside for a hiker to stand.
asked to provide this review of        If this space is above the horse,
trail protocols from an equestrian     such as up a hillside, it is not an
standpoint, so hikers will know        acceptable space to move into.
what to do when they encounter         Generally, horses don’t like to
horses.                                have things above them, and a
   Because of my familiarity with      hiker clinging to a hillside is
horses, I have a comfort level in      more likely to slip and slide,
their presence that non-equestri-      which really will spook a horse.
ans (which I will hereafter call       Not a good scene on a narrow
hikers) cannot know. And yet,          trail, especially if it has a drop-off
because I know them so well, I         on the other side.                         Hikers need to be on the outside of trails when encountering horses, as
really can appreciate the hiker’s         If the trail is too narrow, there       the animals naturally take the “mountain side” in any given situation.
apprehension in passing a horse        is no choice but for the hiker to          (Photo by Robert Bernstein)
on the trail. Horses ARE big ani-      turn around and re-trace his steps       ride with loose dogs, a practice       in its mouth, much less accept
mals, and seem even more so            until he reaches a safe place to         which I do not condone. It’s okay      big, crunchy carrots from
with a rider on top. They can be       pull off to the side. Luckily in         on a private ranch, but not on a       strangers.
intimidating, which is one reason      over 40 years of riding the local        public trail. A barking dog could         Summer is the busiest season
they are used in police work.          front country trails, I’ve only had      spook a horse, but it’s more likely    on the trails, and remembering
   When a hiker encounters a           this happen once or twice, and I         to risk getting kicked if it circles   basic trail protocols helps to
horse on the trail, he instinctively   greatly appreciated the hiker’s          a horse’s hind legs, barking           ensure an enjoyable experience
looks around for someplace to go.      cheerful attitude.                       obnoxiously. A horse is a prey         for both the hoofers and the
This is in fact the correct reac-         Make an effort to look far            animal, and unable to differenti-      hoofed.
tion, since horses have priority on    ahead on the trail, and keep your        ate between your pet dogs and a        • Lynn Kirst serves on the Execu-
the trails. At the bottom of most      eyes and ears open so you know           pack of wolves.                        tive Committee of the Santa Bar-
trailheads, there are signs that       who and what is headed your                 Will a passing horse kick a         bara Group. She writes a
indicate mountain bikers must          way. If you see an equestrian            hiker? Not likely. Usually a horse     biweekly column called “Trail
yield to hikers, and both bikers       coming and you find a good place          will give a warning before kick-       Talk” for the Montecito Journal,
and hikers must yield to horses.       to stand aside, don’t just stand         ing, such as pinning his ears back     which can be read online at
   The problem is that most hik-       there like a tree. Call out a greet-     and pumping his head up and            www.montecito journal. net.
ers instinctively head to the          ing so the horse is aware of you,        down. That’s a warning, usually
“inside” of the trail, when in fact    and slowly wave your hand so the         given to other horses to stay off                 Next issue of
they should always move to the         horse can see you. It’s only when        his tail. Horses are used to being
outside of the trail. Horses always
take the “mountain side” in any
                                       you stand stock still, then move
                                       or speak when he is right near
                                                                                around people!
                                                                                   But forget the notion of carry-
                                                                                                                          Condor Call
                                                                                                                            comes out 1st of August
given situation. The reason is         you, that a horse might be star-         ing carrots to feed passing horses,             DEADLINES:
simple: weight. A horse with an        tled.                                    an idea popular among mountain                 Editorial: July 15
adult rider and tack can weigh            If you hike with a dog, you           bikers. Most responsible equestri-            Advertising: July 20
nearly 1,500 pounds, and that          should keep it leashed for a vari-       ans won’t even let their horse eat         Questions? Call 745-5432
kind of weight is inappropriate        ety of reasons. Some equestrians         grass when it’s bridled with a bit

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