BUG Meeting Minutes - Calcutta _draft_ by stariya


									Meeting Minutes

Subject:           BUGS Meeting (Calcutta Hse, 2 Goulston Street, 133 WHS)

Date:              26 February 2010                   Time:    10:30 – 13:10

Present:           John Hunt (Chair)                  JH       Campus Services
                   Rod Arde                           RA       Estates
                   Alfie McDonald                     AM       Estates
                   Steve Wills                        SWills   Estates
                   Phil Bailey                        PB       Health & Safety
                   John Friary                        JF       Health & Safety
                   Helen Dalton                       HD       Library Services
                   Peter Watt                         PW       Academic Registry
                   Simon Williams                     SW       Academic Registry
                   Habib Rahman                       HP       Academic Development
                   Richard Bond                       RB       Finance
                   Judy Hopkinson                     JHo      LGIR
                   Carl Juhanson                      CJ       ISS

Notes              Ka-yan Cheung

ITEM                                                                                                            ACTION
1          Terms of Reference – John Hunt outlined the terms of reference for the meeting.

2          Estates/Campus Services Helpdesk – Briefing
           Attendees were briefed on the following:
                Users are encouraged to log and track calls via the Estates self service facility, which
                   currently shares the same system and platform as the ICT self service desk.
                The new cross campus telephone number is 5555.
                Over 5500 calls have been logged on self service since the launch; system performance
                   and statistics will soon be published on the webpage.
                Building Managers have access and visibility of calls.
                Customer feedback survey is being finalised by RA. Users are encouraged to complete
                   the online survey to help measure the performance of service providers.
                When a job has been logged, a reference number will be issued. Users should quote the
                   given ref no. in all correspondence.
                Building users are advised to contact the Building Manager on any
                   building/maintenance issues

                   Clark Clarabut (Helpdesk Supervisor) is actively monitoring the age analysis of
                    outstanding jobs.
                   Rod Arde is working on the allocation of space champions who will be responsible for
                    logging all jobs within their department.
                                                                                             London Metropolitan University
                                                                                                       Estates Department
                                                                                                          Stapleton House
                                                                                                  277 – 281 Holloway Road
                                                                                                                   N7 8HN
ITEM                                                                                                         ACTION
3      Estates Updates, Including Projects
3.1    The ‘Summary of Estates Department’s Capital Projects 2010 – 2011’ document was circulated to
       attendees. In reference to item 2.2 Toilet Refurbishments, a programme of future toilet
       refurbishments will be issued in May 2010.

       PC5 Project - Major refurbishments will be carried out in Moorgate, Learning Centre, Central
       House and Tower Complex

       Further information on Estates projects is available on:

3.2    A moves group has been set up to improve the current moves process. The project manager
       should be contacted for any moves issues or request for change.

3.3    Estates are undertaking a long term strategy to upgrade plants.
       Dex certificate will be re-evaluated.

3.4    Estates are running a new tender for contractors and a number of changes will be made to the

4      Campus Services Updates
4.1    Keith O’Connor has replaced Bob Wilson as the Building Manager for Calcutta Hse. KO’c would
       be the first point of contact for any building issues.

4.2    As part of the University Cost Improvement Plan, changes have been made to the cleaning
       contract to make £500K savings. Further information is available on:

       Building users stated that Dynamiq do resolve cleaning issues quickly.

       John Hunt advised staff to inform reception or the Building Manager of any toilet issues.

4.3    Calcutta House occupants and students are happy with the front of house team. Theft of
       equipments have dropped over the years.

4.4    John Hunt will be looking in to the inefficiencies of the current post service in the summer.             JH

5      Health and Safety Office Update
5.1    Building user group is now reporting to the Health and Safety Council.
       John Friary will issue a Health and Safety Briefing document, to be circulated with the minutes.          JF

5.2    A lot of energy is wasted by leaving lights and media equipments on. Building users suggested
       that the ‘Switch off’ message requires more publicising – John Friary to speak to Jack Burrell.           JF
       Building users asked whether it would possible to have larger sized ‘switch-off’ labels – JF to get
       back to CJ.

5.3    John Friary to let Judy Hopkinson know who should be paying for first aiders.                             JF

6      Minor Works, Furniture and Equipment Funding
6.1    Majority of the minor works budget will be used on PC5 projects. Funds for essential works are
       still available. The deadline date for submitting requests for essential works is 26 February 2010.
       Please refer to the ‘Minor Works, furniture and equipment capital budgets 2009/10’ document
       for further information.
ITEM                                                                                                             ACTION
6.2    Rod Arde is submitting a report on essentially managed classrooms of furniture that needs
       replacing. Any issues regarding the condition of classrooms should be reported to the
       Timetabling Support Team.

7      Building User Items and News
7.1    Building users are not receiving prompt, courteous and effective support from MITIE.
       Engineers do not interact with customers when attending to jobs. Operators should speak to the
       office manager when attending to jobs.

7.2    Maintenance jobs logged to Helpdesk have been left outstanding for long periods of time and
       unresolved jobs closed with no call update. John Hunt explained that this could be due to MITIE
       awaiting for parts or authorisation. Building users stated that such reasons should be updated on
       the call.
       Building users asked the question of what action should the user take when a job has been left
       unresolved for a long period of time - Estates to provide guidance on the webpage.

7.3    When jobs have been resolved, customers should be asked to sign the job off – RA to look in to                RA

7.4    Building users want MITIE to produce building maintenance manuals. Repair and maintenance
       process should be documented.

7.5    Calcutta House Library maintenance issues raised by building users:
            Seven radiators have not been working for 4 years
            Missing ceiling tiles – job closed after 2 months without being resolved
            No heating in CM2-N03 (Old Ref: 1143099 / New Ref:1147678). Call had been chased
                and two ref no. was given – Steve Taylor to investigate.                                           Steve

7.6    Building users raised that room GS1-18 is very cold and the projector can not work due to the
       coldness of the room – problem has been ongoing for 5 years.

7.7    Building users raised that the smell from female toilets on second floor, Calcutta Hse is appalling.
       Offices and classrooms nearby are affected by the smell.

7.8    Building users raised that documentation on how to operate heating in Goulston Street is                      JH
       needed – John Hunt to speak to Steve Taylor.

7.9    No air con in the Under Graduate office. Peter Watt asked whether Estates can provide interim             Estates
       air conditioner units for the summer period.

7.10   Service users need to be made more aware of refurbishment works taking place in the UG and
       PG office.

7.11   Lift 5 in Calcutta Hse is out of action. Steve Wills is awaiting for Schindler to confirm start date to
       repair lift.
       Library lift 3 is also out of service and breaks down frequently – Steve Wills to look in to this          SWills

7.12   Simon Williams received internal charges for exam scripts delivered from north to city campus.                JH
       JH to look in to it.

ITEM                                                                                          ACTION
7.13   Gullies in Calcutta Hse are overflowing – Richard Bond to raise job with helpdesk.        RB

7.14   Building users raised that cold air is coming through windows in Calcutta House.

8      Building Opening Hours
       Rationalisation of building opening hours is under discussion to make major savings.

9      AOB
       No other business was raised.

10     Next Meeting to be confirmed


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