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					12                                   NEWS & NEW FLIGHT SIM RELEASES

CFS3 Korean Bound
WHAT BETTER WAY to add some spice to
Microsoft’s Combat Flight Simulator 3 than
to give users a trip to Korea. Ok so it’s not
a real world trip, but a simulated trip to the
Korean battlefields. Just what you wanted,
right? The design group affectionately knows
as “The Dogpatch Crew” have released what
could be called the biggest upgrade for CFS3
fans yet. Imagine all new Korean region
scenery including North and South Korea
plus parts of China and Japan, 50 airbases,
150 facilities and 20 aircraft. Well it’s not
a dream, CFS3 owners can download this
massive “Korean Theater Construction Set”
right now, and all for the cost of only 84Mb
of bandwidth. That’s right, no monetary fee,
just the time it takes to download the set from
their official website at http://www.sim-
“The Korean War was a fierce, frustrating
conflict that ended with no victor. The shaky
truce that ended the fighting on July 27th
1953 has lasted for more than 50 years, yet
the front lines still remain much as they were
when the fighting ceased so long ago….”
The scene is set… you have your mission…
it’s time to lock and download!
Congratulations to the Dogpatch Crew for
producing an expansive and detailed package
for CFS3 pilots.

Aviodrome Flight Simulator Weekend
all over the globe recently, one that has ‘been
there and done that’ is the Flight Simulator
Weekend held at the Aviodrome, located
at Lelystad airport (about 45 minutes from
Amsterdam). The weekend will be held
on the 16th and 17th October 2004 and is
expected to attract a large audience of keen
simmers, plus a large showing from top
flight sim retailers, publishers and virtual
airline and combat groups. It is set to be a
top weekend for the European flight sim
fraternity and certainly one of the best and
well established flight simulator expos
around. Take a holiday, book your airline
ticket, reserve a room or rent a room at a
friend or relative’s house… whatever it takes
to get to the expo. It should certainly be
worth the effort, plus you get to meet up with
fellow sim enthusiasts who share your love
for flying, virtual and real. Don’t forget your
cameras so you can send us in some shots!
                                     NEWS & NEW FLIGHT SIM RELEASES                                                                              13

Flight Simulator 2006 on the Horizon?
RECENT REQUESTS from Microsoft                    surveys in progress. If you are at the            for the latest news and articles from the
for flight sim users to participate in sim-       official Flight Simulator webpage – http://       Flight Simulator team. Now, all we have
related surveys has put a sparkle in the          to do is wait for “FS2006” to make its
eye of many Flight Simulator enthusiasts.         - be sure to check out the “Insider” section      appearance, likely Q4 2005.
Often considered as an event preceeding
a development announcement for a new
versions, simmers have been lining up to
answer whatever questions the Microsoft
development team throws at them in hope of
having their opinions drive the direction and
feature inclusions of the next big simulator
release. Demographic related questions are
asked before the survey probes into more
direct questions like;
“What general aviation aircraft would you
like featured in Flight Simulator?”
“What would you like to see change in the
weather module of Flight Simulator?”
“Do you consider voice chat an important
option in multiplayer for Flight Simulator?”
“Does the packaging of Flight Simulator help
entice you to buy the product?”
This is your chance to have your say in
the development process and direction
of the simulator. To catch these surveys,
you need to keep your eye on the official
Microsoft Flight Simulator website or on
popular flight sim community sites that
might carry announcements of current

A Degree in FS Design?
IT WAS ONLY a matter of time.                     expert in that particular subject’s field. Each   • Private messages
SpectroGrafx Productions Inc. have recently       course will cost US$20. The specialized           • Live voice chat
announced the proposed opening of a               software has a number of features that should     • And more...
new learning school for flight simulator          make online communication a simpler affair,
enthusiasts. FS Design University will be an      including:                                        If you are interested in attending a class, you
online instructional school hosting classes for                                                     can send an email to
all aspects of design for Microsoft’s Flight      • Live individual chat rooms for each class       to obtain more details about the courses
Simulator series. Current/proposed courses        • News rooms                                      and requirements.
include:                                          • File areas for uploading and downloading

•   Plane model design basics
•   Plane model design advanced
•   Scenery model design basics
•   Scenery model design advanced
•   Basic plane painting
•   Advanced plane painting
•   Scenery & Terrain mesh design basics
•   Scenery & Terrain mesh design advanced

The courses work by having students
attend virtual classes using special software
available for a one-time fee of US$15. A
maximum of 20 students will attend a class
in real time with a lecturer/teacher who is an
14                                  NEWS & NEW FLIGHT SIM RELEASES

Lock On Version 1.02 Released
A SECOND UPDATE/PATCH for owners                are currently flying – out of the box [v1.0     • Improved the performance of the AIM-120
of UbiSoft’s Lock On: Modern Air Combat         – v1.02] 38Mb or patch 1 version [v1.01-          AMRAAM.
fighter jet simulator is now available for      v1.02] 34Mb.                                    • Corrected network speed selection settings.
download from the official LOMAC website                                                        • Several new single-player, multiplayer,
–                         Some of the major changes are listed as:          and training missions were added.
                                                                                                • New controller axes added.
According to the development team;              • Enhances Radar Warning Receiver               • Revised scripting language used for many
“This is the second patch for Lock On:            functions.                                      settings.
Modern Air Combat and is designed to            • Added Mission Goal/Score/Status
address many of the bugs identified following     Window for both Single and Multi-player.      With Lock On now becoming the sim of
the release of the V1.01 patch. This patch      • Multi-player scoring system added.            choice for virtual top guns, it is good to see
has enhanced the game by providing better       • Added new CCRP bombing mode for               the development and update phase continuing
performance and stability and enhanced or         U.S. aircraft & “aeronautical mode” for       to make the product even more enjoyable,
added additional features.”                       Russian aircraft.                             and realistic. We can certainly expect to see
The update to v1.02 is available in two         • Improved performance of AGP-63 Radar          Lock On proliferate more into the combat
versions depending on the version you             for the F-15C.                                sim market in the months to come.

FlightSoft Double Deal
                                                Rio De Janeiro                                  Fly to Cancun
                                                Breathtaking 5 meter per pixel satellite        Features the most popular holiday destination
                                                scenery of Rio De Janeiro complete with         airports in Mexico. Fly to Cancun and visit
                                                all the famous landmarks including Christ       those white fine sandy beaches then head over to
                                                the Redeemer Statue, moving cable cars          Acapulco and explore all facets of the rich holiday
                                                on the cable lines going to the top of the      tourist region. While you’re visiting all the popular
                                                world famous Sugar Loaf, Copacabana             hot regions you may want to visit some out of the
                                                Beach with its extraordinary white              way jewels like Isle De Mujeres – one of the most
                                                sandy beaches and beautiful sites, the          scenic ‘getaway’ islands of the Yucatan Peninsula.
                                                world famous Ipanema Beach, and the              “The new title offers customers the the
                                                extraordinary airports of Santos Dumont         opportunity to fly most advanced DC10 Jetliner
                                                and Galeos International with detailed          ever designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator
                                                airport depictions meticulously rendered        with loads of extraordinary features not found
COMING SOON to flight sim retailers             for visual realism.                             elsewhere.”
worldwide will be two new releases from         Simmers may recall FlightSoft’s Hong            Be sure to head on over to http://
developers FlightSoft. Rio De Janeiro and       Kong packages which were jam packed with for more information or check
Fly to Cancun on a Widebody Jetliner will be    buildings and details. The same appears to be   with your favorite flight sim retailer for availability
compatible with both FS2004 and FS2002.         evident with this latest offering.              of these titles.
                                     NEWS & NEW FLIGHT SIM RELEASES          15

CHOPPER FANS may want to start raiding their piggy banks because
hardware manufacturer SimKits has just announced the TRC2244
cockpit - A full replica of the Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopter cockpit
panels, which should be available by the time you read this news brief!
If you own existing SimKits instruments, these will be interchangeable
with the TRC2244 setup, if not, you will be able to buy all components
individually and assemble yourself, or buy the full products pre-
assembled and ready to go. The TRC2244 introduces several new
instrument gauges coinciding with the release of the panel.

These are:
• Engine and Rotor Tachometer, a new dual pointer instrument
• Manifold Pressure Gauge, a single pointer instrument
• Carburetor Air Temperature Indicator, a single pointer small

The manufacturers add that “both Manifold Pressure and Carb. Air
Temp Indicator are produced by adding a new face plate only to the
existing simkits instruments. The Dual pointer Engine and Rotor
Tachometer is newly designed hardware.”
Perhaps most importantly, SimKits also mention they will soon be
releasing a stick (cyclic), collective panel and rudder pedals to complete
the product. This is certainly big news for rotor aircraft fans. However,
helo heaven comes at a price. While a price has not been listed, it can
be expected to be considerable based on the quality of hardware and
may be out of reach for those but the most dedicated of flight sim users
or commercial training schools.
Check out for full details. The SimKits hardware
products are for use with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004.

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