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									“Education and Public Outreach:
         an Overview“

                   Norma B. Crosby
                   Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
                   1180 Brussels, Belgium

 - Introduction to Education & Public Outreach

 - CAL: Training & Public Outreach WPs

 - Funding Possibilities
- Introduction to Education & Public Outreach

- CAL: Training & Public Outreach WPs

- Funding Possibilities
Courtesy of Cherilynn Morrow, Space Science Institut, USA, Boulder, CO
A picture
is worth
a 1000
words !

    2.         3.

  Communication problems
between providers and users.
-   Scientists and Engineers speak “different
    languages” and must learn to speak together.

-   Emerging Markets also speak “different
    languages”, an example is the medical
    community compared to the engineering
- Introduction to Education & Public Outreach

- CAL: Training & Public Outreach WPs

- Funding Possibilities
EU FP5 Research Training Network (RTN) project

                 The CAL project is an example and inspiration
               of how an EU Research Training Network project
                     can be a unique opportunity to provide
                   “training and outreach” learning activities.
Coupling of Atmospheric Layers (CAL)
EU FP5 Research Training Network Project
Lead: Educational Outreach :                      

WP3 Outreach Programme
•   Educational services, press releases, interviews, etc.
•   Creation of CAL public web-site, educational web-site in three levels, etc.
•   Summer-School « Sprites, Elves, and Intense Lightning Discharges ».

WP2 Training Programme
•   Oversee implementation (tutorials at meetings, observational campaigns, network
    visits, cross-network training, etc.)

Moving abroad, international collaborations, interdisciplinary scientific work
(theoretical and practical) and new cultural experiences, have all been part of the
CAL project and are all examples of learning experiences that make people more
open-minded, flexible and tolerant.

CAL young scientist is quoted here:
“Hands-on scientific work forces people to communicate and solve problems as a
                      [ Crosby N.B., “Enter the World of sprites, Jets and elves, Science Connection,
                                           December 2006, edition 14, (French and Dutch version). ]

[ Ten Young Scientists hired through the CAL project, as well as
    participating senior scientists. ]

Training was highly cross-disciplinary due to the nature of the
  network study, and covered a variety of scientific methods.
  Educational activities were based on the following elements:

           National Ph.D. programmes
           Activities at CAL- and other meetings
           Observational campaigns
           A dedicated “summer-school”.
1. National Ph.D. programmes

                       Ten Young Scientists
                        were hired through
                          the CAL project,
                        where four of them
                     national Ph.D. programmes.

      CAL Young Scientists and International Sprite Friends.
2. Activities at CAL- and other meetings

2.1 Education in organisation of research programmes
Documentation needed to organise meetings and campaigns were
written with the active involvement of the Young Scientists.

               EuroSprite2005 + EuroSprite2006
                                  EuroSprite2006 /
  CAL Young Scientists
                                 Spritewatch Tutorial
   activities included:

EuroSprite2006 output web page
Setup of 2 observational systems:
Full stand alone system designed to be installed in Cuba or on Corsica based on the system
used at Puy du Dôme.
Software to acquire automatic sprite images from the new high-resolution cameras used on
Pic du Midi was written.

Weather information

                                     Coordination of

                                                                   Daily TLE report
           From: "Agnes Mika" <>
      To: "EuroSprite2005 mailing list"
             Subject: [Sprite2005] SPRITE! :))))))))))
                    Date: 29. juli 2005 04:06

Hi, Pic has just captured a sprite (cam0 - it's only seen in the wide
                                 angle cam)!
                        I'm so happy! :)))))))))))))))))

                                                            A web-page dedicated to global sprite references
                                                                                 “publication list” is maintained:

The CAL mid-term meeting Crete web-page:

    Young and Senior Scientists published scientific papers in
    both scientific and popular journals. The CAL publications
                           list was updated every two months:
2.2 Education in giving scientific presentations
Results that are a direct result of the CAL project and based on the work of
the Young Scientists were presented at meetings, for example:
-“Multiscale Nature of Spark Precursors and High Altitude
Lightning” workshop in Leiden from 9-13 May 2005
- European Geosciences Union, General Assembly,
Vienna, Austria, 2005 and 2006.

2.3 Education in conducting outreach activities
The young scientists contributed to the development of the CAL-related
educational material mentioned in “The CAL Outreach Programme”, aimed
at both schools and universities. In addition, they presented the scientific
material of the CAL project in talks both in the country where they were
working and in their country of origin.
2.4 Cross network training
Young scientists that interacted on a specific aspect of the network
science issues participated in cross-network training from one scientific
group to another, and undertook visits for shorter periods of time.

       CAL Young Scientists in Leicester, Jan. 2006
2.5 Tutorials
At the CAL yearly meetings, tutorials were given by invited speakers
specialized in topics of interest to the CAL RTN.
3. Education in
Experimental Work

During the third year, the most important activity of the training
programme was the EuroSprite2005 observational campaign.
The success of this Campaign continued in 2006 –
EuroSprite2006 observational campaign !

and 2007, 2008, forever…

           Thanks to the CAL Young Scientists and the Internet !!!

                             Complementary Observations:
  4. NATO ASI “Summer-School”
  “Sprites, Elves, and Intense Lightning Discharges
  University of Corsica, Corte in Corsica, France, 24-31 July 2004

The summer-school was organized by CAL network members and
was co-sponsored by the CAL network. Eight Young Scientists of the
CAL network attended the “summer-school” as part of their training.

The general themes of sprite research was classified in
four categories:
I. Meteorology and intense lightning discharges needed
   to produce sprites, elves and blue jets
II. Optical observations of sprites, elves and blue jets        Tuesday 27 July 2004

III. Electromagnetic radiation of intense lightning discharges & sprites
IV. Theory and modelling in the areas I.-III.

Activities of this work-package included:

   - “popular/semi-popular” articles
   - press releases
   - interviews                                "On Sprites and Their Exotic Kin" by Torsten
   - educational web site http                       Neubert, Science, Vol 300, 2 May 2003
   - a public CAL web site.

   As part of their CAL work, all CAL Young Scientists produced
   educational material concerning their research for middle school
   and above in both English and their native language.
   1. Articles, press releases,
interviews, and a public web-site
1.1 Write “introduction to sprites” articles, …

1.2 Press releases for upcoming sprite campaigns
Announcements advertising the EuroSprite2005 sprite observational
campaign and inviting people to join the event (e.g. observations that
could be correlated with the sprite observations) were sent to the:
 Eggs – Electronic Newsletter and information service of the EGU
 AGU SPA Section Electronic Newsletter
1.3 Interview a couple of the young CAL scientists
The interviews were written into an article

Crosby N.B., “Entrez dans le monde des Sylphes, des Jets et des Elfes”,
Science Connection, December 2006, edition 14, (French version).
Crosby N.B., “Stap binnen in de wereld van sprites, jets en elves”,
Science Connection, December 2006, edition 14, (Dutch version).

                                                 “La Politique scientifique
                                                 fédérale vous emmène
                                                 cinq fois par an à la découverte
                                                 de Science
                                                 Connection. Un tout nouveau
                                                 magazine gratuit
                                                 qui porte un regard clair et
                                                 pertinent sur l'actualité
                                                 scientifique, sous toutes ses
                                                 facettes. Elargissons
                                                 nos horizons, parce que la
                                                 Science n'a pas fini de
                                                 nous étonner...”

                                                    The Belgian Federal Science
                                                                  Policy Office.
1.4 Creation of CAL public web-site

   2. Presentations and educational
        material for the public
2.1 Presentations
All Young Scientists must get experience in giving presentations for the
general public.
“The hunt for sprites and other transient luminous events” - article for the general public-scientific journal
Astronomy&Geophysics is in preparation (E. Arnone, A. Odzimek and N.F. Arnold)
Anna and Enrico will set up a presentation/exhibition material on the hunt for sprites at the UK National
Space Centre.
                                                 Lesson on sprites for secondary school students from
                                                Sodankylä participating in space physics classes, Jan 20,
                                                 Sprite talk for Austrian secondary school teachers visiting
                                                the Observatory, April 12, 2006
                                                 Sprite lesson for visitors from the secondary school at
                                                Keminmaa, April 21, 2006
Peter, Fredrik and Olivier
Foredrag 142: Sprite - exotic lightning above the clouds
Randersgades Skole [ 12-15 years old ]
Communicating European Research,
14-15 Nov. 2006, Brussels

2.2 Educational material for schools/universities
As part of their CAL work all Young Scientists produced educational
material concerning their research for middle school levels and above in
both English and in their native language:
          Olivier                                                       Norma
          Chanrion                                                      Crosby

                     Advances in Geosciences
                      (ADGEO) special issue:
             “Solar, Heliospheric and External
               Geophysical Effects on Earth’s
Torsten            Environment: Scientific and
Neubert                 Educational Initiatives”
                Editors: Norma B. Crosby and
                              Michael Rycroft

Peter Berg
 Presentation on sprites and his work for students, whose education spanned over many
different Earth system fields [ PhD-course ERCA in Jan. 2005, Grenoble, France ].
 Presentation on sprites for Danish Earth system students of different university
educational level. [ At master/PhD-course in July 2005, Bornö, Sweden ].
- Introduction to Education & Public Outreach

- CAL: Training & Public Outreach WPs

- Funding Possibilities
My own INTAS Involvement
INTAS Network Project
“Key Parameters of Space Weather”
(4 INTAS and 14 NIS teams)

Co-ordinator of Network :
•   Administration (reports,
    meetings, etc.)
•   Creation of web-page
•   Summer-school.

Currently, INTAS supervisor for a
   PhD student from Moscow.
•   Participating in outreach activities     Project websites are very useful !
    organized by the host institute
    allows the young scientist to          They provide information for the scientific
    communicate his/her field of             community as well as for the general
    expertise and at the same time          public. A « member access » part of the
    meet the local community.                 website facilitates the organizational
                                                      issues of the project.
                 International Science
             and Technology Center (ISTC)
“Education and Public Outreach:
         an Overview“

                   Norma B. Crosby
                   Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
                   1180 Brussels, Belgium

 - Introduction to Education & Public Outreach

 - CAL: Training & Public Outreach WPs

 - Funding Possibilities

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