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					                   Marketing Career Project
CTAE - FS- 10 Career Development: Learners plan and manage academic-career
plans and employment relations.

FBLA Standard: This project satisfies Activity 14 of the Future Business Achievement Award (BAA).

Essential Questions:
            Why is career research important?
            Have your career goals changed since you were a young child?
            Why are short term and long term goals important to set?

Navigating through GACollege411:
    1. Logon to
    2. Click Career Planning tab
    3. Scroll down to Explore Careers and click link
    4. On the Explore Careers page, scroll down to Career Clusters/Program Concentrations section
    5. For Marketing careers, click: Marketing, Sales & Services
    6. Be sure to check out the other Pathways within the Marketing Cluster:
           a. Fashion Marketing
           b. Marketing & Management
           c. Marketing Communication & Promotion
           d. Sports & Entertainment Marketing
           e. Travel Marketing & Lodging Management
    7. Select a career to research within the Marketing Cluster.

Directions: Compose and type a one-page report in MLA style on any one marketing career that
interests you. The report must consist of complete sentences and well-structured paragraphs. Do Not
just use bullets. The report must include the following:

        A brief description of the career
        The work interests and work values of someone in this career
        Basic and other skills needed in this career
        What educational requirements are needed?
        What is the average annual wage and hourly wage in Georgia? In Columbus or Atlanta?

The finished report must consist of:

        Title page/cover sheet: Title of career, Your name, Course name, Teacher’s name, Date
        One-page report
        Reference page: list sources

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