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					 About me
Welcome to my personal website. If you want to learn more about me,
please select the information presented below. You can also return to the
main page by clicking on my picture.

• Personal Information

• Educational Profile

• Work Experience

• Fields of Interest

• Academic Research & Project

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                    Personal Information

Welcome you all to my personal website..…

   My name is Mr. Peeradej Koomwongthai. ‘Kong’
   is my nick name. I am currently a Ph.D. student in
   the Faculty of Education, Curriculum and
   Instruction major, at Kasetsart University. I was
   born in August 17, 1982 in Bangkok, Thailand.
   My favorite hobbies are as follows: watching
   movies at home, researching information about
   aviation industry and airline business, collecting
   aircraft models, and joining sight-seeing trips with
   my parents. If you have something in common
   with me, please feel free to share your
                     Thank you and Have a nice day.

Contact Me:
Educational Profile
  • Primary and Secondary Education:
    Kasetsart University Laboratory School Center for
    Educational Research and Development (1987-1999)

  • Undergraduate Education:
    Bachelor of Arts in English Business Communication,
    Faculty of Arts, Sripatum University (2000-2004)
    First Class Honours

  • Graduate Education:
    Master of Arts in Language and Communication
    (Sociolinguistics) Honours, School of Language and
    Communication, The National Institute of
    Development Administration (2004-2007)
                     Work Experience

• Thai Airways International Public Company
  Limited: Flight Simulator Scheduling
  Division (A300-600c/B744/B734)

• Teaching Assistant in Computer Resources
  for Language and Communication Studies,
  National Institute of Development

• At the present time:
  English Translator at Masterpiece Translation
                     Fields of Interest

• Language and Communication

• Intercultural Communication

• Translation

• Sociolinguistics
       Academic Research and Project

• E Learning Resources in the topic of Professional and
  Business Writing used in ENG412 course, Sripatum
  University (2003)

• Research Project on the topic of the Study of Conversational
  Interruptions in the Thai Talk Show Television Programs: A
  Closure Look at Gender Role and Social Status

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