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Job description Director of Marketing Communication


									Director, Marketing Communications
Atlanta, GA

 The Director, Marketing Communications, is accountable for the
development of an effective, comprehensive and branded marketing
communications program that advances KP's successful sales and retention
efforts in the Georgia market. This role is accountable for the development
and promotion of an end to end workflow process, encompassing marketing
communication strategy through management of operations and leveraging of
shared services provided through the program office. This is primarily
accomplished by consulting with regional strategic marketing, sales, and
product teams on market opportunity, identifying the right message targeted
for each member or purchaser segment/channel, leveraging local and shared
services for collateral production to effectively promote the Kaiser
Permanente brand in the Georgia marketplace resulting, ultimately in
increased membership and revenue. The Director provides the vision and
sponsors the development of a regional Marketing Communications strategy
through analysis of needs for member and customer (in multiple
segments/channels) and, in partnership with Shared Services, creates,
implements and updates the comprehensive Marketing Communications plan
that integrates the messaging, vehicles and opportunities throughout the
region. Message strategy builds from national (e.g., KP HealthConnect) as
well as regional direction, and consistently deploys that strategy across
multiple channel sales, renewal, enrollment and retention processes.
Deliverables include new business and retention marketing collateral, RFP
content, health plan marketing and health services communication.

Essential Functions:
- In coordination with national initiatives and messaging, develops and
executes the regional Marketing Communications strategy for Kaiser
Permanente, integrating and aligning the requirements and needs for multiple
target audiences, customer segments and lines of business through multiple
- In coordination with national initiatives and Shared Services, provides local
leadership to translate Kaiser Permanente's brand into a coordinated event
environment. This is accomplished through the management and
coordination of a Regional event planning calendar aligned to marketing
opportunities to exploit the event marketing capability as a strategic
component of Kaiser Permanente's customer engagement strategy.
- Leads staffing, performance management, talent development and other
staff development activities to ensure a high-performing team and community
of practice.
- Develops and manages resources that enables region to execute on
marketing strategies at lowest cost to the organization, making excellent use
of shared service and national resources.
- Manages key relationships to insure proper stakeholder interest
representation and alignment with National initiatives

Basic Qualifications:
• Fifteen years of progressively responsible experience in Marketing,
Business Administration, Sales and/or Communications.
• Successful experience in the leadership, coordination and management of
large initiatives, including the change management capability to deliver a
successfully aligned outcome in a large complex matrixed organization
(multi-regional or multi-product).
• Successful experience leading teams of people, including those reporting
directly into the position toward development of a leveraged, and outstanding
marketing communications function.
• Knowledge of the U.S. Health Care industry including familiarity with the
marketing, sale and distribution of health benefit products and programs. A
clear understanding of the market forces at play that influence change in the
Health care industry and the ability to define the business strategy
implications of these changes.
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate, communicate and work effectively with
senior leadership and a broad cross section of business and project
management leadership from a broad range of functional areas.
• Demonstrated ability to influence and motivate interdisciplinary teams and
individuals who do not report directly to the Leader.
• Familiarity and experience within Kaiser Permanente, including an
understanding of its organization and cultural strengths and weaknesses,
• Demonstrated ability in integrating numerous complex projects, integrating
multiple strategic and operational models, assessing outcomes/gaps and
managing resources to meet project timelines.
• Clear and effectively written and verbal communication skills. Able to
clearly and quickly communicate complex subjects and issues to a broad
range of audiences and to tailor communications and presentations to meet
the audience needs.
• A positive and optimistic leadership style that is maintained despite tight
deadlines and competing priorities.
• The ability to build and improve relationship effectiveness and manage
discussion to promote diversity of thought and conflicting points of view
regarding issues of significant economic and strategic significance. Brings
these conflicting points of view to productive resolution in a timely manner.

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