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Author            Email                          Abstract Title                                          Category            Number
Anthony, EJ           The Chemistry of Free Lime in CFBC Ashes                Ash                   2
                                                 The Speciation of Bed Ash from an Industrial CFBC
Anthony, EJ
                                                 Boiler Burning Petroleum Coke                           Poster                1
                                                 Assessment of the long term behaviour of hazardous
Aubry        waste stabilised with hydraulic binders                 Ash                   73
                                                 LANDFILLS COMPARED TO OTHER
Augenstein, Don                 BIOMETHANATION ALTERNATIVES FOR                                               3
                                                 DISPOSAL OF MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTES.
Bachus, Robert          Bioreactor Technology                                   Bioreactor            4
                                                 EVALUATION OF LONG TERM MONITORING DATA
Baker, John A.                 FROM FULL SCALE LEACHATE RECIRULATION IN                                      5
                                                 MSW LANDFILL                                            Bioreactor
                                                 Assessment of the evolution of waste biodegradability
Barina      with time and operation conditions                      Stability             74
                                                 Long Term Nitrogen Management in Bioreactor             Leachate
Barlaz                                                                                          7
                                                 Landfills                                               Treatment
                                                 Effect Of Aging on The Bioavailability of Toluene       Landfill
Barlaz, Morton                                                                                        6
                                                 Sorbed to Municipal Solid Waste Components              Microbiology
                                                 Evaulation of Sorptive Amendments for use in Waste
Bartelt-Hunt         Disposal Liners                                         Geotech               66
                                                 Assessing Short-Term Temporal Variability in Global
Bogner, J.         Methane Emissions from Landfills: Annual Estimates                            8
                                                 1980 - 1996
                                                 METHANE OXIDATION IN AN ORGANIC LANDFILL
BÖRJESSON, G.     GunBo@Tema.LiU.SE              COVER SOIL INCUBATED AT DIFFERENT                       Methane Oxidation     9
                                                 Anaerobic Decomposition of Organic Materials in a
Cahan, L.F.                                                                   Poster                10
                                                 Low Level Radioactive Waste Repository
                                                 Waste Management/US EPA Joint Bioreactor
Carson, David A                                                           Bioreactor            11
                                                 Research Project at Outer Loop Landfill
                                                 A Stable Isotopic Technique for the Determination of
Chanton, J        ;                                                              Methane Oxidation     12
                                                 Methane Oxidation in Landfill Cover Materials
                                                 MANAGING GREENHOUSE GAS RECOVERY AT
                                                 LANDFILLS USING ADVANCED LANDFILL GAS
Clister, Wm. E.                                                                    Poster                13
                                                 PRODUCTION MODELS AND BIOREACTOR
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Author               Email                           Abstract Title                                            Category            Number
                                                     Laboratory-scale investigation of an aerobic bioreactor
Daniels, J.L.                                        operated under combined vapor extraction and air          Poster                14
                                                     Simulation model for gas diffusion and methane
DeVissher, A                                                                 Methane Oxidation     15
                                                     oxidation in landfill cover soils
                                                     Accelerated Mineralization Technology of MSW
Dr. Masahiro Osako               Incineration Residue for Landfill Site Renewal            Poster                81
ETTALA              METHANE OXIDATION AT LANDFILLS                            Poster                68
                                                     Landfill Behavior of Mechanical-Biological Pre-treated
Felske, Ing. C.                                                             Mech-Biol             16
                                                     MSW – Results of a Long Term Experiment
                                                     Effect of Leachate Recirculation on MSW Stabilization
François           : Column Study                                            Poster                97
                                                     ANAEROBIC BIODEGRADATION OF ORGANOTIN
Fredricksson, A               STABILIZERS – DEGRADATION CAPACITY OF                                           17
                                                     LANDFILL MICROORGANISMS
                                                     Establishing Monitoring Requirements for Bioreactor
Gabel, C.J.          GABELCJ@ CDM.COM                                                                          Bioreactor
                                                     Projects                                                                        18
                                                     Shear Strength Parameters of Municipal Solid Waste
Gabr, MA
                                                     with Leachate Recirculation                               Geotech               19
                                                     Microbial Reduction of Methane Emisions in a Biofilter
Gebert, Julia                                                               Methane Oxidation     20
                                                     System on a Passively Vented Landfill
                                                     The Use of Large Static Chambers to Compare
Green, Roger                  Gaseous Emissions from a Traditional Soil Cover and                             21
                                                     a Biologically Active Cover at the Outer Loop Landfill
                                                     TREATING ORGANIC HOUSEHOLD WASTE IN
Haarstad, Ketil                                                               Poster                22
                                                     BIOCELLS IN COLD CLIMATES
                                                     Field Measurement of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Hettiaratchi, JPA            from Landfills in Tropical Developing Countries           Methane Oxidation     83

                                                     Actively Aerated Methanotrophic Biofiltration for
Hettiaratchi, JPA            Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Landfills          Poster                82
                                                     A Comparison of Methane Oxidation in a Compost
Hilger                                               Biocover and in a Conventional Soil Cover                 Methane Oxidation     92
Hjelmar, Ole                       An update on the EU Landfill Directive                    Rsearch Needs         90
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Author              Email                        Abstract Title                                              Category         Number
                                                 Long-term strategies aiming at minimising the
Hjelmar, Ole                    aftercare period of landfills                               Stability          89
                                                 Microbial and Biochemical Characteristics of Freshly
Hoover, W.J.                                     Landfilled Waste: Comparisons to landfilled wastes of       Poster             23
                                                 different ages
                                                 Cost-Benefit Analysis of Aerobic Landfills and Their        Environmental
Hudgins, Mark P                                                                                   24
                                                 Potential Impact on MSW Sustainability                      Assessment
                                                 Similtude in bioreactor landfill research: sizing of
Hughes, KH           refuse for laboratory studies                               Poster             84
Imhoff                  Measuring Water Within Landfills                            Bioreactor         78
Inanc, Bulent               The Need for Landfill Reclamation in Japan                                  25
                                                    Lead Leaching from Cathode Ray Tubes and
Jang, Yong-Chul                     Computer Circuit Boards using Municipal Solid Waste      Poster             26
                                                    Landfill Leachates
                                                    Comparison of Alternative Technicuqes to Quantify
Jerger,D                                                                     Poster             27
                                                    Cellulose Decomposition in Landfills
                                                    Mono- and diesters of o -phthalic acid in leachates      Landfill
Jonsson, S.                                                                                           28
                                                    from young landfills in early degradation phases         Microbiology
                                                    GROUNDWATER GEOCHEMICAL CHANGES
Kerfoot             CAUSED BY LANDFILL GAS                                   Poster             77
                                                    Investigation on the carbonation-humification of
                                                    incineration residue and its effect on the leaching
Kim, YONGJIN          behavior of pollutants                                   Ash                80
                                                    The USEPA’s Landfill Research and Regulatory
Kremer, F      Strategy                                                 Research Needs     86
                                                    Geomechanical properties and landfill-deposition of
Kuehle-Weidemeier     mechanical and biological pretreated (MBP) municipal                        30
                                                    waste                                                    Mech-Biol
                                                    Neutralization of leachate from MSWI bottom ash
Kumpiene        using natural systems                                    Poster             96
                                                    Experimental Study on a Combined Anaerobic and
Lee, Namhoom                                                                      Poster             31
                                                    Semi-aerobic Landfill Operation System of MSW
                                                    Recording the actual ground water contamination
Lhotzky,Kurth      through profile measurement and stratified sampling in   Poster
                                                    small wells with through-flow                                               32
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Author            Email                               Abstract Title                                             Category             Number
                                                      Development of Model Parameters for Prediction of
Maltby, Van                                                                           Modeling
                                                      Methane Production from Paper                                                     33
                                                      Evaluation of microbial populations in biological
                                                      treatment of landfill leachate at low temperature and in
Markku                methane oxidation structure                                Leachate Treatment     71
                                                      Constructed Wetlands Treatment System for Landfill         Leachate
Marman, Stephan                                                                                                      34
                                                      Leachate in Cold Climates                                  Treatment
                                                      IS A ‘REACTION FRONT’ MECHANISM FEASIBLE IN
Martin, Duncan                                                                            Modeling               35
                                                      PROPOSALS FOR THE EXPERIMENTAL
Martin, Duncan                 VERIFICATION OF A ‘REACTION FRONT’                         Poster                 36
                                                      MECHANISM IN ANAEROBIC DECOMPOSITION
                                                      Landfills - What Kind of Analytical Determination
Marzi, Thomas                                                                    Poster                 37
                                                      Should be Used?
                                                      Simulating controlled infiltration and leachate
McDougall, John                                                                       Modeling               38
                                                      recirculation in landfilled waste
                                                      Aeration effects on the emission dynamics of organic
Michalzik, M                                          substances via the leachate pathway of old landfill        Poster                 39
                                                      waste - a laboratory scale study
         Improving Weather Generation in HELP for Non-US
Milke, M                                                                                                         Poster
                  z                                   Locations                                                                         40
                                                      Water quality and Bioreactor performance: Woodlawn
Moreau, Yaan               Bioreactor case study                                      Poster                 87
                                                      EVALUATION OF THE LONG-TERM BEHAVIOR OF
                                                      MSW LANDFILLS WITH ENHANCED INTERNAL
Morris                 MOISTURE AVAILABILITY                                      Stability              69
                                                      Leachate recirculation by vertical wells : moisture
MUNOZ                         content assessment by geophysical technique                Bioreactor             70
                                                      A correlation analysis of recirculating leachate
Murphy, TJ                  technologies and soil characteristics.                     Poster                 85
                                                      Leaching behaviour of solidified MSWI fly ash and
Nielsen, Peter                                        APC residues: assessment of two different treatment
                                                      methods.                                                   Ash                    41
                                                      Operation and Monitoring of a Bioreactor Landfill in
Norstrom, Jim
                                                      Sainte Sophie, Quebec                                      Bioreactor             42
Ostman               Status Report from a Landfill Study                        Poster                 95
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Author              Email                   Abstract Title                                          Category     Number
Pierce, C.E.     Cable TDR Sensor Applications to Landfill Bioreactors
                                                                                                    Bioreactor     44
                                            ANALYSES OF LEACHATE TREATMENT                          Leachate
Qdais, Hani Abu      TECHNOLOGIES                                            Treatment      79
                                            Florida Bioreactor Landfill Demonstration Project –
Reinhart, Debra R                                                           Bioreactor
                                            Startup Experiences                                                    46
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