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Ski Club History (Excel)


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									 Year-Month                                Program                            Board Meeting                            Mini-Social
1991 - JUL    11th(Th): Long Distance Trip Kick-Off            24th(W): Mike Rogers           12th(F): Clancy's
1991 - AUG    1st(Th): Pool Party @ the Mauney's               29th(Th): Jill Menzel          8th(Th): Monterrey
1991 - SEP    5th(Th): Slickrock Expeditions                   26th(Th): Charles Ketchen      11th(W): John Paul's Armadillo Oil Co.
1991 - OCT    3rd(Th): Ski Exercises, Racer's Auction          31st(Th): Berta Brahm          9th(W): Applebee's
1991 - NOV    7th(Th): Wine & Cheese                           21st(Th): Charlene Kidd        13th(W): Stefano's
1991 - DEC    5th(Th): Fashion Show                            19th(Th): Herb Lindsay         11th(W): Caro-Mi
1992 - JAN    2nd(Th): Chili Cook-Off                          30th(Th)(?): the Mauneys       8th(W): Mr. Gatti's
1992 - FEB    6th(Th): Sports Swap Shop                        20th(Th): Florence Dent        12th(W): Knob Knockers
1992 - MAR    6th(F): Gag Awards & Elections                   29th(Th): Mariel Hunkeler      (None)
1992 - APR    2nd(Th): Piedmont Club                           30th(Th): Conni Harrell        15th(W): Fuddrucker's
1992 - MAY    7th(Th): BYO Cook-Out                            28th(Th): (?)                  13th(W): Demetre's
1992 - JUN    4th(Th): Blender Blitz                           25th(Th): (?)                  17th(W): McGuffey's Diner
1992 - JUL    9th(Th): Cook-Out, Phillies Game w/ Morgana      30th(Th): (?)                  (None)
1992 - AUG    6th(Th): Pool Party/Ice Cream @ the Mauney's     27th(Th): (?)                  13th(Th): Continental Café
1992 - SEP    3rd(Th): Dance Demonstration                     24th(Th): (?)                  16th(W): Aloha
1992 - OCT    1st(Th): Wine & Cheese                           29th(Th): (?)                  15th(Th): Stefano's
1992 - NOV    5th(Th): Talent Show/Bubba-Bubbette Fashions     19th(Th): (?)                  12th(Th): Fatz
1992 - DEC    3rd(Th): Gift Exchange                           24th(Th): (?)                  9th(W): Caro-Mi
1993 - JAN    7th(Th): BYO Barbrque                            28th(Th): (?)                  13th(W): Café Vienna
1993 - FEB    4th(Th): Baked Bean Cook-Off                     25th(Th): (?)                  18th(Th): Jade Garden
1993 - MAR    4th(Th): Gag Awards & Elections                  25th(Th): (?)                  10th(W): Rock-ola
1993 - APR    1st(Th): Piedmont Club                           29th(Th): (?)                  15th(Th): Mr. Gatti's
1993 - MAY    6th(Th): Aikido Demo                             27th(Th): (?)                  5th(W): Longhorn Steaks (Canceled?)
1993 - JUN    3rd(Th): "Get Love" & BYO Dawg Cook-Out          24th(Th): (?)                  16th(W) Longhorn Steaks
1993 - JUL    1st(Th): BYO Cook-Out                            29th(Th): (?)                  8th(Th): Simon's
1993 - AUG    5th(Th): Wildlife Speaker                        26th(Th): (?)                  13th(F): India Palace
1993 - SEP    2nd(Th): Stress & Fitness                        30th(Th): (?)                  8th(W): Chiefs Wings & Firewater
1993 - OCT    7th(Th): Wine & Cheese                           28th(Th): (?)                  21st(Th): Harry's
1993 - NOV    4th(Th): Ski Fashion Show                        25th(Th): (?)                  10th(W): Aloha
1993 - DEC    2nd(Th): Gifts for SAFE Home & Raki Pottery      30th(Th): (?)                  10th(F): Caro-Mi
1994 - JAN    6th(Th): Blender Blitz                           27th(Th): (?)                  12th(W): Pig Pickin' at Scandals
1994 - FEB    3rd(Th): Chili Cook-Off & Swap Shop              25th(F): (?)                   (None)
1994 - MAR    3rh(Th): Elections & Biking & Exercise Speaker   24th(Th): (?)                  (None)
1994 - APR    (None)                                           28th(Th): (?)                  14th(Th): Monterrey
1994 - MAY    5th(Th): Rock Climbing Presentation              26th(Th): (?)                  19th(Th): Basil's Grill
1994 - JUN    2nd(Th): Rollerblade Demo                        30th(Th): (?)                  15th(W): The Westside Club
1994 - JUL    7th(Th): Spartanburg Phillies Game               21st(Th): (?)                  14th(Th): Tavern-on-the-Green
1994 - AUG    4th(Th): Meet at Music-On-Main                   25th(Th): (?)                  17th(W): Capri's

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 Year-Month                                Program                                    Board Meeting                                  Mini-Social
1994 - SEP    1st(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                       29th(Th): (?)                         14th(W): Spice of Life
1994 - OCT    6th(Th): Plant Expert Presentation                       27th(Th): (?)                         12th(W): FATZ
1994 - NOV    3rd(Th): SCUBA Speaker & Swap Shop                       17th(Th): (?)                         16th(W): Gerhard's Café
1994 - DEC    1st(Th): Fashion Show/Gifts for Children                 14th(Th): (?)                         9th(F): Christmas Party at LeBaron's
1995 - JAN    5th(Th): Dream Vacations                                 11th(Th): (?)                         12th(Th): Kanpai of Tokyo
1995 - FEB    2nd(Th): Massage Therapy                                 16th(Th): (?)                         (None)
1995 - MAR    2nd(Th): Elections & Wine & Cheese                       23rd(Th): (?)                         22nd(W): Brannon's
1995 - APR    6th(Th): Piedmont Club                                   27th(Th): (?)                         26th(W): Bennett's
1995 - MAY    4th(Th): Golf Pointers Speakers                          (?)                                   24th(W): Bankheads
1995 - JUN    1st(Th): Waterskiing Presentation                        (?)                                   14th(W): Monterrey
1995 - JUL    6th(Th): Meet at Music-On-Main                           (?)                                   20th(Th): Picnic at Furman Concert
1995 - AUG    3rd(Th): Cook-Out & Softball                             (?)                                   (?)
1995 - SEP    7th(Th): Microbrewing - Blue Ridge Brew Pub              (?)                                   13th(W): Jade Garden
1995 - OCT    5th(Th): CSC Slide Show                                  (?)                                   11th(W): Stefano's
1995 - NOV    2nd(Th): Ski Maint. Speaker, Swap Shop, Chili Cook-Off   16th(Th): Jill Menzel                 8th(W): Gerhard's
1995 - DEC    7th(Th): Fashion Show, Toys for Needy Kids               14th(Th): W. & B. Brahm               8th(F): Christmas Party at LeBaron's
1996 - JAN    4th(Th): Doug Hubble from K-2 Skis                       18th(Th): Janine Wagner               10th(W): Tavern on Town Square
1996 - FEB    1st(Th): Martial Arts Speaker                            15th(Th): Pieter Groot                7th(W): Aloha
1996 - MAR    7th(Th): "Surprise Entertainment"                        21th(Th): Adrianne Ables              16th(Sa): Tavern on Town Square
1996 - APR    4th(Th): Piedmont Club                                   18th(Th): W. & B. Brahm               24th(W): Captain Tony's Grille
1996 - MAY    2nd(Th):Hiking/Camping Speaker                           16th(Th): Ted Mueller/Conni Harrell   8th(W): Bennett's
1996 - JUN    6th(Th): Mike Foster on Gardening                        20th(Th): Pieter Groot                7th(F): Brannon's
1996 - JUL    4th(Th): Meet at Music-On-Main                           17th(W): Mike & Barbara Rogers        10th(W): Kanpai of Tokyo
1996 - AUG    6th(T): Pool Party/Cook-Out at Tim Corbin's              15th(Th): Janet Cann                  8th(Th): Bavarian Delights
1996 - SEP    3rd(T): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                        19th(Th): Roger Meadows               12th(Th): Basil's
1996 - OCT    3rd(Th): Audobon Presentation                            17th(Th): Bob Mauney                  9th(W): Bankheads
1996 - NOV    7th(Th): Wine & Cheese & Swap Shop                       21st(Th): Julie Buettner              13th(W): Jade Garden
1996 - DEC    5th(Th): Fashion Show, Toys for DSS                      19th(Th): Conni Harrell               13th(F): Caro-Mi
1997 - JAN    2nd(Th): Krista Schmidinger                              16th(Th): Herb Lindsay                8th(W): Bavarian Delights
1997 - FEB    6th(Th): Paula Cooper - Massage and Body Works           20th(Th): Doug Tinsley                12th(W): Basil's (Great E-W Mini-Social)
1997 - MAR    6th(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                          20th(Th): Pieter Groot                12th(W): Macaroni Grill
1997 - APR    3rd(Th): Piedmont Club                                   17th(Th): Joy & Bryan Bobo            16th(W): Monterrey
1997 - MAY    1st(Th): BYO Cook-Out in the Courtyard                   15th(Th): Alison's Parents House      7th(W): Signatures
1997 - JUN    5th(Th): Public Safety Presentation                      19th(Th): Mariel Hunkeler             11th(W): Tavern on the Town
1997 - JUL    10th(Th): Meet at Music-On-Main                          17th(Th): Mike & Barbara Rogers       11th(F): Brannon's
1997 - AUG    7th(Th): Meet at Reedy River Brewing Co.                 21st(Th): Pieter Groot                20th(W): Abby's
1997 - SEP    4th(Th): Wine & Cheese at the Ables'                     18th(Th): Roger Meadows               29th(M): Monday Night Football at Hillcrest Sports Club
1997 - OCT    2nd(Th): Weather with Jack Roper                         16th(Th): Herb Lindsay                8th(W): Gerhard's

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 Year-Month                                 Program                                  Board Meeting                                     Mini-Social
1997 - NOV    6th(Th): Injury Prevention/Sports Conditioning          20th(Th): Jill Menzel                   5th(W): Macaroni Grill
1997 - DEC    4th(Th): Chinese Auction/Toys for DSS/Gift Swap         18th(Th): Julie Buettner                12th(F): Christmas Party at Abby's
1998 - JAN    8th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                 15th(Th): Wilhelm Brahm                 14th(W): Demetre's
1998 - FEB    5th(Th): Jill's New Zealand Slides                      19th(Th): Bob Mauney                    (None)
1998 - MAR    5th(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                         19th(Th): B. & J. Bobo                  11th(W): Dante's
1998 - APR    2nd(Th): Piedmont Club                                  16th(Th): Conni Harrell                 8th: Bavarian Delights
1998 - MAY    7th(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                      21st(Th): Alison's Parents House        13th(W): Grille 96
1998 - JUN    11th(Th): Meeting at Music-On-Main                      18th(Th): Alois Krussig                 (None)
1998 - JUL    (No Meeting)                                            16th(Th): (?)                           15th(W): Captain Tony's
1998 - AUG    6th(Th): Blender Blitz                                  20th(Th): Taylor Bomar                  19th(W): Tug's
1998 - SEP    3rd(Th): Impromptu Program                              17th(Th): Vilma Voll                    11th(F): Shogun
1998 - OCT    1st(Th): Banff & Skiing Videos                          15th(Th): Ted Mueller                   14th(W): Gerhard's
1998 - NOV    5th(Th): "Share the Vision"                             19th(Th): Shelia Haynes                 11th(W): Fatz
1998 - DEC    3rd(Th): Wine & Cheese, Toys for DSS, Chinese Auction   16th(W): B. & J. Bobo                   9th(W): Christmas Party at Abby's
1999 - JAN    7th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                 21st(Th): Herb Lindsay                  13th(W): Thai Taste
1999 - FEB    4th(Th): Disaster Relief by the Red Cross               18th(Th): Doug Tinsley                  10th(W): Captain Tony's
1999 - MAR    4th(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                         18th(Th): Pieter Groot                  17th(W): Yanni's
1999 - APR    1st(Th): Piedmont Club                                  15th(Th): Alison's Parents House        20th(T): Outback Steak house
1999 - MAY    6th(Th): Mike Foster on Gardening                       20th(Th):(?)                            18th(T): Thai Taste
1999 - JUN    3rd(Th): Ice Cream Social                               17th(Th): B. & J. Bobo                  23rd(W): Brannon's
1999 - JUL    1st(Th): Blender Blitz                                  22nd(Th): Ted Mueller                   14th(W): Cantin Flas
1999 - AUG    5th(Th): Swing Dancing Demo                             19th(Th): Marcy Cassady                 17th(T): King's Buffet
1999 - SEP    2nd(Th): In-Line Skating & Park City Preview            16th(Th): Vilma Voll                    15th(W): Signatures
1999 - OCT    7th(Th): Crime Prevention & Personal Safety             21st(Th): Taylor Bomar                  12th(T): Capri's Italian
1999 - NOV    4th(Th): Wine & Cheese                                  18th(Th): Charles Darling               17th(W): Fatz Café
1999 - DEC    2nd(Th): Skiing Speaker & Toys for DSS                  16th(Th): Mike Rogers                   17th(F): Christmas Party at Billy D's, Chinese Auction
2000 - JAN    6th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                 20th(Th): Shelia Haynes                 18th(T): Aloha
2000 - FEB    3rd(Th): SCUBA Speaker                                  17th(Th): Doug Tinsley                  16th(W): Stefano's
2000 - MAR    3rd(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                         16th(Th): Back Room at Yanni's          21st(T): Kudzu's
2000 - APR    6th(Th): Piedmont Club                                  20th(Th): B. & J. Bobo                  12th(W): Shogun
2000 - MAY    4th(Th): Discriminating Tastes Contest                  18th(Th): D. & S. Haynes                10th(W): El Mexicano
2000 - JUN    1st(Th): Pool Party & Cook-Out at Alison's              15th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell   7th(W): Hops
2000 - JUL    6th(Th): Blender Blitz at the Krussig's                 20th(Th): Taylor Bomar                  12th(W): Hickory Tavern
2000 - AUG    3rd(Th): Music by the Lake at Furman                    17th(Th): Alison Kimball                9th(W): Canyons
2000 - SEP    7th(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                      21st(Th): M. & B. Rogers                13th(W): Sun King (Hillcrest)
2000 - OCT    5th(Th): Jim Cottrell                                   19th(Th): Pat Parker                    15th(Su): Haus Heidelberg
2000 - NOV    2nd(Th): Habitat for Humanity Speaker                   16th(Th): Charles Darling               8th(W): Gooney Bird's
2000 - DEC    7th(Th): Wine, Cheese, Toys for DSS, Chinese Auction    21st(Th): B. & J. Bobo                  8th(F): Christmas Party at Ellis'

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 Year-Month                                 Program                                  Board Meeting                                      Mini-Social
2001 - JAN    4th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                  18th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell    10th(W): Molcajete
2001 - FEB    1st(Th): Animal Shelter Speaker                          15th(Th): Doug Tinsley                   21st(W): The Hare and The Hound
2001 - MAR    1st(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                          15th(Th): M. & C. McCall                 18th(Su): Hannah Flannigan's
2001 - APR    5th(Th): Piedmont Club                                   12th(Th): D. & S. Haynes                 18th(W): Jack's
2001 - MAY    3rd(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                       17th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell    16th(W): Hops
2001 - JUN    (Combined with Pig Roast on June 9th)                    21st(Th): Pieter Groot                   27th(W): New China
2001 - JUL    5th(Th): Red, White, & Blue Concert at Furman            19th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell    10th(T): Billy D's West
2001 - AUG    2nd(Th): Working Music-On-Main                           16th(Th): Doug Tinsley                   22nd(W): Georgio's
2001 - SEP    6th(Th): Ski Equipment/Clothing Presentation             20th(Th): Roger Meadows                  12th(W): O'Charlies
2001 - OCT    4th(Th): Oktoberfest - Beer Sampling, Music, Costumes    18th(Th): Pat Parker                     14th(Su): Haus Heidelberg
2001 - NOV    1st(Th): Ski Swap & Instruction                          15th(Th): M. & B. Rogers                 7th(W): Boiling Springs Applebee's
2001 - DEC    6th(Th): Chinese Auction & Toys for DSS                  20th(Th): B. & J. Bobo                   1st(Sa): Christmas Dinner at LeBaron's
2002 - JAN    3rd(Th): CSC Slide Show                                  17th(Th): Taylor Bomar                   9th(W): Shogun
2002 - FEB    7th(Th): Chili Cook-Offf                                 21st(Th): Renate Furner                  26th(T): Bankhead's
2002 - MAR    7th(Th): Elections & Gag Awards                          21st(Th): M. & C. McCall                 10th(Su): Connelly's
2002 - APR    4th(Th): Piedmont Club                                   18th(Th): (?)                            24th(W): Jack's
2002 - MAY    2nd(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                       16th(Th): Joy Bobo                       7th(T): Hops
2002 - JUN    (None)                                                   20th(Th): Marcy Cassady                  6th(Th): Demetre's
2002 - JUL    (None)                                                   18th(Th): Pieter Groot                   10th(T): Boston Pizzeria
2002 - AUG    (None)                                                   15th(Th): Renate Furner                  1st(Th): Woodfin Ridge
2002 - SEP    5th(Th): Ski Equipment, Clothing by Alpine Ski Center    19th(Th): Alison Kimball                 24th(T): Chopping Block
2002 - OCT    3rd(Th): Jeff Willis - Spartanburg Historian             17th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell    13th(Su): Haus Heidelberg
2002 - NOV    7th(Th): "Night at the Movies"                           21st(Th): Taylor Bomar                   13th(W): Billy D's West
2002 - DEC    5th(Th): Chinese Auction, Toys for DSS, Wine & Cheese    19th(Th): Charles Darling                13th(F): Christmas Party at Joy Bobo's
2003 - JAN    2nd(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                  16th(Th): Del Haynes                     15th(W): Aloha
2003 - FEB    6th(Th): Gag Awards                                      20th(Th): Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell    12th(W): Stefano's
2003 - MAR    6th(Th): Jeff Willis - Spartanburg Historian - Returns   20th(Th): Taylor Bomar                   12th(W): Delaney's
2003 - APR    3rd(Th): Piedmont Club                                   17th(Th): M. & C. McCall                 22nd(T): Boston Pizzeria
2003 - MAY    1st(Th): Cook-Out in the Courtyard                       15th(Th): Del Haynes                     14th(W): Hops
2003 - JUN    (None)                                                   19th(Th): Joy Bobo                       22nd(Su): Sidestreet Pizza
2003 - JUL    (None)                                                   17th(Th): Ted Mueller                    8th(T): Shogun
2003 - AUG    (None)                                                   21st(Th): Barbara Rogers                 6th(W): Corona (Blackstock Rd.)
2003 - SEP    4th(Th): Heartwise/Palmetto Trail Presentation           18th(Th): Bryan Bobo                     23rd(T): Hickory Tavern
2003 - OCT    2nd(Th): "Get Ready for Ski Season"                      16th(Th): Gordon Early                   8th(W): Gerhard's
2003 - NOV    6th(Th): Wine & Cheese                                   20th(Th): At Basil's Restaurant          14th(F): Caro-Mi
2003 - DEC    4th(Th): Christmas Trivia, Spcl Olympics Donation        18th(Th): At Yanni's Restaurant          12th(F): Christmas Party at the Deron's
2004 - JAN    7th(W): (No program)                                     15th(Th): Dick Jones @ Joy Bobo's        20th(T): Manny's
2004 - FEB    5th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                  19th(Th): Jan Sarratt @ Gordon Early's   11th(W): Thai Taste

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 Year-Month                                Program                                          Board Meeting                                 Mini-Social
2004 - MAR    4th(Th): Arts Council Speaker, Gag Awards                       18th(Th): Taylor Bomar              9th(T): Delaney's
2004 - APR    1st(Th): Piedmont Club                                          15th(Th): M. & C. McCall            21st(W): El Molcajete
2004 - MAY    6th(Th): Bicycling                                              20th(Th): The Haynes'               12th(W): Hops
2004 - JUN    4th(F): at The Rogers'                                          17th(Th): Vilma Voll                23rd(W): Longhorn Steaks
2004 - JUL    9th(F): at The Tinsley's                                        15th(Th): Mike & Barbara Rogers     21st(W): Macaroni Grill
2004 - AUG    6th(F): at Conni & Ted's                                        (None)                              11th(W): Captain Tony's
2004 - SEP    2nd(Th): Cook-Out & Membership Renewal                          (None)                              22nd(W): The Hare and Hound
2004 - OCT    7th(Th): Wine & Cheese at Alpine Ski Center                     21st(Th): Bob & Margaret Fennessy   13th(W): Gerhard's Cafe
2004 - NOV    4th(Th): ???                                                    (None)                              10th(W): Shogun
2004 - DEC    2nd(Th): USCS Speaker & Toys for DSS                            (None)                              (None)
2005 - JAN    6th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         20th(Th): Bryan Bobo                12th(W): River Falls (The Plantation House)(Canceled)
2005 - FEB    3rd(Th): Pete Yannity & Officer Nominations                     (None)                              18th(F): Stefano's
2005 - MAR    3rh(Th): Gag Awards & Officer Elections                         (None)                              20th(Su): Rhea's
2005 - APR    7th(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   21st(Th): Mark & Carol McCall       13th(W): Capri's (Boiling Springs)
2005 - MAY    5th(Th): Cinco de Mayo Cook-Out                                 19th(Th): ???                       11th(W): Hops
2005 - JUN    10th(F): at the Lindsey's                                       16th(Th): Mike & Barbara Rogers     8th(W): On the Water
2005 - JUL    8th(F): at the Alvarez's                                        21st(th): Virginia Wilson           13th(W): Wild Wing Cafe
2005 - AUG    (None)                                                          (None)                              5th(F): Village Green Golf Course
2005 - SEP    1st(Th): Beer, Brats, & Burgers & Membership Renewal            (None)                              13th(T): Aloha
2005 - OCT    6th(Th): Foreign Imports                                        20th(Th): Taylor Bomar              15th(Sa): Gerhard's
2005 - NOV    3rd(Th): Wine & Cheese                                          (None)                              16th(W): The Symposium Cafe
2005 - DEC    1st(Th): Toys for DSS & Foreign Imports II                      (None)                              (None)
2006 - JAN    5th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         19th(Th): Gerhard Buettner          11th(W): Bankhead's Seafood & Steaks
2006 - FEB    2nd(Th): Foreign Imports III & Officer Nominations              (None)                              17th(F): Hub City Grill
2006 - MAR    2nd(Th): Gag Awards                                             (None)                              (Unknown Date): Delaney's
2006 - APR    6th(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   20th(Th): The Rogers'               18th(T): El Molcajete
2006 - MAY    13th(Sa): "Summer Party"                                        18th(Th): Virginia Wilson's         11th(Th): Hops
2006 - JUN    24th(Sa): at Ted & Conni's                                      (None)                              13th(T): Pranza
2006 - JUL    (None)                                                          (None)                              19th(W): River Falls Plantation
2006 - AUG    (None)                                                          17th(Th): Taylor Bomar's            8th(T): Lime Leaf
2006 - SEP    7th(Th): BBQ & Membership Renewal                               21st(Th): Art Mall's                13th(W): Chandi's Bistro
2006 - OCT    5th(Th): ?????                                                  19th(Th): Gerhard Buettner's        12th(Th): Gerhard's
2006 - NOV    2nd(Th): Wine & Cheese                                          16th(Th): Bryan Bobo's              7th(T): Chief's Wings & Firewater
2006 - DEC    7th(Th): Herald-Journal Speaker/Toys for DSS                    21st(Th): Taylor Bomar's            (None)
2007 - JAN    4th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         (None)                              23rd(T): City Range
2007 - FEB    1st(Th): Steadman-Hawkins Speaker/ Officer Noms                 15th(Th): Samuel Linder's           (None)
2007 - MAR    1st(Th): Officer Elections/Gag Awards                           15th(Th): Matry Jones'              13th(T): Basil's
2007 - APR    5th(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   19th(Th): McCall's

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 Year-Month                                 Program                                         Board Meeting                                Mini-Social
2007 - MAY    3rd(Th): Cinco de Mayo Cook-Out in the Courtyard                17th(Th): Conni & Ted's            9th(W): Hops
2007 - JUN    1st(F): BBQ & Pot Luck Sides at Conni & Ted's                   21st(Th): Alison Kimball's         12th(T): Copper River
2007 - JUL    6th(F): Bring Your Own Picnic at Elke's                         19th(Th): Joy Bobo's               24th(T): Bronco Mexican (Blackstock Road)
2007 - AUG    3rd(F): BBQ & Pot Luck Sides at the Butscher's                  16th(Th): Marcy Cassady's          23rd(T): Five Spices (Indian)
2007 - SEP    6th(Th): Kudzu Control Project Speaker                          20th(Th): Art Mall's               12th(W): Thai Taste
2007 - OCT    4th(Th): Judged Photo Contest                                   18th(Th): Sam Linder's             9th(T): Gerhard's
2007 - NOV    1st(Th): Ski Fitness and Safety                                 15th(Th): Mike & Barbara Rogers'   7th(W): Beef O'Brady's
2007 - DEC    6th(Th): "Informal Gathering"                                   20th(Th): Taylor Bomar's
2008 - JAN    3rd(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         24th(Th): Stephany Marreels        15th(T): West Side Ruby Tuesday
2008 - FEB    7th(Th): Book Sale, Movie, andOfficer Nominations               21st(th): Ted Mueller's            13th(W): Steak and Ale
2008 - MAR    6th(Th): Gag Awards                                             20th(Th): ?????                    13th(Th): Hickory Tavern
2008 - APR    3rd(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   17th(Th): McCall's                 22nd(T): Jade House
2008 - MAY    1st(Th): Book Sale                                              15th(Th): Ted & Conni's            20th(T): O'Charley's
2008 - JUN    5th(Th): SC Alcohol Training Class                              19th(Th): ?????                    20th(F): Mellow Mushroom
2008 - JUL    (No Meeting)                                                    17th(Th): Joy's                    23rd(W): Bronco Mexican Restaurant
2008 - AUG    9th(Sa): Day at the Lake at Ted & Conni's                       21st(Th): Marcy's                  20th(W): Village Green (Perfect Turn Restaurant)
2008 - SEP    4th(Th): Solid Waste in Spartanburg County                      18th(Th): Alison's                 23rd(T): Shogun Japanese Restaurant
2008 - OCT    2nd(Th): Identity Theft                                         16th(Th): Charlie's                14th(T): Gerhard's
2008 - NOV    6th(Th): Special Olympics                                       20th(Th): McCall's                 12th(W): La Taverna Restaurant
2008 - DEC    4th(Th): Perry Mixter - CEO of the Arts Partnership             18th(Th): Sam Linder's
2009 - JAN    8th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         15th(Th): Sam Linder's             14th(W): Yanni's
2009 - FEB    5th(Th): Piedmont Blood Center & Officer Nominations            19th(Th): Art Mall's               17th(T): Steak & Spirits
2009 - MAR    5th(Th): Gag Awards & Cheese and Crackers                       19th(Th): Ted Mueller's            18th(W): Bangkok Thai Restaurant
2009 - APR    2nd(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   16th(Th): Conni's                  21st(T): The Cellar
2009 - MAY    7th(Th): Master Gardener                                        21st(Th): Conni's                  13th(W): Jade House Asian Buffet
2009 - JUN    5th(F): Butscher's on Lake Bowen                                18th(Th): Alison's                 16th(T): Mellow Mushroom
2009 - JUL    10th(F): Elke's on Lake Bowen                                   16th(Th): Ted's                    22nd(W): Demetre's
2009 - AUG    15th(S): Ted & Conni's on Lake Bowen                            20th(Th): Marcy's                  12th(W): Caro-Mi
2009 - SEP    3rd(Th): Overmountain Trail Speaker                             16th(W): Charlie's                 23rd(W): Lime Leaf
2009 - OCT    1st(Th): Justin Snider, Sherman College                         15th(Th): Diane's                  13th(T): Schwaben House
2009 - NOV    5th(Th): Wine & Cheese                                          19th(Th): Sam's                    17th(T): Copper River
2009 - DEC    3rd(Th): Holocaust Speaker                                      17th(Th): Pat's
2010 - JAN    7th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                                                            12th(T): The Cellar
2010 - FEB    4th(Th): Recycling Speaker/Officer Nominations                  18th(Th):   Art's                  16th(Th): La Taverna
2010 - MAR    4th(Th): Gag Awards/Music-On-Main Training                      18th(Th):   Joy's                  16th(T): Delaney's Irish Pub
2010 - APR    8th(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   15th(W):    McCall's               14th(W): Arizona Steakhouse
2010 - MAY    6th(Th): CSI - TV vs. Reality                                   20th(Th):   Charlie's              19th(W): Mellow Mushroom
2010 - JUN    4th(F): Club Meeting at the Butscher's                          17th(Th):   Conni's                9th(W): Olive Garden

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 Year-Month                                Program                                         Board Meeting                          Mini-Social
2010 - JUL    10th(Sa): Pool Party at Marcy's                                 15th(Th): Joy's              13th(T): Steak Royale
2010 - AUG    7th(Sa): Club Meeting at the Lee's                              19th(Th): Marcy's            12th(Th): Blue Fin Grill
2010 - SEP    2nd(Th): Rev. Kirk H. Neely                                     16th(Th): Alison's           14th(T): Cornbread To Caviar
2010 - OCT    7th(Th): RJ Rockers Brewery Tour                                21st(Th): Sam's              13th(W): Sahara
2010 - NOV    3rd(Th): Alpine Ski Center Program (Canceled - W&C Instead)     18th(Th): Jan at Marcy's     11th(Th): O'Charley's
2010 - DEC    2nd(Th): Alpine Ski Center (Canceled Again!)                    16th(Th): ?????
2011 - JAN    6th(Th): Chili Cook-Off                                         27th(Th): Ted's              13th(Th): Grapevine
2011 - FEB    3rd(Th): Partners for Active Living Presentation                17th(Th): ?????              15th(T): Ike's Korner Grill
2011 - MAR    3rd(Th): Gag Awards & Officer Elections                         17th(Th): Pat's              16th(W): Stax Billy D's
2011 - APR    7th(Th): Piedmont Club (Awards Dinner & Officer Installation)   21st(Th): McCall's           14th(Th): Blackstock Road Bronco Mexican Rest.
2011 - MAY    5th(Th): Garner's Speaker                                       17th(T): Sam's               10th(T): City Range
2011 - JUN    4th(Sa): Club Meeting at the Butscher's                         16th(Th): McCall's           9th(Th): The Drake House in Landrum
2011 - JUL    23rd(Sa): Pool Party Meeting at Marcy's                         19th(T): Joy's               13th(W): Copper River Grill
2011 - AUG                                                                    18th(Th): Marcy's            17th(W): Cribb's Kitchen
2011 - SEP    1st(Th):   Falconer/Bird Rescue Speaker                         15th(Th): Alison's           20th(T): The Hare and Hound in Landrum
2011 - OCT    6th(Th):   Spartanburg Parks & Recreation Speaker               20th(Th): Conni's            12th(W): The Spice Of Life
2011 - NOV    3rd(Th):   Sarah McMann (Olympic Wrestling Silver Medallist)    17th(Th): Jan at Marcy's
2011 - DEC    1st(Th):   Hollywild Presentation                               15th(Th): Marty's
2012 - JAN
2012 - FEB
2012 - MAR
2012 - APR

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 Year-Month   Other Events
1991 - JUL    4th(Th): Party @ Bryan Bobo's; 14th(Su): Highland Games; 20th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1991 - AUG    4th(Su): Atlanta Braves Bus Trip; 16th(F): Lewis Grizzard
1991 - SEP    8th(Su): Golf @ Cotton Creek; 20th(F)-22nd(Su): CSC Fall Beach Trip(HH); 21st(Sa): Conni & Ted's Wedding; 28th(Sa): Bus Trip to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA
1991 - OCT    6th(Su): Tennis Tournament
1991 - NOV    23rd(Sa):Clemson-Carolina Game @ Ted & Conni's
1991 - DEC
1992 - JAN
1992 - FEB    16th(Su): Bus Ski Trip to Sugar Mtn
1992 - MAR    14th(Sa): St. Patty's Frogmore Stew @ the Bluffs Clubhouse
1992 - APR    4th(Sa): Big Sky Reunion, Trash Pick-Up; 12th(Su): Golf Tournament; 23rd(Th)-26th(Su): CSC Beach Convention (HH)
1992 - MAY    3rd(Su): Atlanta Braves Bus Trip; 30th(Sa): Rock Slide/President's Party
1992 - JUN
1992 - JUL    25th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1992 - AUG
1992 - SEP    12th(Sa): Day-Glo Golf Tournament & BBQ @ Cotton Creek; 19th(Sa): Racer's Party; 24th(Th)-27th(Su): CSC Beach Week-End (MB)
1992 - OCT    3rd(Sa): Bus Trip to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA; 24th(Sa): Spartanburg Oktoberfest
1992 - NOV    7th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 13th(F): Ice Skating in Greenville; 4th(W), 11th(W): Dryland School
1992 - DEC    13th(Su): Bus Ski Trip to Appalachian
1993 - JAN    31st(Su): Bus Ski Trip to Sugar Mtn.
1993 - FEB    28th(Su): Bus Ski Trip to Sugar Mtn.
1993 - MAR
1993 - APR    22nd(Th)-25th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
1993 - MAY    15th(Sa): Rock Slide/President's Party; 16th(Su): Hike(?); 17th(M): Phillies Game Mini-Social
1993 - JUN    12th(Sa): Wind Surfing/Kayaking on Lake Bowen
1993 - JUL    15th(Th): Tennis Lessons; 17th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1993 - AUG    7th(Sa): Rollerblade Instruction; 14th(Sa): Racer's Party; 21st(Sa): Paintball
1993 - SEP    17th(F)-19th(Su): CSC Fall Beach Trip (MB); 25th(Sa): Bus Trip to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA
1993 - OCT    3rd(Su): Skydiving; 10th(Su): Golf Tournament; 23rd(Sa): Camping(?); 24th(Su): Hike(?); 30th(Sa): Bubbafest
1993 - NOV    6th(Sa): Lake Lure Canoe Trip; 8th(M): Dryland; 20th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1993 - DEC    12th(Su): Bus Trip to Racer's Development at Appalachian
1994 - JAN    30th(Su): Superbowl Party
1994 - FEB    12th(Sa): Fasching Party; 27th(Su): Bus Ski Trip to Sugar Mtn.
1994 - MAR    31st(Th): Piedmont Club Officer Installation & Awards Banquet
1994 - APR    23rd(Sa): Steeple Chase; 28th(Th)-May 1st(Su): CSC Spring Beach Trip (HH)
1994 - MAY    14th(Sa): Day-Glo Golf at Cottan Creek; 28th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1994 - JUN    4th(Sa): Rock Slide; 18th(Sa): Wind Surfing Clinic on Lake Bowen
1994 - JUL
1994 - AUG

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 Year-Month   Other Events
1994 - SEP    24th(Sa): Bus Trip to Oktoberfest in Helen, GA
1994 - OCT    9th(Su): Jones Gap Hike; 22nd(Sa): Paintball, Spartanburg Oktoberfest
1994 - NOV    5th(Sa)-6th(Su): Camping; 6th(Su): Hike
1994 - DEC
1995 - JAN
1995 - FEB    24th(F): Fasching Party
1995 - MAR
1995 - APR    20th(Th): Bowling; 27th(Th)-30th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
1995 - MAY    20th(Sa): Rockslide
1995 - JUN
1995 - JUL    22nd(Sa): Pool Party at the Able's
1995 - AUG    12th(Sa): Scavenger Hunt
1995 - SEP    16th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1995 - OCT    9th(Su): Progressive Dinner on Lake Bowen; 29th(Su): Shining Rock Hike
1995 - NOV    10th(F)-12th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Tournament, CSC Fall Conference; 19th(Su): Bus Trip to Panthers Game at Clemson
1995 - DEC
1996 - JAN    7th(Su): Bus Trip to Hawksnest for Race; 28th(Su): Super Bowl Party at Riverwind Clubhouse
1996 - FEB
1996 - MAR    23rd(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1996 - APR    18th(Th)-21st(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
1996 - MAY    4th(Sa): Spring Fling Surveys; 18th(Sa): Rock Slide; 25th(Sa): Games Night at Ted & Conni's
1996 - JUN    1st(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 9th(Su): Golf at Blue Ridge CC, Horsepasture River Hike
1996 - JUL    14th(Su): Golf at Blue Ridge CC; 18th(Th): Working Music-On-Main; 25th(Th): Music by the Lake at Furman; 28th(Su): Kelsey's & Flat Rock Playhouse
1996 - AUG    17th(Sa): Racer's Party; 24th(Sa): Atlanta Braves Bus Trip; 25th(Su): Hike & Blueberry Picking
1996 - SEP    14th(Sa): Progressive Dinner on Lake Bowen; 21st(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1996 - OCT    5th(Sa): Games Night/Spagetti Mix at the Haynes; 13th(Su): Ceasar's Head to Jones Gap Hike
1996 - NOV    1st(F)-3rd(Su): CSC Fall Meeting in Boone, NC; 8th(F)-10th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End
1996 - DEC
1997 - JAN    26th(Su): Super Bowl Party at Riverwind Clubhouse
1997 - FEB    23rd(Su): Ski Bus Trip to Sugar Mtn.; 28th(F): Bowling at Hidden Hills Lanes
1997 - MAR    22nd(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 29th(Sa): Games Night at Mike & Barbara Rogers'
1997 - APR    24th(Th)-27th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
1997 - MAY    3rd(Sa): Spring Fling Surveys for Music-On-Main; 18th(Su): Golf at Red Fox; 31st(Sa): Rock Slide
1997 - JUN    7th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 8th(Su): Pigeon River East Fork Hike
1997 - JUL    24th(Th): Working Musi-On-Main; 27th(Su): Brunch at Adams Mark & "Miss Saigon"; 31st(Th): Music by the Lake at Furman
1997 - AUG    9th(Sa): Racer's Party at Alois Krussig's
1997 - SEP    20th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 21st(Su): Atlanta Braves Game Bus Trip
1997 - OCT    3rd(F)-5th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End; 11th(Sa): Progressive Dinner on Lake Bowen

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 Year-Month   Other Events
1997 - NOV    7th(F)-9th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Boone, NC
1997 - DEC
1998 - JAN
1998 - FEB    28th(Sa): Frogmore Stew & Oyster Roast at Riverwind Clubhouse
1998 - MAR    13th(F): Bowling at Hidden Hills Lanes
1998 - APR    23rd(Th)-26th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (HH)
1998 - MAY    16th(Sa): Rock Slide; 30th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up
1998 - JUN
1998 - JUL    23rd(Th): Working Music-On-Main
1998 - AUG    1st(Sa): Swissfest in Downtown Spartanburg; 22nd(Sa): Atlanta Braves Bus Trip
1998 - SEP    19th(Sa): Trash Pick-Up; 27th(Su): Raven Cliff Falls Hike
1998 - OCT    3rd(Sa): Progressive Dinner; 9th(F)-11th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End
1998 - NOV    13th(F)-15th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Boone, NC; 20th(F): Games Night at Tim Corbin's
1998 - DEC
1999 - JAN
1999 - FEB
1999 - MAR    12th(F): Games Night at the Haynes'; 26th(F): Greenville Growl Hockey Game
1999 - APR    22nd(Th)-25th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
1999 - MAY    23rd(Su): Lee Falls Hike
1999 - JUN
1999 - JUL    8th(Th): Working Music-On-Main; 16th(F): Pool Party at Tim Corbin's; 23rd(F): Greenville Braves Game
1999 - AUG    8th(Su): Kelsey's Brunch & Flatrock Playhouse; 14th(Sa): Mystery Party at the Haynes' - Lethal Luau
1999 - SEP    24th(F): Night Out at the International Pavillion
1999 - OCT    29th(F): "Terror Trail" & Cook-Out
1999 - NOV    12th(F)-14th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Boone, NC
1999 - DEC
2000 - JAN
2000 - FEB    18th(F): Greenville Growl Game
2000 - MAR    4th(Sa): Road Rally
2000 - APR    8th(Sa): Mystery Party at the Bobo's - "The Good, The Bad, and The Guilty"; 27th(Th)-30th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (HH)
2000 - MAY
2000 - JUN    17th(Sa): Bowling at Shamrock Lanes
2000 - JUL    23rd(Su): Kelsey's Brunch & Flatrock Playhouse
2000 - AUG    10th(Th): Working Music-On-Main; 20th(Su): Tryon Theater & Sidestreet Pizza
2000 - SEP    15th(F)-17th(Su): Roan Mtn. Golf Trip; 23rd(Sa): Games Night at the Haynes'
2000 - OCT    7th(Sa): Train Trip to Bryson City, NC
2000 - NOV    3rd(F)-5th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Asheville, NC; 10th(F)-12th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End
2000 - DEC

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 Year-Month   Other Events
2001 - JAN
2001 - FEB    17th(Sa): Greenville Growl Game
2001 - MAR
2001 - APR    7th(Sa): Scavenger Hunt; 19th(Th)-22nd(Su): CSC Spring Conference (MB)
2001 - MAY    19th(Sa): Scotch Doubles Bowling at Shamrock Lanes; 24th(Th): Working Music-On-Main
2001 - JUN
2001 - JUL
2001 - AUG    4th(Sa): Cruise & Snooze at Lake Lure
2001 - SEP    28th(F)-30th(Su): Fall Roan Mtn. Trip
2001 - OCT    20th(Sa): Work International Festival; 27th(Sa): Picnic & "Horror Trail"
2001 - NOV    10th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2001 - DEC
2002 - JAN    12th(Sa): Bus Trip for Club Race at Sugar Mtn.
2002 - FEB
2002 - MAR    2nd(Sa): Greenville Growl Game; 223rd(Sa): Putt-Putt at Mountasia
2002 - APR    6th(Sa): Green River Hike
2002 - MAY
2002 - JUN
2002 - JUL    20th(Sa): Pool Party at Alison's
2002 - AUG
2002 - SEP    12th(Th): Working Music-On-Main; 14th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2002 - OCT    5th(Sa): Putt-Putt & Dinner Outing; 19th(Sa): Work International Festival; 26th(Sa): Dupont National Forest Hike
2002 - NOV    8th(F)-10th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Asheville, NC
2002 - DEC
2003 - JAN
2003 - FEB
2003 - MAR
2003 - APR    12th(Sa): Putt-Putt & Dinner Outing; 224th(Th)-27th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
2003 - MAY    23rd(F)-25th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End; 29th(Th): Working Music-On-Main
2003 - JUN
2003 - JUL    20th(Su): Pool Party at Alison's
2003 - AUG    2nd(Sa): Racer's Social at Marcy's; 22nd-24th: Sugar Mtn. Golf & Hiking Week-End; 30th(Sa): Stone Soup & Games Night
2003 - SEP    27th(Sa): Horseback Riding at Cataloochee Ranch
2003 - OCT
2003 - NOV    7th(F)-9th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Asheville, NC
2003 - DEC
2004 - JAN
2004 - FEB    29th(Su): Club Race at Sugar Mountain

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 Year-Month   Other Events
2004 - MAR
2004 - APR    16th(F): Tax Relief Hobo Party; APR 29th-May 2nd: CSC Spring Convention @ Myrtle Beach
2004 - MAY    1st(Sa)-2nd(Su): CSC Spring Conference (Cont'd.)
2004 - JUN
2004 - JUL    29th: Thursty Thursday at Duncan Park (Baseball Game)
2004 - AUG    22th(Su): Flatrock Playhouse ("The Man Who Came to Dinner")
2004 - SEP    11th(Sa): Horseback Trail Ride
2004 - OCT    2nd(Sa): Games/Stone Soup Night at the Alvarez's
2004 - NOV    12th(F)-14th(Su): CSC Fall Conference; 20th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2004 - DEC    18th(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy Bobo's
2005 - JAN
2005 - FEB    5th(Sa): Club Race at Sugar Mtn.; 26th(Sa): Cafe and Then Some Comedy Club Outing
2005 - MAR    26th(Sa): Hike in Dupont State Park
2005 - APR    21st(Th)-24th(Su): CSC Spring Convention at Myrtle Beach
2005 - MAY
2005 - JUN    2nd(Th): Club Working Music-On-Main (Rained-Out)
2005 - JUL
2005 - AUG    27th(Sa)-28th(Su): Canoeing/Camp-Out
2005 - SEP    17th(Sa): Horseback Trail Ride
2005 - OCT    29th(Sa): Stone Soup & Cotume Party
2005 - NOV    4th(F)-6th(Su): CSC Fall Conference; 12th(Sa): Hike to Pearson's Falls
2005 - DEC    10th(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy Bobo's
2006 - JAN
2006 - FEB
2006 - MAR
2006 - APR    27th(Th)-30th(Su): CSC Spring Convention at Myrtle Beach
2006 - MAY
2006 - JUN    29th(Th): Club Working Music-On-Main
2006 - JUL
2006 - AUG    12th(Sa): Elvis Party at the Lee's; 19th(Sa): Blueberry Pickin' Hike
2006 - SEP    23rd(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2006 - OCT
2006 - NOV
2006 - DEC    2nd(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy Bobo's
2007 - JAN
2007 - FEB
2007 - MAR
2007 - APR    26th(Th)-29th(Su): CSC Spring Convention at Myrtle Beach

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 Year-Month   Other Events
2007 - MAY    4th(F)-5th(Sa): Club Works Spring Fling for Music-On-Main; 19th(Sa): Greenville Drive Baseball Outing; 24th(Th); Club Works Music-On-Main
2007 - JUN    16th(Sa): "Booze Cruise" on Lake Bowen
2007 - JUL    15th(Su): Flatrock Playhouse Outing ("Nuptials")
2007 - AUG    11th(Sa): Blueberry Pickin' Hike; 18th(Sa): Elvis Party at the Lee's; 25th(Sa): Raft & Rail Outing
2007 - SEP    !5th(Sa): Wine & Cheese at the Alvarez's
2007 - OCT    5th(F)-7th(Su): Hickory Knob Golf Week-End; 13th(Sa): Spartanburg Oktoberfest; 19th(F)-21st(Su): CSC Fall Conference
2007 - NOV    10th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2007 - DEC    15th(Sa): Club Christmas Party
2008 - JAN    26th(Sa): Stone Soup & Bingo at the Rogers' (Canceled)
2008 - FEB    16th(Sa): Appetizers and Games Night at Ted and Conni's
2008 - MAR    29th(Sa): Stone Soup and Bingo at the Rogers'
2008 - APR    5th(Sa): Hike Along Poinsett Passage; 24th(Th)-27th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
2008 - MAY    10th(Sa): Dinner & Greenville Drive Game (Scheduled)
2008 - JUN    12th(Th): Working Music-On-Main
2008 - JUL    26th(Sa): Pool Party & Blender Blitz at Alison's
2008 - AUG    24th(Su): "And Then There Were None" at the Flatrock Playhouse; 28th(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main (Again!)
2008 - SEP    13th(Sa): Float on Lake Bowen (Cancelled); 27th(Sa): Club Work International Festival
2008 - OCT    11th(Sa): Spartanburg Oktoberfest; 25th(Sa): Dinner & Ghost Tour Outing; 31st(F)-Nov. 2nd(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Gatlinburg, TN
2008 - NOV    16th(Su): Wine Tasting at Green Creek Winery; 22nd(Sa): Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
2008 - DEC    20th(Sa): Club Christmas Party
2009 - JAN    24th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing (Canceled)
2009 - FEB    28th(Sa): Bingo for Bucks
2009 - MAR    14th(Sa): Club Works Shamrocks on the Square ( Rained Out); 21st(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing (Canceled)
2009 - APR    11th(Sa): Digital Scavenger Hunt (Canceled)
2009 - MAY    1st(F)-3rd(Su): Club Works Spring Fling; 9th(Sa): Hike in Pisgah Forest (John Rock)
2009 - JUN    11th(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main; 20th(Sa): Boat Float on Lake Bowen
2009 - JUL    18th(S): Discovery Place in Charlotte
2009 - AUG    7th(F)-9th(Su): Camping/Float Trip on French Broad River; 23rd(Su): Flatrock Playhouse ("Real Estate"); 27th(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main
2009 - SEP    26th(Sa): Horseback Trail Ride & Picnic
2009 - OCT    2nd(F)-4th(Su): Hickory Knob Week-End; 18th(Su): Games Afternoon; 23rd(F)-25th(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Gatlinburg
2009 - NOV    28th(Sa): Barn Tour
2009 - DEC    19th(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy's
2010 - JAN
2010 - FEB    27th(Sa): Club Race
2010 - MAR    6th(Sa): Bingo for Bucks
2010 - APR    22nd(Th)-25th(Su): CSC Spring Convention (MB)
2010 - MAY    8th(Sa): Spartanburg Little Theater Outing; 13th(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main; 15th(Sa): Baseball & Dinner Outing; 23rd(Su): Hike
2010 - JUN

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 Year-Month   Other Events
2010 - JUL
2010 - AUG    21st(Sa): Blueberry Hike; 22nd(Su): Flatrock Playhouse (The 39 Steps) & Dinner
2010 - SEP    11th(Sa): Bowling & Dinner Outing
2010 - OCT    2nd(Sa): Club Works International Festival; 29th-31st: CSC Fall Convention in Gatlinburg
2010 - NOV    27th(Sa): F.E.N.C.E Barn Tour
2010 - DEC    18th(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy's
2011 - JAN
2011 - FEB    19th(Sa): Dinner & Road Warriors Hockey Game
2011 - MAR
2011 - APR    2nd(Sa): Hike to Chestnut Ridge; 29th(F)-May 1st(Su): CSC Spring Convention
2011 - MAY    7th(Sa): Horseback Ride at Table Rock; 19th(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main
2011 - JUN
2011 - JUL    21st(Th): Club Works Music-On-Main
2011 - AUG    5th(F)-7th(Su): Cherokee Week-End; 27th(Sa): Boat Float on Lake Bowen
2011 - SEP    11th(Su): Flatrock Playhouse (The Mousetrap) & Dinner
2011 - OCT    1st(Sa): Club Works International Festival; 21st(F)-23rd(Su): CSC Fall Conference in Gatlinburg, TN
2011 - NOV    26th(Sa): FENCE Barn Tour
2011 - DEC    17th(Sa): Christmas Party at Joy's
2012 - JAN
2012 - FEB
2012 - MAR
2012 - APR

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Year                    Ski Trip                     Roan Mountain                       Pig Roast
1991   (Unknown)                               (Unknown)             Jul. 27th: Johnson's Landing
1992   Feb. 22nd-29th: Big Sky                 Jan. 31st-Feb. 2nd    Jul. 18th: Johnson's Landing
1993   Jan. 16th-23rd: Park City               Feb. 5th-7th          Jul. 24th: Andre Erbrich's
1994   Jan. 22nd-29th: Tahoe                   Feb. 4th-6th          Aug. 24th: Andre Erbrich's
1995   Jan. 14th-21st: Vail                    Feb. 3rd-5th          Jun. 24th: Pedro McGuire's
1996   Feb. 17th-24th: Whistler-Blackcomb      Feb. 2nd-4th          Jun. 22nd: Andre Erbrich's
1997   Feb. 8th-15th:Aspen                     Jan. 31st-Feb. 2nd    Jun. 21st: Wilhelm Brahm's
1998   Feb. 7th-14th: Big Sky                  Jan. 30th-Feb. 1st    Jun. 20th: Elke Schoellkopf's
1999   Feb. 20th-27th: Lake Louise/Banff       Jan. 29th-31st        Jun. 5th: Elke Schoellkopf's
2000   Jan. 8th-15th: Park City                Jan. 28th-30th        May 27th: Ted Mueller & Conni Harrell
2001   Feb. 3rd-10th: Aspen                    Jan. 26th-28th        Jun. 9th: Pedro McQuire
2002   Jan. 26th-Feb. 2nd: Vail                Feb. 8th-10th         Jun. 29th: Pedro McQuire
2003   Jan. 18th-25th: Telluride               Jan. 31st-Feb. 2nd    Jun. 14th: Elke Schoellkopf's
2004   Jan. 24th-31st: Kimberley-Fernie        Feb. 6th-8th          Jun. 12th: Elke Schoellkopf's
2005   Jan. 22nd-29th: Big Sky                 Feb. 4th-6th          Aug. 20th: Elke Schoellkopf's (Reunion Party)
2006   Jan. 21st-28th: Tahoe                   Feb. 10th-12th        May 13th: Elke Schoelkopk's ("Summer Party")
2007   Jan. 13th-20th: Jackson Hole (w/CSC)    Feb. 9th-11th         (None)
2008   Jan. 12th-19th: Mammoth (w/CSC)         Feb. 1st-3rd          Jun. 7th: Elke Schoellkopf's (CANCELED!!!)
2009   Jan. 17th-24th: Big Sky, MT (w/CSC)     Feb. 6th-8th          (None)
2009   Mar. 14th-21st: Keystone, CO (w/CSC)                          (None)
2010   Jan. 16th-23rd: Whitefish, MT (w/CSC)   Feb. 5th-7th          (None)
2011   Jan. 15th-22nd: Taos, NM (w/CSC)        Feb. 4th-6th          Jun. 25th: Ted & Conni's ("Mini-Pig Roast")
2011   Mar. 12th-19th: Ogden, UT (w/CSC)

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                         1991-1992             1992-1993               1993-1994             1994-1995                 1995-1996
President          Conni Harrell         Henry Danis            Bryan Bobo              Charles Ketchen       Mike Rogers
Past President     Jill Menzel           Conni Harrell          Henry Danis             Bryan Bobo            Charles Ketchen
Vice President     Henry Danis           Bryan Bobo             Ted Mueller             Dee Dee Mitchell      Tim Corbin
Secretary          Aline Soutter         Mike Rogers            Herb Lindsay            Ray Hurt              Jill Menzel

Treasurer          Bob Mauney            Bob Mauney             Janine Pedersen         Barbara Rogers        Janine Wagner

Membership         Ava Inbau             Ava Inbau              Ava Inbau               Ava Inbau             Bob Mauney
Advertising        Ralph Gombert         Margaret Fennessey     Charles Ketchen         Monica Tomasello      Mariel Hunkeler
Publicity          Doug Tinsley          Larry Mullins          Larry Mullins           Janet Hurley          Janet Hurley
Fundraising        Florence Dent         Charles Ketchen        Alison Kimball          Monica Tomasello      Alison Kimball
Publications       Mariel Hunkeler       Mariel Hunkeler        Mariel Hunkeler         Mariel Hunkeler       Pieter Groot
Programs           Mike Rogers           Alan & Charlene Kidd   Deedee Mitchell         Linda Hilka           Adrienne Ables

Social             Charles Ketchen       Janine Pedersen        Jill Menzel             Pieter Groot          Doug Tinsley

Day Trips          Mike Hoppenhauer      Mike Hoppenhauer       Mike Hoppenhauer        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   Joy Bobo
Overnight Trips    Herb Lindsay          Jim Parsons            Tim Corbin              Herb Lindsay          Herb Lindsay
Racing             Bryan Bobo            Steven Miller          Wilhelm Brahm           Wilhelm Brahm         Wilhelm & Berta Brahm
Special Projects   Berta Brahm           Allan & Debbie Immel   Sandy Cronic            Adrienne Ables        Conni Harrell/Ted Mueller
Instruction        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   Kathy Napoli           Brian Wracker           x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Special Events     Conny Wagner          Jill Menzel            Mike & Barbara Rogers   Teddy Wagner & Co.    Barbara Rogers
Hospitality        Charlene Kidd         Herb Lindsay           Bob Mauney              x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x

Asst. Racing       Curt Wagner           Curt Wagner            Alois Krussig
CSC Overnight                                                                           Berta Brahm
Asst. Overnight                                                 Berta Brahm

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                               1996-1997                    1997-1998                       1998-1999               1999-2000
President          Wilhelm Brahm                  Wilhelm Brahm                   Alison Kimball              Joy Bobo
Past President     Mike Rogers                    Mike Rogers                     Wilhelm Brahm               Alison Kimball
Vice President     Jill Menzel                    Alison Kimball                  Joy Bobo                    Ted Mueller
Secretary          Taylor Bomar                   Taylor Bomar                    Mariel Hunkeler             Vilma Voll
                                                                                  Roger Meadows (Resigned)/
Treasurer          Roger Meadows                  Roger Meadows                                               Shelia Haynes
                                                                                  Shelia Haynes

Membership         Bob Mauney                     Bob Mauney                      Ted Mueller                 Ted Mueller
Advertising        Mariel Hunkeler                Mariel Hunkeler                 Pieter Groot                Pieter Groot
Publicity          Janet Cann                     Julie Buettner                  Pieter Groot                Mariel Hunkeler
Fundraising        Alison Kimball                 James Ables                     Doug Tinsley                Sandi Steffee
Publications       Pieter Groot                   Pieter Groot                    Taylor Bomar                Taylor Bomar
Programs           Doug Tinsley                   "The Board"                     x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x         Tim Corbin

Social             Conni Harrell                  Conni Harrell                   Jim Steffe                  Charles Darling

Day Trips          Joy Bobo                       Joy Bobo                        Bryan Bobo                  The Bobo's
Overnight Trips    Herb Lindsay                   Herb Lindsay                    Herb Lindsay                Mike Rogers
Racing             Bryan Bobo                     Bryan Bobo                      Gerhard Buettner            Bryan Bobo
Special Projects   Julie Lang                     Jill Menzel                     Elke Schoellkopf            Marcy Cassady
Instruction        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x            x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x             x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x         x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Special Events     Barbara Rogers/Alois Krussig   Barbara Rogers/Alois Krussig    Tim Corbin/Alois Krussig    Doug Tinsley
Hospitality        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x            x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x             Vilma Voll                  Margaret Fennessey

Asst. Racing                                                                      Bryan Bobo
CSC Overnight      Berta Brahm                    Herb Lindsay                    Julie Buettner              Julie Buettner
Asst. Overnight

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                            2000-2001               2001-2002          2002-2003                  2003-2004
President          Ted Mueller                  Del Haynes         Taylor Bomar          Del Haynes
Past President     Joy Bobo                     Ted Mueller        Del Haynes            Taylor Bomar
Vice President     Del Haynes                   Taylor Bomar       Conni Harrell         Barbara Rogers
Secretary          Charles Darling              Doug Tinsley       Joy Bobo              Joy Bobo
                                                                                         Charles Darling (Resigned)/
Treasurer          Shelia Haynes                Roger Meadows      Charles Darling
                                                                                         Dick Jones

Membership         Ted Mueller                  Ted Mueller        Ted Mueller           Ted Mueller
Advertising        Pat Parker                   Pat Parker         Pat Parker            Pat Parker
Publicity          Marcy Cassady                Bryan Bobo         Marcy Cassady         Ted Mueller
Fundraising        Bryan Bobo                   Alison Kimball     Renate Furner         x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Publications       Taylor Bomar                 Taylor Bomar       Taylor Bomar          Taylor Bomar
Programs           Barbara Rogers               Conni Harrell      Alison Kimball        Gordon Early
                                                                                         Cherylyn Cobb (Resigned)/
Social             Alison Kimball               Marcy Cassady      Marcy Cassady
                                                                                         Taylor Bomar
Day Trips          Joy Bobo                     Joy Bobo           x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Overnight Trips    Mike Rogers                  Mike Rogers        Bryan Bobo            Bryan Bobo
Racing             Mark McCall                  Mark McCall        Mark McCall           Mark McCall
Special Projects   Doug Tinsley                 Renate Furner      Jan Sarratt           Jan Sarratt
Instruction        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x          Bryan Bobo         x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Special Events     Conni Harrell/Herb Lindsay   Pieter Groot       Cherylyn Cobb         Cherylyn Cobb (Resigned)
Hospitality        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x          Conni Harrell      Conni Harrell         Barbara Rogers

Asst. Racing
CSC Overnight      Carol McCall                 Carol McCall       Carol McCall          Carol McCall
Asst. Overnight

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                              2004-2005               2005-2006           2006-2007
President          Barbara Rogers                Barbara Rogers     Gerhard Buettner
Past President     Del Haynes                    Barbara Rogers     Barbara Rogers
Vice President     Margaret Fennessy             Gerhard Buettner   Bryan Bobo
Secretary          Vilma Voll                    Art Mall           Marty Jones
Treasurer          Dick Jones/Roger Meadows      Alison Kimball     Art Mall
Membership         Barbara Henning/Mike Rogers   Mike Rogers        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Publications       Taylor Bomar                  Taylor Bomar       Taylor Bomar
Programs           Bryan Bobo                    Marty Jones        x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Overnight Trips    Mike Rogers                   Carol McCall       Bryan Bobo
Racing             Mark & Carol McCall           Mark McCall        Mark & Carol McCall
Special Projects   Sandra Alvarez                Virginia Wilson    Virginia Wilson
Activities         Alison Kimball                (None)             x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Fundraising        Bob Fennessy                  Bryan Bobo         x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
                         2007-2008               2008-2009               2009-2010
President         Ted Mueller             Ted Mueller             Alison Kimball
Past President    Gerhard Buettner        Ted Mueller             Ted Mueller
Vice President    MikeRogers              Sam Linder              Sam Linder
Secretary         Joy Bobo                Joy Bobo                Joy Bobo
Treasurer         Art Mall                Art Mall                Art Mall
Membership        Samuel Linder           Sam Linder              Ted Mueller
Publications      Taylor Bomar            Charlie Darling         Charlie Darling
Programs          Stephany Mareel-Ellis   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Overnight Trips   Carol McCall            Carol McCall            Marcy Cassady
Racing            Mark McCall             Mark McCall             Sam Linder
Historian         x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
Special Events    Alison Kimball          Alison Kimball          Alison Kimball
Fundraising       Conni Harrell           Conni Harrell           Conni Harrell

Social            Pat Lee                 Pat Lee                 Diane Butscher
Publicity         Marcy Cassady           Marcy Cassady           Pat Lee
Web Site          Taylor Bomar            Taylor Bomar            Taylor Bomar
       2010-2011              2011-2012
Mark McCall             Mark McCall
Alison Kimball          Alison Kimball
Conni Harrell           Conni Harrell
Joy Bobo                Joy Bobo
Ted Mueller             Ted Mueller
Ted Mueller             Ted Mueller
Charlie Darling         Taylor Bomar
Jan Sarratt             Jan Sarratt
Carol McCall            Carol McCall
Sam Linder              Sam Linder
x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x
x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   Alison and the Board
x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x   Marty Jones

Pat Lee                 Pat Lee
Marcy Cassady           Marcy Cassady
Taylor Bomar            Taylor Bomar

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